Would You Wear Mary-Kate's Knee-High Sandals?

06/28/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Rodrigo Marques/Splash News online

The Olsen twins never shy away from risky footwear, but Mary-Kate‘s Chanel gladiator sandals that she wore to dinner the other night were a sight to behold! Sure, gladiator sandals are in style, showing up on everyone from Hayden Panettiere to Kate Hudson, but up-to-the knee ones? That’s a commitment to a trend that we’re not sure we could make. We want to know what happens if you get a tan while wearing them. . . Tell us: Would you wear knee-high gladiator sandals like Mary-Kate?

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Kathy on


they are adorable, keep on keeping on mk!

S on

Hmm, is she a fan of the film “Troy”? :S

yvonne franceschi on

You could play Tic, Tac, Toe on your legs. And
definitely, would not wear these.


Kristen on

yes, I love them!

Aliiise on

I’m always very fascinated and interest in celebrity footwear, I love shoes, and Olsen twins have always the most impressive and amazing ones. Definitely, I would like to wear Mary-Kate’s sandals, they are very magnetic and looks good with her short dress.

PIP on

I love, love, LOVE them, they look fabulous. If I jad MK’s legs I would totally wear them.

Terra on

I think that these are hot!!!! BUT – I could never pull the look off………

Jones on

not too bloody likely – those things are hideous. Again, I have to wonder about these Olsen twins. They have no fashion sense whatsoever, they just want people to look at them and talk. But do they know that we are laughing at them instead??

Angela on

Seriously, what is going through this girl’s head when she gets dressed every day?!?

La on

I’m not a fan of them on myself, but they look surprisingly and simply chic on Mary Kate…

stephanie on

I absolutely would not wear those. I don’t have the legs for them. But she pulls it off. She has that eclectic style that works with these sandals.

Sue on

No. They’re a little too daring for me. Fifteen years, three kids and 20 lbs later, I just don’t think they’d be for me.

DEE on

I would! lol But i would really have to hook that up with something nice. I like the sandals but i don’t like them on her. I just think the olsen twins dress really weird! But to each their own!

Mindy on

I respect the creativity of the Olsen twins style and I am a believer in expressing yourself through fashion so, with that said I love the Chanel gladiator sandals ON HER! I wouldn’t personally wear them….

Karen on

Yes,definitly I love that look,and she is very risky to wear it.Bravo,she makes the difference!!



Lindsey on

I really like them actually. I think she’s the prettier one of the twins, the other is too skinny and frail looking. But yeah I would sport them.

Diva on

Yes i would definately wear them, they look hot.

Strephanie on

I would certainly NOT wear those sandals, I don’t really care how trendy they are. They are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen!

Shiree on

Ummm… I don’t know, i mean i like them, but i don’t think i could pull them off, someone like Mary-Kate, or Nicole Richie could.

Nikki on

I don’t think I could get away with wearing them…But they look great on her!

Xana on

deff YES! in fact, could you please find them, or something simular!

Fizzle on


Lisa on

I like them on her with this dress. I would like to try a pair (with the right dress) and hopefully I can pull it off too.

sherlain on

Okay I LIVE in San Francisco where anything goes and THESE DON’T GO……they have got to be the ugliest shoes ? is that what they are ? I have EVER seen in my life.

Heather on

I would never wear shoes that took me longer to put them on than than they took to make in the first place – life is too short!

Hannah Fuller on

i love the sandals on her, though i would probably not wear them myself.
they look awfully hard to put on…
but she can definitly pull it off

roberta on

I think she looks great with that sandals!! Beautiful!

Shibya on

I think the sandals are very stylish. Daring – definitely. Not for everyone perhaps. Would I wear them? Only if they looked good on me.But MK makes em work.Both the twins keeps trying new things and hey if your not gonna be fashion”able” in Hollywood then where else? Go girl!!

amanda on

those sandals are super edgy i can’t wait till a brand like nine west/steve madden/aldo copies it .. because at the moment, i can’t afford chanel ahah

Elda on

no way!! even if someone gave them to me as a gift i’d probably throw them away!!

Daryl on

She looks awesome. I’d wear them if I had the money and the body!

AnnieJ on

Those look ridiculous. They are screaming, “Look at me.”

Rebecca on

The sandals look really cute and chic on Mary Kate! I wouldn’t be bold enough to wear them with my not-so-skinny white legs though. I’ll leave this trend for the younger slender girls. :- )

Jenn on

I would absolutely, 100% NOT wear those sandals. Hideous!!!

alana on

Of course i’d wear those. She’s young beautiful and does not follow the Holywood trend so i say she can pull it off. Do your thing MK look fabulous, let the haters talk and you keep on struting.

Rose on

did she injure her legs? that seems the only excuse for wearing those. i dig the dress though.

FH on

Those are shoes? I thought she had electrical tape all over her legs… which wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

A on

Yikes…..it looks like she wrapped electrical tape around her legs!

O'Wryly on

Even though her legs are twig thin, they still look asinine. Also, let’s not overlook the hairy ape of a purse she’s toting. If that’s ANY type of a fashionable statement, I’ll opt to be a schlump, thanks just the same!

Robyn on

I would definately wear these sandals! i love em!!!

mary rich. on

I would TOTALLY wear them!!! those are spectacular shoes!!!!!!

maria on

I loveee themm, awsome and she totaly pulls of the look!!!where can i buy them????

Lisa on

I would definetely wear them…They’re HOT!!!

adriana on

I’m in love with those Resort 2007 chanel gladiator sandals. How can we get our hands on a lower-end deal on a similiar style?

Hillary on

The shoes are fashionable and hard to pull off- but Mary-Kate looks adorable. They would probally look terrible on most others.

Morgan on

surprisingly enough, i think she pulls them off very well! on the other hand, i would NEVER be able to look decent in them….



Brooke on

I NEED THOSE SANDALS! Fabulous ensemble MK!

Alicia Carter on

Darn skippy I would wear those shoes. They are really cute. I just want to know where I can get them so I can rock them like Mary Kate.

Jason Rohrbeck on

i would like to see them vin person

kayla on

Yaaaaaaaaaa i would wear those. those things are on fire!!!!1111111

nikki on

Those are really cute. I couldn’t pull them off cuz my legs would look like packes sausages, but if i had cute calfs I’d rock them.

Michelle on

Totally awesome sandals.. I would love to try those things on!!!

Shannon on

You bet! Not sure they would look as good on me as they do on Mary Kate! But the trend is fun and it’s good to do something different!

Amanda on

Im pretty sure I wouldnt wear anything Mary Kate wears. She always seems to have a grungy, bag-lady motif going on. I do have to admit though, those sandals are kinda cute in a strange way.

alia on

OMG!…Is this a joke?!?….no way i would wear those! actually, that whole outfit is hideous…

yellowdiamond on

I dunno about these…they would only be cute on certain people with the right outfit

Bethany on

She looks ridiculous!

Shannon on

She looks good with them on, but I would not wear them!!

Gisele on

Are the chanel, I couldn’t really tell but I haven’t seen another designer risk that style!! I love them, and think she looks great!! She has come soo far in her life!!

Nicole on

I love them and would rock them everywhere… Where did she get them?

Connie on

Yes, Sure would.

Mary Kate and Ashley are trend setters and their fashion style is ever changing and fresh. Love it.

jenna on

no no no no no nononononononononoononononononononononononnononononononononononononononononononononononononononononn

Lisa on

hell yea i would think how hot they’d be w/heels!

mandYdee on


christina on

They are sooo adorable. It took a moment to really appreciate the look but I think they are great, though I think you’d have to be pretty skinny to pull these off. Definitely would wear them if they looked this great on me!

C on

Yes, they would have been perfect for the tool concert I just went to.

Aisha Alessa on

I think MK looked good in those sandals .. i wouldn’t ..

kristina on

Hell Nah i would never wear them ugly shoes…… She on crack again if she think they cute weirdo

Danieli Cascaes on

Looks like her legs were atacked by Spiderman or something!

Lauren R on

I live in a small town in Tennessee so I highly doubt I’d wear them. Maybe if I lived in a big city. I think they look great on Mary-Kate. This is the best I have seen her look in awhile! She looks cute and put together!


ummm yeah- no. definitli wud not wear them. wud not b caugh DEAD wearing them. admitedly, i dont like the whole gladiator shoe thing in general, but those r particularly bad… ugh.

Reea on

um…no sorry. lol

ellain on

Man, I used to wear thoes almost 40 years ago. (I’m only 49 now). Back in the day they were so in and “hotpants” Also the romane white lace ups were cool too. Late 60’s early 70’s hippie style. Does any one remember that? Anyhow I won’t wear them at my age any more, but they look good on Mary-Kate.

nina on

I like the sandals !!

But I can´t understand her purse …

princess marcella on

those are adorable, i just bought three pairs of chanel shoes which i love, if i saw them i totally would have bought them. so chic!!

cindy on

yes i would wear those,i think there awesome

Anna on

Personally I don’t really like them and they’d never suit me, but I think they look kinda cool on Mary-Kate ! And everybody has their own still so ..

AM on

YESS!! Super duper cute!

Nica on

I actually think these shoes are cute!! They look good on her! Not too many people can get away with this and still look trendy… two thumbs up for me! She’s very unique and I think her style suits her.

Shaniqua on

I think there cute I would wear them!

Jeannette on

I actually like these. Wouldn’t wear them myself, don’t want people staring at me…you would def. have to be skinny and have really cute feet…so yeah she can pull those off.

k8 on

I think they’re really cute for the Hollywood celeb crowd…but if I wore them around Ontario, Canada, people might think I have lost my mind…that or where the auction of costumes from 300 took place…

Angela on

I wouldn’t wear them, but they look good on her. I love her.

Jessica on

Its one of those styles that only looks good on celebs, athough very stylish I wouldn’t wear them

Becky on

You know whats really sad about this, I bet she dropped all kinds of money for some really dumb looking shoes. I feel sorry for her.

ashley on

i wouls so wear those i even got some in brown

Laura on

Not bloodly likely! Those are hideous…

Anonymous on

umm it depends wut im wearing..there ok but i would deff NOT wear them if i was goin sumwhere to get tan *hint* MAJIOR TAN LINE! ew

kelly on

no, i love marykate but those shoes are really ugly.

Jen on

Good god no! those things are horendous!

Anonymous on


Crysnia on

Of course I would wear!!!
Give it to me! :)

Brooke Perkins on

I’m not really into flats, but DAMN those shoes are hot!!! I would for sure wear those! Where can I find a pair??????????

cristina on

where can i find those shoes?!?!?

natalie on

no no and no..What has happened to the celebrity worldd???I dont think we have a celebrity young lady who has fashion sense, isnt on drugs, hasnt gone to jail, and hasnt gotten bad reviews. There giving celebrities a bad name.

R on

The minute I saw those, I automatically tuned to Chanel. I remember seeing those sandals a couple months ago and have wanted them ever since. Love them.



Anonymous on

No thanks… They don’t look goos but it’s on M.K so I would WEAR these.

paula johnston on

each to their own, taste, i don’t care for them. but, i am sure the younger crowd will like them.

Felicia on

Would I wear this sandals? Hell-to-the-NO!!!

M on


ew. looks like something brad pit wears in Troy, but it looks good on him.

im a big fan of shoes, but those are butt ugly and i would never go near them.

*thumbs down*

cecilia on

No way I would never wear those sandals

Happy on

i would maybe wear them..

Skye on


Dany on

i think they look great and chic… OF COURSE i would wear them!

Stephanie on

I think her shoes are fabulous. Very archaic yet unique enough to capture the eye of those who enjoy folklore. I would definately wear them.

viv on

heck no!

Blair on

I’d wear them of course. They’re so cute and OMG they’re Chanel!!! But it’s so scary get a tan with them. But who cares? So it’s night shoe. Style is style…

kimberly on

I think they look nice on her and she can pull them off. I could not pull this style off!!

Cathy on

i will not wear them! but she definitely pulls it off! looks good on her…

night on

These shoes are really ugly, and so it the purse. Is that a feathered purse? She might also consider putting her makeup on so that she does not appear sickly all the time…time to move away from those ghastly racoon eyes.

Demetria on

They look bloody good ay… I would definately wear them if there are ones with cheaper price?

Abby on


Ejaaz on


falon on

I love ’em! Had to think about it for a sec but I love different things, setting styles/trends and does totally. You can wear something real short but the sandles makes it look less hoochy. I love it! Keep them MK!

abc123 on

Yep, I would wear them. They’re cute!

Leah on

They look cute on her but I have the feeling that your legs would have that inprint on them when yout ake them off & that’s not attractive!

Lauren on


shanta on

the sandals rock!!

Cee on

they’re chill. i’d totaqlly wear them, cept my legs would look fast. lucky mk has thin legs. :]

kristy on

I think they are adorable…but definitely not for everyone.

Kaela on

she needs to be hit in the head with a fashion magazine!! so ugly!!!

Haielgh on


Cassandra on

I really like the wau she brings the seaons all together knee high boots witha skirt is sexy but hard to wear when its cold and yet to hot when its summer …….one word sexy

Tinsley on

Mary Kate’s shoes are completely outrageous. She should take them off. She wasn’t in that gladiator movie.

Kelly on

They actually look good on her, but i dont’ think I could pull it off. I like the fact that she’s brave enough to try something different.
Her see-through skirt we saw the other week though……not so much!!!

shelly dewitt on

I love them! They have so much personality!

Merel on

I for one think they are absolutely hideous
I would never ever wear such awful shoes
they should be thrown into the garbage
I thought they had a better sense of fashion than that
echt heel lelijk, getverdemme

Gabriella on

I love these! MK has great style and always looks interestingly beautiful. It’s a great look for summer, I wish I had the money for them :)

Jamie on

they are aiight

denise on


Emilee ♥ on

I’m surprised how many love these shoes and would wear them, I thought the majority wouldn’t like the shoes….interesting. Anyway, I wouldn’t wear these shoes, but I have to admit, MK looks cute wearing them. I agree with Shiree, Nicole Richie is also another one that could look good wearing these shoes.

sarina on

yup!!!! in a flash

Cecily Furlong on

i want them in every color!love ’em.

Jessica on

I would so wear those….there hot!!!

Robert on


Robert on

Of course i would consider a girl to wear these GORGEOUS sandals!!! People who have taste and know about fashion would know and the people who dont START GETTING WITH THE TREND!

sam on

i would totaly wear them! she put together the dress and the shoes very well. and that bag is so cool.

billy on

you rock mary-kate!!!!!!! your so hot! i love your style

Daryl Seybold on

Sure, why not. For once, it seems like a coordinated outfit and not a thrift store conglomeration.

Lara on

ok .. what exactly was she thinking?
i would never wear those!

ears on

thats the kind of sandals people who kill in Hostel wear.

Anne on

they’re really weird… but she looks really cute in them… for once….

Corina on

I would NOT wear these shoes. It looks like a cage for your legs. Not cute.

Anonymous on


Jillian on

This shoes are mad hot. They are Chanel and MK wears them so well. I would definitely wear them myself.

Linda F on

they’re HORRID!!

monica on

Love, love, loooove them!!!

missboutique on

yehhhh their well nice and indivual i like wearing things that are indiv :) :) :)

Jen on

YES I WOULD DEF. WEAR THOSE!!!!They are sooo cute and I am in love! Keep wearing what u love mk!

sheila on

what was she thinkin? she looks trashy on a daily basis, so why make it worse? and whats with the bag? is that a dog or something?

Lizziee on

I would never wear the shoes. But the rest is cute

stef on

2 words: HELL NO!

Chelsea on

I would wear them! They’re different, and surprisingly stylish. Kind of goth-esque, but cool.

Nez on

I had a pair of those same sandals when I was 15 years old and now I’m 55.

Isaac on

They always look very fashionable. I love this kinda shoes and twin’s style.

zina on

good god woman! what were you thinking?

sabrina on

holy moly! those shoes are hideous. i would NOT wear them!!!!!


um u no what, she has just fallen all the way down to the bottom. i feel so bad 4 her.

A on

they are the sort of thing M.K can only pull off u no what i mean. like Anonymous June 28th, 2007 said major tan line!!

Brianna on


camila on

i would wear aanything she does.
she imposes several trends with her great style.
she looks amazing.


no, this girl needs to go somewhere and hide
after her flop on Satnight Live, she can not
sing any.

Abby on

I luv shoes but these just makes me wonder. Why would anyone waste their money on such horrible shoes??? We all no that had to cost a couple 100 dollars so whats the point???

K on

I wouldnt wear them but they look really cute on her!

secrey on

i saw a pair in beige and they are much cooler than black!

Sandra on

wow, it’s like S&M meet Troy. In other words: horrible.

Hedda on

Ilove love love them! would definitly wear them. i love mary kate. however, their movies sucks.. to bad.

Kat on

No, why do those twins always look like something from Night of The Living Dead??? With all that money, you’d think they could at least look healthy….

bornwithstyle on

um…she looks like she should be in armor, not armani…NO WAY!!!

christina haberny on

i would never wear those shoes!

anonymous on

what is up with the olsen twins?? they dress like they get their clothes from goodwill or something..no fashion sense whatsoever!!! huge shirts and pants? who wears those? come on!! people are laughing at them!

Eva on

I would totaaaaalllly wear these , but at one condition .. that I have thin legs :s :D

Denise on

I Loves Mary Kate and Ashley’s Fragrances !!!!!

Denise on

Love the shoes MARY KATE

Tracie on

Hell No!

jazz on

Omg what are you thinking?If i had to wear those instead of crocs i would

Jamer on

you would have to pay me big $ to wear those ugly things!!!!!!!!!

Melanie on

They are really cute on her. Maybe I would wear them when I was younger.

Shari on


Anonymous on


christal on

YES! i would wear this shoes they are awesome

christal on

YES! i would wear these shoes,they are awesome

rena on

i am from greece and we are wearing those sandals since last year!i love them!

debbi DeSisto on

Uhm, I wore these in the 70s. :)

anonymous on

i like them but it’s alittle too ‘look at me’. i wouldn’t wear them.

Nicolasa on

Does she not have a shower? Come on, you would think that with $150 million MK would be classy, but shes trashy ( with her homeless dumpster friends)…

Jay on

not bloody likely. i could pull the look off (long legs) but i dont think they look very comfy or stylish at all.

claire on

they look good on her, i for bloody sure wouldn’t wear them though. especially in the summer…tan lines! hahaha

Kay on

those might be the ugliest shoes i’ve ever seen

mary on

Actually, i think they really look good on her because she has nice ankles and legs… although they are too dark.

Elizabeth on

This is a hell no i will not wear this bad boys. They are like in the 70/80 looks and we are in 2007/2008.

Amanda on

No Way! You would get one wicked farmer’s tan in those boots!

Shirley B on

Sure, why not? I have a collection of 150 pairs of shoes, I would love to add these to them.

Kimberly on

NO WAY ! ! ! !

come on MK, it’s been one fashion mistake after the other!!!!11!1

Stephanie on

Yes, I would wear them! Can you tell me where she purchased them???????????????????????

deb on

They look good on her, but I would never wear them

Hanna on

Yes, I love them.

Megan on

i love them and they look great on her

Anonymous on

uh… imagine the tan lines.
i think you’re missing a spear and a shield.

marisol on

hell yeah i would they are ”chanel”!

marty on

noooooooo way.

mariana on

of course i would wear these! just tell me where i can buy a pair that look similar but are in my budget.

Kristy on

They look like electrical tape socks. Let me check in my garage, if I have some electrical tape then I will try it.

night on

They look like some crazy sort of medical apparatus. Weird. And all that malnutrition has aged her skin and she appears to be a woman of 40. She is a mess.

shiamarie4ever on


Ellis on

one thing for sure, if a celeb wore even the kinkiest stuff, there is always people who ADORE it.. at least their fan..(that’s why they take the risk)..but when we, ordinary people wear ’em, we 99% get an insult instead of complement

Lucia on

i love the shoes but i wouldnt wear them… they look great on her but myself i wont be able to pull it off

lindsay on

LOVE THEM!!!!!!! fashion icon.

Patti on

I LOOOOOVE them! Soooo nice.. ;)

aizcream on

the sandals are very edgy..i love them..and if i can have them, i would definitely wear them..they could surely make me stand out, just like MK

delilah on

cute as a button! i would definitely wear them.

Amelia on

She looks awesome as usual…

Tammy on


B on

wow, Kathy, you read my mind. exactly what i was going to say. hells yes i would wear those. i love it when shoes get a dramatic new look.

carrie G on

i would love to wear them they would make any outfit a statement

fashion nista on

HELL NOOOOOOOO. these ‘sandal’s’ look uncomfortable AND ugly what a combo mk, i gotta hand it to ya!!

chloe on

Nooooo way!!!


hell yes. those are kickin.

nicole on

i am not sure if i would or not but i know my sister would.

Cassie on

Yer They’re Gorgeous!!

My friends sister bought exactly the same ones and they’re awesome

ashland on

Definitely, they are very bold!
-I am a big fan of mary-kate and ashlees fixtures. They seem adventurous not afraid what peeps think

ODV on

You can never go wrong with Chanel =]

ehmie on

definitely yes!!! actually i’ve been hunting online stores to find an affordable knee high gladiator sandals but i’ve no luck still… any tips anyone???

Arwen on

IS THIS A JOKE??!?!??! NO!!!!!!! I would NOT wear them!!!!!!! Looks like Mary Kate has been reading lots of Troy lately…

Cita on

For having the millions of dollars that these girls have; their dressing style is HORRIBLE. Especially Mary Kate. What in the world is she thinking when she gets dressed? Half of the time, she looks like a sloppy, greasy gypsy or hobo. If not for everyone’s sake, at least for yours, GIRLS PLEASE get a stylist!!!

Kassie on

I would definitely wear these! :D

Jacqueline on

Yes i would gimme gimme gimme
im looking for them every where

Georgina Lindsay on

I seen the shoes on Mary Kate they are fab. I bought a pair and they look great on and they are different which I like. There exciting and look great with short dresses and shorts and are not boring what so ever. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion and can dress the way they like without people critisizing them.
So you go Mary Kate!

Jessica on

HECK YES!!! I’m trying to find a pair like these without the huge price tag..

Helen on

Of course I would! THEY ROCK
I’m searching like a fool to find them (well, not exactly that designer pair) but something close to them! CAN ANYONE HELP??

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