Who Wears Their LBD the Best: Jessica, Fergie or Amanda?

06/05/2007 at 10:30 AM ET

Steve Granitz/WireImage, Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic, Steve Granitz/WireImage

Silver heels weren’t the only trend worth trying at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Fergie and Amanda Bynes showed off their killer figures in multiple versions of the little black dress. Justin Timberlake’s rumored love added some white detailing to the bottom of her simple deep v-neck April, May dress while the “Glamorous” singer opted for a sporty racer-back plain smock with polka-dot clutch while Amanda Bynes rocked some serious bling with her curve-hugging Herve Leger number. From second-skin to swingy, from simple to souped-up, Tell us: Which LBD look do you like best?

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Jennifer on

Amanda Bynes for sure.. she looked amazing that night!

Julie on

My vote’s for Fergie here.

Nicole on

I think Amanda and Fergie look great. I don’t care for Jessica’s dress. I think her hair looked nice.

Annie on

i think Amanda. the other 2 still look great but Amanda definetly looks more poised.

k on

Fergie!…i think she looks classic, simple, and elegant which is what the LBD is supposed to be!…i think Amanda and Jessica are trying to “dress it up” a little too much.

Marlene on

Love Amanda Bynes…..very pretty

Elda on

All three are hot with those dresses but i like Jessica the best she is just so naturally beautiful!!

nbez on

totally amanda bynes

Rachel on

Amanda Bynes looks great. Jessica Biel’s would be better if it were more fitted.

margaret on

amanda, no competition

Heidi on


Anissa on

Actually I think they would all look better if they swapped.
Jessica would wear Amanda’s (3rd)
Fergie would wear Jessica’s (1st)
Amanda would were Fergie’s (2nd)

Jessica looks great in clingy dresses, Fergie needs the extra funky detail, and Amanda is youthful enough to pull off the simple black dress.

j on

these girls all look (equally) great! however, where’s the pic of cameron? you didn’t show her because she blows them all away??

pam on

Definitely Fergie, she looks absolutely fly.

novayorker on

amanda bynes. jessica biel and fergie’s dresses look shapeless.

AnnieJ on

Amanda looks the best – but I’m not lovin’ that necklace with that outfit.

Heather S. on

My vote goes to Amanda… it’s such a change for her! Jessica looks gorgeous though. I’m not loving the shapelessness of Fergie’s dress, but her hair and makeup are flawless (for once!), so she definitely gets an A for effort. Her cheeks had been looking strangely puffy for a few weeks, but that seems to have passed.

Cheryl on

Amanda looks the best! Great fit and classy.

*star* on

i normally wouldn’t say this, but amanda did look good that night! fergie’s is ok but jessica’s dress is ugly

Lorna on

Fergie look the best, check out those legs!

Mary on

My vote is on Fergie. She has on a nice dress w/the perfect shoes, cute purse – she could have done something with her hair.
Jessica Biel has an amazing figure and she’s hiding it in that? Her hair and makeup was pretty.
Amanda Bynes dress is cute, shoes are too bulky, the jewelry is too much for that dress/event, her hair is way too light.

Beka on

Amanda looks amazing
fergie looks ok
but jessica looks terrible

Didi on

I like Jessicas best because it has some details and its not so plain.But in general I find LBDs extremely boring and very safe choice.Come on girls you have all the designers in the world ready to give or make for you every possible piece of clothing for free! Be more adventurous!!!!!



olha on

amanda looks the best=) so beautiful =))))

Amanda on

Fergie and Jess look better than Amanda. Amanda’s jewelery and too tight dress makes her look more gaudy than classy :\

Christina on

I think Amanda’s dress fits her nicely. She’s got a great shape (as does Fergie & Jessica) but I just feel she fills the dress out better than the other two.

Deepti on


Carrie on

Amanda looks awkward (like a little girl out in mommy’s clothes),
Fergie looks really hot…minus her man face
Jessica looks dissapointing, she has the best body in the whole world, and shouldn’t cover it up.

Cami on

Not mentioned, but Cameron Diaz worked hers a lot better than those 3.

Olivia on

Amanda takes the prize in my book. She looks great.

Jessica is looking a hot mess with that dress that does not flatter her “body” and them shoes! Oh my word…them shoes what was she thinking!

Summer on

All three look amazing! Amanda is hot all around, Fergies legs are great and I’ve always thought Jessica was so pretty. I don’t care for Jessica’s shoes though.

diana on

they ALL look great~

Dorie on

Amanda – always

emma on

Amanda Bynes for sure rocked it the best… the other two looked shapeless in their dresses, they looked fine, just not as great as Amanda

p on

If we could take Jessica’s head and out it on Fergie’s body, then that look would be the best!

alia on

I think Amanda and Fergie look the best, but I agree w/ J, Cameron blew all of these girls out of the water….where is her pic?!?…

Charlene on

Amanda All the way… Fergie’s, was ok..
It was a good thing that Jessica was hiding that manly muscular body in that dress..

lowell on

amanda, without a doubt.

KeKe on

amanda luv da dress and she just looks beautiful. is nice to see hear again as she is one of the young hollywood stars i admire as she seems very down to earth and grounded.

Camille on

What about Cameron Diaz?
I thought she was Best Dressed of the night.

Out of these 3, I’d have to say Amanda.
Fergie was ok.
Jessica dress was awful, in my opinion.

Sandy on

I agree that Amanda looks like a kid playing dress up. That necklace looks ridiculous on her. The dress is really cute, though. She should have worn different shoes and not worn the necklace. Jessica’s dress is ugly. Fergie looks the best.

D on


Meg on

Amanda and Fergie rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jessica looks terrible!!!!!!!!!! It kinda looks like she just bought a black dress and sewed some details on. Oh, how ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amanda looks the best!

Leigh on

Amanda! Her curves look great in that dress.

xo on

fergies – hers is simple but still has glamour. jessicas is okay but she looks best in fitted clothing. amandas accessories dont look good with the dress.

xo on

fergies – hers is simple but still has glamour. jessicas is okay but she looks best in fitted clothing. amandas accessories dont look good with the dress.

Gina on

Shoes- Jessica’s

Dress- Amanda

Overall- Amanda looks the best, but she would look better if the necklace was smaller or if she took it off.

Alice on

I think Amanda is usually adorable and has a great personality. But I wasn’t digging the old lady necklace, orange tan and too blond hair. I would hate to see her go that route.

genie on

i think amanda’s dress is the best but i like fergie’s shoes and necklace better

SK on

Fergie looks best! She looks effortlessly natural and comfortable in her dress. It looks modern but she is still wearing it with her own style. Jessica is a pretty girl but her dress is sloppy and has a terrible fit. It just hangs like a potato sack and her heels are too chunky. I wouldn’t wear those heels with any outfit – it weighs down any look and just makes you keep staring at her shoes. Amanda, to me, just looks like a stripper/dancer. Her dress has no style…looks like it could be a slutty dress from any decade but the overpowering gaudy necklace makes it look 80’s. I know she appeals to the teenage/young audience but that doesn’t say a whole lot. I don’t think she’s attractive at all. She has an odd face and the hair needs rescue.

Maryse on

All three look nice. I like Amanda’s LBD the best. I really wish Amanda didn’t wear that huge necklace, the outfit looked fine as is, and she was wearing a nice bracelet, no need for some huge diamond necklace choker. I love her shoes though and her hair and make-up are beautiful. Fergie looks amazing. Her make-up, hair and accessories are great choices. I do like her dress, but if I could change their outfits around, I would put Jessica’s dress on Fergie, and Fergie’s dress on Jessica. I think Fergie could really pull Jessica’s dress off perfectly. Fergie has a sexy and funky style and looks good in just about anything. Since I can’t change their dresses around, Fergie looks beautiful as is also. Jessica’s hair and make-up look nice. I’m not digging the shoes, and the dress doesn’t look good on her. I would have chosen a different pair of shoes to wear with the dress. I like the detail on the end of the dress, but the dress needs to be more form fitting on her body. Jessica has a nice shapely figure, but with this dress on she looks like she’s wearing a sack.

If I could change their dresses around, I would put Amanda’s dress on Jessica. Jessica’s dress on Fergie. Fergie’s dress on Amanda. OR Leave Amanda’s dress on her and put Fergie’s dress on Jessica and Jessica’s dress on Fergie.

I also agree, Cameron looked amazing in her LBD. If she was added to this list, she would have been my choice. Cam was my fave of the night.

Taylor on

Fergie most definitley, she actually works the shoes, instead of making them look chunky and disfunctional.

jb on

Amanda looks amazing.

Curlybob on

My preference is Jessica Biel’s dress.

Cassie on

Amanda definately rocked the LBD better she looks great!

katie on

i defintely think fergie looked the best of the three. jessica’s dress does nothing for her, and amanda’s jewelry is a little over the top. fergies dress flatters her very much. and what is up with the weird soles on jessica’s shoes??

GlamPunk on

Jessica Biel looks great as usual :-)

yvonne franceschi on

Definitely Amanda. Yvonne

Jille. on

Fergie’s the only one that looked comfortable in her LBD!

natalie on

Fergie took it this time. Amanda had too much “bling” on. And Jessica just looks crusty!

Nenette on

Fergie’s definitely for me. She looks comfortable and effortless, my idea of the look of the perfect LBD. It’s appropriate for the occasion and perfectly understated so you notice HER first before the dress.
Both other ladies look great also, but Fergie looks the best.

tanya on

all of the girls look stunning!
amanda looks great but i don’t like the tight fit that much…
i think overall fergie looks the best, it’s a timeless look.

who cares on

Personally, I like Amanda’s dress the best, based on the way it looks on her. She looks very beautiful. However, if I was going to wear one I would pick Fergies. I don’t like the tight fit look, however Amanda can pull it off. Jessica’s dress is just… ew.
So either Amanda or Fergie.

Kristen on

Fergie has it hands down.

350Zgirl on

Fergie looks amazing! She rocks it the best. She looks like Kate Moss in the photo.

R on

Fergie looks the best, in a less-is-more way. the dress is a little shapeless in the middle, but she shows off her killer legs and arms. tight everywhere is not always best.

Amanda is too orange and the necklace is too much. the shoes are too clunky. she hasn’t perfected her style. she has a great body, but clingy everywhere, very short, and too much bling doesn’t work for her.

Jessica is wearing an ugly dress, and it’s shapeless, too. She’s the one who called herself too sexy to get roles as “the girl next door” and she loves to show off her body, but this is a gross error.

Laila on

I really liked Amandas dress and shoes. Im not too crazy about the necklace with her dress. All of them are beautiful but Amanda definately looked the best!

Esme on


LadyDi on

Hands Down – Amanda!

snowbunny on

Fergie looks best.

Jessica looks nice, but those shoes are clunky.

Amanda looks nice too,but the necklace is a bit too much for a simple, classic, lbd.

SUzie on

AMANDA looked AMAZING! the other ladies didn’t look bad though

kari on

definitely fergie! i don’t like amanda’s necklace and jessica’s dress is shapeless but they look good though. fergie was just gorgeous! perfect

Brittany on

Amanda Bynes looked gorgeous from head to toe, and her necklace was so glamorous, Fergie looked great too (but she always does) kudos Amanda.

anna on

Fergie!definitely, amanda bynes looks like a stripper plus she is way to akward in the dress and way to tight! Fergies is perfect, with all that leg showing you need a little bit looser dress

galeguiña on

I do like Jessica´s lower part of the dress, but it doesn´t fit her right in thr upper part. Her shoes…yuck!
Fergi, I think she always looks bad, always looks vulgar to me, and her face is so ugly, tho she has a good pair of legs!
Amanda so so…
To me, none look particularly good, Cameron was stunning tho!

Rebecca on


jen on

it goes:

benny boy on

d*mn! amanda is so hot!

Allie on

I love Fergie’s dres… Amanda looks too trashy for her age and I just don’t get jessica’s dress.

Patty on

Jessica is beautiful, she’s so gorgeous no matter what she wears.

Alexa on

I think they all look stunning, but I’d have to say Amanda Bynes’ dress is most appealing.

Brenda on

Amanda Bynes by a LONG shot!!

jenny on

uh god no.

amanda looks like a cheapass.
Take away that huge gody necklace and she’d look find.

im goin with fergie. she looks classier and more original.
then the typical tight black dress that shows everything.

Lindsay on

Amanda, hands down. Dress, tan, she rocked the look.

Polya on

Fergie, of course!:)

emily on

amanda for sure even tho fergie looks GREAT amanda pulls it off the best!!

breane on

I think Jessica’s dress is different looking, the others just are wearing another dress.

Kris on

Fergie #1
Amanda looks like a hooker.
And Jessica looks like she just woke up.

Kaye on

Fergie. Just Glamorous!

Amanda on

I think Amanda’s look is gorgeous. I wish I could look that good!

Sarah G. on

Amanda. The dress highlights her shape, whereas on Jessica and Fergie it is too boxy.

Pat on

when are the women of hollywood going to learn how to stand & not look like stupid teenagers? how about looking like a lady and not even a model, just stand like an adult & be proud? If you can’t pose, then why be concerned about how you look! and clothes don’t make the woman, style & class do.

Patricia on

guess my last comment didn’t go thru, when are the women of hollywood & NY going to learn how to stand & pose? they all look like a bunch of high school kids. doesn’t anyone teach them how to look & stand, it’s one foot in front of the other & slightly turned out. what’s the use of wearing nice clothes & not showing them off correctly with a proper stance.

Anonymous on

i think Amanda looks really hot this picture!!!!!!!

Rodette on

Amanda totally rocked her LBD…Fergie n Jessica are no way close…love fergie’s chain though



Joy on

Definitely Amanda Bynes, she looks beyond gorgeous, as always.

Kayla on

Amanda hands down! She looks amazingly stunning in this dress.

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