Would You Wear Cameron's Big Chanel Bag?

08/16/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Humberto Carreno/startraks

Stars carrying oversize bags is nothing new — from Jessica Simpson to Mary-Kate Olsen to Nicole Richie, big bags have taken over Hollywood. So it says a lot when a hefting bag stops us in our tracks. We cannot stop staring at Cameron Diaz‘s Chanel denim bag — it’s practically big enough to be a suitcase (and at $1395, that wouldn’t be a bad way to make the most of it!). Her Pierre Hardy metallic saddle bag, worn on her other arm, is a lot more our speed. But we want to know what you think! Tell us: Would you wear Cameron’s denim Chanel bag? Do you wear bags that big?

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ab on

are you sure that’s not a shopping cart? ridiculously large!

Casey on

The bigger the better is what I think! I love it! I would definetly sport this bag! Go Girl!

terika brown on

soon stars will have duffle bags to carry!

i on

ii would love to wear that gorgeous bag. ITS soo expensive and its gorgeous.. CHANEL IS HOT

FH on

Look at me! I didn’t get enough attention as a child!!!

jaye on

why not? its cute and perfect for all that i carry/collect on a typical day out.

renee on

obviously it is a tote bag!She has her purse on her shouder.

Stella on

I love Cameron’s style…she always looks so chic and polished, even when totally casual. Her hair and makeup is always FAB! I would only carry a bag this big if I had a purpose for it. I would use it for the beach, park, an overnight stay or short trip carryon but not as a purse. She looks like she’s using it the same way because she does have a regular purse on her other shoulder.

Lola on

Ugh! No. It looks weird and like something on http://fashionpoirot.ebloggy.com . Also, bags that size cause serious back and shoulder problems because of their weight.



dawn on

Got a quick question? All these environmental conscience stars waste so much money on accessories made in third world countries. When environmentally wouldn’t it be better to use one item over and over again? I don’t care how much they make what i see is no one reuses anything what happens to them more public waste? Are any of these items recycled?

mari on


regine setton on

i actually have that bag i love it

Becca H on

While the bag is great and all I think it’s too distracting to the Mary Kate and Ashley shoes she’s sporting. Love the color but I just can’t get into the whole gladiator sandal thing.

Jacinda on

No. It’s too large, but does anyone know who makes her white leather flip flops she’s always wearing? PEOPLE, could you find it for me please?

marilyn on

great bag but just a tad to big.

Tracie on

Obviously she is not using it as a purse. I think it is adorable and would LOVE to have it.

Shayna on

Yes!! Adorable and can fit so many things. I love all bags big and small from my dooney and bourke wristlet to my coach hobo LOVEEEE

IR on

Don’t get me wrong I love Chanel syle but this bag is too large for anyone to carry around. You might as well carry a suitcase around than large Chanel bag.

Morgan on

chanel is hot, and so is cameron! and since shes wearing a purse, the chanel bag is sooooo not a purse. its probably like an overnight bag or something. i have a ton of Longchamp bags as big as that, and they’re really useful.

sc on

Absolutely! I have it in black patent leather and love that it can carry everything or just a few things. It’s perfect for air travel as well! It can fit all your mags!

HSM Fan!!!!!! on

uh… yeah!!! its a little big but i would TOTALLY wear it!

Maria on

sure why not?

Porcshe on

Oh for sure! In fact, I bought one recently- I can’t wait to parade around with it!!! It’s amazing! The bigger the better! Oh too cute- Great for Chanel! il tres tres chic!!!!

Karin on

Its not a purse, its a bag to carry bigger items. So of course I would use it when going to a park, or beach, or maybe even gym.

And to the person that talked about environmentalism, its actually good for the environment to use a fabric (and not leather) bag instead of paper or plastic bags. Maybe she stopped by a farmers market to pick up some fresh bread, and decided to use a tote instead of a plastic bag. We don’t know, so we shouldn’t judge.

The bag is cute.

S on

Okay, FH, what are your issues about??? Give her a break – it’s a purse! Considering she was on the set of her new film, and it looks as though she’s leaving, she probably needed to bring a lot of stuff with her.
I love big bags, and if I had a lot to carry, I’d use a bag this large.

laura on

aaaaaaaaaa chanel!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE

Ana on

yeah! why not?? it`s perfect for SHOPPING!!!!

Amber on

Who cares about the bags. Where’d she find those delicious shoes?!

Stephanie G on

From a Pilates standpoint, carrying something that huge is going to throw your body’s alignment off. Plus it looks like a walking billboard for Chanel.

SpicyG on

How much stuff can one person need for a day? Between her “purse” and the “tote” I could go on vacation for a week with what could be put in those bags. I usually carry a small handbag because I just don’t feel like I need to carry everything I own plus the kitchen sink with me everywhere I go.

SpicyG on

I forgot to mention another reason I carry a small handbag is my doctor told me NOT to carry large bags like that because they are bad for your back and neck. You put too much stuff in them so they are too heavy.

Sonja on

I love big bags!!!

Sonja on

I love it!
Great bag.

Rebecca on

Cameron who? Oh, is there a person back there? Actually it looks like she has a separate purse, so she’s probably hauling personal items somewhere- looks like it might work as an overnight bag. Otherwise, no, I would not be hauling around that much junk.

E on


Heather on

Not as a person, but definitely as a tote for overnight things.

Alice on

The bag is adorable, she is adorable and its obvious that she is not using it as her purse.

Elizabeth F. on

maybe she uses it for when she gets tired of walking. just hop on inside and have a bodyguard carry you.

or maybe she just lives in it. save money on the hotels ;)

Nicole on

Maybe as a beach bag. Other than that, I can’t find a reason to carry a bag that big.

narthel almeda on

I actually like it!!!….u can put a lot of stuff on it,….expensive though ….

Emma on

I would always want to wear a Chanel bag, but never one that big !!!!

I mean it looks like a shopping cart, haha :/

♥ Summer on

Oh yeah, my shoulder bag just couldn’t fit all my s*** in there, so I had to put everything in here. Next I’m going to need a mobile home.

Vanessa on

The bags aren’t porportioned to their skeleton figures! That is SO tacky.

Adedeji Olayinka Adewale on

it make ladies smart ,makes there dressing complete and even it what invoukes.

Jenna on

Yes! Its soo cute! I love Chanel!

Emily on

wayyyyy too huge, who would need a bag that big, unless your going to the beach!

Lauren R. on

I can’t find anything in my purse as it is. The only way I’d carry that would be to put my gym clothes in it.

kali on

i would cause its expensive and when ur rich u have the right to show it off lol :) but it does look funny cause the bag is bigger then her

Courtney (: on

Who knows, maybe Cam is carrying a contortionist in her ginormous bag??

Jennifer on

Isin’t that her dressing trailor right behind her? I think she is on a shoot, carrying things she needs. It is not her purse.

alia on

The bag is fine…*but the Jesus sandals are not:/*

Amelia L. on

That one is a little large for my taste. I do own some big purses, but none that take two hands to carry!

Alana on

sure I’d carry a suitcase around that large.
but bag? come on!

Daisy on

Call me small-town, but I don’t “wear” any bag – I carry it. If it’s big enough for me to “wear”, then it’s too big!

Mary on


Actually a lot of high-end fashion accessories are made in Europe. Manolo Blahniks and Christian Louboutins are made in Spain or Italy, for example. Dior and Fendi sunglasses are also made in Italy. Also, your reusing-accessories idea would never work–things wear out or go out of style. I don’t think even a environmental-conscious celeb would want to be carrying around a purse circa 2000.

Personally, I think Cameron’s bag is way too huge, although if she’s using it to go shopping, it would make sense (gotta hold all those shopping bags).

Sara on

Depends. oh, god not the underwear (But that might explain what she could possibly use that 4)
I wouldn’t use it regularly because its bad for ur posture. But to the beach, yeah. and as a messenger bag, ya.

aq on

Yes, I have that exact Chanel bag in two colors in patent black and tan and it is great to carry everything in. These particular duffel bags will be one of the accessory pieces for fall 2007-Spring 2008. If you can get one in any version it doesn’t have to be Chanel flaunt it baby! You go Cameron.

helen on

generally i love camerons style, but it looks like something you would put your food shopping in. but i would gladly carry my food shopping in it lol.

Anonymous on


Adrina on

Love Cameron’s style…..maybe she’s carrying around Drew Barrymore in that bag.

FH on

S –

Issues? I agree with the poster that stated the bag looks like a giant billboard for Chanel. I feel that people who walk around with giant brand labels just want attention. My opinion, like everyone else posting here. Even without the Chanel logo, that bag is fugly to the max. Should I suggest because you find the bag attractive that you have issues? Have your opinion, I’ll have mine, thank you very much.

Jamie on

I love the over-sized bag trend, but that’s even a bit much for me. However, it’s a cute bag and I love Chanel and Cameron has always been a trend-starter. So, we will have to see if other stars start sporting bags like these!

Mz.C on

Of course I would wear a bag that big cause that Chanel is just too cute. I love me some Chanel.

amy on

I would use that bag, but it is way to large. Anyway really big bags aren’t in, we are down to medium sized bags and the regular sized bags.

pharmgirl59 on

Wheres the wheels on this thing? I’m thinking chiropracter……

nouf on

hehe,actully i got the same one=p,and i love it=)

nouf on

hehe actully i have the same one:p,and i love it:D

Ashley on

Paris Hilton could fit ALL of her little tiny dogs in there!!!

It would work as a carry on for a flight, if you could manage cramming into the overhead storage.

caleigh on

for school i definately would!

Joann on

I looooove that bag. The bigger the better

marie odabas on

yeah if i had to sleep at someones house for a week…

Erin on

I think the bag is awesome, as long as it is full of things you can’t have a bag that big EMPTY!

Ayzlin on

Yeah, i agree with Elizabeth F., hahaha
Its just insane, way 2 large!

Jennifer on

LOVE it! I want it!!!!

meghan on

i wouldnt wear it because i wouldnt even have a nuf stuff too put in i mean if i was lucky i could fill maybe out one corner of the bag and beside it look like a duffle bag enyway ether way its too for me .

sophia on

it depends were im going.
but it’s a verrrrrrrrry cute bag!

Cj on

sure! but too spendy for me!!

Emilee ♥ on

As you can see, Cam is wearing her metallic saddle bag on her other arm, so the Chanel tote she has obviously has to be for something else, but even if she was using it as her everyday bag, who cares. The Chanel tote is actually really cute and I would love to own this bag. Of course I wouldn’t wear this tote everyday, but for a day at the beach, park, going on vacation, it seems to be ideal. I like over-sized bags anyways, probably not this big, but I do own a few that I use every now and again, but mostly I use when going to the beach or something.

liz the princess on

its just a little too big.

Lauren on

The BIGGER the better, my friends! That bag is hot!

who cares on

My mom always had a tote bag when I was growing up, in which she put her purse and tons of other stuff. They are way better if you are planning on carrying actual stuff, and not just a purse for fashion.

Milay on

I love B-I-G bags and you can definitely never go too big when it’s CHANEL!!! I love it!!

Chelseaa on

Yeahh sure its large , but so cute! I would totally wear tht bag :).

Heather on

What is that? She could carry a small child in that thing!

lol on

that bag is a joke! totally fake.looks cheaply made.too big

Krissy on

I love big bags- Plus I’m sure she has a lot to carry around most of the time. She can get everything she needs in that huge pretty bag. I love it!!!!!

Anonymous on

she looks lost

clara on

OMG i loove this bag. i have the exact same one and i use it to carry my school books in!

erica on

ew no.

Claire on

Hey! LOOK! She is wearing those tiny shorts again
! Haha! :)

carrie on

I would wear it because at my highschool we are allowed to carry back-packs around and this bag would be a nice alternative to Jansport every day.


I think the purse is too big for her. Besides what will she put in there small tv or keyboard???

Ladyluck on

Americans and their idiosyncrasies…

How do you wear a bag? You put on socks or trousers, you wear a dress, but you carry, I repeat, carry a bag, the same you would a briefcase, or do you wear briefcases as well?

monique on


Yes, I would love the Chanel bag. Fun Fun, Fun is the word.


Jasmine on

I am in love with this bag! I say the bigger the better! I luv Chanel!

Chloe on

A little too big for my personal taste. I think that the color is nice though.

bb on

I’ve never liked items with a huge logo on it. Am I to be a advertising billboard for something I spent my own money on? Nope.

Maha on

It looks like she has 50lbs weights in there!!

bunni on


minerva on

the bag is great, but not with the short shorts i think….what i want to know is about her sandals…anyone??

Unknown on

I don’ think I EVER would, because it is SOOOO big and would be a big pain to lag around wherever I am going. Unless of course I had a use for it…..

corie on

i really like the bag,,especially here in the philippines there are many beautiful spots you can used it in the beach.(:-)

alexis on

the chanels really cute and all but its wayyy too huge

Taj on

Is uber chic, great sense of style n u can’t help but love her. i find that if someone hates your style then you’re on the right track because too many of us aren’t daring enuff so GO CAMERON Go!!!nothing says unique like doing the oppsite of what everyone is doing so if it came bigger then i say rock on!!!!

Kenzie on

I am not a big fan uf this bag I think it is gorgues but to big and a bit akward! I would definately NOT wear this! However I am a HUGE fan of Camerons silver bag and would constantly tote it around with me day or night!

giuli! on

that bag is extra chic! i love it.
the style is on! its huge, chic + sexy

JimsWife on

I have this bag. I bought one for my daughter, too. WE LOVE THIS BAG. The photo makes it look bigger than it really is. It’s a gorgeous item and something we’ll have for a long time!



mir on

why not!!! I have one..its really great!!!

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