Get the Look: Angelina Jolie's Cannes Chic

05/23/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

If there is ever a moment for over-the-top glamour, it’s the Cannes Film Festival — so leave it to an understated Angelina Jolie to blow everyone out of the water. At the photocall for her new film Mighty Heart, she paired a belted satin Elie Tahari top with a simple black pencil skirt, peep-toe pumps and soft ringlets. At night for the film’s official Cannes premiere, Angelina turned up the drama in a vintage black lace Balmain sheath from Decades, set off by sexy peep-toe pumps and Francis Klein jewels. Just goes to show that less really can be more. . .

Get the look:
Snag Angelina’s Elie Tahari blouse for yourself at, $248, or try a style steal with this silk tunic from, $25. Pair the top with this simple black pencil skirt from, $35 and Aldo black pumps, $70.

You may not be able to get Angelina’s vintage dress, but you can come close with this Necessary Objects frock, $68, paired with these knockout satin peep-toe pumps from, $100.

Photo: Goff/INF(2)

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voice on

Angie looks stunning .

didi on


Jessica on

Angelina’s attitude towards fashion is so understated its classic. It’s her bold personality that gives her the style not her clothes. She chooses to wear simple outfits that don’t detract from this. I can’t imagine her putting much effort into getting it right. I’m sure she has more important things to do with her time.

social_distortion on

Angie looked gorgeous at the Canne
I liked her in both daily and evening events, it was appropriate and am quiet content with what she wore as the movie she was presenting was serious and for her to wear some crazy gown would be too much.
Plus, anything she is wearing she is truly wearing it.
Loved her hair (day and evening), her make up all in all
she was stunning

leela on

In my modest opinion,she looks just as boring as ever.And – i guess she is that way out of solidarity for the refugees -SHE IS WAYYYYYYY too thin.

And let me just state this clear: Her comments are just crap.Playing with children as they’re “finished with THIS”…-GIRL YOU ARE LIVING THE DREAM OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! If you prefer to play “Save-the-world” please do so,nobody needs your useless movies!

Summer on

She looks beautiful, as usual! I love that she always dresses very classy and understated. She doens’t let everything hang out like a lot of raunchy stars. It makes since though, when your a mom the simple chic looks work. You don’t have time to get all gussied up when you give all of your attention to your children. More of hollywood should follow her lead!!!!!

Cheryl on

Stunning!…..She looks great in both outfits. Very few would look this great in the gray top.

Alice on

She’s absolutely stunning and a timeless beauty, but far too thin! She should really gain some pounds. Apart from the shoes, I do not particularly like her Cannes style, she wore a lot of better stuff in the past!

adrienne day on

I’m so excited to see Angelina in that Elie Tahari top. I recently purchased two of these tops at their outlet store. I have one in red and one in creme. The black one looks gorgeous too. It comes with the belt that Angelina is wearing around her waist. The best part is that I paid $150. Funny thing is taht when I saw these tops, i imagined it would be something Jennifer Aniston would wear.

Alice on


katy on

She is such a pretty lady, but she has gotten way too skinny!!

Sarah on

Her legs are like two sticks. Angelina is 31 years old a nd looks like she is her mid-forties.

AshleyL on

Both of these outfits are boring and drab. She needs to add some color to her wardrobe, especially in the summer! So I don’t really care to “snag” Angelina’s wardrobe, I would snag her man though lol.

MTP on

Her arms are so long. She is too thin. I do think she has a beautiful face but she needs to gain some weight.

marianne on

she is beautiful, talented, chic, classy, simply elegant. But yes, she is way to thin…put on some pounds and it wouldn’t hurt to add a little bit of color to her outfits! anyways I love Angie, she is my fav celebrity and what is wrong with wanting to play with your four children after work leela ???!!!!

Carrie on

She looks AMAZING in both pictures, but what would you expect with a body and face like her’s. I bet she is one of those women who look lovely in almost anything they put on.

AnnieM on

Love her look, always!

Jill on

I think she is amazing! She is what we want from a hollywood star; however, I do think she is a bit on the skinny side but She just lost her mom. I would lose a few dress sizes too if that happened to me.

SAM on

What a chic, classy babe! She could wear a paper bag and look beautiful with her fabulous figure, face, eyes, and hair!

Kate on

She’s so beautiful! I wish that some day I could come even close to her elegance. She looks so graceful, classy and gorgeous. I think her look is just perfect. And she would look even better with a few extra pounds..

Lisa on

Absolutely beautiful; the epitome of classic elegance. She could afford to gain a few pounds, but given the trauma of losing her mother, it is understandable that she’s a bit underweight right now.

Meg on

She is pretty but she also encouraged a married man to leave his wife! Not a good thing!

Elda on

She looks beautiful in both pictures!! i really admire celebs who try and help out children from proverty, etc.

spak on

I think Angie looks amazing in both pictures! Given the serious nature of her film, her outfits were appropriate. She wanted to let the film shine, not her. However, given her nature beauty, she stole the night anyway.

Also, people should watch Dateline interview tonight. She breaks down and cries when she talks about her mom’s death. Given her mom’s death and adding another child to Brad/Angie’s ever expanding family, Angie’s weight loss is quite understandable.

Finally, “A Mighty Heart” is not an “useless” movie. It’s about a person’s ability to forgive someone who is unforgiveable, it’s about tolerance and not prejudice.


SHE’S Absolutely beautiful and talented.

alia on

WOW…she looks stunning!….I don’t care if anyone else disagrees w/ this, but I see Angelina as a perfect role-model…even though she made some mistakes in her life, she matured and took responsibility for them…and is now a caring woman, doing everything she can to help this world….
She’s a classy and inspirational woman…and everyone should do their part in helping the world as she does…

alia on

I agree Spak…wonderfully said…

spak on

Dear Meg:

I think we should stick to facts and not speculations about Angie’s life.

This woman’s current life has so much to admire. I personally am too imperfect to manage to take care of 4 kids, help alleviate poverty and injustices throughout the world, and be a good partner. Simultaneously, she is making movies with serious nature.

pp on

Love her, very talented, can,t wait to see the movie.

Gray on

Blah.. Yes she is pretty, way too skinny and frail looking. She looked so much better in her Croft movie. Not really a fan of her…but I do love her man…poor ‘ol stupid thing.

Rocket on

The tatoos look cheap – doesn’t matter what she wears. Cheater.

Mary on


Not once, but twice. To Jen and Laura Dern! Angelina should watch her back.

k on

hhmm…she looks ok…but i think shes looked alot better in the past…but after reading many comments i’ve realized thats probably because of all the hardship shes been through this year…i know this blog is about her style but i cant help but add that im very mixed about my personal feelings on angelina…yes she looks like a great mother and yes she has been apart of many great causes…and her new movie looks really inspirational BUT at the same time i cant help thinking negatively about her…i guess its because of all the media drama during the whole jennifer aniston, brad pitt break-up… and i guess its just that no matter how you spin the situation angelina does not come out looking good…right after her and brad worked together, brad got a divorce and then they became a couple…also i think its because of all her crazy behaviour in the past…i dont know…i just dont think i will ever be an angelina fan…

yvonne franceschi on

I agree with Spak and Alia. Right now some celebs should
follow her steps, I have seen her movies, she does a
great work and the most important thing she’s not conceited. She has timeless beauty, even when she wears a
simple pearl necklace, another Audrey Hepburn of our Time.

Summer on

Mary, you are so funny!! OOOHHH Watch your back Angelina, Mary’s coming for ya!
How in the world do you know that she is a homewrecker? Oh let me guess, you listen to everything the media writes in magazines and papers. You just sound like someone that has had her man stolen away from maybe, a more deserving woman.
I tell you this, if any woman was ever able to steal my man away from me, more power to her. It would mean he wasn’t worth my time anyway and she did me a favor!!!!!

j on

not a fan of hers either. using the word ‘classy’ as someone described her above is certainly a stretch of the imagination. while she does look good, she’s too skinny. and i hardly ever say THAT about anyone. eat, smile, wear something other than a dark color every once in awhile, and stop tooting your own horn. it’s old, angie.

Mary on


Actually that is not the case. I have a wonderful family and have been with my faithful husband for 12 years. I totally agree, if someone steals your husband, then obviously they weren’t the person you should have been with anyway and she “did you a favor.” I’m just saying, that one of these days, somes karmas gonna catch up with her. And really, don’t take these blogs so seriously. The whole fun of these things is to talk junk!!

faith on

summer, i like your attitude regarding men leaving for another woman. i think women get too caught up in being victims when that happens. and then they become bitter and cry and question. and while a bit of that is normal, it’s much healthier for your own sanity to view it as a BLESSING IN DISGUISE!

plus, why do they always JUST blame the woman! the man is the one who chose to leave! it’s his fault too! if there was truly a good, equal, respectful, loyal connection, then i can see where something like a spouse leaving would come as a shock. but we don’t know what went on in their marriage; only they do.

and i detest cheating, but i am totally for healthy balanced and peaceful conclusions and mindsets, and i am totally for women empowerment!! if a spouse is willing to do something as hurtful as breaking up your marriage, then why would you want to hold on to them?

Angiefan on

I don’t know why is everyone making a big deal of Angie “stealing” Brad from Jennifer Aniston, they are a better match anyway. And, no one can prove that they cheated during Brad’s marriage. On-set romance happen all the time in Hollywood, how come there’s no one accusing Kate Hudson cheating with Owen Wilson?

Angie is a true beauty from inside and out, could you name one celebrity who regularly donate 1/3 of her income to charity? Go Angie!!

Alex on

Angelina is always age and event appropriate. I like her instincts. She’s grown into a nice woman. Whatever she did in the past, let it rest. She’s evolved. Many of us can learn a lesson from that.

AD on

it is amazing that when asked about what angie is wearing, people only want to comment on their opinions of her personal life. i do have mixed feelings about the woman, but mostly i am envious that i do not have her life. i think she looks beautiful at cannes. i love her simple and accessible approach to dressing.

alia on

I don’t think the word ‘classy’ is a stretch of the imagination when it comes to Angelina…I think in this photo, she is the epitome of classy…
..and I’m not sure why you think that just because Angelina is too thin–that she’s not classy…that doesn’t even make sense.?.
BTW…you would be thin too if you had recently lost your mother…

Ashley on

Simply stunning and so inspiring. I really admire Angie.

Nadir on

Yes, these posting are supposed to be about Angie’s appearance, but no we couldn’t resist to comment on her as a person. It goes with out saying, she looks absolutely flawless in those photos. Admittedly, she does come across older than 31, but its not because she’s aged. She just has a particular aura that conveys wisdom and authority. As for her and Brad, we do have no idea what happened. Who is to say he did not pursue her? Why must we place so much blame on the woman? I suspect the people who do so are those who are insecure in their own relationships. If your relationship is good and true, then no other person should be able to break it apart. Its simple.

Summer on

I hear ya! I couldn’t agree with you more, that little word KARMA packs a big punch. What you do in life always comes back on you and only you.
Congrats on your 12 years and wish you many more!

dragnfli08 on

Love her look, but my goodness she’s so so so so very skinny!!!

judy on

I think in the past few years Angelina has evolved into one of the best dressed people in Hollywood. She always pulls out timeless classic looks that everyone has to approve of. She is absolutely stunning and she always lets that show. Well done Angelina on your amazing style and your persistent stunning beauty.

R on

[Yawn] Yes, she looks pretty, but also pretty boring. “Aura that conveys wisdom and authority”, or is it actually snobbery? I don’t get why she and Brad can’t manage to smile for the cameras much. They usually look so serious- is it fatigue from having 4 kids at home, or just that they’re too cool to smile?

Also, Angie was stick-thin long before her mom passed away. She’s probably just way to busy to eat with her large family, working on a movie, humanitarian work, etc. That’s probably also why she looks about 10 years older than she is.

Andy on

I think Angie looks fantastic, simple and sophisticated. People who constantly complain about her weight don’t understand that sometimes when people go through tragic events they often get after effects like weight loss. I’ve seen many of my friends go through hard times and drop weight not because they’re starving themselves but grief takes its toll on you. Concentrate on her style not constantly analyzing her body fat. Oh and I agree with people who say not to always blame the woman. Men should take just as much blame if not more.

MM on

She’s the most beautiful woman on this planet

Misti on

Hater’s, Hater’s, Hater’s…. She’s bad & all ya’ll know it. She’s beautiful, Brad’s beautiful, & their kid’s are beautiful. She’s done nothing to any of you?? Let’s all face it, Jennifer Aniston isn’t even in the same league as Angie.
Jen was waaay to busy (trying) to be a movie star to give Brad the family he wanted. Angelina’s capable of doing it ALL.. She’s everything he wanted. Oh yea, & she’s got an Oscar..& above all, she’s a wonderful mother.

AOP on

the karma you talk about in here certainly caught up with Aniston and Dern. They both cheated. Aniston dropped Tate Donovan like a hot potato for Brad Pitt. Dern broke up TWO marriages: BBT and Harpers…

I doubt it will touch Jolie as she did not break apart any home.

xyz on

to all those people that are calling her way too skinny, heres something you probably never hear and need to:

a.) if you’re calling her way too skinny, you’re all probably a bunch of fat “lardos”- as in fat little piggies…and is it just me, or what? but i haven’t seen any cellulitey,dimply, obese ladies walkin’ the runways lately, have you?
—> i’m really sick and tired of people picking on thin skinny people. get over it!! yes, we’re tiny!! get over it!! some of us are just naturally that way! we’re not all anorexic or bulimic! mind your own damn business!!

b.) do you really care about her well being when you say shes too skinny? probably not. are you just dying to reach out to her and tell her to get some help? probably not.
—> as the saying goes “if you don’t have anything nice, don’t say anything!”

you guys are ridiculous…

what if we were to all bash the fatties? and on every single message board say “Hey look! what a fattie!! SOMEONE needs to go on a diet!”…do we do this? NO!!! b/c we, unlike most of you, are secure & smart enought to know that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and shouldn’t be judged because of this!! judgement should come because of merit and one’s character, not if they’re a size 2 or 22!
so excuse me when i get really ticked

some girl on

Right on xyz, she is not too skinny, she looks very healthy to me. While I will admit Jolie looks beautiful at Cannes, I feel her fashion choices lately are really ‘safe’, sort of boring. I like her edgier, unique fashion choices in the past. Also I think SMILING is the best fashion choice you can make, everyone looks better when they smile.

Julie on

Actually, fat people are regularly mocked. Even on this message board, it’s a big deal when someone gains a bit of weight. Girls who are considered a healthy weight are often called overweight.

I feel for your plight, xyz, because I think it’s important to embrace ALL body types — bigger and skinnier — but I’m not buying this “we have it so much harder than fat girls” crap. Yeah right.

AnnieM on

xyz – well said! I totally agree.

Nicky on

Summer i so agree with you. In my personal opinion and i am woman. I am tired of us constantly blaming the other woman. “she stole Brad”. Like Brad don’t have a brain of his own. Its so High school. Sometimes when we get married we do it with the best intentions and sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t. That is life. As women we need to stop putting blame on the person that our men fell in love with and look at our own selves and see what we can do so it never happen again.

Angie always dresses classic and elegant. Yes she looks thin. She has also been through alot this year including loosing her mother. So forgive her. So silly. She is beautiful and she never wears anything to short or reveling to draw attention to her. She is a class act and Brad is lucky to have her as a Wife. Legal or Not.


xyz on

someone can tell me to my face that i am anorexic/bulimic, need to gain weight, and need to see a doctor….tell me…whats the difference between doing that and me telling someone that they are fat….a whole lot…if i said that i can guarantee you i wouldn’t have very many friends…i’ve gotten told the above no less than a million times…and still- no one seems to think its that bad…

Ingrid on

Right on, xyz! Why do you think all the skinny girls are struttin’ it on the runways? We’re hotter! GO SVELTE GIRLS!

Ingrid on

Right on, xyz! Skinny girls are hotter. That’s why we rock the runways. I’m sick of everyone saying that the heavy women are mistreated when it’s hard for me to find clothes that fit me. Why should fat people be rewarded for letting themselves go? Slim people take better care of themselves. We should be rewarded with designer clothes. Cause lemme tell ya, it sucks to walk into a store, see a cute blouse and then find they don’t make it in any sizes under two. GO SVELTE GIRLS!

Zenda on

Eww!! did you saw her legs?!?! this is just gross!!
She looked hot before…and shes a ******** homewreker!! i LOVED Jen&Brad together!! But now, he and Angelina, he looks…i dont know wierd!! anyways…shes ugly, but Shiloh…O-M-G!! sooooo cute =]

night on

xyz, I am not a “fattie”. I am thin, very thin. NO, not naturally thin, I have to work my arse off to be this way. I have to go to bed hungry at night to be this way. I have to sweat every day to stay this way, and run five miles a day. It is HARD work. There are very few people as naturally thin as Angelina. Though she is stunning, and I admire her work in films and her humanitarian efforts, I do agree that she is too thin. Weather it is the stress of loosing her mother, or that she simply over dieted when she had to loose the baby weight, she is too thin. There are some of us who really are not bad people, who really do hope she is healthy and well.She was not this thin in any of her previous films, including Gia, in which we all got to see that she was a healthy thin, and was not as painfully thin as she is now. I wish her all the best, and that includes a healthy body, and body image. I hope she and her equally gorgeous husband live long and happy lives together, no matter how much they weigh.

Elda on

well said Misti!!

Cheryl on

Misti…I soooo agree.

deedee on

I just think some people are hating on her because they envy her. Who hasn’t made mistakes in the past? People mature and change. Her new life has made her a better person. Get over it. As of for Jen Anniston, nobody can force a grown man to do what they don’t want to do. We don’t all the details of Jen and Brad marriage so let’s not judge Angelina. Just admit that she is beautiful and many wish to be her. Ciao


to XYZ- you say you are sick of being picked on for being rail thin(which i dont know how people saying angie is too thin had anything to do with you being picked on??), yet with in the first few sentences you write you use terms for overwight people like “lardos, fat little piggies, and obese cellulite dimply fatties” maybe people are commenting on how thin u are because you like to insult other peoples weight so much. you are upset that people are saying she is too thin, which is a VERY NICE way of saying “you look unhealthy and should try to gain some weight” nobody wrote OMG look at that anerxic sicko!!she must be starving herself,that boney skeleton makes me sick” which is insulting, like u were be using such unkind names for overweight people. the only person u should be mad at is yourself! if you dont like people saying someone is too thin you dont turn around and start insulting fat people by using mean names .. noone used any mean names for thin people or fat people on this page but YOU! and by the way, im not overweight or underweight so dont try and pull the fat or skinny card with me just because you dont like what i have to say.

Alice on

I do agree with some of what xyz is saying. Skinny people do get picked on as much or even more as heavier people. Especially lately. As someone you is naturally thin, it hurts my feelings when people think I have an eating disorder or when I read these blogs and people are commenting that a thin person looks disgusting or they aren’t a real woman. That isn’t any less cruel than making fun of someone who is overweight, so why is it so acceptable to do?

As for Angelina, she isn’t my favorite person, but I do believe that her weight loss is due to stress, she doesn’t strike me as the kind of person to purposely starve herself.

alia on

To everyone who thinks Angie dresses drab or boring…look at what she wore at the cannes today….gorgeous yellow dress…not so drab anymore, is she?

R on

alia, maybe she read our comments! ;- )

more likely, her stylist clued her in.

alia on

haha…funny, R…Maybe she did read our comments! :)

Emily on

Angelina looks so good in those looks. I really like how she puts it all together. The only thing is that I am afraid that they wouldn’t look good on me!

Maryse on

I love it. Angelina is so pretty. I know that some of her looks can be “BLAH” to some, but I think she could look gorgeous in any color dress or anything for that matter. Did you see her yellow dress? That’s a great color for her. I love her make-up and her hair is nice. I like how she’s wearing her bangs too.

From Russia with love on

Misti, very well said!! agree with u 100%.

Rachel on

Love the shoes!!

Rachel on

I like the black lace dress. But on her I would NEVER wear something like that!!

bosy on

…she look so beautiful ..angelina i’m crazy about you ..

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