The Inside Scoop on Angelina's Red Carpet Look

05/25/2007 at 04:45 PM ET

George Pimentel/WireImage

We’re accustomed to seeing Angelina Jolie in her usual neutral palette of grays, beiges and blacks, so when she stepped out in a stunning yellow gown for the Ocean’s 13 premiere in Cannes, we just had to know more. Turns out that she started working on it with Emanuel Ungaro’s chief designer Peter Dundas “a little more than a month ago,” an insider tells PEOPLE. Dundas sent her a batch of sketches from which she chose the gown and the color. So no luck for the rest of us in getting one, since “the dress was made especially for her — it’s unique.” But the custom design didn’t end with the gown — Chopard created ten carat yellow diamond earrings and a 20 carat yellow diamond cocktail ring just for her appearance on the red carpet. At least to our impressed eyes, it’s effort well spent!

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huh on

Isn’t she supposed to wear St. John? Both dresses at Cannes have been awesome, but what about her contract?

steph on

When I saw her in this gown, I thought – they need to feature this one! Everyone has been saying she needs color – well, here it is. And she looks fabulous. It’s such a great color for this season. She pulls it off flawlessly.

H on

She looks absolutely fabulous!

R on

I think she looks beautiful. It just comes to show that she can pull of dark tones as well as light. She could probably even make a hot pink dress look stunning.

Teri on

I love Angie and I love her more than ever when I saw this picture. She is fabulous and gorgeous. She looks comfortable, effortless and so beautiful.

erica on

She was beautiful yesterday with this dress.She need to put more color like this.

Cheryl on

Stunning! Just stunning..

C on

The dress is beautiful, but I think that she could have used a little more make-up.

Elda on

beautiful woman in a yellow dress!!

friends fan22 on

she looks aweful….just like sh always doess!!! i hate angelina. she is the worst actress and the worst taste in clothes. i will always be a jen fan. i love jennifer aniston!!!!!!!!!

Kari on

As always Angelina looks absolutely gorgeous. I love this bright color on her, especially because she wears bright colors so rarely.

belle on

What a lovely dress?


Angie looks stunning.Yes both dresses are beautiful.

Kal on

The only woman in the world who could look great in this colour. Angie looks absolutely elegant.

I love her on

Next week This dress should be on People magazine and Shiloh’s birthday.I love this family so so much.

Lemonade on

I love that she decided to wear yellow. It was like a breath of fresh air after all that black clothing.

k on

the dress is just soo bright and glamorous…and i think she looks drab and boring in it…she needs more make-up…and i dont think the dress actually works for her body type…she needs more curves to pull that off…it would look alot better on someone like beyonce…

dawn on

It looks like a great dress but i can not stand the color yellow. and did u notice she lighten her hair color for that dress. That color does not work well with dark brunette.

alia on

This woman could not be more gorgeous!! and with four children and a movie carreer?!?…please…she is my idol….love her, love the dress — yellow is the color for summer!! go angie!:)

glad on

i love the dress, the color, style, everything !
she really rocked it…

Watcher on

Simply stunning. Angelina is unique, so different, so attractive… she is still striking.


You’re so beautiful,Angie, this dress made for you really no one can look better in it.

teresa on

help my hair is frizzy and very curly how do i make it look good w/out straightning it

Gillian on

She looks like a Goddess. Not a lot of women can pull off that color but on her it looks stunning.

yvonne franceschi on

Absolutely stunning! Yvonne

orchyd on

For someone who seems to think she is above all the stereotypical hollywood materialism, she blends in quite nicely. 20 Karat Chopard diamonds, and a dress that took over a month to make… They are all the same, they are actors doing a job, with some good ones, some not so good ones. Anyone, seeking fame for ANY reason is narcissitic, true altruistic behavior requires some modesty. The pedestal is overrated.

dfgdgfh on

she looks fresh in yellow. it’s nice to see her in something other than black, white, or gray.

priscilla on

She looks stunning, I saw it yesterday and wow!!!! she looks georgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna on

She is definitly can wear colors…She is so gorgeous

fanny on

Angie is so gorgeous! Just stunning!!

Taegan on

What an incredible simple and fabulous look. Stunning is too petty a word for how great she looks.

It amazes me that she only has on eye makeup, this woman has me almost speechless. And it is obsvious she is still grieving but wonderful to see her smiling a little more joyously again. Her Mother would have been so proud to see her like this!

Yily on

In my opinion, Angelina Jolie has got to be the most beautiful woman in the world right now. Her looks are so seductive and sexy that no one else can compare. Angelina Jolie stepping out in that gorgeous yellow gown simply stunned on lookers. Everybody was just in awe of her. I just love her whole look from the hair, ugh…those beautiful long bangs, to the make-up to the dress. It was simply perfect. We’re all accustomed to seeing Angelina in nothing more than black and beige, this stunning contrast was brilliant. Angelina should definitely more bright colors, it really does suit her well! Can’t wait to see what she’s wearing next! Angelina Jolie could be the next hot fashion icon like Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, and Lindsay Lohan.

eee on

Ilove her and this dress ,so beautiful.

pae on

she should gain weight!

rina on

she’s beauuuuutiiiiffuuuulllll!!! I looove Angelina Jolie veryyyyy muchhhh> SSHHHEEEE”SSS SEEEEEXXXXXEYYYYYY!!!!!!

soniya on

Speechless, she is the most beautiful woman in this world, not only the face and body, her mind and heart as well as the most beautiful. Thank to the nature blessed this world the beautiful person.
good luck and happiness to her family.

Audrey on

I like angie….she is a gorgeous woman and once she step out without her favourite colour, black,…..she looks so amazing !…She needs to put more brighter colour !
She is a person who is dare to be different !

Sherry on

Beautiful dress but she needs something to cover her face!

YEN on

she looks great and not many people would wear that colour

Samira Luiza on

I think she looks just perfect.There is no need of more make-up,she has a natural beauty.I love her!!!

shi on

How gorgeous is the yellow on Angie!
Angie got A plus and Happy birthday’s to Shiloh.

Maryse on

Angelina is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone has always said she needed more color, well here ya go. I love the yellow, the color is stunning on her and the dress drapes beautifully on her. I love her make-up and her hair is beautiful. I like how she’s doing the long bangs on the sides, very pretty, and looks nice with her face.

Jenna on

I really do not see beauty, but to each his own. I tried to watch her interview with Curry, i could not because of this big vein on her forehead , and her hands are veiny and disgusting. I have never seen somebody with veins out of control like her, she is like a skeleton and her legs two matching sticks.

didi on

If you don’t see Angie a beautiful woman ,you must be blind or you are dishonest.Angie is the most beautiful woman in the world right now,only the dress.

alia on

Jenna ,
(and Friendsfan22)
Does that make Angelina the person she is?? — her veins?…We all know that she is skinny (lord, not one person lets it go…), but almost everyone has already said, it is because of the loss of her mother… It is her unselfish acts, charitable work and benevolent personality that makes Angelina worth watching…not her appearance…

Toni on

Angelina looks so gorgeous in this picture! I’m glad she decided to wear something colorful and fun! This is a great color on her! She is the most beautiful woman on earth! No one compares to her! Brad Pitt is one lucky man!

voice on

I really love that dress,Angie so beautiful on it.

Happy birthday to Shiloh!

stef on

Has anyone noticed that she start looking more and more like Aniston?? She is much slimmer, dyed her hair and start wearing bright colours!! Brad’s effect or jealously?!

Lisa on

Absolutely gorgeous! And for Stef, Jennifer Aniston could only WISH she looked that good!

Annette on

She’s radiant, she’s elegant, she’s gorgeous. It’s not the dress nor the popularity but it’s her inner glow that gets into most of us. Here’s an actor who you can simply look at and be in awe whichever way. You go Angelina !!!!!

evalic on

I don’t know what to say!

She is fabulous and very beautiful, which has been her portion in life.

I love u Angie!!!

Heidi on

Beautiful, Stunning.
What a beautiful, caring individual.
I love Angelina and Brad!

Melina on

I love Angelina and think she always looks great weather it’s casual or glam. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She always looks so gorgeous and stunning and I’m so happy that her and Brad and the kids are doing great. I wish them all the best and hope they get married soon.

Rebecca on

What a nice change to see Angie in something besides black, brown, grey! She looks nice in the yellow and her hair and makeup are pretty…. but most beautiful woman in the world, the only woman who can wear this color? I think this shade looks better on women with darker complexions, and I see women more beautiful than Angie just about every day.

Lucy on

ya she’s pretty and all – but she couldn’t leave a marrried man alone. and ya ya I know it takes two. I’m glad to see she still likes spending ALOT of money on cloths. I wonder how much that dress cost and how many poor people that would feed?

Dorothy on

I am just so glad that she finally decided to wear some color-she is soooo unbelievlably gorgeous but I was getting tired of seeing her in the black grey white brown colors.
Love u Angie and Happy birthday to Shiloh!!!!!

Hate Angelinaolie on

I really hate angelina jolie she’s no good… anyway she’s really ugly

Summer on

You haters are hilarious!!! Oh, she’s dying her hair lighter to look like Aniston. Oh, she’s loosing weight to look like Aniston. And she’s wearing brighter colors to look like Aniston. Can we say MORON?
People judge the smallest detail of someone’s appearance because they don’t like her, with what the tabloids have told them about her PERSONAL life.
Get over it, Aniston has had her pitty party and moved on why can’t YOU!!!
Angelina is a talented, gifted actress! She is a humanitarian that takes it to a higher level than ANYONE else! She is a mother first and foremost! She’s beautiful!
All other celebrities should follow her lead.
As for commenting on this dress, her overall appearance is stunnnig. She is a flawless beauty, veins and all!

AnnieM on

Wow! She looks fabulous – as usual.

Gracie on

I think she needs to get 2 or 3 more tattoo’s!

Cheryl on

Well said SUMMER!…and I love seeing pictures of this family (Brangelina, Mad, Z, Shi and Pak).

sophieb on

She looks gorge and that yellow frock on her suits her and makes her look thinner as it is fitted. The colour is devine on her and her hair looks glam.Dont hate her.

AnnieM on

Go Summer! I’m lovin’ your comment. I like Jennifer well enough, but come on. The day Angelina is trying to look like someone else will be a cold day in hell. Go Angelina – love ya thin (I’m a thin-snob).

Torina on

yes she is beautiful in the yellow, but I think she needs to put on a little more weight. her veins look like they are about to pop out of her skin

virmarie on

i really love angelina jolie ..she’s gorgeous inside and out..she looked great in black and white gowns but she’s more a head-turner in this yellow gown..and plus, her handsome prince Brad on her side, she really glows!!..perfect 10!

agorn one on

itITSa beautiful gown. When i watched her in the,thought she was looking like my GF

chrisyanti on

She’s always looking beautiful, w/without make-up! She’s so sexy, hot, beautiful, excellente young mother, that’s why Aniston really jealous of her ;-) Aniston has a smile like S.Stallone. She’s so awful !!

Daisy on

Like the dress, hate the ‘do.

txchic on

It’s okay. I’m not a fan, though. Did you read how she planned on getting pregnant w/ Shiloh way before Brad and Jen’s divorce was finalized? Homewrecker!

stechan on

I wonder how many miners die for 20 karats…Or how many refugees could be fed with that…hmmm

Anna on

Angelina was, is, and always will be the most gorgeous, hot and sexy lady in the world!
sooo effortlessly sexy and classy.

Love her

Stephanie on

She is an angel in every way.

noname on

stechen, are yu suggesting that angelina is being selfish? wow. talk about ignorance, arrogance and just utterly blah. theres no one who does more than angelina to help the poor.

Lianyi on

Heaven MUST be missing an angel, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Thomas on

I think the dress is pretty but she needs more meat on her bones. looks like a walking skeleton to me.

Ana-Marija on

she pulled it off, as most women cant in yellow… she just looks tired. beautiful, of course, but tired. she’s thinner. she’s suffering. loosing her mom and all…

Tamara on

Angelina is very pretty, but so is Jennifer Aniston. They are both good people, they do their own thing to make the world a better place. They just have a different way of making their efforts known. God Bless both women and their families with a happy and healthy life.

AsianGirl on

I read all of your comments. For people who are fans of Friends & Jennifer Aniston, your comments are so pity and unfair. I’m not a fan of any shows, actors, or actresses…however, I have some idols, who I look up and try to live my life as those people have lived. Before anyone comments about her expensive dresses & jewelries, don’t you ever share 1/3 of your income to anyone? If Angie can donate 1/3 of her wealth to charity, to help the poor and unfortunate people, she can use her 2/3 left to spend on things she deserves; especially, being an actress, she need those glamorous outfits for those events. About she is planning to have baby with Brad: that’s a very lovely, devoted, unselfish act which only true love can speak of. Remember, how selfish Jen was when Brad wanted to have kids; she only wants to make more money and fame. Her career is more than her love to Brad. Brad & Jen both knew that they would not have a family and would divorce. They already separated and waited for the official divorce paper to finalize. Before criticizing anyone, please ask yourself first: did you ever dream of or have slept with a married man? If you do, please do not be a hypocrite and say bad things to people. In Eastern philosophy that called karma: you’d end up to swallow your own bitter pills someday! For me, I understand Jen’s pain and have my compassion for her, but if she’s really put her family and her love above her career: I think she will not be in this situation today. My advice to Jen: Get over with the pain and start living a more compassionate life to care and think of other before herself. For Angie: you’re beautiful regardless what! However, I’m concerned about your health: you should gain a few more pounds. Remember that your family: your adorable kids and your supportive husband need on you. Besides, you also need to have your health to travel around the world and support other helpless and poor people – victims of war, poverty, and natural disaster… in those countries. I wish you great health, happiness, peace, and joy for the rest of your life.

Mandy on’s too yellow…
I didn’t like this dress ate all!
But I like Angie..she’s perfect!

CosmoChic8 on

i LOVE Angelina Jolie! She’s soooooo beautiful! I love her, I love her, I love her! She’s got the whole package! Beauty, Brains, Body, Personality, Heart and a Splendid Soul. : )

Amadna on

she looks fabulous.

Anonymous on

friends fan22, just cuz you like jen, don’t take it out on angie’s dress…her dress is gorgeous, and i’m glad she’s finally wearing some color.

Mare on

I absolutely agree with you all, she looks divine in that dress. Just wondering, aren’t those dresses given to the celbreties to promote the designers, or something like that? Whatever the case may be, she does alot for others unselfishly, so therefore she deserves just as much in return. They are the most beautiful couple out there in LA LA land, I wish them the best. LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!(BRAD AND ANGELINA)

Anonymous on

I think it’s funny that the only people not over the Jen, Brad and Angelina situation seem to be their fans…does anyone realize it’s been over two years?? Guess what…they don’t care anymore, and either should you. And, may I say, anyone who has lost a parent prematurely can relate to what a toll it takes on you, mentally and physically. Please, enough with the hateful words, and let them all be. Angelina, you are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

toni membreve on

for once, she let her choice of gown tell the world that she is happy. yellow is sunshine and it is a happy color. i am glad that angie is showing us a bit of herself more and more. she is a fascinating woman. and her charity work has inspired me to do my share. angie has indeed grown. she has seen the world and this has made her heart beautiful. before, she was only beautiful on the outside. but now, she is beautiful inside and out.

philipphines on

effortless stunning, compared to jenifer aniston who has a pale beauty.

Rinjani on

the one who said Angelina is ugly, must be a realy realy beautiful and drop dead georgeous lady….

Deb on

She needs to put some meat on…very skinny- she looks horrible in real life

From Rusiia with love on

Summer Asian girl.. great comments! thank u:)
i love Angie.. she is so honest a TRUe human being. and how can anyone question her breauty? she is breathtaking. in grey in black or EVEN yellow.
i live in Russian and usually here we dont like americans.. but Angie made me change my mind. if only u ppl over there follow her example :). anyway love Angie, dress is stunning, anistons fans r pathetic.

Rachel on

She should name this look ” Red Carpet Sunshine”.

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