Paris Goes Short! Love It or Hate It?

08/28/2007 at 01:09 PM ET


Paris Hilton has gone back and forth through the years between long and short hair — but she’s been so attached to her signature extensions that she even went to jail in them! But while showing off her new sportswear and denim collections in Las Vegas this week, she ditched the long locks and rocked a jagged chin-length bob. And we’re loving it! The heiress looks more sophisticated and grownup — fitting for a mogul-in-the-making. But we want to know what you think! Tell us: What do you think of Paris with short hair? Love it or miss the long locks?

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oilers on

paris look great with short hair
it make her look more mature
not so much as a party girl
hope she keeps it short!

Wanda on

I like that she’s switching up her look but I like the long hair better. That’s not the best picture of her new haircut though.

Anonymous on

I like when she has the shorter haircut better. With extensions, she looks like a 26 year old trying to look 17.

Heather on

I like it long best..but it is refreshing to see her REAL hair..haha. Why can’t she just grow out her own hair..I don’t get it.

Wish Brit would do the same.

Colleen on

Love it, she looks very classy!

Susan on

I think it is a good look for her, more grown up!

sammy on

i think her short hair is super cute..
i often wear extentions as well, so i myself know that its a nice, fresh change to see and feel your real hair!
she looks good either way, so its nice to change it up!

Elda on

i’m really liking the short hair style, it’s makes her look sassy and sexy!!

Nicole on

Short! Paris looks more sophisticated and realistic. How many women have the time to take care of long, straight hair? She’s giving us a fashionable option which I love!

Amelia on

Her hair looks so much better short! She looks her age, not someone stuck trying to be 17. It just suits her bone structure. She has such a strong jaw line, that long hair just doesn’t work.

M on

I love the short hair!

ally on

I think her hair looks better short. It is more natural. I have never been a fan of the hair extensions. The reason she cannot grow her own hair out is because once you have had hair extensions for so long, they start to pull on and damage your natural hair. I think she should ditch the extensions permanently and grow out her real hair.

Stefy on

Paris looks like she is actually pretty with short hair and not like a put-together barbie doll with her fake hair. She is gorgeous!

Erin on

I love it! It looks so much better then her extensions! :) Keep it that way PARIS!

SpicyG on

I love it short, it’s softer and more feminine. However, I would really like to see what her natural color is. I think her cut looks “choppy” because it’s fried. Too much color, sun, extensions, etc.

Beth on

Hate the short hair on her, looks almost mullet-ish in my opinion.

Krissy on

love it!

Julia on

Its not so much that Paris goes short, its that she took out her ratty extensions. it looks better short :)

Marie on

I think the longer hair softens her jawline and looks better. Her face dosen’t look as square with the longer hair.

Cara on

If you look at pictures of her from 5 years ago, she has had the same “edgy” haircut.

She looks better with it short, the extensions are like Fraggle Rock hair.

anon on

I LOVE IT! It looks the best on her in my opinion. She even looks happier with is short.

I think long hair can be over rated.

Mary Kay on

Love it! She looks classy & very pretty!

Rachel on

Love it. She looks more mature, and now maybe she can grow out her OWN hair instead of wearng those horrid extensions.

Teresa on

Her hair looks good either way but maintenace would easier without extensions. Not like she ever does it herself. Not like she ever does anything herself. Except flaunt herself. Oh, Maybe she “does” all the guys she chases herself. Not that I would know, but appearances…..

HLS on

Paris’ new haircut looks great. I am so tired of her played out limp hair extensions. Everyone knows they were fake and they looked it. Now, if only she would ditch the blue colored contacts and go back to her natural brown hair, I think she would be a true beauty.

maggie on

love it short. she looks much better.

Adrianna on

I like it better long

carol on

I think Paris looks so much better with short hair. It looks so attractive on her. Her extentions just looked so limp. Keep it short.

Leslie on

WOW! I never thought I’d see Paris actually look somewhat…classy! It makes her look more mature and the sideswept bangs look great for her face! She looks pretty!

carol on

Paris lies, she is 30 / 33 years old.

italiangirl in California on

I like the longer style better. She looked younger with long hair. Although the new do is more sophisticated.

Coffee Woman on

As much as I can’t stand her, she DOES look better with the short hair.

Jen on

Sooner or later everyone has to accept that they are growing up. At age 26 it seems that Paris finally has realized she is no longer a teenager.

Alba on

LOVE IT.. don’t like fake hair on people. Natural the better…although i’m no fan of Paris but her hair looks good.

Annika on

the short hair so for sure the best! it definitely makes her look more mature.

SaraM on

While I am not typically a fan of short hair, I do think it looks cute. I do prefer her long hair better though!

Jo on

Love love love it!
I think she looks much older and much more mature. I think this look might actually earn her some respect…although she’ll need to put the actions behind the look too.

Jill on

I think she looks great….as long as it’s real hair, that beats fake!

melody on

love the short hair. It actually makes her look some what like a role model

Kathleen on

I think her new haircut makes her look much older. Longer hair gives her a more young, fun, and flirty look. Personally, I like the long and fun look more!

Christina Rose on

she looks smarter with shorter hair!

marissa a on

love it! she looks so sheek and retro. really a step from young party girl into mature hollywood style

Lacey on

We all know its not going to last she’ll have extensions in it in one month.

Heather on

Much better than her fake long hair. This style suits her, I hope she keeps this look!

Joan Jazwinski on

I like Paris’ short hair style.

Cheryl on

Hate to admit it, but she looks great with the shorter hair.

Belinda on

Love the short hair!! Makes her look more serious and mature. I guess it is time to grow up!!

Jennifer on

She looks so much better like this. I hope she keeps the real hair, who wants the world to know they’re walking round with a head full of fake hair, or worse, someone elses? Britney should take note.

cece on

love it


I love it!!!
She looks fantastic with short hair. It looks different but she looks good.I would like to cut my hair like that someday.

*****FashionCritic on

Professional Comment —

Love It!
It Now Lates People Focus 0n Her 0utfit & Blue Eyes Instead 0f Her Long Hair!!!!

Anonymous on

I love her new hair! The short hair frames her face and it makes her look way more mature than she did with the long hair.

Ang on

LOVE it short! If you remember, she had this cut around her 21st birthday. It looked spectacular then and still does!!!

lexii on

Paris looks better with long hair and she looks too old with short hair.

ShooShoo on

LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!

Stephani on

I am so glad Paris cut her hair short again. She looks sooo much better with short hair. It works better with her face shape, and just makes her look prettier and younger.

Jasmynne on

I’m sure her hair was always that short, she just wore extentions. I’m not really a big fan of short hair, but on a square-shaped face, like Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton, a cute bob would look great! I’m just not liking the cut. I don’t know..

laura on

i like it short
but what keeps happening with Paris’s chest, one day shes a C with clevage and the next day shes barely an A!!!

Lizzie on

Short does frame her face better,I like long hair better.

A.J. on

she looks great in long hair…
but short hair isnt half bad on her…


P.s. All THe gUys LOve HEr SO sHush !!!

Elaine on

Who cares? Paris Hilton is yesterday’s news. Plus, with her reputation, I am surprised that your blog still keeps her in your sights.

Jenna on

Paris looks fabulous with any hair style! I must say i’m a bit jealous! She looks amazing!

Anna on

short.. she looks more mature

lydia bella on

I’ve always loved Paris with shorter hair..however this style & cut is not cute. She needs to go back ro the basic bob……

Lucky on

The shorter hair looks more grown up on Paris, and a lot more sophisticated but it is still fun.

Jennifer on

looks great both ways!!!

Cher on

It’s not a new hairstyle. She wears extensions. Her hair goes from short to long all the time.

mimi on

The short look makes her look more mature. I like the longer hair though.

Alex on

I like her new hair style! Maybe we can take her now more serious, than we did it in the past??!!!!

Rebecca on

I think Paris looks great with the short haircut! It helps her look more mature and confident. I get so tired of seeing extensions on her, Britney, Nicole, etc. Now maybe some of the others will follow suit and ditch the fake stuff for a change.

Sammmiy on

LOVE IT. She looks more reserved, sweet, and classy. LOVE IT!!!!

anfisa on

she looks charming either way, her hair doesnt really make a difference

Desi on

I think that Paris’s Hair looks so much better now because before her hair looked really BAD!!!!! Now it rocks.

Jessica on

Short…not many people can pull off short hair, but it looks so stylish on her.

Anonymous on

I think her short hair is very stylish in the womans prison….opps thats right she is to protected and above the law!!!!!

Anonymous on

No hair style is going to make her look better!

Brenda on

I like the new look for Paris. It is a good start to that life makeover she says she is going to do.

Brigid on

It’s not that she got a “haircut” she just got her weave taken out. Maybe not so much bangs it kinda makes her look like a bobble head.

Monique on


Paris, Paris, Paris,

It’s about time. Demure, classy & sophisticated.
It won’t change who she is but looks much better on her. Don’t you think?


Call Me! on

she looks good with both

Anonymous on

I think her short hair looks great! Now she doesnt look like shes trying to be a teenager anymore. She looks very classy.

Frugalfashiongirl on

She is certainly going for mature….it works

elena on

she looks SO OLD!!!! I think it´s good that she want´s to change her style but…maybe a soft brown tone on her shoulder and curly…i don´t know jajajaj but I don´t like it that short!

Nicole on

I think that Paris looks okay, but would look better with longer hair. She is so pretty and is getting a lot more classy. Paris rocks! See ya l8er! Bye,bye….Nicole

Joanna S. (age 16) on


MiKe on

i dont now but i think she’s something of lady d. isnt she?

Chaya on

its not even a question…… long is so much better. paris is a gorgeous gril and i luvvvvvv her but cmon… the short hair … i mena it looks ok but it doesnt even compare to how pretty she looks with the long hair….. i love parisssssssss
p.s. if ur readin this….. i luv u and i rlly wanna meet u!!!

Jeal on

The mogul Princess has grown…I hope her choices does too! but the new hair is a good start! Peace Paris!

Olga on

She is as horrible!

Alex on

She Looks Amazing! xx

nona on

I like she with long hair, in short she`s ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine on

i think she looks good both ways, but I would have to say that i prefer the longer hair. I just like long hair.

massimo on

im not too crazy about it,its ok…

Jessica on

It definetly makes her look more mature and refined. She looks like my aunt Nancy, which is a compliment if you are 45 years old.

none on


ConfusedinDC on

Short is best on her. She needs to stop trying to be a kid and grow up.

Kerri on

Who cares? She will just spend the money on new extensions in a few days. It’s not like she has to make a lasting decision like us poorer folk.
She and Brit treat hair like just another accessory. What a waste of money.

Franxster on

I like the short hair better! (But that might have something to do with the fact that I have hair-cut almost exactley like that! Lol)

~ - ) on

I like her hair short. She looks my grown-up

kelly on

i think she looks elegant with short hair.she looked like a 26 year old trying to be a 17 year old party girl.keep the short hair PARIS!:)

Rho on

I don’t particularly like the long hair, but the short hair looks dangerously close to a mullet.

LadyDevil on

She looks good in her new look.


I think that Paris Hilton is just spoiled! She tries to act all sweet but…she’s plain old spoiled! What has she done? She was a celebrity for just havign a rich daddy.

allison on

I think she looks gorgeous either way, but I like the long hair better. All this talk about her being fake is ridiculous BTW.. has anyone ever watched Simple Life? She’s very down to earth and hilarious! You can’t stage that.

Minnie on

It’s not like she “went short”, she just took out her extensions…it does look better though.

Junie on

Lots of people have long hair and that doesnt mean that they are trying to look seventeen! Plus i think that Paris looks like a mother of year old twins trying not to get her hair pulled on by her little ones….sucky sucky look… maybe shes trying to get Posh’s attention…?

sam on

its a wanna b victoria beckham…but i guess it look good on paris 2

MyOpinion on

i think it looks ok but i prefer the longer hair

Kim on

I think that her new hair cut looks way better on her. It is not just dead weight hanging down beside her face.

Rudy on

just so you all know, this isn’t the first time that Paris has had her hair her REAL length. Check out a pic of her in a blue dress with a butterfly clip in her hair for some awards show or another. You’ll see this isn’t a first – and all her other “hairstyles” have been extensions. Can come on please tell me when “real hair” will come back?

amy on

She looks more mature with short hair and I like her better with the short hair. The long hair is good though because it can be styled.

jess on

i think she looks better with long hair
although thats no the best pic of her new hair
short hair makes her head look too big for her body

Chloe on

i prefer it long but short looks good to!

AC on

Either way, yuck!

sabrina on

long!! the short hair is ugly and she looks more prettier! but dont extensions kinda leave marks on your head???

ppilii.-@ on

ee very great. IS GOOD SHORT HEAIR.


aa very good. IS GREAT SHORT HAIR.


Emilee on

Paris has a strong jawline and it would wiser to play the jawline down. Texture, in the form of curls or choppy ends do this beautifully. Also add some layering at the top, but keep it soft. I think she should grow her hair out, and when it gets alittle past the shoulders, she should play up the long hair with layers that start at her jawline and continue downward. She should also keep the side-swept bangs. Paris should AVOID one-length bobs (especially chin-length), and I’ve seen her do blunt bangs and she shouldn’t do that, it looks unattractive on her, because it just makes her face more square looking. I like her with the short hair better, but she looks great with long as well, just as long as she down plays the jawline and does some nice layers from her jawline down, that would look very beautiful and sleek on her. Also, Paris has had this cut before on her, I remember seeing her in a pic when celebrating her b-day, I think it was her 21st. Anyways she wears extentions, so this must be her natural cut.

Joan on

i love paris with short hair and long hair but i have to say she looks prettier with long hair!

GioAsa on

Paris Rocks!!!!!
She is very sexy…

boyslikegirls on

i dont really like it..or her for that matter

delia on

I really like Paris’ new haircut. it’s very cute and fresh. It frames her face really well. I love her new hair =]

Katy on

I like it..but its a shame it’ll be gone by next week.

mYa NUNYA on

i like her short hair but i juss dont like her at all

Lolita on

I was amazed to see Paris having short hair. She looks better with short hair, definitely.


love it!!

Heather on

Paris is a joke. Long hair, short hair, fake hair, no hair. It doesn’t matter. She is a joke.

domenica on

I also think she looks good with shorter hair. Congrats!

Brijitte on

I like her long hair better,

Wow on

She looks like a pixieor a fairy…

Lindsay on

Paris, hmmmmm i ma a fan of paris and I love her new dos al the time! So yea

mona on

yuck .. i just can’t stand her. i thought she *changed* I haven’t heard her do anything worth while…

who cares on

she looks very sohpisticated with short hair its really cute. She looks a little less party girl.

Quiana on

I like it except for the bangs. Seriously, what’s with those things?!

HSM Fan!!!!!! on

short hair looks so much better on her… and extensions just make your hair look totally fake and lame… i have long, straight REAL hair and it takes me less than 5 min. to make it look ADORABLE!!!

monnaliza on

She’s great at short hair…
Looks so classy and Sophisticated

Lindsey on

I love Paris with short hair!
I frames her face and dose not look so long.

Elina on

I think she looks cute.

lalayeh on

I love her new hair
She looks great

Kirsten on

Her hair looks ok, though I think it looks better longer. She does look more sophisticated though.

Donna on

Paris is a freak no matter what. Hair long or short, dressed or naked, the girl is a freak.

alkdshf on

she looks a lot more classy instead of trashy.

and wow, that shirt she’s wearing in the long-hair picture..



Kristie on

Its totally her, even better than long hair do, love it!
totally glam, chic, and sassy!!

Emerald on

I think there’s really nothing new a Paris.
In another few months, she’ll be the same.

Emerald on

Paris looks so much better with short hair.

rachel on

she looks so chic and beautiful, paris hilton is one of the most unique and beautiful people out there!

Geneva on

I like the longer hair better,,,,,,,,,,, i mean she looks good both ways,,,,,,,,,,,, but to me the longer the better…………. in my eyes anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,, Paris is does not matter what everyone thinks,,,,,,, you should do what you feel is right to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor on

I think that the she looks more chic and older with her shorter hair.

mimi on

i think it looks less extentiony and gross

Anna on

I think it looks really nice, but I liked it when it was long more.

JiLL on

Well, if she’s trying to look like a man…either one works…does nobody else see that she looks like a man or at least someone who was a man??? I feel like a live in crazyland!!!

JiLL on

Well, if she’s trying to look like a dude, then either one works. Does nobody else see that she looks like a man or at least like someone who was a man? I feel like I live in crazy town.

lau on

Long hair is better

sj on

Shorter looks more age appropriate…she doesn’t look like she’s trying so hard. Plus, it’s cute and sassy!

Anonymous on

She looks far more ‘edgy’ with shorter hair – more of a trendsetter than a follower – not everyone can pull off short hair, but no matter how much Paris Hilton annoys me, I can’t deny the short hair looks fierce on her

anon on

I’d never use the word “classsy” to describe Paris, but I think the more natural looking the better, so I’d have to say the shorter style is nice.

Tammy on

I think she looks better with short hair

paula on

don’t like the girl, she is boring, don’t even know how she got to be famous? and if it’s because she parties? that isn’t a good role model for the tweens to watch. and paris is homely looking, not pretty at all.

Concerned Fashion Police on

Can you say grandma? that do does not work

drama diva on

wow, that just makes her look older – srry

Vicky on

Paris looks better with short hair. With the short hair she doesn’t try too hard to look younger. She actually looks more mature! I’m so loving her short do!

hannahh on

paris is younger and prettier with short hair…she has not the right face for long hair,she’s so preatty with short hair but maybe she think she’s more “barbie” and sexy with long hair…I think she’s so with short

casey on

i hate it!!!!!!!!!

Allison on

I love her short hair! Looks much more appropriate and much more believable than those too long extensions.

Anonymous on

my mom has a nice hair cut

aiza on

the hair was nice…she s more pretty than her long hair….hope she will stay that hair!!!

F0B on

It doesnt like really matter because she pretty much always puts in hair extensions.

autumn on

Paris looks great either way i kinda like her long hair but her short hair makes her look modern and refreshed

evelyn on

With Short hair she looks more sophisticated.

Sonya on

Paris classy?? get real, the girl has been and always will be pure trash.She isnt pretty in any way shape or form.

Anonymous on

I think Paris’ short style makes her look much older(in a good way). She looks like a grown-up woman.



Lorna on

I like the short hairdo on her. She looks good with long hair too but I agree with everyone else – she sound grow her own hair rather than have extensions.

maris on


Sofia on

I really like her short hair, it doesn’t make her look the a spoiled heiress, it makes her look like a mature spoiled heiress.

kaylynn on

i hate it sooooooooooooooo much

Katia on

I think the shorter style makes her look like she is in her 40s. Not very flattering. But then again, I don’t think any hairstyle looks good on her. Beauty is only skin deep and from what I know about her, she isn’t a decent person.

Steph on

looks better longer, short hair makes her look older than she is

fiona on

Paris rocks short hair. It gives her more sophistication and glamour.

Christina on

Definitely short! She looks her age and you can tell the extensions were fake but they made her look like a little girl playing dress up. The short hair is a keeper!

Randa on

def. short hair

tori on

i like it shorter it makes her not look like such an “airhead” then she already is! no offence though

Andy on

Since I don’t like her to begin with, neither looks good.

? on


Alicen on

-i dont care for her -but i like her hair better short

bob on

I guess it makes her look a little less ugly than usual.

Jazz on

Definitely love the shorter hair… She looks so much more mature! Its a great and faulous look!

Anonymous on

its not very attractive, but it’s something new, i was getting tired of her extensions anyways….

Colina on

Shes ugly with any hair do

Kayla on

Definately better short! she actually looks classy and grown up, which I didnt think was possible for paris!

Michelle on

I dont like it. It makes her face look like a little girl.

kat on

Hair is an improvment…now loose the fake blue contacts.

Athena on

I like her hair both ways but the picture with her and the short hair makes her lazy eye stand out more. Not trying to be mean.

Chuck on

Paris needs to quit worrying about her hair and get a new brain.

Peggy on

I think that she looks good with either.

alexis on

either way paris hilton looks amazingggg

alexis on

either way she looks totally

Anea on

I like her hair like this. She looks smart and sophisticated and brand new. I like it alot.

Sese on

it looks way better long!

Nicole on

Short hair definitely. The long hair emphasises her square face which is like ugg.

jen on

i like it better short but not quit that short

Kristine on

She look greit with short, but she look BAD with long hear!!

C.C. on

I dont know..but me personally i like the long hair on her. Even though they said short hair makes you look with a little more weight, i think it makes her look skinny. If she modeling i would go with the short hair. But other than that please but that fake hair on girl!!!

Stephanie* on

I think then she’s so beautiful with this short hair !!

She looks more young, and be better for her.

Chloe on

omggg I love either way shes beautiful love her!!!!

Nikki on

Eh.. I like her new haircut. It’s shorter, and more ‘sophisticated’, but the long hair just made her look pretty and cute. The new ‘do is hot, glamorous,
‘for like.. smart peoples.’

cristiana on

short…of course!
I thinks she looks more…beautiful and adult…

Jess on

I dont realy like Paris Hilton… I think that she is just famous for being famous. I think that her haircut look good she has a strong face which makes that haircut look good.

Kieyla on

She looks way more sophisticated with the short hair and less of a party girl

Anonymous on

i think paris looks awesome like that. the new hair ,akes her look nice and more mature. it shapes her face really nicelt and is nice. the long hair is really cool too and all but this short hair is a new stylish look. i mran look at katie holmes! she looks so amaazing with short hair. the new style paris has will be easier to manage and plus it looks great!

Jessni on

I love her hair short. It looks so sophisticated!

alden on

omg i think paris looks awesome with short hair!! It makes her look wayy more sophisticated!! haha thats hott!!! i love u paris!!

Gwendolyn on

SHORT!!! It makes her look more mature and not so “Barbie”. She should keep it short!

Margo on

The short hair really don’t looks bad, but i prefer long, it’s more her image

Kelli on

I think this was a step in the right direction for paris. I love her long hair but it looked like she was trying to hard to look younger. It was more of a party girl look. Her short hair is classy and mature.

blah on


Michelle on

I love her hair short. It makes her look more mature and sophisticated.

Dior on

I like the short hair better, the longer hair is cute but let’s face it, her hair was never that long to begin with.

sue on

You go Paris, I went short after husband #2 and I look sexy and I love it… You go girl!

chelsea on

Paris Hilton looks really glamorous
in the short cut……the long one is nice 2
but itz a normal style…the short is better…..

Ashley on

She looks cheap either way..

caitlin on

i love paris hilton and she looks heaps pretty with her hair shorter it gives her a little um…..i have no idea lol

Juliana on

Short hair on her is a lot sexier. I think it completes her look much better than long hair does!

Anonymous on


Laura on

I love Paris’ hair short. Long hair makes her face look masculine, very defined. Whereas the short hair makes her face more soft and feminine. She looks prettier. But not such a bimbo barbie doll look its a more grown up look.

Madeline on

OMG she looks so much more sophisticated with shorter hair and when she had longer hair she looked like she was a party girl.

Taylor on


Nicole on

DEFINATELY short. It makes her look so sophisticated :D

xoxoxoxxx on

i like both, but I think with short hair she looks more matured.for me she looks with the long hair like the party girl.she looks always gorgeous!!

amy on

Love her new hair! It really works for her and her extensions looked really, really fake. She looks more mature and sets a fashion statement for others to follow because this really is one of the few things people would wear of hers.

Kensleyy on

ii think lonq is betterr.. buh thats jus my opinion ii love lonq haiir mines bout mediium so im growiin it outt.
buh she looks prettty both ways!


frankiee on

i prefer the long hair on her
and it would be better cause you can do
more with it than short hair x

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