Britney Spears Is Back to Dark Hair! What Do You Think?

06/26/2007 at 01:00 PM ET


We all know that Britney Spears has gone through a lot with her hair this past year — blonde, brunette, and bald — but we were getting used to the platinum extensions that she’s been sporting lately. Now she’s emerged with her hair back to a very dark brown and we can’t decide which we like better (we’re also pondering if she dyed her extensions or if they are brand new. . .). Tell us: What do you think of Britney’s latest color? Do you like her better blonde or with the newly dark locks?

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Heather on

Why doesn’t she take off the wigs and fake hair and embrace her short hair..I bet it’d be super cute!

Terra on

Although I feel that Britney is no longer beautiful after all of her escapades, I still feel that she is one that can wear just about any hair color………..

Anonymous on

i dont really like britney but i think she look better with blonde hair but i mean if she like it then good for her

Melissa on

Who cares? Its a freakin wig…big deal is it’s brown, she can have any wig color!

v on

better as a blonde

molly on

She looks less trashy with the dark hair, I think it improves her image.

Amy B on

I think Britney could work any hair color if she chooses. She just needs to work on the fashion & classy thing a little more. Maybe a little more time at the spa -an eyebrow wax, facial, some make-up tips etc. I’m still rooting for her, and i hope she comes around.

mc on

Poor girl is starting to look rough regardless of what her hair looks like. She has gottne back into some teriffic shape, but she needs a stylist bad because she’s starting to look disheveled every time you see her. Not very good for a pop star looking to regain her crown!

samantha on

britney,britney,britney,what is she thinking? she definantly looks better with blond hair. the black hair shes been sporting looks depressing…

Amanda on

I like her as a blonde or light brunette – this dark hair has got to go. I too, wish she would quit putting on these extensions and wigs and let her natural hair breathe!

Kate * on

I totaly think that she looks way better with her blonde hair. The black hair just doesnt work for her. It makes her look washed out and a little pale. But i do agree that she can pull off any color but blonde is deff. the color for her !

Elda on

blonde looks way better on her! i’ve been seeing pictures of Britney (on the net) revealing to much lately, nipple slips, undies, etc. She has two babies now..

deb on

I think the girl should leave her hair alone before it all falls out of her head!

Veronica on

Why does she have to do it jet black? It would look better brown and brushed! …Still love her though;)

T on

i personally think britt looks best as a blonde! But i thought the whole reason she shaved her head was “because shes tired of people touching her” so why get any dye jobs or extensions? and i thik she needs to work on her skin! its looking a little rough!

Heather on

First, it’s not a wig, that’s her hair, well some of it. Second, if she wants to be more like Kate Holmes, why is she still dressing like a tramp? K.H. wouldn’t wear what she did that night. Ever, well maybe Halloween!! Brit needs to grow up!!

Julie on

With all that money and all that shopping she does and she just can’t get it right!!! But with all that money I guess you just can’t buy class!!! She is beutiful but she chooses to use her beauty in not the most flatering way, wait that didn’t really make sense the point is that she needs a stylist badly!!! Girls with kids and getting mim wage dress better than her, but what can we do!!!!

Brit, plz hire a stylest!!!!! PLZZ DO THE WORLD A FAVOR!!!!!

Jones on

The dark brown hair just doesn’t help at all. She needs serious work on the inside first. Who cares what her hair looks like.
It’s just getting so sad. Every picture I see of Britney she just keeps looking worse and worse. For the love of your children, go home, take a shower, and put some decent clothes on. We have all had enough of your over exposure. Stay away from the bars and go home, now,

dina on

i think everyone should let her live her own life,and get back to more important things then this young ladies hair color.

Kim on

I think the dark hair looks better with her extensions…it hides the “seam” if you will…still think she should let go of the wigs and extensions and show us the short hair…we all know it’s there!

kiki on

Brtney is looking very ugly with this dark hair
I definantly like her in her blond her she looks more beautiful in it

Anonymous on

I agree with Heather. It would look really nice short. Also I prefer the sleek light bunette look on her.

Sarah on

I think she needs to show off her short do. She buzzed it then she should embrace it and use it as a good thing. A fresh start. I could care less what color it is. I just think that she buzzed it off, made a major deal out of it she should embrace it. Even if she feels now it was a mistake. You can learn and grow from everything.

Christina Rose on

the dark do really hides where the extensions are attached!

chelsie on

i really think she should just stick to one length/color. shes always sporting new hair. she need to chill out, and maybe she’ll gain her respect back.


LOSE THE EXTENSIONS BRITNEY! She’s got the body back but she needs to clean up. I get the whole southern girl flip flops and jeans and all, I’m right there with you but you gotta know people are laughing at you. Prove them wrong.

Sara on

Who cares about her hair. She always looks terrible.

Leigh on

I love Britney!!! I am so rooting for her. I do agree that Britney can pull off any color if it is done the right way. Lately the platinum blonde has made her look washed out. I definitely like her better with dark brown hair though. She looks fabulous!!! I think it makes her look like a mature mother of two. She is still smokin hot though.

Jennifer B on

Doesn’t Brit remember her hair pre-Sinead styling? Bald patches…brittle straw-like hair…breakage…etc. Same thing’s gonna happen to the new extensions if she’s not careful!!


She needs to loose the extensions, go with a short light brown hairstyle, & get a stylist NOW!! She doesn’t know how to dress! I am still holding out hope waiting for the big comeback!!

Teri on

I think her hair looks just awful, you’d think with all the money these people have they’d atleast have a decent looking appearence! Go to a hair salon!!!

Fatat on

who cares what color her hair or no hair is…. what she needs to do is get back to being a mother to her children and a respectful women to herself. she lost a lot of respect by the way she was acting out in public, but then she is not a good actress.

yen on

She should stick to her short hair its cool and diffrent .

¡¡¡why shave it all off and then wear those stupid extentions,that make her look like she hasn´t washed it in days!!!

pam on

i think she looks good either way but everyone knows her as a blonde but she looks good real or fank she is the one who is wearing it so who really cares ……..
i think people just like to hate on her cause she is a celebrity but she is human …..

Elem on

Better than the blonde. She have had the hair match her natural color.

Andrew on

Give this girl a STYLIST…asap..she should try embracing her new short hair and work with that

Anonymous on

I think it looks better dark. The blonde with the roots makes it look trashy.

sandra on

i think she can pull any color off! but maybe she should try rockin her short hair!

Jenn on

I think that she needs to go back to blonde, lose the wigs and show her real hair!

Samantha on

Shes so screwed up now. Its so depressing. I was a huge fan. If its your job to be attractive you can’t do what she did (go from cute to trashy). Britney…your fired!

Kate on

Even though normally I favor blonde hair, I like her’s dark. It’s a more mature look for her, she needs a stylist though, badly!

Marisa on

Ya know, I just miss the old Britney; she really was gorgeous. Whether it was extensions or her real hair, her hair and complexion looked really good back then. Believe me, I know how hard having kids can be on you physically and keeping yourself up can be hard some days but she needs to try; she’s got the money. If I was in the public eye as much as her I would. My 10 cents? Lose the headbands! They are just horrible.

Mindy on

Brit used to look good with any hair color but right now I think she should stick with the dark brown simply because it makes her hair look healthier. The blonde made her extensions look too obvious.

Liz on

She is gonna kill whatever hair she has with all the extensions and dye jobs. She should just show off her short hair — it’s probably about the length of a pixie cut now, anyway — and let it grow back healthily.

Kristine on

Whene she shaved it off, why couldent she just lett i grow without coloring it.. I think she sould have let her natural color show.. it would be better for her hair, then her hair would actually look healthy and if she then just could gett her clothers and face together she would look healthy and fresh.. she needs to stop partying and start being a mother… I mean what kind of rolemodel is she for her children?? not a very good one!!!

I day at the spa would do her some good for like a week, she needs to change her life style.. she is a mother, she cant be out partying every weekend or whatever… I like Kevin for letting Brit’s mother actually she her grandchildren… :P you dont hear about his partying way so much anymore, and he looks a lot healthier (as much as he can look:P) He cleened up his act a little

Natalia on

She looks washed out in dark hair. Similar story with Cameron Diaz when she went dark. They just don’t have the right skin tone to carry super dark tresses. I’ve been in the same boat.

I’m baffled why Britney can’t get her look together. All that money…hire a stylist, a trainer, a cook. That’s what I’d do if I were in the spotlight and knew I wasn’t lookin’ so hot.

Kate on

I think she looks better with darker hair just no this dark! She needs a nice warm brown color.

pzlzlp on

I think she was better blonde… at least she could act like he hair says.

Shar on

Who cares what color her hair is or if she’s bald….she almost always has a stupid, ugly hat on anyway! This is one chick who has gone straight to the dogs. She really ought to pick up one of your magazines and see how terrible she looks because it certainly doesn’t appear that she looks in a mirror ever!

Daniela on

I personally think she looks beautiful as a honey blonde. However, if she keeps dying her hair a new colour everyday, she might not have to worry about hair colour any longer as it will have likely fallen out by then. Be careful Brit! No one likes to touch hair that feels like steel wool :o(

yvonne franceschi on

I thought that she had regained her confidence, but I can say that she does not feel very content with her looks. When you are bombed in the media
how you dressed, what color is your hair, the
designer dress everything this could be a major
depression again. Probably she’s trying to regain
again her title of princess pop. But she must
analyze that she is not a teen anymore, she’s
a grown up woman with two sons and she is still
crying for attention. Yvonne

Stase on

She needs to take a year off and be with her kids outside of CA. Go to Idaho and relax and find herself. She cut her hair now rock the short cut!!!!!!!!!!!

AnnieJ on

I would be interested to see her natural color and decide from there. I agree w/Amanda – just let your natural hair out.

Jane on

Her extensions look extremely ratty. It’s like she never brushed her hair. It looks very trashy. I think she should just wear her short hair. I bet it’s cute by now.

Carol on

Go back to natural with highlights and stop dressing like a tramp! Get some class back, please Britney.

jen on

as long as she keeps her clothes on and doesn’t show us her “stuff”…i could care less what color her hair is.

maureen on

she is just trash. dresses like it and acts like it.

m on

She should get a make-over like Nicole Richie’s it would be the best for everyone because i am tired off her and her underwear and her bald head.It would be very super if we get to see her one day in a chanel dress,christian louboutin heels,clean-matchable underwear,natural long hair and happy face.Rachel Zoe
please help her i want to see Britney not in Britney: Serial Clothes Swapper but in Look of the Day even if i hate her my eyes deserve something better than her clothes…

Becky on

I can’t comment on whether Brit’s hair looks better blonde or brunette because we all know in reality she has no hair. Her wigs/extensions just look all around bad despite her color of choice.

Sierra on

I love Britney, but I’m so tired of seeing her look like trash all the time. I wish she would get a stylest and go back to the old Brit that always looked good when she left the house. Now she looks like trailer trash all the time. I like any hair color on her but i think she should stick with one. Maybe even a nice honey color to soften her look a bit. I’m a mom too, but i don’t leave the house looking like her and i don’t have money like she does!

Magda on

Britney looks like trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no matter what colour hair. T.R>A>S>H

anonymous on

I like the outfit she is wearing….I think it is the first outfit I have seen that I would actually wear.

daisy on


Yasmin on

She should get a make-over like Nicole Richie’s it would be the best for everyone because i am tired off her and her underwear and her bald head.It would be very super if we get to see her one day in a chanel dress,christian louboutin heels,clean-matchable underwear,natural long hair and happy face.Rachel Zoe
please help her i want to see Britney not in Britney: Serial Clothes Swapper but in Look of the Day even if i hate her my eyes deserve something better than her clothes…

claudia on

She used to be pretty, now she is getting uglier and uglier, that dark hair (wig) is not helping either.

not tellin on

com on u all brit looks really good with both colors! -n- im sure she lets her hair breathe..ok.. shes a smart girl she just made a few mistakes so we all do give her som slak shes only human!

crudz on

It’s like from bleach blonde to jet black. She looks great as a medium brown. She needs something in betwee. Something in the middle is more natural….less trampy. She’s a mom for pete’s sake! I’m no prude but she looks great as a honey brown. Did she not shave her head because she was sick of the extensions?!? SHEESH!

Amy D. on

This dark color is a little too severe for her. A lighter brown would have been a better option. Her hair stylist should have provided a little more guideance to Brittney. She’s just not sure of her style.

rox on

the only reason her hair is dark, is so that you wouldnt be able to see her hair extentions.

Deni on

Would somebody please nominate her for an episode of “What Not to Wear”! I’ve never seen her look anything less than trailer park chic. She should just leave her hair alone already. She’s going to be bald by the time she’s 50 with all the stuff she does to her hair.

marigaby* on

… she looks better as blonde.!!!

Tiffany on

Im soooo sick of her. She messed up and washed up!

Deborah on

I think she needs to let her hair breathe. The best thing she did was shave it off cause it was so damaged. Now she is just going to ruin it again. I bet it would be cute short and natural

alondraaa on

haha i rember when i had cancer and my hair fell off and it was starting to grow back out when she shaved her head so we have about the same hair but DARK hair looks better on her.

Miami Gal on

She is just plain nasty!!!!

She looks ugly either way!

Claire on

She looks best bald.

Nikki on

Blonde for sure. The brunnette makes her look cheep.

Nichole on

I like the brunette in the past — not this dark.

O'Wryly on

You know, her hair color is completely irrelevant. She looks like last week’s leftovers no matter WHAT she does. Her clothing choices are abominable {see the newest photo that People posted in the see-thru top and horrific shorts/black stockings if you need further convincing}, and at the rate she’s going, she’ll have NO hair by the time she’s 35 due to all the damage that she’s doing to it on an almost daily basis. She’s just a fashion derailment in all aspects and should simply stay at home with her children and stop subjecting the world to her blatant and appalling lack of taste/class/style/talent.

ccb on

I read somewhere that she spent $30,000. on a new classy wardrobe,where is it ?????????????????? How about the hair, let’s get with it Brit..

Leah on

WOW yet another horrible look for Britney! Does she honestly think that she looks good? Here’s some good advice: take out the fugly extensions, let your natural hair grow, get some bangs and embrace it! Get a clue Brit, or at least a mirror so you can see how you really look! UGH!

monique on


Britney looks awesome however, I believe that Heather has the right idea. She must really look beautiful with her grown in natural hair. She has flawless skin and features. I would loose some of the lastest see-through attire mind you but Britney is at the top of her game. Can’t wait to see if the futur album will proove me right. ;-)

merci et aurevoir.

Caley on

personaly who needs Hair!! : }

Caley on

personally who needs hair!

Rebecca on

Neither- I’d like to NOT see Britney for a day or so. I have nothing against the girl, but couldn’t she just stay home for a week or two? As for her hair, she should try “real” for a change.

alia on


Rachel on

She looks trashy no matter what she puts on that head of hers. She needs some serious guidance.

Jackie on

Britney should just ditch the nappy weave and let her own hair be short. It might not look as good as her hair did before she shaved it off, but at least it will look better than that dead animal she has on her head.

Zenda on

Britney!! PLEASE Britney!! Take those extensions off!! it looks awful!! Your gunna have to shave your hair off once again!!
*Personnaly, ive never been a fan of her…she looks………..not normal for a mother of 2! cann you imagine what her kids will say in like 10 years if they see those pics??Eww mummy!! what was that!!

L on

She looks awful. It is almost as if she can’t see how trashy she looks, and I don’t just mean her hair.

Sarah on

I like seeing her looking a little disheveled. Should remind everyone that she’s just a regular girl at heart. No one looks professionally primped 100% of the time, and no one ever should.

I bet it’s easier to conceal the extensions if her hair is darker anyway.

Keep it up girl, rooting for you!

Anna on

I think Britney is beautiful.
She has to embrace the fact that now she’s a mother and she should be more worried about her kid than her hair, so why not take off the wig an embrace the fact that she’s going to have short hair.


What do I think of Britney’s hair? I think she needs to stop dying it!!!!! Isn’t that how she got into this hair-tastrophe to begin with? Her hair was nasty and fried before from back and forth dye jobs. The poor roots are barely brave enough to sprout again and she’s already dying them? Ridiculous. Leave your hair alone!!

Jan on

She experiments way too much. Like she can’t decide what her look is. I wish she’d pick something and stick with it. If she’s looking for an identity in her hair, she’s looking in the wrong place.

Brendan on

Britney’s tells me she’s unsure of herself and she’s still trying to rediscover herself. I think she’s young and needs to learn a lot about life and herself. I hope she does get back on Top. As for her hair color, I don’t care if she’s blonde, brunette or red head. I change my hair color when I get bored with it! It’s fun!

BJ on

I would love to see her short hair and maybe it’s real color! And some clothes that are cute and fit right for a change! That super dark color makes her look dead!!

Anne on

Why did she shave her head? I was under the impression, or just assumed, she shaved her head because it was such a mess from so many dyes etc… now, she’s starting it all over again… I woulda just shaved it and let it be normal. She’s messing it up all over again… ugh…

Lorna on

There could have been a number of reasons why she shaved her head but after years of bleach and extensions it would have been good to get rid of it and start a fresh so why an earth does she have more extensions. Let your hair breathe for a while girl!

Anonymous on

She looks like trailer trash either way!

Candy on

I don’t think it’s only about the hair color but her overall stly lately. None of it is working.

Lindsay on

i think britney is getting uglier with all the stuff she is doing to herself. if she would just slow down and be her normal natural self then she would be beautiful. but the hair and trashy clothes have got to go. she’ll never get the same respect as she did before all of this chaos happened..

Jen on

Definitely looks great blonde. The dark hair makes her look washed out and her skin look bad. She’s radiant as a warmer blonde..not bleached.

Megg on

Shs looks so much better as a blonde. She looks too old with dark hair

christine on

the dark hair will hide her extensions a little bit better but she definitely looks better blond. not platinum. beige blond like when she was dating justin. that’s when she looked best. i still think she looks chubby.

mssoccerbunny on

She should just let her natural hair grow and lose those ugly extensions! I bet her short hair could be cute!

iwka on

I think that britney is very nice when she has brown colour hair or blonde.I thnik that she is not pretty with bald.

iwka on

I think that britney is very nice when she has brown and blod colour hasir.I think that she is not pretty when she has bald.

Loca on

She is going through hard times but who cares she has to get her act together

M on

What Britney needs is a “What Not to Wear” intervention! Stacy and Clinton would set her straight! That would be so hilarious. The mirrored room with Britney wearing her trashy outfits trying to explain why she just loves her trailer trash outfits. Home video diary of Britney having a melt-down over trying to shop for decent clothes but wanting to stay with her ultra-sexy side. LOL! Sorry, having too much fun!

Michael Cooper on

Okay Britney,enough is enough.I’ve tried to stand up for you.Given a ton of reason’s(excuses)for the way you’ve been acting but,this is it!People are putting down Miriah,for her fashion sense or lack of it they claim.Yet,as I wrote about her,I would accept her anyway she came because she is a super-sexy,beautiful lady.You,I now realize, have realized that your childhood and teenage sex appeal have left you.So now,you change your look stupidly every week or two just so people still will take notice of you.Stop it! Realize this;the only people who matter,when it comes to you are your children and please learn to be a lady for them atleast.Simon is wrong,you are not talented or beautiful as an adult,so,as I said atleast become a good mother.Good mothers start as ladies,for your reference,see:Faith Hill,Martina McBride,Reba for perfect exsamples.Good Luck,you’ll need it!!

M on

What Britney needs is a “What Not to Wear” intervention! Stacy and Clinton would set her straight! That would be so hilarious. The mirrored room with Britney wearing her trashy outfits trying to make excuses as to why she just loves her trailer trash outfits. Home video diary of Britney having a melt-down over trying to shop for decent clothes but wanting to stay with her ultra-sexy side. Stacy and Clinton throwing all her old clothes into a trash can! LOL! Could be fun!

Kim on

She looks terrible in all these hats and scarves (where the hair is clearly attached to the accessory and not her head), regardless of the color. She would do much better with a simple wig until her hair is long enough to go natural. It’s not like she’s dazzling us with these new looks every day.

Jaq on

I think she definately looks better blonde. They probably died her dark because they couldn’t match her roots with the fake hair. It’s easier to just go dark. I also think she should just go with the short hair for awhile. It would be a nice change.

nicole Lea Lewis on

Britney is depressed and no matter what she does, she is going to look like this!!! She is going through THE MOST toughest time in her life and she will eventually get over it, but until then…why don’t we back up off of her for a while to let her get a hold of herself!! BRITNEY…. I HAVE BEEN THERE!!! I SPENT YEARS CRYING BYMYSEL AND IT DOES GET BETTER!!! LOVE YOURSELF TO LOVE OTHERS!!!!!!

Thif on

She look best with blond hair and the bang!!! Please!!!!

Jennifer on

I like her hair darker, it bring’s out her skin color. Plus blonde is so last year!! I love Brit so no matter what she does to herself right now, her come back is going to be good. Let her do as she please’s… HELLO SHE’S BRITNEY SPEARS!!!

tatiana on

i think brit looks good in any hair color but brunette looks more natural in her.

Kristen on

With her gorgous eyes and beautiful skin tone, Britney makes one sexy blonde!

Kelly on

I am so tired of hearing about Britney Spears….she needs to get her act together and take care of her two small boys. She needs to realize that she is not the number one priority, her kids are!!!!



natalee on

I wish she would have just let it grow out, like a Britney Spears chia pet.

Jamer on

I prefer Britney with blonde or light brown, black is just to harsh on her fair skin tone.

Jamer on


allicat on

She looks fine when she brushes her hair, or styled by a pro, it doesn’t matter what color it is. If I had to choose a color for her, I’d pick a honey blonde with some lighter highlights to bring out her fab smile.

Anonymous on

ditch the wig and go for the short hair she’s got

Emilee ♥ on

Why does Britney need extentions? If she’s confident and doesn’t care what people think, she should let her hair be. I bet her hair is really cute short. As for Britney’s color, I don’t like the color. Not this dark anyways. If she just would have showed off her short hair, she could have added a touch of color. She could have either went blonde, honey blonde, honey brown or a nice brown or soft dark brown. The jet black hair just doesn’t look right on Britney. I like Britney and all, but she needs some serious help in the wardrobe department. Britney looks a mess half the time. Her hair always looks ratted, and most of the time her clothes are awful. Someone stated that Britney should get a place in Idaho, which I agree, she should take her kids and go to Oregon or something, stay in a nice remote place, and get it together. I must say, I’m tired of seeing a photo of Britney having a nipple slip or wearing see-through tops and looking disheveled. If she’s trying to get her image together, she isn’t helping it none. Maybe if she went away, getting the okay to take the children with her for a month, get a nice remote place somewhere like Idaho, Oregon or Wyoming, sit and enjoy the peacefulness and fresh air, and get a piano, maybe have a music studio, sit and write, get some songs together, and do your work there. How is that so hard to do? I guess she’s one in a few that doesn’t appreicate the beauties in life. Will she miss the night life {clubs, drinking..} that much? Obviously.

Sam on

She needs a color somewhere between the stripper blond and Adams family black. She does look desheveled. She seems to have lost her spark. Hopefully she gain regain it someday..somehow.

kim on

The sad thing I find about Britney is that she never stays with a hair style or color long enuff to really have some fun with. The fact that she changes it every week makes one think she is under witness protection! Or she is despretly trying to find a new HER! Fashion sence take alot of sole searching!

Kel on

Poor Britney…she thinks changing her hair color will change her life. Every time I see her in the press these days I just shake my head. She’s had so many opportunities to redeem herself in the eyes of the public but yet she’s become a laughing stock. I hope she gets a grip soon mostly for the sake of her children.

Trisha on

Blonde. Stop trashing yourself.

Lindsay on

I definatly think Britney looks best as a brunette. It softness her facial features and goes better with her natural skin tones and gives her an elegant and sexy look without having to try.

Lindsay on

Britney looks best with brunette hair. It softens her facial features and goes better with her natural skin tones giving her an elegant, yet sexy look without having to try.

Rena on

Im sorry all I see is a very trashy looking girl, blonde, brunette it all looks bad

Amanda on

im not too sure about the hair but i sure wish she’d put on some clothes that cover a bit more. she seems to have gotten a bit more trashy since the k-fed days.

Ana on

Who cares? The girl’s just lost it. She can have anything she wants and she still acts the way she does. GO TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS AT HOME, and stop being so selfish and spoiled!!!

Reea on

I think she looks better blonde! i think she is very pretty! (blonde that is)

Jessica on

I love brit with the dark hair, she looks good blonde too. It’s just her clothes. She’s unclassy now and hardly ever matches. And her makeup. What the hell is she thinking anymore? That’s what makes her look bad. Her hair looks good any way though.

sophie on

i think she looks trashy no matter what her hair color maybe, shes down right trashy

Brynley on

Much better as a blond !!!

Gina on

I am with Heather. She needs to just go with her natural hair. I bet it would be perfect for her.

LN on

Brittany had everything going for her at one time.Shes a very talented performer,but got lost and can’t seem to find her way back.Blonde seems to be her color,she wears it well.

Amber on

Does BS have a stylist? I can’t imagine anyone putting their name on her style. She’s so pretty to always look so trashy.

kelly on

brunette but not that dark of a shade.


I wish she would just leave her hair alone! I like Britney but, she’s really starting to annoy me. She used to have beautiful blond hair. She’s due for a serious make-over. And her clubbing clothes have got to go!

Jen on

I liked blonde better but its a wig so who bloody well cares?

Jaime on

The black hair makes the extensions show less. I like it dark.

tiffany on

great idea, M! it will be exciting to have Ms. Spears in the “what not to wear” show. Stacy and Clinton trying to dress her, with a touch of Ms. Spear’s stubborness and a overly huge ego……

NunUr on

Damn!!! She has a HUGE forehead tyra’s forehead looks normal next to britney’s

tiffany on

Please, can somebody hire Dita von Teese to teach Britney Spears on fashion, class, and dignity??????

natalie on

Does it matter? Britney turned into a all around trashy person. I cant believe people still like her. Preferbly i like blonde cuz when i was little and she was popular that was her hair color. Still get some class..

Fr on

i thought after her divorce and rehab she would recover but i dnt really like her nemore i dnt think she can make a comeback. he hair looks so pulled back i thnk its better as a brown wig coz its looks less messy

? on

i think she should take off the wigs now!

aida on

i agree with u very much heather i seriously think she should take off the wig and embrace her short hair i actully think it would be very cute

cecilia on

I think she is lost and she really need to find herself

July on

she´s never been a beautiful woman, blonde or brunette…

Jackie on

Hmmm its hard to say what color i like her fake hair!? Honestly i dont even know why she bothers

z on

i think she has to lose a little of the weight on her face and stop destroying her hair by dying it, extending it, and doing all this stuff to it. i think that she should just embrace whatever her hair naturally looks like. i mean, shes britney spears!



Elisama on

I think she’s pretty good.She rocks being blonde or brunette.

Eddi on

I think a lot of people might prefere blonde because they’re used to her that way. I personally think the blonde makes her look trashy.
I like brown but i do wish she would just work with her short hair. I don’t know why when it ll hapened she just didn’t say, “I just heard a story about cancer that really disturbed me so i HAD to shave my head” or something like that. The publicity would have been GOOD for her then.

Stephanie on

I think she would look good with her natural short hair….


Brit looks amazing, she looks very pretty & hot, go girl ;)

hvoi cre on

I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Choua on

I have to say that I personally love britney. I think she would look great in any color. I hope she becomes a red head next because she really look hot in her toxic video. But yes, I have to agree that she comes around and get a stylist. Love u Britney!!!

sj on

sooo..if you’re going to get super-long extentions, why would you roll them up into a big knot on top of your head everyday? i don’t get it. i think, crazy head shaving incident aside, she has really bad taste in fashion, in general. she looked like a spice girl in those little concerts she gave a few weeks back and her latest clubbing outfit (the sheer black turtleneck and mini) looked like something out of the movie clueless–this girl is stuck in the 90s!

jen on

who cares it is just a wig!!!! right?!?!?!?

irene on

maybe it’s just so you won’t see the extensions as well as with the blonde hair???

melissa on

um ok has eveyone gone insane with britney? she needs to stop partying and doing drugs…its obvious she does because she went from being the hottest girl ever to the ugliest. she looks pale and like she hasnt slept in weeks which is what pills do to ya ppl… exhibit A. dont do drugs!!


I think she just needs to let it go. she took all that time off, she should take some more time off and get her head together! all those changes just make it seem like she’s unhappy with herself!

Jen on

I think she should not have anymore wigs or fake hair! She said one of the reasons she shaved her head was because her hair was ruined from extensions so why does she still use them?! I think she would look best with her natural blond hair!

Annie on

Brit – I love her – but she looks really HORRIBLE these days . It is like she can’t get herself together.

maggie on

Regardless of hair color, she needs to figure out what she is doing with her life. I mean, she is still walking aroung half naked most of the time (a mom of two (or one for that matter)does not do that)She is serving her mom with papers that forbid her mom to see her sons if she is taking any medication that could impair her (was she not found on location with her other daughter, looks like she is doing a better job of mothering than Brit is….pot calling the kettle black)and she is back on the party scence drinking again. I think instead of people being concerned over her haif color, they need to be more concerned about her two children. She is trash and will always be, no amount of hair dye, wigs, clothes, or make-up will ever cover that up.

alex on

Brunettes are much, much sexier than blondes (at least, that’s what I think), but Britney? Well…she never really looks sexy, she looks trashy most of the time, so I don’t know what to say. She needs to work on her looks. Plus, this isn’t her real hair, it’s a wig and she’s been sporting a bunch of different colors just to experiment.

katia on

she looks way better in blonde hair!!!!!

katia on

she looked way better in blond hair!!!!!!!

tea a on

she is good in blond

bb on

I don’t care for the dark hair. I wish she would just leave the color and length alone and work the short hair she never reveals. I bet it would look good. She never seems to get it right.

Loli on

As for me,I like her dark hair!!!!!!!

Loli on

As for me,I like her dark hair!!!!!!

Abby on

Britney will look great in anything. Why can’t everyone just leave her alone??? The media is the one that keeps pushing Britney to the limits. She just needs a break.

Rima on

blond is more better!

Anonymous on

I don’t think brunette is good for Britney, blond was better..

Laurie on

I LOVE the dark hair better than blonde, less trashy and stringy looking…it blends better too with her SHORT real hair until it grows out, however i really do wish she would lose the extentions, isnt that why she cut it to begin with… she was sick of the pain of gettin them…? whatever… dark is good on her, blonde you can tell when she doesnt wash it or at least put a brush through it.. ugh

rd on

she definitely needs to go back to her natural hair color, this makes her look trashy

Kim on

You would think she could afford a less greasy looking wig.

Shine on

I Like Britney very much… She always look
better in any hair color. Not in a bangs
huh I dont like it. but if she like it
well go ahead make you own fashion I will
appreciate style.
I am happy for you and Im excited in
your new album..

Arwen on

Britney does not seem like a responsible mom. It’s no joke to have a kid, you gotta be really devoted to helping them learn and grow up. This does NOT mean partying all night at clubs and spending your day making slutty pop C.Ds! If she really loves her kids, she should be spending way more time with them! And K-Fed is certainly not gonna take care of them!

Rachel on

I have only one word. Ewww!!!!!!!

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