Trend Worth Trying: Plaid Shorts

05/31/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Vince Flores / celebrity photo; London Entertainment/Splash News online

Staying stylish in the summer can be a challenge — less clothes can definitely translate into less effort. But shorts are always a great way of keeping cool, and adding in a dash of preppy plaid is just enough to take them from functional to fun. Pair them with a trendy summer scarf like Heroes‘ Tawny Cypress or with layered tanks like Vanessa Minnillo. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

Splurge with Joie “Little Thoughts” Plaid Shorts, $160 at or Vince Laundered Plaid Cuffed Shorts, $109 at

Go straight to the preppy source with these Sconset Patchwork madras shorts, $58 at

Get the look for a steal with these Madras Rollup Shorts, $35 at %20womens&productId=2331_3791″ target=”_blank”>, or these Plaid Shorts, $18 at

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Miranda on

I love the look, but you have to make sure your shirt color is solid, and matches the colors on the plaid.. if not it just looks weird.. I like Vanessa’s look better, because her shirt matches, while with Tawny, the purple scarf doesnt match at all!

alia on

Oh Lord!!…Here we go again!…theres going to be like 60 comments about how horrible Vanessa Minnillo is!….J/K…I love these outfits (mostly Vannesa’s)…***so cute***

O'Wryly on

The scarf looks ridiculous with the shorts and flip-flops, as does the long sleeved top. I live in southern Arizona and you always see the locals here wearing shorts, flip-flops, and thick quilted jackets during the cold months. Believe me, it’s a most unfortunate yet hilarious “fashion” statement … and that’s what the left outfit reminds me of. As for Vanessa’s outfit, I have yet to see her look nice in ANYthing. Maybe it’s that chipmunk face that always throws her off kilter from head to tootsies …

ab on

Very cute with a simple tank or t, like Vanessa. Tawny was trying too hard to dress them up, which doesn’t match.

Cheryl on

Vanessa looks adorable! Now the other person looks a mess…scarf, zipped hoodie with shorts and flip flops…lol

faith on

you’re right alia. get ready for a bash fest! i think vanessa looks really cute here too. and i still don’t know why people find her legs ugly— they look okay to me. no cellulite, no vericose veins, no blotches, a decent tan… i don’t get what they keep calling “ugly.”

Elda on

yes i would!! and they both look great!! P.S. Vanessa is a natural beauty no doubt about that!

Maryse on

I own a few pairs of shorts in plaid and I love them. They’re a cute trend. Shorts in plaid are about the only thing I’ll wear in plaid, only because it’s suttle. I think too much plaid is overwhelming. I agree Miranda, I also think the shirt you wear with the plaid should be a solid color and somewhat match the color on the shorts. I usually do that, but I also wear something simple like a white or black tank-top either in short sleeve or tank-top.

Tawny’s outfit isn’t great. The scarf and long sleeve shirt looks icky with the shorts. The purple scarf doesn’t match first of all, but lordy, who wears a scarf with a long sleeve shirt, plaid shorts and flip flops? No to the whole outfit Tawny is wearing. The shorts are cute, but that’s about it, oh and the flip flops are cute, LOL.

As for Vanessa, I like her look. The shorts are cute and I like how she doubled the tops. I’m not sure I would have doubled the tops, but she looks great.

AnnieM on

Love the plaid! The ladies look comfy and happy.

jen on

I would totaly wear these Vanessa looks great!!!!!!!!

Canadian, eh? on

Not into plaid myself but Vanessa looks great.

Kimberly on

Love both looks! Tawny could’ve been out later in the day…maybe it was a little chilly.

k on

hhmm i dont like this…its too 90s…they kinda look like a teenaged boys boxers…

Lolly on

Vanessa’s outfit is cute but her legs really should be covered up. Her knees are too fat. I saw a back view on another site and she has cellulite, a birthmark and veins. I still don’t know why she gets any attention.

Tyra on

Vanessa’s boobs are very far apart. I think they are fake.

Jemma on

Vanessa looks SO CUTE! I love her entire outfit, it is so casual but still adorable and put-together. A perfect summer look!

evelyn on

wow, faith and alia, who are you guys? her publicists?
why do you assume everyone is going to “bash” her? Take it down a thousand. I feel like saying I hate her just to stir you

the look is dumb, looks like you are wearing boxer shorts!

Softballer on

I recently got some from A and F. Love the trend!!! Vannesa looks better. The purple scarf doesn’t match at all!

shopoholic on

i own about five pairs of plaid shorts!! they are so cute!

aortega on

love these how vanessa is wearing them not so much the other chic.

Amy on

Plaid shorts are a tasteful and classy way to add a little oomph to the wardrobe. I love the piece because it is fun and comfy. I own short shorts, mid thigh shorts and bermuda shorts all in plaid as well. I would recommend that it get no longer than that. Summer is here! Time to amp up the color!

sophieb on

I prefer vanessas to tawnys because she keeps it very simple and all the colours go with the shorts. She also wears tan acessories and has a very nice tote.Tawnys look is just a mess really nothing goes.

nana on

I agree with you Alia. There would be loads of ugly comments about Vanessa. They probably prefer the “dumb blond look-as Jessica” and not the “smart tan-as Vanessa”. Overall, she looks alright.

Lorna on

I like the shorts but I don’t think I would wear them myself.

I agree with Alia and Faith, I think Vannessa look good. Why does everyone on here hate her so much? I dont really know who she is but she looks ok to me.

Summer on

The one on the left looks silly with long sleeve shirt and scarf. All the wrong colors on top of that.
The only way to wear plaid shorts is if they are minimal and fitted and a solid plain top.
Vanessa pulls it off, she looks perfect.
Why so many haters on Vanessa? Do you think you have a shot at Nick or do you think Jessica was so much better? Blondie has had nothing but bombs and no music career since she left Nick and it’s not like Vanessa was the other woman! She’s not ugly, she doesn’t look like a boy or have man’s legs and her head is not too big!

Mary on

I think they are so cute for summer! Old Navy has a couple super cute pairs for like $26. Can’t beat that bargain!!!

AshleyL on

Well Evelyn have you read the posts? Most people are bashing her, and every time there is a blog about Vanessa that’s all everyone does, it’s really annoying. I would love to see these people who critisize her all the time, I’m sure we’ed all have a field day with them too if a picture of them were posted up for us to pick at their every flaw!

Anyways, love the shorts, I’m planning on buying a few pairs this weekend!

Softballer on

What is with all of you dissing Vannesa?! What did she ever do to you? That’s right, nothing. You guys are just pathetic jealous wannabes. If your making comments about her body, you hate yours. So stop.

steph on

I agree with k. – it’s very 90s. I remember I had a pair of these plaid shorts in the 90s, and they were hot then, but I was in high school… I think they look a little juvenile on both of these ladies. If they want to fancy up the shorts, there are many other options.

corrina on

i love this fashion idea. vanessa looks great, love the flip-flops..

faith on


no, i am not vanessa’s publicist. the comment i made stemmed from a posting about vanessa about a week ago where almost all the comments were mean and/or catty. check it out if you like and you will understand why i said that.

j on

vanessa looks cute. to the blogger that said she has ‘fat knees’ & saw a pic of her with a birthmark, veins, and cellulite: go back to the planet where you came from to spare us any futher ignorant comments. omg, so she’s a real person. no one is completely flawless, honey. NO ONE!

alia on

Yep…Faith, I was about to say the same thing!…

Jones on

Isn’t this suppose to be about the shorts? And they are very cute, btw. I would definitely wear then once I lose a few pounds from my back end, otherwise, the plaid would be quite distorted. But what is this about Vanessa?? Fat knees, cellulite, veins, her boobs are too far apart and God forbide, she has a birthmark too?? OMG. lets just
put that poor women out of her (our) misery NOW!!
Why do you guys dislike this woman?? She’s beautiful, sweet and loves her man. What is wrong with that? Don’t you guys remember that Jessica left Nick? Not the other way around. Jeez…

angel on

I agree that they look like boxer shorts. My 13 year old daughter has a pair that look like Tawny’s that she bought as bed shorts. They aren’t bad looking, but just remind me of my daughter’s pajamas.

Ashley on

Wow, Vanessa looks great in the pic! Little hottie!!!!

Kayla on

vanessa looks adorable. the other girl not so much. vanessa is gorgeous, and its nice to see a celebrity be thin without looking gaunt… finally!

Tammy on

Vanessa is starting to dress better now that she’s in LA. She is trying to keep up and get attention. She’s always too matchy like she tries too hard.

D-Lister on

Wow, Vanessa’s head actually looks normal sized here! No, not jealous or a Jessica fan I just think she’s fug and annoying.

Tracie on

I think Vanessa looks adorable! Love it! I for the life of me cannot understand why people do not like her? I think she is beautiful. Also, for those of you talking about “her chubby knees”, let’s see your knees and compare!!!

Carolyn on

I haven’t owned a pair of shorts in ten years and I don’t intend to change that…ever. Flat shoes make the wearer look like a park ranger, and heels look kind of cocktail waitressy. Also, they must be longer than they are wide in order not to look weird, which means that short and/or curvy girls tend to look dumpy, and tall and/or thin girls can just end up looking like they outgrew their pants. I just can’t figure out how to make this them work, so I avoid them altogether!

am on

I’ll tell u why venessa sucks! WHat is she famous for? What talent does she have? I have normal standards of beauty for normal people…but the hollywood types devote their life to look good & get paid millions for it so they better damn well look GOOD…most importantly why the hell is venessa famous …

mee on

Lolly its people like you that make this world so pressured.. so she has birth marks and cellulite, who the hell cares.. your the type of person you will make fun of people no watter wat… your apparently very insecure.. i hope you find some peace in your life because that just isn’t right.

.. and ps… get a life.

random.comment on

1. Super cute shorts. I personally don’t wear shorts but they look good on both these ladies.

2. This post was not about Vanessa, it was about shorts. BTW she looks fab in but anyway. Vanessa is on TV, well was she just quit. But she had a job on TV that was the real reason she was famous. I knew about her before Nick because of TRL. Being with Nick definitly made her a bigger name but obviously someone saw a beauty in here to put her on TV.

ashley on

You know, as i read down these things, so many people are dissing vanessa. her legs are this, her knees are that. no one is perfect, and she is probably better looking that half of you ladys writing this. so i take a seat back on your couch, watch tv and eat some twinkies. this is about shorts, not about the person in them.

NOW-i think she is very pretty and her outfit is adorable. on the other hand, tawny kind of botched it with the warmer articles up top…the shirts cute with it, but definetly lose the scarf. overall, these are both cute girls, with cute outfits…(:

s on

What is so bad about Vanessa? I don’t see anything wrong with her legs at all! Her outfit looks great here, very casual and simple. I would definitely try shorts like this, maybe slightly longer and with a solid top.

Marisa on


Kim on

Vanessa’s look is so much better!! the top has to be a solid color and match perfectly. I have shorts exactly like that for the summer!! But the scarf…whats up with that??…her outfit look terrible!!

Sofia on

It is amazing how Vanessa’s wonderful body and image can make this simple clothes look great. She looks so cute in whatever kind of clothes she puts on because she is beautiful.
Vanessa you are so pretty and talented, that’s why some miserable stupid women hate you, they are just jealous.

Allie on

Why do you all have to bash Vanessa? I think that she looks really cute in her plaid shorts. At least she’s dating Nick Lachey…..are you? So she might not have perfect legs, I’d like to see yours. I’m not even a Vanessa fan, I just think that it’s really mean of ya’ll to be bashing someone because their legs aren’t absolutely perfect.



Mary on

Hey “EWWW” go back to high school where you belong. Immature posts like yours are not appreciated.

veronica on

im sure vanessa legs are prttier than all of ours. vanessas colors go hand in hand, the scarf lady should just go away.

Allison on

OMG! I hope this look stays because I

Jessica on

People have been wearing these in ATLANTA FOR 2 YEARS!!! You do realize their *celebs* are stealing all the lastest styles from the south…DUH get with it!

AnyKnockOff.Com on


Krista on

The outfit is cute, esp. Vanessa…but wutz up with the scarf?…shorts paired with a scarf…its a lil contradicting and riduculous looking.

Hddc on

Please people. Vanessa has muscular in-shape legs that are a clear result of working out. Her thighs are full of muscle, not fat. I would LOVE to see all of your legs, you jealous girls!!!



Kassandra on

Vanessa looks great in these shorts. It looks to me like Lolly is drinking way to much haterad and she sounds like one of those stick bone girls with no shape LOL. HATER!!!

Kassandra on

Vanessa looks great in these shorts and she has great legs. Stop gulping down all that haterade!!! Jealous Breezy’s…… lol

Angie on

I really like the outfit, but geez…this was in May, and people are talking about plaid shorts? I picked up shorts exactly like those (but a little cuter) for $15 in February…get with the program. We should have had five more trends since then. A lot of people in LA and NYC (myself included) are over the plaid trend. Get it together, People magazine!

2good4u on

oh yah plaid is the way 2 go!

Becca on

I really hate this trend, everyone is doing it! These shorts are usually too short or chaotic. I think people should try to be more individualistic instead of just blindly following the “in” trends which can sometimes be just downright ugly.

Elle on

I love plaid shorts, they are so cute! Vannessa looks much better, more summery. But the other girl’s outfit is really strange, from the waist down it’s summer, and from the waist up it’s fall… what was she thinking?

Camaro on

Kim Kardashian hairstyles trend is going on these days.

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