Would You Wear Corset Jeans like Jaslene?

10/11/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic

After seeing The Tyra Banks Show and a segment on the “corset jean,” America’s Next Top Model Jaslene Gonzalez had to follow her mentor’s lead and get a few pairs of her own. The ANTM Cycle 8 winner headed to LF boutique on 5th Avenue in New York and picked up two pairs of Era of Chaos corset denim jeans, along with a metallic blouse and metallic Jacket by Please. Lucky for Jaslene, she had the perfect place to break in her trendy new jeans — the release party for Jennifer Lopez’s CD Brave at N.Y.C. hotspot Buddakan. Tell us: Would you wear corset jeans like Jaslene’s?

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Elle on

I would not wear these jeans, I just dont like the style. But I think she rocks them!

aaliyah on


FH on

Hideous jeans, and that’s a chick? Looks like a drag queen to me. Yuck.

Dorothy on

She looks amazing but I can bet its an absolute pain to sit for a long time in those jeans. I don’t think I would wear them.

Victoria on

I wouldnt wear those pants, because there not my style.. but i think if you can rock them, like jaslene, then def. wear them, they are pretty cute!

Bianca on

yes!, i would i ahve one myself by club marnoco in balck and it brings out the shap of your body and very sexy!!!

Neka on

FH..that was so funny! She does look as though she is man in drag.

Julie on

She looks fantastic in them! I’d wear them if I had somewhere neat to wear them to!

Also, if you think SHE looks like a man in drag . . . I can’t imagine the “men” you hang out with.

goldie on

Only someone rail thin can wear those jeans and they actually look high-waisted rather than corset. But I must say she looks hot in them, you go girl!!!

Daisy on

One word: Stupid.

Lauren on

I hate the jeans. I HATE Jaslene even more!!!!!!!

night on

No way this is a woman. She had Tyra fooled!

april on

can you tell me what hayden panettiere was wearing when she went shopping in west hollywood today?

christie on

yuck yuck yuck

Gina on

These pants are AMAZING. I have a pair, and the denim is gorgeous Italian denim. They are also unbelieveably flattering and comfortable because of the quality of denim they use. Receommended highly. LFstores.com always has the BEST CLOTHES- don’t knock it til you try it!!!!

Delphine on

Hi… of course I would wear one of these… I just happen to buy a corset-jeans from REPlAY.

bb on

Why are people forever commenting that Jaslene looks like a man in drag? I think she is very feminine and beautiful…not like a man at all. I wish I could be so “mannish”.

Daphne on

Make up your mind, Jaslene! Overalls or jeans. You cannot have it both ways.

V on

sure. she looks fab.

em on

Dont be hating! she looks trendy. As for the pants they look a little uncomfy but I bet they are the stretch type material. Nice.

Jane on

No, I would never wear them. Why doesn’t she just get a pair of overalls.

alex :) on

this chick definatley has the body for the jeans but i rather see her in something she looks BEAUTIFUL in, rather than something she barely pulls off.

alex :) on

jaslene definatley has the body for the jeans but i rather see her in something she looks BEAUTIFUL in, rather than something she barely pulls off. as for me…not something i would wear

Kim on

No amount of money could get me into those jeans.

Kaden on

Personally….Absolutely not, and I think they’re ugly. However Jaslene rocks them. One change I would have done: I think she should have worn a black button down shirt, tucked in with or without the jacket. Other then that, she rocks the jeans and the jacket.

Pen on

Those are AWFUL. Ick. No no no no no NO! Shirt’s hawt though.

Chase on

Jaslene looks great!! She has such a great figure and those jeans look really good on her!

Natasha on

What happened to Jaslene? She looked so cute on ANTM…She looks old and wrecked in this picture. I like the jeans but only if they weren’t coseted all the way down to the crotch.

BF on

I think they’re ugly and painful just to look at. Like her. I don’t know how she won ANTM, but I never liked her, and these jeans look like a painful front-wedgie waiting to happen.
Everything about this picture is wrong.

SK on

Hmmmm….I’m on the fence about these jeans. I imagine they can look pretty cute on some people but I also think they look uncomfortable to wear. However I do not think they look good on her. She looks like a man and whenever I see a Cover Girl commercial, I can’t believe she is even TALKING on TV. She needs to take some speech lessons!

Rachel on


Melissa on

No but she looks good in them

SpicyG on

Yuck! I don’t think they look flattering at all. It makes her body look awkward, her legs look way too short. It doesn’t look like you’d be able to sit down in them without the points poking the underside of your boobs.

laci on


FIona on

I would not wear them, but WHAT has happened to Jaslene? America’s Top Model looks like she has aged 20 years since the show. She looks like Janice Dickinson.

Rebecca on

The corset jeans look okay on Jaslene, but way too uncomfortable for me to want to try them! Ouchie.

LaToya on

The Jeans are alright. She could’ve worn a different shirt. She is definitely rocking them right with the jacket. I do agree, she does have very strong features. Which is why when she wears makeup and does her hair, she has to soften it up a bit.

Rey on

I think she looks great in them. I would not wear them because I have hips from hell!

Melinda on

I don’t care for the style nor do I care for them on Jaslene. She has a bomb body not where something else. She did look much cuter on the show than now. The hair and makeup make her look like Janice Dickerson. She’s too young for that look.

Rachel on

No, the look dumb and make her look dumpy. BLAH.

magic on


ginocat on

i love ’em

Anne F 41 on

I’m not a fan.

cameron on

You have to be able to pull them off, not everyone can wear these. Someone with i nice curvy figure could definitely pull it off, but someone with no hips…. big NO NO
jasline looks good though

naomi on

yeah…This is so a very cute fashion.I have a similar jean.:)

pam on

NEVER in a million years. Didn’t she check to see what she looked like before she left the house??

fashionexpert on

NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I DON’T THINK ANYONE SHOULD WEAR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE SSSSOOOO UGLY!!!!

amy on

I wouldn’t wear these, but she looks good in them. I thought the Russian girl,Natasha, should hve won.

ALY on

I would not wear these but jaslene pulls it off pretty good. Love the top

Sarah Wall on

Please…those jeans are hott! She’s rockin’ them and if you’re anyone you’ll rock em too!!

Sarah on

Please, those jeans are hott! She is rockin them and if you’re anyone you’ll rock em too!

gina on

what’s next…the “Bra-Jean”!? PLEASE let this fad die along with leg warmers and huge shoulder pads!

Maria on

I love it on her, she looks great! I probably wouldn’t wear them.

Anonymous on

I think she look cute in them. and for all of you out there. DON’T BE HATERS!

saha p. on


worst “model” ever.

who cares on

I dont think it looks good on her, or on anyone else. I hate high-waisted jeans.

Couture on

Stop hating. She looks fabulous in them. there are probably like 1% of people int he world who can actually pull off something like that and she’s in that 1%. I don’t think you can pull them off if you’re short or have curvy hips. You have to have a long torso for that like she does and a more boy-ish figure. Way to go Jaslene. I still think Natasha should have won though!

Alicia on

I think she rocks the hottest styles of the season. As a loyal LF shopper I began wearing the Corset trend when they came out with it in Spring! You work it Jaslene!!!!!!!!!!

Sammmiy on

that is the uglyest outfit in the history of ugly outfits… NO I WOULD NEVER WEAR THAT!!

atalie on

nah. jeans that high just look tacky.

Cindy G. on

No no no! Absolutely not! Those jeans are just god awful. If they look that hideous on a model who’s stick thin, I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible they would look on an average woman. I think they would just look ridiculous on somebody with an hourglass shape even attempted to wear those.

me on

They don’t look very comfy at all. I agree I don’t think that it would be very easy to sit in them. They are also not designed for a woman. You know the rest of us in the world that have a one in front of their zeros…or *gasp* maybe even wear a 12-14…And the gold jacket, I am pretty sure was so hot in the 80’s, do we need to bring back the decade of cocaine in the bathrooms and shoulder pads??

sydni on

It looks awful.

Aaliyah on

first off… if you dont understand this trend then you’re still wearing flare leg jeans from the 1990s. get over yourself.
2nd i love these jeans.. i have 2 pairs from LF that i bought two weeks ago and im so excited to know that jaslene has them. of course i live in the city so i know about fashion.
if you dont have the confidence or the body then shut up.
if you have curves of a boyish figure you can still get away with these.. you wont kno til u try.

ps its the 21st century… wake up.

Emily on

Absolutely not! That looks so trashy!

Mimi on

I don’t think I would wear this, you need a rockin’ body too. But I think that Jaslene looks fabulous!

CM on


Elaisha Gilmore on



Tori B on

I think she looks great her hair, make-up everything is on point….. cant wait to see more of her!! you go girl

katie on

yeah, i’d wear them, if i had a body like hers. lol

Michele on

No way! Hideous even on the best of bodies!

Erica C on

I would never EVER wear those jeans and i thought corsets were supposed to go under your clothes…

Sonya on

The whole outfit is nasty!

Alex on

ive seen celeberies wear some pretty ugly things but this is redikulus!

Caroll on

Everyone needs to get a clue! High rise denim is awesome this season and the corset jeans are great. You’re prob jealous because you can’t rock ’em

Stephanie on

She looks great in this look but i just know i could not pull this look off!

Quiana on

Oh, those are UGLY. Shy don’t you just put on overalls with a t-shirt and call it a day?!

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