What's Vanessa Hudgens' Best Look: Straight or Curly?

08/22/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Michael Simon/startraks; Clark Samuels/startraks

We almost didn’t recognize the High School Musical 2 star when she showed up to the CBS “Early Show” with perfectly straight hair. We’re so used to seeing the young actress with her hair tied up in a messy, curly bun — but we have to admit we actually love this look on her! Not only is her hair gorgeous down, but it’s such a sophisticated and sleek look. But we do love the ease of the curly updo, too. We want to know what you think! Tell us: Do you like Vanessa’s hair better curly or straight?

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Ellis on

both great, however i like her in a long hair. much more mature and elegant..go vanessa

a.m. on

vanessa is super hot either way. she looks a tad bit cuter with her hair up but i think she looks great in both.

ross on

def curly!

Rita R on


cyn on

i think she looks better with curly hair. it looks a bit more relaxed. but, i think shes gorgeous both ways.

SpicyG on

Either way. She’s a beautiful young girl. She’s already got a great sense of style. I just hope that she doesn’t end up ruined like some others we know.

sidney on

well i would go for the straight. It looks sexy…

kailin on

vanessa is just absolutely gorgeous either way..!

Rose on

I think she´s gorgeous in either two ways! with her hair curly, is like more playful and girly look, but when he has it straight it´s a sofisticated and sexy bombshell.

Nicole on

She looks more bubbly and fun with the curly hair, but a little more sophisticated with the straight hair, more of a celebrity. Either way, I’m jealous of it!

Sailor on


shayna on

there both pretty but short

sara on

straight=very pretty.

Jessica on

Wavy! The straight is a nice look too but the wavy is young and fresh, and looks better with her features. She’s such a cutie!

Jessica on

I love the curly bun on her but the straight hair looks killer also. I don’t think I can decide. I wonder what Zac thinks…. :p

gigi on

i can’t really decide, she’ just looks SUPA HOT
either way, it’s crazy. im getting jealous
aahh well vanessa’s kickn ass!

Rebecca on

I love her updo! The straight look is a little boring and doesn’t do much for her, but her loose updo is makes her look fun and pretty.

indie on

she looks great on both!

Charity on

Its two totally different looks. The sleek look in hotter but the curly is cuter.

leslie on

curly =]
even though i have to admit she looks gorgeouss in both

Jackie on

I like both but those extensions are hideous

Paula on

I love both looks for Vanessa-she is pretty either way

Lily on

vanessa looks nice in both looks but the curly hair in the first pic, looks a little more natura so im going with curly but i think she looks great with the straight also!!!

lauren on

She is stunning both ways! She is a beatiful girl whatever she is wearing & how ever her hair is!!

lauren on

She is stunning both ways! She is a beatiful girl whatever she is wearing & how ever her hair is!!!



viv on


*****FashionCritic on

Professional Comment >>

Straight Hair Cause It Makes Her Look Taller!!

Cassie on

I love Vanessa’s hair both ways. Because when it’s up it could be good for evenings out. But when her hair is left down she looks more sophisticated and looks really great.

huh? on

Both ways are beautiful…curly is more daytime fun and straight is evening romance…but she can def pull off both

breeen on

I am her second cousin, and i am with Nicole, she is much more sophisticated with the straight hair, but she is cute any way, hugs people! see you soon

luv on

i think she looks bad either way

Maria on

Vanessa is gorgeous no matter what she does to her hair, but i like the curly bob better for her face. But shes a beautiful girl either way.

liz on

curly! curly!

taylor on

I think her hair looks awesome both ways!!!!!!!!

jenny on

shes a total trend setter
gorgeous she looks sexy in the straight
and fun flirty in the curls
we can all have fun with our hair
u should show a how to style for her

Arlene on

Who cares about her hair, I want that lip gloss in the first picture! Any ideas what that color could be and who makes it?

Clemence on

ugh i hate vanessa! shes such a wannabe-cool and wannabe-glamourous! she dresses really tacky and high school musical was the worst movie i have ever seen!

Jenna on

Vanessa has very nice hair, she can wear it curly or straight and it still looks magnifasent. Straigh hair makes her look more mature. As curly makes her looks younger.

Anne on

BOTH!!! God, she’s so gorgeous! I love her!

Kar on

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be so much “curly or straight,” but “ratty or vampy?”

nina on

Curly is better

nina on

Curly is better and she looks nice

yjhd on


kat on

i like vanessa’s hair either way, i love her she’s my idol.

Renee on

She’s gorgeous either way.

kendal on

i think her hair looks great always but striaght is more relaxed. why are people getting mad about her extensoins ashely wears them all the time no one gets bad at her. how does she get her hair so shinney it really is beatifull anyway

sunshine. on

i think either way she looks beautilful.
but if i had to choose one it would be the curly.
but then again the straight hair makes her looks
so i can’t decide.

Lori Beth on

I love Vanessa! She is such a cutie!!! Hair either way is georgous!!!

Lee on

I like her hair both ways.Her hair looks casual when it’s strait and when it’s up it looks like she’s going to a premere of a new movie or on a date with Zac.

Cassidy on

i like her haiar when its up and curly. she looks sexier that way

Naomi on

Gosh, so hard to chose because she’s gorgeous either way! Pretty much everything works on her.

Bella on

She looks cuter with it curly, but sooo much sexier with it straight. For her Disney stuff, it should be curly, but basically any other time she wants to look hot and glam, she should wear it straight.

jada on

vanessa is so pretty either wayy !! she rocks it both wayss. [:

miles on

it looks great both straight and curly, but it makes her look older when straight and short!

rebecca on

straight all the way she looks gorg.!

kimmy on

She’s beautiful either way. I LUV U VANESSA HUDGENS. UR SOO PRETTY. im way jealous. lol

olivia on

Vanessa looks so cute and Pretty. I love her pictuer. I love you Vanessa.

Emily on


Lexy on

Vanessa looks so much cuter with curlier hair because it brings out her smile and she looks so perky!

toolip on

She’s so beautiful thanks for loving her too People =) what a sweeetheart-she can pull off both looks!

Eleanor on

I like it both ways-when it’s long. I think the shorter haircut (like she had in High School Musical 2) makes her look like she’s really young, like 12 or something.

SaraM on

Vanessa looks great either way, but I would have to say I prefer her longer hair!

Stefane on


Elda on

i am loving her hair either way, i luv black hair (maybe because i have the same hair color) she is just so pretty!!

hailee on

CURLY!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY!!


Abby on

I think she looks great both ways, but the curly hair looks more youthful and carefree.

alia on

Well, that pic of her curly hair is kinda weird—it never looks like that:/ …

** But I loved her hair long AND curly. It was sooo pretty like that (when the first HSM came out)**

Vanessa’s gorgeous:)

Lori on

she looks gorgeous either culry, straight, long or short. i think she is absolutly goegeous

Alie on

Both. The straight hair looks sexy and the curly hair makes her look young and pretty.


I don’t think Vanessa Hudgens is beautiful. And she doesn’t have any style, so either are horrible! Why Zac Efron is daiting her?
Ashley Tisdale is much better.

kelly on

all her looks are great…but i like it curly

sophie on


Jamie on

I think she looks gorgeous both ways but I like the curly better. I think it makes her look older.

Emilie on

I hate it both ways!

Stella on

She’s just so gorgeous either way

Victoria on

she looks classy with straight, and fun with curls. but shes pretty either way.

sabrina on

vanessa is my idol and i think she is better with straight hair

Vanessa on

she looks beautiful in both but i wud prob prefer her hair curley i dunno y..she still looks goergeous with straight hair thou x

HSM Fan!!!!!! on

Both look FABULOUS!!!!!

Jt on

The Straight hair makes her look like every other teenager, but the curly sets her apart

Emilee ♥ on

Vanessa is so beautiful. I can’t pick, I like both hair styles. Her hair is gorgeous and so shiny. I really haven’t seen or heard too much about her until recently, and she seems to have a great sense of style, and also seems classy, which is great, because she seems ideal for all the young little girls to look up to.

nevin on

i think her long hair looks better because she looks more mature; and her hair looks different than she normally keeps it . :)

linsdsay on

I think she is hot either way. i would kill for hair like that !


Honestly people magazine, i think that she looks so pretty with curly only because that is her natual hair. (curly) i think that she loves it curly to because thats is how i see her everytime especially in HSM2, bye the way big ups for that movie. it was awesome… BIG FAN…!!!

Hannah Delemeester on

Curly All the way! I mean, don’t get me wrong but i’m getting a little tired of hair extensions..In the 2nd picture you can totally tell where her real hair ends

brittany on

I think she’s pretty and looks pretty both hairstyles..but I would have to go with curly :)

Megan on

probly strait,but they both look great!

Stacey on

I think Vanessa Hudgens looks great in both curly and staight hair. She is a very pretty girl with great style, has a very pretty face, and can rock any hairstyle or outfits. U rock v, all the haters out there are just jealous that ur pretty and there not….

Stacey on


Daina on

deff. with the short and curly. i think she looks better with the short hair in high school musical 2 than the long wavy hair in high school 1.

nan on

BOTH! She looks gorgeous either way because she has such natural beauty!

Leah on

i think that she looks way better with her hair curly it seems to express her way better

Lilly jOSSIEN on

she look perfect in both ways!!!love her!!

Hannah on

Hah, Deff. Curly!!

Kelsey on

I love Curly!!!! Shes more fun, stylish, and just herself with curly!

Val on

No matter how she does her hair, Vanessa looks gorgeous!!! Much prettier than Ashley Tisdale anyway!

july on

both. with her cute face, she can pull off any look. this girl’s definitely blessed

Jess on

I think she looks better with straight hair it makes her look more mature and sophisticated

mevans on

Curly makes her look fun, sophisticated, flirty and cutee! Def. curly. Long is too unflattering for her face.

kj on

she’s hot straight or curly but i like it better straight

cami on

i love the curly hair=]

sousou on


Kayla on

I personally think that both ways dont look good. If i was to choose it would be curly. I like the way her hair looked in High School Musical 2. Short and curly.

Nikki on

I Love Her Hair Either Way.
No Matter Which I Choose. V
Will Always Be My Idol/RoleModle.

I Think Curly xDD

Hannah on

i think that her hair looks really pretty in high school musical 2 when its all curly, but it still looks beautiful long and straight. so she can pull off either look.

Hannah on

i think her hair looks really pretty in high school musical 2 when its all curly, but it still looks beautiful long and straight. so she can pull off either look.



ariri on

both ways are great!!!!
she s cute in either ways…
shes soooo lucky of havin zac!!!!!

Dalia on


cadia on

i think curly since she is naturally curly

Di on

I like both!



kate on

good looking with two style.

Anonymous on

I LOVE both, I wonder how her hair is done when it is up

Laura on

She’s a pretty girl soo, it makes sense that both pretty much look good.

sara on

curly =D

Anonymous on


soussoula on

She’s gorgrous in either ways! But maybe, I prefere curly!

Jenna on


Anissa on

I think both looks good

Gabriella on

Vanessa looks great both ways, but I like her hair up in the messy side bun better. She has beautiful hair and skin and great style! Absolutely gorgeous.

asha on


chippyshero2066 on

Her hair looks better straight.

salena on

i think she is ugly anyway!

LG on

Vanessa Hudgen’s looks good in both straight and curly hair. She works both.

Colleen on

That’s tricky, but I would say curly. It just looks more natural and fun.

Julia on

She is so cute. Her hair looks good either way

fashion expert on

I think she looks better with straight because I saw her on Live with Regis and Kelly and she looked SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annika on

I think I like Vanessa’s hair straight. She looks more mature and elegant. But I would also say that even though it looks great straight there are certain ways that she can wear curly hair and still be mature and elegant. If she wears it straight I would say that she needs to cut it just a bit, it’s a little to long.

ksiu on

She’s so beautiful in both ways!i love her style:)

Anna on

I’m not a big fan of Vanessa, but she looks GORGEOUS in her sleek long straight hair. I love it!!

aj on

i wood have 2 say straight, but curly is cute

hi on


wildcat on

I like her hair curly

drama diva on

wow this girl is amazing from dating zac 2 looking great ilove her hair both ways, its actully a good thing she did it straght i got tired of the curly bun

Sara on

she looks stunning both ways!! so pretty! I wish I looked like her.

yoness on

she’s so pretty, i like either way

knock knock on

both amazing
the straight is very cute and sleek and a tiny bit more casual
and the curly is very cute and bubbly with a tiny bit of elegance

Kate on

Both look good, but i definately prefer the curly look… it makes her look fun and adorable, who couldn’t love it!

Anonymous on

curley definately


Curly looks cute on her!

Vanessa on

I love her both ways… but i like the curly updo a little better. Like i said i love her both ways.<3

rosanna on

i like it curly better cuz i am used to it that way

amanda on

omg shes sooo pretty both ways!! love you vanessa your my idol xoxoxo <3333 cnt wait till hsm 3 + 4!

bobo on

both r good but i lik curliy

Molly on

omg i totally heart the straight

D on

i love vanessa hudgens overall she is so sleek cute a very stylish i think she looks hot in both!! she has the best voice and hair sense and style vanessa rocks!!

jen on


doraexplrer on

she looks good either way, but i think curly looks the best

Marie on

Both,Vanessa is gorgeous anyway so I’d say that no matter what is her updo,she’ll always looks great!

maddie on

i like her with long hair, she’s looks sexy like that. but with short hair she looks like a kid becuase of her cheeks bones.

EJ on

i think that she looks more sophisticated and older with the straight, sleek hair and younger and cuter with her hair curly and up so depending on what look shes going for she can go either way and look great!

kathy on

Vanessa looks beautiful either way. The straight look makes her look sophisticated. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!! My daughter loves you. Stay a positive roll model.

Val on

both looks great!! shes gorgeous!!!

peyton on

Vanessa looks beautiful in both styles

peyton on

Vanessa looks beautiful in both styles.

JimsWife on

She could be bald and still cute!

toni on

she looks really cute in both! She always does, even though i liked her hair better when it was long and curly

Hannah on

Hey, I think that her hair up and curly is much pretty!! but she has always been someone I have looked up to becasue she does not do bad things like other celebrity’s do, and I like that!! You go Vanessa!

erica on


dancer on

i think vannessa looks much better with straight hair then she also looks great with curly hair 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasmine on

I love both but a kinda like her straight hair…..it makes her look older……elegant sophisticated…but curly works too! GO VANESSA!!!!

Dani =]] on

both look great but i like her hair up better-but thats just me

victoria on


Riley G on

I love her hair curly!!!

Lucky on

She looks older with the straight hair, but the curls are cuter and (I think) look better on her, either way she pulls it off.

Anna on

both look absolutley fabulous but i like the long hair i little bit more.

April on

I love it both ways…maybe straigh more. it looks heaps shiny too!! why cant mine look like that?? :P

dia on

both look good on her and she look elegant go vanessa

dia on

both look good on her and she look elegant go vanessa

Emily on

she looks hot either way. but I would say curly =)

adri on

a stretch calling it curly.

k on

i like both, but the straight look looks especially awesome.

SoCcEr on

i think both ways look good on her but i like the curly a little bit more

jenny on

I think vanessa looks gorgeous either way.
it doesnt matter wheter we like it.
If Zac likes it, thats all that matters.
im sure he thinks shes sexy either way.
shes so cute. id kill to look like that.

kelsey on

heyy i luv the curly not straight!!

S.M on

Goegeous both ways!
Curly is very beautiful!

heather on

i like her hair curly because it looks more fun and she looks really cute! but i like it straight because it looks very sweet and somewhat older1 i luv zac!

lms on

curly. it makes her look like she put more effort in to it

ally on

i like curly a lot more but straight is a nice change.

Desiree on

She def looks hot both ways, But for someone like myself.. I would prefer curly hair. I would die for curley hair. Go Vanessa!!

Alisa on

I like it curly!

m.k on

i think it looks better curly but shes gorgeous either way.

allie deefs on

I absolutely adore vanessa’s curly hair!

Anonymous on

she looks so much better with he hair short and curly i lov it

Marissa! on

I would have to say curly.

sese on

i like it straight

sese on

i think she is gorgeous both ways, she always looks nice

cassie on

i say curly

cassie on


michelle on

i love both. i wud go w/ the curly hair tho. more relaxed and fun…

Maricez on

She looks really good with both…and she`s a pretty young woman, no matter how her hair looks like.

Alyssa on

Curly or straight, Vanessa has really nice hair. But to me i like the straight look better. Its more playful!

MEL on

I think that she is so pretty in both photos and i think her and Zac are such a good couple and he is soooo SEXY and she is so lucky to have them.

Anna on

both look gorgeous on her!

Chloe on

curly of course!

Jill on

Vanessa looks amazing with either hairstyle, but i love her with her curly hair a tad bit more just cuz it stands out with her gorgeous look, more sassy in a rly cute way haha =D

taylor on

i love vanessa’s hair curly only if it’s longer. Otherwise i like it straight

Stephanie on

Gosh I’d Say Curly Because It Makes Her More Pretty And Perfect In Every Way



kay on

i think she looks cute both ways! whatever vanessa does, she always manages to look cute and sexy!

lilly on

i think she looks cute both straight and curly!! but i think curly is better. I wonder what zac thinks? lol

bree on

curly but she looks good in both but mostly curly

Sara on

She’s such a pretty grrrl. Curly works best.

amalie on

I think she look great either way, but i have to say that my favourite is when its up in that curly bun. It look so much more like ‘her’ if you know what i mean. She also looks happpier when her hair is up![:

boeylee on

Vanessa looks better when she’s got her hair curly, straight hair makes her less cute.

b on

i like her hair in a bun because her hair down and straight looks fake

melli on

she looks always beautiful,both looks good

Ashley Tisdale on

Hi this is Ashley and i love Vanessa’s hair straight but that is her extentions but she looks great with and without them!!!

Mikaila on

I think she looks pretty either way!!
Good job in high school musical 2!! <33

Mikaila on

I think she looks pretty either way!!
Good job in high school musical 2!! <33

Vanessa on

I think that Vanessa’s Hair looks much better curly because it’s her natural look and it’s just more casual and fun!!:D

Vanessa on

I think that Vanessa’s Hair looks much better curly because it her natural look and it’s just more casual and fun!!:D

yannicia on

i wonder what zac lickes beter on her

Monet on

I like her better staight because its sleek and sexy!

Lola on

I totally agree with SpiceG! Vanessa is a beautiful girl and has the cutest bf ever! I like her hair curly than straight, it makes her face light up! And yeah totally I hope she doesn’t end up in rehab like Lindsey Lohan or bald like Britney Spears!

Thomas on

any looks work

laurie on

her hair is so much cuter up and curly, anyone can straighten their hair

chantelle on

I would have to say the curly hair, it adds a little umph in her style.

Bobbi on

Vanessa looks good either way. Personally, I prefer the straight look. It makes her look a littler sleeker and sexier.

trisha on

i think she looks good either way she is just amazing

miss cheerleader on

curly curly curly! it makes her look more grown up.
&& it looks hotter on her!

dan on

i like her curly hair more coz she looks simply sophisticated with it…

dan on

curly, it’s simply sophisticated!!!

Casey on

I like her hair both ways. Although when it is straigt she looks much older and shopisticated.

Allie09 on

she looks beautiful in both ways but she looks much cuter and innocent with curly hair. The straight hair is okay but it gives her a more mature look therefore taking away all the cutness and innocence the curly hair gives her. But…….Vannesa you are beautiful and who would give anything to look as pretty as you either ways!!!!!!!!!:)

Vanessa on

I would have to say i like her hair………….definetly CURLY !!!

Irina on

i think vanessa looks amazing either her hair is curly or not

Tara on

i would say that the curly look is more urban but then offcourse the sleek look is more sexy so both i would say

massimo on

i love them both!

rebecca on

curly is better

BK on

I think that Vannessa looks beautiful either way although i would prefer the straight

jessica on

I think the long hair and wavy. the curly hair it is nice also

chelsea on

She looks beautiful in
both looks…..But i think
she looks cuter and nicer with the
curly hairstyle…..

Katherine on

I LOVE VANNESSA HUDGENS. She is such a great role model and I think that to all you people who say she looks bad, think about Lindsay Lohan and the likes.

She looks really cute w/ the curly hair, but totally sexy w/ the straight.

u r my idol, V.

wow on

i love her hair the way it is straight

AV on

I think her hair looks so much better straight and long.

kk on

chic and sexy in both ways

Keely on

I think that she looks much better with cruly hair but I am not a big fan of her.

Nici on

I like both. She looks great anyway, anyhow!!!

andrea on

both look great.Either way u rock…. set then trend girl,cute yet glam.

Madlen on


c on

i think shes cute&adroable with curly hair and she looks older&sophisiticated with straight hair. but either way, she still looks gorgeous.

Yatzie on

I like her hair straight then curly. Her hair curly looks all wild and ugly.

Yatzie on

straight hair is the best.

Milagros on

Vanessa is very hot, but I prefer the curly hair but I can say that straight hair is more elegant, love you vanessa

carly on

she looks younger with curles, I like them on her. with straight hair she looks more elegant and mature. but she is beautiful either way

lara on


Iria on


Lauren on

i think they both look GOERGOOUS
but i have to go with the curly hair! :)
but the straight is not to far away.

Elizabeth on

Curly!! But she looks hot both ways! LOL~

Nessa on

It doesnt matter if she has long atraight hair or short curly hair. shes a pretty girl who has an amazing style sense and she can pull anything off!

marisa on

I like both of them but in the picture of her with the straight hair I think she shouldn’t wear that much make-up. Other than that I think she looks good with both hair styles.

~ - ) on

Both ways are cute on her.

katrina on

curly for sure. straight eh! it looks good. but curly gets my vote for sure. but i love her either way. =]

ashley on

she looks older w/ her hair up.. she def. a pretty girl! i like it up better!

sarah on

def curly

Marisa on

I love Vanessa with what ever hair-do she is rocking.

JK on

I like it more straight.Butif curly,i like it more if the curls are softer and not big and wild.

Ava Lee on

As a curly Q myself, I love her hair curly! But with curly hair, its always a treat to see people with the curlies wear it straight but overall, I love her hair with the curly-wavy style!

Fredi on

I don’t really have a preference because she looks great either way. i mean the curly hair is fun and cute but the straight is mature and sleek. i like both!

Gianna on

She is an absolute babe! I love her to death! Stay strong! Either do’. But her hair with out the extentions is a little bit cuter.

melissa on

i think vanessa looks better with curly hair

rhianna on

i like curly hair on her it really suits her,straight looks odd !!!

anne boleyn on

i love your hair when its curly, vannessa. i have curly hair but mine looks nothing like yours. mine’s really big and im the only girl in my school with curly hair. everyone else has straightened it. i dont undrstnd why most people like straight hair. curly looks way better on you. zac liked u with curly hair befor why not now? straight hides your beautiul face.

lol anne xoxo

marie antouanette on

i love ur curly hair vannessa. keep it like that. it really stands out.makes u look younger and cuter.straight looks nice but curly’s better on u. u look really pretty. i’d kill for hair like yours

lol marie

elise on

omg!! u look amazing with curly hair! billions of people have straight hair. it really makes u stand out. STRAIGHT makes u look older and much different.

lol ur #1 fan elise

sara on

you look amazing with curly hair. dont straighten it. it makes u look way older. i couldnt recognise u at first with straight hair. plz keep it curly!
cant wait to watch HSM3.

love u sara

CURLY!!!!!!!!! on

i luv ur hair, vanessa. its so cool when its curly but its up to u to decide which one u like most.


president on

your hair looks adorable and sexy when its up and curly. im not really a fan of straight hair. have u noticed that millions of people think that you look awesome with curly hair? what kind of hair do you like?
lol p :)

jelly legs on

we love u just the way u are vanessa.


jelly legs on

curly hair like urs is really hard to get. you are so lucky.


captain hero on

i am soooooooooooooo jealous of ur hair vanessa! u are so lucky! it looks tons better curly. lots of people have straight hair(most of them straighten it). u lk awesm

idol o' liberty on

i cnt wait to see u in HSM3- WITH CURLY HAIR.

luv ur eye colour by the way.


capricorn on


if u want it straight u could just cut it short just like u did in HSM2.it was a bit wavy but thats what made it soooo awesm! u looked sooooooooo gorge then!!!

heehee on

you rock v! :)


u have great style!

luv u!

kerry on

hi vanessa!! im watching HSM2 RIGHT NOW!!!!!
u lk so amazing!! you have a great sense of fashion and gorgeous hair!. plz keep it curly!!

lol kerry -U ROCK V!!!

Jessie on

Well….I love them both on her. She looks really pretty with straight or curly hair. ;)

bruunrn on

I much prefer her with curly hair (:

Andrea on

I prefer curly hair bcuz you can do anything with it and it would make you look gorgeous. but nessa is a sexy gurl so any hairstyle would suit her

Ella on

well strait, but the both look georgous either way shes the best

alia on

i luv her hair curley

straight just seems too diffrent

but no matter wt she does with her hair it always looks nice

you go girl

luv yaaaa

Enia on

curly she lookS so better =)

Saleena on

I like it when her hair is up in a loose bun. I did my hair the same way and it’s one of my favorite hairstyles! I love Vanessa’s style.

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