Fashion Faceoff: Oprah vs. Miss Universe!

05/30/2007 at 05:00 PM ET

Miguel Perez / Retna; Christopher Farina/corbis

With all of Oprah Winfrey‘s wealth and connections, you might think she would be exempt from Fashion Faceoffs — but not so apparently! The media mogul picked a hot-off-the-runway Gucci gown to wear to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party back in February, which just reappeared this weekend on the newly crowned Miss Universe, Riyo Mori of Japan. Don’t let the sash distract you — we want to know who really rocks the dress! Tell us: Who wears their Gucci gown better: Miss Universe or Oprah?

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xyz on

def ms.universe!! the color combos on that dress are awesome! its the perfect dress to celebrate in!

Dee on

I actually think that Oprah looks better in this dress. A lot better!

Rebecca on

It looks much better on Oprah… it flatters her figure and looks fantastic! Ms Universe is too skinny to make it look like anything other than a couture potato sack!



Cheryl on

Hard to pick!..They both look lovely. Lady O fills out the top better and I’m distracted by the sash and crown on Miss Universe.

Tamar on

I would have to go with the beautfiul Miss Universe. However, the colors and makeup look great on Oprah as well.

Stacy on

Oprah for sure! She looks gorgeous! Miss Universe is too skinny…

DA Ghettoneszz on

dey both look awesommeee

h on

They both look beautiful, but I’ll have to say Oprah looks best. The dress really accentuates her curves.

Bellasholeh on

Honestly… I think Oprah is WAY TOO OLD FOR THIS DRESS she could of gone with a different selection that suits her better, I mean the woman is beyond RICH and i’m sure there are other outfits that could of looked much better on her… !!! This is a fun, young,dress… the colors are pretty intense and look better on someone who is more young. I think Ms. Universe totally ROCKS this dress. Sorry Oprah… but that’s just my opinion!!!

R on

Whoever wore it first.

Maryse on

I’m going to have to go with the lovely Miss “O”. I’m not a big fan of the dress, but I think Oprah looks fabulous. The dress flatters her figure beautifully. I love her hair and her make-up is flawless. I also like how she went with a bare neck {no necklace}.

Miss Universe looks very nice as well, she’s very beautiful. I’m just gonna have to go with Oprah on this one. Both are lovely, beautiful ladies.

Cristina on

oprah looks better because she is fatter and not flat chested

me on


ruby on

i think the dress it self is not so beautiful at all, it might look better if it was worn at a village party. i think it is a terrible choice but the ladies look lovely and it particularly suites operah.

Ana-Marija on

at first i was compelled to say miss Uni, but then i noticed something appalling… the poor girl is starved! she obviously hasnt eaten in weeks, for chrissake! all the pressure of being the most beautiful creature on the planet… and all down the drain. Oprah looks a thousand times sexier and prettier then miss Uni. she’s more woman! less twig!

gigi on

Is it just me? I think the dress is terrible, a throw back to the 70’s … Both Women look good as far as makeup and hair, but the dress ????

Summer on

This dress belongs in a Miss Universe contest and not out in public at parties. It’s just too busy and not flatering on Oprah. I agree she is too old to be wearing stuff like this.

Jessica on

I think both look good but lady O looks better because she fulls the top and the other one does not really do it. good lady O

AnnieM on

Neither. That dress is not attractive. Overall I’m inclined to agree with ruby.

Julie on

Right. People over 40 aren’t allowed to wear bright colors, of course.

j on

OPRAH!!! she rocks it big time. (miss universe and some of the other contestants looked way too skinny to me as well)

Sam on


Elda on

Oprah looks awesome!!

Anna on

Oprah, for sure!
Anyway, Miss Japan did not deserve to be Miss Universe. Everyone saw Miss Brasil is a LOT prettier!

Orla on

Oprah hands down – makes every detail of that dress POP with her curves!

mssoccerbunny on

I really don’t like the dress. But if I had to choose, I like Miss Universe’s dress. It is made just a tad different (and better) than Oprah’s, there seems to be more pretty colors in the upper folds of the dress.

Weird how they are almost posing the same exact way though…

Diana on

Honestly?..I think that Oprah looks a lot better in that dress.Much better!..

megan on

neither… i don’t like this dress at all. i definitely would like it if the top didn’t have orange and purple and was just straight up black without sleeves. the bottom part is nice.

codee on

Oprah Winfrey looks hotter in the dress.
The dress doesn’t suit a Miss Universe title. It didn’t look like a gown for a crown… more like a party dress, it will go well with a peacock feather or eagle eye shaped mask or a hat.

faith on

i wish people would lay off miss universe about being “too skinny.” they both look fabulous in their own way, and have two totally different body types and shapes.

sophieb on

Miss Winfrey because this dress suits curvy people more. I also think the colours suit her the purple,black and red.

random.comment on

Def Oprah. Even with the crown Miss Universe cannot compete. Everything about Oprah in this picture is just perfection.

And the age comments, WTF? Are women over 40 supposed to wear paper bags and gray everyday? I THINK NOT! Getting older is not a time to disappear, its a time to stand out.

Morganne on

haha i think the Gucci gown helped Riyo Mori to win. It’s so beautiful, i’ve got its runway photo here:
go check it out!

but i think Oprah looks better. Her healthy figure suits the gown

laura on

Oprah, Oprah wins, hands down. Miss Universe looks like a twig or something. No body shape at all…Oprah is rocking this dress.

Carolyn on

It looks like they each were in the middle of a figure-skating routine that got out of hand and ended up with them being wrapped in curtains from the waist down. However, Oprah makes it work, somehow. Miss Universe just looks like she was too weak to unravel the curtains.

v121299 on

OPRAH wins this one! She looks fantastic!!!

v121299 on

OPRAH wins this one! She looks fantastic!!!

Nathalie on

OPRAH! I think this dress is made for a plus sized woman it wood also look great on current Idol Jordin or former Idol contestant and oscar winner Jennifer Hudson or maybe J-Lo and Beyonce(who aren’t really plus sized but pretty curvy). The dress has the classic flattering empire waste and long sleeves and covers the legs so it’s great for a curvy or plus sized woman. I think it’s important to respect all body types and giving respect to fuller women shouldn’t entail insulting those who are very lean. People are built differently; being healthy and then flattering your figure is all that should matter. There are plenty of dresses that would look great on Miss Universe and would not be flattering on Oprah. It’s all about acentuating your features and dressing for your body type! As long as you are HEALTHY and try to celebrate your shape, it’s all good.

meghan on

oprah looks so wonderful she fits in the dress just wonderfully

brittnie on

Miss Universe! She looks like a spunky, cute young lady in it but big O looks like and old lady trying to be spunky, cute and young. just isnt working on O for me.

Alice on

I love how acceptable it is to insult a thin women but totally taboo to say anything about someone who is overweight. This girl looks healthy thin, not sickly thin. Get a life.

Susan on

Salma Hayek has also worn this dress too! They both look good in it, but I like it better on Riyo Mori.

Didi on

This looks like a gypsy dress its not stylish at all so unless its worn by a real gypsy fortuneteller with a crystal ball and a scarf on the head or by somebody pretending to be one on Halloween it just should go to the garbage.

glad on

do you even have to ask..its soo obvious that it looks a 1000 times better on Ms. Universe..

Katerina on

Miss Universe looks better but Oprah looks great too!

genie on

oprahh allll the wayyyy…miss universe is waaay too skinny to me in that dress…it’s made for someone with curves and who says older people can’t wear bright colors???

Yaritza on

I personally think that Oprah looks much more pretty on this dress. I have to agree that Miss universe is way to skinny and did not deserve to win there were girls who were a lot more beautiful than her. For example Brazil, Venezuela, Korea.

Mary on

Oh god, some of you girls are just deluded. The Miss Universe/Miss USA contests are not just about who is the prettiest. It is also about how one carries herself, exuding confidence and charisma. I did not watch the Miss Universe competition, but I am glad that Miss Japan won, because I too am Asian and appreciate any Asian role models.

And as for the snide comments about the skinniness of the new Miss Universe, consider this–we Asians, especially those from the Orient, tend to be thin and flat-chested. That’s genetics. This isn’t something that any of us can control. We’d much appreciate it if all of you would stop with insensitive comments about someone who may be considered “too” skinny.

As for the dress, Miss Universe wins hands down. The dress definitely suits her coloring and she looks gorgeous in it (I envy her 5’9″ height).

Meesh on

Calling Miss Universe “healthy skinny” is absurd, she looks anorexic (which has NOTHING to do with her Asian genetics). Her head looks too large for her body which is a perfect indication that she is underweight for her height.

Oprah looks gorgeous in that dress, it is better suited for her body type. I’m not sure what age has to do with it since this dress isn’t exactly the most youthful dress I’ve ever seen.

Jamie on

Oprah for sure. It fits her curves so nicely. Ms. Universe is too skinny the dress just doesn’t look right on her. Oprah fills it out in all the right places and looks so classy doing it.

Arun on


Chris on

I don’t know where the flat-chested comments are coming from – the bikini competition pictures looked all right to me. Plus – exactly how do people tell, anyway, what with the sash across her chest?

With a busy/loud party gown like this, you need to be on the less-curvy side in order to to balance it out in terms of personality. Not to say Miss. Universe is flat at all.


I love Oprah but I think Mrs.Universe looks better in this dress plus her tall and slim figure makes it look better on her Oprah looks grea too but if I had to pick it would def. be miss.Universe.

alia on

I think Oprah looks better in this particular dress….but I honestly don’t like this dress–it’s a little strange– anyways, Miss Universe is very pretty, but I was hoping for miss America to win (as we all know, she completely screwed it up w/ her fall — which I know we all felt for her..)…so I’m happy for Miss Japan…and Oprah:)

shelly on

It has to be a bunch of jealous fat pigs calling this woman “too skinny”. She is thin, healthy people are, but she isn’t sick looking. And FYI, being overweight is no more attractive than being underweight. Stop trying to convince yourselves that blubber=curves. Don’t be delusional.

evette orozco on

oprah wore the dress alot better she is not straight up and down she has the curves in just the right proportion for that specific dress and the color looks way better on oprah also her posture shows more attitude and confidence

faith on


i think it’s irresponible for you to call miss universe “anorexic.” have you ever seen or been around a truly anorexic person?? well let me tell you what a person who is truly sick and suffering from that disease looks like: their face is gaunt and sunken in, their hair is brittle and dull, their complexion is dull, their bones are visible or they stick out, and they may have bruises since anorexic people are usually anemic and bruise easily. have you seen pictures of karen carpenter, or donatella versace’s daughter? it is true that some anorexic people are harder to detect from just looking at them, but since you don’t know miss universe personally, how can you say that? that’s just really hurtful and sad. why do people immediatley jump to the conclusion that someone is anorexic just becasue they are thin? i’m glad that people have become more sensitive to overweight people, but that doesn’t mean we should bash thin people. if they post a picture of someone overweight, do you see people writing, “oh look at her! she looks like her arteries are clogged and is on the verge of a heart attack! i bet she has diabetes and hypertension! she wouold be a great candidate for lipo or gastric-bypass!” no you don’t. while i realize you are entitled to your opinion as am i, i just think it’s inappropriate to assume a disease with someone’s body type.

kate on

i’m sorry but this dress is just plain ugly. it doesn’t look good on either one.

Yvette on

Oprah rocks it and fills it! Ms. Universe looks like the dress is wearing her…poor thing!

FabSkinnyRedhead on

I agree 100% with shelly!! It’s amazing how it’s ok to insult skinny girls but everyone must tip-toe around overweight people and call them “curvy.”

Miss Universe looks GORGEOUS in this dress. Oprah is way to old and overweight to get away with it.

Nathalie on

WOW, it makes so much sense to complain about the insults thrown at Miss Universe and then in turn throw insults at Oprah… Wait a second it makes NO SENSE and is extremely hypocritical. GEEZ, no wonder women get a rep for being SO catty. BEING HEALTHY and taking care of yourself is all that matters. Different fashions suit different body types, we are all entitled to our opinions but NO ONE is entitled to insult another human being, it’s unacceptable and reflects poorly on the person making the rude comments.

I have always been very slim and I work out and enjoy food, yet I eat well, my doctor says I am in great health. Only a GOOD doctor can determine if a person is in good health or not. People love to assume that I am anorexic BUT I do not go around assuming that bigger girls are lazy over-eaters. Come on ladies let’s have a little more respect for one another and keep our opinions in a respectful positive tone. I think both women are lovely and unique!
As for Oprah being too old, aging happens to ALL OF US and I’m sure when we are 53 years old we’re still going to want enjoy life and wear nice fun clothes. Life doesn’t end at fifty and what is the point of being alive if you can’t indulge in a little color.

This is not a black and white world, although some seem to think it is.

who cares on

they both look great, but in different ways.
First off, Oprah isn’t overweight. If you have ever seen a truely overweight person you would see. She fills out the dress amazingly and looks much younger.
Riyo is very pretty, and the dress shows that, but somehow it doesn’t look right. Maybe the colors

...uh... on

um…..who cares?

John on

I definetly support Oprah, not only because the dress suits her better, but miss japan shouldnt have been crowned miss universe. Great disappointed especially when competing against women as miss usa, and the stunning miss venezuela ly jonaitis.

Sofia on

Ms. Universe looks like a stick! Personaly, I’m not a huge fan of the dress in general, but Oprah looks WAY better.

CJ on

I think they both look nice in the dress inspite of the differences of their figures. Whether anyone agrees that Miss Japan should win really doesn’t matter does it? I think her response to the question was succinct and right to the point, which suggests that she can think quickly on her feet and she listens. Most beauty pageant contestants give general answers that makes you wonder if they heard the question correctly. I think having an Asian woman as the Miss Universe of 2007 added dignity to the organization.

Juls on

the dress def. looks way better on Miss Universe… what I can’t still digest is who the hell adviced her on wearing a Gucci gown that came out early this year!!!??? in fashion world… that dress is already out of style!… what an embarrassment!!!!

Saloni on

I vote for Oprah!! she carries the dress with much more poise and grace compared to the miss universe. I think Oprah look very elegant in the dress.

erica on

I’d say Miss Universe! i sooo agree with Mary. it’s asian genetics and these pageants aren’t all about beauty! it’s about what one believes too! oh and all the judges voted for her!

L.A on

I’ll go for Oprah!

antonette on

i agree with faith.Meesh u shud need to look at medical books on how anorexic people looks like. Anyway, i think Miss Japan deserves a bit of respect on this kind of comments. People are just way to insecure. Ms Japan carries it best, coupled with grace and dignity.

just the facts on


Christine on

Oprah rocks this dress WAY better than Miss Universe.
I’m not even a fan of Oprah and I think she’s hot in this number. Go Oprah!

ereane on

Oprah is rockin’ hot. Her body contours well with the gown.

Jen on

I think Oprah looks the best…It is awesome to see a women in these mags not looking like a tooth pick and like a REAL sized woman!!! It goes to show regular sized women can be fab too!!!

Jen on

I think Oprah looks the best…It is awesome to see a women in these mags not looking like a tooth pick and like a REAL sized woman!!! It goes to show regular sized women can be fab too!!!

Melissa B on

The dress looks like a handful of different curtains from the 70’s stiched together. I would prefer to go naked on national TV than wear that ugly thing.

alia on

I totally agree w/ you, Nathalie…

Dasha on

PERSONALLY I THINK Riyo Mori (miss Universe) looks very

Teres on

Ok.Oprah looks better than her usual self in this pic. Miss Universe is gorgeous and slim, so I don’t see much space left for improvement. Anyways, I think Miss Universe looks way nice. Oprah, however, looks very lovely and poise.

people, don’t be envious of Miss Universe’s lean body~deep inside, most of us wish we could have her figure. It’s hard to admit, but true.

Paul on

I think the dress looks entirely different in each case. because two very different women are wearing it. Personally, I think Riyo Mori wears it better. But then again, Oprah is such huge personality that I rarely care what she wears, because she looks great anything. They’re both so beautiful!

Caryl on

I’ll go for Riyo Mori!!! that’s a Jap-style gown and definitely looks the best on a Japanese. moreover, Riyo has the figure, the grace, the elegance… Miss U rox!!!!

Ann M on

I think the dress itself is too “old” looking for the young stick figure of Ms. Universe. On Oprah it is much more age appropriate and it suits her figure just right.

sha-x on

Both of them look great! But Oprah has better cleavage though.

Jocelyn on

Oprah looks gorgeous and marvelous in this dress. Like everybody said, Ms Universe is too skinny for the dress especially the bottom design. Oprah looks very sexy in it even the top and the skirt.

angel on

oprah of course! ms. universe is too skinny for the gown.

Laura on

Oprah looks much better. Ms Universe is so skinny and the long dress way overpowers her. You cant even see most of the details because the dress looks like it is hanging on a hanger

Nora Morales on

I actually think think that the colors look great on Miss Universe but Oprah looks great in the design.

bitsy on

Guys! listen! they are both very pretty.
Oprah Is not fat, and Universe is not anorexic.
They were both created beautifully and equal,
who are we to judge whos fat and who is too skinny anyway?

I know that all these comments matter to the celebs, but if we judge people by their body type than it will just encorage them to get even more wierded out. what do you guys think?

mimi on

i definitely think Oprah looks better on this picture. i’m not sure though if i saw the rest of it. :)

Haimanot on

i think Oprah look much better cause miss. u iz 2 skinny

Imogen on

Oprah looks fantastic. And who said women over 40 cannot wear bright colors? Give me a break

Anela on

Oprah has more style. The dress is very beautiful on her. As for Ms.Universe she needs to put on more weight, she is like a toothpick. The industry portrays weight the wrong way. I can say the only thing that looks nice on her is the crown on her head.

pajima on

I think they both look great. Miss Universe rocked the dress at the pageant.

Sarah on

I think that all of oyu who are calling Oprah fat or Miss Universe Anorexic have some serious problems. It’s called a body type… there are many of them and that’s what makes people unique. I think Oprah looks stunning in this dress, who says “Curvy” or “Older” women can’t where color. Age doesn’t matter it’s all about a person’s personality. And as for Miss Universe she also look gorgeous. She doesn’t look “Anorexic”. Both of these women should be applauded for all that they have accomplished and SHOULD NOT be compared to each other over a particularly ugly dress. Reading some people’s comments shows the truly inhumanity that is prevalent in the world today.

Sladja on

Miss Universe just have nice face, Oprah has it all!

Kati on

This dress for Oprah!

xtraxtra on

oprah looks way better bcuz ms. universe is way to skinny and the dress ttly covers her up. making her look like a stick.

heerza on

ummmm… i the only one that thinks this dress is hideous. it looks like a halloween dress
but they both are gorgeous

irvine on

aint it so obvious that Oprah luks beta, i mean, lady got curves!!! true definition of an African woman!!! sh looks too damn good!

Amanda on

I think it looks better on Miss Universe. The dress is dark so it would contrast and look better on a lighter skin.

meryam on

the people is very good and fasion faceoff is not good

Michelle on

Miss Universe looks gorgeous in that dress and I think it just looks better on her than on Oprah.

Eve on

Oprah marched it with the right accesoiries… she totally owns it!

Dany on

Oprah all the way!!!!!

ashley. on

Miss universe pulls it off the best.
Her tiny body makes the dress look better.
Plus the colors on the dress are super cute.

Heather on

that’s tough.
it looks great on miss universe’s skinny body
&& also on oprah’s curvy body.

oprah. she pair’s it nicely with a black sleek cluch.
&& miss uni,, her tiara is too high and it overpowers the whole look

buttcheek ( . ) on

Miss.universe by a mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lady O is 2 FAT!!!
Miss.universe is PERFECT for the dress! just some advise for lady O lose some weight please you look freaking pregnant in that dress!

Ahmed on

Riyo Mori Looks better, the dress is an haute couture material and looks better on a slim person than a fat person.

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