What's Ashlee's Best Look: Wavy or Straight?

10/10/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Tsuni/gamma; Matt Baron/BEImages

Ashlee Simpson turned up at the Hollywood Style Awards last weekend with such pin-straight hair that we had to look twice — and compare it to her usual soft waves! The sleek and straight look definitely complemented her somber black dress, but it’s great to see her in a sexy party dress with tousled hair too! We can’t decide which look we like better for the pop singer, so we want to know what you think. Tell us: What’s Ashlee’s best look? Wavy or straight?

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Tammy C. on

I think she looks great either way. It is nice to switch up your hairstyle every once in a while.

Gianella D. on

definitely wavy!!! straight hair works fine usually, but in this case it looks limp. it definitely needs some volume at the roots. also, wavy hair definitely covers her grown out color better.

V on

wavy. looks more natural

Kim v on

Wavy. Though in fairness, the straight would look nicer if it weren’t two-toned.

Jackie on

Wavy, for sure.

mk on

wavy looks greats on her hair

Kelly on

I think the straight looks better, but I still think she is such a sell out for getting her nose “fixed”….she may be trying, but how can anyone follow in the foot steps of the stunningly beautiful Jessica Simpson?

fashionexpert on

I think she looks better with it wavy because with it straight she looks like Avril!

t.i.f.f.a.n.y... on

it just makes her look more like a rocker chic!


LAK on

Lol, she looks best with wavy. But she doesn’t even look like who she once was. Maybe i’ve been out of the loop for a LONG time but I didn’t even recognize her.

It’s kind of sad when you look like everyone else but noone in particular at the same time. She has no individual look whatsoever.

Nat on

WAVY!!!! For sure. Her face is long and narrow and her fetures are long and narrow they waves help to add curves it’s much more flattering to her face and features. Long straight hair is sliming but when your features and face are narrow it’s over kill. The wavy hair opens and widens her eyes makes her lips appear more plump waves are also flattering on your physique if you have long wavy hair and slim build the look of the waves will pick up on your feminie curves. So for fuller girls straight hair can be very slimming. there is a suttle artisitci science to what looks god and it’s worth making the effort to find what works best for you. Sure the straight hair is fine once in a while fo Ashley but the wavy look brings out the best.

P.S. I must say when people get nose jobs they try to make them straighter take out the beak bend so the noses end up perfectly straight looking but odd and so obvious because while the nose is now so straight and slim it’s still sooooo long and still quite a big nose in proportion th the face it rarely ends up being a petite button nose(think David Schwimmer, Kim Kardashian or above on Ashley). Frankly I admire women who keep themselves as they are naturally and it goes to show that nature just can’t be duplicated. Anyone who can recognize the signs whose seen of plastic surgery will be able to spot a job a mile away. I prefer this world have more Anne Hathaway’s then Heidi’s.

Lauren on

I am going to sound like a little kid, but how about before she took my man off the market?

Daisy on

Well either way, I think she needs to get a haircut that actually COMPLIMENTS her face. Something that adds less focus to her really long face, you know soften things up a bit! I used to love her when she had black hair and a REAL nose, now she just looks fake no matter what she does. Sorry it’s almost as if people try so much to fix their imperfections, which make them unique, only to look like complete strange idiots later!

jamie on

I think she looks great either way, but she does need to fix her roots to wear it straight.

Angela on

WAVY! definitely! that’s her best look…

Dorothy on

I think wavy gives her a more softer look but straight looks good too.

Kathy H on

I’m way too old to care, but I certainly think she looks prettier with the soft waves. What most young girls with this super-straight hair don’t realize is they really do NOT look that good. I don’t know a “real” man who likes it one iota. It looks limp, lifeless, and lazy – like they’re just too busy to be bothered with fixing their hair!

I do, however, think Ashley is MUCH more attractive than her fake, plastic-like, pathetic excuse for a singer/actress sister Jessica!

And to those who criticize Ashley for getting a nose job – that is a very personal decision, and one that should be respected. Obviously there was something about her nose that bothered her very much, and she had the money and doctors have the technology to fix it, so why not?! People who criticize others for plastic surgery are usually people who want it themselves and simply can’t afford it. And for most women, it’s a hard decision to make, despiste what people might think. To have your body cut on and altered, plus the inherent risks of plastic or any type of surgery, well it really just isn’t a snap decision and most good plastic surgeons will not perform plastic surgery on someone who has not had a psychological screening done – you don’t just waltz in and plop down your money – at least not to an ethical plastic surgeon. You must meet with the surgeon many times and go through the psych eval before the doctor ever opens up his scheduling book.

I think Ashley looks great – far cuter/prettier than her “7th Heaven” days!

LB on

definitely wavy. Her straight hair looks too flat; wavy is more natural.

Nicole on

It looks thicker and healthier when its straight. It looks very straggly and unkempt curly.

Daisy on

Kathy H.:
Lets just stick to the fact that your “way too old to care” remember? Number one, being a twenty-one-year-old young woman, I know how nice it is to have shiny, effortless-looking, straight hair. That YES boys and men find very attractive, not “limp” hair. Shiny straight hair is a sign of youth. Thats why stylish young women wear their hair that way. Two, studies have shown that the majority of women and men that go under the knife, have psychological issues and low self esteem. If you can’t understand the TRUE meaning of beauty, then you have real issues. We’re all imperfect, however, we all have qualities and our NATURAL physical beauty is just a bonus. We should accept and love what were made of!!!!!! Even if you’re filthy rich! Thats so pathetic and ignorant!


To be brutally honest, Ashlee still is not that gorgeous, nose job or not. Her face always has the same boring expression and she sucks at singing either. Lip-syching works better for her because it does not actually require talent, which works well for Ash! Plus then, those of us who listen to the music do not have to be punnished! Wavy hair does make her somewhat prettier , though!

Chelsea on

i think her best look is anything without pete

Jenna on

I love her hair. Period. But I have to go with wavey!

Katelyn on

Daisy-Please stop argueing. It will get you no where. You are suppose to comment on the article, not one other people’s posts.

I think she looks better with wavy hair. But I think maybe a couple of inches off her hair, and it would look better. I say that, because she has been wearing her hair like that for a while, and with a new season, I think a new haircut would suit her.

Elissa on

I know that young girls like the long hair look, it’s back to the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Ashley can wear her hair either straight or wavy, but what she actually could use are bangs to shorten her not-that-long narrow face. What a difference it makes on so many young women and women of any age if their faces are not oval, the only shape face that can wear any hairdo if they’re also blessed with thick hair!

As for her new nose, anything that makes you uncomfortable or self-conscious, why not change, as long as it’s reasonable.

She has a beautifully shaped nose now, if I had had the money when I was younger, I’d most certainly have opted to have mine reshaped due to a bump which has made me self-conscious all my life. Besides, being in the public eye is most definitely a good reason, now I’m sure she feels more confident which is what changing a feature is intended for.

By the way, she is so much prettier than her sister, she has lovely blue eyes that are soft and feminine.

Best to you, Ashlee

zoe on

she looks like a plastic nothing either way so it doesnt matter.

sarah on

i think she looks beautiful either way. she’s SO cute
peace and love

Nat on

Boy my other post was riddled with spelling mistakes, I should have read it before I posted. Daisy I agree 100%. The people who do have plastic surgery because they can afford it fall under the category of more money than brain cells and more greed and vanity than compassion and perspective. As a person who is seriously ill and spends many days a week at hospitals for a very serious REAL illness that I have absolutely no choice in and no control over (unlike the addicts of Hollywood) I find it a bit repulsive to see people waste money on beauty surgery when that money could be donated to help those suffering from cancer and the encyclopedia of tragic illness that affect old and young people alike.

Having a little button nose, being a size 2 (since I was a teenager) and having a natural full bust perhaps I don’t know the horrors of growing up with a big nose or all the other painful afflictions of perfectly healthy blessed people but, living in Africa and seeing so much suffering in my life I simply feel there are much more important things to work on in this world than our silly outer appearance. I enjoy taking care of myself just as much as any other girl and sure hair and fashion are fun (that’s why I commented) but, I believe in putting one’s energy into things that really matter (something you learn to do even more when you loose your health and you’re still in your 20’s). Perhaps illnesses like cancer would have a cure by now if millionaires like Pam Anderson and Ashley Simpson gave their money to worthy medical causes instead of their own slicing, dicing and stuffing beauty regiments. Imagine how useful all those doctors could be if they were working in Africa or with terminally ill children instead of shoving implants into real life desperate housewives and spoiled pampered celebrities. This was just about the girl’s hair but with the debate that began I felt the need to share my thoughts. In the end it is a personal choice and my husband and I find sad that healthy people feel the need to make it. I wish all my doctors visits and my upcoming surgery was a choice. But in the end I love my life and am grateful for each and every experience because they’ve taught me a lot about the true value of life.

Me on


stacy on

Both are great, but wavy looks softer on her

lily on

wavy is good for her!

Tru on

Ashlee looks good with both hair styles. I like the wavy best on her though. Her face is long, so avoiding anything that drags her face, the nice waves look good on her. Side-swept bangs would also look flattering on Ashlee {side-swept bangs are always ideal}. A chin-length bob would look ideal on her, because the cut would create the illusion of width. Like I said before, waves are nice too because it adds width. Ashlee’s cut looks good on her, because the hair isn’t too long, and she should avoid really long hair or anything too short, because those will elongate her face. As I can see, Ashlee’s long hair has layers, and they are cut around her face {from what I can see}. Since you can’t see her hair in person to notice her hair in original form, her hair is nice because it looks as if she’s got the v-shaped style, where the length is mainly in the back, and the sides of her hair appear shorter. If she’s gonna stick with long hair, she should stick with the hot style for her face shape, which is long layers.

Eliza on

Wavy, it makes her look more elegant and classy. Straight here makes her hair look brittle.


she looks beautiful either way

Marly on


heidi on

straight looks good on her but i like more wavy hair, i always make my own hair wavy

Observer on

Who cares–she’s fake anyway. (Hope she’s reading this, too.)

Alli on

straight! definitly..though she can pull off both well.

Jenna on

I like the wavy better. I agree with a previous post that she looks similar to Avril with the straight hair.



Kay on

Who cares it is not even her realy hair anyway.

Britany on

i love it either way!

Mary on

Personally I think Ashlee looks better with the straight hair. She looks much sleeker and sophisticated with it.

Kathy H: sorry I just had to take offense at your post. Why? Because you’ve just insulted the lot of naturally straight-haired women who keep it that way (myself included). Just because we choose not to enslave ourselves to curling irons and perms (which, by the way, DAMAGE hair) doesn’t mean that we’re too lazy to be bothered to do our hair. Also, curly/wave hair is not a good look for everyone. Want proof? Just open any high school yearbook from the 80s.

Randa on

I like it both ways. I think I like it a little bit better wavy here but it’s good that she has the ability to style her hair two different ways.

Katie K. on

Why are we spending so much time on the way she wears her hear anyhow??? She’s not like a god or something…wavy

Grace on

I think Ashlee looks better with wavy hair because the straight is to harsh and her longer shaped face.

asdlfj on

i like it wavy

Not a fan on

Her nose is so large, that her flat hair just looks, well flat.

Rekha on

Definitely wavy – she looks more sophisticated.

Britney on

i love both!!! Ashlee looks so pritty no matter what she does!!

Anne F 41 on

She looks good both ways but I have a preference for wavy hair. The waves make her look more mature.

Fashionlover on

Wavy hair…. With the straight hair she looks like Avril Lavingne

Sonya on

There is always someone who has something to say about someone else doing something for themselves. Who cares that she had a nose job? obviously it bothered her enough that she wanted to get it done. It isnt going to effect the state of the union so move on to something else.

christina on

i like them both but i think wavy is a little better, its not as boring

Rachel on

I think its a tie between wavy and straight.

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