Katharine McPhee's Test-Run Tattoo

07/16/2007 at 04:45 PM ET

Fitzroy Barrett/Landov

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo but just weren’t sure about what to get or how much you’d like when on? Katharine McPhee told PEOPLE at the premiere of I Now Pronounce You Larry and Chuck that she’s been wanting a tattoo but decided to do a test run with a henna design first! The singer confesses, “I’ve been wanting a tattoo. I think sometimes they can be sexy. I went to India Town yesterday, [and] I went to the Hollywood Salon. So I just got some Henna and I love it!” But don’t hold your breath for her to get inked up anytime soon. The soon-to-be-actress may just keep the impermanent style for a little while longer. As Katharine told PEOPLE, “Maybe I’ll just keep doing Henna for a while and see if I like it.” Sounds like a plan to us! Tell us: Have you tried out henna or fake tattoos before getting the real thing?

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Debbie McDonald on

I would get a real one yall. I love ink!

Debbie McDonald on


Randa on

i have never had a fake or real tat but i would love to get one and hers looks good! =)

AnnieJ on

Tattoos, real or fake, scream “low class”.

glad on

i think tattoos make a girl look dirty…i dont
like them

Sanna on

i love henna tattoos.. i create a lot of designs for people whenever there is a wedding or party..

Karen on

i hope she doesnt actually get that. its ugly. but i guess its a good idea to try it out before getting the real thing.

Debbie McDonald on

I think I would love to see Victoria B. with one on her head yall!

Debbie McDonald on

Hey Yall! I love tat’s on clean cut men yall!

Katelyn on

I will admit, it doesn’t look good on her. Maybe a smaller one

S on

I think she is smart, trying out a temporary-tattoo first – real ink is permanent, unless of course you undergo expensive, painful laser treatment (which still leaves a bit of a mark behind). [At least she is a mature young woman, giving it actual though – more than I can say for the girls in high school who had tattos by sophomore/junior year – at that age, who knows if you’ll like it 20 years, let alone 5 years!]
Tattoos are not for everyone, but unfortunately, people who have them out in the open are sometimes unfairly judged because of them. I don’t understand the desire to mark or cover your body with ink, but as long as people aren’t hurting anyone else, that’s their choice. Just because people have tattoos, does not mean they are “low-class”, promiscuous or anything else – it just means that they have a tattoo. You cannot judge a book by it’s cover, or a person by their appearance – though we all do it sometimes. Just remember that your pre-conceived notions (about books and people) are not always right.

Daisy on

Thanks to all the classy girls that agreed tattoos look gross on anyone!!! And then you get old an wrinkly… you know the rest. YUCK!!!

Rider on

i’m indian and henna is really fun. there are so many patterns and it eventually goes away. she obviously didn’t keep it on long enough or she put water on it under 24 hours cuz its too orange

Nikki on

Sometimes it depends what kind of tatoo u take, but this tatoo look kinda elegant!

djalia on

U go girl keep ur henna tat coz it makes u unique! Everyone has ink …and stays there 4 ever with ur henna u can change disign as much as u want it! It’s CLASS!!!

Christine on

Judging other people on their appearance screams low class, AnnieJ, not tattoos.

And Katharine’s looks great!

Elda on

fake ones are cool, i buy them all the time! i don’t think i would want a real one, you can’t wash them off.

Jennifer B on

I think people who stereotype based on ink screams “lows class”

LeoMonster on

I hate tatoos
They make the person who is wearing them look stupid, low class, and it just doesn’t look right in my opinion

AnnieJ on

Way to go Leo! I forgot to mention the fact that they are completely unoriginal.

kaili on

First of all, the question posed here is “Have you tried out henna or fake tattoos before getting the real thing?” not “Do tattoos make you low-class?”. Yes, I did a trial run before I got my tattoos. It is permanent and you have to live with that decision for the rest of your life. My tattoos are dedicated to my husband and my daughter and can only be seen when I wear a bikini, but if you are getting one just to look cool/sexy, go with semi-permanent. Unfortunately, as you can see on here, many people do judge others on the basis of tattoo work, especially prospective employers. Think ahead and try it out before making it permanent. There’s no shame in being realistic.

kirsten on

Ewww tats are yucky…. I agree with the comment that they are “low class”

lola on

I think the tattoo looks all right…but why on her foot?

C-BO on

S $ Christine- You said it very well! It makes me laugh as to how people are so quick to judge when they see people w/ tattoos! Obviously they’re not comfortable in their own skin if they feel they have to judge everyone! Besides we are not causing them any harm whatsoever, so who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tatluvr on

AnnieJ- !st of all- just b/c you have a tat doesn’t make you low class. I have 2 and I am FAR from low class… however you wouldn’t know I had them by looking at me b/c they are where I can cover them up. I like tats & peircings- but it should be a personal thing & not all over the body.

Anonymous on

so AnnieJ & LeoMonster – what are y’all like 15? Is this High School again? ANYWAYS- yes I tried the fake ones 1st… I have 2 and will be getting a 3rd real tat… mine have personal meaning to me. BTW- I’m a grown woman and a mom. I’ve been paying my own bills for a long time now- so I have the right to do what I want to MY body. If you want to be childish and judge people- don’t get mad when it happens to you!

C-BO on

I have eight tattoos! They each have meaning and I have no regrets at all.

C-BO on

& 5 piercings!

edot on

Hmm… tattoos as “low class” or “unoriginal”. I’ve actually personally drawn every tattoo on my body, with the exceptions of the Japanese script, which has a very personal meaning to me. My mother taught Japanese children english in her early 20s and it’s in memory of her.

I love each and every one of my tattoos, but do admit that I struggled to find employment after recently moving from a big city where they are more commonly accepted to a smaller town. Maybe many of the girls with negative attitudes toward body art are from these smaller towns…

Ali on

katharine mchpee is amazingg. and ne thing she does is awsome.
^that was for you julez.

julez on

I don’t really think it’s in Kat’s best interest to get one… It’s not that I don’t like them, but a lot of other people don’t like them, and I think it might turn those people off. If she did decide to get a tattoo, maybe a smaller and less noticable one would be better. I’ll support whatever she does :]

TMC-05 on

Tattoos= personal choice. Judging others= low class.
Personally, I don’t have any tattoos and doubt I will ever get one. But I do admire some people’s tattoos, like the one my Aunt got.. a pink ribbon for cancer. She has brain cancer, so she got one to remember to keep fighting. But its all about personal choice and right to express ones self. This tattoo on Kat.. not cool. Neither is the dress, but hey, if thats how she wants to roll, let her, its her body.. right??!?

jackie on

Hennas are the way to go! try coming to my shop HENNA HEART so i can prove it!

BellaBoo on

A very dear family member was shot and killed on duty responding to a bank robbery, I got a memorial tattoo for her. I don’t see it as low class at all, it was very much a sense of closure for me.

We choose to get tattoos for a lot of different reasons. But you know what? It’s not your skin, nor is it your responsibility or right for that matter, to belittle those who do elect for ink.

For all the little girls on here who say it’s dirty or low class, need I remind you almost every celebrity on here has at least one tattoo? Halley Berry- flower on the butt. Jessica Alba- neck, wrist, lower back. Julia Roberts- kanji on the back. Believe me, I can go on.

And yes, I definitely say grab a sharpie and doodle on yourself. It gives you a good idea for placement and size before you commit to the real thing.

Katalina on

I think tattoos show how intelligent a person is.

Gisele on

I am all about tatoos but I think they should be in places that aren’t so out there!!! I think it looks a bit trashy when women have them exposed like on their legs or arms!! I got a henna tat. when I was at the beach and I loved it!!

Katalina on

I can’t understand why people get tattoos. I mean, it doesn’t look good or anything. And saying it has “sentimental value” is kind of ridiculous. Just because there’s something that you wish to remember or that you cherish doesn’t mean you have to inject ink into your skin and have it there for the rest of your life. Really, if you see an old lady walking down the street with a couple of tattoos on her wrinkled skin you’d go “Ew!” It’s not attractive, and it definitely shows how intelligent a person is.

Kari on

wow…stereotypical, tatoos mean you’re low class or cheap, where are you girls from??? 16th century England? Are you Amish? Tatoos are art and (should) truly mean something to people who get them, they are NOT a sign of being immoral

S on

Another thing, if you’re getting tattoos in another language, or a symbol: triple-check the real meaning BEFORE getting it in ink! I think Britney Spears got Asian symbols of some kind, and one of them turned out to mean “weird” or “strange” (something like that). Either way, she didn’t look into the translation very well, until the media did it for her… after the fact.


luv it but i would def get a smaller one

cadia on

personally i love henna and i want a real one. but first off i’m to young and second by dad would kill me. its not like they would be huge and noticable. just a litte cross on the inside of my left wrist and a heart on my hip.

Bre on

Tats are for anyone who wants to express themselves in a different way. They are for anyone and everyone who wants one and not for “the LOW CLASS!” or the “TRASHY”. I hate when people assume that just because you have a tat. I am a mother of two and an educator and I have two tats. I just think that getting a tat is the most liberating experience!!! I am not saying it is for everyone, but DON’T JUDGE ME!

Hers is too big and needs more color. But…I love the idea. Mine is also on the top of my foot!

Randa on

ok judging ppl low class b/c they have a tatoo is dumb… ppl do get tats for personal reasons! i like them real or fake! we need to get out of this stereotyping stage! this is like saying if u are blond u are dumb… not always true! grow up

memo on

henna is sooo nice, but tatoos ew, i mean they r permenant, its like ur body is a peice of paper u could draw on, lol

Brooke on

That looks more like a birth mark than a tattoo. What is she doing at this event? She is a D-lister!

claudia on

tattos are a trend, just like fake boobs, people are followers.

Taylor on

Kat’s henna looks great! I just got henna done too, two foot prints on my ancle and a chanel sign on my foot! It is the perfect fix to getting perminantly inked up!! Love it!!

Beverly-Ann on

I don’t think it looks goods. She shouldn’t make it a real tattoo..

jesss on

eww no way
it makes her foot look like a size 15!

Carleen on

I find all the negative comments towards tattoos comical. To lable them as low class is a far cry from reality. Skin art, although trendy right now is one of the oldest forms of body modification and is not a cheap habit by any means. If you see someone with multiple tattoos, they have spent a lot of money to get te artwork done.
To the people who think that “old” tattoos are gross…..are you going to be disgusted by your body when you are 80? Niether will I, tattoos are not.
Close mindedness is low class, trashy, childish and a major social problem in this world.

Anonymous on

I’m surprised nobody said anything about that hideous dress….

jpoplin on

no tattos, not now, not ever. Skin is sexy, leave it alone.

april on

ive tryed the hena and did not like it but i got a real tattoo recently and i love it

Gerry on

I think it’s up to you whether you want to permanently scar your own body or not. I just wonder if young women think about what that tat is going to look like when they’re older and wearing a ‘mother of the bride’ dress.

Jennifer Knowles on

Oh GOD NO! I hope she doesn’t do a real one! A fake one is fine, and I do like that this one is not black or blue, but I hope she doesn’t do a real one!!

alia on

I like Kat McPhee…but that tatoo is just hideous (so is the dress)…I agree w/ Chrissy…I like tatoos, but I dont like tatoos w/ a lot of color…and when I mean I like tatoos—it’s to a certain point—I would get a small one on my ankle or wrist….
…I think they’re kinda cool:)…

pearl on

Tatoos r tacky.

Crystal on

I never had a fake tattoo, I just went in and got the real thing.

Sandy on

I think tattoos are just another way of expressing yourself. One of my really good friends has two-one on the top of her foot that says “Desidero Domini” (latin for “I want to be with my God) and another on her wrist, but I forgot what that one says.

Jill on

I think she should get one on her lower back. Or may b on her neck where no one could see it.

jen on

That one looks tacky! but I think trying it out first is a good idea.

From-Denmark on

Hmm. I like tattoos, just not on MY body. I think that it’s a good idea to try with a Henna first. Because, getting a tattoo is a big step to take. I do’nt think it looks so great (Her tattoo) But everybody has their own style right? (:

I’m not loving the dress eather, but I do’nt think that she should get a real tattoo, if she’s just A LITTLE insecure about it!

But, then again, that’s just my opinion
Sorry if somethings are miss-spell, from Denmark :)

Katie on

Yeah, Annie J, tattoos scream low-class…way to generalize. They’re not all tacky and to deny that there are tattoos that are tasteful, not to mention beautiful artwork, is just ignorant and judgmental. Good luck with your close-mindedness.

Michelle on

theres nothing wrong with tattoos. i have a bat with a star on my hip and it doesnt make me low class or trashy. tattoos are just a persons way of expressing themself.

miku on

ohh plis i hope that is not true
whta an agly thing ruin youre body with a flower tatoo!!
then when you are old that tatoo will be all muddy!!!!!

Tonya on

It looks fantastic, I presonaly have 9 my husband has 40 they are a great way to express your self and your feelings. And yes they can be sexy, and some people get them and they do look trashy but tattoos can be classy and sexy, Someone said that tattoos mean low class, My opinion is No if done write and tastfully.

lee lee on

i think its cute! next time match it up with the dress though.

Jen on

What about down her spine?

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