Would You Try an Asymmetrical Bob Like Rihanna and Kellie?

05/23/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

Blame it on Victoria Beckham — every since she razored off her hair, we’ve been seeing more and more stars crop their locks in asymmetrical bobs like hers (even husband David!). And they’re proving that you don’t need Posh’s bone structure to pull it off. Rihanna and Kellie Pickler gave major jolts to their overall looks with their sleek styles. L.A. based celeb stylist Umberto Savone tells PEOPLE that “more and more women are coming in looking for it. The asymmetrical bob is a very good summer look if it’s cut right.” But a word to the wise — show your stylist some photos to make sure you’re getting the look you want, and not a Flock of Seagulls redux. Tell us: Is this a look you would try? Would you wear an asymmetrical bob?

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic; Michael Buckner/Getty

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Summer on

NO!! I don’t like these severe angles. If your going to bob it, bob it! Otherwise, layers belong on long hair.

Natasha on

I wouldn’t personally wear that hairstyle but I think Rihanna’s looks better. Kellie’s just looks awkward.

mssoccerbunny on

I wore an asymmetrical bob….back in the 80’s! But I guess what goes around, comes around, eh?

enigma on

I agree with Summer too!! bobs should be bobs!! bob it!!

Kim on

Why is Victoria Beckham getting credit for this hairstyle? Jenny McCarthy sported it first, and on her it looks gorgeous!

Kim on

I think these hairdo’s look ridiculous. It always makes the person look like they have to hold their head a certain way and that thay are uncomfortable.

Gray on

Speaking of this exact haircut…..I went last week to get my LONG (bra strap level) hair cut like Kellie Pickler, not knowing it looks just as it does in this picture above (I don’t watch Idol). I only saw this haircut as a picture on the CMA website from the side. I have a MESS! I thought my hair looked bad last week after the first cut… then I went back & had the hairdresser even things up a bit, and by the time she was thru my hair went from bra strap level, to should level, and now it is just at my chin (like Jamie Eason). This is a very hard cut to get right. If you are not careful you will end up w/the bell look. I’m going back again today to have just a little more cut…I’ll never ever, ever be STUPID again and do this… But this is a very cute cut if you can get it right. I’ve had alot of complements. If you decide to do this, make sure you go to someone that will cut layers almost all the way around the bottom of your head…that is the trick to keep from getting the bell effect. Oh well, it will be cool for summer.

Alice on

Nah, not a fan of this look. Although I do agree with Kim, it did look good on Jenny McCarthy.

glad on

i would NEVER wear a look like that…i dont like it on anyone even “posh”..ewww

Kate on

i checked out the ‘sleek bob hair’ in this fashion blog:
and generally, i prefer Victoria Beckham’s ex-hairstyle, the bob hair. i think she set thetrend and everyone is following her…? according to the post, bob hairs are really in at the moment

k on

it looks ok on Rihanna…but not on kellie, she just looks like an idiot as usual…enough with her already! im so sick of hearing about her…shes such a hick…

Vicious1 on

It’s cute, but for five minutes. I think the novelty would wear off soon and then you have to deal with different lengths growing out at different paces. I’ll let others try it, I’ll pass.

Abigail on

I think it looks very nice! I love it!

kayla on

NOOOO!!! i think that they are really ugly. that style just makes your face look wierd.

Kanika on

I love this hairstyle, but you have to have the right shaped face for it. Its 2007 you going to see the same style recycle itself like everything else except there will be a tad different.

who cares on

This would not look good on me, but it looks fine on Rihanna.
ON kellie, it make sher look like… idk. difernt.

Claire on

I personally have this cut, and get the most comments out of it. I am constantly being asked who does my hair and if I have their card. For the girl who said it looked good on Jenny McCarthy..that is a bob, it looks beautiful on Victoria Beckham. Girls w/ short hair like to experiment, we have fun!!!

Trish on

The cut looks cute as long as you have the facial features to pull it off. These two can do it.

Googleheim on

They look like the mother from Edward Scissorhands.

Samantha on

I personally think this cutis awful. It is so ugly and I blame Victoria Beckham for starting it. No one should wear this is just makes it look like someone butchered your hair.

Mischa on

I bet you people think mullets look good.

Janine on

rihanna looks really great in this haircut! I like it bettter than the long but I wouldnt try it cuz kellies just looks horrible!! I never did like kellie’s look but this is the worst!!!!

Kim on

I love this look..but you have to be able to pull it off. It also needs to be cut right. Kellie’s looks amazing (but not in this picture). I’m a huge country fan…and her hair looks so cute in her new music video. I hate Rihanna…but hers looks ok, but she is posing too much with it as if she has to always be like that to have it look good.

some girl on

No. I feel like I’m diagonally parked in a parallel universe.

Veronica Bossi on

Well I’m a young Hairdresser and i find assymetrical bobs are really sexy,fun,girlie and they suit almost anybody.
I Find Rihanna hasn’t looked this good before, I think her assymetrical bob really shows her personality.ITS HOTT!!

Theresa on

It’s okay,if you have the right face for it. It looks okay on Rihanna, and that’s a bad shot of kellie’s but her cut isn’t bad either.

Sandy on

I love this look, it’s modern and fun. For those who don’t like it, why put others down, instead have an open mind to different styles. Some of us like to experiment with our hair because after all….it grows back!!

shiamarie4ever on

i love the bob on rihanna but the other looks like a poser

asher on

actually this was done by ashlee simpson WAYYY last year. so common people relax. it IS ONLY hair. give these people a break!

shannon mateer on

i love them!!! why fit in with everyone else, when you can make a fashion statement about you? If you like it, go you. Don’t care what others think about it.

Sharday on

I cut my hair exactly like Victoria’s.. it just fits summer…
I went for this haircut to keep my nape cool..I hate sweaty hair on hot days…

Caitlin on

I Love Kellie’s bob. She looks great, only certain people could pull that off. I personally wouldn’t be that one.

Tish on

I think that this is a hot new look for summer but you just need the right stylist and the right personality to pull it off.I think it suits Rihanna 100%!!

Sheanay on

i’ve got this haircut…the trick is to go to your regular hairdresser who is aware of what you like and they should be able to alter it to suit you..well thats what mine did anyway.

Crystal Beach girl on

No way! It just looks plain silly to me. Kellie used to be really pretty, now she looks terrible with that cut. To me a bob is a short even cut all around. Not an angle cut.

abby on

ummm yeah… I did and I loved it. I want it back! its cute!

NYC Chick on

I can’t believe this is back. This was ugly when I had it in high school and it’s ugly now. But it goes well with the white wayfarer glasses everyone’s wearing that I wore back then too.

karen on

i wouldnt do bob. but i do love the bob on rihanna. kellie’s? um no.

ABC123 on

I would…actually I have (a few times). I don’t think I’ll do it this summer b/c a lot more people would be wearing it now. And it’s okay to be different sometimes AS LONG as it goes with your face AND it helps if your hairstylist knows what s/he’s doing.

Rihanna’s style looks nice on her. Kellie? Not so much…the style actually ages her. I mean the style is cute BUT it maker HER look much older than she is.

And Victoria Bechman’s fault? No, she was not the first with it. The 80’s era is more responsible for this than she is.

P.S. Technically, a “bob” is when your hair is cut short BUT the ends bend (curl or curve) towards your face (like the two pics illustrate). Some are even all around, some are asymmetrical, and some are shorter in the back and get longer towards your face.

happy on

I think i would if my hair were straight.

ave on

I like Rihanna’s better!And I would wear a bob.

Erica on

i love them im actually going to get one this weekend with some fresh highlights its going to be SEXY!!!!!!

Fatima on

i would rather be rihanna.

Ben on

Rihanna’s is awesome but Kellie’s is umm No

Lea on

i think its cute but only depending on who its on like on Rhianna

kyla on

hey! I think this bob is cute only on certain face shapes and hair color. I love Rihannas hair because her face is so beautiful, its kinda like unique face with unique hair – it works!! but, Kellie Pickler is just dumb in the first place, i mean literally dumb and the hair doesnt work, its like her trying to be smart or something, but no and Victoria Beckam looks like and alien no matter what. ew.

Jayla on

I hate this haricut because its seems as if everyone who gets it has their head constantly tilted…Doesn’t that hurt their Necks? AND Kelly Pickler can not pull this look off at all….nice try sweetheart

Jayla on

I hate this haricut because its seems as if everyone who gets it has their head constantly tilted…Doesn’t that hurt their Necks? AND Kelly Pickler can not pull this look off at all….nice try sweetheart


i like this hairstyle ok. it does look better on rhianna than kellie. kellies hair is way too thick on that one side and rihanna’s isn’t as full so hers looks better. this is a sleek look

Rose on

Well i don’t particularly like this kind of hair cut but i don’t agree w/ most of you–i think it DOES look good on Kelly Pickler! AND it looks GREAT on Victoria (Posh Spice)!!! She’s gorgeous!!

Missy on

Honestly, I love the look!!! Layers are not just for long hair, please, and it is still a bob!!! Know what your talking about before you speak. And I dont think all credit goes to Victoria, this has been around a long time, and it has been taught in Cosmetology school for years!!!

Mari on

I cut my hair in a bob for locks of love. It is all one length with side-swept bangs. I love how it looks on me, but i would never do anything with all the angles.
Let’s just say the hairstyle is cute and all, but not for me.


alexieeee on

i like rihannas but…..kellies is kinda BLAAA

Karen on

I personaly love it! I think that it all depends on your face shape. If it goes with your style you can rock it just fine. But it is for more of a trendy person. I have that cut and I always get compliments, like I said if your confident in it you will be just fine.

Genevieve on

I absolutely LOVE asymmetrical bobs! I cut my hair off for Locks of Love 5 years ago and have been an asymmetrical bob girl ever since. I had an awesome one last year and could never get my stylist to recreate it…even still the bobs I had before and after were awesome too. I’m trying to grow my hair out now and every time I see a picture of Rihanna I want to cut the hair all off again! I love the severe angles and its a great way to show off the collarbone and the neck ;)

Tiffany on

I think it only looks good on certian people so if you are considering to get this haircut, get a friends opinion first!!

Tiffany on

I think it only looks good on certian people so if you are considering to get this haircut, get a friends opinion first!!

Stefany on

Yes! I like this hair style because its original and is bringing a spice back in hair do. The fact that this hair style was famous in the eightys with its asymmetrical bob, makes it original. Just rock it with the right earings, and you’ve got youself a look that is undeniably unique.

shan on


Jen on

Ummm not for me. But I do think Rihanna is really workin’ it.

Lish on

All of you who don’t like it probably have the same boring hair. It is probably long and straight. How boring!

Lucy on

Yeh! i wudnt personally av a bob bt i think that rhianna luks great n it really suits her style! xxxxx

olla on

ummm to me i’m not going to wear it secound i didn’t like it on Rihanna i liked it better on kellie !!!!!!


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Rhea on

I love this haircut! when i first saw it on victoria beckham i thought it looked great and i’d love to have it done if i had the guts-but i keeping fearing that it might go wrong-lol! But i think it’s really nice. I’m not sure whether it looks so great on Kelly Pickler but it does seem to suit Rihanna.

The Pob Haircut on

The surprise in Posh Spice’s “POB” haircut was the back!!! Her’s was buzzed trimed at the back. The front gave the appearance of a bob but victoria’s hair on the back was almost like a boy’s cut… very sexy. All hairstylist here in Enlgand make their own signature back, everyone’s looks the same on the front but you immediately want to see what the back looks like!!! he he It really is a fun and very sexy haircut and there’s 100 different ways that hairdressers are finishing it off.

LaBre on

yea i would wear it that looks very cute

Ne Ne on

I love this haircut on Rihanna, after seeing Rihanna’s haircut I tried this cut on myself and I love it. I have been getting so many compliments everone is asking me who did my hair, and I tell them I did, and they can not believe it.

Nicole on

I Love them they are very High fashion not for your everyday girl.

Nicole on

I Love them they are very High fashion not for your everyday girl.

asf on


I love Liv Tyler

sara j. on

I acutally did! I cut it like Ashlee Simpson’s old hairstyle. I cried every day because I cut 10 inches off and missed my hair so much!

Erin on

I think it looks botched up!!! Why would someone want that haircut? It doesnt look classy or sleek at all. Just looks like they got a BAD hair dresser.

Brandy on

Rihanna looks good with this haircut, but she looks good almost all the time. I’m not of big Kellie Pickler fan anyway and her hair just looks stupid and on top of that she can’t even sing to make up for it! poor girl!

Brandy on

Rihanna looks good with this haircut, but she looks good almost all the time. I’m not of big Kellie Pickler fan anyway and her hair just looks stupid and on top of that she can’t even sing to make up for it! poor girl!

claire on

i like it on victoria and rihana but pickler can NOT pull it off

Kelly on

I think Rihanna’s hair looks awesome, but Kellie’s is a whole other story….

teatea on

I just love rihanna”s hair!!

NachoCongress on

I have my hair cut just like this and, like a previous poster said, I’m stopped all the time and asked who cuts my hair. I’ve received nothing but positive comments such as, “your hair is fabulous,” and, “I wish I had the guts to cut my hair like yours.” I guess it, like everything, it comes down to personal preference, but if you’re going to bob your hair, at least make it fun!

juliette on

i love this do!

Katerina on

I personally wouldn’t cut my hair this way, but I think it can be really cute if it is on the right person. Rihanna looks great, Kellie so-so.

Taylor Rae on

I absolutaly LOVE LOVE it!! Everything about it! I’m actually thinking about getting my hair cut that way.

her on

I have to say…. Rihanna simply has the vibe and the right music to be bold and in the present. Kelly, well, I don’t listen to country so I don’t know who she is BUTTT I think she’s trying really hard. Sorry babe—. I actually thought the bob looked wonderful on Charlize Theron when she did Aeon Flux. Looked okay on Posh but a little too trendy. I have this hair cut and I do miss my long hair but I think if you’re pondering this style, you have to be peculiar. I don’t suggest doing it because someone else did it. I think it should go with your PERSONALITY and definitely your style. As a trend I think it makes a lot of girls look plain stupid. As an individual thing, it makes some wonderfully stylish people stand out. Just make sure it’s YOU!

Bella on

Now, I’m definitely a long hair kind of girl, so these are not pics I’d be bringing into my stylist. BUT I really think Rihanna’s bob is really cute, and I’m sure that’s just a bad angle of Kellie, with the her hair behind her ear it’s just kind of hard to see what’s going on with it. It’s definitely a fun cut, and if my hair wasn’t such a security blanket, I might have been brave enough to give it a try!

Jerrica on


franny on

wow!!! rihanna can definately pull this off! on the other hand kellie looks demented. i think she wanted to copy rihanna

say no on

no..and I think that rihanna shoudn’t did it too… beacuse I think it looks terrible on her!

Emily on

No, I don’t think that I will be trying that look any time soon. Altough that style does look gret on Rihanna!!!

christina on

heyy i think rihanna is way pretties because she is my favouirite singer/actor and that she looklik my cuzin elena and that she is like really pretty inm ur #1 fan


love: christina peace

Chastity on


Renee on

EW!I dont like it at all.It would look silghtly better without the bangs, and I perfered Rihanna’s hair when her first album came out.

Ashley on

No I wont wear that……… BUT it looks good on Rihanna

Maryse on

There was just a blog on Kelli’s hair on whether it should be long or the asymmetrical bob, and I personally liked her hair as the bob. The bob does look nice on her, I think she shouldn’t have pushed the hair behind her ears, also maybe do something with the color, I like the blonde, but for some reason it needs more. It looks okay with Kelli’s shape of face, but it really makes her look older for some reason, whereas on Rihanna, the shape of her face and the cut still makes her look young. Kelli seems to have an inbetween shape of face – between long and round – where the cut looks cute on her, but then it doesn’t. Rihanna looks great with this cut, but however I don’t like it on her, I prefer her hair when she first came onto the music scene. I think Jenny McCarthy pulls the bob off nicely, she’s got the right shape of face. Also, someone said something about Charlize Theron with the bob in “Aeon Flux” and I agree, I loved her dark asymmetrical bob. Victoria Beckham looks nice with the bob, but I liked her hair the way it was before the cut.

No, I wouldn’t do this look. I’ve experimented with short hair, but I’ve never done anything as drastic as the asymmetrical bob, I wouldn’t neither. I don’t think I would look good with the look, but hey, if you can pull the look off, go for it.

Alice Hernandez on

I really like these bobs. They frame their faces really well. I have always wanted to cut my hair to a bob like this but I don’t know if it would look good with my face shape. Maybe I will consider it again. I ike rihanna’s bob the best. It’s my favorite.

Tashia on

I would not try this haistyle but I do love this hairstyle on Rihanna. This is the best I have ever seen her look. The color compliments her face.

jerseygirl on

my grandma has this haircut it looks cute

amy on

Hey. These girls look great. Don’t be jealous because you might not be able to pull this look off. I guess some of you have to be more conservative to make up for being plain>

Amanda on

As a hair stylist this is one of the most asked for hair cuts out there!! Maybe not SO thin on the ends but its the new updated bob thats forsure. I love doing this cut and I can see how some people wouldnt like wearing it. Its not for everybody you do have to have the right facial features and personality to go with it. Very cute if you get the right stylist to cut it!!

Mona on

I think its really cute…especially with Rihana. I think that its a fun and risky haircut but I could try it…

Giverny on

I love it ! Its different and lovely.

Giverny on

I love it ! Its different and lovely.

Elizabeth on

I love it! Would totally go for it!

Kaylee Sonneborn on

Thats just wrong!!i would never wear mi hair like that!!but thats just me!

hair today..gone tomorrow on

I love the hair cut on rihanna kellie looks crazy. Just because you like it doesn’t mean you can wear it!

misty roebuck on

LOVE IT! Why not?

bea castro on

This haircut is SOOO last year here in the Philippines..
Asians sport weird hair-dos i guess.. but they look good right?.. u just have to get a good angle..

alex on

I think it looks nice when it is all done, but it looks like it would be hard to keep up with out a lot of work so no!

r on

I love this hairstyle.It looks better on Rhianna than Kelly.Victoria Beckham wasn’t the first person either, it was music artist,Kelis



ashley on

I love this haircut! There are only so many people that can pull it off. You have to have a beautiful face for it, and the people that do not like it just can’t wear the style correctly.

Quinn on

Personally, I love the asymmetrical bob, BUT only if the layers are cut correctly. This style is best for those with smaller faces. Also, in order to pull off the asymmetrical look, you must have a symmetrical face or it will just look awful. NEVER get a hairstylist to do it is they shy away from layers because they will not do the hair justice. I rocked this style for a while and it was fun. When it was time to change it (as I so often do), I turned it into a short shaggy layered look. It is not difficult to change it if you have a hairstylist who knows what they are doing. Those who hate it probably have a set mind on how every person’s hair should look, and to them I say, give something new a try.

A_J on

Benn there done that, but undercut so it’s more managable. It’s disappointing to read that so many people are afraid to experiment with their hair. I mean really, it’s just hair. It grows back!

Kimmi on

Hey! okay…i really love the bobs. i mean, they are such a cute look! especially now that summer is coming up! they are very classy and sweet

Daccori on

I think it’s hot but as it grows out it gets real old. I wore my hair like this for many years. I got the look from TLC (the group) back in the mid 90’s. I didn’t care what other people thought because it made me feel hot. You have to have a REALLY GOOD hair dresser to rock this syle. Kudos to Rihanna…I’m not sure about Kelli.

Karina on

I’ve actually had a asymmetrical hairstyle before and it looked pretty cool for a while…until it grew out and having to style it a certain way everyday gets boring, so it does look good at the beginning, its pretty funky, but you can’t do much else with it except keep it straight if its a bob like that



C Lee on

I got one 2 weeks ago…from a bra strap length blonde to very short, layered assymmetrical bob. I hated at first, but it takes just 3 mins to look very polished (blond and naturally straight) and sophistocated. I love it now! I donated my hair to Locks of Love, btw.

kelly on

it really depends on the exact cut..like rihannas is close in length on both sides but kellie’s are too much of a differnce

boobo on

i think rianah looks good but id never do it cuz everyone has different face shapes

maya on

i love this look….its great.

Katharine on

i like it. it’s sleek & stylish, but it only looks nice on skinny people.

Katelyn on

I love it.. every summer I get it cut that lengh ever since I was a little girl…to much hair at times is really to much !!!

amina on

I would totally rock this style it is different and hot at the same time. I don’t reall like the color on rihanna it’s to dark. Litter tones would have brong out her face more. I love it on kellie. I also loved it on victoria beckham. I am planning to get the hair style this summer. I expect to see alot of people with it this year.

:] on

I have this haircut && love how manageable it is. You just have to make sure your hairdresser thins out your hair so you don’t end up having a thick bob like Kellie. But, I hate the haircut because it’s such a ‘mom cut’. So I’m growing out my hair again because I hate being called a mom. But, if you straighten it well, it looks alright.

Jess on

I like it on Rihanna. Certain people can get away with them but most can’t. In general I don’t like asymmetrical cuts.

sophieb on

Rihannas style rocks nd makes her look stunning but kellies is a big nono.This look may go out of fashion so i wont be investing any time soon.I think people should try and opt for styles that will still be in fashion in the future and make you look a stunner.Just my opinion.I guess you should find a style that compliments your face shape. I think rihannas crop suits her because her face is petite.

Ursula on

I just recently cut my hair like this, and I LOVE it. It’s manageable and stylish. I thought it would be hard to fix b/c you know you can never get it exactly the way your stylist gets it to look, nope. It’s so easy to style, and I’m not one to sit all day fixing my hair. It’s a perfect summer haircut. My hair was at the middle of my back and everybody thought I was crazy and going to regret it……………nope, I am completely satisfied!!

Ashley Busby on

I really like it, but it only looks good on certain people, and I think Kelly’s not one of them. I also like the look better on Victora because she knows how to rock it.

Yaya on

It looks great. It’s stylish, chic way to update an old classic.

Dani on

I liked Rihanna’s long hair. ): Oh well I guess.

tracie on

I don’t think Rihanna’s hair is asymetrical…I think she’s just parting it way over to one side…hmmm I dunno. But it looks great on her!

Make up By Marie on

I love Rihanna hairstyle she looks hot.

sydney on

ok…..yes kellie looks horrible…it’s a bad cut…but for all u chickies that say the cut idea is bad you need to update yourself and maybe re-think your style..the cut is hot…fashionable….sassy and sexy….2007 baby…almost anyone could pull this off….

Rebecca on

I love it!! I used to wear this cut about 4 years back and it’s the easiest hair to work with!! LOVE IT!

Susan on

Asymmetrical bobs look like a mixture of hard liquor and poor haircutting skill. My cousin got one last year and after about the 10th person pointed out to her that her hair was lopsided she couldn’t stand it and got extensions to hide the asymmetrical headache as she called it, until it grew out.

Michelle on

I totally love this cut. If my hair wasn’t as short as Selma Blair’s, I would get it.

teddi on

rihannas looks hott but i like her long hair better but kellies looks aful not a bob at all

kelly on

Well im getting my hair cut like rihannas tomorrow but i have layers just where my hair will be cut anyway, hopefully it goes right but if it doesnt ow well hair grows get over it! you onl;y live once and you should be dearing, why stick with the same boring hair style be adventurs.. i let you now wetha i like it or not!!!

peanutbutter07 on

I actually have an asymetrical bob in honey blonde, had it for about a year now It started off short. Sort of like the kelis hair cut, now it’s very dramatic. I get alot of positive attention with it and some people just look at me like…WHY? I think you have to have the right face shape for it. I love it on rihanna… on kellie…not so much.

Jessica on

I am not a fan at all. It just looks like they’re trying to sport two different hairstyles. If you cover up half their face, then the other half, you’ll see what I mean if you can’t already. Still pretty and talented girls though!

Dina on

I had this haircut long before these girls. I like asymmetry

Lynzee on

Thirty years ago when the wedge came out on Dorothy Hammel..I was working as a receptionist in a hair salon. They wanted to give me the new cut “The Beret”. It was a cut like Kellie Pickler has. I was dating a VP of IBM who drove a Porsche. He was an ex Dallas Cowboy and gorgeous. He came to pick me up on his birthday, I had a really nice pocket watch for him. He took one look at me with this haircut….and I never saw him again. I was heart broken. I did get over him, but never the hair trauma.

MEL on

I believe that it dosen’t look good on everyone but lets say for victoria becham and rhianna it does look great

Lynzee on

Thirty years ago when the wedge came out on Dorothy Hammel..I was working as a receptionist in a hair salon. They wanted to give me the new cut “The Beret”. It was a cut like Kellie Pickler has. I was dating a VP of IBM who drove a Porsche. He was an ex Dallas Cowboy and gorgeous. He came to pick me up on his birthday, I had a really nice pocket watch for him. He took one look at me with this haircut….and I never saw him again. I was heart broken. I did get over him, but never the hair trauma.

nora on

If you’ve got a pretty face this cut looks good. A long neck helps. If you’re a cow and ugly, oh well, it must suck being you.

Megan on

I would wear it. However, I don’t think I could pull it off. I really like it though!

Carlo on

Symetrical facial features, then this cut works.

Ayola on

I like this style, but it definitely depends on the skill of the hairstylist, your face shape, and the texture of your hair. I like Rhianna’s better; Kellie’s looks lopsided, like it’s long on one side, and short on the other. I can’t wear it because I sweat out any hairstyle I get, and with it being the summer? Forget it. I can see this style being worn in the fall/winter for me.

kanyptian on

I like the cut but you gotta have the right forehead…on Rihanna it just accentuates her large forehead, bangs are a better way to go

la romana on

I have one and ilove it Ilove theway it look on Rhianna

Bailey Quynn on

I think that anything can be done, as long as it’s done right. This look has been done wrong so many times, and that is why so many people are negative towards it. We don’t want to recognize when someone does it right. There is not such thing as limitations in the world of fashion. I sported a bob for about a year… and yes, it is one of those novelty hair cuts, I did it, I loved it, and I moved on to other things. This is a look that really has to be owned, as with any look… Confidence is key. I really love it on Mrs. Beckham especially, but anything that woman does will look great on her.

Bailey Quynn on

I think that anything can be done, as long as it’s done right. This look has been done wrong so many times, and that is why so many people are negative towards it. We don’t want to recognize when someone does it right. There is not such thing as limitations in the world of fashion. I sported a bob for about a year… and yes, it is one of those novelty hair cuts, I did it, I loved it, and I moved on to other things. This is a look that really has to be owned, as with any look… Confidence is key. I really love it on Mrs. Beckham especially, but anything that woman does will look great on her.

Claudia on

Hey ladies! i don’t care what u nay sayers think. i love it on rihanna. brings out her eyes and face and hides the large forehead. on kellie…i think she needs some help. i’m actually gonna be gettin this cut thursday. i’ll report back if it turns out good. if not, oh well it’ll grow back. big deal.

calissa on

the reason why i love this hairstyle is because so many people don’t. so when they see me wear it as well as i do, they are amazed at how good it looks. so many people dislike it because only a limited few can truly pull it off. its very sexy alternative to a simple bob.

Beth on

I like the look. For the last 7 years, all I’ve seen is long hair, straightened or curly. The different lengths in these bobs look trendy, fun, and slightly edgey.

simplicity on

It’s a rockin hairdo! Definitely unique and stylish, but only for the right face…

Egbe on

Looks great. I am loving it

Ke-ke on

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Rihanna’s new hair it’s so cute her hair is always cute anyways! I’m getting my hair like this to! Kelly Kellie (Whatever her name is) hair looks funny or thats just a bad picture! Victoria Beckham hair is cute too!

Túlio on

I prefer Rihanna with long hair. Her new style looks like Panic” At the Disco, Good Charlote and all EmoCores, hahahaha

Sophia on

I think V.B. looks horrible with her hair like this. Rihanna pulls it off perfectly, and I’m not liking Kellie’s…

Cora on


angelina bolie on

yes!! its awesome…ive been thinking about getting it done

MissJBStar on

I love it on Rhianna only but since she cut her hair AGAIN, Kelly Pickler looks dumb in it. The look is only for people who has the frame for it. Not for the people who just wanna try looks that celebrities have. Personally, I don’t have the hair for it. It’s too thick!!

MissJBStar on

I love the look on Rhianna. But Kelly looks like a idiot in it and a copycat. Seriously…. she doesn’t look good in it.

Bethany Brown on

I have an assyymetrical bob and i actually got my hair cut kike that before it was so trendy. i love it soooo much! so many hairstyles are soft and pretty. those are great but are not for me! i love edgy, striking looks.

mslady on

Please people some variant of the bob style haircut has been around since the 1920’s if you don’t believe me google “history of the bob haircut” if anyone’s copying anyone they are copying someone whom is 87 or more years of age now.

Mary on

I’d totally wear this style if I could, but my hair’s way too thick and frizzy – it seems like to keep the shape you would need nice sleek hair. But I do think it’s really cool!

elsewhere77 on

works on rihanna. no so much on kellie.
i wouldn’t do it, it’s not my style, but it’s okay for an edgy Hollywood kind of look.

Angie on

The hair-do is very cute. I do remember this from the 80’s and I’m glad it’s back! It’s much more interesting than just a plain ol’ bob!

Taylir on

I absolutely love the angled assymetrical bobs! I am about to actually cut my hair like one! I’m a hair stylist and that’s the look that a lot of people are going for right now. It’s very chic and classy; at the same time is has a little wild side(like all of us women do!).

Pamela on

personally i would definetly go for it!
i followed after rihanna and went for the a-line
and im so going to the assymetrical bob!!

Pat on

I’ve had an asymmetrical bob for a long time…but I have a hard time getting the results I want. Like the angle.

Rihanna Tattoos on

Can you tell me who did your layout? I have been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

Nika on

I love the asymmetrical bob on both Rihanna and Kellie. I had the Posh a couple of years ago, but my stylist stacked the back, which I hated. (Bye, bye, stylist of four years.) So, I’ve been letting it grow. It’s quite long now, and I am strongly considering getting an asymmetrical bob. It’s so chic yet edgy. Great look.

Miki on

What! You people clearly know nuthing of fashion! Bob’s are vry back in style, especially asymmetrical! and ANYTHING Rihanni does is n style

amie on

i like hate beonce rianna is fat

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