Jessica Biel Goes Dark! What Do You Think?

08/07/2007 at 01:30 PM ET

Oliver Hadlow-Martin/Splash News

We’ve been so focused on how great Jessica Biel looks offscreen — with her chic bags and dresses — that we forgot that she would have to go back to work some day! For her role in Powder Blue, which she started filming this week, the actress has dyed her normally dark blonde hair to a rich chocolate brown. Looking at her on-set, it’s a huge difference, making her green eyes pop out even more. We think she looks great both ways, but we want to know what you think! Tell us: Do you like Jessica with darker hair, or do you miss the lighter locks?

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Terra on

Hmmmmmm…. Cameron wannabe????

jen on

i do not personally like the darker hair on Jessica, but i also do not think she is trying to be like Cameron. it’s for a movie, by the way, not competition for Justin

HLS on

Jessica’s new dark hair washes her out. It overwhelms her eyes and skin. I liked her lighter hair color much better because it looked more natural.

kiersten on

no. hate it. she should go back to her natural color after the movie. it makes her look really pale.

Amy B on

No, i don’t like it at all – BUT this whole look, pale skin, greasy hair is for her NEW movie!!! So i’m pretty sure it’s not permanent…and not every movie wants the glam look!

lisa on

Awful it’s too dark

Rebecca on

I think Jessica looks great with dark hair- it would look even better on her if she had a little more eye makeup on- brow pencil, eyeliner, etc. However I do think she looks better with her usual dark blonde hair color.

renee on

Jessica’s new hair color makes her look pail and washed out the leghth also makes her look older.When her hair was lighter it looked more natural and she looked more youthful, however this is for a movie hopfully she will go back once she is finished shooting.

Gaby on

I think that’s a bad pciture to begin with…what with no makeup and looking like she just ran a mile or something. However, I like dark hair so I think that if she were to fix herself up a bit then she would look good with it. And as far as Cameron goes…she already has the man, the killer ass body AND a nice movie career going, why would she (or anyone else for that matter) want to be like her??

Laryssa on

She looks absolutely horrific. Never thought she was good looking to begin with. Way to Masculine. Bet Justin T, wants to smack himself silly for for ever dumping Cameron for that. No competition!!!!!!

Brownf on

I think she looks great both ways!

dawn on

Ok it’s just me but really I do not see anything special about her. Blonde or brunette. It’s just my opinion but that’s how I feel.

melissa on

Everyone should stop hating Jessica. Cameron maybe cute and funny but the girl just can’t seem to keep a man. Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, etc. She has been in serious relationships with all of them and they have all failed. Well, the only thing in common with all three was CAMERON, the girl must be the problem. I wasn’t a Jessica fan, but after watching Chuck and Larry, I have to admit Jessica is hot.
Way to go Justin…

Shatheesha on

I don’t really think the dark hair looks good on Jessica. I liked the light colour, it look more natural and pretty. Dark hair just makes a look pale, but again its not permanent so I guess it was worth a try.

R on

Laryssa, does your last name happen to be Diaz? Or maybe you forgot to put your contacts in today? I like Cameron too, but to use the word horrific when talking about Jessica Biel’s appearance is rather silly.

lynn on

I love it, I just did my hair golden Brown, I like it alot, I used to have really blonde hair, and the older you get, darker looks better, I was sick of people looking at me all the time with rich blonde hair, I look nornmal know, love always lynn

Tracy on

It’s definitely not her best look, but she’s so beautiful that it really can’t hurt her!

Shannon Urbina on

The hair color has NOTHING to do with Cameron’s for a movie role! Nothing more or less. That’s what’s wrong with folks these days, they have to read WAY into things and that’s how rumors get started and magazines like Star stay in business! Either way, Jessica is a beautiful woman….even the most beautiful woman can get caught in a bad picture and that’s all this really is..a bad pic!

G on

Ughhhh Totally washes her skin out and looks like it needs to be washed.

Sarah on

I LOVE THIS NEW HAIR COLOR ON HER! I think that Jessica looks WAY better with this new dark color. Awesome choice Jessica……love it : )

yen on

don´t like her but i have to admit she looks good in this pic

Seleena on

I think she looks like the girl that was Billy’s one girlfriend on Melrose Place and dated George Clooney

mimi on

it gives her more of an edge. it’s nice…not my favorite of her normally glamorous hair styles.but then again.every thing looks gorgeous on her

mimi on

its nice. it gives her more of an edgy look. though its not one of my favorite hair styles she’s choosen. but, everything looks gorgeous on her.

Chloe on

Hate it!

Anonymous on

Looks awful. She has never been cute. Will never beat Cameron. Matches Justine T. for a girlfriend though.

Violet on

Beautiful as a blonde but dull when it’s dark!.

Jess on

She looks smarter.

Violet on

Beautiful as a blonde but dull when it’s dark !

Pamela on

Now she just looks ordinary.

Lauren R on

I think her hair is naturally about this color. If she had a little more makeup on it’d be ok. It is really the haircut I have a problem with. I’m not a fan of it on her.

Michele on

I dosent matter what color her hair is,, she’s ugly no matter what

Suzy on

Don’t like it… It makes her look alot older.

Suzy on

She looked better with the other color. This makes her look older

Rebecca on

Okay, people need to understand that she dyed her hair for a role in a new movie. This isn’t about how it looks, it’s for her career. And let’s face it; she needs to make sacrafices like dying her hair in this business if she ever wants to get taken seriously. She’s never really been in a serious role, she’s always put in movies for her looks and nothing more. If she ever wants to be considered a legitimate actress she’ll need to trade in her “perfection” for something less once in a while.

juju on

I HATE HER NEW LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS FREAKIN UGLY!!

pammie on

I personally like it.I think it’s great for fall.Though if she put in medium-blonde streaks/highlights it would look stunning!She should add a bit of a darker shade of a brow pencil to give her a more natural look, as mentionned above.She pulls it off well!

Michelle on

Definitely not a good look for her, plus it is a bad picture. She is naturally beautiful, but she will now have to put lots of makeup on to overcompensate for her ugly hair.

katy on

I think she looks chic and sexier.I liked, tired of the blondies.

traci on

The color doesnt bother me, I actually like it. Just not fond of the cut on her. But its just for a movie so …….

Ash on

Boring—–as usual. She’s nothing special no matter what her color is.

Maggie on

I think she looks fantastic. Really brings out the coloring in her face.

Lil on

I dont like it. Personally Im not that big of a fan but she does look better with lighter hair.

Morgan on

i think she looks ok, but nowhere near as pretty as she was with lighter hair. the lighter hair made her look more personable and carefree, while the brown is more serious.

erica on

She looks disgusting.


stop hating. she look good!

madison on

I have seen chipmunks that look better.

Kari on

hmmmmm…looks like shes following cameron diaz… Unfortuneatly unlike diaz, jessica’s dark hair COMPLEATLY washes her out (cameron looked okay brunette but biel doesn’t)She doesn’t even look like herself, I applaud her for trying to be different(even by “copying” one of her bf’s past loves) and ditching the blonde, but she can’t exactly pull it off…at least not in this pic.

Lucky on

I dont get whats so hot about Jessica Biel…shes not pretty w/ dark hair, and she still doesn’t look great w/ blonde hair, shes just a ‘hot body’ and wannabe actress.

Lucky on

i don’t see how Biel is considered an A-list actress and is so celebratedly famous -, there are tons and tons of much prettier and more talented actresses than her…dont say if I just support Cameron or anything, I just never understood all the hype about Jessica.

Anna Ryan on

i don’t like it. it makes her face almost look harsher. lighter was better.

alia on

If it’s for a movie role, then fine….but definately not for her everyday life….her lighter hair color brought out the green in her eyes….

Ashley on

I hope she’ll lighten it up after the movie. The blond tones were more flattering for her skin tone than this dark brown.

Mmmm on

Paging Shannen Doherty…does anyone else think the dark hair makes her look like Brenda Walsh? Go back to your normal color, Jess!

Jan Close on

Anyway you slice JB, She the hottest starlette out there right now! :)

Emilee ♥ on

Hmmmm…the dark wouldn’t be that bad, if it weren’t for that hair style. I don’t like her hair style / cut like this. I think I would like the dark hair color more if her hair was longer. I know her hair is short, but for some reason with the hair short in this color, it doesn’t look right to me. I prefer her with lighter hair, with the occasion wavy locks. I think her hair would be more beautiful if it were longer too, but regardless, she’s pretty, and it’s only for a role.

kim on

She was a brunette for years as a teenager. This isn’t terribly new for her.

sylvia on

i don’t like it . it makes her look sick

Nanciellen618 on


Nanciellen618 on

i Think it looks cute, some people don’t like it,
its what you get used to, if its for a movie,
she’ll probably change it back, but then again,
change is good.
leave her alone

cliter on

just so so…can improve her profile

teatea on

she looks nasty. that color is not her.

Elizabeth on

LOVE the color, Hate the cut.

Miranda on

Oh please Jessica is not trying to be like Cameron, why should she? Jessica seems very confident with her self, and propably knows that if Justin wants her to be more like Cameron than she would give him the boot.

Jessica looks much better with lighter hair, and also this hairstyle looks limp, but its for a movie role, so i can’t argue.



Sarah on

it makes her look really pale…. i preferred the dirty blond hair she used to have :(

Dorothy on

Definitely NOT good for her-she looks too pale and her eyebrows are very light so its looks unnatural on her.She has to go back to her natural haircolor and curls!

Anonymous on


Tina on

Love the color!!! Hate the cut….

Brittany on

I like the color. It would look better if it was longer but I like the color. It works for her. They should have posted a picture that she was ready for though. She looks like she’s in the middle of a sentence.

flower child on

Brunette is definitely beautiful, but Jessica looks way too washed out in this case. She needs to tan, otherwise the locks need to go back to the color they once were!

Me on

It is for a movie, folks. It is her job, so she has to do what she has to do. When you are an actress, you have to do what the part calls for. She looks great either way.

carrie on

i think its ok, she has a darker skin tone so it works! and lets hope that she isn’t trying to channel camren bc if jt wanted her, he’d have her!

Rebecca on

I think that if she grew it out it would look pretty.

LJ on

I don’t get what is so special about her. Yes, she has a great body, but seriously she is just plain ordinary whitout make up. She is not really a pretty girl so it really doesn’t matter the color of her hair. One thing is true, she is a good actress.

Joy on

You know what, I really don’t think she is all that pretty. She has a nice body, but I really don’t think she is as gorgeous as everyone says she is. And no this hair color is not doing it for her at all.
Sorry J

Barbara N. on

Well, she’s not wearing make-up here, so that’s why she doesn’t look good with this hair color. I’m sure she can pull it off fine, though, if she were to try. It’s not that dramatic of a change from what she had before.

lydia on

well obviously she did because of a movie. Hair does look better natural

Megan on

I liked her better before, but she has to do it for her movie. It’s not like she had a choice.

Kristi P 47 on

I don’t like her with dark hair it does not go with her coloring , she looks so much better blonde.

tiwana on

i think she looks alot older…i hope this is for a movie or something…where is justin?

elizabeth on

i think that she looks okay brunette, but i think she should stay with blonde.

Abby on

To me it makes her look years older

Lizzie on

Looks pretty greasy to me.

Gabby on

She is pretty no matter what color her hair is. Is just a bad pic! And she is way prettier than Cameron…. she is the one that looks like a guy!

Tiffany on


^^ on

never saw the appeal of jessica biel ; however , here she looks worse than before . :P

debbs on

SHE DID IT FOR A MOVIE ROLE….why would she want to be cameron? It looks awful but also keep in mine she has very minimal makeup on.

Anonymous on

she is still prettier than cameron, anyway

Jessica on

I think she looks better with light hair..

Maria McLeese on

No, I don’t like it. She looks washed out and lacks the “wow”factor of blonde hair. Makeup would help, but I bet she feels she will be taken more seriously if she’s dark haired, and not a blonde bombshell.

Paula on

Darker or lighter…it doesn’t matter…I personally do not think she’s attractive at all.

Kat on

Nah i dnt like it ! shes very pretty girl and that dark hair doest fit her

Abby on

Umm.. she looks like a wreck, her skin is too pale for that color, she makes alot of money per film, so you would think she would afford something like a SPRAY TAN! She looks really bad.

Jamie on

I think it makes her look smokin HOT!!!

Jennifer on

Love the color, bad hair cut (and a candid pic)

Thor on

The short greasy dark hair looks awful. It is hard to look at and think this was once such an attractive woman. I hope this is just a temporary lapse in personal hygeine and style judgement. Buy some shampoo and start showering again.

Sulema B. on


Liz on

Nope.. don’t like it.. she looks super old and her face looks super fat!! Ewww.. go back to blonde!!

DaWn on

its ok.. she looks great both ways

jules on

She looks old!

mija on

she looks like my older sister-and i’m 36! go back to lighter hair.

Anna on

i think she looks fantastic, it is amazing what a darker color can do to her fetures. Also, change is always good, maks anyone look fresher. No that she needs it.

emily on

well I hate it!!!I prefer her in blond

Anonymous on

I think she doesn’t look so fresh anymore. She looks like she hadn’t be in shower over a one week. I don’t think it’s a good colour for her…

Kristin on

Looks way to pale does nothing for her complection

Nadia on

She is beautiful no matter what <3

Lily on

I dont like the dark hair, I think its much to harsh for her. She’s a very pretty girl, and it does look nice on her, but i prefer the lighter tones.

Kinky Girl on

it totally flushes her skin out MAJOR no.

Gari on

The darker hair color washes her skin tone out. Much better light….

Christina on

With the dark hair she sort of reminds me of Shannon Doherty.

Hanaa on

It’s not that bad !! Only i prefer blonde .. looked better !

Allison on

She looks like an over worked soccer mom!

pharmgirl59 on

I don’t like it either, bring back the blonde!

jaja on

she looks like a mix of mandy moore and evangeline lily


Not a good colour at all…she needs alot of makeup to pull it off.
Not a big fan of Jessica anyway…sure she’s pretty(ish) but Sexiest woman in the world?? …I dont think so!

Anonymous on

The dark hair color looks okay but if stars want to go dark then they should know that there are colors such as LIGHT brown and MEDIUM brown. They almost black from blonde & it’s too harsh. She’s gorgeous but maybe she should get Harry Josh to do her hair. He knows what he’s doing. By the way the light color she normally wears is a little too light for her.

Vanessa on

The color is a little too dark. She should have gotten a LIGHT or a Medium brown with red or golden undertones to break it up. Her blondish hair color is a little light for her.I think she should get Harry Josh to color her hair. He’s awesome. Jessica always looks pretty though. And she’s way prettier than Cameron.

Meagan on

Jessica can pull off the dark hair. Her features are soft but striking.

marie odabas on

i like the hair color but maybe in this pic she needs a little more makeup

Haley on

i love love love jessica biel, but i Hate this color on her, i like the cut – it works for her face. but i like her with the blonde hair WAY better!

Maci on

I do not think that brunette suits Jessica at all!!!! She needs to go back!!

Max on

Looks like she has not washed in a week. Her hair looks like it was combed with a piece of buttered toast. Time to check in to rehab.

Kimberly on

I definitely prefer the old Jessica, but she didn’t ask me!

Danica on

I think Jessica looks Awesome, She is a very pretty gal.

Claire on

i think that is just a bad picture of it because it makes her face look washed out but it could be okay in real life

Rowanne on

personally, I think she looked better blonde , wearing a warm tone. but then, I guess she went chocolate brown only for the role in her movie, and was not a personal choice she made. you’ll see that after the movie is entirely shoot, she will go back for blonde.

Lauren on

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it washed out and makes her look both ghostly or sick.



ed on

doesn’t look any different..she’s not that pretty anyway…what the hell does Justine or anyone see in her anyway?

eli on

i love it …she looks elegant and sofisticated!!

Bren on

Catherine Keener-esque.

taryn on

she looks to harsh and too butch!

wendy on

shes a plain jane and it suits her! cameron is much prettier than her!!!

wendy on

shes very plain either way! cameron knocks spots of her!!

Sasha on

I think she should keep this greasy, flat hair look. Then maybe my boyfriend will stop lusting after her!

Alberto on

hi nice post, i enjoyed it

nikki on

don’t like it.. not on her… she looks best with longer hair, and lighter colours.

Anonymous on

shes beatiful , but the brown doesnt work so much for you. not loving it . shes still gorgeous though!

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