We Love Tent Dresses... But Do Guys?

07/02/2007 at 03:00 PM ET

Photo: Palmberger / Celebrity Photo

The tent dress, in all of its many variations, has taken over our wardrobes. We can’t seem to get enough of how cute and comfy they are, plus they magically hide all of our flaws! But along with hiding our flaws, they hide everything else about our bodies! Just look at Eva Mendes in this Anna Molinari dress — where is her knockout figure? We were wondering what guys thought about this billowing trend, so we asked a few to tell us their thoughts on these puffy dresses. Do you agree with them? What do the guys in your life think of tent dresses?

If a girl is in great shape, it could be real sexy. However, I do miss more of the form fitting outfits, as a girl could do a lot of false advertising with the non-form fitting tent dresses. Form fitting boy shorts and tight tees, now that’s my idea of a hot outfit.D. Wood, 31

My one-sentence summary is that they look like maternity dresses.P. Aber, 27

Tent dresses are ugly in my opinion. I like more form fitting clothes, a nice skirt or even a nice pair of jeans. There is something about these dresses that is very unflattering. It does really look like someone wearing a potato sack with holes into it. J. Yip, 31

Well to be honest I don’t really like tent dresses. From a man’s man point of view, a man doesn’t really care what type of a dress a woman is wearing. All we care is if she’s cute. But fitted clothing is what I’d rather see.T. Zecevic, 26

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Jenny on

I do love them…not so much the one featured, but tent dresses are sooo comfy!

Kelly on

Isn’t that a moo-moo? If not, what is? Anything that looks right off the set of Hairspray is not going to attract a straight guy– if my husband picked up something like that off the rack for me, it would be a weight loss hint.

alia on

I love love love Eva and she looks really pretty here:)
I like the tent dress too—cute for summer:)

Mary on

I don’t dress to please strange men I don’t know anyways, so who cares what they think? Why should what women do always be dictated by men?

Elda on

I just love the dress Eva has on, she looks cute and comfy!

Tory on

Personally, I think tent dresses should be left to those in their second or third trimester. Girls with great bodies should show them off, not hide themselves under potato sacks.

AshleyL on

Not flattering. I would never where something like this, it would either make you look pregnant or overweight, no thanks.

Julie on

Her legs, heels and shoulders are so sexy! It’s obvious that she’s got a great body under there. What’s wrong with leaving a little something to the imagination once in awhile?

erica on

of course men don’t like it. What an obvious question!
it’s like asking the question “Would you rather seen a naked woman or one with clothes on?”

Colette on

I don’t dress for men, or anyone, to be honest. I dress for myself, and always have. It must be working because I have a wonderful boyfriend.

nhilario on

I think Eva looks beautiful in anything she wears—I like that she takes risks with fashion and you do not see her wearing what the other girls are wearing…I agree with Julie.

jackie o. on

I can see how the guys wouldn’t like them… my boyfriend is the same way. But I think tent dresses can be really sexy if their made of a floaty fabric (maybe silk or light cotton) so that they show off your body when you walk. That way people can see your figure but not all the time — leaves a little mystery, and is slighty more demure than a totally tight, boob and butt-hugging outfit.

Ashley on

I don’t like these dresses.. they look like something a grandmother would wear to bed… along with the rollers and the fuzzy slippers… If you can’t wear pJs to work… why should you be able to wear this??

mel on

The only reason guys hate this is because they want all women to show every curve….What ever happened to guys appreciating trying to IMAGINE what a woman looked like? Leaving something to the imagination can be even more sexy than wrapping a package in clear ceran wrap. Besides, why should we listen to guys…..wear what YOU like and want…They aren’t the ones wearing tight, constricting clothes and 4 to 6 inch heels!!!!

anonymous on

i like eva in more hourlass shapes. i dont think the tent dress is very flattering. there is not shape. the one eva is wearing, it’s like she doesn’t have a waist. i love her shoes though!

johnni-louise on

i haveta say these dresses are cute but not for me. they really do make ya wonder if the person is pregnant. I think they would be super cute on a pregnant person but if your not pregnant you really are sendin the wrong idea!!!! Sad how something so cute and comfirtable can give people such a wrong opinion of ya!

Lilly on

i love these dresses, my boyfriend loves me wearing them. He has bought me one from dior and its gorgeus. Frankly i wouldnt care if men dont like them, if i want to wear them il bloody wear them, ALRIGHT!


Mary Kate looks so banged up in every photo I see of her those sandales look so oversize and uncomfortabl. Goes to show money can never buy u style.

Aisha on

i love the dress Eva is wearing its so adorable!!
I think girls should always wear a variety of styles one day you wear the dress thats figure hugging and attractive and the other you wear a tent dress or baggy shorts or else you would be style-less!!

Alice on

Men probably don’t like half the clothes women wear. They would be probably be happier if we dressed like hookers. They aren’t going to understand fashion anyway, so just wear what you like.

A Guy on

If you girls don’t care what men think of fashion, then why did you read an article about what men think of fashion?

No one is saying you shouldn’t wear these dresses if you like them. Shave your head and wear overalls if it makes you happy. It will make you less attractive to guys, but if you don’t care then it doesn’t matter.

night on

I am shocked that so many people like these dresses. I think they make even the most slim woman look as large as a house. They look like shapeless tents. But I guess one could go out to dinner in one of these dresses and eat all one wanted to witout fear of one’s stomach bulging over the waist band of a skirt or something. Eva Mendez is very beautiful, but looks like Onar the tent maker made this dress. On the other hand, maybe she is on her way to an event that serves great food and she wanted to eat a LOT!!

Christine on

I’m with the guys on this one – I think they’re really unflattering, and look like maternity wear! I work hard for my figure and I’m proud of it… why should I hide it under a bulky dress?

liana on

I think its hilarious how men dont really care about all the fashionable things us girls care about. Its only natural and theirs nothing wrong with it. our boyfriends still love us, i think largely because they can see our guts and individuality in what we wear. I always go with fashion not what may be appealing to the opposite sex despite the fact that i know that ovelarge sunglasses, weird purses, and loosefitting dresses aren’t guys first choice =)

flochii on

loveeeee itttt!!!!!!!!

yen on

it looks terrible it look like your 10 sizes bigger.

Eva´s tent dress is UGLY !!!!!!!

k8 on

I love it…”tent” dresses are so comfortably cute. You dont have to worry about something popping out that shouldnt be. And you can get them with varying degrees of “tent-ness”, so if you aren’t into the fullness of the above dress, theres always something in between.

Kaylie on

Eva Mendes is gorgeous and looks great in anything she puts on. Her tent dress looks cute on her, of course. But in general, I do not think those dresses are flattering.

Kimberly on

I think Eva Mendes looks amazing in that… otherwise im not such a fan

Lauren on

I’m not fat, but I think wearing something like this would make me feel that way. I just can’t handle this trend. I hate the bubble dresses for the same reason.

deb on

Good lord, they look like moo moo’s that my overweight aunt used to wear, so no, I would never wear one.

Kelly on

i think that its a very cute style…her shoes go very well with her very trendy dress!!

Emilee ♥ on

What ever happened to leaving something to the imagination? Eva is showing off her sexy shoulders and great legs in those sexy shoes. There is nothing wrong with tent dresses. If you can carry the look, like Eva can, and sexy it up a bit, but still look classy, the dress wouldn’t look so horrible. I think it’s great when women can change things up a bit. Wear something that appeases you, not what someone else wants you to wear. … I agree with you Julie.

marty on

not if i had a body like that.

mariana on

These dresses are so cute for any occasion! And I think that women should start dressing for themselves, and stop worrying about what men think. Most of them don’t notice or care anyway.

BellaBoo on

Um.. no. I work in a baby and maternity store, I’m pretty much ruined to loose fitting clothing like that. It reminds me way to much of a pregnant woman hiding her belly, or maybe a not pregnant woman trying to achieve the same.

I think the kimono style dresses are a better compromise for a cute and comfy dress that isn’t quite so ‘potato sack’ like in appearance.

Theresa111 on


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Amy on

I’m with Colette. I don’t dress to please anyone but myself. I have a great boyfriend who loves me for me, he must becuause he’s not after my body! ;) The dress looks comfy, albeit not very flattering, but I like the retro “That Girl” feel to it. I agree with “Jackie O”- a lighter, gauzier fabric would lend more of an etherial look, which could make it easier to wear. I’m not digging the “grandma’s recycled drapes” pattern that Eva has on, but I’m not the one that has to wear it.

Lucia on

I love it!!! She look wonderful!!!

Blair on

I do love tent dresses. And if i wear one, my boy must love it. It’s impossible that he doesn’t love it when it’s on me!

sexy on

i dn`t like it on her,if you av a great body flaunt it,why hide it

Maya on

I don’t like dresses! Just having a cool t-shirt and jeans are probably the most comfortable outfit to wear. That dress featured here looks like it could blow up any second! ew!

Anonymous on

I just bought a tent dress for a wedding this past weekend. I fell in love with it, but my husband was trying to talk me into a straigt, tighter fitting, knee length one…saying the tent dress just looked “puffy” haha. Needless to say, I bought it anyways (as always happens) and he ended up loving me in it on the day of, once he saw how i put it together. I still know its not his favourite style of clothes, but I’m hooked

Michelle on

I just bought a tent dress this past weekend for a wedding. When I saw it, I fell in love but my husband wanted me to get a straight, tighter fitting, knee length one. He said the tent dress looked “puffy” haha. Needless to say, I bought it anyways (as always happens) and my husband ended up loving it the day of after seeing how I put it together. I still know he would prefer a more form fitting style of clothes, but I’m hooked

lala on

Who cares what they think!

fashion nista on

This dress is very summery fancy/lazy style. It would go well for any moment.

Amy on

Amen, to mary’s comment. What women do should not always be dictated by men. It’s only part attraction and part personality. However, I love the dress! very cute, and hello you can tell she is skinny and fit by her arms and legs!!! Kudos to Eva and the dress :)

Heather on

I like them they’re cute. But they make them bigger than they actually are.

julia Lpnicky on

Eva is hot and this dress is really not I’m all for being comfortable but not at the expence of my waistline – soooo unflattering!!

Chrissy on

Tent dresses are hideous. They make ANYONE look fat, even if they are toothpicks. I’ll never wear one, that’s for damn sure!



naomi k. on

i personally think they are really hot
i wear them all the time and always get compliments
plus they are really comfortable

claudia on

No I personally would not wear a dress like that but I actually think Eva looks good on that dress.

ree on

is it just me or does she look pregnant? I just cant get wit this one guys. Sorry!

Alex on

Its a very pretty dress. You cant have ugly legs because then it wouldnt look so nice!!!!

Layla on

I really like the dress on Eva. I really think you have to have the body to wear it tough.

Marika on

I love her dress. It’s really cute and fun. Looks comfortable. As for what guys think I dont think it matters as long as the girl likes it.

sara on

hmm..in my opinion i dont like it! its just too big, and if a girl has a great body, flaunt it show it off!!!

Gabriella on

Tent dresses are cute and practical, they’re perfect for any occasion. If you’re having a fat day they’re great, or just throwing one over a bathing suit for the beach is super chic. And you CAN tell a woman’s body (subtly) in these dresses because they show off legs and arms, besides men need to get used to some mystery.

britt on

i agree with ya’ll. most girls dress for themselves or for their friends cuz we like showing off the cute clothes we have. tent dresses r awsum! lol

jaxa on

it would NOT be a weightloss hint….it would be a STYLE hint …idiot.
I LOVE this look…unfortunatly not EVERYONE can pull it off. Alot of woman can put on a pair of jeans and hair in a ponytail…with this look you really have to make sure the hair goes well with the dress and all accesories fit the ourfit. I LOVE the cutesy well put together look and I really LOVE the tent dresses!!

Maggie on

shes really pretty but i dont like the dress, she has a grat body, so why hide it?

Gabby on

umm how can this be considered fashion? it looks like a bag cut off on both sides. and it’s totally unflattering!! it makes people look fat who aren’t, and it would probably just make big people look bigger.

Alfie on

Poor tiger..:'(

sophieb on

Love them they are very comfy to wearing tent dresses. They also keep you cool because they are floaty and in the summer when its very hot.
Wear heels with this. They are very fem too. This dress doesnt make you look pregnant or over weight its just a nice cute dress thats perfect for a summer wardrobe,fresh and elegant.

Emily on

It’s pretty cute
but only certain people could get away with wearing a tent dress
for some people it might look like they are fat

Julie on

WoW…Eva really pulls off this look. But honestly, I wouldn’t wear the dress. Not form fittimg enough.

Michelle on

Looks like what Omar the tent maker would make.

Carolyn on

In the 1960’s, these “tent dresses” were refered to as “MooMoo’s”.

ryen on

i like eva but not the dress

Grace on

of cousre not! i mean i would wear one myself actually but i think guys like ladies that wear something that shows off their curves nd tent dresses…dont do that

Dominique on

Is that a skirt?

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