Vacation Style: Katie Holmes' Sexy Minis

06/20/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Photo: ELIOT PRESS/bauer-griffin

Katie Holmes has cultivated a great all-American style that tends towards the classic and conservative, but she’s definitely trying out a new look on this week’s trip to Europe — sexy minis! Maybe it’s the southern European style or just time spent with good friend Victoria Beckham, but Katie has been hitting the town and the beach in some pretty short skirts (and with those amazing legs, who wouldn’t want to?) Katie, along with husband Tom Cruise, hit David Beckham‘s final game in Madrid in a striped Chanel minidress and teal patent leather Christian Louboutin heels. And after hitting the surf in St. Jean Cap Ferrat with adorable daughter Suri in a slinky Eres one-piece, Katie put on a leggy Missoni miniskirt and another killer pair of Christian Louboutin heels. We love this new sexy look for Katie — hope to see it post-vacation too! Tell us: What do you think of Katie’s minis?

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Daniela on

She’s got great legs, but I don’t understand how anyone would be able to play around with their children whilst wearing 4 inch heels. Ouch! It just doesn’t make any sense to me!

h on

I love Katie. But she’s starting to look a little too skinny. Yeah, her legs look killer, but look at her neck/collarbone in the picture on the left. She’s entering Posh-skinny-zone.

Her clothes look great though! And I’m with Daniela, the shoes aren’t really practical for taking care of a child.

Alice on

Where are all the comments? This new format is awful!!!

Anonymous on

I Agree with Daniela!! about the 4 inch heel(They look like 5 inch actually), haha… About the minis, she’s got some great legs and she still has the age to show them! This look totally works for her.

Corky on

I think Katie looks terrible. Her legs look fat to me – too fat to be wearing a mini that short!! Yuck, somebody needs to tell her to hit the gym instead of McDonalds.

Shirley on

She’s looking older and older. Doesn’t matter what she puts on. Her looks just seem to not reflect her young age. Maybe Tomkat wants her looking more his age – OLD – making sure she ages faster then she should. Her dresses are cute for her young age, but again, she’s looking older and older.

S on

what’s is with her? She looks super OLD. Not that youthful look she normally has. Is tommy making sure she looks his age instead of her own. Cute clothes, too bad she’s trying to look like VB. She doesn’t look happy either.

Sarah on

Um, the comment about the fat legs. what the hell? are u trying to give us all a complex here? if that woman is fat, then im obese!

Amore on

Katie’s style seem to duplicate that of posh more and more. The bony appearance, the older look and my god the Hair!!! Why is she turning into Posh when Posh doesn’t even look that great? I don’t think the minis go well with her. I think she should be herself

Kate on

Uh, is it just me or does Katie seem to be morphing into a Victoria Beckham clone???? Every new pic proves my theory. Not only is she shrinking, her hemlines and her hair length are growing shorter and shorter. And everybody is totally on the mark: who (other than Posh and Katie) plays with their kids in 5″ tall heels? Are we going to see her blonde next?
And what’s with Tom always leading her around by the hand? Either they think she’s royalty or she can’t walk by herself. I just don’t get it.

D on

The comment about the fat legs was sarcasim…
katie looks great I think, but yes def. kind of taking on the V.B stlye, more conservative though.

Sarah on

She has gorgeous, toned legs! That comment about her being fat is ridiculous. I think the minis are a great look for her.

Lara on

Not only are the 4″ heels impractical for a mother to wear (as is the 4″ skirt), but they’re also impractical for a woman who is married to a midget. Sheesh! She already towers over that creepy little half-man!

danielle on

i wish i looked that cute in minis and 6 in high heels. if i’m 5’5 can i still wear heels?

Sallee on

I think it is so sad that she has to steal someones look (Victoria). She needs to stop worrying about being Tom Cruise’s wife and just be herself. Everyone can see right thru that shallow stuff.

Sarah on

how does she wear that to vacation…? Ouch! Very cute though!

Karen on

Not only is it stupid to play with your baby in heels that tall, but it’s even more stupid when you are playing that close to the water! Does this girl have a single brain cell left in her head? She looks terrible with the new hair and new clothes and she needs to find a NORMAL man who is taller than her and who she can be herself around.

Jessica on

What happened to the young, cute, spunky girl we all loved! Everyone has to grow up, but she’s changing so much very quickly into someone that I don’t recognize anymore. Who’s the real Katie Holmes?

Dp on

Katie looks gorgeous, if not a little too old. I’m about the same age as she is and would not dream of wearing the stuff she does, even if I could afford it (the mini’s I’d try though)! Maybe if I was 45… Oh, and Danielle: Of course you can wear heals!! Wear them as high as you like.

Paige on

She has never looked better. But why wouldn’t she? She now has all the money in the world and access to any and everything to make her look fantastic. I do roll me eyes when ever I see Tom leading her around with the over the body arm thing. It is like she is blnid or something. The 5 inch heels are killer and totally comical to chase your kid around in.

Ann on

She looks like her husband TOM!!! eekk

Sandra on

Katie looks old

B on

I think she looks amazing! Her haircut is sophisticated but I don’t think it makes her look old. I think it’s great she took a risk and cut off the boring long hair.

Mandy on

Everyone is so judgemental. Half of you that criticize her…I’d love to see how you look on a daily basis. Cut the girl some slack! She looks beautiful and confident. I love her new hair cut and she looks amazing in the minis. Plus, it never said she was at the beach in 4 inch heels…it said AFTER playing in the surf. She isn’t walking on sand, maybe they’re headed out to dinner? Whose to say if you can run after a child in 4 inch heels, maybe she felt like looking sexy and Tom will be running after Suri. Every mom has a right to wear something beautiful and sexy and not be judged because someone else doesn’t think she can pull it off!!!

Michelle on

what the hell?? Why is everyone saying nasty comments about Katie? To me she looks very young in those minis. By the way Katie is not fat she is skinny!! Skinnie then I’ll ever be.

Brendan on

Katie is such a beauty but I think she’s looking more like a trophy wife. I’m sorry if that sounds mean! Katie needs to stop taking fashion advice from her friend Victoria Beckham. They wear the same fashion and now the hair style. Katie has been sucked into the super fake lifestyle of the rich and famous. I’m sure Tom has a lot to say about how she looks and who she’s friends with.

Elizabeth on

I think it’s pretty sad that someone as sweet and beautiful as Katie receives the comments by so many of you. There ARE more people in this world with short haircuts that Posh. No one mentioned Jennifer Garner is looking more like Posh in her mini (and they shouldn’t!). For crying out loud, Posh doesn’t have a patent on minis and short haircuts! What is it? Jealousy?!? I think Katie is a knockout. Her weight loss and muscle tone look fantastic! As does her new haircut. I loved her long hair, but we all want a change now and then. Why don’t you all leave her and Tom alone. It has to be jealousy. To be that beautiful – to be loved as much as Tom loves her – to live the luxurious life they share together – we should all be so fortunate and blessed. Shame on those that say mean and nasty things that are uncalled for and undeserved. It’s tough being overweight, in a loveless marriage, and going to work making $25K, I guess. Does it make you feel better making cruel comments about those more beautiful and fortunate than you from the privacy of your home in total incognito? Well, I just hope you re-think why you enjoy saying the things you do. I just have this mental picture that for every mean thing said, I can’t help wonder – is this person obese, sitting in a wheelchair, abused by their spouse, stuck in a lousy job – and it makes you feel better by attacking those you envy? Wish I could help you.

fitgirl on

who ever said she looked fat needs glasses that girl is way thin…what kind of comment was that????

alia on

I hate this!!…practically all of my comments are gone b/c of this change in format…bring the old one back!!!!!!

Duh on

Wake up people. Tom is reinventing her. Not for the better, but that’s exactly what he’s doing. She was Katie Holmes. Then he started calling her Kate. He changed her residence, religion, and now her look. I’d say Katie Holmes’ mutation to Kate Cruise is complete. Too bad for Katie she looks horrible. She can’t even straighten her legs on those stilts for shoes. She looks like she’s about to fall into the water. And, as usual, she doesn’t look happy. When the hell is she going to grow a backbone, take the kid, and run? I hope they get divorced, and she and Suri can escape back to the real world, and let the mother ship call Tom to his scientology home.

s on

I’m surprised Tom would allow her to wear such high heeled shoes–Nicole always wore flats when she was with Tom! She is definetly looking older and more sophisticated–a little too much like Victoria Beckham.

Leaveheralone on

It seems as if, to the public, she can’t do anything right! I think her legs look great!

Alyson on

Ever since she’s gotten involved with Tom, she is looking old and old. VB clone here I come. She should have trimmed her hair(instead of cut it all off) and dress like she did in the beginning, not like a 40 year old she is dressing like now. You do not have to dress old, when u have a kid. Dress your age!

Jane on

Katie Holmes looks horrible! She is a beautiful young woman, yet her style does nothing to emphasize this. Katie should not be a stick (like VB); rather, she should wear clothes that flatter her body.

cc on

That hair cut of hers is an complete mistake. Not only does it look awful on her, but it also goes to show she is totally being manipulated by Posh! Posh does not have a daughter so she is turning Kate into her mini-me.

CiCi on

I L-O-V-E Katie’s hair, but the clothes have got to go! I agree she is looking mighty old for her age. Who really cares if she is mimicking Victoria Beckham? We mimick what the stars are wearing right? I gasped when I read that fat legs comment. Its bad enough we “regular” women have to look at these celebrity bodies and wish we looked like them. I mean really what is the perfect body type for you people?? Katie you look great! I would reconsider your wardrobe though.

LL on

Yeah the mini is cute, her legs are great. But what’s going on with those heels?? If your husband is so short, why would you want to tower over him? Besides, I don’t think they are too comfortable to begin with. Maybe that’s what Tom Cruise want her to wear. He likes taller women, like Nicole.

Canadian, eh? on

She just looks too old for her age. Maybe she is trying to make herself look old on purpose??? Maybe the age gap between her and Tom does bother her?? Just a thought. As the comment about her legs being to fat, get a life and readjust your percentage on your screen. Also, those heels are not kid fun shoes. Does anyone like this new set up?? I like the old set up better. People, please go back to the way it was.

LJ on

Come on! FAT? Hell no, she looks healthy and her legs look great. I don’t know why women need sticks for legs to be “pretty”. And yes, she looks like she is turning into Posh.

Cricket on

She’s looking very old lately. I like the new cut, but she went from looking 25 to 35 almost overnight!

Lou on

I use to think Katie Holmes was a great person now she is turned in to Tom’s arm candy and he is making her what he wants her to be and not what she needs to be. . She needs to get away from him, he is a JERK.

Chritsy on

I think she looks great but she does look a lil older than her age. Still pretty though.. and my aunt plays with her 2 kids wearing 4 inch heels! Im serious! All she wears are heels so its possible ladies..

Kim on

There is no way you can properly care for you child (on a dock no less) in those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!), I know I have a 10 month old and can hardly keep up in sneakers! She is definitely looking more like Posh (why I do not know because she looks horrible).
I think she is lost within herself and trying to find the real Katie that we all loved!

Denise on

Katie always looks so chic but this new haircut makes her look 15 years older! Uck! It won’t be long till we see her sporting new extentions. Ha Ha

:) on

I think she’s Trying to look like Victoria. Just look her… her new hair, the short skirts (even if she have a good pair of legs), and soon she’ll be as skinny as Posh. But anyways, it dosen’t matter she’ll always be beautiful.

A mother on

I can’t stand Katie Homes-Cruise. She looks like a spoiled little kid. Basking in her husbands fame and money. No doubt she has 3 nannies to care for her kid, so of COURSE she can wear 5″ heals! I have a nanny and I don’t wear heals like that. Even though there are people around to care for your child, does not mean you should prance around like you dont have one. And yeah, she looks like beckhams twin sister. Great role model Katie!

toledo on

katie doesn’t seem to have an real originality…more like a puppet of VB and her snake oil type salesman, tom. When she was with Chris Klien i think she was herself and happy…ier. Her legs are really great,not fat or too skinny. But she does have that matronaly look.

Charli on old is she? she looks about 40 in these photo’s.not her best look

Jane on

I’m just suprised that she’s actually wearing heels!!! Doesn’t Tom like his women to wear flats so he doesn’t look so short? and her legs do look killer. But I agree… she’s starting to look a lot older than she is. She’s what… 26? And she looks in her late 30’s here.

meghan on

who ever said she looks fat must be crazy!! she looks great !! and i also think that her new hair cut look good to; it make her look like a women and not a childed and her heels are great,but would kill my feet,but if she want to wear thim more power to her all i can say is too each is there own

Missy on

Yuk, I think it is really unflattering and I don’t think it makes her legs look good at all. They make her look fat too!!!! Yuk, yuk, and more yuk. I like her hair longer too!!!! Too much Posh and not enough Katie!!!! Be yourself Katie ;)

kristina on


kristina on


Manni on

Wow I don’t understand how Katie inspires so much criticism from people. Let the girl do what she wants, she’s not you! I happen to like her fresh new haircut, and I don’t think she dresses “old”. Is she supposed to look the same way she did 6 years ago? I do however think Tom is crazy (lol), but if she doesn’t want to be with him, she’ll probably leave.

Paul on

Katie is still very young and will eventually find her niche. What is up with you all? This family is beautiful. Give the lady a chance to enjoy her changes until she finds her groove. She looks wonderful.

faye on

Excuse me, but isn’t every woman who ever lived pretty much a copy cat of whatever she sees and likes? Granted there are the few and far between trend setters, look far enough back though and every idea gets a start somewhere. Does that make all women robot’s? If Ms. Holmes wants to try shorter hair or different styles who is anyone to say different? It’s easy to critize, especially on the internet, and frankly it is getting out of hand entirely.

Mel on

yup, katie has morphed into posh. next she’ll have posh’s little piggy nose. she looks pale and malnourished to me.

feijoa on

Katie is morphing into a Posh clone! Scary!

k8 on

Yeah Katie needs to stop trying to be Mrs. Beckham…not even Victoria herself can pull that off very well.
Whats with the first picture? She looks like she’s about to fall over and someone is there to hold her up?
And I agree with all you girls…who wears 5 inch heels while following a toddler around? I never thought Katie Homes would turn out like this! Bring Joey Potter back!!! haha

Sharyn on

not sure how anyone can refer to Katie Holmes as having fat legs??? (u must be a size negative zero then)? the girl needs to gain weight, not take it off!! i don’t like her current style, i agree with the other comments..she’s starting to look older than she is. She needs to go back to looking like Joey from Dawson’s Creek!

me on

Mini’s? MINI’S? What’s that thingie doing there, between the mini and the s? Come on, that’s so elementary, I can’t believe someone fell for it!Could minis and high heels be more important than english grammar?

Adrien on

I kinda like her in her new outfits! I think that yes, she may look like VB, but I think she looks her age now.. I always kinda thought of her as a little girl, like 17,or 18 years old. I think she looks her age now. Plus she has killer legs!…….And whoever said she has fat legs is absolutly blind…shes probably jealous!!



Megg on

I would not call her legs fat, but they are definitely thick.(naturally) it is just the way she is built. Although if a person unfortunately has legs such as these they need to know what works for them and what does not, and mini skirts do not work for legs like hers.

Angela on

Even though I am NOT a fan of Tom Cruise, I do think that Katie Holmes is very pretty. There is nothing wrong with how she has cut her hair. So what if she looks older? As for the way she is now dressing (also older), she is a mother now, and I’m glad she realizes it instead of wearing all kinds of revealing and trashy clothing. If she were wearing things like that, those same people that are criticizing her current wardrobe would be saying that she needs to cover herself up. Also,I am a big fan of heels, myself, and I like to wear them even to some unconventional places because I think they’re pretty. Maybe Katie Holmes feels the same way.

Kate on

To Elizabeth on June 21st:
Why in the world, describing your idea of pathetic, jealous people sitting at home, would you include a comment that lumped handicapped people into that category?????? Are you insane????????????
That was the cruelest thing on this blog I’ve read, no matter how many people have mocked Katie Holmes!!
I am appalled that you could write something so blatantly prejudiced online!!! Speak your mind, but leave out that unnecessary kind of attack. Maybe you are the one who needs to be helped.

Sophal001 on

since when did it become a requirement to look fashionable when playing with your children?? the minis & stilettos are cute…but should be reserved for dinner dates with the hubby/wifey – NOT for an outing with a 1yr old!

SK on

I agree with Megg. Katie’s legs (specifically her thighs) are thick and she should not be wearing a mini that shows off their thickness.

LM on

Mandy…look around this site…you’ll see her AT THE BEACH PLAYING WITH SURI…IN THOSE SAME HEALS!!!!


Alice on

How many of you have a short haircut? How many of you cut your hair short because Posh did? Probably none of you. People cut there hair everyday and it has nothing to do with Posh, sometimes you just want a change.
As for Katie looking older, I think its natural for a woman to want to be more mature looking after they have a child, like they want to be taken more seriously.

sistergoldenhair on

All of the negative comments reflect jealousy and nothing more – especially those commenting on her weight as a problem…the people writing those comments only wish they looked as good as she does in those minis. That’s all I have to say.

wilburina on

I think her legs are overly muscular and that is what makes them appear large. In any case, she should stay away from minis. Yes, that’s minis, not mini’s, plurals don’t have an apostrophe.

D on

The first thing I thought, when I saw the picture of Katie in the mini was her legs looked a bit to thick to be wearing the mini. She should stick to pants or longer dresses………..

PSexy on

Eww No Never liked her never will but to each there own!!!

Pamela on

I think Katie looks awesome! It appears that she’s finally come into her own style. And no matter what anyone says about her marriage, it seems as if she is feeling loved and confident to try new things, such as her short haircut and sexier clothes! You go Katie!!!

tanyalin on

she is trying to become Posh! her style has changed her hair. Gosh that poor girl has got no chance!

amy on

I agree w/ everyone on here!! She may be pretty but she is very much becoming VB! Look, though, at all of her recent pictures. She isn’t smiling that cute, cheesy smile that she used too!!! How sad to have to invent yourself to someone that is the complete opposite of who you really are!!



Tina on

Katie looks great, but needs to start being herself. I don’t think it is possible for people to change so drastically overnight…She seems very confused. I feel bad for her.

Gabriella on

She looks amazing in those dresses! I love her elegance and sophistication. True, heels like that aren’t necessarily appropriate for the beach or for running around with your kid- but she’s on vacation, it’s cool.

Tya on

Why is everybody keeps saying that Katie looks old? I think she looks nice.. And what she wears are always age appropriate especially considering that she’s married and has a daughter.. I think it’s a good thing that she doesn’t dress like a teenager.. Oh and i dont think she’s turning into posh, katie’s look is more subtle and very elegant.

Betty B. Byers on

What a drastic improvement! Katie now looks like the young, vibrant woman that she is instead of an aging matriarch. And, yes, she does have killer legs.

Ashley on

Theres NOTHING wrong with Katie dressing up like that even though she has a kid! She is a celebrity! What do you expect her to wear? I know all of you have kids but still go out and dress up every once in awhile!!! For goodness sake, everyone wants to feel and look good!!!!! She looks great.

Jen on

Katie has a one year old child what do you expect her to look like, a teenager? She has matured into a parent/adult! So i would say yes, she is looking older… but god, she doesnt look 70!

Honey on

To all those people out there who are calling her legs thick. I don’t really think they’re thick, just muscular. I think she has fab legs, and that the mini skirts show them off.But then again , everyone is aloud to have their own opinion!!

Liz on

She looks amazing!! she definitly should keep the look up. and by the way these were taken of her going out without Suri so the shoes seem ok to me.

Jamie on

Katie looks fantastic! The new hair works great on her, and the dresses are playful, fun, and sexy. The shoes are a little over-the-top for a playdate with Suri, but if she can walk and play in them and they look hot, then why not? I don’t see how people can be so hard on her and her family. I’m sure they don’t have the perfect life, but do you really think her life is that terrible? If Tom locked her up in the basement and only let her see Suri once a week and forced her into a new religion and completely took away her rights as a women, do you think anyone, especially KATIE HOLMES, would put up with it? Let her and her family be, but for now, she has never looked more sophisticated and sexy!

Kar on

Y wud u play with ur child in heels that high an a mini dress? in the pic on the right her legs a lil chunky anyways…

sarah perry on

im 5’11 can i still wear 4 inch heels?

anon on

I agree with all above who think she is morphing into a VB clone. I seem to recall a few years back when the British headlines had something about DB cheating on VB and how KH made a comment about how fascinated she was by it all (she was making Batman Returns in London then). Quite simply, she idolizes VB, and you know what they say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery…
Also, while I think that she has indeed lost a lot of weight since Suri’s birth, even pre-Tom, she always had bigger legs, specifically calves, relative to her upper body. I don’t think these dresses, specifically the second one flatter her (and she is a pretty girl). She does look MUCH older than 28.
She should take a lesson from Nicole Kidman, who always looks fabulous and age appropriate. While always being stylishly dressed, NK just didn’t give off the same feeling of “trying too hard” and dressing specifically for photo-ops. In fact, my friend made a funny comment about how KH’s repeated trips to Barney’s NY were probably to buy more clothes for future photo-ops of her shopping at Barneys…Canded photos of NK always looked to be just that, “candid”….

amy on

How could you say she looks old?! I think she looks very young and her new hairdo makes her look even more chick. She is not way too skinny and I thik the mini and the shoes just compliment her. By looking at these photos I would have to say that she probably isn’t playing with her child in these heels. She is probably out at dinner or doing something fun with Tom. I doubt she is chasing after Suri. Since she is so tall and has fabulous legs she should be wearing stuff like this. I hope to see more outfits like this on Katie. I don’t think that she is copying Posh. Couples always hold hands, and I don’t see you criticizing other celebs holding hands. Keep up the great style Katie!

Megan on

I think she looks cute. And if she wants to wear heels to play with her baby girl, go for it! Whats the big deal people?

LaShena on

She seems she is hanging to much with Victoria Beckham, she is getting way to skinny and she has even cut her hair like Victoria, seems like Victoria has made Katie Holmes her “MINI ME”.

Ann on

she looks like a giraffee hahah

Anonymous on

shes hot

who cares on

I totally agree with the 5″ heels thing. what if she stabbed poor darling suri(unlikely). More likely just fall.
As for the minis, they are cute, but I always loved her more classy style.

Leslee on

Katie looks fat? are u kidding me? In my experience people who make comments like that are really jealous!! I don’t think she looks old but she does seem unhappy so maybe that gives her an old look. She is looking way too much like posh who seems extremely snooty, katie used to smile all the time now hardly ever. BTW- she has great legs.

Kerry on

Ok she is already tall, so why add the shoe??? Also, i agree.. why wear so tall of shoes when your playing with your children? seems silly.. but she does have the legs for it!

night on

I agree 100% , this new format is awful. Hard to navigate. As for Katies’ look, it is OLD. She has lost a lot of weight and it ages her to about 40 . Not that there is anything wrong with 40, but she is a young woman, and lets face it NO ONE wants to look old in their 20’s. Even her neck looks aged, as though she needs a neck lift. She needs to gain about 15 pounds , and loose the husband….never mind the heels, put on some sneakers and RUN KATIE RUN.

Sandy on

Katie looks fabulous, she got a haircut that is cute, it will grow back if she doesn’t like it or if she wants a change she will let it grow out long again. She has nice legs, might as well show them off.
And don’t most of us identify with our best friends? I know that I do! If my best friend was hot like Victoria Beckham and had her style sense, I would be taking pointers from her.

Carol on

She’s morphing into Posh.

alondraaa on

woahh nice leggs hahhaha

sara on

I cannot believe someone actually said that katie looked fat! are you kidding?? her legs are great, and if she’s fat then the standard for body type is outrageous!

Charlotta on

Ehm, not to shoot anyone-s horse down, but she just looks really high strung in the first picture, not skinnier. High-pressure marriage inevitably leads to pulling muscles you didn’t even knew existed, look back to Nicole’s neck-area in pictures from the married days with Tom. Didn’t remember that until I saw these pics.

Amber on

Love your legs but high heels is’t that panefull

Paige on

Granted we are all bashing her for wearing couture to the beach to play with her kid but if she had frazzled hair and was wearing sweats we would all be like “Katie is depressed! She can’t even fix herself up!” “Her and Tom must be over!” “Katie has had enough!” So I guess she really is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. She is safer media wise looking fabulous because her llife is a photo op. While I think her whole marriage came about in the weirdest of ways and under the weirdest of speculations, she is a pretty girl and looks nice.

cat on

To me Katie just doesnt rock the style right. she just doesnt pull the sexy look off. and yes i must agree she looks old.

Anonymous on

Are you crazy…her legs are not fat…her legs are great..and she is not fat…she looks good with that look..she should keep it

Rose on

I clean my house, move furniture, chase after my kids and cook dinner in high heels and skirts all the time. I like to look good and I don’t have a million photogs following my every move. Give the girl a break. She looks fab.

annie on

I so agree with Corky. Her legs are fat and that it the reason for the 4″heels. They slenderize! Katie is younf yet and I hope she will come into her own style. She needs to take hints from other fashion ICONS that are/have been small on top. Katherine Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy .She would look so good in full trousers or fitted tops or with slight bell skirts

Lisa on

Katie’s legs are incredible! The muscle tone is evident. With legs like that, she can definitely show them off in a great mini. However, I’m not digging the haircut. It makes her look older. She’s a beauty though – no way around that!

lauri on

whats with the dark sunglasses? why do these people wear them indoors? do they not realize they are the only ones wearing them indoors? makes them look ridiculou, and katie has gone soooo downhill since she met her favorite martian

Fatat on


Ciera on

hate her hair. . .love her legs.

Aerin on

She loos beautiful and healthy. Does she need to like one of the “Zoe clones” before she can wear a sexy mini on vaca? the Louboutns are not practical but definitely sexy.

Jodi on

I am shocked that anyone would call Katie Holmes “fat” – it’s ridiculous. Because she is severely underweight like Angelina Jolie or Nicole Richie some people feel the need to attack her. THAT’S NUTS! And who cares if she wears heals and minis to chase after her daughter…if she can do it, then go for it. Why does anyone else care?

Kristine on

Corky, I think you’re jealous… hats off to you katie – you look hot. ;-)

Kristine on

Corky, I think you’re jealous. Katie looks hot! How could you bad mouth her? She’s too cute!

Emilee ♥ on

Katie looks nice in the first picture. I was very amazed to see her dress in a mini dress, but she looks great. I would feel odd though standing next to Tom though, LOL ;). I don’t really care for the mini in the second picture, it seems way too tight and short for my liking, but I do like her shoes. I do sorta agree, wearing that whole ensemble to the beach is sorta ridiculous, but to each their own. One thing though, I don’t like Katie’s hair. I miss her long flowing locks. The new haircut sort of ages her, but she looks beautiful regardless.

I’m with you Night, I don’t like this new format, it’s too hard to navigate, I like the old format better.

Paige. on

she looks way old now. i think she should keep her hair long.

Rose on

I think that Katie Holmes has an amazing fashion sense and looks great in her mini. I have always admired her conservative/classic style, and am impressed that she can always manage to look great no matter where she is.
As a mom to an 18 month old myself, and little time to do my hair most days, Katie looks chic in her new haircut, and it seems like a low-maintenance style, that flatters her square facial shape. Her long hair was her trademark, but it is nice to see her try something new and different. Good for you Katie!
I also agree that her style is looking older than what it used to. However, it must be because she is getting older too, and she is moving along with her age. It is nice to see a celebrity dress classy and age-appropriate than the typical 40-something-trying-to-be-a-teen usually wears. Katie has been under a lot of scrutiny in the the media and the public eye the last couple years because of her high profile relationship and later, marriage to Tom Cruise. I think it is time that we put aside our judgements and let them be. She has only shown class, grace, and a fierce loyalty to her family, and we have to admire those qualities in her. Her style reflects that inner grace that she possesses. We all could aspire to have a little more Katie Holmes’s style in our own wardrobe!!!

Danielle, Celebrity Baby Blog on

I agree with Daniela- it’s hard walking, let alone taking care of a toddler, wearing 4″ heels but it’s also hard when you’re wearing a super mini skirt- if she bends over, she’s going to give everyone a free show!

It makes me REALLY nervous just to see her walking on a dock with the heels, a mini skirt and Suri. Both of them are not too sure on their feet and as the mom, she needs to be!

Missy on

thinks she’s trying 2 look more Vic with her hairdo & clothing, she shld try to create her own image & not follow someone else’s.

Leanne on

Here’s my opinion- I think Katie is very young. How many of us have tried out different looks based on something we saw in a magazine, etc.? Same for hair color, length, whatever. The point is that she has obviously taken a shine to VB style and b/c she is who she is everyone throws out the copycat thing. Katie is just trying to figure out where she fits in and who she is. She’s a young wife and mother and is still growing up- privledged, but still growing up. At least she’s spending time w/ her child and family which is more than it appears for many other celebs! I think she should be left alone. She looks fabulous! I hope she feels that way!

sharon on

It’s looks like she’s on a warf near water in this picture. Hello!!! How dangerous that is?! In 4 inch heels on a warf near water w/ your baby….Crazy! Anyway, she looks good in a mini she’s 28 after all.

Layla on

Definately wanting to be like Posh. She’s starting to loose wait, get the short hair style and wear revealing clothes. Def. a Posh wannabe!!

anonymous on

minis doesn’t flatter her big legs. it only makes her body misproportioned with the thin upper body. heels on the beach is most impractical. was she trying to look sexy? it makes her only look insecure.

kimmers on

looks a LOT like pal Posh Victoria

Nancy on

It does not matter how she looks in the shoes, she needs to learn hoe to walk in them. If Tom is not leading her with that stuip arm across the body walk they do she is falling down. As witnessed in Paris. Even in the pictures you can she she is walking like she is ready to fall backwards. She needs to find her own look not what Victoria is wearing. Learn to be yourself Katie and stop following Posh.

Nancy on

I can not wait to see the u-tube film of her falling down!!!!

M on

wearing 5 inch heels while taking care of a toddler looks silly

100py on

Katie Holmes has heavy legs and if she reaches a low weight they don’t appear to be heavy. But she naturally has heavy legs.

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