Which Hills Stars' Dress Do You Like Best?

09/19/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Tina Fineberg/ap

We’ve come to expect the stars of The Hills — Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port — to always look good when they hit the red carpet. All three of the young women have the best dresses all the time! And when they hit the taping of Legally Blonde: The Musical last night, it was no exception. Now, we’re just trying to decide which one we like best! Is it Audrina’s sexy purple minidress from Elizabeth and James (the Olsens’ new line!)? Or Lauren’s sweet ruffled little black Mint by Jodi Arnold dress? Or Whitney’s trendy hot pink Catherine Malandrino bubble? Tell us: Whose dress do you like best?

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Showing 148 comments

Kim v on

I don’t dislike bubble dresses but all three of these are ugly. They are way too saggy. I do like the colors.

Brooke on

I like the color of audrina but the style of lauren’s.
Is that one of lauren’s designs?

Nicole on

I was sitting here with my four year old niece looking at the picture and the first thing she said when she saw it was, “Those girls need some more clothes on! They don’t have enough to cover them!” I have to say I agree especially in Audrina’s case.

Jessica on

I love Lauren’s dress – It’s MINT jodi arnold! She has been wearing a lot of MINT dresses lately.


i agree with kim v the dresses are way to saggy and lose but i liked audrina’s and whitney’s choice of color, lauren is such a nice and beautiful yound lady i wonder if she has a stylist cause she really does need one.

Lauren R. on

I’m not really crazy about any of the dresses. They are all kinda plain to me. I do love the color of Audrina’s though.

fashionista on

I love all there dresses but my favourite has to be whitneys!

cary on

none of them’s veeery pretty but audrina’s the best one

Heather on

They are all pretty girls so I dont understand why ever dress they wear is so baggy and shapeless. Color-wise I love Whitney’s.

Julie on

I hate all of them! They aren’t doing their figures any justice with those shapeless bags. I don’t care if something is “in style” – if it looks like a sack it’s a fashion don’t!

Lynsee on

Is it just me or does Whitney look a lot older than the other two do?

SpicyG on

I think they are all fugly dresses — Lauren’s LBD is the best out of the three. I really wish the bubble dress would just go away — far, far away never to be returned to the style scene again.

Khanchana on

I like all three, but I’d wear Whitney’s.

kc on

whitney all the way!!!!! lauren and audrina try wy to hard.

Jenna on

But of course Miss Luaren. Audernia dresses skanky. But well..i guess that fits her.

strawberry on

I don’t like any of them but if I have to choose it will be whitney

*****FashionCritic on

Lauren Duh!
Best Colour!
Best Design!


Berly on

All of these dresses are super cute! My fav is Whitney’s

LJC on

None of them are pretty!! These girls have great bodies but they never show that. They are always wearing clothes that are to big on them. It may be fashion but it is not cute!!! The colors are pretty but that is it~~ Also I really hate to say this because Whitney is the best girl out of them all but they do have things called tanning salons!!!

Nat on

UGGGG! They are all horrible. I like watching the Hills but from this photo you’d never know two were working in fashion and one was a model. They’re pretty girls with slim boddies why hide them under such baggy dresses? Are they bloated, I mean what is with this look?

And I am so sick of Lauren almost always wearimng basic black, sure it’s nice once in a while but everyone wears black FAR too often. it’s such abad habbit to ALWAYS go for black. It does very little for your eyes or your skin tone. Audrina would look better in a fushia dress(it would suit her colorings) and whitney would look better in a purple or blue dress (DOESN”T WHITNEY LOOK JUST LIKE IVANKA TRUMP or is it just me) and Lauren should try cobalt or a nice pattern maybe green or something but NO MORE BLACK. Show your fashion talent Lauren and spice it up black is just too … BORING.

Rebecca on

They’re all rather ho-hum and shapeless, but L.C. looks the best.

Cara on

Audrina looks like a freak in that dress. Her boobs look down to her nee’s! Whitney’s dress is beautiful!! But i dont like laurens dress, it swallows her and doesnt show off her pretty figure.


I think that Lauren is dressed the best, she is my favorite on the show. I also love her new clothing line that I’m probaly going to invest in.

Victoria on

I LOVE pink, so i have whitney rocked her pink dress!

LeeLee on

love laurens dress but the other girls’ colors

Angela on

Lauren looks greats! I like the others, but Lauren looks like a great fit.

toi on

all three girls look great. audrina hands down is THE BEST DRESSED. The color and style is fabolous!!!

Cait on

Audrina’s dress is definatly the cutest

Ariel on

Whitney’s is by far the most on-trend and figure flattering. The hot pink is perfect and it’s one of the most well executed bubble dresses I’ve seen this season. Tres chic!

V on

The cheapest dress!
Audrina’s, the cut and color can work for many ladies out there.

KC on

Definitely LC’s dress. Don’t care for the style of the other two. However, Lauren’s dress would be pretty if it were a color other then black. But I do like the black, too.

Mrs.Balbuena on

Well I really like Audrina’s dress. It’s really chic and I love the color. I like Whitney’s shoes though..those are really cute. Where can I find a pair like those?

Ana on

I like laurens… not her best, but what the hell is blaack :D

Amy on

NONE! All those dresses are saggy, shapeless and do nothing to flatter a woman’s figure! The fresh pop of colors are great though.

Dee on

I Love Whitney’s. The pink is radiant!

penelope on

I like LC’s dress the most. It goes well with her and it is a fun LBD. I also like the other girls’ dresses too.

L.C. on

If these were the favorite dresses, how awful were them rest? No one looks good in those horrible bubble dresses.

Marion on

These girls clearly work hard to maintain their figures, so why not show it off in some more shapely colorful clothes? These sacks are boring, and I’m betting expensive to boot. Let’s mix it up with some vintage, or at least some more interesting and imaginitive designs, come on LC, take some risks!

Tru on

My pick is Whitney’s dress.

Lauren’s dress is cute, but it’s too blah. Her dress is black, which is great, but some color would look nice on her, and the style is the same thing she wears quite a lot. I think if this dress was a nice cobalt blue or a nice turqouise it would have looked better. Plus I think Lauren looks fabulous in nice vibrant colors. At least this is a step up from that horrible dress she wore to the VMA’s, and her make-up and hair looks much better too. Her dress at the VMA’s looked prom-ish, and her hair was terrible and that red lipstick she was wearing with the black eyeliner smuthered all over her eyes, she just looked VERY off that night.

Audrina’s dress is really cute, but really has nothing to it. Again, this dress doesn’t surprise me much on her, because she wears this style of dress quite a lot. The dress just looks like a sack or towel hanging off her body. I really love the purple though, the color looks beautiful on her. Her hair and make-up are nice too. I would love to see pink on Audrina or a nice white, I think nice vibrant colors really compliment her skin. She’s a very beautiful woman.

I like Whitney’s dress the best. The dress has more to it, and the color is lovely. While her dress may not have A LOT of shape to it, it has more then the other two, in my opinion. I like how the dress hugs at the bottom, and I think the material/pattern along the top of the dress and the bottom makes the dress that much better. I like Whitney’s necklace too, looks great, along with her hair and make-up, and I love her shoes. I would love to see purple on Whitney also, I think the color would compliment her even more.

I say don’t be afraid girls. Wear dresses that fit your body and wear nice colors that compliment you such as the colors Audrina and Whitney are wearing.

Tammy C. on

If I REALLY had to oick just one dress I would have to say I like the black dress. On Lauren it is knee appropriate, and that is a plus in my “all knees are ugly opinion, and I DON’T care who you are!” Audrina’s purple tube dress looks like it went through the shredder, and she doesn’t have the chest to carry it well. And finally – the pink/fushia nightgown, I mean dress, either it is to short, or whatever her name is is to tall. Not everybody has a stylist, and in this picture it shows.

Charlene M on

OMG…i Love Whitney’s dress!!Too cute in pink! Audrina’s is cute too. Im not sure if the black dress fit Lauren as flattering, But they have great Taste!! I LOVE THE HILLS***

Sophie on

I love the purple dress. It is so rich and beautiful. I am happy to see this regal color making public appearances again.

maria on

I agree 100 percent with Julie. So far, I have not seen anybody look good in bubble dresses. Tall, medium. short, they all look with saggy breast.

Erica on

I LOVE Whitney’s dress it is very cute an it the best fitting dress cause Audrina’s looks like its about 2 fall off of her an laurens is just plain!!

Raylene on

i dislike whitneys dress. shes beautiful in it though. and the color is pretty. but i do like lauren and audrinas dresses there both cute and casual.

Andrea on

They are really cute but i prefer the purple and pink dresses!

Barbara Cruz on

I don’t really like the styles of the dresses all that much but i would have to say Whitney’s because i like the color!

Aaliyah on

Whitney wore the best dress!!!! Hands down

sarah on

i love whitney’s, she’s so cute! she can pull anything off.

KB on

Nothing unique about any of those dresses. They all look like they came off the rack of some cheap discount store.

Jen on

I love all the dresses. All styles are very comfortable and the girls look confident in each one which makes each look fabu!!

Jade on

Whitney is wearing the hottest dress! The color is gorgeous :)

gwen on

Definitly the color of audrinas and the style of laurens. Whitneys is a little tight around her legs and it looks like the zipper is going to pop open!

jazmine on

I love Laurens dress, and I love the color of Audrinas dress

Elle on

I really like Audrina’s and Laurens, but the only thing I like about Whitney’s is the color!

Anna A. on

I love the “convenience” of the looser dresses when going out b/c you do not have to worry about “sucking it in” all night long, but they do tend to wear this style a lot. Maybe if they mixed it up a bit, it would not be such an issue or maybe if all three did not wear the same style. Color wise, I love Whitneys dress, but then again I think that Whitney is by far the prettiest and seems to be the most well put together of the three in regards to both appearance and judgement.

Kellie on

I love all of their dresses. They are all unique from one another, but my favorite is Lauren’s.



Jane on

This is the “style”?? Then I will continue to be out of style!!!

Heather on

I love all of these dresses.
I think on Audrina’s dress, it looks like it’s going to fall right off of her, though.
I love the purple and hot pink colors.
I hate black, though.
But all dresses are G O R G E O U S !!!!

Miss Sarah on

I think they all look great! If i had to choose one for myself i would choose Whitney’s style but in Laurens color. But all in all they all look amazing! I think everyone who had someone bad too say about these girls and their dresses are just jealous!! :-) Anyways, i love them all!!

Anonymous on

i really like lauren’s dress, its ssssoooo ccuutteee!!!!!!!!!! but it will be much prettier in purple like audrina’s dress or in royal blue or red!

Michelle on

wowww.. whitney’s really tall. i like her color but laurens style. audrina: pull that dress up! waayyy too low

cinta on

i like whitney’s dress… the color is so nice and the dress is cute…it suits her tall n slim figure

Sammmiy on

they all look terrible in my opinion and frankly WHO CARES?!? (that reminds me of something simon cowell would say)

aislinn on

whitney is beautiful but her dress sort of looks trashy to me. the color of audrina’s dress looks gorgeous with her coloring but it looks like it’s falling down even though it’s probably not. i think that lauren’s dress is probably the best out of the three mediocre dresses. these are three beautiful girls, i don’t know why they allow themselves to look so bad when they can look so much better.

Anonymous on

I would have to say Lauren’s dress is the best. Audrina and Whitney’s dresses are just plain ugly. Though I do like the colors. Why don’t you guys try wearing more form fitting clothing that show your curves off. at least Audrina and Lauren seem like you are always at the gym. Besides you even have a personal trainer so your bodies must look good.

michelle on

i like whitney’s dress and the way she wore it cz she’s tall and all..but still lauren is the prettiest..

Emily B. on

I love Lauren’s dress! She’s just too cute.

Elle Bee Star on

I like Whitney’s dress the best. The color and the fit are just right!

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh on

Audrinas make it look like she has no boobies and it is saggy in the chest area so ya

Emma W on


Emma on

i love the color of Audrina’s dress but it looks like it is about ready to fall off of her. I like Lauren’s dress the best. I think it would be really cute in purple.

amy on

Lauren’s dress is ok, but the other two girls are awful-although it may be the style, that type of dress is so unflattering.

Gayrene on

I love the colors of Audrina’s and Whitney’s dresses, but I like the design and fit of Lauren’s dress a lot more.

K. on

Audrina’s for sure. Lauren and Whitney look good as always but they look washed out.

Dealshaad on

I think Lauren looks GREAT.I LOVE HER.

c on

i love audrina’s colour.
but i think whitney’s dress is cute over all. i love whitney. she doesnt create drama

Carly. S on

They all look gorgeous but I’d have to say I LOVE Audrinas’ dress. She looks stunning!

CJ on

I LOVE love LOVE these dresses.
They are SO european! – This is fashion as it is right now. über cool!


Leah on

I like Whitney’s choice the best. The style is a bit more fitted while still being loose & the color is beautiful.

emily on

ok. audrinas looks like it will fall off hers any minuite. i dont really like any of them to be honest but would prob say color wise audrina then i like the black one the BEST i guess. all of em r ugly

Sara on

Lauren is the only one who looks like caring not only about the whole flaunt-the-most-issue, but it looks like she’s the only one of em who tries to be trendy at the same time. The other girls are just all about flashing most skin.

Maria on

I love the colour of Whitney’s dress, but I really like the look on Audrina. LC is cute, but why is she always so boring?

melissa on

i have to say that all the ladies look great in these dress.they always know the right thing to wear…i love the colors that the girls picked out for their dresses..keep it up girl love the show and love ya…all the girls rock…

Emily on

i think they are covered perfectly fine.
i love all of the dresses

brittany on

i think that their all ugly!! they look like some kinda sanky thing some old lady would sleep in!

Joanna on


Haley on

I loovee Lauren’s dress!
but i definetly dont like the other styles at all.

Erin B on

I love Laurens dress it is super cute but whitney’s dress is too baggy and sort of ugly. I love Audrina but her dress is unflattering and saggy.

overall i love Laurens dress!

Jessica on

audrina & lauren

jen on

all 3 dresses are terrible

Jess on

I think Lauren’s dress looks better, I think it’s a perfect fall dress:)

Anonymous on

the purple one looks like it is going to fall off. the pink one is not great either. the black one would look better with other shoes. black shoes cut off her leg. if she wore gold or something similar to her skin tone it would make her legs appear much longer.

Stephanie on

I love all the dresses but I absolutly love Whitney’s Its a pretty color…I like all tho

Tiff on

I don’t think I’d wear any of them. If I’m dropping a bunch of money on a dress, it’s going to be a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind one!

Shaden on

I don’t like em!! they look too casual!!

jody on

none except the witney in the pink dress
audrina looks anerecsic and lauren well looks like a midgit it looks like shes not there at all it looks like she has no breast. sorry girls

Martyna on

Audrina should cover her body!
I love Lauren dress C:

cindi on

dont like any of them, especially whitneys..sorry girls.

mimi on

They seem like the kind of dresses u would wear when your hiding a pregnancy.



Jasmine on

I think for summer all three of them chose a perfect size for a dress. Though I think Audrina’s and Whitney’s colors are so eye-catching. Though all of them, as usual, look absolutely flawless!

cece on

i love all the dresses!!!! I am sooo jealous!! they definetely all chose figure flattering dresses!

lorraine on

i like lauren best

who cares on

I dont like any of the designs, but Audrina’s color is the best. I would love Whitney’s if the bottom of it wasn’t so strange.

Savanna on

I think they’re all cute but I rly like Whitney’s dress. Its super cute and its a great color.

Anna on

They all look terrible!!!

Nena on

they are lovely dresses and lovely women but the dresses seem saggy! I love those girls! Whitney and Audrina look beautiful [so does lauren] but I like LC’s dress better!

carolina on

I don’t like them I think they are just too baggy and shapeless, but I do like the colours and if I have to choose one I would choose Audrina’s.

Person on

honestly all ther dresses arent that nice but if i had to chose laurens is the best

EJ on

none of them are ones that I would ever be able to pull off but all of these girls can pull them off amazingly and they would look horrible on almost anyone else….

Shannon on

Man these girls always look like they’re trying so hard. Out of the three I guess I would have to choose the black dress, it’s too bad the dress was killed with ruffles.

Anonymous on

i love all of these dresses but Whitney’s is the cutest!

Jadel on

They all look so great, but whitney has to look the best, the style and color are great, plus audrina is about to be exposed in that dress! NOT the best look!

sar on


Sarah on

These are really weird dresses but the ones Lauren showed on the Tyra Banks Show are really pretty…But color-wise I like Whitney’s but style-wise I think maybe Lauren…I don’t know…

Lidea on

I’m totally with Kim. You call those dresses? Like, look at Audrina’s. There is nothing but sag and one piece of fabric going from up to down costing you 400 bucks. I mean :o! I love tunics and high-waisted pants, but in this sense, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO GOOD FASHION SENSES? Your grandma could sew you that and it would be nicer! And if they do want to show cleavage, it only looks nice on nice dresses.

Anonymous on

whitney looks HOT, so does audrina

sarah tee on

the dress i like the most would have to be Whitney Port beacause it is sooo cute i lov the color!!! Audrina Patridge her dress makes her boobs look sagy ugh!and Laurens drees is just UGLY!!!!

Christina on

Lauren has terrible taste, and her fashion line is awful. Whitney is always well dressed but this is a poor choice for her, Audrina looks pretty good, but the dress does not fit her well

Ava-Kate on

I liek Lauren’s dress way better. It’s sleek and sophisticated. It’s very in this season and makes her look comfortable, yet chic.

Abi on

I like Audrinas the best, and then Whitneys, and last but not least Laurens.

Anna on

I love audriana’s color and whitney’s too, but i like lauren’s style of dress better. but i adore audriana’s shoes out of them all. whitneys makeup is gorgeous on her

Krystin on

I like Laurens the best!!

glam on

what did this clothes come from lc’s line or something. they are all cheap looking and saggy..and audrina looks like a man! but, i always kind of thought she looked like one.

anna on

i like whitneys dress the most.. she looks really good in that coulor and she is the most beutiful one of all the girls

Jamie on

The purple dress is definitely the cutest, but way too low! The black dress is okay, but I really dislike the pink one. However, I agree with Nicole, they need to put some real clothes on!

Megan on

i love all 3 of them!! but Audrina’s the besT!

Mireille on

LOL!The three blind mice!LOL!Well Audrina’s dress I thought it was a normal piece of clothes rapped around her!Lauren’s is simple and cute!Whitney’s is fine but she could have done way better!:)

maegan on

i love all three of them but my fav is lauren!

Abby on

i think all of these dresses are ugly.
i like bubble dresses, but these are just UGLY

Lauren on

I love Laurens shoes and dress but i love the purple. and Laure Conrad is the coolest:):)

MyOpinion on

the pink one looks like a nightgown, the purple one is too revealing and the black one is just kinda boring. i would say lauren’s is the best.

Sabrina B on

i LOVE whitneys dress it has a little more style then the other dresses and its such a cute color.

rina on

I love Whitney’s.. it’s the best one!

juliaaaaaa ♥ on

whitney’s is insanely ugly. as for the other two….ehh….they’re OK.

Brittany on


Mommy-to-be on

I think all these girls look amazing. They pull the dresses off really well, and know how to stand-putting Lauren’s black in the middle mixes it up. I prefer Whitney’s but would love to see it in the purple. Lauren’s little black is too cute. How can you pick? Keep on being stylish ladies!

liz on

I like Whitney’s because she looks more vibrant, and that dress captures your attention first.

jackie on

all those dress look like garbage bags,but totally luv the hills

Morgan on

i think all of them are ah-dorable!
but i think I like Audrina’s best.

anna on

i like whitneys the most..the color and style look great

MEG on

I love all three dresses. They look like fun party dresses. The colors are bright and they style is perfect for these pretty, young, trim girls. I guess my favorite in Whitney’s dress.

Jana on

Honestly, you couldn’t pay me enough to wear any of them. Poeple do know that when the bubble dress was first broadcast in Sex and the City, it’s sole purpose was to cover up SJP’s giant baby belly. As a maternity dress fine, but on skinny girls I think it is eternally unflattering.

Heather on

All beautiful girls, love the color of Audrina’s, love style of Laurens. They (dresses) don’t really have much shape

Briana on

I like Audrinas. HUGE FAN OF THE HILLS!!

ALY on

Audrina’s definitely. I love the color and it looks great on her. The style is cute too.

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