Demi Moore's Stylish Family Outing

06/25/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Sylvain Gaboury/FilmMagic

To say the Moore-Willis-Kutcher clan is stylish is an understatement, but we were still impressed with the group’s chic outfits as they supported Bruce Willis at Friday’s Live Free or Die Hard premiere in New York City. Mom Demi Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher looked effortless in their YSL ensembles — even their accessories were YSL! 18-year old Rumer picked up on her mother’s style, wearing a plunging black gown. But our favorite ensemble was 13-year old Tallulah — the chic teen walked the red carpet in a Kate Moss for Topshop dress! Like iconic mother, like stylish daughter. . .

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alia on

That’s one strange family….but i guess if it is working for them…whatever:)….Tellulah is a very pretty young girl too…looks like mum….

FH on

These girls are far too young to be wearing what they have on. Obviously these girls have been given modeling 101 lessons. I don’t know of any thirteen year-old who gives the ‘come hither’ look when photographed. Not too classy Demi.

k on

Why would anyone say that they are “one strange family”?!..they look pretty typical to me! mom, stepfather, and two daughters…i think they look very cute together…and they are all very well dressed!…Tallulah’s dress goes down to her knees and totally covers her chest, what do u think she should wear FH? a garbage bag?…

JT on

Yes they are all very stylish..but where is Scout, the middle child at?

Kim R on

And the K’s have it….I’m with you k ~ FH may be experiencing a lil’ “green” if you know what I mean…Jealousy 101? ~ Talluah looks like a shy teen…not someone giving a “come hither look”…

And strange family? B/C they get along? Yeah… I guess we are so conditioned to seeing hostility among divorce couples and step children that we don’t know how to receive a couple who actually gets along with the spouses ex and steo children who seem genuinely happy in the situation…sad…we should be encouraging that behavior, not tearing them down b/c of it…

Suzi on

Stylish? You MUST be kidding! Demi looks okay, but her husband looks like he needs a bath and a hair cut; Rumer looks in dire need of some plastic shin surgery, a decent hair cut, and a higher neckline approriate for an 18 year old; and her younger sister? Well, what can I say – that one looks like a juvenile street walker in training. (EYE ROLL!!)

Jemma on

I agree with “K”

Alot of 18 year-olds (and younger) wear alot less clothes than Rumer is wearing…yes it is plunging, but it is also a full-length gown.

Tallulah’s dress is just fine for a 13-year old, and I think saying she is looking “come-hither” is reading into it a bit too much

All of them look great!

alia on

I guess I said that because firstly — Demi is almost 20 years Ashton’s senior..I mean, Rumor could practically date her step-father…Secondly — they are all there for Demi’s ex-husbands movie premiere….it just doesn’t seem like the typical family to me….but, What is typical, right??….Again, it works for them so good luck to them….I suppose families come in all different shapes and sizes, which is great….more power to them!!:)
Love and
Light :)

Julie on

Since when is a demur smile immodest or sexual? The kids look beautiful and age-appropriate. Even Rumer’s plunging neckline doesn’t appear to be showing excessive cleavage. I think this family has been pretty much the epitome of “classy.” Seem like great kids.

K on

Rumer’s hair looks awful!

AnnieJ on

Tallulah is the most attractive of the bunch.

D on

The blue dress is nice indeed. But I agree with FH. The dress is a little too mature for a 13 y/o. And her facial expression makes me realize just how promiscuous young girls are these days. Both sad and disgusting.

S on

that girl in the blueish dress looks messed up

Elda on

i think they all look happy taking this picture together, i wish them all well.

Katelyn on

I agree with K. They look happy. I love Tallulah’s dress. Like K says, it covers her cheast. Rumer is 18 and should be able to wear what she wants. I think the dress looks good on her. Demi and Ashton look soo happy, and I wish them the best.

Aki on

obviously mom looks great. i admire her daily and continuously effort.

Rain on

To the people saying her smile is “promiscous” and other stuff. She is 13, leave her alone. The family looks wonderful (and classy).

AM on

Your comments are so nasty! Why would you criticize Rumer about her chin? This is totally related to genetics and I think her unique looks make her just that…. UNIQUE. As for you, seems that you’re in dire need of some personality makeover.

Jenna on

Alia, Demi has said MANY times she wants Bruce in their kids life. Their hair looks fine. Their chothes are fine too. Rumors doesn’t show anything, Tallulah might have just been “caught in the wrong momment”. Overall they look happy.

Julie on

A FACIAL EXPRESSION leads you to believe she is promiscuous? That’s just despicable and sexist — a woman can’t smile without her sexuality being the main consideration and being judged. What a bunch of CRAP. That comment made me furious.

Rebecca on

To those posting rude comments- you’ve GOT to be kidding me! Rumer’s dress might be a tad revealing in the front for an 18 year old, but not at all sleazy. Tallulah’s dress is cute and covers everything that should be covered on a 13 year old. It appears she was looking down for a second and you’re going to say it’s a “come-hither” expression? Whatever!

Oh, and about Rumer’s chin- that’s a pretty low thing to say. Certainly no teenager needs to hear that they should have plastic surgery. Anyone who says things like that should probably consider personality surgery.


FH on

Kim R… Just because I don’t feel the outfits these young girls are wearing are age-appropriate doesn’t make me ‘jealous.’ I’m a little old to be jealous of a 13 year-old. Sorry, but I don’t think a plunging neckline is appropriate for a 16 year-old. And yes, the younger one’s dress is cute, and covers her, but People posted another picture of her last week wearing a form fitting, plunging neckline dress with spaghetti straps which I felt was a bit much. I don’t like the fact that clothes for kids these days just look like shrunken versions of adult clothes. I have an issue of with sexualizing children. Its nearly impossible to shop for my young cousins, one who is eleven. I find skirts so short I can’t figure out how she’s supposed to sit down in them.

Ellie on

They all look great! I especially like Tallulah’s dress. She looks older than 13, I would’ve guessed she was 16 had i not know. And i don’t think her stare is “come-hither” at all. Wonder where Scout was…

katie on

While the mother tries to dress younger- to match her aptly dressed 20-something hubby, the girls are dressing ooooooold- Too old! Who wants to wear a plunging neckline with your step-dad next to you? And why does he have to be hugging-on an 18 year old, there’s nothing wrong with just hugging your wife… always overdone with them! And poor Tallulah (ontop of that name), she’s dressed in something from a cheesy 80’s movie, nothing any 13 year old would choose to wear I think… and yes, come-hither hits it on the head. What’s wrong with Demi looking like a mom, so her kids can look like kids? What a shame they have to somehow seem competing for the camera with her. It is nice to see that they all get along, but why does the 18 year old and 13 year old wear sexier clothes than 40+ mom??? Only in Gollywood :P

Mikhaila on

Katie, Demi looks amazing. She is dressed for her age. Tallulah looks her age, with a fantastic dress. I am 16 and would wear that. She ABSOLUTELY does NOT have a “come hither” look on her face. You can’t judge a person by ONE photo. Come on, people.

Julie on

What weird comments — what motivates the criticism? The picture shows pretty, happy people.

FH on

And as to the look on Tallulah’s face, keep an eye out for all the other photos she takes (again another one was posted last week of her wearing a revealing dress – plunging neckline on a thirteen year old?!) and she is making the same pose, with the same look on her face. Sorry it’s not just one photo she has done this in. Its a pose she consistently does, and I don’t find it appropriate. Sorry, but that’s my opinion of it.

Julie on

I don’t mind critiquing outfits, but criticizing someone’s facial expression in a picture where they’re clearly just trying to look nice is petty and annoying.

Carrie on

How cute, a mom out with her children….oh wait, that’s right, she’s married to Ashton….

claudia on

You people are sick making coments like that about the litte girl’s expression shes is only 13 for god sake and there is nothing wrong with her dress either,and if the young kid likes the old lady so what, they always look happy at least in pictures.

Julie on

That’d be funny, Carrie, except he doesn’t even really look younger than her.

TToo on

Neither of the girls got their mother’s good looks…yikes…

Sarah on

Rumor is an adult now. If she can go to war and die for her country then by all means people she can wear a plunging neckline dress!

rashundra. on

We live in a new age where girls dont have to wear shin-length skirts anymore. Just because she has a plunging neckline doesnt mean she’s having sex with numerous men. & at least Demi’s kids are in jail or rehab. Think about that before you criticize.

oh ya, & Rumor is 18 not 16.

Kate on

As far as the clothing, it’s fine. The black dress is a little low cut, but she is 18, so it’s not inappropriate. The thing that gets me is how two beautiful people (Demi and Bruce) can have such unattractive children! Not one of them is cute at all.

Carissa on

Why is it appropriate for any woman to have her breasts hanging out, much less an 18-year-old? Is this all women are for, to be gawked at? Demi’s neckline is high and looks great. Why does her daughter have to be exposing herself?

Lani on

Wow people. Get a life.

dawn on

Tallulah looks fine, needs to comb the hair a little but she is somewhat decent looking. Rumer I dont care to see her clevage she is already hanging out with trashy people :lindsay,Nicole etc. so that tells ya alot about her she looks trashy, Mom needs to grow up and embrace that she is in her 40’s and needs to stop dressing like she is in her 20’s. And her husband needs a haircut. And what kind of sick and wicked people go on vacation etc with your ex husband and your new husband something is really wrong. What do the two men talk about? Do they trade sex secrets on who does Demi better? COME ON!!!!!

Mrs. K on

What is amazing is the family unit; it is still tragic, as Mr. Willis has professed his ‘confusion’ (another recent article) about love; smiles outside; pain inside. In a few years Mrs. Kutcher will be dealing with alot of insecurities; peri-menopause (if not already). I am her age and have ‘grown up’ with her, so I know of what I speak. The girls have a strong desire to be like their mom – fit and stylish…I really may be the only one here to say I’m sorry the ‘original’ family unit could not have worked through much counselling. Whenever Mr. Willis is with the ‘new family’, he looks as though HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE DEMI’S “MR.” Feel better getting this off my chest.

Pedro on


“they are all there for Demi’s ex-husbands movie premiere…”

Bruce Willis is the kid’s father so I’m sure they’re there to support their dad.

Sprout on

My only real comment — and it’s kinda catty — but oh well… bummer about Rumer’s chin. *eyebrow raise* Perhaps it doesn’t look like that in real life…

But, then again, bummer about my fat a$$ and I don’t have a lot of money to make up for that, do I?

The family in general… who are we to judge them as a FAMILY by ONE SILLY PICTURE??? Heavens, I’d feel like a total $hit if people judged my family by one bad photo…

Layla on

They are all so cute together. I wish them all the best– they look happy.

night on

Demi, her son and two daughters look great. Oh wait…that’s husband?

J on

I think if this family dynamic works for them, then great. I think their choice of dresses for the two girls are a little “old” for them. My mom would’ve fainted if I had walked out of the house in either of those!

Julie on

“In a few years Mrs. Kutcher will be dealing with alot of insecurities; peri-menopause (if not already). I am her age and have ‘grown up’ with her, so I know of what I speak. The girls have a strong desire to be like their mom – fit and stylish”

WOW, Mrs. K — it’s so weird that you feel like you have the authority to psychoanalyze a stranger’s family. Or were you being literal when you said you’ve actually grown up with her?


well i like demi’s oldest daughters dress and demi’s, as for ashton what else can you expect, but the 13yr old looks older than her older sister and her mom that dress is in apropiate and she looks to old

Emilee ♥ on

Whatever works for their family dynamic, works for them. I’m sure they’re not the only ones in this world whom has a family dynamic such as this {kids like their step-father, their step-father is friends with their father}. They seem very happy. As for the kids’ dresses, they look fine. Rumor’s dress is a little low cut, but she’s 18 yrs. old, and she can wear whatever she wants to wear. Tallulah looks great, her dress is appropriate, especially for a 13 yr. old. Demi looks beautiful as usual. Even though I hate Ashton’s hair, LOL ;), he looks nice.

Mrs. K on

Well…I suppose I am referring to the fact that (I believe I’m correct unless y’all are in your mid to late 40’s)as a ‘viewer’ of her work, I have seen Mrs. Kutcher’s work for over 20 years. At the very least, I will not hem and haw over what she or her offspring ‘look like’; however, I am not stating that I am any better than anyone else. The thoughts that provoked my heart is just the contagious (only because it is so widespread and sad, at that) dilemma of divorce. I am from divorced parents; am fortunate to have a solid marriage over 22 years. It is sometimes hard work; sometimes there is nothing to save the family unit. It is possible Mr. Willis never ‘heard’ her pleas while married on whatever was upsetting Mrs. Kutcher in their marriage and only after she (I believe she’s the one that initiated it) filed for divorce and their lives went into separate ways did he perhaps realize what value was there. They started off with ALOT OF LOVE. ALOT. One can shrug shoulders and this is not a judgement of them, just an opined sadness. May sound maudlin of me. It’s just my feelings. As anyone else’s expressed here, although much expressed on this post seems to be focusing on the appearance of the daughters. Hope this clears up what you wanted to know. Marriage is tough, sometimes. But the ‘bumpy’ years pass. If the two partners can keep communication open, even if there are hard times…you’d be surprised what can be salvaged. Guess I’m just nostalgic (silly, huh?). I do wish the ‘new unit’ the best. As an older woman of age and having lived through my 20’s and 30’s, I’m just coming from a different perspective. God bless.

MVP on

I think they look Great!!!

SD on

Tallulah’s dress is nice, and so is her hair. She looks fine, not an amazing outfit or anything but it still looks nice. I don’t like Rumer’s dress.

joonbug on

Demi Moore’s daughters look really manish. Damn, i guess genes do not pass like one would think.

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