Tell Us: Who Has the Most Beautiful Eyes in Hollywood?

08/08/2007 at 03:00 PM ET

Jeff Vespa/WireImage

There are so many things that we envy about Reese Witherspoon — her Nina Ricci wardrobe, her Oscar, and of course, her gorgeous blue eyes. But she’s obviously not the only star in Hollywood blessed with a lovely set of peepers, and we all do have our favorites. So, we want to know what you think! Tell us: Who do you think has the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood?

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Anonymous on

Jared Letto

Rula on

Alexis Bledel has the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood.

Daisy on

Umm… this one is tough, but I think Scarlett Johansson scores points she has pretty eyes, as well as Mischa Barton and Rihanna. I’m jealous!!!

Tracy on

For a guy: Joaquin Phoenix

For a girl: Rebecca Gayheart

Dani on

Christina Ricci

adrianna on

i think by far Catherine Zeta-Jones has the best eyes. Many people consider blue eyes beautiful which they are but she shows you can have brown eyes and be hot! i luv her eyes

L on

kate bosworth

Noe on

in my opinion Jennifer Aniston has the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood.

v on

orlando bloom =)

Hallie on

Helena Christensen has those mesmerizing blue/green eyes that are piercing. Also fond of Cameron Diaz’s baby blues.

S on


nicole on

Rashida Jones from the office..gorgeous
Kate Bosworth for sure, because they are so special.

Noe on

Joaquin Phoenix

Marlene on

Alexis Bledel has killer eyes and so does Ian Somerhalder for a guy. I love people who have dark hair and then some really distinct eyes.

Dorothy on

For woman: Milla Jovovich
I will never forget those in The Fifth element.
I love also Angelina Jolies eyes.
For man: Val Kilmer-that green kills me!

Noe on

Jennifer Aniston
Joaquin Phoenix

Rose K. on

Alexis Bledel’s eye’s are gorgeous, especially when they were highlighted so well in Sin City.

Probably not your obvious choice would be Clint Eastwood. His eyes are small but such a clear blue and very intense.

Jennifer M on

Jake Gyllenhaal

lydia on


J on

Penelope Cruz – For brown eyes,they have soul and sex appeal

Catherine Zeta – For brown – Fire…

Angelina Jolie – For a light colored eye – They have everything.

marissa on

Nicky Hilton or Cameron Diaz have the most beautful eyes in Hollywood.

Martie on

Catherine Zeta-Jones has the most beautiful eyes.

yen on

Angelina jolie ,cat eyes

Katrina on

Angelina Jolie

Sam on

Rob Lowe has the most amazing eyes. You just want to stare into to them forever.

Desiree on

Hayden Christensen

KC on

I think that Jennifer Aniston has the most beautiful eyes. They are so pretty, and such a great shape, and her skin tone sets them off perfectly!

Alice on

I agree with most people choices here but I also love Johnny Depp’s dark eyes.

Lina on

I think that Alexis Bledel has the most beautiful eyes in the world. Her eyes just… glow!

Lina R.
16, El Cajon, Ca

Kelsey on

Martina McBride

Jemma on

Megan Fox
Megan Fox
Megan Fox
Megan Fox

(from Transformers)

Heather D on

I love how Kate Bosworth eyes are different colors. The colors are unique, which makes them beautiful. Her confidence in them makes her stunning.

Rachel on

Jennifer Lopez
Angelina Jolie
Tyra Banks

ana on

Kate Hudson & Antonio Banderas

Melissa on

I’m going to have to say Alexis Bledel…even Sin City’s director noticed and made her eyes one of the few colored “objects” in the film!

hannah on

Matt Dallas has beautiful eyes!

Anonymous on

Alexis Bledel has the most beautiful eyes in hollywood..

pammie p. on

As many others,i love jennifer aniston’s mediteranean complexion and gorgeous eyes.

Lis on

The people who immediately came to mind are Cameron Diaz, her eyes are amazing and of course Alexis Bledel also has gorgeous eyes.

FunkyChic on

Rihanna and Angelina Jolie

cat on

alexis bledel, angelina jolie (their shape is amazing), catherine zeta jones and jake gyllenhaal

FunkyChic on


stef on

Angelina Jolie

Stephanie M. on

Daniel Craig has the most beautiful, most gorgeous eyes in Hollywood. The shade of blue… one look and I shiver.

Maryam on

Avril Lavigne’s Blue Eyes Are Really Beautiful!

Maryam on

Avril Lavigne’s Blue Eyes



gracie on


Anonymous on

Wentworth Miller.

Stella on

Alexis Bledel and Rena Sofer have piercing eyes and contrasing darker hair…STUNNING!

Annastasia on

Adrian Grenier and Sac Efron for sure.

Marina J. on

Angelina Jolie – She has beautifully multi-tonal light eyes and always frames them with great, dark dramatic eyeliner.

Marina J.
Pittsburgh, PA

Jenna on

Zac Efron♥♥

Yo on

Bow Wow for the boyz
Terrence Howard ”
Carmen Electra for the girlz
rihanna “

Kate L on

Zooey Deschanel and Emily Deschanel

Anonymous on

zac efron has gorgeous blue eyes.

Xia on

Penélope Cruz

Amanda on

I believe Elizabeth Taylor to have the most beautiful eyes…who else has Lavender eyes like hers!!!

michy on

alexis bledel & courtney cox has gorgeous eyes for women. (they are both also beautiful). and jake gyllenhall for guys. ( ;) )

Amanda on

No one’s eyes can compare to Elizabeth Taylor’s purple eyes…out of everyone, young and old, she still has that sparkle!

Angelina on

Angelina’s eyes are like those of a goddess. They’re so mesmerizing you just want swim in the vast sea of greenish blue. one stare and you just melt.

Anonymous on

rachel bilson

Shayna on

Ashley Olsen has the most beautiful eyes in hollywood. Easy.

sdf on

alexis bledel, eva green, angelina jolie, jake gylenhaal

Carly R on

Female: Megan Fox

Male: Bradley Cooper

Carly R on

OH OH and: Ian Somerhalder

Toni Laliberte on

I think Angelina Jolie has the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood. Their color is amazing, and the way she does her makeup makes them look even more extraordinary!

Ashley on

Daniel Craig, they’re a very piercing blue. Also Catherine Zeta-Jones, such a pretty honey brown.

Tara Leigh on

DANIEL CRAIG!! I don’t know if his eye color in Casino Royale was just colored contacts but they were GORGEOUS!

Anonymous on

Kristen Kruek

Anna on

Liv Tyler. Her eyes just give her this ethereal beauty.

San on

Angelina Jolie & Joaquin Phoenix

Laura on

Alexis Bledel, hands down. Her eyes are absolutely stunning.

Cor on

Natalia Vodianova: gorgeous!

NOra on

Mischa Barton has the most really really pretty eyes

Sophia on

I love Mischa Bartons Eyes they are soooooo pretty

Allie on

I agree Mischa Barton

molly on

1.Mischa Barton
1.Mischa Barton
1.Mischa Barton

Jenn on

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell i can’t wait to see what their kids will look like.

Salma A. on

Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz.. their eyes look beautiful even without lots of makeup.

Gina on

The best eyes in Hollywood….has to be Courtney Cox.

gigi on

dude that is sooooo tough..
most beautiful eyes of brown eyes for girls & boys


best brown eyes boys:: orlando blooooooom
(they’re so deep, like they’re telling you a story)

best brown eyes girls:: vanessa hudgens, (they just sparkle, like tinkerbell dropped some sparkly fairy dust in her eyes, so beautiful.

best blue eyes boys:: jared leto(they’re intense like an angel crying)

best blue eyes girls:: alexis B (gilmore girl)
those blues are totally peircing

THATS ALL I CAN THINK OF, cuz those people are so beautiful

moviefan on

I believe beyond a doubt Jennifer Aniston has the most beautiful eyes. They always have a sparkle and she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup like a lot of movie stars.

Lalaith on

Audrey Tautou, of course! She has the most beautiful big brown doe eyes.

laura Montalto on

zac efron

a on

Julia Roberts
Kate Hudson
Cameron Diaz

Sarah on

I was going to say Zooey Deschanel also.

Hugh Laurie has beautiful blue eyes.

rachel on

tyra banks or angelina jolie

Natalie B on

Michelle Phieffer… her eyes are as clear as the sky, and show her depth as a person and actress

luisa on

most beautiful eyes…..ANGELINA JOLIE !!!!!!!

luigi on

ANGELINA JOLIE……she has everything !!!!!!!

Alex on

Johnny Depp or Joseph Fiennes. Gorgeous doe-eyed men!

Linelle on

AUDREY HEPBURN Hands down the most beautiful eyes (and everything else …)

Today: Mischa Barton

Actors: Jonny Depp!

Neli Marliana on

Keanu Reeves

sitti on

Angelina Jolie!!!!

lita on

true color is nice- i usually like darker eyes but really it doesn’t matter what the color is. The shape and size is what really matters. LARGE EYES ARE usually better looking- more expressive. Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johansson, Parminder Nagra ( E.R)- all have large eyes
classic movie stars like joan crawford, audrey hepburn, natalie wood and sophia loren had large eyes!

lita on

doesn’t matter about color- all larger eyes are pretty!
beyonce, salma hayek, angelina jolie, parminder nagra(E.R),scarlet johansson, katie holmes, penelope cruz

Joan on

I have to say.Zac Efron’s eyes are Mcdreamy.those eyes have millions of girls falling head over heals in love with him.he’s defenetly a charmer.

chris on

alexis bledel
jennifer aniston
megan fox

Sara on

I know this is old-school, but Paul Newman has the most beautiful eyes– and he’s a classic!

alia on

**Women: 1)Angelina Jolie 2)Catherine Zeta-Jones 3) Carmen Electra 4)Penelope Cruz

**Men: 1)Adrienne Grenier 2)Jared Leto 3)Jake Gyllenhaal 4)Jude Law 5)Zac Efron

….good question by the way!…..

Diana on

I think that Jennifer Aniston is all the way around beutiful. My husband votes for Gwen Steffani.

glam on

aishwarya rai’s eyes are bold and beautiful… No one said her name yet so i thought i would add her also!

kk on



Canada on

Jared Lito
Paul Rudd
Alexis Beldel

(and my husband if he was in Hollywood)

I just love dark hair-light eye combo so much!

LJ on

Tyra Banks. Eyes, face, everything, the girl is beautiful.

eva on

For sure Amanda Peet. She has stunning eyes!!!

Allison Riscoe on

Anne Hathoway has such big and pretty eyes! !

Kim I. on

I can’t pick a woman, but for guys: James Marsters. Not only are they a gorgeous blue, but his eyes are sooo expressive. Such life! I want to see something behind the eyes in a person, and he’s got it.

coco on

Wentworth Miller for sure… he’s got these amazing two shades eyes, they are soulful,heart sinking … as if you would believe anything he’d tell you

Tessa on

Girl: Rihanna
Guy:Wenthorth Miller.

Brandie on

Jennifer Aniston definatley has the most beautiful eyes!

julie on

angelina jolie

JR on

debra messing

Vic on

I think Natalie Imbruglia or Natalie Portman for girls and I think Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell have eyes you could stare into all day, and Jude Law’s are the prettiest.

Liv on

Elijah Wood! They’re big, Crystal blue, Just Amazing!!

Alisha on

Angelina Jolie has the most beautiful eyes for a woman. They are deep and exotic and soul searching. As for the men, Patrick Dempsey. He could take me away with those half hooded beautiful eyes!

Krissy on

TySoN BeCkFoRd! HiS EyEs ArE AmAzInG!

Fatma on

Carmen Electra
Katherin Zeta-Jones
Avril Lavigne

Fatma on

Carmen Electra
Katherin Zeat-Jones
Avril Lavigne

Katelyn on

girl-Catherine Zeta-Jones

guy-Zac Efron

Dana on

Wentworth Miller/Hugh Laurie

Emily Deschanel

Sarah on

I think Courtney Cox has the most beautiful eyes.

Tonie H. on

James Marsters’ eyes are amazing – not only the color – but the fact that when he meets you, he makes total contact with those eyes. You know that he is listening. Some of the most incredible scenes of him as Spike were shots that closed in on his eyes–expressive, passionate and just plain beautiful.

Julie on

THE new James Bond, Daniel Craig.

Max the Girl on

Johnny Depp. I know it might be cliche by now, but his eyes are dark, stunning, and intense.

alia on

**I also have to agree w/ Linelle and Sara:**

If we’re going old-school:
….Most Definately Audrey Hepburn and Paul Newman!!! (he was gorgeous w/ his beautiful blues)

Julie on

C’mon.. Daniel Craig

Maria on

Jennifer Aniston

V on

Winona Ryder has gorgeous eyes, big and chocolatey brown like Audrey Hepburn but a little Bambi-ish too.

Ilene on

I love Sienna Miller’s eyes.
Not only is she beautiful, her eyes have a mysterious glow that can’t be simply described.

Kim on

adrian grier. he has nice tan skin and eyes that just pop out.

Joy on

Megan Fox has gorgeous eyes, and with her dark hair her eyes come out even more. Also I think that Angelina Jolie’s eyes are gorgeous. And I don’t know if they’re hers or contacts but I think that Rihanna and Tyra Banks eyes are beautiful.

Jacqueline R. on

James Marsters has the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood.

Melanie on

Woman: Mariska Hargitay
Man: Jake Gyllenhaal

Alexandra F. on

Guy: Zac Efron
Girl: Hilary Duff

Guy: Derek Jeter
Girl: Kate Bosworth

FangyAngel on

James Marsters… beautiful, soulful, intense… There are no words enough to descibe them, but he tells you everything with them, no words… just a look and you’re lost in them.

Kendra on

Cillian Murphy …hands down
Kate Hudson for a chick

Kendra on

Cillian Murphy and Kate Hudson

Wendy on

Johnny Depp and Reese Witherspoon!

Aileen on

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Lizzy on

Jessica Simpson has gorgeous brown eyes and I love Jennifer Aniston’s eyes too!

Chr on

Jennifer Aniston

Cecy D on

Johnny Depp & Jennifer Aniston

Gail on

Emily and Zoey Deschanel, Josh Lucas and Patrick Dempsey.

lozza on

Hmm well its gotta be James Marsters. Every time i see a picture or a poster of him i can’t look away from his beautiful eyes lol :)

Gail on

Emily and Zoey Deschanel, Josh Lucas and Patrick Dempsey oh yeah…Daniel Craig!

buena on

she has gorgeous eys but a cone shape chin!

Lenore on

James Marsters of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame has the most intense blue eyes. The color changes so sometimes they are dark and smokey and other times a lighter blue. Most important is they really communicate, he says a lot with his eyes.

Maddie on

I think Nicole Kiddman has the most beautiful eyes in hollywood!

Kristi P 47 on

Who has the most beautiful eyes? Jared Letto

Kristi P 47 on

I think Zac Effron has the most beautiful eyes! I think he is really cute.

Faith on

I agree w/ Tracy definitely ~ Rebecca Gayheart

semyra on

Nicole Kidman!!! 4 sure

Alice on

I forgot about Adrian Grenier, he has gorgeous eyes. And Rachael Bilson. There are so many choices.

Jessica on

Cameron Diaz for a girl
Jared Leto for a guy
and they dated!

Pam W., age 31 on

For a guy: Jerry McConnell
For a gal: Jennifer Aniston

Tamara on

Courteney Cox Arquette and Alexis Bleidel. Her eyes are one of the first things I notice when I see photos of her.

Kerrie M. on

In my opinion, the girl with the prettiest eyes is Alexis Bledel; whereas, the boy who has the hottest eyes is hands down Jude Law.

aw on

mr paul newman

marie on

jamie presley has stunning eyes



Wanda on

OMG!!!!!!! ASHLEY OLSEN AND LICY LIU!!!! Big eyes can be beautiful but small almond eyes are also very stunning, people should give them more credit

Sandra on

Aishwarya Rai has amazing eyes.

I like the smiley eyes of Edward Norton.

kris on

patrick dempsey

BH on

Aishwarya Rai, no contest!

Erin on

[Girl] I think Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen have the most beautiful eyes.

[Guy] I think Jesse Metcalfe’s eyes are hott.

Sarah E. on

Jake Gyllenhaal has beautiful baby blues and Kate Bosworth’s two different eye colors are gorgeous and unique.

Howard on

Zooey Deschanel

yup on

Suri Cruise has the most beautiful eyes, she’s such a cutie.

Abby on

Zac Efron. Not only is he totally gorgeous his eyes are so dreamy I get lost in them every time I see a picture of him.

Laura on

Kate Bosworth! I love them to be different!

Libby on

Most beautiful eyes? DEFINITELY Kate Bosworth, ‘cos they’re different colors!!!

Thais on

I think for a guy Shia Labeouf has the most beatiful eyes ever!!
and for a girl….Eva Green!!

Anna on

Orlando Bloom, i can stare into his dreamy eyes for hours and not realize it.

Cara on

Alexis Bledel!!!

Gabriela on

Angelina Jolie for a girl

David Bekham for a boy

Gabriela on

Angelina Jolie for a girl
and David Bekham for a guy

Gabby on

Josh Lucas
Angelina jolie


Jordan on

Angelina Jolie for female and Gerard Butler for male

alley on

jennifer connelly is worth mentioning: the shape and color, both unique.

Anonymous on

I LOVE Jake Gyllenhaal’s eyes. Zac Efron’s are amazing as well :)

Rosie on

Elijah Wood
Kate Winslet!!

Danielle E on

I think Meghan fox has the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood. They are absolutely piercing and so catlike. She has a very sultry, sexy look. I would give her my vote for sure!

PumKim on

Girls : Adriana Lima
Zooey Deschanel
Tyra Banks

Boys : Ryan Reynolds
Garrett Hedlund

Maria on

the actor’s eyes more beautiful is Jud Law

the actress’s eyes more beautiful is Kristin Kreuk

Joanna on

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Lia on


Dorothee on

definitely Mena Suvari

Maria-Lizzie on

Jensen Ackles

jahna on

i just adore the eyes of SURI CRUISE…

lucie on

reese witherspoon and alexis bledel!!!!

D on

James Marsters

debbs on

I don’t know if she’s “Hollywood” but Adriana Lima has the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen.

Jessica on

Cillian Murphy (from the movie “Red Eye”)

OMG! on

Michelle Pfeiffer, Alexis Bledel and Jennifer Aniston

Scott Speedman, Jude Law and Jake Gyllenhal

These people are just beautiful!

HannahBanana on

Girl: Hilary Duff her eyes are so gorgeous and she doesnt have to use lots of makeup to cover it up…

Guy: Orlando Bloom… When he smiles they just sparkle!

HannahBanana on

Girl: Hilary Duff…and she doesnt have to use lots of makeup to make the shine…

Guy: Orlando Bloom when he smiles they just sparkle!

lauren on

Zac Efron has the most beatiful eyes in the WORLD!!!

Alyssa on

Ashley Olsen and Mischa Barton for big peepers.
Nicole Kidman for smaller and seductive eyes.

Robynne on

Jennifer Aniston and Jared Leto!!!!!!

Ashleigh on

Zac Efron could those baby blue’s be any hotter?

Morgan on

i think that the following people have GORGEOUS eyes:

zac efron, zooey deschanel, eva green, adrian grenier, courteney cox, jen aniston, kate bosworth, mischa barton, alexis bledel, and CLIVE OWEN!!!!!!

Emily on

Alexis Bledel.. her eyes are so amazing!

sylvia on

orlando bloom, cameron diaz, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Maria McLeese on

Cameron Diaz, she smiles from her eyes.

Fernanda on

Renée Zellweger, certainly the prettier eyes..

Amy O on

I’d have to say it’s a tie between Catherine Zeta-Jones’ unusual amber eyes and Aishwarya Rai’s green peepers!

Sarah on

James Marsters

Catri on

Ashley Olsen

Harrison Ford

Elina on

Cameron Diaz

kac on

Cameron Diaz

Lauren on

For men: Jake Gyllenhaal
For women: Angelina Jolie

Amy on

Daniel Radcliffe….his eyes just draw you in.

Ashley on

Guys: Zac Efron, Jared Leto, Chris Martin & Liam Aiken

Girls: Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado & Rihanna

Lorena on

Megan Fox from transformers

lenna on

sophia bush…..

kitty on

Zac Efron has the most GORGEOUS EYES EVER in hollywood! He is sooo hott!

kitty on

TOTALLY ZAC EFRON”S EYES! he has the hottest most beautiful eyes in the whole universe!!!!!! i LOVE him soooo much! His eyes are hypnotizing!



Valerie on

Tom Welling!

Ale on

Alexis Bledel, i think they look amazing in sin city

Ceci on

Guy-Jared Leto

Girl-Miley Cyrus

kristina on

angelina jolie
mischa barton
alexis bledel

Arielle on

Elizabeth Taylor has the most unique beautiful eyes ever!

kristina on

oh and mary kate and ashley

marie on

cameron diaz and carmen electra….blue-eyed beauties

A.J. on

Micha Barton, No wait, Reese Witherspoon, NO !!!
Scarlet Johanson !!!

4 guys, um….ME !!!


13petnuch on

Martina Mcbride !

Jill on

guy- Jared leto
girl-alexis bledel

Diana P. , 19 on

I think Angelina Jolie’s, Scarlett Johansson’s, and Adriana Lima’s eyes are the most beautiful. They all have those big thick eyelashed, almond shaped eyes and blue or blue-ish gray color that people find very attractive.

Bananarama on

Beautiful eyes?

Let’s see…. Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Aishwarya Rai, Gerard Butler, and Daniel Craig….

Sulema B. on


A.J. on

i no i al ready left a comment but i totally forgot…Aishwarya Rai….Aishwarya Rai…Aishwarya Rai….Aishwarya Rai…SHE TOPS THE LIST !!! search her on google images….she has amazingly hot eyes….from a guys point of view….


charmed on


rita on

angela jolie

charmed on


charmed on

JARED LETO !!!!!!!!!!!!

OnyxtheCat on

Angelina Jolie

Isabel on

Definitely Alexis Bledel, she has the most amazing blue eyes!

T on

Can’t forget about Jennifer ConnelLy from ‘A Beautiful Mind’, she has the most amazing green eyes, they look like cats eyes!!

Caroline on

Charlize Theron. It’s unbelievable how perfect they are!

kee on

charlize theron has the best female eyes..

Heather Rowe on

Amber Valleta. I first noticed how beautiful her eyes were in the movie ‘What Lies Beneath’

Heather Rowe, age 28, Halifax, N.S.

Jessica on

Definitely Angelina Jolie, no questions asked!

e on

zac efron.. beautiful!

Tamara on

I love the “doe eyed” look so it’s a three-way tie between Anne Hathaway, Nicole Rithie and Audrey Hepburn.

kay on

i agree.. alexis bledel has the nicest eyes.

Hanna on

Lauren Graham (Loreli Gilmore.. gorgeous blue eyes!

P on

tobey maguire

tea on

Wentworth Miller

Caitlyn on

Zooey Deschanel by far, the dark hair just makes the blue pop!

Ida on

I don’t like blue eyes and I love green and black ones. So I think that Eva Longoria (black) and Tyra Banks (green) have the most beautiful eyes in the world ;D (btw, I have gorgeous green eyes as well ;P )

Selin on

Angelina Jolie, Carmen Electra and Viktoria silvstedt

Babe on

Mischa Barton most definately!!!!

kayjay on

Alyssa Milano, because her eyes have a unique shape, color and a touch of mystery.
Denise Richards, because she has the most crystal clear blue eyes out there.

Orlando Bloom, because his eyes express so much kindness and sweetness.
Wentworth Miller, because his eyes simply sparkle.

victoria on

Beyonce -deep brown eyes

Kristin on

Of course Jared Letto hands down!

kayla on

alexis bledel has the most beautiful eyes ever! and for the guys its got to be zac efron with his amazing eyes!

lauren on

brad paisley

Anthony C. on

I have to say that Scarlett Johansson has to have the prettiest eyes ever and same with Salma Hayek as well she has some gorgeous eyes on here also.

Anonymous on

Adrian Grenier.

anna on

i think angelina jolie and her husband brad pitt have the most beatiful eye in the world

mehah on

hmmm, Alexis Bledel.. definately

Kay on

Boy – Jarred Leto Or Pete wentz
Girl- Jessica Simpson

Noelle Thomas on

Rachel Bilson. Beautiful big brown eyes.

Tanive on

Penelope Cruz and James McAvoy

Ann L. on

Paul Walker

Karen on

James Marsden

Julie on

My boo Jake Gyllenhal



charmed on



nidia on

carmen electra, hayden Panettiere, megan fox, cameron diaz, justin timberlake

nidia on

sophia bush, chad michael murray, Angelina Jolie, jennifer aniston, zac efron, natalie portman, pam anderson………….so many to chose from

Adriana on

Angelina Jolie

jyjy on

Britney Spears

Anonymous on

Daniel Radcliffe has the dreamiest eyes :)

mel on

natalie portman

Nathalie on

Pro-skater Ryan sheckler has the best eyes ever :]

Shannon on

Jared Leto




Morgan on

Lauren Conrad has the BEST eyes!!!

Naomi on

guy: Terrance Howard
girl:Liv Tylor


I think that most beautiful eyes in hollywood has:For male:Johnny Depp his blck dark eyes are so beautyful and For famle:Kirsten Dunst blue eyes

symone' on

Jimmie Johnson

Amanda on

Elizabeth Taylor and her eyes of purple!!!

Brianna B. on

I think Eva Mendez has the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood. She always has sexy, natural looking eyes. Never does she look overdone!

lalayeh on

Liv Tyler

joanne j on

Angelina Jolie has the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood.

m. on

Marissa Tomei – for girl eyes
Johnny Depp – for boy eyes

Anonymous on

for a guy-joaquin phoenix

for a girl-alexis bledel

Mish on

Johhny Depp….you could get lost in them (and never want to find your way out!)

Baily on

ian somerhandler

Maci on

I think Courtney Cox has beautiful blue eyes.

taylor on

zac efron

Leah on

Sean Hayes, or Ellen Pompeo. x

mayflower on

there is a lot of people. umm….zac efron,jared leto,hayden christensen,justin timberlake.

julz on

zac efron!!!! his eyes make him the hottest guy on earth…

Lolita on

Liv Tyler. I luv her crystal blue eyes especially with pure eye shadow. her eyes actually don’t need make up to add any charisma.


Girl- Kerry Washington
Guy- Jared Leto


also Keanu Reeves!

Lucky on

Angelina Jolie (for hazel)
Penelope Cruz (for brown)
Cameron Diaz and Emily Deschanel (for blue)
Kate Bosworth (her eyes are so pretty)

Johnny Depp(brown), Rob Lowe(blue), Val Kilmer(green)

Katie on

jennifer aniston, jake gyllenhaal.
alexis bledel also has beautiful eyes.

Deborah Kay Mobley on

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Massie on

Zac Effron :)
They really popped out in Hairspray

Tracey on

Most beautiful eyes:
Jared Leto

Candy on

Jennifer Aniston has the most beautifull eyes

TJ on

Hmm. I don’t like blue eyes either, OVERRATED. I like green and dark eyes. Hmmm? Naomi Campbell has exotic eyes, they’re almond shaped. And? fOR A Guy, Johnny Depp-dARK,SEXY,MYSTERIOUS AND Intriguing.

J on

Angelina Jolie, Courtney Cox

dedy on

For a guy: Jared Leto

For a girl:Halle Berry and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Lauren on

Zac Efron definitly has the best eyes in Hollywood they are a beautiful blue and are so perfect!

KS on

Cate Blanchett- she has eyes that talk for her especially in Lord Of The Rings.



Carrie on


Susan on

Anne Hathaway…doe eyes that are big, limpid, brown liquid pools.

Cheryl on

Angelina Jolie!

Guys: Brad Pitt, Terrance Howard

trinity on

for guys:

nick jonas
orlando bloom
zac efron

for girls:

mandy moore
avril lavine

Anonymous on

Elizabeth Taylor

Katie H. on

Zac Posen for a guy, Nicole Richie for a girl.

Amanda on

umm i would have to say the Leo Dicarpirio and Cameron Diaz have really faboulous eyes

Maria on

Jared Leto has the most beautiful eyes that i have ever seen..

anonymous on

amanda peet

wendy on

cameron diaz, keira knightly colin farrell,jouquin pheonix,

Anonymous on

I think Melinda Clarke has gorgeous green eyes – defintiely the prettiest in Hollywood.

Erin on

who cares!

angela on

for a girl, angelina jolie’s green eyes

for a guy, paul walker’s seductive, piercing blue eyes

michelle on

Jared Padalecki & Christina Aguilera ;D

terri on

Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eyes are beautiful and unusual.

Amira on

For a girl DEFInetly—-Cameron Diaz

For a dude i would HAve to say WITHOUT a doubt Tom Welling

CLC on

Jennifer Aniston hands down.

katie on

Suri Cruise!

Kayte on


Victoria on

guy: chris evans

girl: alexis bledel

lola on

the most beautiful eye’s are JENNIFER ANISTON!

ZOE on


dina on

omg, anonymous. i absolutely agree. Jared Leto, no doubt.

chealsea on

miley cyrus

Rai on

Angelina Jolie.

Dannielle O on

Definitely Rihanna`s. Her eyes are sooo pretty!

CJ on

I think Adrian Grenier from Entourage has pretty eyes in hollywood!!!!!!

jen on

eyes for girls would have to be jennifer aniston, alexis bledel the modern day elizabeth taylor, tyra banks, and liv tayor
for guys i mean come on people john travolta and if you dont think so now go bak nd watch greece best guy eyes eva and also cary grant and bow wow

Jackie on

By far Angelina Jolie… Has the BEST eyes in Hollywood!!

mariilyne on

for a guy : Jared Leto and for a girl : Catherine Zeta-Jones

Andy on

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Rita on

Kate Bosworth

Samantha on

I would agree on Jared Letto, as well as Lindsay Lohan

Killie on

I think Jesse MCcartney or Ashley Tisdale

Killie on

Jesse MCcartney or Ashley Tisdale

mariea on

Goerge Clooney,very suductive

addi on

WENTWORTH MILLER – the guy from prison break

Isabel on

I’d have to say Ellen Degeneres of the top of my head. Hers are pretty gorgeous! but there are a lot of choices!

Jenny on

Patrick Dempsey, they’re endearing but at the same time can be seductive!

Then for a female, i’d have to say Adriana Lima, the Victoria’s Secret model.

Liza M. on

Jake Gyllenhaal has the most mesmerizing, piercing blue eyes in Hollywood. Whether he’s smiling or giving that sexy side-glance, lucky for me they burn through the page!

Liza M.
West New York, NJ

Boo Wangensteen on

Sophia Loren

Clare on

Hugh Laurie has the most gorgeous eyes! Such a clear, stunning blue is so attractive.

tahlia on

molly sims

anonymous on

natalie portman

sheila on

James Marsters without question, then Johnny Depp.

MP on

Agree with poster above – James Marsters has those beautiful blue peepers above those cut-glass cheekbones!

Si L. on

Aishwarya Rai and Rihanna

Jill C on

James Marsters really has THE most gorgeous eyes and Judi Dench is no slouch…


John Travolta.

Charity on

James Marsters. His eyes, his… sorry wandered off for a moment.

Anonymous on

this is soooooo lame

Karina T. on

I think that Gaspard Ulliel has the most prettiest eyes. They are just so intense.

HollywoodBound on

Christina Aguilera……… hands down, plus they change colors, they are like ocean-blue or something but sometimes they look baby-blue, blueish-grey or grey, she got that trait from her latin roots on her father’s side.

HollywoodBound on

To see Christina’s eyes at what I think is her purest and most precious moment were she isn’t wearing much make-up and her eyes are high-lighted and ABSOLUTELY-GORGEOUS……. watch her “I Turn To You” video on youtube!!!!!

Patty on

I think Jennifer Aniston has the most sweet and wonderful eyes in the world. But winona ryder has beautiful eyes too, they’re amazing.
And Tom Welling. he’s so cute

reshma patel on

i think that tyra banks
really pretty eyes

reshma patel on

and Hayden christensen

Mary on

Emily Deschanel – who could resist those translucent eyes!

Christopher Lambert on

Rose Mcgowan……..Hands down!!!!!!!

Alex on

w: Charlize Theron
m: Brad Pitt

heather on

Jared Leto has the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen.

anonymous on

kristen stewart there’s just something about them

Plastiek on

Megan Fox definitly has one of the most beautiful set of eyes I’ve ever seen.

vanessa on

Tara Reid
Julianne Hough
Aishwarya Rai
Paul Walker
Jared Leto
Kevin Zegers

Maya on

For a guy: Adam Lambert.
For a girl: Alexis Bledel.

jim on

I see the usual and predictable opionions pouring in, but take it from an eye guy….Jennifer Love Hewitt number one with Jessica Alba running second and Catherine Bell third.

hinrustjum on

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Zachary Evans on

Val Kilmer is quite older now but he still got that great acting talent,’~

Jeff T on

Debi Mazar has the most insanely gorgeous blue eyes in Hollywood

Zoya on

Самые красивые глаза покорившие Голливуд-Айшвария Рай Бачан.

Zoya on

The most beautiful eyes in Holliwood and in the world-Aishwariya Rai Bachan.

fhgfhfghfg on

paul walker has to be up there

BIg Daddy on

Claire Forlani is second only to Olivia Wilde.

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