StyleWatch Editors Want to Know: What's Your Fave Makeup Trick?

06/07/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Ever stare enviously at the intensity of Jennifer Aniston’s bright blue eyes? Her makeup artist recently told PEOPLE that she actually brushes blue mascara on the tips of Jen’s lashes to make her blue eyes pop. We’ve all got our little tricks to bring out our best features, and we want to know yours! Tell us: What’s your favorite makeup trick? What do you do to make your eyes look bigger, your lips fuller, your cheekbones sharper?

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elisabeth on

my fav makeup trick is putting illuminating powder in the corner of my eyes and under my brow, it gives your face a bright look

spak on

I hope this romance of hers is not serious. While Paul is very handsome, he is also aging, 36 year old, almost has-been model who is looking to get into acting in LA. He is much older, better looking version of K-fed.

Jen is 38 years old, very wealthy and famous. She is press magnet and Paul has just hit a jackpot.

She deserves to date someone of her equal stature–wealthy, famous, with looks to boot.

Only then, will the press and ordinary folks around the world will move on from her failed marriage.

Katie on

Jen is SO beautiful. She’s so simple, yet so classy. I love her makeup and everything else about her. She’s great!! Good luck with the new hottie too!!

Sarah on

one of my favourite tricks is heating my eyelash curler with my blowdryer on hot, it makes them curl WAY more and lasts longer!

Piccollo on

And that was a make-up tip HOW????? They asked for make-up tips not a diatribe on her love life.

Josie on

Once I’m done doing my makeup, I take some hairspray, spary it at an angle in the air and let it fall onto my face. It really helps keep it in place



Amy B on

If you still want full coverage with your conceler but want a summer glow that still makes your skin look fresh and sun-kissed??? I always put face luminating lotion in with my make-up before i apply. i pre-mix it in my hand putting a little more of the illuminator on my eye lids and ckeeks. Looks really natural and sun kissed.

Stacey on

I have green eyes, so I use green eye-liner on the bottom lid(under lashes), and dust it with white eye shadow to bring out the green in my eyes.

Libby on

I’m a big fan of layering bronzer and blush to make me look more refreshed and Fresh’s ‘Here Comes The Sun’ palette is perfect since is has 2 shades of bronzer, and a really shimmery, neutral blush. Love it!

Tiffany on

To keep my eyelashes super curled and clump-free I
1)curl my eyelashes in three different places: first at the base of the lashes, at the middle, then towards the tips with the curler angled slightly upwards.
2)Then I add a thin coat of mascara, let it dry, then
3)curl my eyelashes again gently and
4)add a few more coats of mascara, wiggling the wand from the base to the tips, to prevent clumps

curling my lashes after the first coat of mascara results in a longer lasting curl because the mascara fixes the lashes in shape

To make bronzer powder look natural in application I apply it first sparingly all over my face in a circular motion with a very large brush, then I take the brush and go over the hollows of my eyes carefully, especially beneath the browbone and under the eyes, then I apply more bronzer to the brush and go over my temples, hairline, forehead, bridge of the nose, and apples of my cheeks: the areas where sun naturally hits the face. Apply sparingly to area around the mouth, bronzer accumulates here pretty quickly.

FriendsFan22 on

All i have to say is that i love Jen!!!!!
She rocks!!! PS. I HATE ANGIE!!!!!!

Jessica T, San Diego, CA on

I have green eyes, and to make them pop, I use a burgundy eyeshadow to line my upper lids (thin line). It enhances the green, but no one can tell that it’s burgundy. Another great way to make green eyes pop is to use plum-colored mascara, if you can find it. It’s less intense than black, not as pale as brown, and rarely can anyone tell it’s not either of the two.

AnnieM on

I have no good tips to give. Jen looks great, so whatever tips she’s using…they’re working. That and she’s very attractive to begin with.

Sarah R. on

I like to use a silicone primer before I put on my foundation. It hides any flaws on your face, especially those old pimple scars. Works like a charm!

Sarah R.
Rowlett, TX

Hanna B, 18, sweden. on

to make my eyes look bigger I use white eyeliner on the bottom lid inside the lashes.
to enhance my cheekbones i put rouge right under the cheekbones in soft circling motions, not much just a little bit. I use brown colored rouges. then I put on some highlighter on the highest point of the cheekbone.
I also use highlighter just under my eyebrows. this gives the face a real lift!

Elizabeth on

My number one tip for having a clear and glowy complexion is to drink water, water, and more water. No sodas, alcohol, etc. It really does make a HUGE difference!

To make my dark brown eyes stand out I dip my brush into a little water just to get it moist and the I use rich dark shades of blue,green,silver, purple etc to line my eyes. Also, I highlight right underneath the brow and on the inside corners of my eyes. It looks fantastic :)

Annie on

One that really brightens up my eyes and make me look more awake is to put white eyeliner right above my lower lashline – just a real thin line and, if applied, correctly you can’t tell it is white eyeliner.

I use lip liner that is just a smidge darker than my natural lip color and put clear or light goldish pink gloss over the top. I am always, always, always asked what lipstick I am wearing. And people are totally put off when I say I’m not wearing any. I don’t even own lipstick because this looks so fresh and beautiful!

I hate using eyeliner (as in the pencil) so I take eyeshadow (in what ever color I am feeling for they day – black, navy, chocolate, green, etc) and using an eyeliner brush I apply it to my upper lash line. Then I wet the eyeliner brush and create a darker more intense, thinner line over the first line. I’ll also do the lower lash liner too, if I’m feeling it. It creates a really easy smokey eye look or you can tone it down for everyday (which is what I do).

Other simple things…clear mascara to tame the eyebrows, hemorroid cream under the eyes to reduce puffiness followed by holding spoons that have been in the freezer over my eyes, taking my facial cleaner and adding sugar & baking soda to create a great foamy, homemade facial scrub…I feel I could go on for days! I LOVE MAKEUP!

Kiley C on

My favorite summer makeup trick is to sweep bronzer across your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and your temples. It gives you a sun-kissed glow without looking fake. -Kiley C. Moundsville, WV

Brenna on

she doesnt need anything my fave is to take a little white shadow and put it under my eyes and it make you face look softer… atleast it does for me…

kat on

My tip to looking great.
Take half cup yogurt, 1 tbsp.’Beyond Greens’ powder, tsp. bee pollen, 1 tbsp. ground flaxseed, 1 tsp. hemp powder, 1 tbsp. ‘Berry Splash’ powder, 1 banana, blueberries, strawberries, some soy milk, sprinkle cinammon, little honey, blend all and drink. This smoothie will make your hair shine, and your skin glow beyond what any make-up could possibly do. Beauty starts from the inside.

Sarah on

Hey everybody, LOVED Josie’s tip! It made me laugh, that’s adorable, I’ll try that for sure since the summer sweats mess my face up. On that gross note, ladies whenever you’re putting blush on, use a bit on the sides and centre of your neck too! Lately I’ve noticed when there’s color on your face and a completely different color on your neck, it kinda looks like you’ve PACKED it on! So whenever I’m putting blush on, I brush a bit on my neck too…. makes it seem natural! HAHA. Aw and Aniston’s makeup thing is cool too.

Tseyang on

I just love Jen, whatever she does put a makeup she looks great all the time. I thanks people magazine to give a chance to put a comments on her, She is great and keep good relationship with your new boyfriend. You two will be a amazing couple. I just love to see your picture all the times.

some girl on

Yup, no amount of make-up will cover-up an unhealthy face.

Sue on

Best beauty tip….drink lots of water and I always look better with lots of sleep, it’s like a mini face lift.

Tseyang on

I just love Jen, whatever she does put a makeup she looks great all the time. I thanks people magazine to give a chance to put a comments on her, She is great and keep good relationship with your new boyfriend. You two will be a amazing couple. I just love to see your picture all the times.

Yamille H. on

I have fine upper lips, so as I only want the upper part to get “Angelina Jolie-ish”, I apply a coat of lipstick and only to my fine lip, I apply face power and then I put back another coat of lipstick. It REALLY works.
Yamille H.
27 years old
Boa Vista-RR, Amazon, Brazil

Saba C. on

I use body lotion (yes, you read that right) to tame my hair; I have mildly frizzy hair and it works wonderfully! I use it all over the head, 2-3 inches from the root. I also use just a little bit closer to my scalp tame fly-aways. Remember to use a little bit a time, layering until you achieve the desired effect. After all, you can always add more, but you’ll have to shower to take it off. Run a comb through your hair to distribute the lotion, and use your fingers to style.

-Saba C.
Chicago, IL

Heather S. on

Traditional eyeliners are hard for me to wear–I like a fairly dark line but a smooth one, and that is hard to achieve with an eye pencil. Instead, I use a sharply angled wet brush to apply a line of eyeshadow in the color I want. Application is much smoother!

Meena on

I have a bit of a wide nose so I use a golden lotion down the middle of my nose and then apply bronzer to the side of the nose – presto: a nice nose!

Seeta on

I have old acne scare so I use 100% pure shea butter ( you can get it from any African store) and just after 2 wks my scars are gone and my face is glowing. Remember 100% pure shea butter. Good Luck :) Seeta

Victoria, Moscow on

My make up and hair-do is like Pamela Anderson’s. It’s very sexy. Jen looks natural, it’s suitable for a morning and a day, not for a party.

lotte on

NEVER try foundation on your hand… hands are very rarely the same colour as one’s face!

Also, cocunut oil is excellent as a hair treatment. Warm a little up and work into your ends, leave for a while then rinse with shampoo.

Use a slightly darker blush below your cheekbones to create more definition.

after painting your nails, once they are touch dry, rinse them carefully under cold water to set them.

Summer on

As hard as it is I wash my face every night. I then cover my face and neck with vaseline. When I wake up I just wash the vaseline off with water and do my usual lotion and foundation. My skin has a wonderful glow since I’ve started that regimen. It doesn’t cause zits, as much as you think it would!
PLUS, I’ll be 31 this year and I don’t have a wrinkle on me! No crows feet, nothing. I know that the vaseline has had something to do with that!

AnnieJ on

Wow – great tips ladies! I need to print all of these and start using them.

Jennifer on

I use YSL Touche Eclat to cover the redness at the sides of my nose and it makes me look so much more polished. I’m not a big foundation girl and I’ve never looked good in eyeliner, so I’m happy to find something so small that makes so much difference. Oh yes and I smile to apply my blush in the right place – blush being another small thing that makes a huge difference.

Elda on

Jennifer always looks gorgeous, i just loved her in the movie “the break up” and all of these tips for make up are an awesome idea!!.

Si L. on

i line my eyes on the insde and that makes the look not as harsh and focusesmore on the lashline than just bam! eyeline. also when i dont want a harsh look i use deep violet liquid eyeline instead of black.

Diana on

I totally identify with Summer. I am prone to dry skin, and it’s the worst when I start peeling from sun exposure. Thankfully, this year I haven’t peeled at all.

Once I wash my face or step out of the shower, I immediately moisturize my face and dry skin patches with hydrating lotion. Then to seal in the moisture, I put a thin layer of vaseline over my face and dry spots.

I swear it doesn’t look greasy; instead, it makes your skin glow. Not only that, but your makeup doesn’t end up clogging your pores as much because of the layer of vaseline. But don’t forget to wash your face at the end of the day!

Rital D. on

I just put vaseline on my teeth that way when I smile the lipstick won’t stick to my teeth….it helps a lot when you’re taking the photos…..

Rital D. on

want a perfect eyeline? This might help! when ur using liquid eyeline…..take ur index finger and strech the end of ur eye little bit and then apply the eyeline …it will give you soft, smooth, and natural look….

also, whenever ur planning on washing ur hair….the night before u should massage some warm oil (coconut if you like) and leave it for the night and then shampoo ur hair next morning…it will leave ur hair looking silky and healthy….the oil is the food for the dry/damaged hair all thanks to blow drying and hair straighting.
i hope this helps. and thank you everyone for the great tips! i will sure to try them.

Jacqueline Adjei on

I believe that the perfect shaped eye brow pulls together a made up face !! To achieve this you first shape the brow hair to the shape of your eye brow bone (waxing or threading). Using a ‘comb like’ brush you comb the brow to enhance the arch shape. Brush the brow with the matching eye shadow in the formation of the arch. Finally, use a slightly lighter colored eye brow pencil under the brow to create a neat, flawless border hair line. Lastly, add a shimmery shadow or pigmentation powder directly on the eye brow bone to give a more polished finish !!

Nicole Fisher on

I use a very light face lotion and mix it with a few drops my foundation in the palm of my hand in the summer. It gives a nice glow and lighter coverage for the hot humid weather.

Stephanie on

1.) After applying mascara, comb through your lashes to remove excess with spoolie or clean mascara brush (left over from your last mascara and washed.)
2.) Hairspray or mascara are good eyebrow fixatives. In the hottest weather, use waterproof eyeliner pencil in a soft great or brown.
3.) If you use lipliner, apply it after applying your lipstick. You’ll get a much softer, more natural line.
4.) Apply foundation only where you need it rather than as a mask over your entire face.
5.) Foundations with a high silicone content or mousse texture can be used as eye and lip primers.
6.)Theatrical makeup lines are a good source of highly pigmented concealers/neutralizers/tatoo covers, neutral setting powders, makeup fixatives, and shimmery powders.

Jessica S on

I mix my brown eyeshadow with a little gel bronzer and apply it as eyeliner. The gel bronzer helps the color to stay all day where most powder eyeliners rub off over time.
Jessica S
St Albans, WV

Nicole F on

I use a very light face lotion and mix it with a few drops my foundation in the palm of my hand in the summer. It gives a nice glow and lighter coverage for the hot humid weather.

beth on

I put eyeliner on my lids before I put the eyeshadow on (it helps frame my eyes) and only put on the top eyelids, I’ve found if you put it on the bottom too, it makes your eyes look smaller. I always apply more than one color of eyeshadow. Lately I’ve been using CoverGirl Rosey Outlook with Tapestry Taupe on top of that. I have green eyes, and it makes them look pretty. I also did my friend’s make-up with the same stuff, and she has blue eyes, and it really made them pop! I also put blush (CoverGirl – Iced Cappuccino) not only on the apples of my cheeks, but below my eyes and below my eyebrows to make me look more awake! I also do a light brush of blush all over my face to even out my skin tone – and I apply one coat of mascara, put my lip gloss on while the mascara dries a little bit, then put another coat or two of mascara on.. I use L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in Blackest Black.

alia on

Wow…Thanks Stacey and Jessica T…. I have green eyes also, so those tips help a lot!!… coolio!! :)

Charlie on

To keep the shine off my face without reapplying my powder, I use oil-blotting sheets. I also spray MAC Fix+ to set my makeup or refresh during the day. It’s great on a hot summer day like today!

Canadian, eh? on

Great idea everyone. I like to use Melissa’s Wrinkle Creme on my face first and then apply a face powder that I dilute with baby powder. My face feels dry all day and not greesy feeling with the heat and all. I also put concealer on my eyelids and then apply eyeshadow. Also putting a lot of lighting around when you apply makeup also gives you the real look you have. Haven’t we all left our houses thinking we look a certain way and then see what we really look like out in public. Also drink lots of water. Cheers to everyone!

Sarah G. on

Since I use natural-smelling hair products, in order to make my hair smell nice I always spray a little bit of perfume on my brush so that it can spread throughout my hair.

Stephanie S, 16 on

I have quite a lot of makeup tips that I use, a few of them being: 1. To add volume to my lashes, I dust them with transluscent powder before applying mascara. 2. I always carry a sheer golden lip gloss in my bag because it instantly warms up any lip colour and makes a brand new beautiful shade. 3. If your lip gloss is all stuck on the side or the bottom, and seems all out but half of it is really there, I heat up a glass of water for 5 minutes in the microwave and put the lipglosses in until all the gloss has melted down. That way you don’t have to waste money on buying a new lipgloss.

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