Jessica Simpson Rocks Justin Timberlake's Jeans

07/10/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Andrew Shawaf-Andy Johnstone/Pacific Coast News

The day before her birthday (she turns 27 today!), Jessica Simpson showed off her newly svelte figure in a pair of Justin Timberlake’s jeans. All that working out has paid off — Jessica looks great in these flared William Rast jeans. (Not surprisingly, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel also have similar pairs.) The William Rast ultra low rise”Savoy” jean is not only becoming a celeb-fav, but most retailers, who aren’t getting them until the end of the month, are taking pre-orders! But we found the “Savoy”, $253, on sale already at Want Jessica’s University of Texas T-shirt too? Get her Retro Sport tee at, $48.

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steph on

Once again, I don’t like what these jeans do to anyone’s butt. Do you remember jessica biel in them? It looked like she had the flattest and most uninteresting butt… blah

tracey on

I agree, the jeans are very unflattering in the butt area.
She doesn’t really look like her in this picture.

jica on

that doesnt look like her at all

dawn on

That look reminds me of that jodie foster movie Little foxes.

k on

aww she looks really sad!…but i guess being followed by papparrazzi every where you go can have that effect on a person…..hmm i dont really like these jeans…her butt does look flat…i did like the william rast jeans on cameron diaz tho…

Daisy on

Actually, that does look like Jessica only she’s probably not wearing her usual load of makeup. And come on girls! The girl is 27, lets just say she looks her age! Other than that, I’m glad she at least went back to her blonde hair, she glows with that color.

Joon on

That doesn’t look like Jessica Simpson at ALL! And those jeans are just ugly.

alia on

Yeah!!…I L-O-V-E JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! :) jESS iS alright too….

Andi on

I think she looks BETTER than usual here. Less fussy/made-up, more casual, more natural, more like the pretty girl-next-door than a glamour puss. I LOVE this look.

As for the small butt, I’d blame it on her weight loss rather than the jeans.

CC on

Well, i think it looks unflattering on a lot of people, because they dont realize how much they stretch out after wear. You HAVE to size down in WR. Otherwise, your butt will looks saggy and flat, like it did on Jessica Biel. Jessica Simpson, just has no butt to begin with.

Tara Leigh on

WOW!!! Jessica looks really good. Actually NORMAL for a change!! She usually looks overdone and fake, but she looks fun and cute here. And as far as the jeans being unflattering…they do flatten the butt area a little bit, but it also makes the wearer look thinner, and they are really cute everywhere else. I say go for it, for those lucky souls who can afford a pair. I for one could never spend $253 on a pair of jeans.

aca on

jessica also seems to be yo-yo dieting or constantly gaining or losing weight. how long is it before she stops fitting into those tiny jeans?

Chelsea on

I agree with everyone… those jeans aren’t flattering at all. They make her bum look little and flat, and isn’t she known for her curves? But I disagree with Jica because she’s not wearing makeup, and that’s why you say it doesn’t look like her.

autumn on

i think her butt is way to flat..but it dont look like her

autumn on

she has the flattest butt ever in them jeans

ana on

jessic is soooooo ugly and the jeans make it worse HA

S on

Those jeans are not flattering on the backside. And $253? For jeans – and unflattering jeans at that. I could get 6 pairs of $40 jeans for that amount of money. (You can always have them tailored!) Jessica Simpson looks really sullen & drained in this picture. Perhaps she isn’t eating enough between all of those workouts!

Lucia on

I love these pants…

Julie on

It doesn’t look like her because we’re all used to see her with a lot of make up. Stars without make up are not that cute or beautiful….

Julie on

If she doesn’t look like her, that’s only because she doesn’t wear the tons of make up she’s used to.

De on

Jessica without make-up not a good look

nhilario on

someone, please, tell me why the pockets are soooo low in the buttock region??? it seems that that would be more appealing on a men’s jean.

madeleine Myers on

where can i find that Texas t-shirt? I’ve looked around for that one but can’t see to find it. The fabric looks lighter than the shirts the UT co-op sells.

madeleine Myers on

where can i find that texas t-shirt. I’ve looked around for them, but her’s seems to be a lighter fabric than the ones they sell that the UT co-op.

RJR on

$253 and that’s what it does to your ka-dunk? I’ll stick with my cheap-but-awesome fave: the sweetheart jean from Old Navy.

amber on

they’re alright, but come on, $253 for them? i’ve got jeans that look just like them, cheaper because there’s no ‘designer’ label

Paige on

Am I the only one who thinks $253 is a lot to pay for jeans??!! That’s an average persons monthly car payment! Absurd!

coco on

ywo-words! flat-butt

confidential on

I bet she didn’t even pay for them!

night on

I don’t like the jeans, but Jessica looks fantastic witout all the excess makeup on her face. She looks young and beautiful for a change.

alejandra on

I think she looks great, all the workout really has payed off. as for the Jeans, i can’t wait to get them.

Anonymous on

because the pocket on the butt is so low and the flare on the leg I think these jeans make her legs look really short.

Barba r on

I dont agree I love them I’m going to buy a pair there hott jeans!

FH on

Its the jeans folks… Simpson has a butt. Jessica Biel also has a very noticable backside, and when she wears these jeans, it disappears. These jeans are F-U-G-L-Y. The way the pockets go down the back of the legs with that obnoxious design. They are quite hideous. Timberlake should stick to singing, not clothes. I don’t understand why celebritites must do everything… including stuff they aren’t good at at all. Why do you need to sing, act, design clothes, have your own perfume, etc. It’s all to make more money. Always makes me laugh when I hear people say ‘I have always had a passion for BLANK’ when its obvious they are clueless about it. Whatever. Fugly jeans!

Cathy on

I think Justin should stick to music. He obviously doesn’t know fashion. I’ve never seen anyone that looks good on his jeans, not even Justin! And Jessica looks ridiculous!

lenora on

Jeans are ugly, and she looks too skinny now! Not liking the look at all!

Elda on

i like the jeans, i’d buy a pair if they weren’t so expensive but i think Jessica looks naturally pretty w/o makeup. i’ve seen some stars w/o makeup and they look pretty creepy. Jessica is no where near that.

VB on

I agree with ‘FH’. Why do celebs think they need to do everything? Is it not good enough to be good at acting or singing? Why do you need to have your own perfume or clothing line!??! Anyway, the pants are hideous and totally unflattering for the butt. $253 for those is a total ripoff. I wouldn’t spend that much on any pants, no matter how much I liked them.

Dori on

Actually, I’m wearing the exact same jeans right now and they make the butt look amazing! I’m super picky with the way jeans fit and these are by far my new favorite pair. P.S. Jessica has no ass what-so-ever and these jeans actually give her a slight tush…

mk on

I admire jessica simpson for the things she has acomplished. Way more so than say – Linsey lohan. She looks natural without all that make up, and its just a bad picture. WE ALL TAKE THEM! Get over it. Justin should stick to music though. Sorry JT. But you know its bad when you make jessica simpson and jessica biels butts look small!


The pockets are little low,need to be higher. If they were sent to me to wear. I would wear them. I like the flare. I would skip on the high waist jeans,though.

Kayyla on

As soon as i seen this picture, all i could think of was, That’s Jessica??

RJR on

She kind of looks like that train wreck Sienna Miller.

KNA on

Actually that is not a “vintage” tee, you can buy those t-shirts for like $9 at the University Co-Op on Guadalupe right next to campus. Trust me, its not vintage, I have like 10 of them!

Emilee ♥ on

These William Rast jeans seems to look nice and fitting on all other parts, but not the tush. $253 is too much for me to pay for a pair of jeans. I can find better jeans for way less and don’t look unflattering in fit or style. The pockets are way too low and I hate that tacky design. It seems rather then enhance the tush, the jeans flatten the tush just a little bit. These jeans did the same thing to Jessica Biel, and we all know that Jessica Biel is well known for her backside.

As for Jessica in this photo, I think she looks more casual, natural, younger, and looks like any other average looking girl without her tons of make-up on…nice improvement.

kari on

why does she look so sad??

Robin on

NO WAY is this a pic of Jessica Simpson! …unless her newly “svelte” figure included a bust reduction of at least 3 bra sizes! The girl in the photo is OBVIOUSLY wondering why some paparazzi is taking HER picture! (cute kid though who can definitly pass as a Jessica look-alike).

Lorna on

I like the jeans. They don’t make her bum look flat because she doesn’t have a big bum anyway.

Leigh on

Why are you hating on Jessica with no makeup? She is absolutely gorgeous, with or without makeup. EVERYONE looks washed out without a ton of makeup on. Do ya’ll wear makeup everywhere you go? I sure don’t. Just because she looks “normal” here, don’t use that as a chance to bust on her, just to improve your ego, because you don’t have even close to the body that she has.
About the jeans… I am glad to see that boot cut is starting to come back in style. Enough of the skinny jean!!

claudia on

Jessica looks so different in that pic, those jeans are ugly the back packets are too big that makes her butt look flat

Abby on

I would so buy these jeans!!

27something on

Give the poor girl a break. I do believe that Jess is a little over the top at times,…but that doesn’t mean we have to nit-pick her every move or fashion choice. Make-up or no make-up,….this pair of jeans or another,…she will always be a beautiful girl and will always have tons of people who are jealous of her for that reason. You keep diong your thing Jess!

Jen on

I can’t believe any of you were even able to comment on the jeans…I didn’t even notice the jeans for looking at her. If her name hadn’t been beside the picture, I would have had no idea who this was! It looks nothing like her. Sure she doesn’t have on much make-up, and sure a little make-up can do wonders for alot of us. But if her looking this different is just the result of her going without any, then that is some transforming stuff she usually wears. It’s not really that she looks better with or without to me, she just looks like a completely different person here!!!

lauren on

It looks just like Jessica Simpson. She just looks like shes tired and drained. She doesn’t always wear makeup either and she looks fine without it. As for the jeans shes wearing she is just dressed average but who cares about how the jeans make her butt look? What’s the point?

JJ on

I agree, doesn’t look like her at all but she look great.

A on

Something looks wrong with her mouth, like she’s wearing braces or a retainer…

The jeans are eh! They’re definitely not worth the money. They’re also too tight on her thigh and flare too much after her knee. I wouldn’t buy them.

kevin on

uhh. $50 for a texas tshirt? puhLEEEEEZE. get one for $10 at the UT bookstore or something.

karen on

She looks like the girl from Reba

karen on

She looks like the girl from Reba!!

Jones on

Are you guys sure that’s Jessica Simpson? If it is, she looks 10 years younger and where the heck are her boobs??
Oh, yeh, the jeans are super ugly and are not at all flattering. Justin, you go get your sexy back somewhere and leave the designing to someone else.

Veronica on

I like them!!! It doesn’t really look like her norm but she always looks adorable!

Tina on

Wow, I had to look really hard to recognize her. She looks soooo different without all that makeup. Kinda cute and innocent. Don’t like the jeans though.

Jessica on

I like this casual look on her. It is much better than that orange skinned, firey brunette, over dressed look she usually sports.

SD on

Jessica looks so nice without so much makeup! It’s not an awesome outift or anything, but she looks pretty. The jeans aren’t very flattering since the pockets look too low.

Blair on

I don’t likeee

Jamie on

Her butt looks great in the jeans, enough said. But I don’t think that’s what we have to worry about in this picture. Look at her face? Look at her shirt? SOS- Save our Star!

Jess on

those look horrible on her. she needs a stylist to pick out her jeans! she needs to step aside and let someone else do the shoppin!

emily on

um is that even her?

Kinsey on

maybe they do make your butt look littler than other jeans, but jess makes em work!! whoo!

BellaBoo on

I don’t think you can blame too much of the flat butt look on the jeans. Remember her bikini dancing in the “These Boots Are Made For Walking” video? She’s naturally minus a butt, the lower back pockets in these jeans just exacerbate the fact.

Rachel on

I like the color of the jeans, and the style, but i don’t like the back pockets, they make anyones’ butt look flat and wide in the back, if the back pockets were smaller and higher, they would look a lot more flattering

Sally on

It isn’t her jeans that make her butt look flat, it’s her, I mean come on when has she been known to have a butt, she’s always been flat.

Sarah on

Wow!! That doesn’t look like her at all for two reasons…1.)she must not have on any makeup & 2.) I thought she was much taller than that. O well, I guess not. But I do like the jeans. I think they look great on her.

Sarah on

Wow!! that doesn’t look like her @ all for 2 reasons. 1.)she obviously doesn’t have on ANY makeup and 2.)she looks like a little kid, like short. O well, I love the jeans though. They look great!!!

maricela on


dznr on

I think Jessica looks darling! One of the best pictures I have ever seen of her. Wish I could look that good in those jeans!

Steph on

She looks so sad.:'(

Victoria A. Avereis on

Is that even jessica??

jen on

That is not her!!! and I hate the jeans!!!

L.C on

I hate the jeans but Jess is so nice and i like her sooooo much better with blonde hair! c u tuesay jess

L.C on

I hate the jeans but Jess is so nice and i like her sooooo much better with blonde hair! c u tuesay jess

kiz_me1109 on

Is that really Jessica SImpson? She doesnt look like her.

fg on

in’t not She at all…

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