Kate Moss Cuts Bangs! Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

10/15/2007 at 01:45 PM ET

splash news online; PA Photos /Landov

Thanks to her years of modeling, we’ve seen Kate Moss in every conceivable outfit, makeup and hairdo — but in her off time, she’s had a consistent look for years that included tousled center-parted sandy blond hair. The day after launching a new hair care line with longtime hairdresser James Brown, the supermodel hit the streets of London with a totally new do, complete with shoulder length flip and heavy bangs. We think that Kate is just one of those lucky people who look great in everything, but we want to know what you think! Tell us: Do you love Kate’s new bangs? Or do you hate them and miss her old style?

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Neka on

hmmmm..maybe it’s the makeup or lack of..I don’t like her new cut. It makes her look older. I prefer the pic to the left.

LaToya on

She looks better without bangs. I think she looks like Drew Barrymore a little (with the bangs).

Erica C on

HATE THEM!!! She looks like she could be on a show called librarians gone wild!

Fr on

No way, she looks so much better without bangs besides dont famous people usually try to look younger than older. urrrrrrrr

Heather on

Hate them!

Pat on

Hate the bangs

Pat on

Hate the bangs. She doesn’t look classy anymore.

Suzanne on

she sure has a crooked nose

Tara on

She does look pretty with both styles, but the heavy bangs do make her appear much older. It could just be that I’m used to her usual image, but she looks run down now.

comeonkate on

She looks like DUNST

andie on

she doesnt look classy ANYMORE?! when did she ever look classy?!
god awful bangs. should be banned with that kind of bone structure

Atlanta Pearl Girl on

I don’t like them.
I can’t see her eyes.
She looks 4 or something.

Nino on

NO! Kate should go back to her old style-no bangs. I remember when she had short hair though, and she looked rather fetching. Now that she has bangs, she looks like everyone else-I miss the knock-out, smoldering Kate!!!!!!!!

t.f.f.a.n.y... on

love ya kate but those bangs just dont look hot hot for your face shape.

Rachel on

I think the bangs make her look sort of dowdy.


Judy Lynch on

Kate Moss is a pretty woman with beautiful eyes. The bangs hide her eyes. Is she hiding something else???

Hannah on

Not too hot on this look :(

Heather M on

I have to agree with everyone, she does look a bit older. Maybe she should consider growing her bangs back out!

ashley on

I prefer the picture without the bangs, but the one where she does have bangs is not a good picture of her at all and is very unflattering. Ask me again when the photo shows how hot Kate is!

IcePalace on

To me, Kate is hotter when it looks like it’s effortless- just throw on some liner and mascara, jeans and a t-shirt, and walk out the door (messy hair and all). She’s still wicked, but I prefer her pre-cut.

laurlaur on

she does look like kirsten dunst!

semes on

no no hate it sooo much

♥ rosie on

Hate them! I think she looks so much more youthful without the bangs, they don’t do anything for her but age her!

Stephanie on

She looks much older and frumpier with the new hairstyle. Not good.

ab on

Awful! She looks like she’s trying to hide her eyes from revealing something. Hmmm, what could that be?

Dawn on

Not that we have any right to judge, but I think that Kate has always been beautiful. I agree with Ashley, I is an unflattering picture. She doesn’t have any make-up on, the bangs do make her look a bit drab. Usually she is “oh so fabulous” I would like to see a better picture of her with bangs. Either way she is still a beautiful woman!

Elda on

She looks ok with her new hair do but i wish she would stop smoking because her skin isn’t looking to good these days.

Daisy on

I never understood the worlds fascination with Kate Moss! I SERIOUSLY see a plain girl with really far apart eyes and overall funny looking face. Not really attractive if you ask me! (oh! and the skin! what’s up with that?)

Kim v on

You’re comparing a picture with makeup to a picture without makeup. Not entirely fair! I think she looks younger with the bangs, and maybe not quite as good as without. It also looks like they’d be poking her in the eyes – I would’ve gone a tiny bit shorter.

Jenna on

I didn’t even recognize her with the bangs. I think they make her older than she really is! She looks better without them.

Carol Powers on

nope, not as glamorous; when in doubt cut in some bangs I guess.

MyOpinion on

this woman does NOT age well

Dorothy on

Wow now a realize how much of her beauty comes from her eyes. She has no individuality hiding them under the bangs. She has to grow them out ASAP!

supernothing on

She has to be the most over rated model out there
her face is crooked, her nose is croked and her eyes are crossed…come on..who cares about the bangs..she needs work.

Chris on

Does anyone else see Camila Parker-Bowles – Prince Charles’ new wife?? It makes her look SO much older than before the cut. Not a huge fan of Kate, but don’t want to see her look like this!

cat on

Hate the bangs. She looks like a soccer mom.

Drita on

She does look pretty with both styles, and with bangs do make her appear much yonger. Even without make up she does look great,she has great
feature,adorable face.

E on

I have to say I’m definately not digging this look for Ms. Moss. They look heavy on her. Without bangs, her face looks more open-more of her signature! I’m dissapointed!

Vonnie on

Definite NO to the bangs.

Lauren on

shes ugly either way!!

bems on

instead of getting rediculous bangs, she should do her roots!

Anonymous on

She looks like Jodie Forster

Pamela on

hate them !



Piccollo on

I think they’re fake just like when Kate Walsh “tried them on”. She doesn’t strike me as the type that is that adventurous with cutting her hair, clothing yes hair no.

Yily on

I do not like Kate Moss’ new haircut. It’s not flattering on her and it makes her look old. I prefer her old haircut. It’s more edgy and I can’t imagine Kate without it.

maja on

I allways liked changes and with bangs she looks 16. perhaps, because she s without make up.

catherine on

she definitely looks way better without bangs!

Alex on

She doesn’t look like herself, she looks like someone with bad bangs, trying to be Kate Moss but 20 years too old.

ivy on

Dear Kate, you have got the most beautiful balanced face and nice eyes when you covered half of your face with your hair that destroyed your natural beauty, it is not suited you, that bang is not your business.

Vivian on

Im not sure. She looks alot younger without. I personally would never have bangs like that.

rosie on

she surely looks older even if always very pretty.

Piccollo on

They’re fake bangs, just a hairpiece. She hasn’t changed her hair in 20 years.

Rebecca on

Ah, the bangs on Kate are a little too shaggy- she looks prettier without.

Anonymous on

I HATE IT!!!!!

Stephanie on

I think she looks more like a model without the bangs…but I like the bangs too.

bb on

Her nose does look crooked…never noticed it before, but the bangs do bring the focus down towards her nose rather than her eyes. Did she have a botched nose job? I’d say better without the bangs.





eva on

hate the bangs…it’s not even a good bangs haircut….i definitly noticed for the first time that her nose is crooked….never noticed it before

Ashley on

She is ugly no matter what her hair looks like. she looks like my dog and she is cock-eyed, but the bangs a disguisting.

kai on

please tell me what style Chanel bag Ashley Olsen was carrying in Paris (the one where she wore a taupe woven knit coat) the bag is black w/ the gold intertwined logo…
im desperate to know!


I am going to go with a different approach and say I think the bangs would work if she would of styled them differently along with her hair. Her overall hairdo is just way too frizzy and messy. I think she could really of rocked the bangs if she would of styled her hair right. I just think the picture was bad. By the way, bangs are very much in and very high fashion!

jen on


jen on


Brianna on

Hey, what are you guys being so rude for? Kate’s bangs are beautiful as well as her face. She is a supermodel and is super successful. I love the bangs, and i admire her. Kate, you look great!
I also love gisele Bundchen! she is beautiful.

Brianna on

you people are soooo jealous that shes a model. she is so pretty and i lovvvve the bangs! lov ya kate!

nelli on

she looks no way to go

Jenna on

omg, that can not be the same woman. *gags* whoever cut her bangs…needs to be disposed of..NOW!!

Madelyn on

Kate sorta looks like Jodie Foster to me with the bangs.

In my opinion, she shouldn’t flip her hair out like she did in the second pic. I hate the feathered look. However, I think the bangs may work if they weren’t so blunt. The brow grazing side-swept may have looked better on her. She should consider changing her hair a little bit, even though she hasn’t changed in quite awhile. I do like the style she has, it does look nice with her face shape, but I think she should cut a few more layers around her face. If she ever wanted to try something new, I think a cute chin-lenghth bob would look nice on her with a touch of wave or soft curls. If not a chin-length, then her hair the same length as her neck or just rest on her shoulder, but not too much resting on her shoulders, and add some soft waves, or curls, or just go sleek and straight.

Madelyn on

Also I agree, please dye those roots.

andi on

it really makes her look older…or maybe its just a bad picture

Susan on

I think she is just ugly. she has a really wierd face.

DeAndrea Wheeler on

I hate the bangs…but who cares, it’s Kate Moss she puts the super in Supermodel.

Tay~Shirley~Shyanne on

I dont mean to be rude but I think she looks like an old lady…..it makes her face look ragged….

Anonymous on

i think its cute…makes her look happier or mebbe thats just the pic

Alyssa on

1.) It looks like she did a terrible job cutting them herself.

2.) She looks older.

megan on

i don’t really like both of them she should have side bangs but the pic to the left looks better

Dominique on

Hate them, they make her look way old!

Victoria on

I love before the bangs and with the bangs, but i admit, the bangs do give her an older look, more mature, chic and sophisticated

Mel on

She looks older with bangs. She was hotter without them.

Danielle on

I hate them. They make her look older. like, at least 50 & I’m pretty sure she isn’t close to that?

Yesenia on

I do not like tha bangs. It makes her look much older and tired.

mack on

i lovee them

Kate on

She lost her edgy, sophisticated Euro look.

Roxanne on

She looks awful with those bangs. Reminds me of a sheep dog. Buy some hair pins and put that mess back until it grows out.

ALY on

I think the rocker chick on the left is more her style

Susan on

She looks like a 5 year old with those bangs.

nikki on

OMG that is not cute…she looks soooo much older!!!!

Tara on

She looks a lot younger without bangs because it makes her face look longer and cleaner. With bangs, she doesn’t look as clean. But it could also be because how her make-up is done in the second that makes her look older

Anonymous on

love it

Corinne on

I love it, imma get bangs too =)

amra on

She will be beautifull without hair also. It just that the photo on the left side is better. I did the bang like hers, and I am very pleased.

lauren on

hate’em she looks older

Caroline on

wow she looks so old in the second pic but i do like the bangs

a on

i think the bangs are a little too long, maybe a little shorter would look good

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Brandy on

Hate them. Makes her look older.

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