Get the Scoop on Paris Hilton's Prison Release Outfit

06/26/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Kevork Djansezian/ap

With all the hoopla surrounding Paris Hilton‘s time in jail, we couldn’t help but think one thing when she got out last night — she looks great! From her white Marcello Toshi pumps to her skinny jeans to her linen Petro Zillia jacket, the heiress looked positively chic upon her release last night. It even turns out that she was modeling a pair of jeans from her yet-to-be released denim line for hotspot shop Kitson in L.A. Only Paris could turn the prison parking lot into a runway!

Want her outfit? Get Paris’s Petro Zillia jacket, $448 at and Marcello Toshi “Princessa” pumps, $300 at Her jeans, which are the Twisted Seam style, will hit Kitson for $88 on August 16, but you can pre-order a pair now at

Want to see more of Paris’s style? Click here to get the scoop on her Larry King interview dress.

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Brenda G. on

Ohhh . . . I feel so guilty, but I must admit—with all the endless news coverage of Paris Hilton in jail—that I was curious about what she’d wear when rejoined the outside world. Thanks for the scoop—I’ll file it mentally under guilty pleasures!

Elda on

i love her outfit and she looks really happy, i wish her the best! she did her time and hopefully learned from her experience being in jail, Go Paris i’m still a fan!!

AJ on

Paris Looks Great!

Mali Princ on

she looks nice… but her legs look fat :S

Kris on

Jail seemed to do Paris well. She looked fantastic walking out, even with little make-up.

vda on

Who cares what she wore? Who cares that she spent time in jail? She broke the law, she should have spent MORE time in jail. She’s a useless member of society and she’ll go right back to her mindless stupidity.

Monique S. on

Paris looks so cute coming out of jail. Shes a champ.

shawn on

we love you paris, were so glad your home,cant wait to see you on larry king…….you rock

Haley on

What-ev. I’m sure she had Mommy or Daddy ship in something so she would look “great” coming out of jail as a “changed person”. Psssshhhh, we’ll see! I doubt she’s changed even a microbit.

amber on

I personally think Paris looks really pretty without all that makeup!

Sprout on

The best thing Paris wore whilst leaving prison? That smile! It was the best! It was the most sincere smile I’ve ever seen on her face. Go Paris! It’s not that I’d call myself a fan, but I’ll become one if she does as she says and use her celebrity to help others. (And I didn’t say anything bad about her before.)

CJ on

Paris looks healthy, refreshed and happy. She looks like she just got out of a spa weekend and her clothes are right on too. I hope she has changed, it would be awesome for her to turn into someone that young girls could look up to. Britney is a train wreck without anyone to blame and Paris looks good. She doesn’t look or seem like a sex kitten waiting to pounce on something like Britney or Lindsay. Paris, keep it up, you can do it! You look awesome with little makeup and a beautiful smile. She looks real for once.

alia on

Yeah right, “a champ”…she does the crime, she serves the time…I didn’t feel bad for her at all and frankly, I am incredibly sick of hearing about paris hilton in the news….It just all seems like a joke to me…. OH, by the way —- I’m pretty sure there’s a war taking place right now and millions of people dying of hunger…just thought I would mention that….

Lauren on

This is such a joke.

Please tell me you guys are smarter than this.

Layla on

I think the outfit is very trendy and i wish her all the best.

night on

She looks great, but lets face it. Those jeans make her legs look huge, and she is NOT an overweight woman by any menas…so, what hope does anyone else have of looking good in them. She looks great, but not too many of us are going to pull these pants off. Or maybe the prison food was so good she packed on 15 pounds? Either way she wears it well.

Cats on

She looks fantastic! I’m happy for her!

Leana N. on

Hopefully Paris kept her cell warm for Nicole. :)

becky on

she should never wear makeup she looks good without it

Jan on

She looks nicer without makeup. Her face looks young and fresh and more sincere.

Brendan on

I thought Paris looked really good. She should do more time in jail because she’s glowing. LOL I hope that Paris does make a change in her life. I think she is really beautiful and I think she should use her image to better the world somehow.

Kathleen on

I think she looks fat in those jeans……who wears skinny jeans/ I think they are aweful, but on the other hand, she looks wonderful w/o makeup.

kathy on

How did she DO her time?
she was supposed to be in prison for 45 days. They said she would do a minimum of 23 days if she was released early for good behavior. did she do even 10?

London on

Paris is look wonderful! She looks like a normale girl. Natural clothes, I think that she is a more thinking women now then ever before. She´s lovely

nhilario on

in all the pictures i’ve seen of paris over the years; in this, one by far, she looks the prettiest—she looks as if she has gained a few pounds, she is covered and she looks sincerly happy (not hamming it up for the camera). and, who knew she looked that good without make-up??? i hope she goes on to do some great things.

Dana on

MAN! She looooks so much better than all those times she was photographed for parties and stuff… She looks really and i mean really pretty because she kept it simple!! :D Hope she always looks this simple and chic!

Anne on

I guess I’m mean… or I just don’t really care for Paris… maybe a little of both… but, I don’t think she looks cute at all. I think her lower half looks bigger than ever in these jeans. Although, I do think the smile on her face looks genuine. So, I’m happy she’s out of jail, but her new line of jeans won’t be showing up in my closet any time soon.

WeGotStyle Fashion News » Anyone Recognize Paris Hilton's Freedom Jeans? on

[…] According to Paris is wearing a pair of yet to be released twisted seam style jeans which will be available for […]

fiona on

who gives a crap? i wish she would just disappear.

rachel on

she looks her best EVER! wish she was always like this for change. But we all know her! she’s going to be her useless self again soon.

dani on

Aw, she looks amazing. She looks so pretty with no make up on. I hope she drives well for the following years to come.

Julie on

I’m glad she’s finally out. She looked great with less makeup than usual!

VEE on

I couldn’t wait till this posted, b/c I was dying to comment on this pic. I think she looked absolutely beautiful. I’ve actually never seen her look so good, she had minimal make up, she wan’t wearing her blue contacts (which she should do more often) and her hair was not her normal platinum blonde it was more natural and I think she should try that more often too. Her clothes and just the look in it’s entirety were impecable. LOVES IT !!!!

Alice on

This is the first time I’ve ever seen her look almost genuine. She does look better with a more natural look. But time will only tell if she really changes her ways.

And I applaud US Weekly for refusing to mention her in there magazine anymore. Lets face it, she really doesn’t deserve the publicity.

AnnieJ on

Love that jacket.

melanei on


Mikhaila on

I love her jacket!!! Paris looks great and I wish her the best.

WeGotStyle Fashion News » Anyone Recognize Paris Hilton's Jeans? on

[…] According to Paris is wearing a pair of twisted seam style jeans from her own denim collection which will be […]

jamie on

Can not stand the girl, but she looked pretty without all that horrible makeup.

Hallie on

I wouldn’t want any part of this outfit in my wardrobe. Not a fan of skinny jeans and they do nothing for her. What came to mind looking at them was I thought she wasn’t eating in jail and these make her look like she gained weight.

Liz H on

I think she looks like she’s trying to be a pre-teen here. The braid with the ribbon? Someone wants to seem innocent…Her legs look fat, which in way are they, so ditch the jeans. The jacket is ok…but still, it looks pretty bad on her.

Katelyn on

So what she gained a few pounds, she looks better than some other stars. I like the look she is wearing. I hate the jeans, but love the jacket. She did her time, just like any other person.

sandy on

Paris u look fab. Your body looks strong & Healthy..Muah.. 2 u lady..

Katie on

GO PARIS! I think she served her time well. I am not a fan of Paris Hilton, but love to see a good smiling face on her (even though she is coming out of jail). I love her outfit, and would wear it our and about. She looks healthy and wonderful.

Oh, she doesn’t look “fat”, she is a healthy young girl. Look at other stars (Nicole Richie, etc), she has some meat on her bones (or at least some PB & J sandwiches).

liri on

i really think the jacket and the shoes are ugly and look old fashion
i would never buy it and wear it

Danieli Cascaes on

I must say I never thought she’d be that beautifull with no make-up. Loved this natural look!

princess marcella on

i’ve always kinda liked paris but now i love her shes very inspirational. i think spiritually this time in jail has helped her and i believe that she is going to change. my moms tried to read me the power of now and the secret for like two years and ive never listed but now those books have changed my life!!!

Jeannette on

I think she looks great. I don’t blame her for wanting to look good for the first time the public has seen her in a while. I would have gotten someone to bring me clothes as well. I hope she really does change. As for the person who said her legs look fat, whatever. It’s comments like that that make women insecure. She looks great and I love the fresh face look.

Becky on

Dear Lord!! Everyone is so consumed with: Like omg! like I wonder what Paris will like wear when she like gets out of jail like you know?!
Hello?! She was in JAIL for crying out loud, for beind STUPID! I’m so sick of hearing about poor Paris.

Il look di Paris Hilton all’uscita dal carcere on

[…] Via| Denimology […]

SD on

I’m not a huge Paris fan, but she does look nice here. She looks so much more genuine and real in this picture, and her outfit is very casual and laidback looking. She looks great without wearing a ton of makeup and honestly happy.

Annie on

I think everyone is sick of hearing about Paris Hilton but no one is through making fun of her! “The Prison Life 2: Full Release” is an addicting game on that pokes fun at this “news” spectacle. Check it out!

natalie on

ANOTHER celebrity who did nothing for the world. I dont care about her at all. She is a horrible person and I hate her. And she is sooooo ugly!!!

Mary on

She obveously had an outfit messangered over to the prison. There is no way a jail would allow that type of clothing in. She probubly knew there would be tons of photographers out there so she wanted to look fabulous. She looks cute but its just so unrealitic.

Blair on

I think Paris looks fab in this outfit. Her jacket, her skinny jean and her shoes r really nice. I like it.

jenny on

hi paris,i just want you to know that you are very strong to do that and you lool beautiful..

Lindsay on

Jeans that make Paris have fat legs… I could only imagine the rest of American women in that unflattering design. Whoever decided “skinny” jeans should be fashionable should be shot.

Britney on

I love Paris’s outfit! She looks so pretty without makeup! I know she’ll change!

jenna on

is it just me, or does she look a bit like martha stewart?

Scott on

Paris looked so cute and innocent!!! She is definately my favourite idol!

Paris on

I love Paris Hilton!!!!!!!!!!

Paris on

I love Paris Hilton!!!!!!!!!!!!

A T on

Jenna…hahaha…that is so funny!!! Buy you’re right…she does look like Martha Stewart!!!

jocie mendez on

never been a fan and never wish to be she needed/needs more time in jail,she looks the same nothing has changed in her. don’t believe her…….!!!!!!!

Kim on

All that time without partying while she was in jail left her looking really healthy!

Arwen on

Vda: I agree with you!!!
Everyone who loves Paris Hilton: Think about this: if it were just a normal person getting arrested for DUI, then would you feel sorry for them? HECK NO! You don’t even know them! They are un-special, they broke the law so yah they should go to jail for as long as needed! So why do you get all mushy when Paris goes to jail, when actually, she hasn’t done any good to the world anyway! Why should she get the special treatment??!?!
I don’t feel one bit sorry for Paris, in fact I think it would have been better for her to go to jail for longer! Also: I don’t believe a word of that crap about her “becoming a new person”. And what about that thing she said “Don’t drink and drive on Independence Day!” Look who’s talking! And does that mean that you should drink and drive on any other day?!? SHE IS FULL OF CRAP!

Jacqui on

You really think she’s not wearing makeup? She may have done it herself judging by the uneven eyelashes (more noticeable in close up pics) but she’s definately wearing makeup. on

I wonder what she did without her cell phone in jail. Or maybe those Hollywood prison allow cell phones and t.v’s and all the amenities. Rich snobs. :-)

Lily Evans on

Prison Break is definitely one of the best action suspense TV series. I love the story line, i like T-bag too.;~`

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