Spotted Shopping: Jessica Simpson and More!

05/26/2007 at 06:00 AM ET


— While in the Big Apple, JESSICA SIMPSON, shopping up a storm at vintage hotspot What Goes Around Comes Around. Appropriately, the singer snatched a bunch of concert t-shirts — ranging from a 1973 Pink Floyd promo tee for $400 to a Journey t-shirt for $250. She also picked up a Studio 54 sweatshirt for $500, vintage sunglasses and other vintage graphic tees.

HILARY and HAYLIE DUFF, taking a sisterly shopping spree together in West Hollywood. Where did they stop? Barney’s New York — and they left with several packages each .

MILLA JOVOVICH, scooping up two dresses while visiting L.A. boutique Polkadots and Moonbeams‘s vintage section. The actress-fashion designer also picked up three pairs of sunglasses while browsing with her girlfriends. Also in the store: ISLA FISHER, who left with some of 2 b free’s newest summer dresses.

BRITNEY SPEARS, arriving at Miami’s Atrium boutique at shortly before her performance at Mansion. Spears enjoyed a private shopping spree with her entourage, looking for outfits with the help of friends. An onlooker tells PEOPLE that she fell in love with a Yanina Fu dress, saying “she didn’t even wait for the changing room, she just threw the dress around her neck.” A bystander tells PEOPLE, “She was smiling ear and ear and told patrons she was excited for her performance.”

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alia on

that’s a cute store…but I really don’t see the point of spending $400 on a t-shirt!…oh well, I guess if you have the money…
(I think instead of buying a $400 t-shirt, Jessica should give that money to charity!…don’t you?)

Gray on

That is a bit bratty…I know she has the money to do how she pleases…but I went to a local department store and purchased the same EXACT T-shirt she has on for $15????? They too had Pink Floyd, Leds Zepplin, etc… Why would she pay so much (because she can?)? That is not SMART!!! I luv Jess…but she has not ever been known for her intellgence? Yes I know she wouldn’t want to be seen shopping at a dept store other than Barney’s…but it’s the same shirt!!!! Make me understand how she is not a spoiled BRAT by doing this?

sam on

Somehow I really doubt Jessica listens to Pink Floyd or the Rolling Stones. Poser.

Victoria on

sam’s right. Poser with a capital P!

jackie on

she seems enjoy shopping all the time!

Kate on

Wow. I don’t think that you got the same exact shirt. I believe that the one Jessica bought was a actual concert t-shirt from the 70’s and therefor it has more value than some copy in the local department store. Also I think that if someone has a lot of money they have right to use as the way they want. I’m sure Jessica gives a lot to charity anyways. Using the same logic, everyone should give the $20 that they use on a cool top that isn’t absolutely necessary for charity instead.

Julie on

She went on a private shopping trip — shades on, etc. — and bought some tshirts. Someone found the prices of said tshirts and posted them online, and now there are people calling her a “spoiled brat.” I can see how feeling okay about spending a lot of money on a tshirt might make her spoiled, but how does going to pick up clothing make her a “brat”?

Also, on other “celeb shopping” posts, people will talk about how expensive things are, but why is it when it’s Jessica Simpson, people feel the need to be exceptionally nasty?

The truth is, I’m upset about how much people spend too. But I’m not limiting it to Jessica Simpson — I’m talking about people in general. $400 is a tiny portion of her income, and she probably feels like she does lots of benevolent things and gets to spend the rest living her life. A LOT of Americans feel this way; maybe even you.

What percentage of YOUR salary do YOU donate to charity? Not asking IF you donate to charity, but what PERCENTAGE. It seems like we expect so much more from celebs than from ourselves.

If YOU don’t feel comfortable donating 20%, why should they? You may say “Because if I donate 20%, I can’t afford my house or car or food.” Well, what if a celeb said “If I donate 20% to charity, I can’t live as lavishly as I do now”? You’d SCOFF at them and say, “You don’t need to live in that MANSION or buy that $100,000 car or wear those $400 tshirts!”

Okay, so what about YOU? Why not get a SMALLER HOUSE, an OLDER CAR, less organic food, etc. etc. If you think EVERYONE except YOU should downgrade their lifestyle and give to the poor, you’re just another part of the problem.

I often marvel at the fact that people don’t see the beam in their own eye. We have CARS and DIGITAL CAMERAS and people in other countries don’t have food. Maybe they look at us like we look at Jessica Simpson and think, “Wow, if they gave HALF of what they spent on clothes to the poor . . .” Believe me, I see the beam in my eye. I drive a car (albeit an old used one) and about once or twice a year I buy some new clothes. I spend money to keep my pet fed, when there are PEOPLE in the world who can’t eat. BUT, on the other hand, I’m not going to sit here and trash Jessica Simpson for doing the exact same thing as me (though on a different financial level).

Instead of getting defensive and arguing with this comment about how you CAN’T give any more than you do, or how FRUGAL you really are, can’t we ALL decide to look at our own lives and find places where we’re ignoring the state of the world in favor of living our own lives comfortably? What have you bought that you don’t need, indulgences on material things that aren’t really important? Let’s take a look at OURSELVES before trashing others.

Julie on

…And please no comments about how “self-righteous” I am, when I made an effort to point out my own faults as well. It seems like whenever you try and exhort other people, you get labeled as self-righteous.

Gray on

Yeah Kate….the difference is, I’ve actually seen the bands live…where she just purchased the t’s to look COOL.

alia on


Who exactly have you seen Jessica give charity to??…I’ve never heard of Jessica Simpson giving money to charity and you shouldn’t be so sure of yourself that she does….she doesn’t seem very giving….

And Julie,

It’s not that I expect a lot from celebrities, but the fact that they make millions of dollars a year should be put into consideration…. I understand that it is their money and they spend it how they want…BUT I think it is extremely SELFISH of them to throw that money away on t-shirts they’re going to wear twice in their life..when children are dying of hunger or lack of clothing and shelter around the world….I think EVERYONE…not only celebrities…should give to charity…it should be our duty as Americans and human beings…and if you don’t agree with that, then that’s just sad….

And For your information…I DO give to charity…

k on

well said Julie!!!…thank-you!…that is exactly how i feel…the percentage of celebs income that they spend on clothes is probably, in most cases, the exact same as ours…i dont think people realize that…its just that instead of buying a $40 shirt like we do they can afford to buy a $400 shirt because they make sooo much more then we do in a year…they have earned the money that they have, they should not have to give it all away just like we do not want to give away all the money that we earn at our jobs…its easy to feel envious of them but people should think before they leave rude comments…

julie on

Yeah, Kate, that’s sort of what I was trying to say (in a more long-winded way). Ha.

Jemma on

Did anybody else check out that “Polkadots and Moonbeams” store website, under Milla Jovovich? They have some super cute stuff!

AnnieM on

I’m with Sam and Victoria. Is her 15 minutes over yet? Also, we expect more from celebrities because they make their living off the public buying their “product”.

faith on


i’m not here to argue, but you said that you’ve never heard of her giving to charity before, but she’s been all over the news in the past because she is an international youth ambassador for Operation Smile, which is a nonprofit medical charity that repairs facial deformities for third-world children. she even lobbied congress for it. also, she was in the news a few months back because she gave a minivan to an orphanage in mexico. so she is doing something.

i’m really pretty indifferent when it comes to jessica because i don’t know her personally, but i just thought i would clear that up.

and i don’t think julie was saying that she doesn’t believe in charity. i know she said a lot, but i think you missed the real point of what she was getting at. and please don’t think i’m insulting you because i’m not in any way.

and julie,

good point. as the saying goes “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

don’t be so quick to judge everybody.

AnnieM on

The celebs put themselves out there, I’ll judge (ie: am I going to buy their stuff or not).

alia on

Oh Ok….cool Faith…I’m not trying to insult anyone either….I just feel so strongly about giving to charity…I guess I didn’t realize how much Jess did…so anyone who gives what they can are cool in my book!!….. and I’m not trying to judge either :)

enigma on

All I have to say is go to the Archives (Jan 19, 2007) and read the comments about V.B.’s a.k.a “Posh” and her $100k shopping spree in one day!!! Laters!

Susan on

I think I read that her Rolling Stones tee was by Junkfood.

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