Beyonce's New Darker 'Do: Love It or Hate It?

09/20/2007 at 04:45 PM ET

Stephen Lovekin/WireImage

Although she’s one of pop music’s most famous faces (and one of the PEOPLE’s Best Dressed!), the shorter darker ‘do Beyonce wore to the launch party for Diddy’s new fragrance, Unforgiveable Woman, made her an unrecognizable woman. Even the man of the hour didn’t realize the “Irreplaceable” singer was in attendance. “She just had a new hairstyle. I didn’t recognize her,” Diddy admitted. “It was real sexy.” Changing up her look is nothing new for Beyonce, whose hair has gone from big and bouncy to sleek and shiny and from super straight to two-tone ringlets. But her deep brown side-swept curls she showed off at Diddy’s party caught us by surprise — in a good way. Tell us: Do you love Beyonce’s new color or do you prefer a lighter shade?

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LT on

it’s probably her natural hair and not a new color. She wears a lot of weave all the time…

LT on

it’s likely just her real hair… she wear a lot of weave to protect her own… it’s nice to be natural sometimes

kerry-ann on

it’s ridiculous that now that she’s not a fake blonde she’s unrecognizable. Just goes to show us black women we should be true to who we really are and stop trying to match up to this ridiculous white ideal image society forces on us.

massimo on

she does not look look to good,i would say she looks ugly kind of!

miranda on

not a fan of the “natural” look… although Im sure its not really natural!

Jenn on

I’m actually so distracted by the very ugly hair STYLE she is sporting that I can’t quite focus on the COLOR.

Anna on

this picture looks so strange! it’s not only the hair, something seems to be really wrong with the mascara!

??? on

i dont like it…………it lokks 2 drak n not like u

Anonymous on

she looks old and gross.. change the hair back beyonce

Babe on

Looks good on her. I can’t stand dark people with light hair.

Anonymous on

I like it! It seems to be a great transition for fall. If youlook back at some of her childhood photos you will notice that her natural hair is much lighter than this.

Randa on

i cant even tell that this is beyonce
it is weird looking

Tammy on

she looks old but it may just be the style and not the color

Meagan on

I guess everyone needs a change every once in a while, but I would have to say that the blonder look suits her much better. It makes her more sultry and feminin where as the darker colour makes her look older, much older in fact.

Linda on

This is probably her natural hair that no one has seen in a while. I like the look.

BrooklynGirl on

LOVE IT! The blonde was nice but enough already. She’s a sistha not a Blonde.

Ramona on

I do not like it on her. I didn’t recognize her. In fact I would noy have known it was her if her name wasn’t posted. I swear (and I’m not being mean) I thought she was Hottie from the Flavor of Love show. Then again maybe it’s not the color just the style.


First of all the photograph has been shot at a very unsuitable angle which does not show Beyonce’s ” good side “. Imagine her with a dark red lipstick, staring at the camera and her mane of beatiful hair…this is what she need, a good shot angle and more colour in her lips…she is gorgeous !!!

Mrs.Balbuena on

I like the hair color. Just not on her. Maybe because of the direction the picture was taken but her face looks kind of “chubby”. I don’t like the hair style either.

Marie on

This does not look like Beyonce. I’m a fan of dark and short hair but this does not look good on her!

Vivian on

The color looks nice, but I don’t like her hairstyle or makeup in this pic.

Nella on

I absolutely love it!!!!!! She’s beautiful, she has a natural and very sexy look and I think she looks more mature now.

Sharlene on

Beyonce has truly beautiful face but this style really doesnt suit her. It does nothing for her. She looks like a completely different person.

Kayla on

What’s with her lips?

Vi on


Anonymous on

that is not Beyonce, that chick is way fatter

mal on

yo young b looks fugly

rebecca on

i really like it, its a good look for her

rosalind lane on

not a real fan of beyonce…but this picture doesn’t look like her at all…she looks rather fake and ugly. Although its nice to show your natural look…maybe she needs a new stylist.

Nikki on

I don’t like it. She looks like a witch. Please change it back.

Danielle on

i think she looks ugly with dark hair…she also looks fat…just thought i should add that

Anna on

No one forces anything on you, you can choose whatever hair colour or style you want – a lot of black people choose to go lighter as they try to look caucasian. I don’t know why because I think black hair is gorgeous.

As to Beyonce’s hair, it looks strange, I think her whole make up is kind of weird – maybe it’s just the way the photo turned out.

mary on

that´s just such an uflatering angle for her
gosh, se looks awful

G on

It’s not her hair that’s different ! She has had some type of work done, I can’t pinpoint it, but something’s been done.

Saba on

Really brings out her double-chin.

Dee on

It will take some getting use to…I am still a fan of her lighter hair

sonia on

I like it. But what’s up with those fake lashes?

Ummmmmmm on

Wow…I had no idea at first that this was Beyonce. I actually thought it was Lil Kim. B’s makeup is ridiculously bad…she looks like a guy in drag. I don’t really have any issues with the hair though. I’d like to see her from another angle.

addicted2u on

Hello readers,

This pic NO its not her best but she is an Idol to alot of ladies.
Always remember that black, white, latin or asian ladies have style and style changes from time to time, enjoy it.

She is human



Aly on

Beyonce is so gorgeous. Is it even possible for her to be ‘ugly’? I think she looks beautiful with darker hair!!

Chloe on

B can rock anything! Who got BEST DRESSED?

khemcy on

ohhh…………beyonce………even any style she got for me she’s only the one beyonce in the world with her own style coz can do everything………….she’s glamorous sexy, hot talented and the most beautiful…….even her color is brown i appreciate her style always…………………you rock beyonce……….welove u……………………………………………… the woman like her alwayz been irreplaceable………………………………………

dory on

There is no problem with the hair colour, I like it. But look in this face, she is no real beauty! She looks like a clown!!

monica on

I love B’s natural look. She can rock anything and look very classy!!!!!

ah ha on

Angle of the shot is bad. Color is, I think, for most a very drastic change which is really shocking. Look at the other pictures of this oolor and it’s not bad.

AL on

Def NO

Ashley on

Okay, I was just reading along; and ofcourse I had to see the race card being pulled out.

Ashley on


and Kerry-Ann seems a BIT racist.

Neka on

I think she needs to stop wearing so much weave. It is not natural. The color is okay though. I think the hairstyle is throwing everyone off from answering the question.

KAT on


SpicyG on

First of all, Anna, it’s the FALSE EYELASHES, not mascara, that looks strange. The nude lip color does not do her justice and the hair style doesn’t either. I would also like to see a better photo angle and style before “passing judgment” as to whether she looks better with the dark or lighter hair.

kara on

She looks like Raven-Simone. And that is not a good thing! Too dark.

Sanja on

It’s nice to play with your looks, when she gets bored she can change it. But I don’t like the hairstyle, though

E on

I like it. It’s nice to see some dark tones on people, especially celebs. Walking around these days, I rarely see anyone with dark hair. It might just be where I am from.

Patti on

Kerry-Ann, why do people like you turn everything little thing into a black/white thing? She looks beautiful, a beautiful woman who’s an amazing talent! Please notice that I said she’s a beautiful woman, not a beautiful “black” woman!
There are beautiful people of all races.


jaye on

and to BABE if you think Beyonce is dark, you need to adjust your prescription!


angel on

i don’t like the style. The color makes her look like someone else.But thats her head and she can do what she pleases with it.So people please let any harsh words be kept to your self. She is still human outside the lime lights

brunettebabe on

The color is beautiful, the style doesn’t do it justice. Also, her nose and lips look different; maybe it’s just the angle. A better style and more flattering picture would be nice.

Sara on

it do is her natural color, so we should respect that. The picture was horrible, but she is such a beautiful woman and I’m sure she can pull it off.

Alice on

I don’t think the color is bad, I just don’t think its the most flattering picture of her, something is off about it. I agree with the person that said they thought it was Raven Samone, thats exactly what I thought too.

Dikeledi on

she’s making ugly people feel better about themselves, especially “Beyonce wanna be’s”.

Taj on

In this photo she looks like a slimmer version of lil kim in my opininon i think she looks a lil ol n im not feelin it. She need to adjust the makeup though cas she looks like her face is plastered with tooooooo much make up

SV on

i think she look pretty, it not as raddy looking like it normally looks

toi on

i love it i think that it actuall y looks like her natural color. it is so her

La Faraona on

It’s not just the hair, which BTW looks awful, too messy, kind of mousy brown and flat, but also the makeup is messed up, the gloss is too pale….she doesn’t look put together at all.

dianca east on

Its good that B wants to do the natural thing.

The make up and the hair style is not working for her. Keep the natural hair lighten it a bit and loose that make up. It makes her look old and UGLY>

lana on

I have to agree with KARA she does look like Raven Simone! She should go back to a lighter color.And for all you HATERS the woman is gorgeous!



claudia on

Does not even looks like her, unbelivebable how a
hair color can change a person. she looks 1000
times better with lighter hair.

Kim v on

Can’t tell in this picture because she’s at a weird angle and the style, as some people have already commented, is a hot mess. I’m pretty sure I don’t like the highlights but the darker brown could work. The blonde is definitely unnatural.

:-) on

I like it!…I think she looks good with dark hair!…and I wanted to let Kerry-Ann know that what’s ridiculous is her comment!!!!!!!!


you mean to tell me she needed all that long blond fake hair to look that beautiful and when you take all that away she’s funny looking?
hum i’ve been getting the wrong kinda hair

Anonymous on

ew it looks gross

somthing on

eww she looks like a grannyEWWWWW U USED RO BE HOTT.. NOW UR NOT

Anonymous on


Ermina on

I really like it, looking goood b

Heather on

i don’t like it
she is starting to look like ashanti.
not that it’s a bad thing.
cause ashanti’s gorgeous and all.
i don’t like this style on beyonce.
personally, it’s not very flattering.
it’s like all over her head.
ehh.. :/

Maddie on

OMG what happened 2 her hair??????? it’s ugly.

Roxanne on

sort of looks like shes trying to copy Rihanna by having her hair short and darker

jen on

the style is soooo UGLY!!!!! but the color is nice

lisa on

I love the new color it makes her look much younger to me. it fits her very well. i love it beyonce it looks great don’t change it, it’s beautiful.

Anonymous on

i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Christine on

I hate her knew hair. I don’t like it with her skin town. And I can would most likely be safe betting that that isn’t natural.

Jennifer on

I do not like it if it makes someone unreconizable why would anyone like it, first it is styled very funny she almost looke like alicia keys I still dont recongize her at all it should be brought back with some blond highlights and hopefully they didnt cut all of her hair off oh well she’s got millions she’lll just buy more fake hair lol

Tiff on

I like it because it looks natural. I’m wondering if she did something to her face though, it looks at little strange.

T.E on

its probably her normal hair yeah….and yeh she does wear ALOT of weeve ALOT of the time

Shaden on

I think she looks gorgous!!!!!! She looks very elegant and sophistacted!!

Sukisixx on

LT, the proper thing to say is that she wears extensions or a weave. And Babe why is it that people with dark skin and light hair bother you? Afraid of a little competition? ;-) Oh–By the way not a fan of the hair.

janet on

It’s not the hair color that looks bad but her face. She finally got rid of the fake blonde only to glue some disgusting lashes on! Yikes!! And doesn’t she know that darker hair calls for more intense make-up and not nude lips?? Just like J.lo when she darkened her hair looked old and not as pretty so does beyonce! Not “hating”, but it’s true, cmon! A real beauty looks good in dark hair, light hair, bald head even, no, not you Britney, but someone like Tyra Banks for example.

jody on

i dont like it. it makes her face look fat it only suits sum people that have way smaller frames then her like nicole richie well shes dosent have a small frame any more.

adz on

it makes her neck look larger, and more wide. so i’m not really a fan of it. :p

J on

She looks pregnant

Stephanie on

I usually don’t like dark people to have light hair, but in Beyonce’s case, I definitely prefer it. This “natural” look make her seem older.

mimi on

I dont like it it makes her look big

sandra on

This is the furst time I`v seen beyonce looking ugly, she dosent look like her self

Karren on

She looks like Raven Simone!

Amber on

I dont like her hair dark..she looks better with Light Brown Hair!

who cares on

it looks great, but a different style please? Oh and the makeup is proabbly why she is unrecgoniazable.

asdlfj on

hate it

lola on

she lookz sooo ugly that i need to throw up,im a fan of her,but i really dont like her new her,neither her face soo ugly

Allison on

i’m undecided wether or not i like the new style. at the moment, i’m leaning towards not liking it, but that is because she has had light hair ever since destiny’s child had their first single out. but in my opinion, people who i am typically used to seeing with light hair (i.e. cameron diaz), who go brunette tend to look sickly. also that hair style makes her face heavier.

bel on

Uch! OMG! she is so unrecognizable! she looks so ugly like that! and there IS something wrong with her mascara… she looks so weird.. (and fat) change ur hair back beyonce.

Kate on

it just makes her look so old. but the hair style itself is so hideous i can’t really look at the color.

Laurie on

I love her, but um…that’s not a good look. I think someone was right when they said the style was bad, not the color.

I am the real poet 2007 on

I think she is trying to be like Rihanna with this look but it doesn’t work b/c she has gained weight…stick with the Blonde my girl Beyonce

I am the real poet 2007 on

No don’t like it

her on

i like the coluour, its the hair style that bothers me

misty on

i dont think anyone tries to force black women to look white! she doesnt look that great with her hair like that it kinda makes her look fat.

Kristina on

I’m not a fan of the new ‘do…the wispy curls wake her hair look too thin and the overall style makes her face look fat.

Lady J on

the color is too boring and dark for her. She needs to stick to the lighter shades!

moi on

I Have never really been a fan of her..However I have always thought she had stlye and she is a beautiful girl that looks nothing like her age (SHE LOOKS OLD)..I think that this is her natural look and their is nothing more beautiful than going natural. If it makes her feel good why not do it…SHE IS NOT TRYING TO PLEASE NO ONE BUT HERSELF. Kerry-Ann sounds upset with her black sista..Don’t be a hater..

Elizabeth on


angie on

nO!!B-yOnce! sHe LooKs moRe cLasSy iN lighter toned hair!~!~ bLacK isN’t her coLor

linda on

euuuuu.She looks like crab

Anonymous on

is she hiding a bald spot? or is she losing her money?

victoria on

OMG Beyonce always looks great how she does it???? SLEEK AND BEAUTIFUL AND MULTI-TALENTED

S.O on

Her new hair color is fine, her make up looks really bad on her!

She might have looked really good in person during this event but in this picture… uhh sorry but no.


Shannon on

It’s the closest to her real hair color – so I guess it looks natural. I actually prefer her with lighter hair, although it is a weave.

Dani on

Anyone else distracted by how weird she looks in the pic? I’m not really paying attention to her hair because her lips/nose looks so different…

Shekinah on

It’s probably just her real hair without all the weaves and stuff…but I stiil think I liked it better before,the short,dark hair isn’t a good look for her.

Anonymous on

I liked big and bouncy so maybe she should put the old weave in with a different color.

Marisa on

I like it darker. It seems that as Beyonce gets older, she is becomming more intouch with who SHE is. I adore her, and she is gorgeous anyway.

Rosemary on

Beyonce’s new look has to go….

She looks like Ashanti.

Rochelle on

Isn’t that B’s sister Solange?

Carla on

I hate it!! i think her natural color is better

Lidea on

I didn’t think it was ever possible to say this, but Beyoncé, you look hideous! Change back to your hot self.

tracy on

she looks fatter in the face.Although she is not fat at all, It seems to chunk up her face.

VanNguyen on

ill… that’s so freak!

G on

Really don’t like it. She looks so old!!! I rather see her with lighter hair, not blond though, but light brown. She looks better like that.

amanda on

yeah i think that its nice and a little more natural..the blonde was getting too barbie for me.

Janice on


Tae on

It’s a mature look, not for her. Looks more like her mother (Tina). She should lighten in a little.

kasia on

she is great but on this picture looks like …. no i can’t write it :)

Ava-Kate on

I think her new color is very nice. It’s great for fall and really makes her eyes pop. It’s a nice change and she looks lovely.

Rockstar on

Shes looks gross in this picture I like the other color better

123 on

I love her new look. I think darker hair really flatters her face and makes her look even more classy than ususal.

madison on

She looks ugly! It is probably the way she really looks naturally…..UGLY!!!!!

kt on

I think it is a nice change from the way she normally wears her hair.

Anna on

wow she looks like raven-symone in thats so raven! anyways i love the new color it compliments her skin tone and eyes. i dont realy like the hairstyle though. it will look stunning straightened and long and down!

JUSTbeing Real on

Well i think she looks beautiful and natural thats great that she is showing a DIFFERENT SIDE OF HER

Princess on

i hate da new hair color, da lighter hair color is da one she’s known 4, it fits her look, da darker 1, makes her look much older than she really is, BEYONCE I LUV U 2 DEATH GURL, BUT CHANGE BACK UR HAIR COLOR

shawnie on

I love it that Beyonce has decided to wear her natural hair for a little while, it is a beautiful color for fall, but she could have her hair colored orange and would still be one of the most beautiful people in the world!
As far the previous post by “babe” on how you cant stand “dark” people with light hair? I hope you realize how ignorant you sound and correct it!

bonash on

it doesn’t even look like her!

Lydia Creel on

I prefer Beyonce’s hair the way it was before she cut it off and darkened it. She’s beautiful either way but I thought she was really hot with longer, ligher hair.

Mimi on

agree with Jenn!!!!
she looks so fat..

Tru on

Thank you Patti for saying what you said, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Beyonce isn’t my favorite celeb, but she’s a beautiful woman, with great talent, so lets please not bring any race into this debate. I like her hair color, just not this hair style. The hairstyle just seems too flat, and those bangs with curls just look horrible on her. I actually like her make-up, one thing I would ditch however….those fake eye lashes. My choice: a nice chocolate brown color, with beautiful rich dark caramel highlights and lowlights to add contrast to her hair. The blonde got old on Beyonce {even though she still looked beautiful}. No matter the color, Beyonce is a beautiful woman and talented singer, nothing can take that away from her.

tammy on

it dosent look like her at all.

Hazeleyez21 on

I think Beyonce is pretty regardless the color of her hair but i think i would have to go with the blonde hair better. I don’t like the dark look. At least not in the picture above!

afgnh on


Melissa on

i love the colour, but not the style.
she should have gone darker a long time ago – it looks so much better and way more natural!

Anonymous on

i love it i think that it is so cute i love how everyone is exposeing their natural selves instead of trying to be something that there not

care bear on

strangely, people worked they way so hard to the top. but once they are on top, they seem to have “forgotten” all of which have brought them to the top.

it’s a sad sad life. on one hand you got all the fame and money, but on the other hand you are the NEW character that gave you those fame and money.

stop wanting “me back then”, you didn’t have all of now, then!

Mimi on

I’m not sure if its the hairstyle or the color but she looks hideous! Either way, I think she is so over rated!

bruna on

Is this Beyoncé????????????????????????????



Vman on

I think she is trying to copy Rihanna because if she cuts it short like Rihanna people are really gonna talk so I think she needs to stay blonde cause black does not work


The way its styled doesnt look that great but the actual color is a really natural look for her .her eyes really pop

Amy on

Her natural hair…great. I just don’t like the style in which she is wearing it. And NO society does NOT force people into conforming to “white ways” via blonde hair!!

Kirri on

All Ya’ll are hatin Beyonce looks fierce no matter what. Keep rockin it B

Cat on

She just looks odd. I think it’s the makeup more than the hair.

Just Me on

I like the color it’s just a bad angle of the picture or something, and i’m mad at her stylist, they could have done a better job or something on the hairstyle……but other than that i think it’s a good color, i myself think it’s better to not try to be blonde, stay natural……..

LAB on

the colors not the problem, ive always thought she’d look more sophisticated & mysterious w/ dark hair – but that makeup! she’s a natural beauty so she should lay off a bit, its starting to look old lady-ish

Sabrina B on

im Sorry but that just dosent look good at all, go back to the way it used to be. it kind of makes her look ugly

anonymous on

ewwww…its horible…its very ugly. She doesnt match with that hair at all…i

Amelie on

If this is her natural hair, then i dont blame her for wearing a bunch of extentions and stuff like that.

MissSara on

I think its a terrible look! Her face look chubby when she normally looks beautiful!

Grace on

her hair is ok, but her make-up is horrendous.

paty on


Nicole on

I like her hair lighter.
She looks older with darker hair.

tiffany on

she is a very beautiful woman, i really like the dark hair color on her, but something is off in this picture, perhaps the orangey-pink lips???? kinda throws everything off, it dosent look good….

Jen on

she looks like a man. change back!

LB on

She’s always horrible looking anyway…but that takes the cake! EWWW!

Niki on

I don’t like it at all.

chivon church on

I always wondered what she would look like with black hair. but I never thought I would see it. I was starting believe she was born with wanna be blond hair.

Krissy on

well it’s okay- It’s not her real hair at all, but change is good. I’m sure she will go back to blond real soon. I thought she was Raven Simone at first. lol- she does look a bit chubby on this picture though. She is still a beautiful girl….

Cita on

I think it looks horrible. The hair and the makeup. I think she should go with her natural hair; not constantly wear a weave. No, I’m not hating; just stating the truth.

Anonymous on

I think that it has potential to be cute, but the stlye was not becoming and/or maybe it was the angle the picture was taken from. However I am not feeling her make-up. She does need a little more color on her lips. I guess she could get away with it for the fall.

Piggy on

I am not feeling that hair style, however the color is pretty for the fall. Her make-up and the angle that the picture was taken was not to my liking!!! She needs some more color on her lips and a better stly.

Mireille on

Well I prefered the other hair color!I don’t hate this one but I sure don’t like it!

navalia on

i think the hairdo makes her look old and dowdy and kinda boring…she looks very pasty

Lindsey on

She looks like thats so Raven….chub chub

sheila on

who is that! that isn’t her face! I don’t know why someone pretty like her keeps altering her look!

who’s dang face is that! it is not beyonce’s and I wish she would take pics from the other side of her face. it seems to be a better side to me and she never shoots from that side.



StoptheLies on

I love it! It was a refreshing change from the norm. She looks more mature with darker hair. It suits her and I support her decision to do something different. Every woman has a right to change it up. That woman could wear a mop and look gorgeous!!

Cece on

Beyonce is gorgeous, but I have to say that blonde thing wasn’t working for her at all. She looks 100% better with the darker color. It goes well with her skin tone. Looks good!

Anonymous on

I love it sometimes you just need need a change.

Jesska on

Big fan of beyonce, but she looks weird, but @ the same time, it’s a new look, it could b her natural hair. love ya be.

cutie pie on

uhh i am getting sike and tired of yall saying that she looks fat she is not fat. i love it it looks good on her .

cynthia on

i like her new due, its different. i think that there comes a time when we all need a new look. and she did just that. Keep ya headup (Beyonce) your looking good girl.

Araceli on

I dislike the hair on her completely!
And this picture is horrible, there
wasn’t any flattering pictures of her?
I had to take a double look.

Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

She looks better golden blonde.

Jenny on

HATE IT!!!!!!!

hanna Girma on

I Hate the darker hair style,this is not to much to her colour

Anonymous on

im paying more attention to how fat she looks… dang!

Sydney on

I think that the black brings out the colors in her eyes very beautiful. Shes my roll model:D:D

unknown on

i like her new color she should stick wit it. it was time for a change the blonde had to go

Anonymous on

I think that it’s just the angle of the picture that makes her look kind of weird, but the other pics of her other than this one where she has black hair, she actually looks pretty…but this is definitely not her natural hair, you can tell it’s a weave or probably a lace front

Denny McLaurin on

I love Beyonce’s dark hair, I believe she looks alittle more exotic with her dark hair, as opposed to her light hair. I hate Beyonce in that light hair color.

kassie on

@Kerry Ann you said it best girlfriend!!! i
couldnt’ve agreed more!!!

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