Get Salma Hayek's Maternity T-shirt!

05/30/2007 at 01:00 PM ET


Just in case we forgot just how glamorous Salma Hayek was, the soon-to-be mom wore it written across her chest this weekend! Out and about in Hollywood, the actress showed off her growing baby bump in a “Stylish. Sexy. Pregnant.” t-shirt. We expected the already fashionable and curvy star to have an amazing pregnancy wardrobe, but her T-shirt really made us giggle. Unfortunately, Salma’s short-sleeve tee is sold out, but you can snag this long-sleeve, slightly off-the-shoulder version from Love My Belly, $54, at

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AM on

Is it just me? Or did does that outfit make her look HUGE!?

Ashley on

Salma is radiant. I love to see mothers-to-be showing off their bellies – in a somewhat conservate manner. She looks beautiful and healthy. Good luck Salma!

AnnieM on

What a cutie! I may get one to wear around just to see my friend’s reactions (I’m not pregnant). She looks great.

Kris on

she looks huge here, butI love the shirt!!

kitty on

LOL – AM, I think it’s the baby in her belly that makes her look huge! She is adorable. I love her look!!!!

j on

this is MUCH better than she’s looked in recent pics. cute shirt!

Lindsay on

I really like this shirt. As an upcoming mother, I think this looks great, and I would love to buy it.

Elda on

preggy and still looking sexy!!

alia on

I love Salma!!!…she’s Lebanese like me! :) :)
…and I can’t wait to see that beautiful baby:)

AM on

haha, I agree. She still looks cute. :-)

AM on

haha, I agree. She still looks cute. :-)

steph on

My sis just had a baby and I found the cutest tees for her. They are made by Paper Denim and the line is called “Trimester.” The shirts are hilarious and say things like “Craving Sushi” and “Hormonally Challenged” and my personal fave “kill for coffee.”

Salma’s shirt is cute. She just seems to be growing by the second, she’s huge! But in a cute pregnant way, you know?

clau on

She looks great and she is so lucky to be pregnant at 40!

glad on

the shirt is cute..something i would wear if i were to ever get prego…i didnt know she was lebanese…i thought she was hispanic..bc i remember someone making a past comment when she just announced that she was expecting, that hispanics go for white men, which is not true..

enigma on

Hey alia, actually Salma is Mexican…sorry!?!?

alia on

— Actually, Enigma— …Salma IS technically 1/2 mexican, 1/2 lebanese…. the name “Salma” and “Hayek” are both lebanese… she was raised in mexico by her mexican mother and lebanese father…. I wish more people would realize this, but whatever…

Yajayra on

She looks beautiful… and to those saying she looks huge.. she’s pregnant!!! And the word huge is not a nice way to describe a pregnant woman.

P.S. Yes Alia, Enigma is right. Salma is Mexican NOT Lebanese.

Mary on

Actually Salma is part-Lebanese, part-Mexican. “Hayek” is definitely NOT a Spanish surname.

I actually think she looks kinda tacky in this picture. The shirt would look much better if it was a few inches longer.

sophieb on

she looks really happy being pregnant and i love the cute tee it shows shes daring and adventerous she seems. shes 41 this year and still manages to make a entrance.I love logos!!!!!!

enigma on

Hey alia,

Forgive me if I offended you, for that was not my intention. Anyway, it sounds like I have to do some more indepth research on Salma Hayek…I love resreaching on the net, it’s so much fun…you never know where you’ll end up!!

Since I am an artist myself, I especially enjoyied her performance in “Frida”…which I highly recommend to everyone if you haven’t seen it!!! The soundtrack is cool too!!

Anyway, alia, I am happy for the correction!

Cheers and be safe!

p.s. Salma is beautiful when pregnant and not pregnant!!

Summer on

Anyone who can pull off looking fabulous and sexy while pregnant is amazing! But she has always had the most apparent sex appeal out of all leading ladies in hollywood. She has such a unique look and I LOVE her accent. Can’t wait to see the People issue with baby pictures!

abc on

Ok, gross to have your stomach hanging out while pregnant or even if just fat. It looked gross when Rachel did it on friends and it looks gross here. COVER YOURSELF UP and BRING MODESTY BACK!

marie on

This might explain a little about her heritage:

enigma on

Well, I did my research on Salma Hayek and, alia is right!!

Salma Hayek (Jiminez) is 1/2 Spanish and 1/2 Lebanese. She is 5’2″, age 38 right now. Born Sept 2 1968 in Mexico to very religious parents. Being born in Mexico makes her Mexican by law. Her father is Lebanese and her mother is Spanish. The talented beauty moved to L.A. in 1991 in order to pursue her childhood dream of being a Hollywood actress. Salma took 18 months to learn English. 3yrs of hard work and pure determination in the L.A. area started to pay off with minor roles which eventually lead to bigger roles, riches, and fame…YEAH!

So, there you have it in a nutshell and of course if not all the facts are 100%, please forgive me, corrections are welcomed!

Laters and Cheers!

faith on

salma looks cute and happy.

i didn’t know she was half lebanese, because i’ve only seen her talk about being mexican. but i think it’s fairly common in the mexican culture to idenify and align yourself with the nationality of the mother. so if her mom is mexican that would make sense. correct me if i’m wrong?? anyway that’s a shame that she doesn’t talk about being 1/2 lebanese. my best friend’s husband is 1/2 lebanese, and they are very proud of their heritage. it was fun watching her trying to follow along to a cultural dance that they did at their wedding!

and i loved the movie frida. so well acted. i also love the artwork of frida kahlo, diego rivera, and mostly, salvador dali. so haunting and intriguing.

anyway, best of luck to salma for a healthy baby!



alia on

I agree Faith…it is a shame that she doesn’t mention that she is lebanese….I am very proud that I am lebanese and most of my friends are lebanese….she should be proud too …Shakira (who is also 1/2 lebanese) does that also….BTW, that is why Shakira knows how to belly dance:)….although, I think Salma only mentions she is Mexican because she (possibly) can identify herself with a higher majority of North American’s…there is obviously more Mexicans than Lebanese (it is a small country) in America….

…..BTW…thanks for the research Enigma!!—I just wanted to set the record straight:)……

alia on

also, Faith…(I think) that dance you mentioned is called the dubca…it’s really fun! :)…wonder if Salma does it?? ;)

bb on guys are weird…stop searching the internet for people cause thats just a lil stalkerish. O yeah, and alia gets offended when they dont know mexican and lebanese blah blah…seriously comeon…its not a big deal, like ppl usually dont understand that pakistan and india are two diff places, but i dont go around and say “i wish ppl knew that, but whatever” –GROW UP!

faith on


i think you are being unnecessarily harsh. oh, and you came to THIS website to read about people. do you think that’s weird and “stalkerish” too??

kim on

haha, it makes her look huge, and so the opposite black is supposed to be flattering, but hey her hair looks good.

Sara on

Are you serious,,HELLO she is pregnant

alia on

— Ok “bb”…I don’t even know why I’m wasting my breath here, but I’ll say it anyways…Pakistan and India are a completely different situation!…those countries are right next to each other…Mexico and Lebanon are on different continents….besides, if you don’t know the difference between Pakistan and India, your an idoit….you certainly sound like one by the way your typing….
….and we’re not “stalkerish”, we’re just getting our facts straight…..Maybe You Should Grow Up…..

rashundra. on

seriously, just because she doesnt go to the top of a mountain & yell that she’s lebanese, doesnt mean she’s ashamed of it. GEEZ! people, open your minds.

night on

Her outfit is matter what her national heritage is. Her stomach is sticking out, the shirt is about five sizes too small and makes her look like ten pounds of sausage in a five pound casing. DISGUSTING. There are ways to look pregnant, casual, AND classy at the same time. This woman does not seem to know this.

alia on

OMG…I’m not saying just because she doesn’t yell out that she’s lebanese – she’s ashamed of it…Salma Hayek has never mentioned she’s lebanese…although mentions she’s mexican every chance she gets….I just thought it was strange….but, nevermind….I’m done trying to convince you people…..

enigma on


alia, is right, we’re just getting our facts straight. And, since when did getting the facts straight became…”stalkerish”!?!


Kathy on

I love Salma and think she is stunningly beautiful but I don’t like the shirt at all.

Anthony on

enigma and alia instead of arguing, u all guys know that salma is obviously Lebanese descent and also spanish descent! But in my opinion i do not think salma is ashame of being Lebanese only because she doesnt say it in public…i believe salma always says shes mexican because she was born and raise in mexico.

Anus on

This is just faul. She probably never thinks about her lebanese heritage because the identifies herself as mostly mexican! Anyway Who gives a rats ass. She’s preggers and huge.

rashundra. on

YES she’s huge. there’s a PERSON inside her. OMG.

Alli on

cute and witty. i like it. she is SO adorable whenever… teh baby is going to be so cute

Dani on

Wow, she looks caught off-guard and really angry. Look at her face. Could they not find a better picture?

enigma on

Anthony, I am sorry you felt the nature of my comments were argumentative, for that was not my intention, I just like knowing the facts that’s all…anyway, I agree with your comment as well! Pax and Laters!

night on

Lets just call her Mexanese …and talk about the awful outfit. Her stomach is sticking out. Yuck. I see women all over the place these days with their pregnant stomachs sticking out of their waayyyy too tiny t-shirts, and it is disgusting. Big swollen, stretced out skin with big ugly purple stretch marks are something you don’t need to share with the world ladies…OK..Selma’s skin looks OK…but I still DON’T want to see her swollen abdomen. Keep your stomachs covered people.

anna on

all of your comments are too fun to read! yes, she’s of Lebanese descent via her paternal grandparents, but she is Mexican by birth and both parents are mexican citizens, she speaks spanish and is catholic…what can else can be said? anyway…yes, pregnancy has added to her chest and belly…it didn’t help she was a little busty to begin with and had no waste to speak of…pregnacy will do that to anyone…i know…i’m 27 wks pregnant! I hope to look that good when i am almost 41! cheers all! p.s…when is she due…why keep it a secret???

reys76 on

Alia- she always mentions that she is Mexican because that is her nationality, her culture. Salma’s GRANDFATHER is from Lebanon (Shakira’s FATHER is from Lebanon). So, Salma is a MEXICAN of mixed decent like many Mexicans (there were thousands of Lebanese immigrants that arrived to Mexico in the early 20th century, along with Polish, Russians, etc.. in case you did not know). There were also many Lebanese in Brazil, Argentina,Colombia,so saying that her not having a “Spanish” name doesn’t mean much. There are MILLIONS of Latin Americans with Arab and European, and even Asian names. You should learn a little more about your diaspora, your comments sound a bit silly. Why would Salma go prouncing around claiming to be Lebanese when BOTH of her parents were born and raised in Mexico? Nationality and heritage are two different things. She has always said that she is Mexican with some Lebanese heritage…

Anyways, I just wanted to comment that Salma looks huge, but great! Very cute outfit…she looks nice and fresh

alia on

Reys76…that was so not my intention to sound like Salma should be more proud of her lebanese heritage than her Mexican heritage….and I realize that many South-American’s are of mixed decent…I just think these comments got a little out-of-hand…even mine…So, I think everyone should just be proud of their heritage, whatever it may be….

ss on

AM you are right. She looks huge in this outfit. There is a difference between pregnancy “glow” and a fashion don’t!

Brian on

She looks fantastic! Very sexy, pregnant or not. The look is confidence and allure. You go, Salma!

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