StyleWatch Editors Want to Know: What's Your Favorite Red Lipstick?

07/18/2007 at 05:00 PM ET


Red lipstick has graced some of the sexiest lips ever — everyone from Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe to Gwen Stefani call attention to their pouts with bold color. But finding the right red is arguably the hardest makeup shopping trip. Too blue, too orange, too red, too hard! But we know that when you find the right shade, you become a devoted fan for life. So the beauty editors at StyleWatch want to pick your brain for that perfect lipstick! Tell us: What’s your favorite red lipstick? (Please include the brand and the shade!)

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Elda on

Luv luv luv Red lipstick!!!!

Elda on

Revlon of course!

libby on

not this one…sorry gwen

Jennifer M on

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lipcolor in SEXY…the name says it all!

Mandi on

DuWop, Shades of Venom in Belladonna. Sexy…

Beans1030 on

MAC Desire — great, sheer and wonderful!

R on

Mac Viva Glam V.

Amazing and it lasts a great while too.

yen on


barbara on

Nars – Jungle Red

Kindra W on

M.A.C. lipstick in Glam. Perfect for light skin and blonde hair.

Randa on

i wouldnt wear red lipstick it doesnt look good on me… but it looks wonderful on gwen… =)

Melinda F. on

Nars, Fire Down Below – semi matte and looks great on everyone! The color looks really deep in the tube but don’t let that scare you. It goes on beautiful!

lizette on

I’d love to wear red lipstick but my hair is black and I look dated when I put on red lipstick. Anyone have any suggestions to make it look up to date?

Jamie L. on

MAC Viva Glam Diva

Donna O'Neal on

I love red lipsticks. Great statement on a woman.
I wear CoverGirl shade is Really Red. Sometimes
it is hard to fine, but it feels great on and
looks great!

Donna O'Neal on

Love Red Lipstick……I use Cover Girls
Really Red shade!!!! You rock GWEN!

courtney on

MAC Viva Glam 1! Works with most people. Just remember a good liner – that is the trick with the red lipstick

Lisa R on

Chanel Rouge Allure in Passion (14) – gorgeous and classic.

Jenn on

I wear Russian Red by MAC in the winter when I have black hair-not sure what shade to wear in the summer with lighter hair and a tan?!

alia on

I don’t wear red lipstick…I think my lips are too big and it would overpower my face….but it does look great on Gwen!! I love her!:)

Kasia on

MAC Russian Red is the best!



Carolyn on

Cherry Cola by Clinique –

jennifer on

I LOVE Ruby Woo by MAC it’s my fav. I love to dress up 50’s-60’s style and that’s the perfect red shade. It’s got the Matte finish. LOVE IT! Love gwen too!

Lindsay on

Lipstick Queen – Rouge Sinner (or Rouge Saint if I want something a little more lowkey that still pops). Try it!!


My favourite is Revlon, though I don’t remember the colour! I read once that Gwen wears MAC :D.

Emma M on

i love hayden panetierre’s lacy cocktrail dress in the July 18 StarTracks! Could you find one for me? Thanks

Erin W on

Nars “Cruella”- it’s a matte pencil, goes on like a dream!

Nicole D on

MAC’s MAC RED pefect shade!!!!!!

Caitlin N., 16 on

I LOVE MAC’s Russian Red lipstick!! It’s so perfect and lasts for a really long time so you don’t have to re-apply!!

o on

her mouth is NOT attractive what-so-ever. and so she should not be using such bright and red and all that lipstick.

Liz on

I love Burt’s Bees lip shimmer in Merlot!

Trish Summerville on

Estee Lauder Hot Chili. Its so great when they took it away, they HAD to bring it back!

Jill on

Estee Lauder Red Attitude…it’s been discontinued but you can still get it through their Gone But Not Forgotten program…I worked in cosmetics for a bit and so I’ve tried numerous reds and this is the absolute best red there is!

Lise on

MAC Viva Glam is my favourite !!

Belina on

Astor Colorlast, foffee seduction

Cucumber Eyes on

I like to see red lipstick on other but on me it simply doesn’t look good… the only red thing on my lips is red gloss :)

Sarah on

Estee Lauder – Electric Intense Lip creme – HOT HOT (725)

Susan on

Loreal Endless #600 ..BRING IT BACK..IT WAS THE BEST…NOTHING BETTER for a beautiful red pout.

Laura on

I don’t even know if they make it anymore I have so many stocked up- Clinque’s lipstick in Plum. Love it!

Caree on

i love chanel’s first red and guerlain

yvonne franceschi on

Loreal drumbeat red and Bobby Brown Fierce great
for brunettes no orangy stain. yvonne

350Zgirl on

M.A.C. Russian Red- I get compliments everytime I wear it. It is incredibly sexy!!

Johanna on

Powerhouse from MAC ~ awesome ~ you can also mix it in with MAC’s Plum lipliner ~ VERY SEXY ~

Susanne on

Mac Desire is wonderful. A red anyone could wear. Perfect with bronzer, defined brows and lots of mascara!

Anonymous on

chanel rouge allure n 14 passion… nothing better

lex on

MAC, Rockstar…it has glitter in it..and stays on FOR-EVER

Annie on

I am a devout user of M.A.C.’s Viva Glam I. It is the perfect shade of red and can be worn by women of any complexion. The best thing about a truly classic red is that it can be worn so many different ways. It can look retro, edgy, classic, and trendy all at the same time, but always, always beautiful. If you want the fullest coverage you’ve ever seen from a lipstick, you can put Viva Glam I on straight, though I prefer to put a little lip balm (Mary Kay Satin Lips is amazing) on under so that it goes on smoother and not quite as heavy.


MAC in Diva

Anonymous on

wet n wild MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture

shawn on

wet n wild MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture

Haley T. on

I was a devout “gloss” girl until I discovered M.A.C Red Satin lipstick. It’s classic and doesn’t run!

Shawntee on

Max Factor – 225 FLAME.

Shawntee on

Max Factor – 255 FLAME.

Jeanine on

I have 2 Mac Desire lipglass and Mac Pro longwear all nighter.

Jessica James Boyle on

MAC Redwood is my FAVE red!! :) It’s the shade I’ve been searching for my whole life!

Stella on

LOVE red lipstick and love Gwen! I switch between other shades and gloss too but my boyfriend loves the red and thinks all women look best in red. Penelope Cruz always looks good with red lips so someone with dark hair and darker skin can pull it off. Cameron Diaz is fair skinned and blond and she looks amazing in red as well. You just have to find the right shade girls! I’m sorry but I have to keep my favorite red a secret because it took me a while to find and I don’t want it to be soldout.

kd on

mac’s lady bug is really great for light skinned girls with blonde hair

Steph F on

Have to agree with ‘R’ – MAC Viva Glam V is THE BEST red!

EChizzle on

I can’t pull off Red Lipstick but Gwen sure can.

Marija on

I love the red lipstick on her!!

Brittanie on

I adore cherry red lipstick. I think its incredibly sexy!

jennifer on

love love love nars (shanghai express) and dior addict plastic gloss in (electrifying red)

Madam X on

MAC Dubonnet…the perfect deep red that doesn’t go on bright or turn fushia on my pale skin. It’s long lasting and doesn’t dry out my lips either. This is my Holy Grail red!!

Caressa S.

Oda on

Ican’t take more red lipstick. The new hit is pink.

kelli wheatley on

I’m a dancer and i have to wear MAC russian red…i like it but is really really intense red!

Heather on

Love Annatto by Aveda……. I stockpile it!

Skye on

Someboooody PLEASE!!! tell this woman that this platinum blonde hair is OOO UUU TTT! It looks vulgar and boring and ridiculous! and the red lipstick on top of that… agghhh nasty!

jen on

I can’t really pull off Bright red lips…so sad!

jane on

MAC-Russian Red, High-Bred Red and Vinyl
Fabulous reds!

amy on

Don;t wear red lipstick. It is way too tacky. I love the Nars products. Can handle anything but red.

Megan on

MAC- Powerhouse

lou on

MAC- Russian Red

Jen on

wet n wild MegaColors lipstick in Rapture of course!!

Sallie B on

CLinique Red Drama, i dont know if they distribute it anymore, but with my olive skintone, it works perfect!

alissa on

gwen i love red lip stick but not on me only on you so sorry!!:(

Sam on

I love love love Gwen Stefani and
think she has all the fashion sense.
I love this lip stick.

By the way, Brittany Spears looks horrible!

Taylor on

gwen rocks the red!! i try, but it never comes out as good as hers! loves it!

CC on

I go back and forth on 2 red colors. Dior’s #781 and M.A.C.’s long wear Alta Moda

Jasmine Allen on

my alltime fav is Ruby Woo by MAC it’s called a retro matte so it’s old school 1950’s style matte that lasts all day and is the purrrrfect color of red.

Michelle R. on

Mary Kay’s Red Salsa – HOT!

Abby on

Not lipstick, but my lipgloss is just as red!

sam on

red makes people look so happy and really makes there lips pop!

Layla on

Lipstick- no.
Love Love Love Victoria’s Secret Lip gloss–Slice of Heaven is my favorite–it tastes like Angel Food Cake…….Yummy Yummy.

CJ on

I think the Red looks bad on Gwen. She looks much prettier and sexier with a shiny pink or something.

Rachael on

nars – cruella

Priscilla S. on

Red lipstick is always elegant. My favorites are Vamp by Chanel and Positive Red by Dior.

Mandie on

I love her whole look. the red Lipstick brings out her blonde hair.

Lauren J. on

MAC, Prolongwear Lipstick, in Lasting Lust

Lauren J. on

I’m 25 years old from New York, NY and I love MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolor in Lasting lust.

jackie on

All the money Gwen has, why doesn’t she have her teeth fixed? She has an ugly smile. Red lipstick only accentuates her disgusting smile.
If I were her, I would never smile for the camera.

Anastasia S on

chanel rouge allure in passion. A great color for pale skin and brown or blonde hair!!

Angela on

For the perfect Gwen Stefani red lip, it would have to be Wet n Wild MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture!

K A R U N A on

“wet n wild”- MegaColors Lipstick!!

Beth Welt on

I love the red lipstick Wet n Wild Rapture!

Lisa D on

For a great value as well as great color you can’t beat Wet & Wild’s Megacolors lipstick in Rapture

misty on

Definitely wet n wild MegaColors lipstick in RAPTURE…….

Suzie on

I love the color (and price) of wet ‘n wild’s MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture. It’s my perfect red!

Cynthia on

wet n wild MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture

Zamia Cuellar on

The Best Lipstick is of the Wet n Wild
And their Lipliner BERRY RED

Zamia on

Wet n Wild Lip Color Mega Slicks Red Wine

Teresa W on

I love all the Wet N Wild MegaColors Lipsticks but for RED it’s MegaColors RAPTURE that gets my vote !!!

serchsari on

wet n wild MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture

Kristen on

wet n wild MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture! The perfect color for an ultra glamorous look, with an ultra affordale price tag!

R. Miller on

wet n wild MegaColors lipstick in RAPTURE

KT on

I luv Wet/Wild Mega Colors Rapture, too… it’s the best bang for your buck!

Rudy on

I really like Estee Lauder’s red. Not sure what the name is, I haven’t worn it in awhile. I actually prefer red lipgloss, it gives your lips a lighter, but still red pouty look. LOVE!

And gwen doesn’t look so bad herself in this one!

Mutumbu on

wet n wild MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture

Rashida on

wet n wild MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture

Kristina on

The wet n wild MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture – simply the best :-)

sammy on

I love Wet n Wild megacolors in Rapture it is amazing and stays on for a long time. Try it girls.

Monica on

wet n wild MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture

hema r on

nothing like wet n wild

Zoe Marczak on

I love wet n wild MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture!

Julia on

wetnwild MegaColors Lipstick (Rapture)

Susie on

Wet n Wild’s MegaColors Lipstick in Rapture is the best. It really stays on too.

ruby on

Hands down – Napoleon’s Lip Patrol – General Scarlet.
Great, sheer and shiny enough – but not too much. Good for daytime or a gala. I always get compliments on it.

Alee Line on

I don’t like red lipstick, No no no !

brandy on

love it


how do i get it if i need it

jacqueline on

I know bright red is considered glam but I opt for colors that make u less obsessed to stare at them. A nice muted but bright raspberry shade for summer is better. My husband says softer is sexier.

Erica on


Ashley on

Definitely!! Red lipstick is fabulous!! And if Gwen does it, it has to be good!!

Rocio on

wet n wild MegaColors lipstick in Rapture – very glamorous!!!!!!!!!

Kendra on

I LOVE THIS!!! red lipstick is so in.. and looks great!

kate on


Viva Glam I is what Gwen’s wearing in the photo. MAC Red, not so great. Very creamy, kisses off, gets on your teeth..

Joellen H. on

i LOVE avon’s glazewear red lipstick in ravishing red.
i have searched for, literally years, for that perfect red with just enough blue to suit me and i finally found it!
i have already ordered 2 tubes!
the best part….all the shade can be ordered in 50 cent samples, so you can try before you buy!!

Janice W. on

MAC red. Nothing more to say

Priscilla on

MAC Viva Glam – beautiful shade of red!

Alyssa on

I personally would never wear red lipstick, I think it would look way funny

victoria on

i would’nt wear red lipstick but that doesnt meen gwen can’t and it looks nice on her =)

Mary on

#76 Scream by Rimmel…

Dany on

well, i think it depends on the colour of the hair and the eyes but i find that it suists well on gwen!!!

Jr.Me.Man on

Gwen I am listing to Hollaback girl and i am a huge fan! and where do you get your totally cool hair styles? see ya

Jr.Me.Man on

Hey Gwen you rock and that lip stick looks great on you!But it so doesent look good on me because i have tanish and whiteish skin and it doesent look very good on me=0

Lee on

Givenchy’s “Elegant Rouge” is MY red!

Diana on

Lancome Rouge Absolu Desir in “Romantique”

Diana on

Also… Chanel Hydrabase in “Marilyn”… loooove this one.

Emilee R., 23 yrs., Clifton Park, NY ♥ on

I have 2:

#1 – Covergirl continuous lipstick in Really Red. I also like the Rose Cashmere color too. For an added touch, I use the new Covergirl Wetslicks fruit spritzers lipgloss in Berry Splash #500. I put my lipstick on and add a touch of this lipgloss and my lips look amazing. The lipgloss is really smooth, the smell is amazing, and the lipgloss lasts awhile too, so you don’t have to reapply all the time.

#2 – I like Revlon’s Crushed Velvet lipstick in Crimson Corset and I also like, Revlon’s Midnight Swirl in Shock-olate and Cran-tilly Lace. I also love the Bronze in Revlon’s Midnight Swirl lipstick too. Last but not least, I love Revlon’s Colorstay soft and smooth lipcolor in Red Velvet.

Emilee R., 23 yrs., Clifton Park, NY

PIn on

fav lipstick is SHISEIDO P13

alyssa on

My favorite red lipstick is by far Russian Red by MAC…so nice, and it goes with everything!

Michelle on


night on

I like any brand of red lipstick, but someone should tell this woman that red on her lips makes her big horsey teeth look yellow. Maybe she should rethink the red.

anita on

I love red, pink, or frosty colored lipstick. I like covergirl products. Continuous color in classic red is a good one.





Aitana on

I just LOVE red lipstick and Gwen! Well, Rouge Dior is cool or maybe too Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin in passion colour… so sexy! Hope ya love it guys!

Sara on

Este Lauder Inoccense, because red lips are overated. Keep it natural, and then add clear gloss for shine. badabingbadaboom.

noodi on

MAC RED from mac
and lady bug from mac
chanel rouge allure #14 passion
and in a liquid form i adoooooooore guerlains kisskiss red lip gloss its amaaaaizing

i simply adore red lipsticks they look great on me

hannah on

mac lipglass in pink merengue! hot

Britt on

Gwen I llove you and your lips! lol No matter what you look good in just about anything! Expesally red lipstick!! If anyone can pull it off you can!! I Like It!!!:)

Christa H. on

Age: 20

I love MAC’s lipstick in Dubonnet. It has a vintage feel to it that’s so sexy.

Deanna on

I love, love, love a good brown-red lipstick! Seems all my favorites get discontinued, though: Aveda’s Pomegranite, Estee Lauder’s Sheer Wine, Mary Kay even had a great lipliner: Raisen. Luckily I found a few new lipsticks I like: Manic Panic’s Black Rose, Vampire Red, & Blood Red.

Lola on

OMG! I love Dior’s Chic and Fabulous red lipstick! It is gorgeous! BUt the main person who can wear bright lipstick and look fabulous is GWEN! I love her!

Kate on

ORIGINS lasting lipcolor in Cranberry Cocktail

Sarah on

Strawberry Splash by Lakme and Toasted Almond by Mabelline.

Deeva on

After much searching for a perfect red lipstick-I finally have it!
Stage Cosmetics “perfect red fox”

Lalena on

Brand: Prestige
Shade: Heartbreak


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