Victoria Beckham's Fashion First

07/17/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Frazer Harrison/Getty

When British designer Roland Mouret closed his doors two years ago, his legions of celeb fans like Naomi Watts and Keira Knightley were among those fashionistas eagerly waiting his return. And only weeks after showing his first new collection, called RM, the first star to wear his new line stepped out on to the playing field — literally. Victoria Beckham turned up at husband David Beckham‘s Galaxy press conference last week in a shocking pink RM “Moon” dress and a matching Hermes Birkin (with David’s multi-million dollar deal, why not?). Love Victoria’s dress? Pre-order it in navy at for a cool $2150, along with every piece from the new RM collection.

BTW: Did you watch Victoria’s Coming to America special last night? Tell us what did you thought of it!

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Katie on

I loved it! she is officially my new jessica simpson. She is so different than she seems in the photos. I wish she had more episodes.

Megs on

I LOVED her show! I didn’t want it to be over. She’s so much funnier than I thought! She’s so cute. I want them to make a series!

AnnieJ on

I must say, I am coveting that bag (but not in pink). This is probably the best she has ever looked – but won’t watch the show as I find her uninteresting. As my 13-year-old step-daughter says, “She’s a poser”.


i loved it!!!!!…i thought she was charming and funny and nothing of what i expected. I wish there were more episodes!!!!!

Esther on

Yeah, I totally loved the show. Just by judging from the pictures, I really thought she was snob-ish. But hey, what do you know! She is MAJORly awesome :D

Elda on

i missed the show but loving the dress!

amber on

I love that dress, shes so beautiful! I’m so happy i watched her show last night because it totally changed my view of her, shes so funny!!!

lola on

I didn’t, and wouldn’t, watch the show. I still don’t get why everybody’s so obsessed with Victoria Beckham. Yeah, she was a singer 10 yrs. ago, and she’s married to a famous soccer player. Which, of course, is a reason for me to watch her stupid show. I get stomach pain just looking at that dress- reminds me an awful lot of Pepto-Bismol.

Mari on

I LOVED that show. As some of the other comments I hated when it was over. She is indeed hilarious. Especially when she was driving, taking her driving test & when she was drunk. Hope she decides to have a reality show after all… I would MAJOR watcher.

Rose on

Say what ya will, the lady has got style!



Angel on

I loved the show last night! I thought it was fun entertainment and I loved Victoria’s humor. I am so glad that the Beckham’s have come to the States. David’s a great footballer and Victoria’s fashion sense is amazingly refreshing.

Joanna on

i loved her show !!!

Londa on

I love her show and I love how she dress. The ones who gave by comments about her are just hating because she is very pretty, got style, and has a very handsome husband. But I think they should not had moved to America cause they gone get less interesting and they gone get boring like the other stars. Other than that they the best. Shes my new idol besides Beyonce’, an Angelina Jolie. She my third idol. PEACE.

teri on

I like posh until last night. Now, I LOVE her after I watched her show. She is so funny. I like the part she is confronting parez hilton.

Sunny on

I agree w/everyone….I had misconceptions about Victoria until I watched her show last night. I found her quite charming….I thought it very graceful of her not wanting to talk $$$$$ and possissions w/those poor ol’ rich women. She was classy and funny, but just a touch high maintance.

nish on

She was hyserical.. she should go into comedy

Jenn on

I really misjudged Victoria. I shouldn’t have judged her at all especially just by looking at photographs! She’s great. I thought her show was fabulous and she’s really funny! Her style is major!

eleanor on

That dress is so pretty! She is so classy in what she wears and she look wonderful every time! I watched the show last night and i thought it was hilarious! I loved it when she was under the tabl (learning how to protect herself during an earthquake) and she said “Can you see my knickers?” in this really funny way. Also, when she was leaving that coffee shop after meeting the “website man” and she said “Okay i have to not smile. I don’t want to ruin my image”. She made a lot of jokes about how people always perceive her as this smobby girl who never smiles. That show totally changed my opinions of her. I love the dress and the purse and i think she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Leigh on

Her show cracked me up! One things for sure, her lifestyle is different from mine! Who in the world lays out by the pool with strappy high heels and is SOO embarrassed to be seen wearing flats?? LOL I thought she was so funny, especially the way she handled Perez Hilton. Very entertaining!

DENi on

Posh stole my heart when she wanted her DMV pic taken over (so like me)…You know that saying, “you can’t tell a book by its cover”…well that is so true of Mrs. Beckham. Underneath all those media shots that are thrown at us on the newstands lies a real human being with a sense of humour, a love for her family & friends, an adorable laugh & smile & an honesty that shines through. No wonder Mr. Beckham fell for her…she is one of a kind & I welcome Victoria to the USA!

Hannah on

LOVED the show! She was hysterical and so honest. Loved when perez asked her what celebrites she didn’t like and she said right away “Eddie Murphy”. Wish there were more episodes.

Adam on

I loved the show, the only thing I hated were the entirely too rude comments the people Reviewing the show desided to make. I couldnt believe them honestly, and if people are willing to tune in to such “scripted mellow drama’s” as The Simple life, then this show is a sure Monday night hit! PLEASE bring back some more!

Pineapplez' on

Everything about VB is MAJOR:)

London on

I’ve always been a Posh fan. She is witty and a fabulous dresser. I also must add, that I have somewhat of a crush on her husband. He has that rough masculinity that i love in a man. lol I would love for her to have her series. It would be a weekly- must watch on my list.

Dorothy on

Love the dress and Victoria looks statuesque in it-really beautifull.I would lose the glasses though -smaller frame and dark brown color would have gone better with the hot pink dress and would have given her a softer look.

Becky on

I loved her show!! I did realize she was so funny. I think she is fabulous and has one of the greatest fashion senses I have ever seen. THe RM dress she has on looks great on her.

Keyanna on

I loved her she is now on my list of favorite celebs. I’m so glad she’s in the states now because we’ll see so much more of her. She was really funny and nothing like I thought. I always loved her style!!!!

Royce on

I adore her dress and she was fab on her hour special! She has always been my favorite celeb!

Charli on

I was ready to hate the show after reading some reviews but I have never laughed so much, I LOVED IT! It was very refreshing. Victoria has more style than a lot of the so-called “Hot Stars of Today” Victoria is in an elite class of society but even with all her wealth, her family comes first. I only wish I could spend $5,000 at Toys R Us on a day trip for my kids… and don’t even get me started on the SHOES!
Welcome to America Beckham Family!

Nat on

I watched the show and i too loved it! she’s so funny – i thought she’d be uptight because she never smiles, but she was so laid back! i was delighted. I hope her tour goes well and she and her beautiful family enjoy their stay in the United States. I’m only sorry the show didn’t get the 6 days it was supposed to – it would have been MAJOR!

Tammy on

Oh PEOPLE mag, give us a break will ya? We “poor” people who aspire to be like Posh & Becks but never will. Of course she’s gorgeous, of course he is handsome. Of course we are gonna watch her show. We are fasinated with people who have $$$. But will he do anything for “Football” (soccer), I don’t think so. I for one am not gonna go gaga over a sport I have never watched just because he is playing. I will admit though, I had misjudged Victoria because of her pictures. She is honestly funny and obviously has a great deal of love for her husband and her kids. I did watch last night and found the show to be very funny, but I usually do not watch “Reality TV” because it does nothing for me. Now that I’ve had my say, don’t misjudge me for my comments. I am just being honest. (I am EXTREMELY jealous of her figure, especially after 3 kids, I have had 4 & I’m still trying to lose the weight from the first one)

Deb on

Loved the show. Didn’t know anything about her before but found her funny and refreshing. She can poke fun at herself and still remain dignified. Love Her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josie on

Victoria is all but boring…she seem so down to earth and very charming and funny. How can you not like her?!

Sara on

The show was very entertaining, she showed us an entirely new side of herself, which opened our eyes to who she truly is. I personally thought she was hilarious, and has a great fashion sense.!!

Kristen on

I didn’t see the show, but did hear today that it is already cancelled…

Jessica on

I love the show and wished it was longer then an hour! I love the Beckhams!!

rachel on

don’t really care for her and top of it all, she’s not pretty at all – she’s chic looking not pretty don’t get confused by that!!!
her show is stupid as all the other reality shows and i just watched 2 seconds of it and that was it…. what a waste……

Yvonne on

Of course, thats my Brit girl. She is a down to earth person who just like having fun and been herself. I lived in England so I’m still all about the British people and culture. She made me homesick.

Abby on

I loved the show. It was funnier then i expected. I loved all her shoes!!! She should design a line of shoes!!!

S on

I was 10 at the height of the Spice Girls phenomenon, so for me this was a bit of nostalgia, seeing Victoria now. LOVE this entire look! She has SO many Hermès bags. (I’m totally jealous, the Birkin and Kelly bags are fabulous! Though I would settle for one that just looks like it, loved them on Sex and the City too.)
Her show was definitely interesting. I could not believe the Beverly Hills socialites! (Or that Victoria wants to LOOK like them when she’s older.) I did however agree with her in that you do not talk about money. Certainly not with strangers! Those women were essentially bragging. I think not talking about it shows more class.
I totally loved Victoria’s “dry” and “British” sense of humor. It’s nice to see that she can laugh at herself as well. I thought her going down to see Perez Hilton (and her mention of disliking Eddie Murphy) was hilarious! I’ve never read his blog or seen his website, but some of the questions he asked were weird, rude, and/or tacky. Not to mention the things he’d written about her (what’s with the antennas?).
Perhaps she does shop too much, but be honest with yourselves, if you had loads of money, wouldn’t you shop quite a lot too?
It’s no wonder she has to wear sunglasses all the time – those flashbulbs from the paparazzi are like strobelights! I also liked that she did not feature her children on the show, and that she and David try to shield them from all of that media, though it must be difficult given that they’re followed everywhere. (On her show, she had to dress up a blow up doll as a decoy just so she could get her husband and present and not have the paparazzi photos spoil the surprise!)

Amber on

Victoria is amazing!!! I never expected her to be so hilarious and down to earth. I used to think she was a little stuck up because she never smiled in public but then i realized why would she smile at them, theyre annoying her and follwing her. One thing if she goes to a party bec.shes expecting photogs so she smiles!! Anywayz she’s gorgeous, has the best sense of style, and is a major icon!!! Her children are adorable. Her and her husband are officially the new Brad and Angelins: only theyre better!!! I love them!!!

Elizabeth on

LOVED IT! She is too funny not to mention fabulous. NBC needs to make more episodes.

Karen on

i really liked it. i hope it showed everyone in america what i already knew… that shes an amazing,funny, and truly genuine person. i hope to see more from her soon.

Sage on

Can we get real here? Just once in Cally? She is the “new” fashion expert? The cheesy spice?? HEE HEE! And will someone tell her we wore heels and “petal pushers” WAY before she told us it was vogue. HA !!
Oh boy is this going to be the new dog and pony show of LA….

Sage on


Emilee ♥ on

I love Victoria’s dress. Since seeing her plastered all over the place, personally, this is the best I’ve seen her look.

I watched Victoria’s show, and I must admit, I liked it. She was so funny. By judging her in photographs, and saying “why doesn’t she smile?”, perceiving her as a diva, and saying stuff about her weight, and so on, was really nonsense on my part. I thought differently about her, I now NO I shouldn’t have judged her. When watching her, she seemed to have a good personality. Yes, she does smile, and she was very pretty doing so. I guess we all interpret people in different ways sometimes.

Rider on

the show was so cute. i really enjoyed it. the way she was acting in the stores was hilarious.

Crystal on

That was one hour of my life that I cannot get back – boring! Perhaps it would be more interesting with David and the kids. The woman does nothing productive – and that’s what our young women are looking up to?

Veronica on

LOVED her!!!! She is just too funny. I just think we all need to give them their space and let them enjoy the US. California has so much to offer other than the glitz, glamour and papparazzi. So why not let her enjoy something as simple as a trip to buy a gift for her husband. California Loves The Beckhams!!!!

ccb on

Oh, let’s see, what can I spend the itty bitty money I am making on my reality show that my husband’s 250 million won’t buy? Now let me think……….

major on

LOVED IT. she’s absolutely adorable!

bernice madrigal on

fyi regarding posh’s show i thought it was great
she has quite a personality so down to earth in a bling bling way

Purple Belt on

YES, I watched the show, but only because I was interested to see what she was like. I think she’s enjoying performing and the love that comes from the celebrity worshippers. She’s surprisingly clever, but refreshingly “real” when it comes to raising her children. I love her! Getting razzed by Ali G a few years ago could have made her angry, but she laughed it off.

elaine on

She really made me laugh. I’d enjoy a whole series on the Beckhams, whether it was about the whole family or just Victoria. Based on what she’s said, it would probably just be on her, but she’s lovely, so I’m all for it!

Sara T. on

I watched it and loved it! I wish they would have made it a series, I couldn’t get enough of it!

april on

it was like the worst show ever!!! boooooooooooooooring even though she acts like she dosen’t love all the attention….you can tell she craves it and loves being the centre of attraction..bleh…..i hope this vic phase is over soon enough…bring back brangelina already!!!!!

T on

Loved the show, love the dress, and I especially love the bag. Girl power!

Melisa on

I watched the show thinking I was going to change the channel half way threw – but I watched the whole hour and thought “V” was major! Don’t ever judge a book by its cover people!!!

Logan on

The show was hysterical! Victoria & co. are extremely entertaining and it was nice to see a celeb-reality special that didn’t try to make the star look “normal.” Victoria has her quirks and owns it! She’s flawless.

Annie on

I was hesitant at first, but found myself cracking up at Victoria’s hilarious antics. Fingers crossed that this becomes a reality series!

simone on

on the show victoria and her ‘crew’ were checking what perez hilton had to say about her online. i have to say a LOT of the comments here sound very similar…as if her and her ‘crew’ sat around and wrote a boat-full of positive comments about the show and her

Laura on

I thought that is was hilarious…. She is wonderful! She should definelty have a t.v show! Plus she is beautiful……

sg on

Loved the show! I laughed my a– off. She’s so not what I expected(snobby). Give the woman her own reality series.

Francesca on

i loved it!!!!!…i thought she was charming and funny and nothing of what i expected. I wish there were more episodes!!!!!

Kimberly Wendt on

Loved the show, Victoria is hillarious! She is a fashionista!

Melissa on

Loved it!!!! She is so funny and such a girly girl..She is not a snot if I had her money I would act just like her… YOU GO GIRL!!!! Hope to see more of your show.

jen on

OMG…I was in stitches. She is hilarious and way more down to earth than you would think. She is as cute as a button. The stint with Perez Hilton and the “I can’t be photographed eating” was hilarious.

greg on

i am in love with a woman and it is posh spice. she is hysterical. the show needs to be picked up as a regular. she is flawless…. and her husband is my future husband

Anonymous on

Absolutely loved the show!! She was so funny, but not in n obnoxious way. Really liked when she gave her opinion on other celebrities. Hilarious show. I wish there were actually 6 episodes.

Chelsey on

Oh my I love posh she is fabulous. I could not stop laughing the whole time I really really hope they make this a whole show.

SW on

Loved it, loved it, and loved it!! I cannot wait to see more of Posh! She is soooooo MAJOR!!

Jenn on

The show was MAJOR!!! So keen on her and loved the dolphin lady! I think anyone would need some alcohol to deal with that! Love love love VB!!! MAJOR

Ashley on

OMG i love Victoria! I found my new celebrity obsession! :) Her show was great, I didn’t want it to end!

Sara on

I’m definitely not her biggest fan. The outfit in the picture is just fine, but I watched her show and she seems rather shallow. I know that if we all had that kind of money we’d all be talking a different story, however I still feel like she put on a show for everyone so that we’d like her over here. I’m smarter than that, and I’m not buying it. Good try Victoria and David, but I won’t be watching anything else about them or any soccer games.

Liz on

I loved it. My parents thought it would be a bore and fought me over watching it but after winning out- my mom loved it! We thought it was hysterical; her wit was surprising and fun to watch unfold on tv. I too wish that there were more episodes coming. Too bad its about scheduling conflicts. Maybe if enough people send complaints into NBC they might renew the contract or show us unseen material!

Bella on

I think everyone gets the wrong impression of Victoria in the media and the show showed her true self and totally changed my view of her. She came across a really nice, funny and beautiful person. You can see she really loves David and her kids – and her amazing shoe collection. My personal favourite were her so called ‘Driving Shoes’.

I think one of the funniest parts of the show was when she was taking the driving test:
“I’m watching you Victoria” – “I’m watching you too Bill!”

Cindy on

I watched it online! It was hilarious! I’m planning on watching it again this Thursday! ;) VERY FUNNY! give it a shot! :)

hannah on

its was amazing i hope to see more of posh on tv in the future.

LostCaliGirl on

It’s Major! Perhaps next week, we’ll see a little more of Becks. When’s tea?

coleen on

that’s i’m talking about!!

Rebecca on

I was so disappointed I missed the show- guess it’s time to get tivo. It is good to see Victoria smiling lately- she looks so cute with a big grin.

Meg on

I LOVED it!!! She is hilarious…and her new neighbours are CRAZY! Posh is my new favorite person.

sophieb on

I used to think victoria was ok but now i think shes just tyring to be something shes not. Shes not being herself my perspective. Its not all about fame and money you know. Sorry ladies its not cool to be drink driving its called being stupid. That dress is tacky as usual. I agree Lola.

Anna on

The show was great and that’s a fun sunny color for her. What I dont understand is people calling her fake. She was ‘posh’ spice. Posh is her thing. It always was. She was never anything else really. I think its a lot of envy. Her show was great and very funny, I wish there was more since its more entertaining than most of the crap on tv. And lola’s comment of the dress being pepto? if your pepto is that color, throw it out!!!

ab on

The show confirmed my previous thoughts about her. She is so self-absorbed and thinks the rest of the world is as interested in her as she is in herself. I would like to hear more about what positive things she has done with their ridiculous amount of money, instead of what new shoes and handbags she has spent too much money on.

sharon s. on

I thought the show was hysterically funny. I found myself laughing out loud for the first time in a while. She’s nothing like the press portrays her. I loved when she went after Perez Hilton. As far as the dress goes, I can’t wear that color but it looks great on her.

Jamie on

it was so funny. apparently it is exhausting being fabulous haha.

claudia on

that dress is tacky ugly color,what a bad taste she has she is just stupid. I did not see her show I’m not interesting.

Julie on

I watched Miss Fabulous Beckham’s new show with my BFF and we “MAJORLY” fell in love with it…she and David are the hottest couple right now as far as we are concerned! We want more…LOTS more! What a sexy show!

Amy on

Victoria was geniously hilarious! I did not know what to expect since she seems very mysterious in pics and on camera. She was delightful, witty, smart, sexy and fun!

Taylor on

I really enjoyed Victoria’s special! I am offically hooked on this couple! Watching the show, really gave me a different taste for the Beckham family. Victoria has a sence of humor ( and teeth), David is georgous (which i already knew), and their lives are to glamorous! The show was totally MAJOR!!!

Amy on

Victoria was ingeniously hilarious! I did not know what to expect since she seems very mysterious in pics and on camera. She was delightful, witty, smart, sexy and fun!

Tara on

I loved it! I think she is so pretty, so stylish & wickedly funny! She is nothing like what I thought she would be, she has a great sense of humor & not stuck up like she appears. I think the show will really change the image people have of her & she will gain even more popularity. America is glad Victoria is here, America loves Posh! She definately has a new fan in me, plus her husband is HOT! NBC will have a huge hit on their hands if they do a series or at least a mini series of more shows with her. I would definately watch.

Desiree on

I LOVED her show!! I wanted to see more. I really hope she considers doing a full season, she is hilarious!!! She was so different from what I expected and I was so happy to see that she has such a great personality! I am now a fan!

Elda on

with all the good comments about the show i’m mad now for missing it!!!!!!

tvidele on

Hilarious! Loved it – love her sense of humor!

Heather on

I kinda liked her before, but now I love her! I’ve always respected her as a fashion icon always. And to see that she’s actually quite funny and genuine…She’s MAY-JA!!!

Carrie on

I missed the show but would have loved to see it! I have always been intrigued by Posh and love her sense of style. Does anyone know if it is going to re-aired sometime??


I watched to show to see what the fuss is about her and why they would want to film her for a special. It was a very interesting show and she definitely was different than I thought she would be but that personality of everything is about me just shows that she is selfish. It doesn’t seem like she cares much about others…. she says she wants to smile more but come on if you have to tell yourself to smile more then why even do it. I guess for me it was ok but if every show was following her around like it was then no thank you. That to me is not interesting after the one episode. What else does she do with her time?????

Happiness on

I loved it.and i love her…my new fav word is!!!

Bree on

I absoulutely loved the special. Victoria has an amazing sense of style and a wicked sense of humor.

Maria on

i watched the show and i thought it was great. I never really judged her i always thought she was great, but the show was awesome.

alia on

HEY, ATLEAST SHE’S FINALLY GRINNING, RIGHT?!? HAHA ….. I think she looks very pretty here…and appropriate….but she is not my favorite celeb….I partially agree w/ ab….too bad she wastes all of that money on herself and her own family….The Bekhams could easily help the worlds poverty level like many other celebs try to….but it’s their money and they should decide how they spend it, right??….She’ll have to change her immature spending habits for me to truly respect her….but good luck to them and god bless….

….btw her husband is the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever seen!!:)

julie on

It was so POSH, everything I thought it would it be. I really liked it. I enjoyed her sense of humor and miss the accent as I used to speak like that. Would love to see one of her and David and the boys together doing their day to day thing. Great Show! Loved it!

Both are/have been in the professional business for years and we as Americans, most of us anyway, are so narrow minded that we need to have our brains educated to the “third world generations”.

jk on

i think that thats kind of harsh considering you never even watched the show
how about you watch it again then see how you like her now???
and i hope your diarehha cleared up…

Zenda on

I missed the show =[
but my parents saw it…but my mamma dont like Victoria…so she didnt liked the show…i wish i could see it =)

Ainsley on

I LOVED THE SHOW! I recorded it and watched it again the next day. I really hope she gets an entire season. Victoria was SO hilairous

Tamara on

Victoria Beckhams show is truely “major”, to quote the fashionista herself. I originally thought I’d only be tuning in to catch a glimse of her outfit changes and her dreamy husband but she’s actually quite entertaining. I’ll look forward to her show every week from now on.

Lindsay on

She was adorable and really funny! Way beyond what I expected and I would definitely watch a series… with one condition: more David!! Wow!

Jamie on

I wouldn’t watch her on TV if you paid me to. I don’t understand everyone’s fascination with her! She’s just a rich, British Spice Girl for cryin out loud!

Jane on

It was MAJOR!

Loved it…

Morgan on

I really loved her show! I wish there was more. She has a great sense of humor, something different that what I imagined. Maybe she will come back with more.

Jaime on

I loved posh’s show, its showed she doesn’t take herself seriously at all that WE the people that buy the mags get a false impression of her from the poutey pictures that the press only print, I am now officially a posh fan which I never thought I would say.

Shannon on

I loved her show too! She is hilarious! I wasn’t expecting it to be entertaining at all and I thought that I would hate her, but I love her! I wish there were more episodes and that people would stop giving her and her special such a hard time. She’s fabulous.

K-dogga on

I love Posh & Becks they’re super awesome.. Welcome to America this is the most MAJOR British invasion eva!

Brittany on

I absolutly loved the show! She was way more intersting and funny than i thoght she could have been! They shouldn’t have cancelled the other episodes! Her and David are the most georgous couple of Hollywood, thats fo sure.

Jennifer on

I missed the show on Monday as I was traveling home after visiting family. I’m going to watch the re-run of it tonight. I always loved the Spice Girls and she seems not like what we all thought. I’m interested to hear what she has to say~

Jayne on

I don’t get it. Posh? Just like I don’t get Lindsey Lohan. Posh walks around with her nose in the air like she is so great. Now the funny part is that she has Katie Holmes doing the same thing. It’s good for a laugh. Hey Katie you looked better before you wanted to be her clone. And she is just a joke to me. I’m posh I’m so cool. NOT.

Sarah on

I figured, “What the heck I’ll watch it,” and I really enjoyed it. She seemed funny and personable. My opinion has definitely changed for the better after watching the show.

Amanda on

i absoloutley loved it. she’s a totally different person than what i thought. Shes not as stuck up as thought she would shes pretty down to earth!!

Karen on

I loved the show! Victoria Beckham has such style and grace about her. Who wouldn’t want to watch a show about her? She had a great personality, one that is not perceived on the media. Way to go Victoria and welcome to America!

kg on

I loved it!! Victoria is hillariously funny, smart, straight forward and a strong woman. Unlike some of the hollywood wannabes that the press is writing about all the time, she has class and style. I am happy to have another huge European influence in North America.

Hannah on

Her show completely changed my opinion of her. I LOVE IT!

EChizzle on

I liked it. I loved when she came back from the hollywood wives party drunk!!! She is funny and entertaining.

Melissa on

I absolutely LOVE it!
Now we have someone in LA that you can take pictures of and everyone would want to copy her great sense of “style”.

Amber on

Okay, first of all, most women don’t have figures like that after three kids. She has had enough plastic surgery to fit into the Hollywood niche perfectly. Secondly, to take a hair and make-up person with you to get a driver’s license photo made is just ridiculous. Third, she’s about as real as the breasts on her body. She can claim that she doesn’t want the attention and she’s a normal person, but she would just die if she didn’t get the attention! Just look at the “normal” outfits she wears and tell me they don’t scream “Look at the train wreck in front of you.”

It’s a shame that her husband’s skill and talent will be shadowed by her stunts and antics. I just hope his career in America is better than the so called singing the Spice Girls did in the 90’s. For them to reunite is such a joke anyway. They should have never started in the first place and now to have a reunion is just laughable. That is one British export I could have lived without.



amelia on

I can’t see the saw but one thing for sure i love her since the spice girl era and i love david (the most handsome creature in the world) and her kids. They are the hottest couple i know and great family.
and please for the people who hate them dont judge a book by it’s cover. she’s really sweet and great wife and also great mother. Go Posh & Becks

amelia on

I can’t see her show, but one thing for sure i love her since the spice girl era and i love david (the most handsome creature ever) and her kids. and for the people who hate her please don’t judge book by it’s cover. she is really sweet, great wife and good mother. Go Posh & Becks

Catherine on

I watched most of her show last night, i was just clicking around and i saw it so I decided to just watch a little bit. The part witht he doll was hilarious though! The houses were GORGEOUS and at least she isnt like super screaming to everyone how rich she is, because at the party she got really uncomfortable when they asked her about money. She dresses nicely, but who wouldnt want to look nice? Overall, my idea of her changed a lot! <3

Cara on

I love her! She is my fashion and hair icon, she is funny and seems to be a loving wife and mother, shes my new idol!

Jamie on

it was so sweet. she is definitely the new jessica simpson and ashlee simpson combined. She was so funny and you can totally tell that England doesn’t get very many or any earthquakes because she was completely oblivious to what it was and what to do in case one ended up happening. She was very upfront about how she was practicing driving for her drivers test with the police officer.. good going Victoria. She is so sweet and funny. And havinhg s super hot husband doesn’t hurt either.

anna on

Loved the show! its MAJOR! love victoria. and the beckhams do have a childrens charity that is very close to their hearts. so its not true that all they do is spend money! but come on! let be honest to ourselves, if we have that kind of money, wouldnt you go shopping like they do? and with 3 children, they dont have a nanny. you would think that all the money they spend, they will want a nanny, but they dont, and for me that says it all.

anna on

I really reall enjoyed the show! its funny and posh! what morecould you ask for, You should watch all the docu or reality theyve done in england, “being victoria beckham”, “the beckhams”,”the real beckhams”,”David and Victoria Beckham’s World Cup party” its was great! victoria is not who you see in the photos.

Lovely on

I loved her show. I wish one of the other networks like E! or Style would pick it up.

Taylor on

i am definatly a VB fan!! She is the new “It Girl”, not to mention that fine hubby shes got! WOW! I am truly a Beckham fan! How Major!

Erika on

OMG she is so funny!! I just loved the show!!!!

faith on

yeah she dress’s great and everything
but she is a poser, on the show she was completely acting. She’s nothing like that in real life.

Rach on

I think that if the Brits don’t want her, we’ll keep her. I loved the show. She’s funny and beautiful. Can’t wait to see more.

Isolde on

i loved her show!!!!as others have said, i wish she would make a series!! she so charming and funny and i adore her! she has got MAJOR style!

Nancy on

I love her !!!!, she change the persepective and opinion on how a lot of people see her, like 100% superficial , she proved all of us that she is in some aspects a girl next door

Leslie on

I love her show!!!!! It’s my new guilty pleasure. She cracks me up! Who knew she was so funny?

Sydney♥ on

i absolutley AH-DORE posh! and im only 12! but i loved the show! Victoria beckham is my idol now! and i love the spice girls movies SPICE WORLD♥♥

marni on

She just arrived and I am already sick of her. I hope she goes back soon to where she came from.

Jessica on

I loved the show! By the comments on here I’m very surprised it was cancelled. Bring it back!We’d all watch, plus it will even get better with David in the mix. She seems to be a very dedicated wife and mother. The critics were too hard on her, we all would live that MAJOR life if we could.

RSL on

Welcome Victoria. I thought she was a breath of fresh air. Funny, charming and real. Good luck to you and your family here in the states.

kathleen on

I loved her show and loved her on Leno! My husband and I have completely changed our minds on the Beckhams! LOVE THEM!

lizzy on

she is just to much to take
she’s trying to hard
and she’s trying to be a little of everything
classy ,bottleblonde,thin ,tanned ,trendy ,stylish ,big glasses,coming off cold,not smiling, posing,not sporty, dumb, smart, funny,not funny.
she’s trying to be like eight different people ,with eight different personalitities
she is skittzo it’s exhausting

Hunter on

I think she is gorgeous! I would love to be her assistant. Can you imagine all the stuff she gets?

Denise on

She is going to a football game. PLEASE! She’s always to overdressed

Laken on

Just like most of these posts, I just wanted to say that her show was definitely a surprise! I always thought her to be stuck-up and snobby. But I absolutely loved her on the show, I thought she was hysterical. I don’t usually like many reality shows, but I would absolutely love to watch one featuring her! And it doesn’t hurt that her husband is gorgeous too. :)

Megan on

I loved her show! She is different than i thought. She is so funny! i wish there were more! i love her.

cathy on

Will you please all of you americans get REEEEELLL

Alex the Q.T on

The show ROCKED!!! I have always thought she was so cool!! And I love her fashion…just too cool!

lee lee on


lol on

She is ugly and too artificial

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