Would You Wear Ashley Tisdale's High-Waisted Pants?

10/24/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic

Ashley Tisdale tends to have her own trendy, rock ‘n’ roll style — whether it’s on the red carpet or the streets of Los Angeles — that really works for her. But our jaws dropped over her outfit on TRL yesterday — check out those pants! The multi-buttoned style covers her entire rib cage to the point of being empire waisted, and the length is cropped to reveal ankle boots. Wow. We thought her Early Show outfit was hard to pull off, but this one beats it for us. But we want to know what you think! Tell us: Would you wear Ashley Tisdale’s pants? Do you like them on her?

If you do like Ashley’s Miss Sixty “Abe One Piece” pants, $379, you can snag a pair at a Miss Sixty store near you. Call 212.575.0315 for more information.

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Jess on

EWWW!!! No, no, no!!! Big mistake!

anonymous on

I love them! I think they look good on her. I would wear them, just under a shirt, not over one! U Rock Ash!

Anonymous on

eww gross

Rebecca on

I would never wear Ashley’s high-waisted pants, but I think they look cute and funky on her. Love how she paired them with the fluffy fuschia top and black ankle boots.

Candice on


Tania on

I like Ashley Tisdale but, I think she should of looked in the mirror before she left her house. It just look weird on ashley like the style is not made for her. It looks like something Madonna would wear not Ashley Tisdale.

Anonymous on

Wow. Those are pretty much the most horrible things I have ever laid eyes on. Being creative and individual is one thing, but why ruin your figure wearing something so completely unflattering? Not to mention, they don’t even look comfortable!

lauren on

this look is perefect for her. The pants fit her very well and the shirt looks great with her skin tone. Go Ashley!

Dena on

She’s skinny and young enough to pull this off. Most people would just look absurd.

V on

YES I WOULD. love them, and she can totally pull off the look!

sanaya on

omg…ashleys soo pretty why does she go for this EXTREME 80s crap??? come one some times dress a little senslably

morgan on

I’m gonna say that’s more of a jumpsuit. it looks nice on her but its not for me

Anonymous on


laura on

absolutely not. they’d look better on gwen or madonna if they were on tour. i think ashley is really cute but no in these pants. these make her look awkward. i’ve seen worse but high waisted pants are a BIG no no. plus, they are high waters. she’s looked better.

CJ on

ewwwww!!!! i would definetely NOT wear this trend!! i luv Ashley and i think she can pull off a lot of trends that i can’t but this is just not cool!!

Brenda on

It looks ok on her but I would never wear it cause i´m not that thin and it would make me look a lot heavier

Erin on

I think some designers like to make us look dumb, just because they can. This is a perfect example.

Anonymous on

I think that those jeans really look good on her the shirt is pretty, too.

Kathy H on

This is too ridiculous for words. I don’t care how young or how skinny or how avante garde someone is, bad is bad – period.

Do these people not have MIRRORS?!?!? Clearly they are surrounded by people too afraid to speak the truth, but my Lord, just look in the mirror yourself! I’m so sick of seeing this young Hollywood set dressed in either barely there clothing, or clothes just too ridiculous for words. Get some taste, please.

t.i.f.f.a.n.y... on

there so hot!!!!!!!!!!
…she rocked it out!

…i love her purple blouse!
…where can i buy it?????????

d.d on

ew they are soo not cute.

Lovely on

That outfit looks awful

melisa on

Get A life YOU look rrrrrreeallly bad nobody should ever wear those no matter how skinny and young you are.


Bubbly on

Ewww!!! No way Those are the ugliest things eva! I wouldnt go near them with a 10 feet pole!

Liz on

Holy hell. I don’t usually comment on these things, but those pants are AWFUL!

Grace on

Okay, so the pants are cool if you want them to double-task as a bra! They are so dang high, but they do look okay on her… of course!

JD on


You know as a Guy Hell no!!!

Kim v on

No high-waisted anything, ever. I don’t care who wears it.

I don’t think the pants look good on her. They look like a jumpsuit that didn’t make it all the way to the top (or bottom), and they make her look extremely flat-chested, too.

rae rae on

hahahahah hell no. they don’t fit right. high waisted pants are in coming back whatever but these look like crap on her. and those shoes ewwwww. if your gonna try to pull off something like this you better make sure it looks good from every angle.

Michelle on

I would wear them if I were Ashley! She can wear whateva she wants!

Jessica on

I Think That Ashley Tisdale Needs to check her mirror before she leaves.
and she dosen’t know how to sing.

Janelle on

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley… she is definetely one of the cutest young girls on t.v. I really enjoy her acting but I cannot say the same about her clothes style, I think she is trying to be original but really is not working out.

Vonnie on

Um. No. She needs a new stylist. Srsly.

Autumn on

I would wear them if the bottom were flared instead of a straight leg.

wonderr on

someone needs to give ashley a mirror. those are the worst pants i have ever seen. they are not at all flattering (no matter how thin you are). I usually love ashley’s style but lately she has not been looking so good. i think it’s time to find a new stylist!!!!!!

anonymous on

NO to every question!!
No one should wear these. Maybe they were more flattering in the mirror but theydo not do her any justice. No one should wear these. That style is cute to an extent that is ushing it a little.

Anonymous on

eww i think those are really ugly and they dont work on her…high wasted pants are in right now…but just not that high.sorry.

Angie on

I like the concept, I think if the shirt were a little more form fitting, and the pants were longer with a trouser cut (wider leg) then it would be quite hot! As is, it falls short to impress.

gaby on

ive never been a fan of high school musical but i like ashley tisdale best of the whole over happy group. but that girl seriously must not have had a mirror in the dressing room, ’cause those pants are killer. seriously.

Horse Girl on

She really can pull anything off. I like them. I would wear them.

Jenny on

These are the most hideous pair of pants I have ever seen in my entire life! Not to mention, she looks absolutely ridiculous and like she is wearing overalls without the straps! They’re up way too high and the length is too short. If Steve Urkel saw her, he’d fall in love.

Molly on

She needs to be taller to pull this off. and that isn’t the right color top to pair the pants with.
It could work, too bad it didn’t.

amber on

oh, hell no!!!

ALY on

OH MY GOD!!! I can’t beleive they even make pants like that. Those aren’t jeans, it’s more like a flightsuit. Hideous

jessica on

i would soo rock those!

Sarah on

cute idea. but they are a little too high for her and skinny jeans shouldn’t be baggy at the top. The style is cute, just needs a little tweeking.

Kristi L. on

I think she pulls them off very well, but I would not wear them. She has a very funky, different style and I’m glad she took the chance with these. Kisses!

Dorothy on

There is definitely something wrong in the pants-the puffiness around the bottom is not flattering. Bur somehow she pulls it off maybe it would have looked even better on somebody really tall.I personally would not wear them.

Dani on

I think she looks absurd. They are way too high… they are all wrinkly in the crotch area and they look like weird snow pants!

She tries very hard to be trendy, but you have to stay ahead of the trends… not go overboard on the current ones…

Anonymous on


millie on

ewww ohh my gosh heck mno that outfit is themost ugliest outfit i have ever seen in my life. honestly! it makes her boobs look extra small and the pants are super bug. BIG mistake

M on

Totally cute!!!

Brenda on

I don’t know what this girl is thinking lately! Between this outfit and the blue one with stripped socks, she looks like something from the Jetsons!

anna on

that. is so . incredibly. gross. i am going to go puke in a corner right now. seriously ppl, if high wasted pants some baack for real, im going on strike from fashion.

gracey on

Ouch, did she lose a bet?

Kelsey on

EEWW I dont like these at all.

Anonymous on

These are heinous. I like some of her looks but no one could pull those ugly things off

Enedelia on

OHHHH NO!!!! EWWWW—why are you wearing that?

Jenna on

Truth is, I love Ashley’s style. Call me crazy, but I’m diggin’ that outfit.

Louise on

wait, wait, let me throw up.

. on

I love the top- it looks great on her. But if she paired it with simple skinny jeans, it would look much better.

Liz on

She can totally pull them off. I don’t think I would wear them but I love them on her. They are funky and fun!

hsmfan on

Is there anything Ashley can’t rock! I think she looks great, I would never wear them though!

slegna on

Looks like she mugged an Oompa Loompa and took his overalls. Wonder if there’s Wonka chocolate bars in those pockets.

ela on

no! it stinks!

laura on

i think she looks so cute.
people just dont know style when they see it.
i should get a pair.

nallel on

no i would not

S on




Cathi on

Looks good on her…but I wouldn’t wear it.

Anonymous on

i like em

robin on

Someone needs to smack her stylist. Thats all I gotta say about that.

Lola on

I LUV ASHLEY TISDALE! n she always has an amazing style n amazing figure which i need (isa) :P but this wasnt her great look..just not for her!

Christina on

I really want to know who designed those pants?

Venera on


AA on

ewwwww…no, no. She is too short to pull this off. Body not very well ditributed….

carrie on


mary muha on

there good on you but not on me

♥ rosie on

Can you say ew?

blakelewisfan on

as disgusting those are those are really coming back into style and before you know it EVERYONE is going to be wearing them

meredeth grace on

I like the waist part. I don’t like how they are tappered. If they were wide leg they would be great!

Chiara on

Hell no.

Victoria on

Yuck! No way! Looks like one of the umplompa’s in Willy wonka

Anonymous on

what the hell was she thinking

Anonymous on


Sarah J on

I wouldn’t wear that, but i think it’d be cute if the pants were longer and wide leg.

Madelyn on

I like Ashley and sometimes she dresses nice and she adds some funky flare to her style, but then she can go waaaaaaay overboard. Case in point, look at the picture above.

The love the fushia shirt, the color is very bold. However, those high waisted pants are ugly. I’ve seen much better looking high waisted pants. These pants could never be worn by any of us REAL people, because we’d look foolish. Those pants aren’t stylish at all, unless we’re tapping into 1920’s bodice/1970’s pants era. They wouldn’t even translate into society at all. Ashley can wear these pants, because she’s a celeb and they’re known for their wacky styles. Ashley’s a beautiful girl and she could pick better things to wear, but I’ll never understand why she always goes overboard with her outfits. Like I said, I love her funky style, but she can go way overboard sometimes.

I think IF Ashley were to pull the look off, she should have found a pair of high waisted pants with flare at the bottom. The straight leg looks weird and ugly. Plus find the high waisted pants without the 1920’s bodice {eww}. Then if she wore the fushia blouse, the high waisted pants with flare at the bottom, she could have worn an open-toe pump. That’s just me anyways.

jen on

um let me think….NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quiana on

MISS MISS MISS! Disgusting as fashion can get!

sasha on

I would not wear them.

jen on

that looks so ugly i think i might throw up….

Guste on

not everyone can wear those, but she pulled it off. she looks nice, but i’m not sure if i’d wear those.

Cassie on

Ewww! Grose!!!
She should stick to the normal jeans, she looks better in that!
What the heck was she thinking???!!!

Monica on

Seriously, Ashley, what the hell is going on with you?
I used to love your sense of style, and now it seems like eveything you walk out of the house in is a miss. You used to have a funky style, now you just have a fugly style. Calm it down a bit, and you’ll be fine.

isa on

okay, i seriously tried to understand how in the world she could have found this a hot outfit, but i really can’t.

its just not good. oh well, we all make mistakes.
she’ll probably pick a stunner soon.

Laur on

no thanks.

Minna on

If the pants weren’t so short, i’d i think i would wear them… But they are way to short and it looks stupid with the bondage boots..

Helga on

OMFG!!!!!!!! This is possibly the WORST outfit ever! the shirt is adorable and i love the pink, but those pants…ewwwie. does it have a bra built in? it’s high enough…

marie on

i absolutely adore highwasted pencil skirts and if she were wearing a highwasted skirt with those military-like buttons in the front… it would look spectacular, classy, and put-together. but as pants the outfit looks terrible! you can see the pocket lines and im just waiting for a camel-toe to come of this. lastly, if she were going to wear that either as is or as a skirt she needs to wear some other type of shoe. those chunky boots look terrible at the end of such a narrow pant. i’d wear a pointed heel with silver studs or something.

Candy Girl on

Those are awful! I thought the blue outfit with the striped knee socks was bad but this might be worse.

ella x on

No, there horrible, and im a big fan of her but this is too farrrrrr.

vanessa has wayyy better style.

S.A on

i think ashley tisdale luks great in wtv she wears…
i wud actually wear thm
shes got gud sense of style
this may not b one of her best outfits bt she always does hv something brilliant on!

toia on

i would defenetly use them, love’em

sword on


faith on

i love them!! i dont think i couldve pulled them off..but she totally can!!! love them!

pauladaniels on


Fredi on

I love Ashley as a singer and actress and she makes great fashion choices but this is not my fave outfit on her…maybe if she was standing up straight and she had different shoes on

yadira gamboa on

i luv them and i would wear anything she wears

jasmin on


emma on

it looks goodon her ,but me no way

Rachel on

Luv them on her but would never wear them myself i think she has a great sense of style and is risky but everything works for her!

a on

i love it i want the same outfit !

meowimcat on

I would,
there really nice,
they remind me of Victorian fashion
which i really like. where did you buy them?

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