Get Vanessa Minnillo's Summer Chic Outfit for $101!

05/28/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Sunset Photo and News

From the sand in the Bahamas to the streets of L.A., Vanessa Minnillo’s bright summer style has been catching our eye. We love how she dressed up a casual tank and denim bermuda shorts with girly heels and a big bright bag to match. The best part is Vanessa’s look doesn’t have to cost you a fortune — we’ve recreated her whole outfit for $101! Pair this sparkle stripe racer-back tank, $12, from with these denim capris, $22, at Don’t forget to accessorize with Mossimo’s red buckle tote, $25, at and these comfy red wedge slides with bow by Unisa, on sale for $42 (from $69), at How is that for bargain shopping?

Click here to see our Ultimate Guide to Summer Style. Everything you need to beat the heat — from the hottest shoes to the coolest shades and the sexiest bikinis!

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kt on

eww. i hate vanessa. she’s a freak and looks pregnant w/ stripes.

Tas on

I love this outfit! I think it is something anyone could wear and looks fun and stylish. Vanessa has been looking very good these days, she looks hip and young without being overly trendy. I think she and Nick are a great match, and wish them many years together.

Kelly on

Okay so who would even pay to look like Vanessa anyways. I mean look at her she’s ugly and has a big head!! And look at her outfit you could find something way better looking at your local thift store. Sorry, but I do not like her or her outfit!

Karen Casey on

Vanessa’s SO cute, and this outfit looks great on her. Don’t think I’d wanna wear it tho.

Alex on

Eww! I hate red!

Elda on

Vanesssa has such beautiful hair and i like the outfit but it’s kinda pricy.

. on

I wore an outfit the other day that only costs $45 and got compliments the whole day. How’s that for bargain shopping?


she is famous because of nick and jess divorce and she looks and kisses nick when camaras appeard only that she is so ugly i like jess better GO JESS!!!!!!!!!!


alia on

OMG…love that outfit!…so cute!….I’m lovin’ the red!!!:)

Nick on

Yuk, I can’t stand this girl. Cute outfit but not on her. Makes her looks fat and her face is chubby as it is.

katie on

why are we talking about her outfit when there are people drowning out in the world that died over memorial day weekend….for ex. Marquise Hill. Seriously PEOPLE, come up with better stuff then this. Things that are important!

Jemma on

Wow, that outfit is so cute! Those are great prices on all the items. Although I bet you could find even less-expensive shoes. I would definately wear this outfit!

Nick on

Yuk, I can’t stand this girl. Cute outfit but not on her. Makes her look fat and her face is chubby as it is.

AnnieM on

I think she looks great in this casual outfit.

kay on

ewww sorry but i dont like her…shes fugly compared to jessica…but i guess maybe thats just what nick needs, a plain jane so that he doesnt feel any competition haha…he was such a jerk to jess b/c she was more successful then him and didnt feel like the “man”…i think hes pathetic…also i know someone who has interviewed nick, and they said that he was a HUGE jerk! like seriously (im not making this up)…they couldnt believe how rude and stuck up he was…it just proves my theory about him and jess…

Nicole on

OMG. This chick has the UGLIEST pair of legs i’ve ever seen. It looks deform,her face is twisted to the left a little. The way she tilts her head makes the twist in her face looks thats much more. And why is PEOPLE.COM posting a picture of Venessa? Is she a celebrity? I’m confuse can someone tell me when is her next movie,book,tv show or some bloody gig coming out next. Are we famous because we date someone famous. Not even sure if Nick is famous anymore. What has he been up to lately? Hmmmmmm… PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Kathyrn on

I really don’t care too much for Vanessa Minnillo, but I really love that outfit!

Pumpkin Head on

Looks like Nick hired a stylist for her. She stopped dressing like an outdated prom queen. Big improvement but she’s still a mess. You can buy this outfit at Target! Vanessa has a fat, monkey face and horrible legs (knees are as big as her thigh). Nick has sunk to a new level. All the two of them do now is host, no real jobs.

hehe on

Somebody needs to teach this girl how to slim her face down. Bangs and big hoop earings only make it rounder and fuller. She really has no clue. It’s funny watching her try so hard.

Barney on

It’s amazing what alittle makeup can do.Last week at the beach, she looked rough and scary. Not a naturally pretty girl.

faith on

WOW. i can’t believe the amount of harsh comments on here. this outfit is not a trendsetter, but it’s not bad! and vanessa is not fat! or pregnant looking! she does not look deformed, and i don’t understand the people that are saying that her legs are ugly!? i mean, goodness, if you think THOSE legs are ugly, then you have clearly never seen truly ugly legs before. i think you guys don’t like her for whatever reason (“go jess??”–is this a middle school boyfriend catfight??! are you personally invested??! is taking sides REALLY necessary??!! please–grow up!) and you are just trashing her to be mean. i don’t really care either way, but this is just dumb!

Milla on

This is one of her cutest looks. Usually she gets it all wrong. Most of her clothes can be found off the rack in any mall. She’s not famous enough for designers to be giving her any clothes.

This Girl on

I’m not jealous or a Jessica fan, I just don’t think she’s pretty in any way. I agree that her face is chubby and plain. Average body, she’s thin but her body is shapless & boyish. Her legs are not attractive at all. Her personality is fake and desperate. However, I think this get-up is cute.

huh?????????? on

Funny i never notice how, ummmmmmmmmm, i don’t know like sought of boyish her legs are and her face is too fat for her body. LMAOOOOOOOOO. She look 40something. This outfit is not even cute. Think i wore somethin like this in the early 90’s. Venessa needs to seriously crawl under a rock.

Ashley on

She looks a lot better than usual, and there is nothing wrong with her legs or her body otherwise. Maybe she is a fake person…maybe not. Anyways, I like her outfit but would never ever wear it.

Adriana Villalobos on

I was wondering if you guys can tell me the brand or where I can find the white and black stripe shorts that Matthew Mcconaughey is wearing in the pictures that you posted in the gallery, while filming “Surfer Dude”
Thanks a lot!!

enigma on

It’s purely an observation but, sometimes you ladies in off-the-rack can get alittle fixated on trashing some celeb for superficial reasons!!!

I mean come on, do any of you know Vanessa personally!? Do any of you have “the best legs in the world”..(“like OMG, like I have way better looking legs than her!!”)….excuse me, but I don’t think many of the commentors here could handle multiple nasty comments on a daily basis and just brush them away like a professional!! Plus, Vanessa was already working torwards becoming famous in the trade before she and Nick hooked up. At least when Vanessa has her pic taken…she isn’t making some stupid extreme facial expression. Vanessa and Jessica cannot be “compared” there is nothing to compare to…the right term to use is…in contrast of!!

Let’s get some perspective here and put ourselves in check..okay!!

Yeah, so what if, Vanessa is…(heaven forbid)…DIFFERENT from the average Hollywood boring lack luster talentless always shopping cookie cutter blonde we all know and have seen forever!!! I don’t think Vanessa is the most beautiful girl in the world nor do Ithink she is ugly….she’s okay and has “moments” of being pretty. Nor do I think Jessica is pretty…she’s just…well, okay.

Oh, about Vanessa’s outfit, it’s alittle pricey for something of such simplicity.

Laters! and please no offense!!!


I don’t understand why Nick finds desirable in this chick. I guess it’s just the sex because thats what their relationship is based on. The girl has NO fashion sense what so ever. She needs to go back to TRL and let them dress her again.

HLS on

enigma, you’re right – there are many, many nasty comments in here today. I do not understand how anyone can call her legs ugly when you cannot even see most of them. I think Vanessa is MUCH cuter and classier than Jessica, who, in my opinion, is the epitome of fake. I think Vanessa looks cute in her outfit, but I would never wear it. I think she’d look even cuter in this outfit if she ditched the huge heavy earrings and put her hair up in a casual ponytail.

Luxe on

NO NO NO. Too matchy-matchy…red stripes, red handbag, and red shoes? Ew. No creativity in that outfit at all.

Jana on

This is ridiculous!!! how can the girl help if she has a round or fat face as some of you are saying?? It is what God gave her and least she is not trying to perfect herself with plastic surgery like so many other celebrities….And how are these legs bad….

jennifer on

She is pretty and has a much nicer bod than jessica jessica got fat and this girl is tall slim and dark she has no style tho she dresses like crap but looks great in a bikini thats why she was in shape mag.

mav on

The outfit is cute and something that middle class can afford. The mean comments that you all have posted are just mean and ugly. Vanessa looks fine. Remember it was Jessica who filed for divorce and not Nick so why don’t you people pick on Jessica. Maybe Nick needed someone who was more intelligent then Jessica.

laylay on

Wow…you girls are truley caddy. Jelousy is a disease get well soon. Vanessa looks hot and I’m lovin the outfit.

Tamara on

Is Vanessa pregnant? I don’t think she looks big in this outfit, I’ve just noticed lately that she’s been wearing looser clothing. The last time I noticed this was with Jennifer Garner shortly before she announced her pregnancy. It wouldn’t be hugely shocking given her recent comment about children and the fact that they just moved in together.

Anyway, I think she looks really cute here! I love the coordination of colour.

alia on

I agree Jana….I think everyone is being a bit extreme here….I think everyone knows we did not chose our appearance, and Vanessa (and no one for that matter) should be critisized for it…. Don’t you think it is a little immature to hate on someone based on their appearance??….I mean, come on people, grow up!!!

alia on

I agree Jana….I think everyone is being a bit extreme here….I think everyone knows we did not chose our appearance, and Vanessa (and no one for that matter) should be critisized for it…. Don’t you think it is a little immature to hate on someone based on their appearance??….I mean, come on people, grow up!!!

J on

its funny reading all the comments..the article is talking about the outfit..and it is a cute outfit!..but other people attack the person not a fan of hers…mostly not a fan of jessica simpson..but before all the bull**it comments about anyone, look at yourself and ask why you are so insecure that u have to talk trash about other people..

Mary on

The comments on this blog make it painfully obvious that most girls and women are here are incredibly immature and petty. They think that hiding behind a computer screen gives them license to lash out and make harsh statements about anything and anyone.

I’m thinking that now that most schools are out for the summer, all of America’s teenage girls are taking to the internet to talk smack about anyone they please. Grow up. Seriously.

On a side note, Vanessa’s outfit is ok, but I hate cutoffs of any sort.

Danielle on

hello ,I believe these are supposed to be comments about the outfit not her body. you guys are just jealous and immature.To me her outfit is really cute but everyone has their own opinion


OMG!! I can’t beleive how many haters there are!! To all you HATERS calling Vanessa fat & ugly, get your eyes checked, i bet your the ones that are fat and ugly!!

aloki on

ok u guys are idiots, she’s not fat..shes normal!! stop hating on her and feeling bad for jessica she doesn’t need u to do that for her. and whats wrong with this outfit…when i go to the mall practically everyone is wearing this so shutup about it being ugly when u know if abercrombie is selling this people will be wearing it. btw dont act like u havent gone out with a guy that just broke up with his gf..we all go out with guys that were with other women wtf is the big deal??

aloki on

Ok so if this was being sold at abercrombie or american eagle or w/e the’d be wearing it. so shutup..and she’s not fat…shes freakin normal!! her legs look fine, stop hating bc jessica doesn’t need an insignificant you to feel bad for her.

Pretty on

UGLY! She needs to et a life. And why do ppl think not liking her means that you are a Jessica Fan. Stupid. Maybe ppl just don’t like her. The blog is to make you comment and this is mine. Has nothing to do with Jessica Simpson. Her legs has been UGLY since her days of TRL. Her face looks like an alien cause it much bigger than her body but unfortunately she can’t do anything about it cause there is no such thing as a “Face Reduction”.


Michelle on

Give me a break! If you don’t like the way someone looks its because you are “hating”. How dumb is that? She is odd looking and very few things that she wear looks good on her. she need to wear long jeans and cover up those legs. Its funny to me that people are only now seeing that her legs are funny looking. I’ve always felt that way. As for this outfit. I won’t buy it for my worst enemy. What the hell?

Bebe on

Vanessa is a pretty girl inside and out. Whoever said that she’s fat needs to get a pair of glasses and take a closer look. She looks fine, at least she’s not skin and bones or anorexic. To all the “haters” please grow up and act like young adults. No one on planet earth is made to look or act in a “perfect” manner. Not a model,actress, or anyone else.
As you can see on the news even FAMOUS people’s lives are not perfect and neither is ours.

She looks cute by the way in her outfit. Its not something I would wear but it looks cute on her.

PS. Jealousy is a disease and is a sign of a person’s insecurity.

kay on

sorry enigma…but jessica and vanessa can actually be “compared” as the definition of compared is “to examine (two or more objects, ideas, people, etc.) in order to note similarities and differences.”…but thanks for the help haha

alia on

What I don’t understand is why you all hate her so much?? What has she done that makes you bring out this extreme repulsion towards her???…I’m not sure if it is because you like jessica and nick together or because her face is fat(which is sensless) or whatever…but I don’t see what Vanessa Minnillo has done wrong to deserve these comments?…please tell….?

night on

i am not sure how this woman got famous except that she is having a relationship with jessica simpson’s ex husband…other than that I am not sure…( i guess I should start watching TV?) any rate, I am sure she did not get famous for her fashoin sense, as this outfit is really not good for her figure. The horizontal stripes make her look very hippy, and the cut off pants accentuate the hip area somehow. I saw a photo of her in a bathing suit once, and I know she is NOT fat. The outfit is unflattering even for just running errands.

sam on

im sorry but this is not cute

Torina on

I like the shorts, but most peopledo know the horizantal stripes looks as if you are ahem… bigger. but this is a blog about the clothes, not about Jessica Simpson. I personally have not Vanessa after she started dating Nick, but I’d rather stay to the topic of the clothes. laters

michelleg on

This is crazy! The last comments I read about Nicole Richie people talked about how skinny she was and how hollywood promotes “skinny”. Here all people are commenting about is how “FAT” Vanessa is??? Wow! I would love to be that “fat!” The poor girl runs out for a casual day and gets raked over the coals! Personally I think the outfit is great for running out. Is she supposed to try to be a glamour queen every day?

whatever on

Just because you don’t like her that means you are jealous or a Jessica fan? Get real. Funny how you are so quick to trash Jessica and it’s ok. I could not stand her way before she slept with Nick. She’s too ghetto and fug for me.

enigma on

Kay, you’re right! Thanks!

Sonitta on

I can’t stand this girl, she trys so hard to look good, i mean who matches red shoes with red bag any more, so tacky…..she needs some fashion advise from Jessica…..

lulu on

this comments are coming from haters leave the girl alone!!

Chell on

How can she look pregnant when she looks great dumb ass


Wow, for once she doesn’t look like she’s going to the prom. I don’t care for Vanessa or Jessica but Vanessa is not cute to me. Jessica is annoying too but at least she is pretty. Vanessa was a witch on TRL and I don’t think she has any talent or fashion sense. I would not consider her fat but I do think her legs and face are too big for the rest of her body.

Thunder Thighs on

Her legs don’t look too bad here. I’ve seen them look worse when she’s wearing a short dress or bikinni.

Nicole on

I think Nick finally hired a stylist for her. She has no fashion sense and the past month she has way looked better. I like the outfit but her face is way too full for bangs and hoop earnings. She is slowly learning some style.

Alice on

While I’m not a fan of this girl at all, I think she is completely void of talent, personality and style, I don’t think she looks bad here, she looks like she is running to the grocery store. She does not look fat or misshapen in any way.

CNL on

I’m with you LAYLAY “Jealousy is a disease” Vanesssa’s hot! It’s sad your expected to look like a plastic barbie doll to be labeled “pretty”


When you trash someone, you are obviously TRASH yourselves. You can trash Vanessa all you want, but she has the last laugh!!! Cause obviously Nick thinks she is beautiful on the outside and in. Who are you to even judge her when you don’t even know her. Beauty is more than just looks, but of course you trashers wouldn’t know anything about beauty.



Ana-Marija on

these are the kind of comments that inpire girls to kill themselves with starvation. because PERFECTLY NORMAL people are trashed on the internet, causing other people to believe that they are so much uglier and worthless. to all you trashers out there: may it be on your consciences all the little girls that kill themselves each day with anorexia and bulimia. may it be known to you, that your pathetic lives do not grow or blossom with every cruel comment you say or post. may it be known to you that nobody likes a mean person. i have never heard of vanesa before in my life. i dont know which nick you’re talking about. i just dont tolerate people that have no respect for someone just because they’re human. who are we to judge? “whatever” is right. beauty is something that has never been seen on your faces, because you seem to be lacking inner beauty. here’s a hint: it comes with respect.

Jess Team on

I think she is trying to be as stylish as Jess

Vicious1 on

Is there a celeb who racks up as much hate blogging on this site as this woman? Jeesh! I don’t understand it.

Anyway, I like her outfit, if I changed anything for myself it would be the length of her shorts. I would prefer wearing something shorter. But at least she is wearing bottoms. Apparently there is a trend in Hollywood right now for them to just wear the tops and no bottoms period. Gotta give her credit for that.

Mariely on

I hate it, I really hate the skirt the most. It make her look fat and ugly you can clearly see that jessica simpson dresses better then her and that nick made a bad decision

Mel on

The outfit is not bad at all. As a stylist, I approve of this outfit. All commentors need to stick to FASHION, keep your opinions about the individual to yourself. Imagine your favorite celeb wearing this outfit then ask yourself, “Will I wear it???” Negative comments are childish and indicates you have no manners. Did your mom not ever tell you to think before you speak or maybe if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all??? Please, be well mannered and stick to fashion.

Vanessa not Vanessa Minillo on

Some of The comments on here are absolutley childish, comment on her outfit not on “how she is soooo ugly” or “she looks fat” Please explain to me, how a 115lb women looks fat?? Inquiring minds would like to know. I personally love her outfit! and I think Vanessa is gorgeous. Everyone has their own individual look, bashing on how other people dress or the way they look simply states how insecure most of you are, get over it. That is all :)

Vanessa love the name girl! and especially love that outfit :)

divina on

You are just so jelous on vanessa, she is so smart, compared to Jessica,jessica is so ugly anyway…nobody can bit her vanessa….jessica is very,very ugly…thanks anyway……………

Bevan on

Vanessa’s beautiful. If you all think she’s ugly I wonder how you all must look. She’s so much better, and she can kick Jessica’s ditsy butt any day. She’s so down to earth. Jessica can’t sing, and her face is annoying. Especially the chin! bye and RESPECT AND LOVE! TEAM VANESSA!!!!

LJM on

I can’t believe I am actually writing on here but I can’t get over how rude some of you people are. Haven’t you all ever heard the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.” I don’t know what you offensive, impolite, vulgar people look like but by what you’re saying about Vanessa makes YOU UGLY! Have some couth people.



Baillie on

OMG. You people are soooo freakin stupid. You think she’s ugly? Wow. Then all of you must be hideous. The only reason you’re trashing this girl is because you wish someone would take a picture of you. Let her wear and do what she wants. She’s famous. I don’t see any of you guys dating Nick Lachey. So step off. Jeez. Seriously. This is what makes girls want to die. Because you call beautiful girls ugly. Get lives.

Oh and to the chick that said I hate the skirt. SHES NOT WEARING A FREAKIN SKIRT RETARD.

bb on

I dont get it. This whole blog is filled with bull s***!! Like, “pretty” tells vanessa to get a life…with a name as “pretty”, you should be the one getting a life. and ok guys, u can say that she has a big head—but you can NOT say that she has a alien head or a monkey head cuz thats harsh and plain mean. in my opinion, she is cool, funny, she talks in a decent way, and she is really pretty because she is original. And something else i dont get–why the hell do u guys keep sayin bad stuff about Jessica Simpson on her blogs, and then defend her here? u guys need to stop and think “am i a psychopathic loser?” and if the answer is yes (which will be for most of u) THEN GET A LIFE !!!! Im not trying to offend anyone– actually i think i am!

Maryse on

I don’t understand why my post didn’t get posted? I posted days ago. I’ll repost.

Vanessa wears this outfit nicely. I’m not a big fan of red, I wear red seldomly. I do like the tank-top. I’m not too fond of the shorts with the fray. I also wouldn’t wear the shoes personally with the outfit. By looking at everything, the whole attire looks too matchy-matchy. Red here, red there, red everywhere. Again, I like the top, the shorts are okay, I would wear a wedge heal instead and change the purse. I do like Vanessa’s sunglasses. Vanessa doesn’t look horrible, she looks nice and pretty.

alia on

Seriously… “bb” , I can’t even understand your comment…you need to type like a logical human being — your writing is not even legible…are you 9 years old?…maybe you should get a life and take some typewriting classes….

enigma on

Mann, it’s just BAD when these blogs turn out so nasty for no real reason and that it never seems to change…it’s so disappointing at times that people have to be so disrespectful in these blogs, that are supposed to be mainly fun!! But, I am one not to give up hope so quickly, maybe that’s one reason why I post here…is to keep a positive, encouraging, and realistic perspective, (most of the time!!) As I have written many times before in other blogs…

Let’s learn to RESPECT each other….okay!?!?

faith on

aw, this is sad. we all take turns disagreeing or agreeing with eachother (certainly me included), but there is no reason to write really hurtful things. i think bb and alia should make peace.

alia on

Geez…sorry…i was maybe a little out-of-hand… i’m not stuck up or rude…but I should keep to the subject, your right…my apologies :/

alia on


Vero on

ok, no offense, But I dont think Vanessa Minillio is attractive at all. I think Nick downgraded when he meet her. This photo taken of Vanessa is horrible. What is up with her nose is this picture, she looks like a pig….can anyone say oank, oank….lol…and as for the comments to where everyone is saying you must be jealous of her…HA!! Jealous of what she is no one special…She is bearly successful. The only reason she is with nick is for publicity and to try and be in more movies…Oh and has anymore seen her do anything in a while? No!!!! Because she is no one special.

faith on

no, vero, i CAN’T say “oAnk, oAnk,” but i COULD say “oink, oink” IF i was trying to be rude.

Kaitlyn on

I would never wear this outfit, but it looks cute on Vanessa!

dfbg on

i love it its only 110 now that is soooo enexpensive! now only it wil look better on me g2g (shopping w/ daddy!)

lily on

why is everyone talking about nick and jessica that is so irrelevant. I think this look is cute

wendy on

Hello…ugly and fat huh…well u jealous folks, Vanessa is a perfect picture of what a typical ugly white girl dreams of–beautiful tan skin, gorgeous hair, a bod that stays fit even tho she ate tons and tons of fries…love that! JEALOUS!!!AND U GIRLS CAN JUST DIE TRYING TO LOOK LIKE HER…THAT SUCKS HUH! Oh well not a lot of girls like me and Vanessa are born lucky…he he he

Gina on

To the ” She looks pregnant comment” Get over yourself Vanessa looks great.. cute bag and shoes! She is hot not fat or ugly at all!!
All the haters get over it Nick is with Vanessa NOT Jessica..

Nicole Durant on

Vanessa Minnillo was the host of the recent Miss Universe 2007 pageant (along with handsome Mario Lopez) and I was mesmerized by her exotic beauty, poise, smartness, and amazing personality. She was Miss Teen USA in 1998, and she remains a beauty queen herself. Maxim Magazine has her as #15 in their top 100 list for 2006 and #34 for 2007. She’s the current Bongo Girl and also signed with Flirt! Cosmetics as ‘Guest Creator’ this year. She’s also been voted as the “Sexiest Star” in a poll conducted by America’s ‘In Touch Magazine’ last year. She’s already painted the town red even long before she met Nick. If she isn’t with Nick today, she’d be with someone equal Nick or someone way better. They do make a great couple though.

samantha on

omg! I think her outfit is awesome! I love it!

samantha on

vanessa is so not fat! everyone who said that must be jealous or have anorexia!

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