What Was Posh Thinking?

06/06/2007 at 10:00 AM ET

Dave M. Benett/Getty

Is Victoria Beckham ditching the idea of a reality show and heading for Broadway? We can’t figure out why else she would arrive to the 4th Annual Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London dressed like she’s appearing in Chicago! From her six inch YSL heels to her seamed stockings to her fingerless gloves to her, uh, lack of pants in her Roberto Cavalli corset topped one-piece and bolero jacket, Posh looks more suited to showing off her jazz hands than hitting a sedate awards ceremony. She’s not the first celebrity we’ve seen in bloomers, but this is taking the look to the extreme! Tell us: What do you think of Posh’s outfit?

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anon on

Um. Wow. Just wow.

Ashley on

AAAHHHHHH!!! Oh, shew, just Posh. Scared me for a minute!!

anon on

Disgusting, she looks like a wh*re

AnnieJ on

She looks stupid and pathetic as usual. The words “trying too hard” continually come to mind.

anon on

so trashy, and not stylish in the slightest

hge on

She always looks hideous so I’m not surprised.

j on

she was thinking that she’s So hot she can get away with anything. uh…think again?! (but watch britney copy this look next time she’s out)



Jones on

Ohhh My God, what is that?? Should we keep our children away?

Bella on

She looks like a woman in her 50s who has done like 50 surgeries.. and what was she thinking, my conclusion: she wasnt thinking at all.

faith on

this “look” would have been more appropriate if she had worn a skirt and nixed the gloves.

Julie on



this is truely not one of posh’s best outfit. however i think she’s capable of wearing anything w/ a body like that, girl show it!~
more power to u posh!~

Ashley on

I think she looks great!!! Yes this is a risky outfit i heard Karl Lagerfield designed it-sidebar-its totally what he would wear of he was a girl- she looks fierce as hell!! We would all wear this if we could, i think she is taking the mod look to the extreme, i love posh her fashion sense is wicked always perfectly pulled together with a bit of edge and some questionable pieces thats a true fashionista-she is forever pushing the limit and looking amazing doing so!

SK on


jane on

OMG!!! seriously what was she thinking? you guys hit the nail on the head. I usually think she has a right to wear what she wants, she has the body for it, but this is just wrong. This is not fashion, this is ridiculous. Victoria if your reading this please quite giving people reason to talk crap about you.

jane on

OMG!!! seriously what was she thinking? you guys hit the nail on the head. I usually think she has a right to wear what she wants, she has the body for it, but this is just wrong. This is not fashion, this is ridiculous. Victoria if your reading this please quite giving people reason to talk crap about you.

Taylor on


lily on

This outfit is so over the top for any occasion. However, Posh is Posh and she has what it takes to wear whatever she wants. It would look ridiculous on anyone else but on her it actually doesn’t look that bad.
I personally won’t wear it and don’t know anyone else who would but hey, she got it so she flaunts it.

Michelle on


who cares on

shhe probably just wants to be noticed by guys again.

jennifer in tulsa on


katia on

She is insane – this is clear as a day. But why torture us with more picture of people that are not well? I am sorry for Posh and Britney…. I guess they first need a professional help. Getting over husband’s infedelity, post baby bodies and lost of fame is a hard thing.

LB on

As the saying goes “when you got it, flaunt it”.

Not a Fan on

Bad hair, bad jacket, no pants, bad tights, bad gloves, too tight top (whatever that thing is)…all around TERRIBLE! What could she have been thinking??

A. Kennedy on

The outfit is hideous, of course, but it is no worse than the perpetual ‘mona lisa’ smile she wears. I would like to slap her, just to see another expression. I cannot stand looking at her face.

k on

I know that most of the comments here are not going to be good…but i have to say that i love posh..i think shes absolutely gorgeous… and shes just so unique, i think that she dresses for herself and how she feels, rather then just dressing in whatever might be the new big trend in hollywood…that outfit is a little crazy (i know people are going to question the use of my “little”)..but i think that she looks hot in it!, she can definitely pull it off…i just dont think people should be so hard on her…

night on

All she needs is a cigarette tray and she would look perfect.

Anon on

Pants are not optional pieces of clothing unless your romping around in bed with some bloke or sitting on the beach in a bikini sipping on a nice summer cocktail. I’m sorry. You can be stylish and cutting edge, but still manage to be tasteful about it. ESPECIALLY at a Women of the Year Award ceremony.

boshra on

sheee as fashionable as alwaysssss.. comeone she was ina agla group who invented carzy cool stuu everyday..the spice girls..they rock as alwayssss

claudia on

I don’t understand how her husband lets that crazy lady go out looking like that, Does she has a mirror? or does she loves making a fool of her self, that outfit is just insane.

dawn on

She was thinking just this how can i have people talk about me. O yeah i’ll wear this silly thing and i will have people take my picture and talk about me.

AnnieJ on

Desparate act of a desparate woman.

Laurie on

She looks like she forgot to put on her skirt and left the house half dressed. Trying too hard to get noticed?

katia on

Ouch! I thought Posh forgot her pants but no, this is a fashion statement! Sorry guys, my mistake!
I guess if she covers her face and boobs i will buy it BUT barring both legs and boobs just chip and nothing else. Her facial expression is terrible and as indecent as her outfit. She is trying hard to be hot, to be fashionable but forget that the lack of personality is the strongest sex-appeal killer. The elegance is when no one noticed that you are missing a substantial part of your clothing..

Nicole on

I usually think she has a great sense of style. However, this look isn’t working and those tight are the worng color.

erin on

So dumd! Stop trying to make a statement, and would it kill you to smile once in your life???!!!Posh always looks like such a miserable B!

Daisy on

She looks cheap but more than that, she looks silly.

Brenda on

OMG, many of these comments just crack me up – so funny! LOL I agree with them all and couldn’t have said it better than these previous posters! Have you all noticed that her head looks wider than her waist? Maybe if she ate some real food, she would think straight and realize that she looks like a circus clown.

Lisa on

In the bedroom this outfit would be fine.

Out in public? Desperate, silly and too much of an attention wh*re.

TigMode on

Of course she looks irritated, she hasn’t eaten in years.

When all is said and done, she has children and dressing like a hooker is appalling. If she isn’t embarassed for herself, how about when her kids have to hear it from classmates and peers?

. on

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Lori on

She is getting that “little body (except the fake breasts) big
head” look! My husband would never let me go out looking like that. I think it is only going to get worse if she moves to LA. She will likely start hanging out with all the young starlets like Lindsay L, Nicole R etc and going out to the clubs. Her marriage will likely end. I have no respect for Victoria what so ever!

nikki on

The words “trashy” and “tramp” come to mind. She looks terrible, although she always has.

Belinda N on

I think it is a bit risky but I think that she looks great. For a mother with 3 kids and still look like that. I will flaunt my body too. I’m still trying to lose my baby fat. More power to her for being so daring. In the same sense I think that she could have chosen a better outfit for the occassion.

alia on

OMG…this is the scariest-looking woman I have ever seen… it just gets worse and worse every day…

Vikki on

Reminds me of Bowie in his Ziggy days

marianne on


Elda on

this outfit makes her look so cheap and her twins look so fake in this picture kinda when you stuff an orange in your pocket but i do like the shoes.

Dorothy on

She is trying TOO HARD to make an impression but nowadays people appreciate more the simple style and natural beauty. She have to grow up and stop trying to put Madonna’s 80s stage outfits on the street and at the award ceremonies.It is JUST PLAIN S****Y!!!!

turkeygirl77 on

Well…what can I say? She definitely has a body to flaunt it (wish I could pull it off) but at the expense of living on seaweed shakes and wearing corsets so tight she can’t smile because she is grimacing in pain. She reminds of one of those bots on Austin Powers. LOL!

Debbie on

I have never seen this lady smile….. goes to show that money cannot buy you happiness or fashion sense.

Rebecca on

Ah, thanks PEOPLE- I was waiting for a chance to comment on this outfit after seeing it in Star Tracks. This is wrong in so many ways, not least of which is the nude pantyhose…. oh, and the lack of pants or skirt of course. When will Victoria realize wearing tops that tight make her “girls” look so freakishly fake? Looks like they’re about to pop!

Rebecca on

P.S. “Trying too hard” is a vast understatement!

suzi on

I have never seen her smile! she always looks pissed. She is the ugliest wanna be celebrity I have ever seen!

Emma on

TRASH. She’s a thirty something woman with three kids, she needs to stop trying to be 20 again. She might live in LA now but she’s no Paris Hilton!

Summer on

I believe she is trying very hard to make executives realize she is reality show worthy. She needs to show them that she is something to watch and talk about.
She is so famous abroad, but here she’s only known for being an X-spice girl and married to a famous soccer player! She knows her fashion but is that enough to keep ANOTHER reality show going. Especially when the entire show is just about her and her life(not even her personal life).

Shannon on

Love it, how can you hate a trendsetter like Vic?

wasabi on

How much longer are we going to be subjected to her? Seriously, I know she is big in England and Europe but why is the American media shoving her down our throats?? She must have an AMAZING publicist…..I find both her appearance and her attitude frightening.

Stacey on

Doesn’t her head look to big for her body???? She looks cheap. The haircut must go it doesn’t do anything for her and neither does that outfit.

rena sachartoff on

She looks ridiculous and someone should tell her! She cracks me up. Always camera ready, says “she looks awful naked.” Good thing she hasn’t any daughters. What a terrible example she seems to be, almost all the time… She should be smiling witht eh life she has, but all she almost ALWAYS ever has is a pout of I am so damn cool and you’re not on her puss. Whatever. She truly bores me. But who cares what I think. lol

Louise on

She certainly has the body for it. I say flaunt it.

Anna on

GROSS and ROTTEN thats what i think!!!!

tamms on

What happened? I liked you more covered up and classy.
Please dont try to fit in with the girls here in North America by dressing trashy. In spite of how it might look,
there are still some people here that have class and self respect.

janet on

This is the Glamour Woman of the Year???? As soon as I am done writing this, I am going to cancel my subscription. Remind me again, what exactly is it that she does????

Elizabeth on

She looks like herself – CHEAP and DISGUSTING!!! I feel sorry for her 3 kids, I will be ashamed to go out with MUMMY like POSH !!! YUCK !!!

Rose on

Not hot, the person who said trying too hard is right. She always looks as though she wants attention! Not innately stylish, just trying to be…it has to come from within to be hot

Anna on

She looks ridiculous! Can’t she see that she’s making a fool of herself?!

Alyson on

Another fine example that tons of money doesn’t necessarily give you class, nor does it make you chic.
She needs a good stylist, and a good talking to.

M on

I think she looks great. People tend to be very critical when someone wears something they know they would never be able to pull off! Stop hating on POSH!!! She is fabulous!!!

Tamara on

She looks glam and INDIVIDUAL as usual. She is proving AGAIN she is not afraid to push the envelope and set new style standards. Some may think it’s trashy, but really all that matters is what her and her husband think…and I’m pretty sure he was nodding his head in approval before she walked out the door. Go Posh! Welcome to Cali!

kewlmum2000 on

This is hideous. By the way why did she win woman of the year. What has she done????

Jennifer on

I just had to comment on this one…lol. The first thought that come to my mind was Oh My God!! What was she thinking? She is very beautiful…why does she make herself look so ugly with that hair and trashy outfit??? I guess money doesn’t buy taste.

katie on

why is the world would any magazine give HER an award like that? i don’t get it at all. what has she done to be deserving? being a fashion businesswoman is not enough these days. everyone does that. big whoop.

erica on

Trying waaaay too hard- as usual!

LadyDi on

I think, if she got rid of the gloves and had a cute short skirt on instead…. She would have looked great!

lori on

the thing is, she could be very pretty if she’d dress elegantly and smartly…sadly, even though she’s rich and married to a hot guy, I think she’s got low self esteem and has to have constant attention…Ive honestly never seen her smile not even once…how sad is that? money doesnt buy it all..

WB on

Absolutely atrocious! Low-class comes to mind. With all her money, couldn’t she hire a more talented stylist! Jeez Louise.

katia on

I am a mother myself and same age as Posh i exercise and look absolutely fine. I CAN go out in my underpants and men will be definitely pleased BUT I wouldn’t as I am still in my mind. Besides I am smiling to people so they find me very attractive without me showing them the details of my anatomy.
I do not understand a comment “flaunt it while you have it”. If we all start to bare our assets in public it will be whatever but not fashion.

Jess on

The stockings look like the ones Robin Williams had to wear to be Mrs. Doubtfire. Posh looked so much better back in her Spice Girls days– better hair, make-up, overall style. What happened?

Dragonfly on

I’m just tired of her silly looking face. Such a bland expression all of the time. Like plastic. The outfit was certainly in poor taste. Better suited for a pussy cat dolls outing. Very declasse.

stephanie on

this is hideous!!! with the money she has, you would think she would have better taste than this. she is not that attractive and tries to be something she is not. try again…

sophieb on

Umm didnt any 1 tell you when you were a teen not to show to much flesh.Flaunt anywhere else but in public please it makes people think you’re trying to hard. Bit risky.

Lacey on

I think she looks awesome. I think she is gorgeous wish I looked like that.

Kathy Rumanov on

Forget all the plastic surgery but what has she got over her upper lip? She’s grotesque in every way. Same as Rosie.

Daniel on

This woman looks soooooooooooooooo vulgar!!

roxana sanchez on

I feel sorry for her. She looks so anorexic. She looks old.

Madam X on

It’s a little over the top she should have chosen either one or the other to wear because together it just isn’t working for her

Kim on

Is she ever HAPPY? She looks horrid!

enigma on

The blank look, the forced poses, the stiff arms, the weird hair, the funny looking lips, the exaggerated make-up, and the always questionable fashion; makes me wonder if V.B. secretly wishes she was a department store manikin…?!?!? But, I could be wrong and I hope I am……???

Kelly on

Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. She looks just ridiculous and is always dressed inappropriately for any function…i.e. the Cruise/Holmes wedding.

chanel on


FromSpain on

mmmmmm…. ok… you guys are not used to her yet! TG she’s leaving Madrid b/c she’s just too much!She goes to pick her kids up from school like that every day! she’s just so ridiculous…I saw her at a restaurant and she was so stressed trying to fix her hair all the time and not paying any attention to her kids…the only thing we’re definitely going to miss here is her LOVELY, NICE, and soooo-HOT husband!!! :) David stay in Spain pls!!!

Frances on

I think she looks really bad. Her body and face is to thin for those BIG boobs. Talk about being TOP HEAVY! She needs to gain just a little, not much. Also were clothes that fit her not so proportioned figure. Hello Posh, You are only married to a man that takes care of his body, try doing the same.

Kim on

I think that she looks horrible! She is mother and shouldn’t be dressing like that. It’s one thing to dress sexy but another to look like an idiot!

Lenny on

one word for her outfit….. U-G-L-Y!!!!!!!

Felicia on

I think she looks amazing. It’s not like she dresses like this everyday. People, get a life.

Debbie on

Ugly, just like her!

Christine on

If you have the body Flaunt it. And she does so GOOD!

ray on

as the fug girls say, at least we dont have to waste time thinking what her butt cleavage looks like.

Kate on

I always thought she was classy, until recent style choices. She moved the the US and lost her mind.


If the colours black and white did not exisist she would not know what to do!!. All you ever see her in is black and white. and what is with the panthose and shorts, it makes her look cheap, she has great legs and tan why not show it!!!! my grand mother new enough not to where shorts and panthose

rae rae on

For one–she is too damn skinny, which makes her head look to big for her body.

Lisa Hamilton on

that looks dumb….not cute at all.

Becky on

I think the outfit itself is nice in the right setting… a la runway maybe. Its too much with Posh’s spray tan, heavy make-up and hair. :(

Pat on

Get over yourself & start dressing your age…you look like a desperate 18 year old going out to a club!! but the mother of 3

JW on

I wish I had her body.

Brittany on

Sweetie we wear pants in the USA! Guess she didn’t get the memo

EW on

Mother of three can’t show her teeth but parades her fake water balloons all over disneyland in a see through shirt– because nipples are most appropriate at Disneyland with your kids than a smile. It’s sad and this woman is exactly what’s wrong with the world today. Fake, fake fake, no happiness, no health, no real love. Just money, plastic and cameras. Sad.

Pat on

She should defenitely consider hiring a stylist!! w/ all the money she has you’d think she didn’t have to dress like a tramp who’s going out for nite duty!!

karen on

i usually love her style but this was not a good choice.

Mani on

A normal person wouldn’t wear this, but in celebrity-land it is definitely allowed. She looks DAMN GOOD, I don’t care what anyone else thinks!!

yvonne franceschi on

She’s gone mad, as they say in England. this outfit is not
for this kind of event. She is always dressed in neutral
tones, is she afraid of color? Is she distressed by her
possible reality show cancelation? no wonder….. Yvonne

iofjsahiSf on

Cant she get in trouble for no pants?

Beccah on

ok that wasn’t her best outfit to date but she always manages to look nice. She’s got some fashion sense, but we all make mistakes. Don’t tell you’ve never committed a fashion crime cos i won’t believe it. But what really gets me laughing is to know that no matter what she’s wearing, jobless people still manage to take some time and write about ‘how they hate her’ you know your just wasting your time cos she doesn’t give a damn what you guys think but your all killing yourselves from the inside just on the thought of her. So please people stop all theses silliness, its really getting ridiculous. Don’t you have anything better to do than to right ridiculous comments on how you hate her, your comments is what gets her going, cos she knows that even the people that hate her spend time writing and talking about her. u people crack me up.

CM on

Victoria looks like she just hopped off the ice at an amateur figure skating competition after doing a routine to Brian Adam’s “Summer of 69”. It really doesn’t get any cheesier.

CM on

Victoria looks like she just hopped off the ice at an amateur figure skating competition after doing a routine to Brian Adam’s “Summer of 69”. It really doesn’t get any cheesier.

Amy B on


Soooo TRUE!!!!
I couldn’t have said it better. Insecure girls HAVE to dress like this to feel good about themselves. Only the confident ones can dress appropriate and still feel just as sexy! Plus people actually respect you when you respect yourself! think about it.

Keisha on

What Tha?????????????? for heaven sake did she look in the mirror
Posh= woman act your age

Christine on

It’s so crass and in such poor taste to be so attention seeking at such an event. She should be ashamed of herself. The upside: Glamor’s woman of the year probably had a good laugh and felt even better about being so classy.

veronica on

all she needs is a poice batton and shes ready to do stuff in bed

edie on

u guys r so mean

. on

Cher saying, “Posh, baby, I love it.”

Lis on

She is missing a piece of clothing Right?
She should have put on a pair of jeans and it would actually be a cute outfit in my opinion.

Becky on

Ummm…did she forget her pants?

AnnieJ on

Could you imagine Mrs. Tom Cruise socializing with “posh” looking like this? I’m sure Katie has better sense than that!

Tika on

Well, I have heard that David has more clothes than her, but I don’t think there’s any excuse for that outfit

jen on

she looks trashy

nancy on

EWWWW! What an emaciated mess! She’s an absolute skeleton. Who wears white stockings anymore?

nt on

She has a man face. She looks like a drag queen. Ridiculous.

Layla on

Her head is so big and her body is so small she could be a bobblehead doll!

Jade on

Shirt with no pants? Hmm didnt know this was in style! Ooo ya, because its Not!
Her style is not posh, but rather trailor park. And this outfit totally washes out all of her natural beauty.

melissa on

she is stunning!

CL on

I may not have liked this outfit a few days ago. But after Posh’s recent MTV movie awards outfit, this one is a gem. :)

Layla on

She is a tanorexic robot, where is the black bar for a huge Glamour Don’t!

kelly on

She looks like RUPAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

nubelle on

i totally agree with Annie J. she’s trying too hard and she comes out as desperate and pathetic.

(plus i don’t think she’s good looking, but that’s a personal taste).

Mich on

It’s not my favourite, but if somebody else like Kate Middleton wore that, everybody would be hailing her the new fashion queen. I think people criticise this outfit because of Victoria Beckham herself. I like Posh. She copes with criticism from jealous people very well.

Mich on

And I agree with Beccah. Show me a woman who hasn’t taken a risk and had it thrown back in her face.

See? At least she’s taking a risk. Gets us talking. Like we are now. So stop being jealous.

D on

I used to like Posh but feel she has lost her way lately. The fact is as someone else said she is a thirty something mother of 3 boys. Yes you can be a sexy thirty something mother BUT she is starting to look like she’s trying to recapture something. Over the last few months she’s just getting faker (don’t know if that’s a real word) looking. Her hair is too bleached, she’s looking tango orange and those fake boobs are constantly on display and practically up to her chin. She just comes across so stiff and vain. By the way, has David even been to the States yet to see where he’s going to be living. Before he had the fling in Madrid she was off here there and everywhere recording this new album with Damon Dash. Then he had an affair and she played mum for about a year. She’s off doing her thing again now, just hope she doesn’t forget about her family.

Lorna on

I think the outfit is a little over the top but she looks great and good on her for daring to go out in such a tiny number!

Lisa on

Damn, she tries too hard! It looks like she was in a rush so she forgot to put on her trousers. Hideous look.

Violet on

Her head looks too big for her body,,,, not attractive at all, she looks like one of those BRAT dolls :)

Kari on

She is her own personal freak show. She has the worst taste, period. Aren’t her body parts tired of being so tightly bound?? She needs to relax!

Leah on

She is ugly as sin and so is her outfit. I hate to be mean she may be a nice woman, but I do not know how she has her husband as ugly as she is.

Nicole on

I think if u have it…flant it. She has it n I think she looks great!

sarah on

with her money , power and mother of 3, she suppose to concentrate more than what’s going on in this world at least like angelina jolie beside trying to fit in in usa glomour and hollywood , she never smile and she think she is all that . but in my world she is nobody , because she does nothing to make a differnce in poeple lifes

Teresa on

I’m sorry, but this woman is awful.

Andrea on

Victoria is Victoria, this is the kind of outfit that can only looks good on her. She looks awesome and classy as usual even if she doesn’t have pants on.

Alison on

ummm what was posh thinking?….umm obviously she wasn’t thinking. I mean she went out in public in THAT! ewwwww. grow up posh–this isn’t playboy

Axelle on

I am sorry but this is just plain nasty, a new low for her. She is simply trying too damn hard to impress…Every outfit she wears screams out ” oh! look at me”. I am not impressed by her at all, contrary. From the hooker outfit to the MTV awards to this, what’s next? Walking around in just a sheer full body stockings???? Good rythms…Posh, it’s ok to dress like a mommy sometimes, i think you have 3 little boys (who by the way you are rarely seen with, too busy loving yourself).

diana on

one simple accessory is missing…a smile

Sophie on

Between the nasty, fake looking blonde hair, the tiny dress (If it can be called a dress), and the ridiculous heels, she looks like a DRAG QUEEN!!! But, like not even a hot drag queen. EEW…

brittnie on

shes hot i will give her that. but this looks trashy! she should be working on the corner or at a strip club. also kinda looks like a all black hooters outfit…. posh, have more class then this! you have the money why not use it the right way instead of buying nasty stuff like this!!

brittnie on

shes hot i will give her that. but this looks trashy! she should be working on the corner or at a strip club. also kinda looks like a all black hooters outfit…. posh, have more class then this! you have the money why not use it the right way instead of buying nasty stuff like this!!

ABC123 on

I thought she was going clubbing, to a party or something of that nature. The outfit itself doesn’t look that bad BUT where you wear it to makes all the different. There TRULY is a time and a place for everything. (LOL, another observation I just made, she has that superhero stance going on here too, LOL).

Christen on

All I have to say is if my body looked like hers I’d probably wear less than that! You go, Posh!

Dorie on

I must have missed something. When did support stockings become vogue?

Karli on

She always looks trashy. I don’t know how she got such a hot husband. He must be blind!!!

Allana on

OMG she looks awful… I mean, she’s a mom and maybe she shouldn’t be wearing those clothe. I would be embarred if she were my mother.. Grow up woman! You’re not 20 anymore… Damn! I’m 17 and I do not wear that… gosh!

Jess on

This is totally appropriate…in the bedroom! Uggghhhh!!

Julie on

she’s a total freak

Erica on

The outfit is horrendous…BUT……if she would SMILE for once maybe people would overlook the outfit!!!! I think her face would crack if she smiled, she never ever smiles! And it drives me nuts! Remember what Annie said….Your never fully dressed without a smile!
I personally think other parts of her are fake as well, but again, that could be forgiven if she would just look like she was having a good time once in a while! What could possibly be so bad that she always has pissed off look on her face? Is it the part about being famous orloaded or maybe having to be married to a hunk?


Heyyy on

I love the way she dresses for herself and is really outgoing. Her outfits are normally fashion forward statements; however, this outfit is borderline trashy at her age, moreover a mother.

TA on

She looks horrible – don’t get me wrong she has a nice body however if someone can NEVER EVER smile, then there really isn’t any point in looking nice. SMILE GEEZ!!!!

Mary on

Nothing looks good with flaring nostrils. Am I the only one who thinks she has the biggest flaring nostrils? I can’t get past it. -Mary

mc185905@ohiou.edu on

i think she looks trashy. although; i love the hair.

Eve on


Courtney on

I’m sorry, but she is hideous. Victoria, you have children! Stop dressing like a 21 year old street walker!

Candace on

Umm….Daring..no…stylist…no….trashy…close. How about just a big NO! Posh leave the Spice in the past..ur not on stage anymore.

Rose on

when i first saw the pic i thought she forgot half her outfit..really it looks like shees trying way 2 hard!

Lucy on

I do NOT know how they think this woman has style! She tries to dress like a teenager. Don’t like the haircut and don’t like the clothes she wears.

kris on

i was surprised to see her in this outfit because she usually looks alot more classier. Maybe it’s not the best outfit to wear to this type of event, but im still a fan of her style and think she looks beautiful.

Sarah on

FLAUNT it in a way that makes you look beautiful… not desperate for that attention. I think she could FLAUNT her beautiful body, her knowledge about fashion and her love for CHANEL in a much more elegant way. So, let’s tell our FUTURE DAUGHTERS to flaunt their bodies… in a way that makes them look…Good and beautiful.

Teresa on

She is supposed to know fashion? Ridiculous. She looks like a prostitute.

love on

The shoes are HOT!!

ashley on

shes got one of the best bodies ever she shouldnt even wear clothe

mechelle on

can we say $20 on a street corner!?

christine on

OMG, so bad!! AND she always looks so unhappy.

MsBird on

Posh tries too hard… also too much lip pouting. Her “Flock of Seagulls” hair cut doesn’t help. She doesn’t know how to dress for the occasions.. every time she goes to the supermarket or to shop she thinks she has 2go out looking ultra glamourous .. poor girl tries to hard and no one likes her fake boobs and permanent “fake” tan- Can people can skin poisoning from too much fakie tan??? …boobs not at all natural with all the money her husband has she needs to redo her breast implants to better natural looking ones.

Tessa on

She always has such an angry, sour look on her face. And what’s with that pose? She does that all the time now and it comes across as if she’s so impatient and inconvenienced. This must be her idea of how a celeb is supposed to act/pose. Also, I noticed recently…that she just looks weird. Is it me or does she look like an alien????

Vicky on

She tryed making a fashion statement, that naturally failed

zanda on

eeewwww trashy n tring to hard to fit in u aint an original. more like a fake.

Nancy on


Canadian, eh? on

Obviously she wasn’t thinking!

Cara on

She is too thin & needs to lengthen what ever she is wearing.. shorts? Knickers? I just don’t know. The woman professes to be so stylish – but she just keeps getting it wrong!

Breane on

Well she’s showing too much leg, and where did her but go?

Melinda Payne on

What was she thinking? She tries to hard, poor thing!!!

Lesly on


Kelly on

She looks FABULOUS! She has a great body and isn’t afraid to show it off. Yes, it is a little daring, but it just shows her confidence, which is amazing!

sheila on

i would like the dress if it was a little bit longer and i love the hair cut if i have the guts to chop off my hair i would do that.but she does need to get rid of those gloves.people are just jelious they cant pull that look off!!!

sheila on

if the dress was a little bit longer and if she got rid of those dam gloves! i love love the haircut! people are just jelious!!!!

lauren on

Wow, I dont even think a hooker would try to pull that off…… either she has no mirror, or her fashion desginer is blind….

Heather on

Ridiculous – she looks like the cartoon she has become.

stephanie willis on

How many gasped, and or, laughed, when she walked in? What a hoot! And do you notice, she never, ever, seems to smile.
Probably causes to many wrinkles, or she’s too botoxed up to move her face muscles.

egle on

yack…i like the way she dresses but not this time. she looks like an old barbie doll this time…

X on

You dont wear that to a glamour event!!! you wear that outfit at a strip club!! How could they vote het woman of the year in that?!

Pat on

Posh, go back to brown hair, you look scary like that! And dress like a classy woman, not a ho!

hannah on

Usally she dresses very nicely, but this outfit is a total NO.

L on

If “having the body to wear it” means never eating and looking like a skeleton then I guess she’s got it going on. She needs a little more meat on her bones and actual clothes would be nice…

Olivia on

Honestly, Victoria has to learn that she’s not a Spice Girl anymore and that outfits like that are not accepted on women as mature as her. She needs a reality check

Anonymous on

if you look in the picture she has her hand on her hip and if look at it both of her hand allmost tuch each other that shoes she is to thin !!!! go out to eat posh and get a hamburger instead of a salad

urlisha on

wow………a little to short and to0oo0o0o tight i mean wow wow wow posh

chris on

Hot Hot Hot !!

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