Would You Wear Ultra Smoky Eyes Like Avril?

07/19/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Jason Kempin/FilmMagic

The smoky eye is a perennial beauty favorite. Not only is it sexy, but it’s actually wearable for pretty much everybody. But all good things in moderation, right? Avril Lavigne embodies her punk-y persona (and possibly Rocky Raccoon) by taking the look to extremes with super thick eyeliner and black lids. Is it still so wearable? We want to know what you think! Tell us: Would you wear this ultra smoky eye?

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Krissy on

No To dark for me….

Julie on


Dani on

Nope, I could not pull that off. It’s just too extreme for me. For her it’s fine though.

steph on

maybe if my name was pete wentz.

heidi on

For sure it’s wearable. It’s my party look. I pull it off well, and so does she. Not for everyone though.

eww on

avrils such a sell out

Becky on

It’s too extra, and not so pretty.

Cindy on

First she should do something about her eyebrows… She looks undone…

lenora on

No, sorry but too tacky for me.

dawn on

On Halloween I would.

Kim R on

Looks gothic…at least she keeps the rest of her face “freed up” so all the focus is on her eyes…



sandra-suspence on

i like it i think that it is her new look since her last album that she had, its the new 21 year old pop-rock singer with a new sence of fashion and new look thats saying “world, here i am!”

laci on

avril looks great. he eyebrows are fine. she is one of the few women in hollywood that don’t look fake. she looks so hot in her punk outfits. yeah i wouldn’t wear my makeup like that but if she likes who cares. it hard not to find someone not doing the same stuff everyone else feels the need to do.

Daisy on

Way too smoky! Avril can look somewhat pretty rarely, she needs help on her makeup definitely!

Mary on

Oh, for sure! Rock on!!!

Althea on

Yes, I would totally wear it. I love her eyeshadow. It is totally date night eye make-up.

Julia on

Hell no! She looks terrible…and anyone who says they can pull it off (Heidi above) is just kidding themselves.

Christine on

No. Avril’s a tacky poser and I’d never want to emulate her look.

Kristi R on

I think some people can pull off that “smokey” look if done right. Maybe Avril just has a terrible make up artist because she is not looking good and I think she is one of the most beautiful young stars of today.

tracey on

No; way too much liner on the bottom.

Anonymous on

smoky eyes are sexy. raccoon eyes, not so much.

jane on

smoky eyes are sexy. raccoon eyes, not so much.

Amanda on

I always wear my make up like that on the weekends. I dont go way as dark as that but i think it looks hot. I guess everyone has there own style though

Amanda on

I think that all you girls are being a little to B***** Chill its her look. I think it looks good if it wasent so dark. You girls act like your perfect (NOT)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THOUH

pzlzlp on

All she needs to add now is bright red lipstick then she would be a total freak!

Heather on

I’m going to have to say no. Avril is a pretty girl and I think all that make up takes away from it.

Christine on

I think she looks great, not trying to look like anyone else but herself. While it may not be for everyone, it works for her!

Tara on

It looks ugly! It’s just to much black eye liner. She is not 16 any more she should still do the smokey eye but with less make up and look more mature.

Danielle W on

she looks absolutely ridiculous, that is the farthest thing from looking attractive.

Judy G on

Way to dark for her, she looks like a raccoon. She should stick with a more natural look.

pearl on

just because so people can’t pull it off don’t dog those who can. i wear it and pull it off with style and class. I don’t use that much or go that dark ,but if I was a famous rock star I totally would. I love it!!ROCK ON AVRIL!!!!!!

alia on

Whoa…way too much smoke for my eyes!…I like to keep my make-up natural, but still applied…this is a bit much…

Laura G, 22 on

If the occasion was right. I wouldn’t wear it to work or bowling. But for a night out on the town or a fancier party, I would totally rock this with the right outfit.

Lorena Pìmentel on

Absolutely. The smoky effect causes an impact drawing attention to our face and eyes, even if its color is not blue or green.
It’s the perfect make-up to rock the night away!

Bodhi on

I’d never do anything that Avril does. I hate her

Anon on

That look might work better on someone/something with dark hair or fur…

Suzanne S on

I think she can pull it off, but not a lot of girls can. Kudos to her! If I tried it, I would look like I got into the boxing ring!

HLS on

I would absolutely not wear this thick, dark eye makeup. It totally overwhelms Avril’s delicate features and makes her look like a freak. She can have a punk rocker chick image without making herself look like someone punched her eyes out.

rachel on


Kris C on

Perhaps I’d wear a muted version of the look. I love it on her, though!

dana on

NO WAY!! It looks like someone punched her in the eyes. I think its wayyyyyyyyyyy over done.

Monica Daoulova on

That looks beautiful on Avril. On me, it would frighten my grandchildren.

salma on

yes!!! i loved!!!

Olia on

I really love this look!
but i don’t think i’d be able to pull it off, i have quite dark brown eyes, so i’d probably just end up looking like a panda

Karen on

Looks like a raccoon – tooooooo dark !!!

Laurie on

No!! Never!! I think it looks terrible!!! Does she have any eyes? What is she trying to hide??

Lindsey L. on

I love avril and I wear the dark eyes everyday!

Jennifer on

That’s what I looked like after my car accident.

Me on

This is not a smoky eye… this is “I had an eyeliner accident.” No– I wouldn’t wear this, unless I was trying to be an accident victim for Halloween.

samantha on

i could pull it off it is was me. and she looks good to

Darcie on

I wonder how long it takes her to wipe all of that off at night…??

Stephanie on

She looks like a rabid raccoon.

Unsa on

I would definitely wear it cos its daring and because I love experimenting with different looks. It would also make you satnd out.

Anonymous on

nasty. but since she is famous, she can do whatever.

ae on

it is an old look from ancient
popularized by
Brigette Bardot
Chrissie Hynde
look of 60’s dolly birds
nothing new
the totally black eyelid is ugly
but the eyeliner
makes just about any woman attractive
also photo shop is involved ?
her eyes are a very pretty color

Red on

I think her features are great. Model material. But, come on!!!! Black eyeshadow/liner OVERKILL!!! She’s obviously a pretty girl, but downplays it. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it and love all the clothes, accessories, and make-up like the rest of us. She surely can afford it. If I had her money I’d enjoy it too on goodies.


Can any one say Adams Family extra.

Amy B on

It’s just fashion people!!!
Avril made the punk look popular 4-5 years ago and she is still rocking it cause she don’t give a s$#% about what people think. She is one of the only young people who hasn’t lost sight of herself. She is a statement – an excellent role model for proving that ‘fitting in’ isn’t always the ‘cool’ thing to do!

Amber on

that is soooooo ugly!!!!

Randa on

maybe… but it might not look as good on me as it does her

samone on

I think it might be good depending on what you are wearing or how small your eyes are.

yoness on

i definately wouldnt
its nice on her though

girl with an opinion=) on

AVRIL!!! For God’s sake girl!!! Get it together! You are beautiful! Dye your hair its natural color, get some real clothes, start wearing normal makeup and get your eyebrows waxed. You would look so elegant and gorgeous but you look like a clueless punk gone overboard here.

Tara Leigh on

Come on girls!! Be fair!! Maybe Avril got punched in both eyes and she has a huge black eye in both and she had to cover them up somehow!! YOU NEVER KNOW!! Although sunglasses would’ve done the job much less dramatically….

That was a joke…just so you know… I think she looks hideous!

Stephanie on

Way too much!

sofi on

i think its toooooo much and tooo dark…

Alex on

Depend where I would be going and what I was wearing!

Jasmin on

She looks nasty.

Alex on

Totaly… and she looks like a rock angle but only if you’ve got blue eyes cause it can be too dark =)

Nicole M. on

Maybe on Halloween… MAYBE.

jennifer on

She looks a little bit like a crack-head…Not very attractive. I like some of her music, but she tries way too hard to convince everyone she’s a hardcore punk rock chick.

Rebecca on

Ultra smoky? Looks more like ultra Sharpie to me. It also looks like she’s having a hard time opening her eyes with all that junk on them! Ick.

orlando4ever on

i love avril she looks grreat in her smoky eyes ,but i dont think i’ll try’em

Brooke on

Well personally I think it would look alot better if it was thinner on the outer edge of her eyes.

Emily on

I think it’s edgy. Something I personally wouldn’t wear, but I think it’s awesome–it takes a look that we see all the time (the smoky eye) and bumps it up in an innovative way. If nothing else, it catches your attention.

Erin on

I wear smoky eyes like that all the time, not just for night but to school. But that is because it is my style, and Avril pulls it off quite well. (Seeing as I look kind of simalar)

jen on


Lisa on

First of all, those eyes are NOT smokey…they are black!

For a 21 YO punk rocker it would look fine ON STAGE, but, Laci, the reason no one else is doing it is because it looks terrible on 99.9% of the people out there. And, yes, she needs to do something with her eyebrows.

Crystal on

I love the smokey eye look. I don’t like it on her though, she is too pale.

Michelle on

She looks like a reverse racoon. Way too extreme and not pretty AT ALL.

Samantha on

oh avril….

Naty on

YES!!!! GREAT!!!!

j on

i like it! she can pull it off

Dani on

I would not wear my eye makeup like that!! Isn’t makeup supposed to accent your natural features not cover them up?

Danielle on

I think she looks great. She is young and a rock star and she wears it with confidence. I applaud her for not looking like everyone else!

regan on

she looks absolutely AWFUL!!! no one needs that much make-up she is just eww

regan on

you look awful!! and you think just because you are famous you can walk around looking like a racoon/tramp. just less eye make-up and hopefully you can figure it out

rebecca on

never to dark to go with light hair

kirsten on

Go back to Napanee….. where you and your eye liner belong

claudia on

No, she’s too pale to be wearing that, I’ve never seen taht girl wearing somenthing decent.

Sam on

Eww. This is soo ugly.
I am very serious. NASTY and definate no no!

Gemma on

her? YES!! me? hell no!

sar on

nah i wouldnt be able to pull it off. although ur right it does look good on her…i just think she might want to tone it down a bit…

Lauren S, 20 on

Way too dark for me. It’s pretty when its sort of dark but not that dark. It makes her look like she is trying to be goth. That is just a little bit over the top.

Nancy Sorenson on

She looks hideous as always, and she steals other people’s music. Time for someone to lose the “edge” and be real.





me, duh on

she looks like a raccoon

Amanda Hubbs on

Too Dark, Someone call for tacky??

Dori on

Too dark for me

possum on

no the stupid girl looks terrible
she sucks at life and singing

rena on

no way

Kara Jean on

It looks awful on her. She dyed her hair so blonde and her skin is so fair and then she punts on all that black eyeliner?? Bad idea. But don’t bash the look altogether because it looks really, really, really sexy on Amy Winehouse. Has anyone seen pictures of her?? Soooo hot. But Avril…not so much.

Krista on

Sorry it is just to smoky..

Abby on

Not during the day, but they would be fun at night.

CJ on

Looking at this picture makes me want to throw up! That isn’t using makeup to help you look better, that’s just abusing makeup!!

Gillian on

You’d think she was just starting to learn how to use make-up.

sam on

maybe if i were goth! but just way too smokey for me! just add a little gold and grey thats all you need for smokey eyes!

chantelle on

I find that it is way tooo dark for her, and that she’d look great it were thinner and lighter. She’s a natural beauty, and this is not natural at all! I think that she should stay wit the lighter shades, or less harsh make up.

summer on

hellllllll no..too dark

Miley on

No… it works for her but i WOULD NOT wear it EVER!!!

Mandy on

Way too much.

Charlotte E. on

no, Avril looks idiotic. Too thick. Would I wear it? No, not if I’d look anything like her.

johnvalencia.blogg.se on

Oh God no, it´s horrible. She doesn´t seems to know her own good.

tanya on

nope. way too dark and time too much time to take off. looks good on her though

Blair on

I’d wear it of course. Cuz i’m da Drama Queen!!!

Noora on

i love people magazine it’s sooooooo cooooooool

Haven on

Its soooo NIce .. I WouldWear A smoky Make UP Like Avril

Andreia on

i think it’s great…

april a on


Antonella on

I personally would not ….but…i find it does look great on her!!!!!!!!!!!!

katina on

who did her make up? marilyn manson? YUCK!

gilda on

She looks a damn racoon!

joss on

too much and plus on top of that she has pale skin

Annie on

She reminds me that character in The Adam’s Family

jillian on

I love the smokey look! Its one of my favorite tecniques to use myself. Although I personally would not go as far to wear it as heavy as avril. I think black starts to drownd out your eye color after so much. Light smokey, natural, and sexy is my theme. Not dark and skanky.

whitefeather on

I would never wear it that dark. I’m not really sure why she would either. Her eyes are so beautiful and she hides them with that junk. She can still pull off punky but maybe with a little class.

dani on

puh-lease! wut gurl would wear dat! only ppl lik dave navarro or pete wentz, gross!

Jenna on

ewhh, she looks like she has no makeup on besides that ugly eye liner! she probally used all the liner stick! its soo ugly. no one and i mean NO ONE should put makeup on like that! do you make up in the dark Avril? PS its time to pluck the eyebrows!

Day on

Because her skin is so pale she should not go so dark with her eyes. The coloring reminds me of a skunk.

Carly on

I like the way Avril does her amkeup.She looks great.

leslie on

I like the look on the fashion runways, but not so sure about on avril.

camila on


Mel on

This is sad. People are making fun of Avril because she has a perticular type of style that some people dont like and some people do- If you cant pull it off thats your problem and not hers.

Katherine on

You could paint a house with that much eyeshadow/eyeliner/blackgoop…

Mandy on

Well Avirl Lavigne looks nice =]
But no,I wouldn’t have eyes as smokey as hers o-o

Amber on

I would definetly wear it during the fall. I think it looks gorgeous.

Corissia L. on

No, I would want people to notice my eyes first, not my eye makeup.

hellna on

love it!!!!

Chloe W. 12 years-old on

no. i don’t wear eyeliner usually, only for parties or special occasions if it matches the style.

Chloe W. 12 years-old on

nope. i don’t really wear eyeliner, only for parties or special occasions.

xx chloe
p.s. but Av looks cute in eyeliner.

denise on

maybe not that much

denise on

i think it cool!!!!!!

Anonymous on


lolly on


Chloè on

Yeah. If Today Was Halloween.
Or If I was in a emo band.

Too dark for Me:)

pharmgirl59 on

It’s gross and tacky, just a way overdone look, but her music rocks!



xokaylaox =P on

love it on the top but it goes down too far on the bottom

xokaylaox =P on

she looks good but she needs to lighten it up on the bottom

Ashley on

Of course! Avril’s eyes are up to date and totally trendy. The only thing wrong with them is most people won’t be able to pull it off!

sarah on

i love the smokey eye on some people. but thats way too much man

jackie on

She looks as though she just finished a boxing bout and has 2 black eyes or is just trailer trash.

CB on

No. She looks terrible. Every time I see her, I want to wash her face.

nessa on

hell yeaah i would she looks soo fashion run way. seriously who ever doesnt like this is a total wanker.
i bet you guys never opened a fashion mag. or vogue ..
rock chicks are effingg rad !

ria on

Personally, I feel that anyone can pull of the smokey eye look…its sexy! But on some people they prefer a little less smokey than how avril is wearing! I think it looks hot on her…shes got her lil punk rock thing going on.

ria on

Personally, I feel that anyone can pull of the smokey eye look…its sexy! But on some people they prefer a little less smokey than how avril is wearing it! I think it looks hot on her…shes got her lil punk rock thing going on.

Brian on

Yes, Smokey eyes are sexy and Avril Lavigne makes
them look sexier! You rock Avril.

Brian on

Yes, Smokey eyes are sexy an Avril Lavigne makes
Them look sexier! You rock Avril!

Tricia on

No way. It’s too much for me. She wore the same look in her video. I think the title’s when your gone or something. But anyway, I don’t like it.

Tanya on

Considering she’s a singer/actress she pulls it off, but imagine me in an office with this look.. it definitely wouldn’t blow over too well.

ana on

I would do this if I was totally trying out for a scary movie roll, but not to go out in public!

Christine on

I really wish people would get over Avril. First she was punk rock with the ties, (I hated those!), now she’s trying to be all girly. Which is better than how she used to be. But seriously, who would wear smoky eyes like hers?! They’re awful. They are way to dark. Much too extreme.

Christine on

She’s worse than a raccoon. They’re awful. They are way to dark. Much too extreme.

GlamBlush :: Beats from the Beauty Blogosphere on

[…] at Off the Rack -> Avril Lavigne’s super smoky eyes – would you wear your eyeliner that […]

Heather on

I like smoky eyes, but thats a little much

Emilee ♥ on

I agree with “Anonymous”, smokey eyes are sexy, but not racoon looking eyes.

IMO, the point is to bring more of the effect on the top eyelid, while focusing on darkening the color a little bit {NOT TOO DARK}, and playing up the eyelashes, but not go crazy. Avril’s color is too dark on top. You don’t want to go crazy with the black liner beneath the eye, you just want to add a little touch of dark liner, not color in the whole part beneath your eye. If you go crazy on top and at the bottom, you’re going to look like a racoon, and that’s not a good thing.

In this case, with Avril, she looks like a racoon. The bottom part of her eyes look ridiculous. She went or her make-up stylist went over-board and basically colored in her bottom part of her eyes. IMO, wipe away some of that mess at the bottom of her eyes and possibly add a TOUCH of blue at the bottom of her eyes, but don’t go crazy, just add a touch of color and LIGHTEN the dark on the top of her eyelids, darken up her eyelashes to bring a long effect to them and a nice rich color, and she’s set to go. That’s just my opinion/advice anyways. I will wear the smokey eye {NOT LIKE AVRIL’S} on occasion when going to a club or party, but not all the time, I like to keep my make-up more natural looking, but I like to have fun with my make-up too.

jennifer on

i would do it!

Britt on

Deff. not!!! I dont think I could get out of my house looking like that!1 For me ppl would stare but for avril ppl couold care less!!! i dont mind it on her as much as i would on me!!!!!!! It is not my fav. by any means!!!

Kar on

I love the smokey eye makeup, I think if you don’t like it you are getting too old. When did Avril get so HOT!!!

allie on

heck yes.
i love it.

ashely on

yea its cool i wud

mariana on

amm no, well maybe just in halloween…xD

kiersten on

yess!!! iwould soo wear it!! and the punky thick eye liner she is my favorite singer since … ever

leslie on

yes! i would i love that look

najuh on

it’s perfect the way it is. she is perfect and that makeup works out for her. < avril 3

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