Jessica Simpson's Even Blonder! Love It or Hate It?

05/24/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

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We guessed that Jessica Simpson‘s dark caramel color in Cannes would just be a step in the re-blonding process, and we were right! (And who doesn’t love to be right?) Last Friday, BFF Ken Paves lightened Jessica’s color “on a whim” just before her event in Cannes. “We were inspired by her new movie, Major Movie Star, which she is about to start filming!” he told PEOPLE. But on Monday night, Jessica turned to her long-time colorist Rita Hazan to add back in her signature bright blond highlights. Rita tells PEOPLE, “I highlighted Jessica’s hair by putting in highlights which were not too fine — to give it an illusion of being a lot lighter than it really is.” This isn’t the end of the process, either: Jessica’s hair will keep getting blonder — just not overnight. “It’s better to start slowly [so you don’t] damage the hair. In a few weeks, I would most likely do a single process, followed by highlights using a pale, baby blonde shade.” So, we can look forward to Jessica getting back to her old platinum ways!
Tell us: What do you think is Jessica’s best look? Should she keep going blonder or do you miss the dark hair?

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faith on

cute top. and she does look best blond, but is there something different about her lips? maybe it’s just the gloss.

priscilla on

I don’t know, she just looks weird to me…Even her hair has two tones and then those lips…. who knows…

Mary on

I personally think Jess is looking better than ever these days. I do agree that she goes overboard with the cleavage displays. But I love that she has her shapely figure back. The little extra weight makes her face fuller and I think that looks beautiful on her. People argue about what is too thin on celebrities, and I think her size right now is the perfect amount of thin. And I wasn’t crazy about her going brunette, but I have grown to love it. It made her skin tone look warm. But hey, its getting summertime, most people like going blond for this time. I think it looks great.

Dan Schawbel on

I think that anyone that comments negatively about Jessica Simpson is jeleous. If we want to be critical, then I would say her hair color needs rework ;)

jwhite on

Love the top! I know she is going blond for her movie role, which starts filming in June. I would like to see her go back to a brunette when she is done filming.

Megan on

Who cares about her highlights?!? What’s up with her wearing glasses that make her nose look HUGE?? Has she had work done??

k on

i think she looks great!…i love her blonde…i think jess is fab!!…

ss on

wow, she doesn’t look anything like the way she does normally. her smile looks tight and forced…i feel like she has had some work done to her lips. i guess the cosmetic surgery craze runs in her family with ashlee’s nose job…

Lorna on

I think she looks way better with blonde hair! Brunette is okay on her, but it made her (fake?) tan look orangey. She looks beautiful!

JAV on

Can anyone tell me where that top is from??? I would greatly appreciate it!!

By the way, I love her hair! Great color on her! :)

happy on

LOVE IT!!! the brown made her look fat.

Maggie on

I think the blonde works well for her, but her lips have been looking like she got Restalyne again which is a shame but who knows

lizz on

Her hair looks great and i love love love the top!!! anyone know were she got it??

Elda on

Jessica does look great in blonde and it looks like she is happy being her old self again.

candy on

I thinks she´s AMAZING!! whatever ker looks like!
is a great pop singer, I would like to see her sing in Panama!!!

Pam on

Happy, I’m curious b/c maybe you know something I don’t…how can a hair color make someone look fat? LOL Anyway, glad to see her back to blond.

CA2NJ on

I think she used to look better before all of the lip-plumping. And I agree that she looks better with a little extra weight as it really accentuates her curves. Personally I like both shades of haircolor on her.

Sam on

IT’S TRUE! Blondes have more fun! Go Jessica!

Summer on

What is up with that nose!?! It looks like a prosthetic. It must be a really bad angle. I love that top, I want one, helps show off the girls without looking like a tramp! She does look good as a blond, but that bottom layer of dirt blond still needs some work.
I really wish she would lay off the lip injections, she is very naturally pretty. Not everyone can have big, beautiful, pouty lips like myself…lol!!!!

Lyndsy on


Michelle on

Ive noticed in the last few pictures that her lips look abnormally large. I dont like it…..

Kristin Accola on

She looks great! I LOVE the shirt and sunglasses! Can you tell me the designer of her shirt and the sunglasses? I would love to get both!

jwhite on

I hardly think that someone’s hair color is going to make them look fat. Anyone who thinks Jess is “fat” is crazy. She looks so much better than before…she looks healthy now! And everyone wonders why there is so much pressure on Hollywood to be thin? If a celebrity walks around weighing what they should, they are labeled overweight. Shame on women for being so critical!

j on

example #1 why i’ll never get my lips done. she looks like an idiot. the extensions need to go as well.

blackcat on

Mann…everythin’ about this chick is FAKE!

Amy B on

does anyone else think it’s weird that as soon as her and John Mayer broke up, she started changing her hair back to blonde? And all of a sudden her clothing style changed again?? Who knows, maybe she express herself that way!

I agree with the lips. They look best pale, because they look too big and botoxed when she wears the red. Her lips and her nose seem to be growing bigger and together….is it just me?

Blonde is better as well as natural skin tones and make-up.

Mary on

Amy B,

Have you never changed your hair after a break up? Its not weird at all. Thats a normal part of most women’s healing process, getting a hair cut or changing up the color.

alia on

WOW!…she looks sooo much better!…so much better than that gross orange color she had in her hair…that was a hot-mess!:/

glad on

i love jess..she is a great singer and actress and has a great sense of style..i love the blond…she rocks that better than any other color…and about the lips..i noticed that too when i was looking through the pixs..

Nicky on

WOWWWWWWWWWWWW! she looks great! She do look better as a blond. But she didn’t look bad darker either. She’s pretty she can do anything. People Jessica and John are not broken up. Please google harder. And if they do when they do she will find someone much better looking. She’s way to pretty for him anyway. John looks and acts like a weirdo. He should be lucky if Jessica really likes him. PERIOD!

p.s. I really like that top she has on.

renee on

Jess seems like she does not know who she is. She seems to wear styles only because they are trendy or wear her hair a certain way for a guy. She needs to be herself! I could be completley wrong about her lack of individuality but this is how she is portrayed in the media….

Rebecca on

Jessica is looking a lot better! Her hair looks pretty good, except for the extensions. Hopefully she’ll leave it alone for a while now. Although the lips are looking pretty ridiculous, but her figure looks fabulous, she’s not hanging out everywhere, and she looks so happy.

Lacey on

… its about time. looks so much better as a blonde……. i love it.

Zahira on

I don’t even know why this girl is famous…what has she done lately?? Further more, what GOOD songs has she made latley, or films?

I think she is ugly…and I’m not saying this cause I’m jealous, I’m saying it cause I’m seriously telling the truth.

If Jessica was smart she would have stayed with Nick instead of getting with some oily haired weirdo.

Amy B on


I agree…that’s why i said ‘maybe she’s expressing herself that way’! Because i think ‘yes’ that IS probably why she changed her hair color.

Candice on

She is beautiful! I love the fact that she is going back to blonde. Nothing wrong with the brunette hair, everyone needs to experiment.

Cristina on

I think Jessica is beautiful, but personally I really thought she looked best as a brunette. Too many blondes out there and she just looked so natural as a brunette. Her natural beauty just shined through. Blonde is too “typical” for celebrities, that’s all you see in the magazines. Jessica being a brunette was a nice change.

Michelle Gage on

Jessica looks great! I like her hair better blonde but she looked good as a brunette too. It was just startling the first time I saw it.

Kathye on

I do love it . Even though I persoanlly dont like her I do love her hair blond. How sad she divorced her husban Nick and now he’s really found love and she hasnt. What goes around comes around…

sally on

What is up with those lips???? She looks horrible!

Ave on

She looked awful with dark hair …And what is up with those lips…She looked liked aan alien…Well the blonde is one step in the right direction.

ashley on

love love love it! I loved her as a brunette too! Shes just absolutely gorgeous! Especially when she is all natural. Love her to death!

Gina on

Who cares?

gina on

Good Jessica!!!I think she is aware of what has been said about her past looks(horrible) and she is trying to make up for it. Good. She looks great now with blond hair

Stephanie on

I like her as a blonde.. but i dunno.. her nose looks alot different!

candy on

I really like that u dont look orange any more blonde makes u looks better.But that nose is very big what happen jess

Sarah Richardson on

I wonder why everyone cares so much about Jessica Simpson’s hair?

nic on

i think jessica looks awful.

Nikki on

Blonde for sure.

Diva on

YESSSSSS! I’m sooooo happy! Jessica’s hair looks so nice!

dulce on

hate her nose thtas all

Tiffany on

Why does she look so jacked up in the face? Her lips and nose look horrible! Her hair is back to being fake too. Not a very good year for Jessica is it? I am so glad Nick got rid of her. He is so much better off without her fake-self!!!!!

Sarah on

All Jessica had going for herself in the first place was blonde hair.. so, I’m glad she’s back to it.

May on

What is up with lips and nose? Hopefully she’ll keep this color. The burnette suited her also, but she looks better as a blonde.

AnnieM on

I’m with blackcat. She looks like a Vegas-esque train wreck.

Cubebloggers on

Her nose? Her lips? Her weight? Her divorce? Those features aren’t what is asking for input on. Everyone sitting in their boring cubicles, with their boring hair, and their boring lives need to lighten up. It’s as if dissing a celebrity makes you feel better about yourself.

Brittany on

Love it! The dark hair did nothing for her strong features and did not suit her bubbly personality. The blond is so flattering on her beautiful face and goes with her sense of sytle, type of music and most of all her contagiously happy and down to earth personality. Keep the blond Jess, you look gorgeous in your natural color. Don’t ever change it for a guy again!

tina on

Jessica can wear any color hair well because she’s beautiful! I do perfer the blond on her & not everyone can be a gorgeous blond. Jessica is looking hot & not desperate. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fanky on

she looks so much better with blonde, i think she needs to go back to her original blonde, that suited her best. but i dont know, everything about jessica simpson just looks fake to me..

salmonella on

So much better! Blond isnt’ for everyone, but it certainly suits Jessica.

Diane on

Blond is much better for Jessica then brunette. With her skin tone blond works.

alejandra on

again, she looks great. this is the Jessica Simpson that everyone loves. She looks happy. she looks like the bubbly Jessica that was hiding under her dark colored hair. i think she looks more beautiful than ever.

alejandra on

again, she looks great. this is the Jessica Simpson that everyone loves. She looks happy. she looks like the bubbly Jessica that was hiding under her dark colored hair. i think she looks more beautiful than ever.

Lisset on

she looks owesome!! I think she looks so much better/sexy as a blonde. I think she is so sexy and natural.

Canadian, eh? on

What’s with the size of her nose? I’m wondering if this pic has been doctored? I don’t think her nose is that big normally. She looks really happy though!

Mario on

she is as fake as pressed on nails, her nose looks really big, and whatever…

Rachel on

I think she looks way better than Nick’s new girlfriend. I mean Vanessa is cute, but Jess is much better looking. What is he thinking!!

Lacey M on

I think she is annoying. Her lips are disgusting I am so sick of hearing about her and John. You notice no one talks about Nick and Vanessa. Vanessa is stunning. I’m so glad nick ditched Jessica he is better off. Ashlee her sister is way better looking. Maybe jessica should go in for a nose job and 86 the botox lips, stop trying to be like Angelina

Rachel on

I think she looks way better than Nick’s new girlfriend. I mean Vanessa is cute, but Jess is much better looking. What is he thinking!!

Dani on

Rachel- Think about what you just said. Honestly, you think looks are everything in a relationship?

I like her blonde the best!!

beachchic on

what is wrong with her nose? It looks bigger with those sunglasses.. and she looks okay in blonde..much better as BRUNETTE!

jes on

I think the blonde is very flattering on her. Brunette shades are so lovely and rich and I personally go back to reds and browns alot, but then when I’m blonde again I wonder why I didn’t just stay blonde in the first place.

In regards to some earlier comments about hair color and the part it plays in how “heavy” you appear… Once, looking back at a picture, I thought I looked “fatter in the face” with darker hair. Then, when comparing the pictures, I realized that I wasn’t insane, my face/weight hadn’t changed, blonde is just more flattering. (Cuts have a lot to do with it too…)

So, I don’t think she looked “fat” as a brunette, the shades she wore looked great, it just wasn’t as flattering as blonde is. Blonde looks better on some people just like brunette looks better on others. Ah, the joys that skin tones bring us! LOL :)


Christina on

Jessica should stay blonde always! The brunette was growing on me, but I do realize that I love her hair so much more blonde. (PS Stay natural jess. Stop with whatever you’re doing to the lips.)

Meg on

She looks better as a blonde, but her too small shirt and oversized lips look bad. What has she done to her nose???

Zahira on

Personally Rachel, I agree with Lacy M. Vanessa is way better looking than Jessica! Like way BETTER, like there is noooooo COMP!

Cheryl on

Blonde fits her personality. She needs help in making it look less dyed, dried and fried.

Christen on

I like Jessica as a blonde or a brunette, but I think she looks best blonde. I like her look now.

kuchi on

loves it.. like the color.. she looks great!..

Katerina on

I actually really liked her brunette. This shade of blonde is strange and doesn’t suit her. Her face also looks a little strange…like she got plastic surgery or something.

taby on

i think that jussica looks good blond, but i also like her chocolate caramel look she can wear them good both ways. but she should get a major hottie to replace nick. he replaced her with vanessa so she should follow her hot for a sexy guy =]

Bella on

Well, the color on the top of her head looks okay… what’s over her shoulder looks a bit awry.

night on

Looks like she is wearing a fake nose attached to those glasses. Bad camera angle? Or a broken nose?

Miia on

She looks so much better blonde. Gorgeous!

Toni A. on

Jessica is a very pretty girl.I like her as a blonde or brunette. She looks good in almost anything she wears, but I would like to see less cleavage.Less is more!

Gracie on

I adore Jessica Simpson and I think she looks great with any haircolor!
Stop hating people!

Gracie on

I adore Jessica Simpson and I think she looks great with any haircolor!
Stop hating people!

Sherry on

Its very pretty.

harriet on

Love it!!! She looks amazingly beautiful!!!!!!!!!

haley on


Pam on

Hair color doesnt make people look fat, so whoever said that has eyesight problems. She always looks great, brunette or blonde!!

blonde hair on

I wish I could have Rita Hazan do my hair. Every stylist I’ve ever been to thinks they know everything about hair… when actually they know nothing about hair. They rush into it and get sloppy and if you complain, they get angry. I was tired of my stylist trying to get my hair blonde and she would give me uneven stripes and still have roots on the sides and top. I would have her redo it, and she would get pissed, and I still didnt like it. I colored it brown myself with Natural Instincts, and I like it. I’m trying to grow my hair long, but I needed a trim, so I searched for a hairdresser (in my crappy college town) with lots of experience. I found a stylist who was also the owner of her shop and she claimed she had 15 years experience cutting hair. I wanted it trimmed 1/2″ straight across. I gave her a shot, and it ended up shorter on one side, choppy, and uneven. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND A STYLIST WHO KNOWS HOW TO CUT A STRAIGHT LINE????
I would like to go blonde again someday, but I’m just too afraid of having it messed up again. Unless I could find someone like Rita Hazan, but that would be a miracle. DOES ANYBODY HAVE AS MUCH TROUBLE AS ME? AND WHAT IS A SINGLE PROCESS? (from reading the article)

cam on

i think jessica looks good in blonde hair .

may on

omg she. looks hot no matter What!! IDK her lips… i think plumped lips!!

jen on

this is her best color

Becky on

I prefer blone Jess, but I love brown Jess too…Jess it’s a beautiful however.

Tracie on

Looks like someone PLUMPED up those lips… Again!

Zara on

ok so i dont have anything against jessica, but… i personally think that she got a nose job and a boob job. she was already reahhly pretty. i didnt like her hair in cannes, and it was o.k. when she was brunnette, abut she looks best blonde.

Dani on

Now that you mention it, take a look at that nose! It looks bigger to me…

Marce on

yeah, the color-of-the-hair-fat comment .. hum… totally crazy. Also just curious people, why do some of you refer to her as “Jess”? I mean, are you guys friends or something? … I think Jessica Simpson tries too hard to be a diva. All she needs to do is be herself, leave her hair alone, not overdo the makeup and she’ll do fine.

Slim chic on

What is up with her NOSE!!!!
it stands out more than anything else
Anyway i’m happy that she’s blonde again

Shae on

She looks sexier with blonde hair. It makes her glow and everybody turns to look! The brunette color was ok…kinda common.

Ashley on

I can not wait to see her get back to her platinum blonde!! The brown and this color are not working for her. She is beautiful blonde.

night on

The hair is looking better. But she needs to take off the fake nose and glasses. Bad camera angle maybe? Or maybe she broke it? This poor woman cann’t seem to get it all together at the same time.

kerry on

i think Jessica Simpson looks way better blonde! i mean blonde is always better [[=
as long as youre naturally blone or whatever.
anyways, Jessica should deff. keep blonde.
i think she is a gorgeous celeb, even without make-up!!

cat on

I think that Jessica Simpson, going on what she looks like alone, is stunningly beautiful. Blonde, brown, red, orange, green or purple, she is still a very beautiful girl who is very talented-maybe that should be the focus of discussion, not how her nose looks in one silly picture.

Tabitha on

I have been waiting to comment on Jessica and her hair color…LOL I just want to say that I am her biggest fan ever, and as far as her and her hair color goes, I personally think she looks great no matter what color her hair is- however- platinum blonde is where it’s at! Blonde just suits her better! Stay blonde, Jess…PLEASE!!! Mwaah…

..!#**&#... on

Geez people…Harsh Much?!?

..!#**&#... on

Geez people…Harsh Much?!?

Ashley on

Jessica Simpson is beautiful & anyone that thinks otherwise is jealous or blind.

Karina on

Jessica always looks amazing as a blonde.
No other color suits her that well!

jay. on

I still don’t like her, but she’s looked alot better before, and her nose looks HUGE!

Christine on

It looks better blonde, and by the way do they have that top in a XL and were do i buy it.

CSL1 on

Jess looks HOT i really wonder if she is with jm????????????? He is my bf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Haley on

I think its nice shes getting back to her roots.
we alll love Jessica as a blond…come on.

Ashley T on


Hannah on

I think she looks better as a brunette… but that is me

sarah michigan girl on

i love her hair blonde. it looks so natural! She is so pretty!

amber on

I think jessica looks best with blond hair it’s her signature look and i’f never thought her brown hair looked very good on her.

Crystal on

Her lips always look retarded


She looks great blonde and with a little extra weight. Congrats, Jessica, keep it like that!

Kimberly on

Jessica is a very pretty lady and I think the blonde looks best on her.

H on

I think she is so cute! I hope Jess and John stick together becasue I think they are such a cute couple. I felt so bad for her when Nick and her split. Oh well… John seems a lot better, he is WAY more attractive , and WAY more talented!

Maggie on

I have to say I REALLY liked her with the dark hair, I mean every pop tart in Hollywood is a “blonde” and I like the dark hair it sets her apart from all the rest!!

SO Jessica if you read this GO DARK!!!

ash on

Who really cares?

Liza on

I think she could wear a brown bag & look flawless. She’s truly a beautiful girl with any hair color, but I have to admit, her signature blonde is my favorite.

terri on

I liked the brunette best but she looks good either as a blonde or a brunette. I love her shirt as well.

ory on

she always looks gd…my opinion

lvb on

Well, someone on tv said, that once Jess admitted to getting lip injections (that one time), that everyone would consider themselves “experts” at spotting fully loaded lips! Not one of you is qualified to say for sure.

My sister’s lips look like that when she smiles too, and she’s never had anything done. The skin on everyone’s lips stretches when they smile, and when you add gloss that changes the look even more.

Getting injections once means “once”, no matter how often any of you want to jump to conclusions, unless you have any real evidence? But no one ever does.

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