Would You Wear a Romper Like Nicole Richie?

05/25/2007 at 06:00 AM ET


If you thought shorts were hard enough to wear, here’s the real kicker — rompers (a.k.a, shorts jumpsuits) have exploded for summer. Sure, celebs like Nicole Richie may be able to pull it off, but would you? The look can veer towards the childish so it’s not for the faint of heart. Great legs and loads of confidence are the best accessories, for sure. Tell us: Will you try a romper this summer, or is this a trend you are happy to pass up?

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yvonne franceschi on

if you’re still in your 20’s you could pull off this look.
I wore this trend in the 70’s my mom made me one in denim
and wow everybody in college was asking me about. This is
not a look for heavy girls with heavy thighs and legs. I
could say that Nicole looks fine in it because she is petite and thin. Yvonne

Anne on

If I was as skinny as her…. yes….

Amanda Beckman on

With her great body, it looks awesome, but I couldn’t pull it off. My legs are too stocky and I look way too young for my age to even try. Nicole, however, looks great!

Kristin on

Ya know, this is not a bad look on the right body shape. Not sure if I could pull it off but I would certianly try it on and see from there.

Rebecca on

I love Nicole’s romper! The color and cut keep it from looking childish, and the belt and shoes finish off her look very nicely. This is not one I would try as I just don’t have the legs for it.

Axelle on

Oh for sure, i think she’s totally rocking it. She has excellent taste in clothing!!!! Work it girl…

Teri on

NO, I Wouldn’t.

joanne on

of course i would.nicole’s a real trend setter.

Fiona on

I do like this outfit. Even though rompers are not very practical when caught in a rush for the toilet, I would wear them.

Cheryl on

Nicole looks cute. I wouldn’t wear it.

Julie on

It’s so cute. I think I might actually be able to wear it without looking too silly, but I don’t think I’d be brave enough!! Anyhow, I don’t like shorts . . . they are only very rarely flattering on someone’s figure, I think! Nicole looks super cute, though. This is one of my favorite outfits on her.

Cheryl on

Nicole looks cute. I wouldn’t wear it.

h on

Wow, I think if I saw that on a hanger, I might be afraid to try it. I’m 5’9″ so a one piece outfit probably wouldn’t fit me. But I think Nicole looks great!

Cheryl on

Nicole looks cute. I wouldn’t wear it.

nickky on

OMG, so cute!
i wud definately wear/buy it!
+ love the belt:]

MTP on

I can pass on this trend. Nicole does pull this look off!

Lola on

Nicole looks great here!! I would wear one but they’re so trendy right now I probably wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on one.

AnnieM on

Anything’s possible. She looks nice in hers.

steph on

It’s definitely got a sassy attitude. I kinda like it. But, I don’t think it would look good with flats, I think she looks good because of her 4-inch Christian Louboutins. They really elongate her legs. If I see it in a store, I might try it on, but definitely wouldn’t just order it online blindly. It could be a disaster.

Dontbnvus on

Of course I would wear this!!!! It looks amazing and classy on Nicole.

Lola on

Loves this!! Who makes it and where can you find it online??

k on

she looks cute but i would never wear this!…i LOVE the shoes tho!

jennifer in tulsa on

I would totally wear this trend! Nicole looks awesome!

Canadian, eh? on

I wore something like that in the mid 80’s. Not really all that flattering. It only looks good on someone who is very thin only.

Crystal Beach girl on

She looks like Paris here. I thought it was at first.

Summer on

I had one of these in cotton that was a night gown. Unless you like unbuttoning and completely disrobing to go to the bathroom, they really are a pain. You can get the same look with the right shirt and shorts with a belt.

Jen on

Hell yah! That was way cute but were did she get it???

KD on

Nicole Richie looks really good in a romper, she has the right body top and age to wear it.

I would wear it if I could, but sadly I have huge thighs. :(

I think its a very cute trend for the right body type.

JaneSays on

If you have tone legs, it’s an easy, timeless look to pull off. (Which reminds me that I need to get to the gym…). I love the rompers and am glad to see them back as a Summer fashion staple.

Autumn on

It wouldn’t look right on my figure, but it looks great on her. I like that it’s black, and with the belt it sort of looks like shorts and a matching top.

Ashlyn on

i think this look is great for nicole. however, i dont think i could ever pull it off.

racquel ccopaly on

I think it is sexy and flerty I would where it I think it lookes good on her rock it girl

claudia on

It looks good on her, she is young that’s why, but I don’t think anyone over 30 shuold be wearing that.

Ida on

Wow! I love it!!! Though Nicole is REALLY skinny, she looks good. Oh come on people, let’s face it: skinny people look better than fat (I used to be fat so I know what it means, don’t judge me). AND with a great, skinny body you look good in everything, right? So Nicole (and all skinny girls) looks FANTASTIC in this romper.
By the way, I bought such (but not exact) romper and I love it!!!

jap on

i would not wear it. BUT it’s cute on certain body types.

Christine on

I think she looks great! My husband bought me a romper (i have just called it a one piece shorts outfit) three years ago…..I have gotten so close each summer since I have owned it….but I felt I never quite pulled it off…….I am working really hard to be able to get into this outfit for a trip with him this July….I tried it on the other day…..not quite there yet!! I might have to put it on my shelf for another year!!!!PS-shoes really matter with this one! Must be in high heeled shoes.

glad on

its cute and chic..i would wear it

alia on

I think Rompers have actually been in style for some time…Nicole looks cute here—but SO SO SKINNY! I really wish she’d put on some weight…there is waayy too much pressure in hollywood to be skinny…

…I agree Crystal Beach Girl, she does look like Paris here…

Taylor Rae on

I think the look is so hot! But it’s only for certain body types. I don’t think it would look that great on people with shorter legs. Nicole might be short but she was blessed with good legs. But she needs to get over her bulemia and put on a few Lb’s.

Maryse on

VERY CUTE! Nicole looks so pretty and the romper looks great on her. She looks like a she was taken out of the 70’s show “Charlie’s Angels,” she’s beautiful. I love her belt and those shoes look amazing with the outfit. The shoes definitely make her legs look slim and long.

Yes, I would definitely try the romper. I have a pettite figure just like Nicole, with slim legs that looks like I have long legs, also my heals elongate my legs. One thing is a must, you have to wear heals to bring the illusion that you have long legs.

Sabrina A.K.A Jewel Denile on

I like what she’s wearing…I would wear it..And she seems to have gained weight…Nicole is totally gorgeous now!!Love Ya…

Julie on

You can say skinny looks better than fat, Ida, but I don’t think skinny looks better than fuller figured. Beyonce in today’s star tracks is sexier than any celebrity I’ve ever seen! Her curves + that bikini = amazing! It makes you realize just how much sexier a full body is than rail thin (no offense to those of you who are rail thin — I know it’s not something that can be helped always).

Lindsey on

I love it! She looks adorable & not like she’s trying so hard.
Wish I looked like her so I could pull this great look off!

danielle on

o my o my shes soo pretty if i was as skinny as her than
yeah i think i might be able to pull it off..
but until then no.

amy on

She looks great. What is there to not like?

Brittany on

Yes, I would TOTALLY wear this! I think Nicole is a great trendsetter and I think she looks really cute in this. I love rompers,and they are starting to become really popular. I saw one of Jessica Simpson also, although it wasnt as cute as Nicole’s.

night on

I had something like this years ago. I’d never wear one again though…too hard to get it off when you have to go to the ladies room.

Rudy on

I have to agree with Julie. I, like every other girl this summer, am going to try to really work on slimming down my curvy figure. I’m not sure if I could wear a romper (I actually would prefer shorts, a cute blouse, and heels if anything! I’m about 6 ft without heels anyway lol!) but I really loved how Beyonce could flaunt her sexy curves in a bikini. In the same breath, Nicole is really flaunting her figure in her romper, too!

I love how there are styles to fit each type of girl today – I’m still seeing styles (like the romper) for the smaller and thinner girls, but then there are styles out there for the fuller-figured girls too. (thank god for the summer of dresses!! I think we can all agree on that)

love to you all

LC on

I love this!!!! Rompers are the cutest things! I would wear this any day of the summer! It’s so chic

LC on

I love this!!!! Rompers are the cutest things! I would wear this any day of the summer! It’s so chic

Marce on

You people need to STOP glorifying her extremely skinny look. How old are y’all? 10?! Don’t you remember she was clinically ANOREXIC? Jesus Christ.

Lottie on

i would wear it i think its great at ant age:)

Kimberly on

I love this look! It takes the guess work out of what top to match with which bottoms summer. I’ve already bought four this summer!

Laura on

Nicole looks hot in this jumper because she’s got the legs for it. I, on the other hand, do not. So while I would not wear this, I think it looks rockin’ on the right person.

Meli on

I’m totally loving this look…definitely something I’d wear this season. Nicole is rocking it.

Krista Z. on

I love this look!!! Ive actually been looking for similar outfits, but havent had any luck. This is classic yet sexy…You go Nic

hottie on

heck yeah, i have the slim body for it.

Luxe on

Yes. In fact, I have ordered a black romper for summer myself.

courtney on

I actually have a couple rompers in my closet. With the right accessory like what nicole did with the belt is great and it doesn’t look childish. I am actually a size 8 and I look great in mine. So you don’t have to be a zero to pull this look off. Just wear it with class.

Haley on

Yes. With the belt and shoes shes wearing it with…it looks great. so YES YES YES! Where did she get it???…..

Cathleen Berkley Hensley on

I love rompers, they actually give somewhat of a shape to waif figures.

Samantha Moss on

I would DEFINATLY NOT TRY THIS! If i looked like her I would be accused of being anorexic! I am an average weight teen and people who say things like oh well it looks good on her cause she’s skinny! I really dont like many of the comments people have left on this! Because its not true a girl with a heavier build would look just as fine! Truthfully you all know this! Any girl thats famouse and a celeb can pull this off!

Susan on

Nicole looks great in this romper by Alexander McQueen.
For price:

sophieb on

yeh i would wear it out shopping or out for dinner I love the whole waist belt thing.The sunnies are so gorge and i Love the beige high heels.Its so cute.

Njomza on

Definetly YES… I would wear this and actually i’ll get my self one as soon as I can.

Lorna on

I love it! I have just recently bought one in blue and I’m waiting for the hot weather so I can wear it (we dont all live in LA!). I certainly don’t have a figure like Nicole tho!

Shiree on

I Love It..But you should definitely wear it if your really small or have fabulous legs

Bizy on

It is super cute! Love it! Where can I get one?

Sarah on

Yeah I would.

anna on

i definatly would. if you are super skinny like nicole (which i am…i live in L.A.!)and you are young and beautiful why not show it off? I would love one of these for graduation. but if you are like most women in america, i wouldnt even attemp it. luv ya!

jennifer on

wow Nicole Richie is looking much better than the last pictures I saw of her. I think the outfit looks great on her.

Holly on

I really like this outfit. I think that people that look like Nicole Richie, or a little bit bigger could pull it off. But, women that are larger than others could not pull it off I don’t think.

Nicole on

I would not wear this, but I think she looks so cute!

brianaa on

im as skinny as her and i think i can pull it off, ill try one in the summer. =D

Dani on

It’s a very cute outfit. Too bad she is soooo unhealthily thin and not a good rolemodel…….

Mariely on

yes why not she looks really nice

Maekayla on

Yaa!! thats soo cute who wouldent wear that ^^ Lov3 it Nicol

jen on

maybe if they called it by another name it would appeal to more people…?

K on

One question….does it have crotch snaps for easy bathroom use or do you have to strip to go tinkle? Either way too much trouble for me to go bathroom!

~emelia~ on

OF COURSE!!!!!if Nicole wears it than i’m trying it. I have the legs for it.Nicole looks hot in everything she wears.

alia on

haha….that’s funny K , good question!

Girlie on

Am I the only one who thinks this would be a pain to get in and out of if you really have to “Go”?
Otherwise, it’s pretty cute, and I’ll echo many comments of wearing the right accessories & shoes with it, in order not to look like your wearing something a 4 year old might.
However, I don’t think you’d need to be stick thin to pull off the look.

Tiffany on

It’s cute! I would wear it! Matter of fact, does anyone know where I can get one??? Seriously…thanks!

melissa on

YES! i think it looks soo cute! well, i dont think i have the body for it, but i think it looks very cute on her or anyone thats kinda small. not neccassarly skinny but someone who is short could def. pull it off!!! she looks great!

VB on

Mmmmh… so so. Not the best outfit but she pulls it off. If you’re skinny and petite you could pull it off. I hate Nicole Richie though.



jen on


Prudence on

Absolutely. If you aren’t petite, or a toddler this will NOT look good. But is you are a petite woman, or a toddler, I reccomend you go for it. I’ve got the same one as Nicole, and they’re as comfortable as they are trendy.

Athina on

I deffinitelly would!!She has an amazing sense of style I would wear anything that she wears!!!I LOVE HER!!!!

kitiwiti on

im 30yo but id love a romper. my legs look okay, as long as i dont sit down. im not gonna mince around words and say im skinny, but im not heavy , or obese, either.

despite my age, i think, this look can still be sophisticated given the right color and cut. but thats me. it might be awkward on some people.

Kiki on

Hecks yeah! I think they are just so cute. I’m trying to find one that works for me though.

Danica on

I want a romper jumpsuit so baaad, i totally want to wear one!

prettythinker on

i have one and love it. i don’t look my age and i have nice legs… so i do feel confident in it. it makes me feel sassy. ha ha.

trayna on

OMG, yes !

Bianca on

i’m rockin the romper right now!!!!!

Generea on

My butt is big for my size, I’m 5’2″, and I wear a 36C bra with no stomach. I’m petite with curves in the right places and I have a cream romper. Rompres are definitely for me! Its a one-piece that can be dressed up or down. The only thing you have to make sure is that you have no stomach. Other than that, go for it!

lucia on

te ves muy bien

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