Would You Wear Shorts as Short as Hayden and Cameron?

08/17/2007 at 01:00 PM ET


With the explosion of minidresses, celebrities like Amanda Bynes have been showing off their fabulous toned legs. But those dresses seem almost modest compared to some of the short shorts we’ve been seeing on stars lately. Recently we spotted Hayden Panettiere and Cameron Diaz sporting some eye-poppingly short shorts around town. As hemlines seem to be going higher and higher, we can’t help but wonder how short is too short. Tell us: Would you wear shorts this short? Do you like them on Hayden and Cameron?

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SpicyG on

No…I’m too old for short shorts.

Noelia on

well…with Cameron’s legs, I would walk even wearing just a bikini!

Hallie on

I think if you have the legs for it, sure. Shorter shorts on shorter people (like myself) also helps lengthen the leg.

Ruby on

Those would certainly not be flattering on most bodies. I wouldn’t dare wear those out of my backyard – they hardly look comfortable!

Rebecca on

I wear shorts that length that to bed, but NEVER would I wear something that short out in public! They don’t even look very good on Cameron, who has the most gorgeous legs. Both ladies should wear shorts at least a couple inches longer to better complement their figures.

Tracie on

If I had their legs… Heck Ya!

HLS on

I wouldn’t wear shorts this short because they couldn’t possibly be comfortable, and they aren’t flattering, even on ladies as toned as Cameron and Hayden.

Lauren R. on

In my small Southern town shorts like that are pretty commom. I wear shorts, but I prefer them to be a couple inches longer. I can’t stand feeling like my butt is hanging out and the tightness around the legs when they are that short.

dawn on

What are you advertising when your wearing shorts that short. Modesty is more sexy. These shorts my opinion in public only say one thing.

Angela on

I think they should be just a LITTLE longer. If I had their legs, I would definitely wear them.

Layla on

Those shorts are a little too short but I don’t see the problem if you have the body for it. They look okay on Cameron, but Hayden doesn’t look right in them.

Shay on

I think they’re way too short. And Hayden is a minor- she’s not even 18 yet!! I would never let my teenager wear shorts that short out in public. They look like underwear. What a bad example to set.

dieselchloe on

They look great on Cameron, or anyone with legs that are long and lean.
Hayden has a very stumpy body. She’s toned, but her thighs are big. Shorts this short aren’t very flattering on her.

gisele on

I am thin and have long legs, and the only shorts i have found to flatter them, are short shorts!! Haydens are trashy looking and a bit kmart esque!!! I loooove Camerons!!

ashley on

Who are these commenters saying how trashy these shorts are? Have they not been out? Pretty much all teenagers wear shorts this short!

Personally I think Cameron is a little old to be wearing shorts this short, but she has the body for it. Hayden’s a cute girl, but she has big legs. They do not flatter her at all. To pull off a look like this you have to have long thin legs.

Tabitha on

I actually wear short that short! I have great long legs and it summer. If you are in shape you should go for it.

jess on

Hell no Cameron tries too hard and hayden did she ask her mom for permission

Maggie on

If I had legs like theirs, heck yeah, I’d wear short shorts!

Jennifer on

It looks like they’re wearing denim underwear and forgot to put their pants on. The shorts, on Hayden, make her look chunky. Cameron doesn’t look fat, but she doesn’t look good either. I have noticed that for the past several months, Cameron keeps wearing these teeny, tiny, short little dresses to formal events. She is beautiful, but the dresses look trashy. We get it already! Cameron has nice legs! How about showcasing them in something with taste?

LJ on

Since when you need to have a public approved body to wear what you want? They both look great, plus is summer and it is hooooooooooot! Hayden has a cute, toned, curvy body and she looks great with anyting she wears. Cameron has a nice body to and she can wear anything she wants.

long and thin legs are not desired by everybody.
Most people in latin America see long thin legs as broomsticks. And curvy bodies are better than stick thin ones.

alia on

I only wear shorts when I’m at the pool or beach…never when I go out—but you just have to wear shorts in the summer…it’s way too hot not to!! …these girls look cute:)

ashley on


Who doesn’t want long toned legs? Nobody said they have to be stick thin with no shape. My family is from Venezuela and I’ve never heard of anyone NOT wanting long legs. You can still be curvy and have long legs.

georgie on

hayden has thunderthighs and she should stay away from all those short shorts, skirts and dresses!

S on

If my legs were as toned as their’s are, I might wear short-shorts, though probably not quite so short.

anonomus on

i think that everyone can wear what they want! i think they are a little to short but thats ok! and you people dont need to be so mean saying hayden is “too fat” to wear those shorts! i think she looks fine! celebritys have feelings too and we dont need to say anything mean to there faces! if you have a not nice comment keep it to yourself! i think they both look good but the shorts should be a little longer!

Kristen on

I’m only 5’2 and i have a longer torso than legs so this trend wouldn’t suit me.

enigma on

I wore short shorts back when I was 20 but, now ten years later, I don’t have the mind set to look like that anymore….you know what I mean!?

Alana on

I wear shorts that length, cause I have nice toned legs from running.
if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Lorna on

I think they both look good and I have shorts that short.

I dont get why people are saying Hayden has chunky legs, its a refreshing change to see a youngster in Hollywood thats showing off a body that isn’t stick thin and looks ill. I think her legs look great.

Jenna on

No, Neather of them have the legs for it. And i dont. I would look like Hayden..

k on

Of course!!!! i love short shorts!!!! so hot

Manni on

Short shorts are fun in the summer, but these two examples are just a little too short and a little too tight to be flattering, even on them.

P.S. Thank you Ashley for the response about curves and long legs. Took the words right out of my mouth. No body type is “better” than another so long as people are healthy.

Kitson on

hey if you got the nice legs then show them off. Better show them off now because soon you will turn 80 and they will be all full of wrinkels, spider veins and age spots. Yuck!

cat on

i´d wear them if i had the legs..

LJ on

I didn’t say that nobody likes long legs, I said that not everybody likes them.
What I meant is that not because you have short legs you should keep yourself away from shorts. And I stand with what I said, not everybody likes long, thin legs.
I think that Hayden has great legs and not because they are short it means she can’t flaunt them. Cameron has great legs to, but she is taller so of course she is going to have longer legs. Come on people give Hayden a break, she is cute and a little more curvy and so what? Not every woman in the planet needs to look the same.

Elda on

if you are covering the most important parts of your lower body like both are i say what not!

helen on

they are very short, but when you’ve got legs like camerons why not?

Dubravka on

Even if I had Cameron’s incredible legs I would still not wear these shorts.

Karen on

i would. if you’ve got great legs, why not? the only problem is, too many people dont have nice enough legs to pull it off and they think that they do. not flattering if your legs are not toned, people!!! also, theres a limit to how short you can go. once the cheek is hanging out, its too short!!

Tara Leigh on

if i had their legs-hell yes!!
with my legs–no way

And what”s up with those horrendous gladiator sandals that Cameron Diaz has been wearing everywhere??

Kelly on

I think that Cameron has incredible legs, but even on her they are just a little too short. Hayden isn’t fat, but she’s short and really has a body very similar to mine, so I am passing my insecurities onto her. She is cute, but I wish they were longer. It looks like her inner thighs rub together, which is a feeling that I can’t stand.

someone on

i think there a little too short but with legs like those and its summer i think i wuld but at least there evening it out there not twearing low cut shirts cuz then it wuld b hoeyy!

Jane on

Can you find out the brand behind Cameron Diaz’s white flip flops? Thanks.

Jamie on

I love short shorts! They are the perfect combo of casual but cute and simple but sexy. I agree that modest is hottest, but with legs like that, go for it!

Mz.C on

Well I like Hayden shorts better but I love Cameron’s legs so if they switched shorts it would be even better but if I had legs like either one of them I will be showing my ass off too.

hayley on

yyeah i do cuz they r super flattering. I ve got teh exact same body as hayden soo yeah tehy look cute

Lauren on

Cameron’s legs are amazing! Long, lean, and flawless! I would totally rock those shorts as well with her beautiful legs….hayden however looks a little squatty because her stems arent as long

l on

Hayden has cute legs are you guys kidding???? A guy would look at Hayden’s legs before Cameron’s!!! Not that Cameron has bad legs either, but Hayden’s are sexier to guys!!

Back to the shorts, they’re nasty with a capital N! Hayden is young and dumb, but Cameron is older than me she should know better!!

pharmgirl59 on

If I looked like that, heck yeah!

Mrs.Balbuena on

I say they have the legs for them then why not? I love wearing short shorts because my legs are really toned and I look good in them. I see no problem with this trend.

Ashley on

I’m from Florida, this is the (unfortunately) preferred length of girls ages 12 to 35. Now, I’m not saying I don’t have shorter shorts, but I ALWAYS make sure there’s absolutely no way my tush is showing at any angle. Another two to three inches and these shorts would have been great.

brittany on

If I had a body like that I would…the saying is ” if you have it flaunt it”.

indie on

short shorts are comfortable in summer. i love wearing them especially when i’m on the beach…

marie odabas on

i actually usually wear shorts everyday, cause here in oahu it gets up to the 80s and 90s like everyday…

Bridgitte on

I think that if you have the right shape its maybe okay, but if you dont, try a bit of a longer pair. I like short shorts but not that tight and short.. if you know what i mean.
Still, i like short shorts

alana on

sometimes in the summer it justs gets too hot, and shorts this short are comfy. however, if they are too tight, or your buttcheeks are hanging out, its no longer attractive. and if you KNOW they dont flatter your body, please dont wear them! the reason why shorts this short are more wearable than a short dress is that you cant accidentally flash your naughty bits in shorts!

Sarah on

I am 5’8, which I guess is fairly tall, and am around size 2/4 so I like to wear short shorts, I have to be careful how I wear them though so it doesnt come off whorish because they can sometimes looks skanky if you have longer legs.

Ayzlin on

I think both look great in those shorts. I really think its stupid that most of you think that you should have long legs 2 wear these shorts. I prefer Haydens legs over Camerons. Whats wrong with having an athletic and curvey body? She should stay proud of how she looks. Since when is having skinny long legs the best way 2 go?
I also dont think the sorts are trashy. If everything is covered up and in place, why not wear them?
I fully support them!

ofri on

LJ, it’s not about everyone having the same kind of body, it’s about wearing what flatters whatever body you’ve got. This particular look only looks good on thin women with thin legs. They can be short or long, but if you’ve got big thighs, it just looks bad. Hayden is not fat by any stretch of the imagination. Her thighs look muscular, not like “thunder thighs” as someone so elegantly observed earlier. Still, the fact of the matter is her shorts are too short and too tight around her thighs and I think they look bad. She’d look much better in a skirt or bermudas. I’m not hating, cause Hayden looks a sight better than I would in those shorts and I think her body is very cute.

meghan on

well one reasin i wouldnt wear them is because thay look like thay would give you wedgei everytime you sit and no. 2 thay are way too short for me when you have a big butt and thigh(like me)thay are really hard to pull of .

Alli on

i love short shorts!!! they are so cute. (on me) ha ha jk. but to wear them u have to look good in them

Jessica on

I think Hayden looks good if you have the legs use them. I think Cameron is just a bit to old for that look. I think short shorts are reserved for the the younger girl/woman. Sorry Cameron

Amber on

Sure, why not? They’ve both got great legs, and hey, when it’s hot outside…

Megan on

I’m a model. I can pull off this look, some skinny celebs can also. If I were a size 2 or 4 it wouldnt look right. The only people that I think can wear shorts that short, are people who are sizes 00 or 0. They also have to be proportionate. You would’nt wear a belly shirt or a tunic with these. You wear a semi-form fitting t-shirt or a shorter tank top. With these shorts you also want to steer away from wearing your new red 6-inch jimmy choos. If you want to wear dressier shoes, I would opt for a nice pair of ballet flats. Casual flip-flops will probalbly look best.

Emilee ♥ on

Absolutely. I wear shorts like Cam’s and Hayden’s all the time. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as your bits in the front and from behind aren’t hanging out. The shirts Cam and Hayden paired with their short shorts aren’t revealing neither, so their outfits they put together looks very nice, there’s nothing that says they’re skanky whatsoever. Plus it’s Summer so I’m taking full advantage of wearing shorts and getting a nice tan all at the same time. I don’t want to be limited to something that I feel uncomfortable in, especially when you have to live in hot muggy weather, yuck. So I think as long as you’re covered up and still dressing tastefully {shoes and shirt}, it’s okay to wear short shorts. I really like Cam’s sandals too.

Renee on

I would if I had nice legs. They’re pale, and it doesn’t help that I have port wine stain birthmarks all up my left leg.

victoria on

yesss! ..well im only saying that because i am on the smaller/taller side! if i was obese or over weight i would find a deiffernt short to flatter my body. In my situation, yes i would were these

Katarina on

Both Hayden and Cameron look like they have huge wedgies with those shorts on. I personally love short shorts, but you have to know how to wear them right.

anonymous! on

i’m wearin the same ones as cameron right now.
i think they look great.

Taylor on

shoot yea i would wher them….. if my mom would let me!!:)

Taylor on

heck yea…….if my mom would let me!!!:)

ChicandStylish on

I think they are okay, but a little longer length would look more appropiate. Cam is too old to wear shorts that short. Both ladies have great legs, but I think these shorts are just a little too short, they might as well be wearing a bikini bottom.

Luisa on

i think Cameron looks really cute on ’em but my legs are kinda big and large but they’re pretty

Tiaamii Victoria on

I am about a size zero and these short shorts really look flattering on me (or so I’m told) and I don’t think that Hayden needs to ask her mom for permission (like lots of comments say) to wear them. I think they’re really nice and they are really fashion this summer. Both Cameron and Hayden look great it them.
Love, Tiaamii

Amy S. on

These shorts aren’t as bad as people are saying in the comments. They accent both Cameron’s and Hayden’s legs in a flattering way, and women with long toned legs can pull this off.

Jessica on

I think those shorts are so short that they make their legs look a little bigger than they actually are. They both still look gorgeous though.

cadia on

i have shorts like these and i wear them all the time but yet again i’m 14

taaylorr on

fer shure

jen on

I think that Cameron looks great! Hayden could pull off the length, but her shorts need to be a little looser so it doesn’t look like she is busting out of them. I have short shorts and I have very short legs. They make me look taller

Tia on

For someone with legs like that they are really cute and quite flattering

Lilly on

umm.. no way to short

StephAce on

Well, I wouldn’t wear shorts that short, but if I had the gams like either one of these two gals, I would. I don’t see a problem as long as your upper body is covered up, and vice versa. If you have a low cut top, you should wear something that comes no high then your knee.

alicia on

cams look good but haydens make her thigs look super muscular. so no it does not look good.

Jessica on

If I had Cameron’s legs then yeah, but not with Hayden’s. It looks kinda funny cause her legs are short

Phyllis on

Years ago I wore shorts like that and I can remember, even though I was slender, that they were uncomfortable. My opinion now is if I have to have a bikini shave to wear shorts then they are too short. I live in the deep south, where the temps are running 103-104 right now (not heat index either) One night years ago I wore a gauze bohemia ankle length skirt with a cameisole (that wasn’t revealing) to a party on the river. Not only I was cooler and more comfortable but I had alot of men who thought it was the sexiest thing they had ever seen.

Lize on

Way too short for my taste.
Looks like she has no money to buy clothes and has to wear her old pair of shorts from back when she was 13 or something.Hayden: you´re a big tv star now, and I love your show.You´ve got money to spend. Get yourself some clothes, ok?

Claire on

I love both girls but I have to say they both look like a wreck! Hey!…….My grandpa has that had (Clevelend Golf). :) But one thing I don’t like is how Hayden matched those tiny shorts with those HUGE tennis shoes! Love you Hayden but I don’t like that outfit! I wouldn’t wear the shorts.

Mary on

I think to myself would I want my 16 year old sister walking around in that short of shorts? No way! Its good to show off what you have, but leave a little to the imagination.

Iman on

No. I mean my legs aren’t ugly, believe me. But seriously they might as well be wearing underwear. No scratch underwear, a freaking bikini. Thats gross, toned or not your ass would STILL be hanging out. Thats not only nasty but a bad example on young girls these days. I mean would YOU want YOUR child wearing that? They should seriously grow up and start dressing their AGE. Especially Cameron.


I think the shorts are wayyyyyyyyyyyy too short because it would look like a bikini!

sousou on

those shorts are way too short, i wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them. im thinking they should wear shorts a bit longer!

asha on

NO! haha.. Its just not flattering..even though they have great legs..lets just say people would stare and be grossed out if i walked around with that short of shorts.

Jess on

Yeah, for sure. If I had there legs… definitely!

Francesca on

I wish i could, but i dont have the body.

rachel on

got it- flaunt it.

Sara on

if u’ve got it, flaunt it..

Chloe on

I think that the short shorts are a little too revealing and expose just a little too much.

Heather on

I would definatelly not wear shorts that were that short but that’s only because I don’t have the body for it, both of these ladies do and so I don’t have a problem with it, I would however if they were wearing things that short on the red carpet or to a primere ect. but for just running around and living I don’t mind.

maggie on

if i had cameron’s legs…absolutely.

Xena on

Um…..NO. I would not. Dont get me wrong I like short skirts and shorts but that is just to short. I am only 19 but I dont like how shorts keep getting shorter. If I were going to wear shorts that were the same length as my thong, then I would just wear my thong. And i know someone who likes them will say “You dont have to buy them”. Well I will say that I am 19 and do not fit in womens clothes because I am tiny. I am not petite just small. I only fit in juniors cuts still and everything in juniors will go short short if that is the style. I dont understand why somegirls would not ever walk around in underwear but if someone was to change the fabric of the underwear to denim and call it a pair of short short they would were it. Craziness. All in all I dont intend on wearing these shorts and exposing my butt and crouch for the world to see.

nikki on

I would if i had better legs

Vesna on

Yes i would definately wear short shorts!
they are great for summer and look great on hayden and cameron!
nothing wrong with a nice pair of short shorts!
lOve it!

Chrissy on

What ever happened to class? Modesty?

I don’t like super short shorts.

fictitiousmermaid on

I don’t want to sound like an oldie but it’s way too short, even a girl with gorgeous gams like Cameron looks kind of tacky with it. and I don’t think Hayden should be wearing those shorts.. They are not really flattering on her..

Lauren on

if i didnt have thunder thighs i would but i do wear short shorts… just not as short as thoughs lol

Bella on

Of course!!! I wear them all the time. But, I work hard to keep my legs toned. I’m also short, so that helps make them look better. However, I don’t wear shorts that my butt hangs out of. That’s just disgusting!

luz on

i love those shorts!.. i would wear them!.. :D

celina on

I’d wear it if I didn’t have big thighs… if they can pull it off and it doesn’t look nasty… go ahead…

Ting on

well if i had like cameron’s looooooooooooong legs… YES!! omg her legs are sooooo nice!!!



lindsay lohan on

if i had those legs
i would wear those shorts
i drink to much dont you think?

Em on

I think the shorts are TOO SHORT! Whats the point of wearing bottoms at all? I guess you could be like Kate Hudson and just not wear any. Really, I hope teenage girls don’t run around in those shorts because they are distasteful, cheap, and yell “easy.” I really like Hayden so i am disappointed in her attire.

HAyden on

I look great in those shorts and camron does also …u just need the right legs to pull them off

Kenzie on

I am actually wearing a pair of VERY short-shorts like Cameron or Haydens right now! LOL! I think that everyone can or can not wear these shorts but it all depends on your figure! For example I can wear them because I am very tall and thin and have tiny legs so they look great on me!

rosanna on

they are really short but her legs looks a bit big but i would wear them

sassy on

thats disgutsing…I would NEVER wear anything like that it seems girls these days are looking skankier and skankier I mean don’t get me wrong a little skin isn’t all that bad but that is just gross.

kc on

hell yahhh! with those pair of legs, of course i would! but with my body type, i think it would not be flattering and absolutely uncomfortable…

Nini on

Hey, if you have the legs, then why not?!?!?

nicole on

yes i look sexy in them

chris on

I think they look great. Both have great looking legs. If you got them why not show them off. I would definitely wear them and they are comfortable with so much freedom. Same thing they wore in the 70’s and 80’s.

mike purtee on

Both of those ladies are beautiful. True not everyone looks as good as they do. ,but truely they are sexy. I wish more woman would wear them.
This is why guys don’t have much to do with their wives. They don’t wear anything sexy. So while we are screwing the sexy co-worhker at work. So please keep wearing your long boring shorts. Don’t believe me? watch your man around a sexy woman. His eyes will wonder, and so will his mind. Thank You for your time

Sprmcandy on

WoW !!
Cameron is a Beautiful Gorgeous Lady.

Gabriela on

I would if I had nice legs like Camoron’s or Hayden’s

JB on

Hayden looks hot in whatever she wears,especially when its showing off her ass mm!

envy pamintuan on

yeh i can and i actually do. even as a guy i can easily pull it off even if a lot of people are looking. i have shaved feminine legs.

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