The Scoop on Diane Lane's Daring New 'Do!

09/03/2007 at 03:00 PM ET

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

After famously chopping off her hair on The Today Show as part of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign to donate wigs to women with cancer, Diane Lane has snipped off even more hair! But this time, she tells PEOPLE that it is “just for fun. Just to not be looking like a character I’ve ever played.” At last night’s premiere of Fierce People, Diane showed off the new pixie ‘do (along with a sexy Dolce & Gabbana leopard print dress). But unlike some stars who pay almost four digits for their cuts, Diane went to a free stylist — herself! She confides, “I just cut my hair like this myself.” Nice work, Diane! Tell us: What do you think of Diane’s new ‘do? Love it or hate it?

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Jenna on

Yuck, she’s to old for that hair. And her eyebrows look odd. Surpized! lol!

ab on

Awful!!! She always looked so gorgeous and much younger than she is, but now she just looks like an old person with a terrible haircut! Sorry Diane, I still love you, just grow out your hair again!

teri on

I love it. She looks so good with this hair style. Look younger and fresher. Just love it.

Alyssa on

I think its okay she should have had a stylist cut it. I will miss her long beautiful hair.

Chelle on

Yuck!! Awful!!!

anamnesis on

Diane lane could wear a shower curtain and a mohawk and would still be a knockout!!!

sally on

Its not the most flattering look for her but it was done for a good no one has a right to say anything (hehe not even me! I was just answering the question)

Quiana on

Ew, ew, ew! Seriously? I would personally yell at the stylist. But at least she did it for a good reason. And that’s what counts, right? But she needs a different cut.

Ashley on

Great cause, I’m very glad she did this. I wish more celebrities would make this kind of effort for cancer patients. Diane still HAS hair after all, some women undergoing chemo and/ or radiation therapy don’t. Thanks, Diane!

bb on

She had the guts to try it, but I have found from my own personal experience that once you are over 40, short hair ages you just as much as overly long hair would.

Christy on

I think she looks great. She looks young and modern!

Aubre on

I love how she made little pieces of it stick out in different directions. It gives it character. I think she is very beautiful and this haircut works for her.

Anti-Britney on

Hideous. End of story.

AnnieJ on

I’m not lovin’ this.

dawn on

It’s a good cut but the color no. It’s to reddish for her skin tone.

Emerald on

All I have to say is…interesting.


WHY,OOOH,WHY DO THEY DO THIS TYPE OF THING.she is naturally beautiful why would she do this to her self

A. B. on

Aaaaahhhh!!!! It looks like she got electricuted!

Taylor on

Oh My God it looks totally awful!!!!! Not only is it to young for her but it also looks like she just rolled out of bed!!It might be a little less horrific if she actually brushed it!!

Taylor on

Oh My God not only does this cut look way to young for her but it also looks like she just rolled out of bed!!!!!It be a teeny teeny bit less horrific if she actually brushed it and styled it!!!! Sorry but this whole thing does not work!!!!

Ricai on

This style makes her look too old, I know she’s in her 40’s,but she always look so youthful and sexy. This look make her look in her 50’s.

stella on

she looks older with short hair for sure ~

Rachel on

What was she thinking? Did she have an almost Britney moment? She looks much better with her flowing locks in “Unfaithful”. Now she looks like a Joan Jett wanna be. Not feminine for a real feminine gal.

he on

No No No No No No NO!!!!!!

Julie on

She looks like an aging soccer mom. I love her but this is not a good look for her. Sorry Diane!

Natasha on

She’s a gorgeous woman…she will always look beautiful no matter what haircut she has. I really loved her long locks, but it sounds like she chopped off her hair for a good cause.

zpjsmom on

She’s gorgeous and she’s feeling free and fun. You have to have confidence to where your hair that short. I hope to have her confidence (and beauty) when I’m her age!!!

Abby on

The first Ab said exactly what I was thinking. First, of all it is a horrendous haircut, and secondly hair that short brings attention to any flaws a slightly older woman might have.

francina on

she looks older with that hair cut , i prefer the longer hair on her, but she is beautiful anyway

Stacy on

It is so refreshing to see powerful woman in hollywood not have that “deer in the headlights” look. I love the hair and that she is proud to be her without all the cosmetic crap!!!!!

Stephanie G on

She’s barely recognizable. She’s had some work done and wants people to attribute the difference in how she looks to a new haircut.

Susana on

Hmmm.. I don’t like short hair ..She has such beautiful hair.. However, no one wants to be defined by their hair..well, maybe they do..

Anonymous on

Sorry, she looks better with a longer hair. She looks a lot older with her short hair.

naomi on

DIANE LANE has to have LONG hair for me. She has a beautiful face anda great figure. Her hair when long just makes her perfect. Not a fan of the new look. Sorry.

brookem on

i wouldn’t call it her best look, but she certainly looks happy. cutting your hair short can feel pretty freeing. if Diane likes it, then good for her. she’s proof that you don’t have to look conventional to look/ feel great.

Jenblossom on


Anonymous on

I love it…you can see her face and she is such a pretty woma

Dianna on

I don’t like the haircut. It makes her look unnecessarily old – she looks like a grandma. She can still work the long hair . . . and should.

P on

why why why??? thatis horrible!

barb on

adorable and brave. she doesn’t hair hanging in her face to be sexy. and to give to locks of love shows the true beauty in maturity

lillian on

i personally think that haircut is heinous-but hey, you have to admire her for the boldness it took.

kathy ervin on

I love her new look, Diane looks so wonderful with a shorter cut. Besides you really couldnt mess up real beuty thanks kathy

bibi on

After all she is a celeberty she really did not have to cut it herself but celebs always find a way to be in the news all the time.

Anonymous on

this is ugly haircut! she looks much older… like she is 60…

Theresa on

I’m not sure if its the cut or the color she just looks washed out. I don’t like it.

Laura on

Not flattering on her at all!! Yuck!! She looks even older…now besides all those wrinkles around her eyes you can see all the wrinkles on her forehead!!

Jules on

does anyone else think that her eyes look weird? they look like they are turning blue. around the edges

sandybeach on

I always thought Diane Lane looked fantastic for her age, I’ve always been a big fan of hers. This haircut is all wrong for her though, it makes her look 10 years older, I didn’t even recognize her in the picture. I hope she grows her hair out againg, she look 100 times better with long hair, & much, much younger

Amanda on

She looks old, grow it out!

Alicen on

-i think she looks cute

Phyllis on

I love the cut. It’s a great cause plus I think her do is wonderful, stylish and cooler and easier to tend to.

Lizzy on

I hate to say it but this haircut makes her look so old! She’s gorgeous but this decision might not have been the best…

m on

Hey Quiana,
Can’t you read? SHE CUT IT HERSELF!!!!!

Steph on

The haircut makes her look way older. She looked younger with long hair. I don’t like it.

SaraM on

YUCK! I hate it! I think it aged her about 30 years! She looks SO much older! Not a good choice!

Diane on

I have always been a fan of Diane Lane and have seen her hairstyle change over the years however, this cut does not suit her. She looks old beyond her years. I cannot imagine what possessed her to cut her hair this short. If you are going to donate your hair, please save some for yourself.

Angel on

I think it’s all about the picture. This is just a bad picture of Diane and it doesn’t necessarily mean that she actually looks that bad. The picture can make you or break you…:)

zoi on

she looks good – a little pixie vibe

misty on

i think she looks like a very old man!! yuck

Elda on

i’m loving her daring do!! Diane is like wine, she is aging gracefully!!

OldLady on

She did it for a good cause…

Yes…she IS gorgeous…but even gorgeous women can have bad photo days….

This short cut isn’t her best look…but hair grows…..



Tru on

I applaud Diane for cutting her hair the FIRST time for a GREAT cause, but she didn’t have to go and cut it again herself for absolutely no reason, because it was already short enough, how short did she really need it.

I loved her longer hair, but since she cut her hair for a good cause and I think that’s wonderful, because afterall hair will grow back, but in my opinion, she should have left her hair alone and not cut it a second time to look like this. She looks very old, but to each their own. Hopefully she’ll let it grow back out again. Regardless, Diane ages so gracefully, she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Laura on

Although she cut her hair for a noble reason, what she achieved was adding 10 years to her face! She has always been a beautiful lady, but with this haircut you can really tell her age.

Bonnie on

I love it! She is her own WOMAN and doesn’t feel the need to ask for permission from someone else as to how she should wear her hair. If others don’t like it, don’t cut your hair like it. Just keep doing the long, straight, parted in the middle, blond with dark roots that makes it hard to distinguish one actress from another sometimes. With maturity comes the security to do what pleases you, not everyone else!

Angela on

AWFUL, I can not beleive this is the work of a professional hair stylist. She looks like my science teacher, who is a middle aged Man. Buy a good hat and maybe shampoo a little more often.

Eva on

Bonnie, believe it or not, some of us are natural Blondes, though obviously not you. Just because some women choose to wear their hair in a feminine manner as opposed to a 12 year old boys doesn’t sit well with you.
I think Dianes haircut is a tragedy. Instead of getting a really bad haircut she should have wrote a cheque to help find a cure. I regularly donate to such causes but making a mess of myself is not part of the solution.

Edward Maeschen on

se is elegant and guess what she is visiting a ounry in Cetral America if u wanna have more info about it ask me..

Tina on

I think Diane is a Beautiful Lady, altho she look,s much younger with longer hair,and her style now sorry but makes her look older. Tina

Jennifer on

NO! Cutting off your hair when your older is THE kiss of death! If you want to lose your man.. cut off your hair..

Ashley on

Diane Lane is a beautiful woman no matter the hair style…..BUT she does look better with longer sexier hair:) just my two cents…

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