Fashion Faceoff: Britney vs. Katherine

07/23/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Ramey; STEVE SANDS/bauer-griffin

Back in April, Britney Spears topped this floral Tibi dress off with her signature straw cowboy hat and matching boots while coming out of her dance studio. Just last week Katherine Heigl gave the same summer frock a feminine touch with strappy flat sandals and a delicate drop necklace on the set of her new movie, 27 Dresses. We love this Tibi dress, but unfortunately the older style is no longer in stores. Get the updated Luau floral dress, on sale $160 from $319, at Tell us: Who do you think wears the Tibi dress better–Britney Spears or Katherine Heigl?

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Elizabeth on

I got this same dress at Anthropologie in San Francisco back in February. Most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn!

Becky on

Defnately Katherine. Britney is way too over-accesorized.

AnnieJ on

Katherine looks pretty in this dress. It is amazing how Brit can make the same dress look like an embarrassment.

Lauren R on

That’s easy…Katherine by a landslide.

tracey on

Sad to say but I might have to go w/Britney.
I am against getting sun and 100% for protecting your skin from sun exposure but Katherine’s legs look too white and they blend in w/the shoes.

AM on

I definitely think Britney looks better.

Heather on

Katherine for sure. Britney looks like trash as usual.

ann on

You know, Tracey, I regretfully have to agree. Not diggin’ Brit’s boots, but they’re better than Katherine’s translucent legs and grandma shoes!

pzlzlp on

I think Brit tops this one! She looks fab! I dont know why everyone puts her down – more than half of the girls and so called women in this world act just like her and just because she doesnt hide anything means everyone should pick on her. For pete sake stop being so caddy and tell the truth for once! Brit looks better… and also loving her accssories.

Amber on

I’m not a Britney fan, but she obviously looks better in this dress. Katherine’s knees look DISGUSTING and she’s a sickly looking pale. A dress with such a fun print should be something you have fun with, and I think Britney’s accessories do just that. Katherine looks like a mix between my grandma and the school nerd.

Dorothy on

Tracey I totaly agree with you- Katherine legs blend with the shoes.Unfortunately Britney dosn’t look much better unless you are a fan of the cowgirl look.Elizabeth you should have send a picture in that dress I am sure you would have beaten them both.

edot on

For the first time in a long time, I’m going to have to say Britney. I love the girl, but she always has a stain on her clothes! I think that the hat and cowboy boots are actually pretty cute… definitely better than those hideous sandals..

Ofri on

Neither. Katherine is beautiful and classy, but the colors don’t work for her and the shoes are hideous. The dress seems a bit dumpy on her, and I think the outfit could have really benefitted from a colorful wedge or even a flat, although her legs don’t look that great as it is.
Britney looks good in the dress itself, but wearing it with the boots and the hat is a fashion disaster more or less characteristic of Britney these days. Since she is obviously incapable of dressing herself in a manner befitting a young mother, she should really invest in a stylist.

marni on

Katherine looks matronly, Brit adds touches of her own personal style. Spears keeps the dress fresh and young even though the dress is ugly.

Casey on

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Britney looks best. She usually looks a little cracked out, but here she looks cute. I like the boots with her dress. Katherine’s shoes look like something I would have worn to an 8th grade dance back in 1994. Just sayin…

Karen on

Britney looks much better! Katherine looks washed out!

Rebecca on

I have to agree with Ofri and vote NEITHER! Katherine would probably edge out Britney mainly because I hate the cowboy hat and boots Britney always seems to be wearing these days and they look even worse with the pretty sundress. She somehow manages to make the nicest clothes look tacky.

Lisa on

Personally, I don’t care for the dress and I’m not a fan of Britney’s but Katherine looks beyond frumpy…look at those knees! From the neck down she looks 50-something. Is Katherine the only one in Hollywood that doesn’t get a spray-on tan? She could definitely use some color.

tlove on

I say neither. The dress is just not cute. But if I HAD to choose….I would go with Britney. Katherine needs a tan and heels. Her legs are terrible!

DebbieP on

Katherine by a mile. She looks classy and georgeous…Britney is her usual trashy self. The boots look ridiculous with that dress.

rae on

i was gonna go with katherine…but from the knee down, just kinda ruined the over all effect…

Laura on

Wow…this one is a toss-up. Once again, Brit-Brit brings us the best in “bayou chic” with that gawd-awful hat, and the boots are too heavy. BUT…Katherine’s legs look very heavy in this dress and I agree with everyone about the shoes. Maybe a red patent pump to set off the red in the bodice? Both looks are a “miss” if you ask me.

M on

Do you seriously have to ask?

Sunny on

I have to go w/Brit on this one. Snow white needs some color (tube)!

Lee-Crews on

Katherine’s shoes are hideous and looks like they would be better on an elderly one with support hose.

Lee-Crews on

You’re a riot with the description “bayou chic” Hilarious!!

deb on

Sorry! But they both look like hell – Britney is her usual trashy self and Katherine looks anemic – the dress does not flatter either woman.

Susanne on

Britney looks best in this particular dress. The cowboy hat and boots are a perfect compliment to this dress.

h on

This is probably the only time I’ll ever side with Brit. I love Katherine, but darker shoes would have done wonders! And I know what everyone else said, but I love Brit’s boots and hat…guess I’m just a Texas girl though!

Anita on

Britney def. pulled off the look better then Katherine. The boots help make the outfit…

Mady on

Brit for once looks better!

yen on


SR on

I absolutely think that Britney looks better in the dress. She looks more fun and modern where as Katherine’s spin is very aged. I don’t really like the shoes Katherine is wearing with such a pretty fun dress.

AnnieJ on

Lee-Crews you are so right re: Laura and the Bayou Chic! I’m still laughin’!

alia on

I’d have to agree w/ most of you..Heidi’s legs match the color of her fugly grandma shoes…ughh…and I think Britney actually looks appropriate here….I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, BRITNEY WINS!

Ashley on

I can’t believe this is even a contest. Katherine of course! And seriously when was is not okay to be pale, just because she’s not fake tanned like all of Hollywood does not make her legs look bad. And it’s not like she had much of a choice with the shoes and accessories since she’s filming a movie and that’s her character’s outfit.

h on


Tammy on

Come on everybody, Katherine is in a MOVIE! The costumers dressed her like that, so knock them not her. And, does anybody’s knees look pretty? Britney is being herself as usual and putting her own spin on everything she wears. That’s why we pay so much attention to her. I love Katherine’s usual style, and Britney comes out with some “winners” so there is no comparison in my book. Two totally different women with totally different tastes. People should read before they come up with their opinions.

Amy on

Isn’t it the whole point of fashion to take a piece and make it your own? Obviously there are 2 totally different personalities here and they both do a great job of showing the observer their individuality.
Unless PEOPLE is trying to get the voters to vote on who, as a celebrity, they like better. If this is so, why ask about the fabric? Is it too taboo to just come out and ask people to make fun of one person and praise another?

Leah on

I can’t believe this is even a question. Of course Katherine! Britany is just a train wreck in anything she wears these days.

Stella on

Neither look good in this dress but Katherine was on a movie set whereas Britney CHOSE to look like this! I have no idea why anyone over the age of 14 like her at all except that maybe those are the same people who like Pam Andersen. With all the money Britney has, she never has a good hair or makeup day when she’s out and about. Other celebs manage to look attractive doing their own makeup when running errands, going shopping or having lunch. Britney’s face always looks sweaty, her makeup looks like it’s melting and her hair always looks dirty. She picks unflattering clothes that do not fit her well. She looks like someone who’s drunk after a night of partying except that it’s in the middle of the day. And why is her mouth open whenever papparazzi take her photo? It looks so fake and trying!

Trisha on

I can’t believe that I am saying this, but Britney definitely looks better. Katherine’s legs are way too pale and those shoes are horrific. Britney’ boots and hat make her dress look more hip and modern.

Hannah on

Britney Spears shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the good name of Anthropologie.



Hannah on

ewww kathrines knees are disgusting

lily on

What is wrong with having white legs???That is her skin color. Why is it wrong and politically incorrect to say someone’s skin color is unattractive because it is too black, but perfectly fine to say it is unattractive because it is too white?

kay on

britney spears= waaaaaaaay cuter here


I think that britney looks better, its not about the people and what we dont like about them, its who looks better in it

Hanaa on

I’ll go with Britney, Sweet western touch.

Ivi on

I have to agree that Britney looks better than Katherine. I love Katherine, but her legs go look way to pale for the dress & wash her out. & while Britney’s boots & hat make her look trashy, the dress looks better on her & the colors on the dress stand out more.

jacqueline on

Wow this is a tough crowd….. so I’ll join it. I’ve rarely seen Britney in anything that makes me say she has style. Not keen on this dress on either one. No Jackie O substitutes here….

Layla on


Alex the Q.T on

Katherine looks better only because she is wearing the dress right. Britney tried to make it cowboyish when its not a cowboy outfit!

Ashley on

Britney- by far looks better! Katherine’s white, fat, grandma legs and grandma shoes look nasty! She is entirely too pale, she looks like a ghost. The dress fits Britney much better and her boots look super cute with it. Britney wins this one!

Jennifer on

What happened to Katherine? The girl blew up! And those legs are hideously pale. Ew! She needs to get out into the sunlight a little more.

lola on

sad though it is, britney makes every outfit seem trashy. i pity her deeply, but…katherine wins, hands down.

Jen on

I have to agree with those of you who, even though we may be embarrassed to admit it, had to go with Britney. It’s one of the cuter things I’ve seen her wear in ages, although I’m not sure I get the rest of the outfit…and I didn’t know it was possible to make Katherine Heigl look so bad!

Katie on

Katherine: those shoes, those legs, NO, NO, NO!

Britney: she looks good. You need boobs to fill in that dress. She wears it well. The cowboy boots and the hat make for a fun combo.

Elizabeth on


dnna on

kathrine for sure, britney its too much

jen on

Definitly Katherine!!!! Britney looks tacky…as always!!!

Lorna on

I have to go with Britney, she doesn’t exactly look gorgeous but Katherine just looks frumpy and pale and those shoes are nasty.

becky on

Katherine was on the set of a movie, I’m pretty sure. Can’t judge her on that.

T-Molly on

Poor Brit. She really can throw off an adorable dress. Katherine looks comfy, and fantastic!

Emilee ♥ on

Hmmmmm…. The dress fits nicely on both Britney and Katherine. The dress on Katherine looks nice, but those shoes look like something my Great-Grandma wears. I’m with Laura, instead of those shoes Katherine’s wearing, she should have been wearing a nice red peek-a-boo pump. As for Britney, I do like the spin on her wearing boots with the dress, but not cowboy boots. The cowboy hat is really going too far though, the hat just doesn’t go with the style of dress and looks icky, IMO.

Sofia on

I think Katherine wears the dress better. But, I’m glad to see Britney getter closer to her old shape and spending time with her son.

ashley. on

I like Katherines look better.
Her look is simple but cute.
Britney has too many other things going on in her look and the cowgirl theme isnt working with the dress.

Rach♥ on

sorry Britney but Katherine looks better and she has hair!!

tiffany on

katharine looks better in the dress, and she chose the right accessories to compliment with the dress. britney couldn’t.

Katie on

as much as i hate to say it, britney looks better in this outfit.

who cares on

katherine, hands down

Rachel on

Howdy y’all. Guess what? The is suprisingly good on me!

Heather on

not fans of either.
but i think it actually looks better on brit.
even though i dont like the accessories.
it looks nice on her curves.
hate to say it but……

Yoni on


Rachel on

On Katherine it looks old. On Britany she looks like a hot cow-girl/mom.

Christina on

Britney looks so much better. Katherine looks gross in this dress. She needs a tan, stockings or pantyhose to cover her knees, and what’s with practically being able to see her ribcage?

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