High School Musical's Girls Heat Up Hairspray Red Carpet

07/11/2007 at 01:30 PM ET

Juan Rico/Fame

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale turned up at the LA premiere of Hairspray to show support for their High School Musical 2 co-star (and Vanessa’s boyfriend) Zac Efron. The two friends stole the red carpet in their mini dresses and bold accessories. Vanessa showed some leg in a bow-topped black Jay Godfrey trapese and Ashley donned a copper and grey chiffon babydoll dress. We love watching all these budding fashionistas develop their own styles –especially when we can’t decide which dress we like better. Get Vanessa’s Jay Godfrey, $440, at neimanmarcus.com. Tell us: Which do you like better: Vanessa’s simple black one shoulder frock or Ashley’s belted strapless dress?

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Charlotta on

vanessa loks soooo much better ashley would look good also i fher hair was not such a mess

Daisy on

I think Ashley looks really cute, and I’m curious about her shoes. Can someone tell me about them? Anyway, Ashley looks great I love the dress, but Vanessa’s hair looks more appropriate for the event.

cor on

I think they both look amazing. Both dresses are gorgeous. I’d have to say I like Ashley’s dress better, not by much, but overall, Vanessa looked better. Her hairstyle, accessories, shoes and hair all went perfectly with her style, and she was absolutely glowing.

Alexa on

Vanessa’s dress is wayyyy cuter!!! I LOVE it!!! She looks so gorgeous!

Rebeckah Anne on

Vanessa looked better – she looked more clean cut, and everything was very classy, but fun, looking.

Ashley looked great, too, I think I liked her outfit a teeny bit more.

Both girls are amazing.

toolip on

The girls looked cute together, but Vanessa’s fitted her’s more and went well with her dark hair. Ashley’s dress is a little frumpy and her tan went overboard.

Paula P. on

I like both dresses, the girls look great!!!

VB on

Both Vanessa and Ashley are tacky, wannabe-stars. However, as for the outfits, I hate both but I guess I like Ashley’s dress better than Vanessa’s.

Paige on

I love, love, love Vanessa’s dress! It’s really cute! I can see myself wearing something like that! She’s really growing up and looks AMAZING!! Ashley dress isn’t very appealing to me. She usually looks better but not at this event.

shelby on

I think Ashley’s dress is muuccchhh cuter. But Vannessa’s hair looks better.

yen on

Vanessa looks beautiful,

alia on

I love Vennessa’s whole ensemble….she reminds me of a young J.Lo, but a bit classier….I don’t love Ashley’s — but she’s funny:)

S on

i like vanessas dress but OMG i hate Ashley!

Indira on


Victoria on

I love ashleys dress and how nice it looks to go out, but i also love how vanessas is so dressy yet simple and pretty and i heart both pairs of shoes

Boly on

I love Vanessa! Everything about her. She’s gorgeous!! It looks as if Ashley is trying WAY to hard with that hairsytle, but i do love her shoes. They both look great but again, Vanessa is dressed bette here!!

Boly on

I love Vanessa! Everything about her. She’s gorgeous!! It looks as if Ashley is trying WAY to hard with that hairsytle, but i do love her shoes. They both look great but again, Vanessa is dressed better here!!

Me on

I like Vanessa over all look. It looks FLY. SHe loooks very pretty in that.
ashleys was …messy

molly on

Those are two of the most untalented girls in Hollywood- they look awful, they are pathetic.

Janelle on

Ashley wins for the dress but I’m LOVING Vanessa’s shoes!!! Where can I get them!!

Elda on

can’t make up my mind, both look super cute and loving both dresses.

Rashida on

Ashley and Vanessa are two of the worst actresses in Hollywood today. Neither one of the can act or sing and as far as their looks go, they both look frumpy.

kitty KAT on

I prefer Vanessa’s dress, although I love Ashley’s. Vanessa just pulled off her look so much better than Ashley.

Shelby on

I Like Ashley’s More
Although Vanessa Looks Pretty too i don’t like that giant bow on her dress!

Tye on

I think that both girls are gorgeous regulary. But Vanessa defenitly topped this one. She looks classy and elegant in yet such a simple dress. I love her. Ashley looks pretty but the hair is not working.

TI on


shayna on

I love Asheley’s dress but,I love Vanessa’s hair.

cHRISSy on

Vanessa all the way!! Shoes & accessories too!

Chastity on

Both girls are gorgeous…but Vanessa looks better. She’s classy and still able to dress her age. Ashley’s dress and hair kind of looks like a 5-year-old dressed her.

monika on

they both look good but if i HAD to chose,,V. she rocksss.

Melissa on

Vanessa’s dress is way prettier but they both look gorgeous!

Kim R on

Why the hostility VB??? Both girls are truly talented for their age. And they are not so “wanna-be”…looks like they have arrived…

My vote is for Vanessa’s dress…she absolutely beautiful and she is working it….

Courtney Anne on

I am obsessed with Vanessa’s dress. She looks so amazing! Jay Godfrey is one of my favorite designers.

Julie on

i think both look pretty but ashley looks pretty but vanessa’s hair looks pretty but overall ashley looks the best!

PiXaline on

so hard 2 choose… ashley like totaly rock this outfit but im not so sure about gam, i mean vanessa. ash has a better voice, better dress sense and better looks. i say we 4get about vanessa once and 4 all. who else agrees???

shelbe on

ashley looks good and vanessa to

Emma on

VANESSA’S DRESS IS BETTER! i mean, i’ve seen little black dresses, but this one has to be the prettiest one ever. It might actually be one of favourite dresses EVER.

Zac and Vanessa look so cute together.
They are so hot.

shelbe on

i like vaness dress but i like ashley dress beter

shelbe on

they bouth look good

tracey on

Love both dresses.
Hate Ashley’s hair

Amalie on

I think, that its Vanessa. But Ashleys dress i also really cute, but it dosen’t look good on her. And she looks wird in her head, and her hair.. No No, it looks like she just woke up, so Vanessa looks best


i definitely like vanessas look better. her hair isnt as messy and out-of-place, her dress is cuter, & her accesories go rly well wit her outfit.

BV on

VB ~~ Its ok to be angry with your life but serioulsy dont take it out on these cute girls that look amazing in these dresses

lilyviolet on

they BOTH look good, the dresses are waay cute~! however, i dont realy like the bow on v’s dress. ash’s hair is a bit messy but its still cute!~

jess on

I think ashely looks way scary.She has deff. changed from cute stupid/smart girl from suite life to ugly ” all that” and to good for you look. Vanesssa : her dress is so classy and super chic. The bracelets let everyone know she is an individual and she is still young. The hair she chose isnt fitting for the red carpet and neither is ashely’s.

Katelyn on

I think Vanessa dress looks the best of the two. I like both of them, but Vanessa’s hair and accessories go better with the event. Ashley’s hair looks awful, but her dress is cute!

Steph on

Vanesa looks a little more clean cut than Asley so she’s looks better. Ashley looks cute too but Vanessa totally looks better.

shanea on

I think the Jay Godfrey dress is the better one. I love Vanessa’s dress.

samantha on

I love Vanessa’s dress!! I love the detail on the shoulder.

Len on

I think Vanessa looked absolutely amazing and her dress was cute too!! it fit her perfectly!
ashley looked nice also, but Vanessa blew me away

Veronica on

Love the Shoes!

Kirsten on

i think vanessa looks way better than ashley- her hair her shoes and her accesoories not to mention the dress.beautiful.
&& her and zac efron they like complete eachother.

ashley looks nice aswell but i’ve seen her look better.

Mery on

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loved vanessa´s dress it is really cute, i would wear it, kisses

Dara on

Vanessa looks like a knock-out in Jay Godfrey’s dress. Love the detailed bow! I want one for myself!

Kelly on

Wow! Hands down. Vanessa rocked her dress! She looks gorgeous! I really want that dress for myself!! Her hair, makeup, jewelery all went well together! As for Ashley, I didn’t think she looked her best. Didn’t like her outfit or her hair.

Natalie on

I think that Vanessa looks so much better. From the hair, to the dress,and down to the shoes! I think Ashley’s dress and shoes are cute too but her hair is a little messy. i think Vanessa looks more classy and Ashley looks more fun! BUt they’re both looking good!

Ashlyn on

I love Ashley’s dress, but I love Vanessa’s hair.

Lindz on

Thats the whole point in a messy ponytail, its supposed to look messy durr!!!

manda on

I love both of their shoes but their dresses are ugly!!

Alyssa on

Personally, I think both styles look amazing!

cay on

i think they both looked ah-mazing but vannessa looked a lot more classy than ashley, her hair was kind of a mess. but i love them both!

cay on

i think they both look ah-mazing in their own way but i think that vanessa looks a little more classy than ashely, her hair is kind of a mess. But usually they both look really cute!

cay on

i think they bith look ah-mazing but i think vanessa looks a little more classy than ashley, her hair is kind of a mess. but usually they both look cute!

anna on

vanessa and ashley are both wannabes i hate them both but i do have to say that ashley’s dress is sooo pretty!

Emilee ♥ on

Both girls look nice, but I’m choosing Vanessa. The off-the-shoulder bow is a nice touch to the dress. Being 18 yrs. old, Vanessa has a good sense of style. I like how the dress still makes her look young and fresh and not older, and adds a touch of class and elegance. I like Vanessa’s choice in shoes and accessories as well. I don’t know much about Vanessa, but I knew she looked familiar from those Neutrogena commercials.

Ashley’s dress looks funky and cute, and the dress would work if she would have done her hair differently. In this photo she looks 16 or 17 yrs. old, compared to her actual age: 22 yrs. old. I like the dress, but do something different with the hair. I do like her shoes though.

Tessa on

Vanessa’s takes the cake. I think her style is really sophisticated yet edgy. And she looks like she’s confident and having fun wearing it and it shows! It suits her personality perfectly.

I love Ashley’s look too. Vanessa’s is more stunning though.

carol on

i love vanessa dress, shoes and hair!!

carol on

i love vanessa dress, shoes nd hair!!!

kari on

OMG!! both dresses are just gorgeous!!! i want theeemmm!!! both girls too! really love them

Samantha on

Dress: Vanessa
Shoes: Love Both!!
Hair: Vanessa

Winner: Vanessa!!

Samantha on

Does anyone know how can i contact People in ‘You Asked, We Found’??



melissa on

totally love ashleys dress! vanessas is still pretty.

zuyene on

ashley’s dress is way cuter, but vanessa looks better, overall.

babette on

I LOVE ASHLEY’S DRESS. Where can I buy the same?!

chels on

i hate vanessa’s dress she looks like a christmas tree…

christine on

vanessa anne hudgens rocks 1000%! both are beyond gorgeous gals but vanessa looks outstandingly elegant and with great poise, but ashley’s dress isn’t striking me as much as vanessa’s timeless black bowtie dress. she definitley wins it all, the shoes, dress, poise, hair, makeup!

Leah on

I like the idea of Ashley’s dress better but Vanessa’s dress fits better & her whole look was just more pulled together.

Amanda on

Vannessa is way more fashion forward than Ashley ever is. I feel that whenever i see Ashley clothes she is trying to be someone she is not. Vanessa has her own style and she is confident in what she wears!!!

sylvia on

i like vannesa’s look because it was clean and her hair was pulled back into a messy bun. i like Ashley’s dress because it has more color than vanessa’s but her hair has to be more appropriate for the occasion.

Ellie on

I like Ashley look way better, and i just like her better than Vanessa in general. Anyone notice how Vanessa is starting to use the paris hilton “i’m so hot” diva stare on the red carpet? (it’s more obvious in other pictures i’ve seen). yuck!

Julie on

Both Dresses are cute!!! But I really don’t like Ashley’s hair!!

Gabriella on

I like Ashley’s dress a little bit better, but her hair seems a little too sloppy for the occasion.

Dallas on

I like Ashley’s alot better!! in my opion Vannessa’s is dress is kinda boring.

Krista Z. on

Vanessa looks polished, classy, and sexy. Ashley’s hair looks like she just woke up….thats my hairstyle when I go tanning and to Target…she needs to get it together. The dress is cute, but some1 style her hair please.

Lauren R on

Both dresses are cute, but Vanessa looks better. Never thought Ashley was all the wonderful looking like everyone makes her out to be. Honestly I never got the fascination with the whole High School Musical thing…

Hannah on

I love Vanessa’s dress, its much better , i think because its more fashion foward. and she looks more polished for the occasion

mariana on

Ashley’s is so much better!! and I love her hair

Katherine on

Ashley definitely! At least she gave some color and put her hair up. Vanessa looks like she didn’t try. Ashley isa true fashionista! Man, she should be dating Zac!!

Bianca on

they both look goregeous, but Vanessa wins it for me, just her overall ensamble && the way she carries herself..not really diggin Ashley’s hair though but her dress && shoes are cute! again though, Vanessa’s look is overall tres chic! Tres jolie!

Bri on

Vanessa looks a lot prettier, but Ashley still looks gorgeous. I really prefer Vanessas dress and hair opposed to Ashleys.

Jamie on

i think vanessa looks better because her dress is so much more simple than ashley’s. ashley’s is nice but vanessa looks better.

Abby on

I luv Vanessas look! its just so glamorous

randa on

i think that both vanessa and ashley look great in this pic! I totally love their dresses! =)
i think that ashleys hair looks great like that..
but i think that V is more photogenic than ashley!
I think the winner is V though!

who cares on

not a fan of either of them- but they look ok. I like the emma watson and katie pics better tho

Michelle on

vanessa looks better, but ashley’s dress is more my style

HSM fan on

I think both dresses are beautiful and reflect their personalities well. Ashley always looks fun while Vanessa tends to go for sophisticated

tori on

i think they both look absolutely wonderful. ashley on the other hand needs to do something about that birds nest in her hair. she’s sucha beautiful girl but she could be stunning if her hair didn’t look like she just walked out of bed.

Rachel on

Definitely Vanessa. Her makeup is gorgeous, along with the dress and those shoes are great. She looks more mature and put together even though she is pretty young…I’m not saying she dresses to old for age…almost perfect.

a.j. on

from a guys point of view…..vanessa looks alot better….dress…hair….ashaley a close second….they r both hot !!

Karlie on

I think Ashley is way cuter than Vanessa (whom, I must say I don’t like very much)

jellie dawn on

Vanessa’s is more apt for the event. Ashley’s is a bit too laguna beach-y you know? The tan and the messed up har and all. Vanessa show’s more class than Ashley does in my opinion.

Evchen on

Vanessa looks better. I like her dress more and she just looks classier than Ashley.

melli on

vanessa is so pretty and her dress is awsome…wow
ashleys dress ist ok but vanessas is better and ashleys hair looks very bad!

Sara on

They both look really really hot! The dresses are soo right, and they both look more grown-up, than they did in High School Musical.

Hanah on

Vanessa looks gorgeous! i love her dress! she always does but especially in this dress! x not keen on ashleys but its ok. x

Pr!nCe$s on

I think bnoth dresses looks veryyy cute !!!!!!
I like them both veryyy much and I would wear both dresses :)

Shiana on

LOVE both of their dresses but i like Vanessa’s better !!

jenny on

i loved vanessa’ dress
classy yet flirty
she rocked that little black dress
and the shoes wow!!!!!!!!
young and fabulous

jojo on

vanessa rocked that little black dress
very flirty yet classy
the shoes rocked
she looked amazing

CE on

I love Ashley’s dress, Vanessa’s is cute but I prefer fun and fresh.Ashley hair even though kinda messy I still think worked for her outfit. What I don’t understand is every picture I see of Vanessa Hudgens, she always looks unhappy. She never smiles. I really don’t understand that very much.

Danitza on

i think vanessa looks so gorgeous on her dress
and ashley looks so pretty too but i dont like her hair like that it looks like a mess i will vote for vanessa

X..H3L3N..X on


Heather 2 on

Zac should be dating her…they suit one another
Vanessa looks great too, but Ash looks better

suzy on

they both look good. but vanessa is on another level. she looks sexy and classy i love the her lil black dress with a twist with her funky shoes. she looks like she has fun with her fashion and is not trying so hard to fit in.

Moranguita on

Vanessa was perfect! She’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet! =)

lil on

I think Venessa looks alot better cause ashely’s hair is a mess. i love them both and i can’t wait for HSM2!

lil on

I think Venessa looks a lot better! Ashely’s hair is just too messy. but i can’t wait for HSM2! Yay!

chantelle on

I would have to chose Ashley. I love what she is wearing, and she looks great. But I have to say that Vanessa has the best hair, and make up. She is workin it aswell.

indigo on

I think that Vanessa looks better over all but I like Ashleys dress better. Whats with the strap thing on Vanessa dress ayway??

emmy on

ThEy BoTh Look StuNNinG buT iWouLd DEfiNetLY haVe tO gO wiTh AshLeyS drESs..=]

Graham on

ok, vanessa’s dress is cute, but the one strap is kinda weird. ashley’s dresss is so-so i guess, nothing wow material. but omg ashley looks trashy with her hair and make up like that. vanessa looks WAY better

Marie on

I prefer Ashley’s hairstyle but Vanessa’s dress definitely!

mireia on

i think ashley is the best and the beautifulest. i love she a lot because is my favourite girl film star(and i’m cinemas fan. and i think it: SHE’S THE BEST!!!!!!! A LOT OF KISETO HER!!!!!!!

tre chic on


alex on

vanessa’s look is classier, but she is the girlfriend of one of the stars, so she’s kind of expected to look good.
ashley, seeing as she isn’t in the cast, nor dating any one of them, can afford to be a little more daring and funky with her outfits.
p.s.: people, it’s a MESSY BUN!! get over it! it’s supposed to look like she just woke up.

Nancy on

i think that ashley’s dress is alot better..and i love ashley better

Marcela on

i think that Vanessa looks prettier than Ashley .
I love her dress (L)

Krista on

i think they both look great! I like Ashley’s dress better, but Vanessa’s hair is nicer, and neater. but it is the premiere of Hairspray…

Heather on

I think Vanessa’s dress is so much cuter than Ashley’s, but I like Ashley’s hair style better.

julz on

hey does anyone know how ashley kept her dress for slipping down?? because i have a similiar tube dress and mine slips down after i walk in it for awhile.. its very aggrevating.. makes me not want ot wear it anymore!

Jordan on

I love her dress and her shoes…i just love her whole outfit! No i just love her lol

krista on

i love ashley’s dress but she ruined it because of her hair. Vanessa looks amazing in her dress..and she’s very classy…

Blair on

I like Ashley’s dress more, but Vanessa looks pretty 2.

britt on

i love them both! i love both hair styles n both dresses but i like ness’s just a tad more but both stunning!! i love ashleys hair its cute yet casual n i love vanessas to! bah i wish i had the legs to wear dresses like that!!


Maddie on

I think they both looked pretty, but i really like Ashley’s dress choice…she looked really pretty with everything she put together

Smiley on

I think both their dresses are cute. They ARE already stars, and I think the dresses fit them well. :)

hannah on


marina on

My opinion is that they both look sooo great. But Vanessa does a little bit more. Cause I like her hairstyle, her dress and her shoes. Ashley’s hair is beautiful and the shoes too, but the dress is a mess. VANESSA LOOKS PERFECT like usually. marina

Marina on

Well Vanessa looks waii better then ashley
ashley usually alwaiz looks nice butt her hair was very sloppyy while vanessa is in a nice stlye wit not i hair stickin outt

Carrie on

Ashley’s dress is by far cuter but Vanessa is just gorgeous and whoooaa shes dating Zac??? LUCKY

Alison on

ashelyy forsure,i love hers.

Jamie on

They both look ah-mazing! Vanessa’s dress is simple, but still super cute, while Ashley’s is more complicated, but still super sexy! About the hair, I love Ashley’s. The whole messy thing totally works for her! As for Vanessa’s, it looks great, but I think she looks better with her hair down. The shoes– both 10’s! The accesories– also both 10’s! Great job to both of them!

anne on


Jennifer on

Whatever!!!! Vanessa looks awful to tell the truth the top is way to low cut and it just looks awful no style in it what so ever. ON the other hand AShley looks great she is going with earth colors which is the best for her and it brings out her completion and face and hair. I love the hair to.

Jess on

Ashlee’s hair is always a mess. it looks like she just got out of bed and put her hair in a quick bun. yuck! and her hair looks bleached out, i dont think either of them look good. Vanessa’s dress looks like shes going to a christmas party in that horrible forest green color. double yuck!

gracie on

Um, for all those that think Ashley Tisdale is attractive in any respect really needs to re-evaluate their life. With her overboard/fake tan and her “I-just-rolled-out-of-bed” hairdo, how could anyone possibly think she looks pretty? On the plus side, Vanessa looks okay.

shauna on

they are both gorgeous girls- but i think ashley is the winner here. she always looks amazing and her stlye is perfectly age-appropriate- so fun and youthful but with a glamorous twist.

Jennifer on

Well fist of all Vanessa’s dress is too short in the front and is not really cute, it lacks body and is not attracting to the eye. On the other hand Ashleys dress is very catchy and draws more attention, and great nature colors, it brings out her hair and her natural beauty. while Vanessa’s dress detractes from her looks.

Jennifer on

First of all Vanessas dress is simply awful it detrats frome her looks (naturally) and black is not always in. Plus it is not an eye catcher and the top is way to low while on the other hand Ashleys dress is very well put and is great for her features makes her look earthy like she is. Matches her complexion perfectly. Plus inhances her looks as well

Katee on

Ashely is better looking in general. Although vanessa does look better here but has anyone seen her recently!!! she cut her hair (EWW..) she looked much better when it was long

charmed on

i love ashley she is sweet and really funny and she is great better then vanessa i what zac to date ashley they would look so cute together …….. I LOVE ASHLEY YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!

leeo on

i think vanessa looks alot better. nonetheless, ashley is wearing something appropriate.

Anna on

I love the look Ashley is going for but for this event I think Vanessa look more prepared and approprate.

Dena on

I loove Vanessas dress, Ashleys is cute to but her hair and make-up is awful!

melli on

vanessa looks better

Bree on

I Think Vanessa Is Dressed Better!!!! Vanessa Looks Way Better!!!

Rachel` on

They both look really good, both dresses are really cute and they are both beautiful girls…

Kyanna on

Ashley looks WAY better than Vanessa . I love her shoes :)

Lana on

I think that Vanessa look’s wayyyy cuter !

Ashley is cute too ..
but Vanessa’s hair is better.

I think that Vanessa has more sense of style then Ashley.

Lana on

I think that Vanessa look’s cuter..

Because she has more sense of style then Ashley
( and her hair is wayyyy more cuter .. ! )

lizzie on

I think both of their outfits are really cute but i think i like Ashley’s just a little bit better but they both look really cute.

Abby on

I prefer Ashleys outfit, even the hair. Vanessa’s dress doesn’t look like its proportional, the top is the only part that fits and the bow looks all wrong.

Yess on

Ashley the best, i love dress so fashion

kayyy on

since when havve vanessa and zac been dating??? i never even knew that lol

Samantha on

Both girls look great, but I love Vanessa’s overall look better. What up with Ashley’s tan, she’s like orange, I definitely like Vanessa’s dress and entire look better. The hair looks nicer too.

Maria on

i think they both look good, but i like vanessa’s style better, because its more appropriate for the event.

Dani on

Vanessa looks amazing! Although perhaps a little tired…?

Penny on

Vanessa is really dumb!Her dress is really ugly!
I really like Ashley and love her dress!!

Katie on

I think that Ashley’s dress is more flattering than Vanessa’s; however, Vanessa looks more “put together” and her hair looks very pretty. Love both of their shoes!

Ashley on

I think that ashley’s dress and accessories look way betterbut vanessa’s hair is a little more elegant

Victor on

I think the Ashley to be more beautiful, the Vanessa this with the very big head,
but the two are beautiful…xDDD

Annie on

I think I like Vanessa’dress better .It’s simple but cuter.

babygirl beauty on

ashley looked horible soo ugly her hair was a mess and so not classy

but vanessa looked ausome and that dress was sooo cute

diana on

i think they both look great. I like vanessa’s style alot, and her dress is cute. But i also like ashley’s too. I like how her hair is all messed up, and she still makes it look cute [:

GeNae on

Vanessa is beautiful.

sarah on

vanessa and ashley both looks great,but vanessa’s dress is more classic. you can never go wrong with a little black dress.

sarah on

vanessa and ashley both looks great,but vanessa’s dress is better. you can never go wrong with a little black dress.

micaela on


carrie on

vanessa looks nicer

Yep It's Me on

I love high school musical.. omgah i love those dresses… Vanessa and Zac make the cutes couple!!

c on

ashley is way muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better than vanessa. she looks so cute!

monique on

i liked ashley’s overall look better cause she had
like some color vanessa had a black dress, black acsessories and with black hair suprised she didnt dye her skin black plus that big giant bow on her strap is a tacky overkill

naiesha on

i love Vanessa’s bow-topped black Jay Godfrey trapese. she looks way better.

Joëlle on

I Looooooooooooooooooooooove Vanessa’s dress!!!!

Hannah on

I love Vanessa’s outfit and hair, it’s very chic, but Ashley just looks somewhat overdone

Lola on

vanessas dress is sooo much cuter her accesories and shoes all work together great with her look including her hair absolutely love it <3
Ashley well she doesnt look ugly but her dress doesnt look very fitted.



michelle on

vannessa’s dress looks like a christmas tree it is the ugliest thing i have seen then on the other hand ashleys dress looks a little better but it looks ugly it looks like the inside of vannessa’s dress and vanessa’s shoes so last summer ill talk about ugly and vanessa trys to act like a rocker yeah talk about fake love you guys ps:u need fashion help

orlando4ever on

i love little dresses ,and ashley and vanessa look sooooooo cute in them

Ashlyn on

I like Ashley’s dress alot but i have to say that vanessa looks a bit better with the hair part , but Ashley pulls off the messy look very good

Julie on

Vanessa’s dress is way more elegant and appropriate for the event !! Vanessa is the best !!

Asia on

The black dress on Vanessa is lyke so cute, and her hair is lyke wayy perfect. Ashley’s hair makes her look lyke she just escaped out of one the Chucky horror movies .

rena on

my brother thinks ashley looks like a horse

kim on

nuh uh! vanessa looks terrible – her dress looks too tight. ashley looks much better!

Vita B. on

First of all, I think both of the dresses are, well, to die for.

Vanessa: Her outfit seems to match better overall. Although the dress is simple, the bow is a little distracting for my taste. This does not mean I don’t think she looks lovely. Her hair is well suited for such an even and her shoes and jewelry play up on the simpleness of the dress allowing her to wear more extravagant pieces.

Ashley: Her dress is gorgeous, but I do not think it was the right choice for her style. Her hairstyle is not appropriate for the event and because of the height of the updo, the way her face is held looks slightly demonic. I have to give her a thumbs up for the shoes though, as i do have a similar pair, and she does have the legs for them. Also she could have used a necklace because the neckline of her dress is lower while Vanessa does not need one because she has the bow on her dress. Also for Ashley, the jewelry matches the dress really well.

Overall, I think both of the girls looked fantastic and were very supportive of Zac Efron, their costar. But Vanessa definately takes the cake with her simple, pulled together ensemble.

T-Molly on

Vanessa always had fantastic taste. She looks good in anything!! Ashley however…this dress doesn’t show off her..ANYTHING.

kelsey on

I like vanessa’s dress better :)

Joanna [Poland] on




gigi on

ashley looked great,
but i must admit i bet people just couldn’t keep their eyes off of vanessa. i mean she’s just so beautiful, like a dream come true for zac!!
they are so adorable by the way<3
she’s one of the few celebrities that is actually beautiful withOUT makekup or with.
it’s pretty cool,she’s kickn ass in the buisness than ever and i couldn’t be happier for her!
shes totally the kind of person you wouldn’t be suprised that after you hung out with her that you just had one of the best times of your life
she’s just like an angel, yup
“god must have spend a little more time on vanessa hudgens”

Angel on

vanessa’s dress is so much better!!!V looks so gorgeous and her body is to die for!i love her, and the dress totally suits her

Micaela on

Vanessa looks alot better than Ashley Tisdale
I think the strap does everything!!!

Katerina on

I prefer Vanessa’s dress over Ashley’s though I think they both look gorgeous.

to cute for you on

Honsetly vannassa is soooooooooo much cuter then ashley oh well i mean all vannass neess to do is put her hair down and shed look fabulous

Stella on

Vanessa looked so much
better =) she just looks gorgeous
I dont like Ashley dress its to dull.

kendall on

omg ashley and vanessa r so pretty!!but i think there both the same

beth on

omg ashley looks way better she is just so pretty and her hair actaully goes good with the dress and her shoes are pretty
vanessa looks good to but i guess i’ve alwaysed liked ashley better

Priscilla on

Both dresses are very cute. Vanessa’s look comes together a little more than Ashley’s. Maybe it’s just the hair style that throws Ashley off. But I think her hair is always a mess.

lee lee on


Amy on

I like Vanessa’s. I like her way better than Ashley, and her dress.

Baylee Lamb on

Um I think that Vanessa looked pretty but messed it up with this ugly huge BEAU or whatever it is?

abby on

vanessa and ashley looks very good!!!!

Silvia on

I Love Ashley’s Dress!
She Looks Muuch Better,
Vanessa’s Dress is to Low..

Mariah on

I really love both of there dresse but i’ll have to say vanessa is a little better and cuter and its black to it something I wear too

Mariah on

I say vanessa cause it so cute and more my style.

Janelle on

Vanessa looks adorable in her dress, while Ashley dress is cute but her hair is a mess

Kristie on

Ashley Tisdale’s dress rocked! but cant say much for the messy hairdo..

Jordan on

I think they both look absolutely stunning but then again it was a movie premiere and so Ashley needed a more professional hairstyle, however I love how it looks! The both are stunningly gorgeous in those dresses! I think that I like Ashley’s better!

Sajra on

These girls look incredible. I think they both look adorable. They are def the next fashion icons!!

cathy on

vanessa hudgens wore better!!!!
it cuter and beautiful! …….

Rachel on

Vanessa looks more put together, but I like ashley’s dress better. I like the messy hair on ashley but it looks,messy. thats like a casual hair style.

Abby on

Lets see I like Ashley’s hair, shoes, dress
I like Vanessa’s makeup and accories better too cute!!!!

Annie on

I love fashion and everything it consists of so the first thing that i noticed was there make-up which even from afar looks heavy in turn making them look older. As for their dresses a definate hits nice and I most compliment their tans hopefully those were created with a spary!!!

amanda on

vanessa is so cute!! i love her hair.

anz on

dont know, vanessa’s is very clean and really cute. ashley’s is very beautiful and sorta hipsterish! both are really awesome!

Nicky Ducharme on

I think Ashley’s messy Hair seals the deal in this sloppy but chic look. Vannessa’s black dress does not let us her amazing figure and the bow is too big. bow are cute but only in certain sizes.

chrisie on

i think ashley looks better than vanessa

ashlea c on

VANESSA HUDGENS all the way she is so beauitful in that dress!!!!!!

Jenna on

I hate Vancessa! Shes a stuck up snob! Ashley looks gr8! I WISH I LOOKED HALF AS GOOD AS HER!

Jenna on

If people say that cant act your crazy! They are both talented! So Shut up you wannabees!

Anna Ryan on

i like Vanessa’s better than Ashleys. i like the bow on Vanessa’s dress. both girls look very amazing. i like Vanessa’s hair better.

celeste on

well they both look really good!!! but l like most vanessa hudgens’s dress,It’s really pretty and it’s likely for her

lola on

i think that vanessa looks way better and there is no doubt about it!

Trina on

I am a huge fan of vanessa’s and I love her dress it is mature looking but still cute and young! Also I am glad she came out to support Zac!

Natalia on

I love Ashley, she is so cute. Love her dress and style.

Sydney on

I think they both looked great. I can’t say who looked better because they were both going for totally different looks. I think Ashley was sort of going for like the Flinstones look or something.

Kaily on


Kaily on




Madi on

ummm Vanessa looks better. Like
i mean in a way it seams like their in competition with eachother. But normally Vanessa Wins.

2lee on

The gals both look beautiful. Stunning they rule the red carpet!!!

Casey on

wow. i think both look amazing. i like ashleys dress a little bit more because its different but i loveeeee vanessa’s too. i totally agree that ashleys hair is a little too messy for a red carpet! tootles for nowww stylistasssssssss :]

Tiffany on

don’t get insane its all VANESSA

Ava Lee on

I LOVE both of their looks but sorry Ashley – Vanessa DOES look more polished for a red carpet event. Both of their dresses are uber cute, though I personally prefer Vanessa’s. Ashley’s hair looks a bit too messy for such an event but yeah – Vanessa and Ashley both look great but Vanessa won this one :]

Brooke.Ox on


BaJuShChka.. on

VaN LoOks beTter!!..ThiS dReSs Is veRy BeaUtIfuL!!♥☼

Jhens Acne Treatment Care on

High School musical 1 is much better than High School musical 2 but both of them are good. Vanessa Hudgens is so pretty and cute wayback then.

vitoria on

i love vanessa

stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com on

High school musicals girls heat up hairspray red carpet.. Nifty :)

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