You Asked, We Found: Mary-Kate's Booties

08/03/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Photo: VIPIX/Ramey

Where did Mary-Kate Olsen get the shoes she is wearing in Star Tracks with the red hoodie and skull scarf?- Jill

While some of Mary-Kate’s footwear is a bit questionable, these Jean-Michel Cazabat “Ciara” booties are more than fashion-forward. When other fashionable starlets stepped out in open-toed ankle boots we were horrified, but the slight peep-toe, silver piping and metallic high heel on this pair actually makes the trend easier on our eyes. Get MK’s booties, $515, at Or if you aren’t ready to invest quite that much in the trend, try this peep-toe lace-up bootie, $115, from If you love MK’s skull scarf get the new (MK’s is from 2003!) McQ by Alexander McQueen clown skull scarf, $212, and for a more afforable one try a Loungefly skull bandana, $4, Tell us: What do you think of MK’s peep-toe booties? Would you wear them?

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Naroniel on

I like them, I’m not sure if I would wear them. But these are much better than the ones Lindsay, Posh and Sarah were wearing!

Chloè on

I thought the worst were posh’s ones, but this pair of shoes is even worse.

tracey on

Just horrible!
Why would anyone want to copy her style.
She looks like she rolled out of bed at the homeless shelter and threw on the hand outs.
I think her and her sister need to stop being so miserable and appreciate what they have.
What happened to them?

Joanna on

of, course this shoes are HOT!
but this from vs even hotter!

HLS on

I don’t care who says this footwear is fashion-forward, it looks ridiculous to me! They combine too many trends at once: peep toe, ankle boots, high heels. No one in my city would wear them.

dawn on

What clown asked for these shoes fess up.

Alison on

I refuse to wear “booties.” They are ugly, and have a stupid name.

Anne on

I’m sorry you wasted your time looking for them. They are absolutely hideous. I thought that as soon as I saw them. What happened to these girls? They were SSSOOOO cute like five years ago… I thought they’d be so gorgeous by the time they hit there 20s…. I guess I was wrong… It’s sad!

Kayla on

Does anyone know who makes the white dress and gold sandals that Kristen Bell wore to the launch of Foley + Corinna’s resort collection? It was the perfect late-summer look.

Sharon on

I want to know who asked to find these shoes…?! They are a ridiculous looking and another ‘questionable’ pair to add to their footwear collection. Sorry, but I would never wear them. Next!

Delaney on

Hate the shoes. Does anyone know what jeans she is wearing? Great color for fall.

Kristine on

No, I don`t think that those shoe suit to everyone.
But those suit perfectly to Mary-Kate!

Rachel on

If I saw someone wearing these on the street, I would point and laugh.
I’m all for fashion-forward, but these are an unfortunate fashion mistake!

lydia on


SpicyG on


Jill on

I asked about the booties! I don’t like all the booties out now but these are totally cute! To those haters-don’t be jealous that you probably couldn’t pull off this look!

Alice on

Not a fan of the shoes but I have to kinda of laugh at the person who said they should stop being so miserable and appreciate what they have. There parents had them working since they were 6 months old and they have no idea what a “normal” life is. Wouldn’t that have some kind of effect on you?

tracey on

Alice, I am the one who made the comment about them appreciating what they have.
So just because they have worked since the were 6 mths. old and did not have a “normal life” that gives them the right to always look so pissed off, scummy, and unhappy?
I am sure many people in this world would trade their lives for theirs.
If their biggest problem is that they’ve had to work since they were 6 mths. old and have the millions they have I don’t think they have much to complain about.
Until I would say the last 3 years they use to carry themselves in a much happier manner. If you look back at their old pictures they were always smiling.
Why don’t you go and talk to the children in third world countries, slaving away countless hours, eatting scraps for food, sleep on floors, and so on.

dawn on

These girls have a choice today not to work and take the millions they have and go have fun and enjoy life and help others enjoy it instead they seem to enjoy looking like mentally ill patients.

Pamela on

These are too cute. You have to be skinny and have the right overall look mto pull these off though. Aparently not enough of you out there qualify.

Jenna on

i like them…but i dont think i would wear them..

G on

Ok Tracy we all understand that theres people out there less fortunate than the Olsens but unless you know what its like to have cameras in your face 24/7, then i doubt you can understand why the smile has worn off their faces. Lets also not forget that above all these girls (well atleast one of then) has suffered from a pretty serious mental illness!! So sorry if they’ve crushed your forever cute “Full House” hopes and dreams Alice but cut them some slack and stop using child slavery and poverty to get your point across!!
and by the way i hate the booties! LOL

G on

WOW that last comment was totally aimed that tracey girl!! sorry alice whoever you are!!!!

Claudette on

I think we insult the bag ladies when we compare these twins style of dress to theirs, they already have a hard life.

Blair on

I wouldn’t wear them. I think they’re awful.

Hate 'em on

I know I didn’t ask to see them.

Michelle on

I think they’re really cute, but I could never get away with wearing them in Michigan!

Whitney on

I’m very glad that y’all have started to put up Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale on here. They have GREAT style.
I was wondering if you could find the dress/frock that Vanessa was wearing your style tracks.
She also has one in black.
If you can find that out, it would be GREAT!

27something on

She looks like a bag lady,…what happened to the Olsen twins. They both really are cute girls, and unfortunately are seeming more and more “Kate Moss” like every day.

Nicole on

I LOVE THEM…they’re so fashion forward…I would wear them in a heartbeat…


i wud never wear these shoes. they do work 4 a celeb like MK tho, & theyre a lot better than some of the otha open toed (uglY) shoes

Johanna on

theyre nasty, eww MK u are horrible. why do people even cAre about this girl anyway? she hasnt done anything lately and shes not even a good actress. leave her and her horrible fashion out of teenpeople.

Brianna on

These are great, they are perfect for LA, or any other fashion forward town. However they would not fly in a polyester-princess sort of place, you know, where most of the women wear short bowl hair cuts, drive mini-vans and are missing any sort of creative genetics.

Rach♥ on

they are ok…i don’t think i would wear them though!!

lydia bella on

cute. and for all that say you wouldn’t wear them…. yeah right, you just cant afford them. next.

Marja on

I didn’t know shoes from the 1800s were in style.

Tamara on

Well I like too much her shoes
MK has style, this shoes are hot and beuty
She and her sister are gorgeous, they wouldn’t never stop wearing therefore!

chels on

why wear the booties if they have like holes on them and it’s and awfully horrid booties.

Foxxy Cleopatra on

I’d rather dig for Louboutins instead those unsightly, hideous-looking ones. Peep toed booties should just go. Just go as they please. All of them look HIDEOUS as it seems.

lexy on

i like them actually, but i don’t think just anyone could pull them off, so i’m gonna let Posh wear them for now ;)

tracey on

G, they have not crushed my “dream of olsen girls forever.” I never knew I had that dream until you so kindly pointed it out to me.
People have their right to post their opionion so if I want to say that they need to start appeciating life more I have every right to w/out being attacked. I am sure you have posted things that people do not agree with.
I know many people who have suffered from an eating disorders and are not frowing all the time.
At the end of the day this is a post for people to give their opinion on different topics and strangers that we do not know. I was not insulting a family member or a personal friend of yours so you have no right to attack me.
I guess that shows that type of person and class you have. “That G girl”

jilly on

where are her sunglasses from???
love them where can i fine them

mindy on

i donnt like shoes

JS on


arlet on

I think its ok you know. They like what they like and just because they like it dosent mean you have to.

Krissy on

I love them!!!! I would rock em!!!

Mallory on

Mary-Kate and Ashley are such pretty girls. I don’t know why they would want to dress the way they choose to dress. Most of us girls out here wish that we had the bodies these girls have and they seem to try to pile on as many clothes as they can-and the shoes-RIDICULOUS!

Rebecca on

I think these people think that they can get away with this stuff because they’re famous and rich, but it looks horrible. Let’s be honest with ourselves here…

roslyn on

i don’t care what the olsen’s do or are wearing…i want one of those cool drinks all those people in the background have!!! =P

Michelle on

Ewww what kind of person wear that its owfull i feel sorry for her.

Emilee ♥ on

First of all, these shoes are ugly. These are not unique or fashion forward, these shoes are fashion UGLY. I’m all for people who buy expensive things, heck I treat myself to something expensive once in a great while, but who would buy something so ugly for $515? Either stick with sandals or go with boots, designing both together is extremely tacky looking, plus I don’t care for ankle boots anyway.

I do like MK’s skull scarf though.

OMG, Roslyn, I can’t stop laughing at your comment, LOL, very funny, thanks for the laugh.

yunis on

w0w!hehheh,. MK and her sis are just actually being true!they love what they want to wear!and these pair of booties is a great choice!

carola on

i think those shoes look great on her. she’s got a great style. love it! they should be added to the best footwear collectionnnnn

Meagan on

EWWW. who let tinkerbell out of her emo cage??

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