Jennifer Lopez's Cavalli Party Outfit: Love It or Hate It?

09/10/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Patricia Schlein/ WENN

Roberto Cavalli brought out some of the biggest names in Hollywood to celebrate the launch of his new Just Cavalli boutique on Manhattan’s famed Fifth Avenue. Though the singer has been enduring grueling days of rehearsal for her upcoming tour, Cavalli favorite Jennifer Lopez joined Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Diane Kruger, Mary J. Blige, Tyra Banks and more to party with the legendary Italian designer. We hear that Jennifer, who spent most of the party at Cavalli’s side chatting about her upcoming tour, was shocked to see such crowd when she arrived — but probably not as shocked as we were by her outfit! The wide hat may be a runway trend for next spring, but shoes with actual 3-D spikes on them? And our eyes can’t even focus to make out the psychedelic print on her billowing maxidress. We love that Jennifer isn’t afraid to try a new look and is always glamorous — but is this really her best look? Tell us: What do you think of J.Lo’s look? Is it a hit or a miss?

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Margaret on

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! she loks like she is on safari

rashundra on

i LOVE it, but without the long sleeves. & the hat, but otherwise, good choice JLO.

bigwow on

Another ‘miss’ for Jennifer. She is no style icon. I absolutely love fashion and she is rarely wearing something that I would want to own. At least she’s not wearing fur (although they don’t mention what her fake eyelashes are made of). Yuck.

Rachel on

Its a miss.

Yazmin on

Love JLo!!!! Hate the outfit!!!!

Elda on

maybe she thinks she is still in the 1970’s or something, the whole outfit is just wrong!!

AnnieJ on

She looks silly.

Tru on

This is another miss for JLO. What can be said about this outfit? The pattern is icky looking. I don’t like the yellow/gold on the dress neither. I think the dress could have looked better if the dress didn’t have balloon sleeves. Plus the hat is all wrong, and the shoes are bad with the dress too. For some reason JLO’s attire looks like what some stuck up old lady would wear, haha.

AnyKnockOff on

Jlo is wonderful…the outfit is terrible! :)

aortega on

this outfit is just wrong…what is it with her and wearing ugly hats!? this outfit sorta makes her look old,i think.its just plain horrible!!!!!

andrea Hedin on

Not a fan of the outfit, but JLo is a beautiful!

Lindsay on

So wrong. If you’re going to wear a serious dress like that… leave the strong accessories at home.

sandy on

The hat and the shoes have got to GO! She should’ve had her hair in a sixties like pony tail to go w/ that dress…I love JLO but not this look!

alia on

NO NO NO NO NO, JLo!! All Wrong!
Those floppy hats need to go and the dress makes her look 200 lbs heavier than she is!
She needs to keep it simple like she did in the “Wedding planner” days…she used to look so pretty…
less is more…

~~Where’s the JLo we all know and love??~~

Sheerilee on

The outfit just isn’t her. She’s always so cool. This looks like something even your Grandmother wouldn’t wear.

Quiana on

Ewww. I just don’t like the pattern. I think perhaps a maroon or rich turquoise would be better; anything solid.

Pamela on

Sorry caftans are reserved for Liz Taylor.

Nana on

She looks like she’s trying really hard to set a new trend with these hats (it’s not the first time she wears something like this). It’s time somebody told her it just doesn’t catch on, she just looks hideous! the whole outfit is ridiculous.

Jan on

Love it, I think it’s sophisticated and classy.

LaLa on

I know I’m dating myself hear but can you say Mrs. Roper?!? That ‘thing’ should only be worn in private – including that hideous 70s bridesmaid hat.

Elodie on

I Love Jlo, I disagree with her outfit choice… it’s too much, the dress, the hat… it’s not representative of her personnality !

LucĂ­a on

I love JLo, and she innovates always!!!!!!!!! It’s a perfect and original outfit with her style.

Carolina on

The only thing I like about that outfit is the hat! What is she wearing? Looks like she wrapped herself up in some ugly curtains. Disappointing as I usually am a fan of what she wears.

Rebecca on

This is not one of J Lo’s better choices- too much fabric! She almost pulled it off, but fell short. I like the hat and the shoes- the dress could have been pretty, but there’s just too much of it.

Rachel on

She always looks like she’s in costume. Like, she dresses to fit into some character. This one is: Mrs. Roper goes to the beach in heels. So wrong.

Josie on

I must say I love how she looks absolutely stunning, the hat, the dress, the shoes, the makeup everything looks great and she looks great I’ll give it a definite hit!

lily on

Tacky tacky tacky…….she should go back to the projects where she belongs……back to the block or wherever she comes from…..Style icon?????my eye!

Lucy on

Its cute, y’all are just jealous.

Eve on

I think JLo looks very stunning. Stop hating on her, she likes to wear different styles and types of clothing like me. So this out fit is truly out of the ordinary and yes, some of you wouldn’t wear it because you do not have an imagination or sence of style!

Abs on

She looks like shes Channeling old school Sophia Lauren….so if you look at it that way..shes totally pulling that big 70’s look off

bigwow on

Yes Lucy – I’m jealous of an another over-hyped ‘diva’ who is a marginal singer/actress, has an annoying speaking voice, married to Skeletor and on her 3rd husband.

iroxx! on

definite DONT!

Amal on

amazig! I love the way she looks sexy while covering everything, she’s a genuine beauty…

AA on

I adore Jennifer, but this outfit has got 2 GO!!

Eva on

Believe me i’m an not jealous just being TRUTHFUL, the girl cannot sing, dress or even try and stay married for long. Who would want to look up to someone like that!!

Gonzalo on

I think J-Lo was going to her decency-league weekly meeting… What was she thinking when she decided to go out dressed like that?





ShoeDiva on

I love it – ALL DAY LONG I love it. It’s another HIT for J.Lo! FLOSSIN’ all the way…I don’t get the “miss” responses AT ALL….Love J.Lo and love this look!

liz on

OH GAWD! MY EYES!!!! May be if she lost the hat, let her hair down, bought that dress in a smaller size, and gotten rid of those shoes altogether, then I *might* consider unshielding my eyes.

iamthestory on

to go to the beach, i think it’s perfect, really, it’s not much a cocktail dresses, and the hat, couldn’t she just leave it at home?

JG on

Hmmm … (uncolored?) hair covered, enormous, tummy-covering dress …

christina on

I LOVE IT!!!!! its exotic and classy.

Mariana on

I like Jennifer’s taste in clothes, this one, not so much.

andra on

total miss ! what’s up with the hat?!!!

andra on

total miss, the hat is horrible

Aya on

It’s definitely a miss. It’s a boring outfit she has worn many times before. There are plenty of new styles for hats…she needs to pick one and stop wearing same idea but different outfits.

Jackie on

Hey jennifer I am 38 as well and I don’t remember auditioning for the new updated version of “Golden Girls” lately, take advice from your new song and “Get it right”

Jackie on

we are 38 not 68 no momos. Hate the dress but love you and thanks for the email bday wish from ya

lily on

I didn’t know the circus was in town!

jen on

not even Jlo can pull this off

danielle on

she is very pretty but she looks UGLY i hate the whole outfit! everything expessally the HAT!

jlover0724 on

OMG……………….don’t like this

madelyn on

Roberto Cavalli designed it. I like the colors and the way it drapes Jen’s body. I agree with the other comment about the sleeve length, which had me thinking more of a robe than a dress.

Jennifer Lopez’s beauty is universal and her sense of style comes from within. I’m not a hat person myself. I love her hair styled long and wavy, or pulled back softly.

Tammy on

omg, and she’s supposed to be a fashion icon. i don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

madelyn on

I just heard that Jennifer’s pregnant! ! – WHAT have you heard?

Katysha on

i dont think its a hit but neither do it hink its a miss all i kno is that jeniffer lopez can dooo way better that what she did…. but if i had to choose between hit or miss i would choose miss because she wasnt at her greatest potential

Patra on


Why would anyone want to be draped in chocolate and caramel syrup (except for the real stuff)? She looks like a melting ice cream sundae with weird little hands sticking out!


JRo on

It looks like an oversize scarf that she cut a hole in and belted. And the white hat and shoes make it worse.

Had she worn her hair loose or in a messy updo with strappy sandles maybe the dress works – otherwise its a flop.

Chloe on

I’m not even going to say what I think.

Anonymous on

love it, but wihtout the hat,,,,

amanda on

oh my goodness. jlo has always been an icon but this look makes her look like my grandmother. i’m sorry, but i prefer her in the glamorous look not the garden party look.

Jon Bodack on

Eh, the outfit is ok, love J.Lo, but it’s not her best outfit!

Anonymous on

I hate the outfit, but somehow she always pulls them off.

Beebee on

That is just plain sad.
I’m sorry J. Lo.
I just, oh gosh, I can’t even look at it.
Girl, this is what stylists are for.
And if you have one, fire them!


Jezier on


Sarah on

The hat looks horrible, and the dresses pattern is really ugly. And not in an Ugly Betty way either. She needs to get rid of it.

Shelia Moore on

It looks like a giant scarf(an ugly scarf at that) that she wrapped around her and belted. Everything about this look is WRONG!!!

Suzana on

Her dress looks like one of my grandma’s old shalls that were back in the 80s. JLO’s better that this.

rez on

I dont really like it at all ..

chelsea on

OK, she needs to totally rethink about where she is, I know she’s famous and gets to travel, but she’s on the red carpet, NOT THE SAVANNA!


ughhhhhh i don’t like it

angel villa on

I think she look awsome, like always she looks beautiful. #1 Fan is me and I Love You So Much Jennifer, see you in your tour, I’ll be going to the Honda Center Oct. 20th 2007

maryann on

thats is so ugly wats was she think the hat is nice but not with da outfit

maryann on


dee on

I think that you have to put these outfits in context. Isn’t this to promote the designer? Of course she’s gonna wear something flamboyant. Granted, she usually does wear something flamboyant but in this context, it’s appropriate.

heather on

definately a BIG MISS~

girl on

I think it’s a miss! The first impression I got when the image hit my eyes was, “I just don’t like it. There’s something missing..” I think if she would’ve had a bit of hair showing from beneath the hat, and shortened either the sleeves or the skirt (or something, anything), that it would’ve passed as fashionable.

I think a light, slender, oval plait ending just below her neck might’ve been pretty. And also, it looks like her head is a bit mushed beneath the hat – loosen it up a bit Jen, it doesn’t need to be pulled down so tightly!

girl on

and in response to eve on page three, imagination and ‘sense of style’ are defined differently through different eyes. Just because one dresses differently, doesn’t mean that the choice was out of good taste. The challenge is looking good while dressing creatively – if you’re doing it so others can look at you and deem you pretty, then why not be truly inventive, instead of donning a look that came straight out of a 1970’s Sears-Roebuck catalog?

bluekk on

JLo is beatiful and i luv her, but her outfit makes her look like a fat old lady im sad to say. :(

bluekk on

JLo is so cool and beatiful, but her outfit makes her look like a fat old lady im sad to say.

amber on

Not even she can pull this look off. Nice try, JLO but this look is just a plain miss.

Julia on

is this JLo’s african grandmother? :S

Vanessa on

She looks like she’s 50, but still has a great smile.

adrianna on

hate it

Dior on

Hate the dress, what the hell was she thinkin’. Ever since she’s gotten with M.Anthony her style has gone down the drain. IMO

Pinga on

That outfit makes her look old and stuped !!! shes a beatifill woman i think she can do betta then that !

Pinga on

miss that outfit makes her look old and stuped

Michelle on

Mother of God help me!!! I’m sorry but that outfit is all wrong for J.Lo I hate it!! Absolutely hate it on her.

ale on

miss! but usually she looks amaising!

Abby on

J-Lo is known for her hourglass figure so why is she covering it up with this baggy dress??? The pattern is wrong and the hat makes her look like she is hiding herself. This outfit is just all wrong.

catherine on

JLO i thik you look kind of good you know

Rory on

Ouch. That is the defenition for UGLY.

Rory on

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! *runs away screaming like a lunatic*



janet on

I can’t stand JLO or whatever she calls herself these days. the outfit looks stupid and I am so sick of her played out one hip to the side pose!!
Can this woman go have kids and get lost??

Ok, now to say something positive, I love hats and even though this one sucks, it takes a lot of confidence to pull off a hat or even try to. so one mini tiny brownie point for this hag, now get lost!!!

Jaenelle on

Hate it. Really hate it.

Jessica on

I wouldn’t wear it, but she works it. It’s very. . . JLO

Anna on

wow usually i love j.lo’s style but this is just like wow roadkill. maybe if she had a different pattern lose the shoes and hat she would be fine. the bagginess just makes her look like the dress swallowed her.

Sammmiy on

What has JLo been thinking lately??? TERRIBLE!!!!

Anonymous on

what were u thinking next time do not were what your granny were ok

Nelson on

HEY if Jennifer Likes it , Than I Love It!!!!!!!

nicole on

this dress if looks horrible not just on her on anyone last centry what happenend? i love jlo though.

aislinn on

it looks like a maternity dress–from the 70’s. it is HIDEOUS.

chrissy on


linda on

it’s a miss i adore jlo but this dress is awful

Robyn on

It looks like a bag with a belt.

Cece on

There is just way tooo much going on with this outfit. To much material, to many paterns, too much flappy flying hat. It’s a mess, way to over done.

Meme on

I think the hat completely kills the look. It’s just too much! The dress is too baggy and the hat is so large that it weighs her down completely. Definetly a miss!

Lily on

horrible !!!

Anonymous on

I think this was a miss. I don’t like it. Its kinda tacky. Sorry. J-Lo

Julia on

It’s a Miss

Ting on


nomin on

she looks hot

rosie on

very nice. for an hold woman.

Heather on

i kinda like the pattern.
hate the dress.
hate the hat.
like the shoes.
like the clutch
dislike the earrings.
it’s a diss.
you can do better jen!

lisa on


Kate on

This dress is nasty!!! it makes her look about 250 pounds!!!! this is just plain gross!!!!!!!!!

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