The Scoop on Nicole Richie's Maternity Style

08/15/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Jayme Oak/startraks; GABO/DEAN/BAUER-GRIFFIN

When whispers started swirling that Nicole Richie might be pregnant, we got giddy at the very idea of what her maternity wardrobe might look like! And since Nicole has announced she is almost four months along, we’ve been watching her outfits in pleasant surprise. Turns out that she’s keeping it simple in easily cut neutrals with minimal accessories. Still, we had to go to the source for some thoughts on what to expect from Nicole — PEOPLE recently caught up with her longtime stylist Cristina Ehrlich at the LORAC/Miss Davenporte Showstopper launch in Los Angeles. Cristina tells PEOPLE that “She’s got a very chic sensibility. She’s very comfortable in her body. She’s in a very happy place in her life, and I think the way she’s dressing is a testament to that.” And lest we think that her styling team of Cristina and partner Estee Stanley get to take all the credit, she tells PEOPLE that “I never like to say we dress them. They make their own choices and Nicole is somebody who is very much coming into her own.” We can’t wait to see more. . .Tell us: What do you think of Nicole’s maternity style so far?

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Marie on

love it can you please id the brands that she is wearing pleasseee

Rachel on

Love Nicole’s maternity dresses. You can see tht she’s happy!

Princess on

I think she looks cute. I’ve liked her style the last couple of years minus the bug eye sunglasses.

Anyhoo..she’s adorable pregnant and it looks as though she is healthier than what she was a few months ago which is good.

marisha on

I think she looks so cute!! Preganancy suits her and I for one am happy for her. She seems to be gaining weight and looks like she is glowing. These outfits are good and I really like the taupe colored dress she wore tuesday to lunch. She looks great!

Anonymous on

She’s horrible. I don’t like her at all.

R on

Nicole looks so much better with a little extra weight on her.

kate on

shes hot :) im reading her book atm its realy good!! shes great

hellohi! on

I love that dress she is wearing the black one on the right with the red shoes!!!! Where did she get it???

Brittany on

I think Nicole’s style is hot. She’s cute, comfy, and chic!!

A. on

I love Nicole’s style, pregnant or not. As far as her maternity style goes, the neutrals, simple and flattering cuts, its classic and she’s pulling it off beautifully, unlike another so-called pop star who shall remain nameless (but we all know who I’m talking about).

Jo on

I hope she keeps the baby weight on after pregnancy. She needs all the insulation she can get…

Dani on

Poor baby!!!

D on

I think she looks adorable…I’m pregnant and only wish I could afford such a chic wardrobe!

Morgan on

nicole looks great! i think that at this point, she is past the “too-too-skinny” mark and looks healthy. i also LOVE LOVE LOVE her maternity wardrobe….. i like the simplicity with the touch of boldness, like the red pumps. good for her!

Rebecca on

Maybe she’ll finally put on some weight.

Chloe on

I absolutely love Nicole’s maternity style! I think that it’s great that she still dresses like she isn’t pregnant. I think that she does a great job of showing other mothers to be that you can be pregnant and still dress absolutely fabulous!

Lynn on

I don’t really care for her. But I think it’s funny how her and Paris do something wrong and they see that everyone is judging them about it, then a week later they say they are changed women. (I think it takes a little bit longer for a person who is fo real to change)

private i on

Her style is in minimal now, but she is radiant.
more than what she wearing, you’d see her aura of happiness. I hope she will stay happy more than anything, regardless of weight, it’s what and how you feel that matters the most.
Keep it up Nic.. you have a wonderful life ahead!
Good Luck and Best best wishes..

(i hope she reads

lily on

I love nicoles style!!! Please give us more news and images on both nicole and that baby!

Emmanuelle Ng on

She is so chic pregnant or not! I like her her fashion style, she looks so beautiful now and She always carry herself well! Congratulation Nicole!

Latice on

I have never seen a more beautiful pregnant woman in my whole life. Nicole is definitely happy and in love and it shows on her face with that beautiful glow.

I love that she hasn’t let her style go just because she is pregnant. I love her maternity clothes thus far. The grayish green dress with the funky hem line is my fav so far. Also love the black pinafore, or overalls or whatever they are called. tres chic!

Almost wants to make me get pregnant.

Latice on

Oh i forgot to add where can i find these clothes, who is designer and where can i get a more reasonably priced ones. i doubt i can afford this version

kate on

those r maternity clothes she is as skinny as hell

kate on

she is way too skinny for maternity clothes

marion on

i’ve never paid attention to her, but i love her pregnancy style.

Bridgette Weeks on

I love her maternity style! Does anyone know where to buy the dress on the left and the mary-jane shoes that goes with it?!

Lisa on

Very, cute, cool and chic at the same time. I applaud her. I think she is definately a changed woman.

Jennifer on

She looks great!

Milly on

Ever since she lost the weight and probably got a stylist…her style is beautiful…she looks even better now that she’s not that boney

Jenna on

I love that black dress. And the other outfit is amazing. You can telling the the dress shes getting a bit of a tummy.

amy on

Nicole is so adorable and I have loved her style for a very long time. I just bought a dress like the one she is wearing in the first picture.

Amelie on

I think her pregnancy style rox!!!!!! I’m so glad she’s pregnant b/c now she’s a little bit healthier and she’s not EXTREMLY underweight. Her dresses are great!!!!

Lola on

I think the second outfit is quite chic; the first one is so bad, I almost put it on Fashion Poirot ( But all in all, I wish she would wear something other than a little black dress! The red shoes were nice, but she looks less pregnant than in mourning with all the black.

Elda on

Nicole has really blossom in the last few years, i think being preggy has really bought out her beauty features and i’m really liking her maternity style clothing.

Emilee ♥ on

It’s hard to imagine Nicole pregnant, because I’ve watched a few episodes of “The Simple Life” and she’s a little out there, LOL.

Nicole looks beautiful. I’ve always liked Nicole’s style these last few years. I didn’t like her hideous fashion back then, but certainly in these last few years her style has evolved, and I always think she looks beautiful. I do like her style, and I love almost every single pair of sunglasses she wears. It’s going to be interesting following her through her months of pregnancy. Her maternity attire looks great on her. I wish her the best of luck with the baby and her happiness.

jen on

she looks good!!!! so much better w/more weight

Christie on

I love Nicoles Outfits all of everything is beutiful and pretty…
if someone says different they are just jealous….


I think her style is too plain. I wish she would more things that show off that cute belly!

Laura on

SHe looks absolutley stunning. I think much better than before.

Micha on

She looks great. Good for her.

Brittany on

Love it!!!

Jenny on

She looks GRRRRRRReat!!!!!!

sccrhott on

dont like it

nameless on

is nicole richie fit to be pregnant?
i mean what with the spoof on her weight.
is she stable enough to raise a child?

Barbro on

Lovely, she looks great.

Victoria on

i love nicole richie. and i think that her outfits are very stylish and cute, pregnant or not. :)

mn on

she is the most beautiful…skinny or w/ more weight on. just the best! and she has great style, but only someone with her body type can pull that off. a fat person wearing those snuggy dresses will just look fat.

C. on

i think it’s adorable. she looks cute…before and now when she’s pregnant.

and it seems as though she’s getting back on track.

good for you Nicole :)

ants on

I love nicole style.
she is the queen of usa!!!

helen on

ive always loved her style, but she definitely looks better when shes not skin and bones.

Corinne on

I think that she looks great all the time. I don’t think she is to skinny at all. She is so beautiful

Dannielle O on

I think that pencil skinny people need some meat on their bones, and i`m glad that she looks alot prettier now that she`s finally no sooo skinny. I`ve usually liked her style of clothing, and yeah I like the maternity wardrobe.

SITTI ^_^ on

nicole really looks cute specially now that she’s pregnant because she had put a little more weight on her body.. she has a great fashion style, i love the way she dress, I love the clothes, and i really love the one that is showing on the first picture.. she indeed looks very very happy. i think her boyfriend really love her, he’s very gentleman, caring and supportive.. hope they’ll be blessed with lovely kids.. goodluck!!!

tsu on

There is very little I like about Nicole Ritchie but, I DO think she is dressing very stylishly these days.

Dannikah on

Very Classy

Tammy C. on

I really enjoy reading what other people have to say about celebutant’s and thier clothing, like they know them first hand. Nicole looks very nicely dressed now, she hasn’t always had a very good style, but I think she had to grow up in a BIG hurry with her DUI & now the pregnancy. I do not know her other than what I read in the ‘loids, but I sure hope that she stays healthy and delivers a wonderful baby. She is looking radiant these days. Now if only her Boyfriend would get a style. Ha Ha. (Rockers are NOT my bag)

HSM Fan!!!!!! on

Of course!!! Who wouldnt???

abby on

Nicole Ricci doesnt even look 4 months pregnant. She is kind of looking more normal with the extrea weight and not so guant looking. But the all black is so boring and she needs to fatten up and i do not care for her style at all.

kaki on

her outfit is so hot. I’m Pregneat so I like all her cloths. My baby is due on Novenber and I have been getting styles from her.

Reagan on

What brand are the ballet flats Nicole is wearing in picture number 1??? THANKS!!!

Sophie on

I love her style! She makes herself still look good even when pregnant!

Ceren on

I think she looks perfect and pregnancy definitely suits her.

Heather on

I find Nicole’s style to be very chic.

Sonya on


Bee on

I think that Nicole is very chic and in a way tries to hide the baby but not to so much that you can’t tell shes pregnant. She might just want to hush all the articles.

Emma on

I really like it . I think that she is good at “hiding” her belly, in a good way, and she seems very happy about having this baby .

Could someone please tell where her red shoes are from ? I really like them :D haha

♥ Summer on

Getting pregnant did a world of good for her. Best of luck to Nicole & Joel.

liz on

I think she looks adorable …she is glowing ..and her clothes accent her changing shape yet still stays fashionable and with her normal style. kudos…Its cute

AJ on

Those aren’t maternity dresses, they’re size 4’s…
The black one on the right is cute though…

Jenn on

i love her maternity style. personally i think that she looks better pregnant than when she’s not. she looks healthier and happy.

night on

Extra weight? WHERE? she has a bump on her belly like most normal people do, but the rest of her remains STICK THIN. But I will admit she looks better than ever.

Marie on


Schyler on

wow, she looks really good. the baby bumb is like another accessory for her.



Brittany on

I love how she is proving that you can still have style while being pregnant! I just had a baby and I never had to buy maternity clothes, these days jeans are so low that they were the perfect fit for my growing belly. Likewise shirts are so long and flowy which makes the 21st century the era for mod maternity fashion!

Ana on

I just love her style and even when she’s pregnant she looks so good!


I love the bug eye sunglasses the maternity clothes are cute for her when she is pregnant.

Cait on

loves it!

chey on

love her style! shes def a style icon of this time. people will def look back at her in 10 years and emulate her style. pregnant or not sexy and chic!

Jessica on

I love it! Nicole’s always been classicly beautiful, and now that her figure is filling out everything she puts on looks flawless!

Love to know where she got that black dress on the right…

Dandy105 on

They really do hide the bump. She looks a lot healthy.

chrissy on

i love the tyle but hes tooo skinny

Chrissie on

To me, Nicole Richie looks good. I dont know much about fashion. I’m a mother of 2 myself and would like help in the fashion department.

Fani23 on

Nicole looks great!i believe maternity is just what she needed, she is definately going to be a great mom!

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