Mary-Kate & Ashley: A Mini-Makeover to Love

10/11/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Richard Young/startraks

Tuesday night, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen brought out some of London’s biggest It girls — from singer Amy Winehouse to socialite Peaches Geldof — to show off their new high-end clothing The Row at Harvey Nichols. And while the twins predictably wore some outrageous accessories — check out Mary-Kate’s super-hairy jacket and Ashley’s S&M-style studded Christian Louboutin boots! — what we’re really liking is their suddenly straight hair! After years of signature messy waves, Mary-Kate and Ashley have gone straight and sleek, and it looks great! Ditto to their barely-there makeup. Not that we don’t love seeing Mary-Kate try out braided updos and Ashley working dark maroon lips, but the sisters look the best they have in years here. Tell us: What do you think of the Olsens’ straight and sleek look?

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Julie on

Less is More…they look great


The girls look fab with straight hair. Plus I love Ashley’s outfit!

laci on

these girls have no taste at all….i don’t think they wear cute outfits. they are a little scary looking.

Aly on

They look amazing! I don’t paticularly care for their outfits, but they look young and fresh!!

hex on

I think they look great!
I DO like that braided look though – very glam.

Elda on

They look like a couple of groupies to me!! I agree they have no taste whatsoever!!

BJ on

They look better than they have in years.
Less is definitely more, with them.
The only thing I’d change would be less
eye make up possibly shorter hair.
Way to go girls! You’re beautiful!

Nikia Childress on

Where Did Jennifer Lopez Get Those Leather Leggings From

katie on

They look great, it’s definitely a more fashion forward look, and not simply a routine fashion faux pas. Yes, a good trim would make their hair look more polished (and lush), but for growing up in the public eye, you can’t hate on their need to determine their own unique life, despite being a corporation that employees many.

lilly on

they dress like old women…

Kim v on

Not a big fan of this look. I thought MK looked really great with red hair and highlights cut in long layers. And I still think dark roots are tacky.

Alli McAlister on

People obviosuly dont know fashion..they look great. barely there makeup and outrageous style is hott and so are they.

chyeaaa on

For as wealthy as they are … they look like they shop at goodwill! They could look a lot better, if you ask me.

Megan on

i absolutly love their look… they are just so beautiful! they always dress so amazing and special!

O'Wryly on

They STILL have that pained expression, as if they have gas. And they STILL cannot dress worth a tinker’s damn.

gladys on

On the October 4 Pics of Jessica Simpson stepping out with friend CeCe Cobb please who and where can i get that dress Thanks A bunch

Kel on

They look great, but they need to smile more. They are such pretty girls, but they never show real smiles.

Rebecca on

This is a great improvement for the Olsen twins- they look clean and are almost smiling! A quick trim at the salon and better posture would be the next steps in their transformation. Mary Kate should ditch the furry thing too- ick.

Couture on

I don’t understand why they continue to dress like that! All the socialites they’ve invited dress soo much different-with style and class, why can’t they get rid of the accesories? I like their hair wavy a lot better. I loved them when they were teens and were still doign their straight-for-tv movies, at least their style was something I could try out as it was very tasteful and cute…now I don’t know WHAT they’re thinking. Style should never be for “authenticity” but picking nice clothes that go for your body time and there’s PLENTY to choose from–I don’t know where they’re looking at. I don’t see anyone dressing like them or why they’re even named “style icons” by some. I do like the, just wish for them to dress better.

Mary on

Awww they look like twins again!

Tina on

uhhh they look the same.

Kendra on

umm EWWW they look they same. ACTALLY UGLIER!!!

Dorothy on

Once again horrible style and FUR….I wish to never see them in the Style section EVER…because they have absolutely no style. I can bet that if you show pictures of the people who write these post at least 70% will have million times better fashion taste (and less expensive one for sure) then those so called “fashion moguls”!

Victoria on

Im really into that “look good, wear less” look where its natural but still put together, so i really like there look, and i def. like the sparkly boots!

Daisy on

It’s like they’re almost pretty……but they’re not! And the clothes, oh my gosh the clothes!, look soo stupid! Can they please dress like HUMANS and stop being guinea pigs for these weird, so-called designers!

night on

Much better.

holli on

w/e they wear their still bone skinny stringy blond haired bad tasted washed up actresses

alex :) on

o geez look at their eyes they’re like popping out of their heads :/ yuck

alex on

gross look at their eyes they’re like popping out of their heads…yuck

Tiffany on

they look amazing! so much better than that whole grudge look

Cynthia-Alexandra on

The don’t look DEAD anymore. :-)

Mikelle on

I like their hair and make-up, but their outfits are a different story. I do like Ashley’s outfit somewhat, not crazy over the boots, but she looks nice. Mary-Kate would probably look great if she got rid of hairy “It” as a jacket. I do love Mary-Kate’s stockings. But yes, I must agree, there make-up is an improvement, and although I do like their sleek hair, I like their waves too, not as messy as they make them though, because the waves add width to their faces, but both sleek and wavy hair looks nice on them.

I also think it would be nice to see a change in their hair cuts. I think both girls need to focus on their eyes and cheekbones, since there’s so much definition in their faces. Ashley would look nice with short hair, but cut right below her jawline, but not too much, just enough so it doesn’t rest on her shoulders. Add some nice layers, but make sure the top layers are long and soft. Also, avoid making the layers choppy. Also keep the strong part in her hair. Mary-Kate would look nice with brow-grazing fringe side-swept bangs, keep the strong part, and layers that falls right at or below her jawline. Also add some nice soft layers that graze her cheekbones. Both girls should avoid long, long hair, and avoid short, short hair. Also avoid blunt bangs and harsh choppy layers. Just my opinion.

kat on

i LOVE their makeup it makes them look grown up.

Anonymous on

Are Yall serious??? They look a mess, not amazing! They look like some plastic dolls and their faces are all wrong…. NEXT MAKEOVER

BF on

I agree that this is the best they’ve looked in years. They actually look like beautiful young women instead of hobo-dressed, too-thin children. They look wonderful!

Britney on

EWW!! go back to the way there where before! it looks like there tying to look like they did when they where 12! have to say hate it!!

Kim v on

In response to the quote of the day, it’s not about fashion. It’s about looking good. Which, IMO, they don’t. They’re pretty girls but this hair and makeup is not particularly flattering on them.

Anonymous on


Melinda on

These girls are ridiculous. If I had all the $$ they had, do you think I would dress as if I shopped at a thrift store. They are younger versions of Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company. They both look like bag ladies all the time. Don’t celebrities have stylists? They need some help with their eye make up too. They act like the maker’s of black eyeliner are going to stop making it.

ALY on

I love the natural look on them. I think they’re really maturing.

debbie on

love the hair and makeup. hate the outfits. i dont get it. they have all this money n yet they look like that.

gina haizlip on

While money can’t buy everything, it can definatly buy fashion confusion!

Montserrath on

the twins look great! i really like their look, it looks clean and chic, i love it.

Montserrath on

i like the twins’ look. it looks very clean and they look better than ever.

Kelli B., 26 on

Ok, that’s it…I’m putting it in print…

WHO taught these girls to smile??? It’s not like they have nasty teeth! I want to know who told them that sucking in their cheeks and pooching out their lips is “smiling.”
It’s like they’re always trying to look so much older than they are. I just don’t get it.
And pleeeeease….less eye make up. The “less is more” makeup is fabulous.
Come on, girls, enjoy your youth while you still have it!

cary on

an improvement?? mk’s look is awful! she looks like she’s wearing a chicken costume!! and ash’s not ugly but there’s nothing special about it! i like the straight hair for ashley but the hairstyles they’ve weared before were cute too! so there’s nothing new for me

madeline on

they look way better than usual. they look great!

Sasita on

They are young and beautiful, should wear something more flattering and colorful…

Z on

They looked so icky with the waves, and the slouching didn’t help. This is a much better look.

nikka on

well, i love their new do. i also love their outfits! i think that they’re the only twins who can carry well the whole black, messy emsemble. i’m just hoping that they stick with the sleek do…

Elaisha Gilmore on


Quiana on

They are so ugly.

kitty on

They are very unattractive, have no sense of style, & have no talent. I wish they would go away.

beth on

they look fabulous!!!
love them!!!


Why do the twins always have their heads together and each of them has a really fake pout!

Jules on

As much money as they have to work with, they have some room for improvement. They are very pretty girls, yet there clothes don’t do justice for them.

Jen on

Finally. They’re not wearing too much makeup. I don’t like the fur jacket so much but otherwise much better.

Rita on

I agree that they look better than they have in years. Their makeup, particularly around the eyes, has always been too dark for their complexion. It reminds me of one of the old “Full House” episodes where DJ tries on makeup for the first time and has to be told, “the natural look is best.”

michelle on

i think they are gorgeous. they are naturally beautiful. but i do think their “crazy” looks are great. i like their outfits usually. :)

ceejay on

they look great on everything they try to wear! they are really trend setters! fashion icon for everyone!!



anonymous on

they are adorable

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