Which Simpson Sister Wears Her Smoky Eyes Better?

09/06/2007 at 01:45 PM ET

Mark Von Holden/WireImage; Amanda Schwab/Startraks

Both Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson were in N.Y.C last night, hitting some of the many Fashion Week parties. Jessica actually turned up to support Tim Gunn at the launch party for his new show, while Ashlee cozied up with boyfriend Pete Wentz at the Fashion Rocks event. While sisters may not have been in the same room, they had the same hot makeup — check out their smoky eyes! We love their barely-done faces that enhance the wow factor of their dark-shaded lids. And it’s nice to see a makeup look that works equally well on brown eyes like Jessica’s and blue eyes like Ashlee’s. Try out the look for yourself with Stila’s Smoky Eye Palette. Tell us: Who wears the look better? Jessica or Ashlee?

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Heather on

Definitely Jessica.

Meredith on

While I like both sisters, I think Jessica looks much better in this look, The smokey eyes make Ashlee look tired

ashley on

I actually think this looks better on Ashlee. She’s really coming into her own.

karen on


Christine on

I would saw Ashlee, she has the right coloring for it, Jessica is to pale and it makes her look painted.

MLB on

Neither look great, but I would go with Jessica.

mssoccerbunny on

Ashlee looks much better.

I just don’t like this look on Jessica.

renee on

Jessica defintley looks better. Ashley looks like she has 2 black eyes.

Kristi on

As much as I like Jessica, I think Ashlee looks MUCH better with this look!


ashlee is beautiful and everything looks good on her i have never found anything pretty or attractive about jessica i think she’s the fugliest starlet out there right now.

Mari on

I think Jessice looks better even though I dont really like the look any way… Ashley looks like she got punched in the eyes…

Randa on

ashlee it is her style..

Jessie on


amme on

Jessica is a waste of space and a voice. Maybe Jessica will come to her senses and fix that nose. Ashlee looks better and is better

Elda on

I kinda like both, they are just the prettiest sisters around in Hollywood period!!!

Gisele on

They both look amazing…
but i think Jessica looks better

Tina on

DEF Ashlee!! Doesn’t work for Jessica

Veronica on

Ashlee! Jessica is soo freak’n Stupid!!

sam on


Chloe on

Ashlee because her nose is plastic

Randa on

I LOVE Jessica and I definately think she looks much better here.

♥ rosie on

Ashlee. The smokey eyes make her blue eyes pop! She looks good!

Heather on

Ashlee is just copying her completly!

SaraM on

Jessica looks better!

Bumble B on

Ashlee looks way better. Jessica looks scary

Kristi P on

I think they have different things that makes them unique. And on this I feel Ashley does a better job with smokey eywe. Just my opinion.

Kim v on

Ashlee is gorgeous. She beats Jessica any day. I just wish she’d go back to dressing like she used to instead of constantly sporting the fedora and black, black, black.

Jenna on

Ashlee looks discusting. And girl, Its time to get rid of the zit.

tanya on

both of them look good but you can tell that this style looks better on ashlee… i just wish she wore less black…

tuha on

oth look amazing but ashlee rocks it better…
jess should go brunette, ppl took her more seriously and she looks much better that way

alia on

I’d have to say Jess….she’s just prettier…
Ashley’s ok; but i would definately not call her “gorgeous”…she’s just trying to live up to her sister—which is sad:(
…Jess, on the other hand, is gorgeous…

bigwow on

Can’t stand either of the Simpson girls but Jessica is by far the most irritating & hard on the eyes. Frankly – they both look like transvestites (my apologies to all the transvestites reading this blog). Just look at photo #8 on today’s Star Tracks section – eek! These girls seem so fake – at least on the exterior. There are plenty of beautiful celebs that are way less vapid than these 2. Not a fan of the smokey eye look either.

sarah on

Definately Jessica. I think it suits her more. Ashlee kinda looks like she has just been crying…. its too messy and too smudged. Jessica looks gorgeous!

Sara on

all the way

Tru on

It’s hard for me to choose between the both, because both look nice with the smokey eyes, but I like the smokey eye on Jessica better. The smokey eyes look nice on Ashlee too, but I’m more of a neutral girl, and Jessica is using more of a neutral palette around her eyes. Plus I think Jessica’s eye color pops way more than Ashlee’s does. Besides, Ashlee has no color palette at all in her wardrobe or make-up, everything she wears is black, Jessica at least has a color palette.

Anonymous on

Deffinatly Jessica!

Kalie on

defintly Jessicca she is so pretty, it makes ashley look like she just woke up, or just got done smokeing something, its way to overpowering for ashlee

taylor on

i think ashlee looks better

Sam on


taylor on

ashlee is the bom doggies

Lacey on

Ashlee. She’s so much prettier than she used to be. Age works well for her.

lovely on

i think jessica looks better
ashlee’s eyes look too dark and makes her look a little scary

kim on

Jessica looks likes a bird, (an eagle) NOT ATTRACTIVE! Ashlee is the prettier one, hands down everything looks better on her!

brandie on

I think Jessica looks way prettier with the smoky eye.Ashlee looks tired and Jessica looks well put together better with the makeup. so yeah definitely Jessica.


Anyone who says Jessica is prettier is blind! Ashlee is clearly the more attractive of the two sisters. Wash all the makeup away, and it would be clear to see that Ashlee is more attractive.

Jessica on

Jessica! The subtlety of her smokey eyes is much more appealing.


Jessica, black eyes liner and blonde hair are ugly they look goth/ gresy

Leigh on

Jessica looks better with the smoky eyes, but she should get HER nose fixed this time!

Brooke on

Neither – Ashlee looks like she has two black eyes.

Becca on

I totally think that Ashlee looks better.

Rachel on

I think they both look awful and I hate Jessica. The simpson sisters are a disgrace to the U.S. and they have learned everything from their shady “preacher” father. I’m on Team Nick.


I think they both look awful. They are a disgrace, I’m on Team Nick!!!

sandy on

Both girls annoy me like crazy. Ashley is kinda pretty but looks as plastic as a toy doll. And jessica totally has man features!! Too masculin. I do however like the smokey eyes. Looks good when a make up artist does it, I think if I tried the look around here (not in LA) Id look silly.:)

Sabrina on

Jessica…Defiantly, shes always been my Favorite

med on

The “smoky eyes” look better on Ashlee. I prefer Jessica without makeup. She looks more beautiful without it!

nellie on

Jessica. Although Ashlee’s eyes looked great, Jessica’s was cleaner and prettier.

mika on

Jessica wears it better. It is understated and plays off the shape of her eyes well. Ashley looks like someone dumped water over her eyes and the make up run. How disgusting!

Pernille on

I think Ashlee is trying to look like an Olsen twin. Not a nice look on her at all. So without a doubt Jessica.

o on


Ashlee has gone over the edge with plastic surgery and looks like any other “re-made” star out there. So unnatural.

vicky on

ashlee, cause shes more a rock chic!

Chad on

Does it matter, they both look great…won’t kick either out for eating crackers in bed!!!

Gabrielyn on


brittnie on

I have to say Ashlee. She has always been the more daring one when it comes to fashion. She has always done what she wants to do and what looks good on her. Also, ashlees looks more her. It just goes with her personality, style of music, and style of clothes. I think it just looks like Jess is trying too hard to make this look work… and it doesnt work for her.

Judy on

Amazing what a nose job can do. She looks softer, i think she’s looking better than Jessica these days.

hajar on

i thik ashly wears it better cuz she looks kind of rock and rool girl

Taylor on

Definetly Jessica!!!!! sorry Ahsley but it just makes you look tired

April on

I think Ashlee is way more beautiful, her big blue eyes blow out Jessicas small brown eyes.

Kim on

I think both of these girls are gorgeous, but I would have to say Ashlee looks best!

hannah on

omg jessica titally looks better!!!
if uthink the other one does then u have insanly bad taste!!!!!
omg really

angie on

i think jessica looks alot better than ashlee. i mean there both pretty but that make-up style looks HORIBLE on ashlee.

mandi on

i have always thought jessica is beautiful but with her hair and skin tones, she needs something more colorful than shaded and smokey. ashlee is alway a beautiful girl. the black looks nice with her eye color but it is too thick and gives her a raccoon look.

Patty on

I Think Ashlee Simpson looks way better.

Patty on

I Think ashlee looks the best

Andrea on

Mos DeF its JESS!!!

nina on

jessica looks like a cat, plus she’s way too old to use it. defintley Ashlee.

p on

I think Jessica looks better, Ashley looks kinda sick

Li on

I think jessica’s look is better! She always looks great! And I realy like her fashion style!

Lucky on

Definitly Jessica! Ashley just looks like she has two black eyes.

shanta on


shanta on

Jessica look better…… Asley looks like she was beaten up…

Cecy D on

Jessica! She is gorgeous! Besides, I like the bump in her nose!

SK on

Neither. Ashlee looks like she has sleep deprivation and bags around her eyes that she just covered up with eyeshadow. Jessica’s eyes look too close set together and the smoky eyes just draw more attention to her crooked nose. Between the close set eyes, crooked nose, big lips and cleft chin, Jessica looks like a horse.

pete on

Jessica cause shes hot and ashley not

A.J. on

o wow, umm… its a tie, but in this paticular pic jessica, this isnt ashlee’s best pic.

Danay on

I like Jessica …she look so pretty ..

Gwendolyn on

Jessica, Ashley doesn’t have enough color in her face. It just makes Ashley look sick and tired.

Fiona on

definitaley Ashlee. She looks more mysterious with it while Jessica is always HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and so it doesnt match her.

CJ on

They both look like crap. Period.

shopperholic on

Jessica. The smokey eyes complement her! She’s gorgeous!

Ellen on

I like it better on Jessica. She just pulls it off a lot better.

Valerie on

I think that the smokey look does not go with either one. If I had to choose it would be Jessica. The makeup on Ashlee is to dark on her.

Maggie on


Marly on

Jessica . Ashlee looks like she has bags .

Mary on

Definetely Ashlee! Her eyes are more suitable for smokey eyes because of her eyecolour and eyeshape.

Margo on

Neither look great, but i think i would look better on Ashlee. But on this pics i’ll pic Jessica.

MyOpinion on

i like jess’ natural tones better.

adrianna on

jessica is gross.
ashlee wears it better.
no doubt about it.

Sherry on


Michelle on

I like both sisters and their both very pretty. But I think Jessica wears it better.

fan on

I like both for different reasons. For Jessica, the bronzer on her cheeks with the lighter eyes give her a fresh, summer tan look. For Ashlee, the dark eyes give her a very edgy but elegant look with her pretty black dress and her hair in that style.

Sydney on

I think they both look good with the smoky eye, but i don’t like ashlee’s hair at all, so i think jessica wins this one

Kate on

I think Jessica looks so much better with the smokey look. Ashlee looks like she has a hangover…

Dawn on

Definitely Miss Ashlee has THE most Smokin’ eyes!!
Jessica looks like a cartoon character most of the time!

lola on

Ashlee is far more prettier, than jessica.

lola on

Ashley is far more prettier than Jessica…

macarena on

jessica obviously

Frances on

Ashley’s blue eyes really pop with this smokey look, but hoping someone has a good idea on how to better smoke out brown eyes. Jessica looks boring.

jen on

jessicalooks beter!ashley looks like shr hasn’t slept in days

jen on

jessicalooks beter!ashley looks like shr hasn’t slept in days!!!!

Rindi J. on

I would have to go with Jessica, but only because her sister has to much eye production.

jeje on

deff jessica!!!

Quiana on

Ashlee by far.

massimo on

jessica looks much better than ashlee!

Sherry on


Alex on


Nicole on

I don’t know! The both looks great but….Jessica looks a ITTY BITTY BIT better……

clay on

i don’t like it on either- but jessica if i had to choose

Sofia on

Jessica. Personally I think Ashlee’s makes her eye’s look WAY less pretty then they are naturally.

Daina on


Margie on

I think Ashlee`s eyes are better because they make her eyes pop.

Taylor on


Lindsay on

I think they are both amazing.
but ashlee has like a black smoky
but jessica has a brown smoky eye.
different looks
different eye colors
but both beautiful

brandi on

I think Jessica looks sooooo much better than Ashlee!

Zoey on

Ashley, most defintely!! Jessica seems to be trying to copy lil sis now! Ashley pulls this off alot better, jessica is just to fake & to made up!

Ashleigh on

I dont think aither of them look good.. both of them kinda have the gothic look to them and i think its just to black and to much make up..I wouldnt say these r very good pictures of the girls

m on


Tori on

I think Jessica wore it better. Ashlee needs to stop getting plastic surgery to look like her sister. She was a unique looking girl and her insecurities got the best of her.

Dolores on

Sorry Ashley, but Jessica wears it better!

Michelle on


She looks great now… All grown up!!

Joy on

Jessica…. Ashlee has to much on

Paolah on

Ashlee is so pretty with that eyeshadow !! :)

lelo on

jessica simpson’s is better love jessica simpson’s shes

janika on

jessica simpson is mush better ashlee simpson is 2 black!!!

Rachel on

I think Ashlee definitely pulls this look off better. It’s not really a Jessica kind of look and Ashlee looks much better. I actually think that Ashlee has more natural beauty than Jessica, even though they’re both gorgeous. Ashlee is prettier.

Cassy on

Jessica for sure. Ashleys is to layered and dark for her complexion.

iroxx! on


chels on

I like both of them but I think I’d go with Ashlee

Krissy on

My girl Jessica looks better with this look- but Ashlee is still cute as can be.

liz on

I vote Ashlee, but I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because she looks so pensive, unlike her sister, who can be anything but.

iamthestory on

Ashlee of course!!!

jessica goes more for classy and ashlee is more a rock’n roller

tini on


Wanda on

They both look beautiful, so what if Ashley had surgery, who wouldnt now days and if is to look better hey why not. I know I would if I had the money. So have fun sisters you both look beautiful.

Wanda on

Come on people they are both beautiful and we know it. So what if Ashley had surgery, now days who hasnt. I know I would if I had the money. So keep doing what you both are doing because you are both beautiful girls.

Victoria on

i think in these photos, they look better on jessica. but normally i would choose ashlee, because with those light eyes the smoky look fits better on her.

Shelby on

I’d say Jessica. She shines more thn Ashlee in thr!

coco on

i think ashlee looks better with this make up but jessica is not bad.

marissa on

They both wear the look well, but the smoky eyes look goes better with Ashlee’s rocker look.

kasey on

Ashlee looks like she didnt’t get enough sleep
i admire them both but i must say Jessica rocked this look

jasmine on

jessica because ashley doesent have the eye shape and she looks like she is dead so deffenitly jessica ya she rox sox

jasmine on

jessica she has the eye shape and ashley looks like she is dead and that is not the style and jessica has a good tan what makes it look good butt like i said she looks like she is dead and she is way to pale she should hit the tanning salon 4 sure

laura on

i like it on ashlee, it gives her an exotic look

Brooke on

DEFINITELY jessica! ashlee’s too pale, and blue eyes can’t really handle the intensity of this look


I have to say Jessica wins this one. Ashlee’s got too much which makes her eyes look blacked. If she had less, I’d probably go with her on the best look.

Danielle on

Ashley looks like she is still bruised from her nose job and didnt use cover up – and Jessica is gorgeous with or without make up!

Linda on

Jessica for sure!

Jasmine on

Jessica is the bread winner when it comes to talent. But this look only without bias I would have to agree Ashlee looks butter with this look. I think it depends on the contact the person is wearing too. Lighter colors eyes seem to work with the smoky eyes better.

Pam on

Jessica does. Ashley’s too much. She’s trying to look like her boyfriend.

Laura on

Jessica looks better, I find Ashlee’s too dark.

hello on

Ashlee looks really good like this but Jess cannot pull it off

Heather Rae on

Jessica all the way!!!

Heather Rae on

Jessica all the way!!

Cherie on

Jessica looks plastic surgery’ed up! Stop before its too late Jess. Ashley is definitly the hotter sister now

Susu on

Jessica duuuuh

Mary-Anna on

definetely Jessica.

I think Ashlee and Pete are trying to outdo each other with eye makeup.

Diana on

Jessica looks like a clown… I hate her!!!
This look is so much better on Ashlee

Anna on

Definatley Jessica. Ashley is over the top.

Anonymous on


sam on

I think jessica did the smoky eye way better


Carine on

Jessica looks much more better!!

Megan on

I think that Jessica shows her beautiful eyes with her nice blond hair. As much as I like both of them, I think Jessica made a better choice by being the one with the brown eyes!

Julia on

Ashlee all the way

Carly Stillwell on

I like Jessica’s eye make-up better :]
lol but its whatever… lol

Bruneta on


Nichol on

i think Jessica’s look better. it makes Ashlee look fake.

solenusa on

I love the Simpson’s sisters!! but honestly…because of this kind of questions family’s member at the showbussines get mad, jealous and fight each others!

Thank you very much!

brittany on

jessica definetly beats her sis on this look. she has beautiful eyes,and the smokey eyes brings out her brown eyes. i love jessica. she is so awsome.

Ashley on

Absolutly, positivly, Jessica!!!

jasmine on

I think that JESSICA looks much better than her sis.;)

Hannah on

Ashlee looks like she’s on drugs with this.

annie on

i love both girls but i think that ashlee’s eyes make her look to drab and i think that jess did it better!

ross on

Jessica ofcourse!She’s one of the hottest girl right now in USA

Molly on

definetley jessica. it makes her eyes pop out!!!

Krystle on

Jessica without a doubt!

Anonymous on


melissa on

defenitely Ashlee…really complements her….

Jaenelle on

Definitely Ashlee!

Jessica on

Ashlee, definately. It makes her eyes look absolutely gorgeous!

Stacey on

ASHLEE! Jessica is too, too much: too blonde, too tan, too much makeup. It makes her look overdone, while on Ashlee it is a nice contrast to her fairer skin and more subtle highlights.

Stephanie on

ii love how ash’s smokey eye looks …..it looks so nice and difficult 2 do when its just a brush away.both r beautiful

Hannah on

I like the way Ashlee’s smokey eyes look.

Edita on

Ashlee….she pulls it off better.

Miss on


Lola on


Jennifer on

I think Jessica, they stand out more… And on Ashlee she looks kind of tierd!!!

Danielle on

Jessica, by far. Ashlee’s looks like she just woke up.

jacob on


jen on

jessica for sure. ashlee over did it with too much greyish eyeshadow around her eyes. keep it simple =]]

Christen on

Both girls are cute, but I say Jessica.

Lisa on

Jessica looks way better!

Lisa on


Lily on

Jessica ..

callie on

i think that jessica simpson smoked eyes look better cause it gorgeous and noticable and not overdone like ashlee simpsons smoked eyes yes it is a nice color for her but what i see in that picture she mine as well play the role of some gothic rock and roll star in a scary movie it just makes here look punky and not pretty

Brooke on

without a doubt, definitely jessica. ashlee looks horrible


DEFINATELY JESSICA!!! Ashlee looks reaaallly bad compared to Jessica..

Jessy on

Ashlee. Smokey eyes don’t fit Jessica’s personality, she too “innocent”, while Ashlee’s “rocker” attitude carries the smoky effect well.

Rockprincess on


Michele on

Ashlee definetly

Emily on

With this look, it looks much better on Ashlee.

Pamela on

I think ashley totally rocks the dark eyeshadow because of her light eyes.. It makes them POP more!!

courtney on


ash still rocks tho!

Jessica on

Ashlee looks much better! Jessica’s eye makeup isn’t really smoky, even.

mandy on

i think jessica tottaly wore the smokey eyes alot better

odalysa on

I love jessica im am such a fan

PAM on

i don’t like either of them but ashley i can’t stand her more.. im not saying she’s got to dress like her sis but she always looks like a dirty bum, reminds me of the olsen girls.. she looks like she has 2 black eyes or she hasnt slept in like a month

Anonymous on

I like Ashlee, but the smokey eyes lock lookes much better on jessica

Brittany on

I find Ashley always looks like shes been up all night and just left her make up on from the night before and went out. Honestly smokey eyes are something that has to be done nice to look good. Like Eva Mendes… Good.. Ashley simpson and her boyfriend . not so good.

Adriana on

Sorry, Jessica – I love you to death, but your little sis’ gets my vote!

dhfjKHDHV on

JESSICA ashlee looks like she juss got done crying

sarah on

Bleeeeeeeeech! Jessica looks way better and way less racoonish! i think ashlee’s makeup clashes with her nose job!!

Karrie on

To all of you who love to put people down (obviously out of jealousy), you should go ahead and give links out to a site where we can get a look at you. That`s right..you wouldnt do that because then you won`t be able to to have anonymous bravado. Oh, and Jessica is stupid to about the tune of $80 million a year…

tracy on

Why do we even care about these two? Seriously, Jessica cannot act, barely sing and Ashley should just stick to acting. Its getting to be very annoying that the press is following half rate actors/singers around praising them for wearing/looking semi good.

Ninni on

I think both sisters look good. Normally I definetly like Ashlee better, but she does look a bit tired in this picture..

mel on

1. i dislike jessica simpson
2. ashlee is smokin those eyes

Noelle on

They’re both beautiful, interesting people. Ashlee makes it more rock yet still glamorous. So, Ashlee wins this one.

Jo on

Ashlee! But Jessica’s smokey eyes is beautiful too!

Anonymous on

Ashlee looks way better than Jessica with this look and every other look. I think she is way prettier than jessica who has been looking rough these days

lindsay on

no question deffinatly ashlee

Kelsey on

I think that Jessica’s eyes look alot better then Ashlee’s. Jess’s look more brighter then Ashlee’s who look dull and worn out.

Marina on

for sureee jessicaa

molli on

ashlee looks better with smokey eyes, but her face is fake!

Mireille on

Both look good!But I prefer Ashlee!

dznr on

Both Jessica & Ashlee are beautiful girls always! Just totally stunning all the time!

lauren on

I’m gonna go with Ashley on this one


Well… In this case, Jess wears it better. Too bad her singing isnt as good as her makeup. LOL. Niether of them can sing; they both sound like goats getting run over by a semi!

Laura on

I like ashlee more

Anonymous on

jessica looks way better

anonymos on

I like Jessica’s eyes, but her sisters are blue and they aren’t as dole as Jessica’s brown eyes are. I like bright eyes better then dark eyes that don’t have any green in them.

mary on

It looks prettier on Jessica. I think Ashley is always copying Jessica, and she’s scary.

liin on

ashley simpson looks better in makeup wise.

alyson on

i think they are both pretty but jessica deffinitly looks prettier!! ashley looks like she has two black eyes! dont worry ashley! i still love you!!

Rebecca on

they are both really pretty but I like Ashley a bit more

chesley on

i think that both of the simpson girls have a great style. ashlee has more of a punk style she wears alot of black. so ashlee’s look is better if u were like her. jess looks more natural. not really that natural but deffinentaly not as much color on her eyes then ash. i like jesicas look better because im more like her.

Vanessa on


kailee GESTER on

i think that the beautiful jessica simpson wore it better

Cristina on

defenetly jessica, ashley looks like a huge wreck!!!

Rachel on

always Jessica. Ashlee is a little snot and thinks she is hot s………she even put her sister down last year right in front of everyone. I don’t like her.

moe on

i think the new ashlee looks more or less an akward mouse sort version of jessica, who is a natural beautiful.

michiz on

ashlee definitely

jake on

definitley jessica

summerbunny on

i think ashlee works the eyes better!

shelbi on

ashlee looks horrible in that pic.

Kerry on

Jassica looks wayy better!

Meli on

Ashley=looks natural (and smart)
Jessica=looks artificial (and much less intelligent)
by the way, smokey eyes show better on gray/blue eyes,than on brown. This style emphasizes Ashley’s big eyes, and makes Jessica’s small eyes even smaller.

Brenda on

Do you even have to ask? Jessica….. Ash looks tired as norm….

dolly on

I think that jessica pulls off the look better

christina on

jessica definately looks better in this picture. They’re both beautiful women but ashley’s look is a little cracked out, like it’s six o’clock in the morning. Jessica looks great because se used just the right amount.

Emily on


Chantelle on

I think they both work it, but Ashley wears it better. It makes her eyes pop out.

Amanda on



jessica for sure

Kylie on

I think Ashlee wears smoked eyes better. It looks weird on Jessica. Although I do like both sisters.
Jessica just don’t look all that good with that stuff on her eyes.

.... on


Nobody on


However, I wouldn’t call those “smokey eyes”…since they (both) gave me an impression of lack of sleep and too much partying (metaphorically speaking).

Karen on

I definitely think ashlee looks better with the smokey eyes!
Jessica looks like a droged person!!!!

Veronica on

I really have to say neither. Jessica’s eyes look too huge for her face and Ashlee just looks like she got beat up and has 2 black eyes. They’re both gorgeous and should stick with the natural look without any dark liner or shadow…

Debi on

Definatly Ashlee, she’s a little bit edgier.

taylor on

Jessica im srry Ashley

Tayla:) on

Definetly Jessica!!!!! sorry Ahsley but it just makes you look tired and jessica is exelent in front of a camrea :)

anonymous on

Jessica has the better look, in all ways. Her sister is b-o-r-i-n-g and homely looking.

Jenna on

I think it looks better on Ashlee! Jessica’s looks good but it’s more of a solid dark where Ashlee’s is smoky.

gina on

The smokey eyes are much more Ashley’s stlye; rockstar sultry and sexy while Jessica is so fresh, sweet yet still very sexy.

shianne on

i think ashleys eyees realy pop with the eye shadow she used and well jessicsa do to but i think jessica should go for different colers not try to be like her lil sis dont get me wrong i do like jess she is a awsome singer & actress

Lili on

I like Ashley way more Jessica looks like she is some kind of zombie.

Casey on

I would say this is a tough choice but i pick jessica. i agree, it makes ashlee look tired and jess looks like she can pull it off better.

megan on

i think jessica

Ana Marie on

Ashlee’s personality and style match the smokey eyes and her light eyes stand out, I feel the same look washes out Jessica making her look overdone and much older than she is.

Rachel on

Jessica totally wears smoky eyes better.

veronica on

jessica looks better she looks beutiful in everything she wears

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