Ashton and Demi's Moment of Zen

05/21/2007 at 04:45 PM ET

Our readers may not be into Ashton Kutcher‘s new beard, but wife Demi Moore seems to love her husband’s scruffy new look. The ever-elegant Moore playfully caressed her husband’s thick beard at the launch party for Donna Karan’s ten-day Wellness Forum at the Stephen Weiss Studio in Manhattan last week. “They were really cute together,” an observer told PEOPLE. “They stuck together the whole time, and they were sitting together holding hands.” Kutcher and Moore, who was dressed in a curve-hugging Donna Karan sapphire dress, were excited to help Karan launch the series of seminars about incorporating eastern medicine into western medicine practices. Kutcher even helped Donna design the logo for the forum, says an insider. “Donna said that he’s very artistic, so she looked to him for guidance.” Does that mean we can expect heavy beards at her next show?

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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glad on

aww what a cute couple !
i didnt believe that they were gonna work out at first but they look soo cute together !

night on

Cute? Glad thinks they are cute!!! I think he looks like the guy in the caveman commercial….and she…well she looks like she actually LIVED in caveman days…She looks every day of her stated age …PLUS at least ten more. Time for Ashton to shave, and for Demi to get back to her plastics guy for some more botox.

Carrie on

Seriously, she is old enough to be his mom…..yuck.

k on

wow night thats a really harsh comment…geeze you cant stay young forever!…i think shes beautiful for her age (what star doesnt get plastic surgery)…and i think they look really happy…good for them!!…his beard isnt the best look for him but its HIS choice (im sure its only temporary) and of course she is going to think its cute, shes his wife!

night on

Harsh? That is insinuating that I think getting old is a NEGATIVE thing. It is not. Looking old is not bad, nor is plastic surgery and/or botox is that is what one wants. However I am just stating the obvious in saying that she looks old, and needs to run back to her plastic surgeon. One positive about her man/man childs facial growth, is that that it makes him look like a much older caveman….so that she does not look quite so much like his mother anymore.
Happiness to them both. (especially when HE has to start changing HER diapers)

who cares on

While I don’t like his beard, I don’t think in anyway does Demi look old. Also, shes his WIFE, I think her opionion counts for more than ours.
And seriously? Anyone who thinks plastic surgery is an amazing invention is insane. Look here if you don’t believe me:
Also: Botox is highly diluted. This is just a random fact, being a chemists daughter, but the chemical in botox is the most lethal commonly used chemical there is. Although Botox won’t kill you, because of how little there is.
And saying someone NEEDS surgery is just mean.

Sue on

Plastic surgery doesn’t make you look younger, it just makes you look WEIRD.

k on

haha ohhh ok, whatever you say hun! but you only sound jealous! im sure demi will be able to pay someone to change her diapers…

rocketman on

you people are pathetic !!! all the neg comments are because your just jealous!!
who cares if she is old enough to be his mom!
i would gladly trade places with him !
and i am sure they care less what you think anyway!!!(-:

alia on

Beard = Not Sexy!!! I have no idea why she thinks that is sexy…unless she is attracted to homeless men…b/c that is what he looks like…
…but, whatever…if it’s working for them…more power to ’em!!

rocketman on

when am i going to start seeing my posts on this site??
i know you have to check them first,but how long does that take DUH

rocketman on

when am i going to start seeing my posts on this site??
i know you have to check them first,but how long does that take DUH

priscilla on


I’m with you all the wayyyyyy!!!!
Who cares if she’s older? Does it mean that when we women get older we need to “get back to her plastics guy for some more botox:? or can we finally accept aging as a natural process…. They loook very happy together. Good for them…….

Summer on

OUCH!! I think he looks really good with the beard. It’s only temp and it changes up his looks. I love facial hair, it makes them look rough, a man’s man! As for Demi, more power to her, she’s having the time of her life. I just can’t believe how different she looks. If you look at pictures from St. Elmo’s days and now, she doesn’t even look like the same person. She had some MAJOR reconstructive work done. To each is own, and I hope they have a happy and wonderful life together.
Night: please remember your statement in years to come when you old and someone is changing your diapers, you won’t think it’s so funny, may humiliation wash over you!!!

j on

age and looks? are those two things THAT important in a relationship?? some people on here need to mature a little and open their minds. i’ve always naturally gravitated to older people for some reason, and can honestly say that age is merely a number. when you have things in common with people and enjoy their company, something as trivial as age doesn’t even come into play–you aren’t even conscious of it. obviously there is some sort of connection between demi and ashton. i think they’re lucky to have found each other!

maybe ashton has the beard for a role, and demi looks better now than she ever has–if it’s from a dr.’s help-more power to her, it sure doesn’t change the fact.

Elda on

Demi is so lucky to have a stud like Ashton i wish them both the best! just look at her, she looks so happy!

night on

Well, the day may come when I do need someone to change my diapers. Hopefully my money will hold out, and like Demi I will be able to PAY someone to change them for me. OR maybe I’ll be lucky like Demi, and meet a young boy , twenty years or so my junior,make him my love toy/husband, and have him change my diapers for me. Either way it will work out!! As for the plastic surgery, I too think it makes people look strange, and Demi is the strangest looking of the bunch. She is starting to look a lot like Cher lately. But, he’s having fun, she’s having fun, so what is the harm?
Well, I must be on my way, I have to get out and start looking for a much younger man so I’ll have security when I am as old as Demi…lets see now… old is my future man to be right now?…hmmm….oh wait…he is still in middle school…maybe I’d better wait a few years!!

Cryptkeeper on

Elda, STUD? CAVEMAN child is more like it. YUCKKKK….

greymatterz on

I think I just read that Demi wants to have kids?!!! Wath the heck? She states her age to be 44. I give her an extra 5 years shaved off for vanity sake. What does she think? That because she goes in for cosmetic work regularly that her ovum will stay young too? I have advice for Ashton. Loose the old lady if you want kids that don’t have genetic syndroms. OR maybe they are looking for egg donors? Either way it is too damned creepy. Stars think they can have everything because of their money, but nature may not have heard of Demi and Ashton. They might be in for some heartache. Run Ahston run. Get your face cleaned up and find a nice girl your own age to have a family with or you will regret it when Demi’s alzhiemers starts, and she can’t even remember who you are.

j on

night & greymatterz: are you trying to come across as very ignorant, very unhappy, very jealous people??!?

Elda on

i didn’t ask for your opinion cryptkeeper!!

Dee on

Its a “BAD” camera shot of Demi and Ashton…
She looks like a Halloween caricature of a Witch…
He looks like a Halloween caricature of a Caveman…
At a better camera angle, I’m sure they both would look more appealing…BUT like they say “the camera does’nt lie”.

Cryptkeeper on

uh ohh…elda might have a young man child of her own at home. she seems a bit defensive. Or maybe thinking of donating an ova to Demi? RUn Ashton RUN.

priscilla136 on

What’s the big deal about their age? Do we critizice Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? just to name a few… So it’s OK when the man is older and the woman is younger but not the other way around??? You people are pathetic I can’t believe this society is still sexist!!!!!!!!!! You sound so 50s. They’re are happy and that’s what matters…………..

enigma on

So, I am kind of curious about the age debate thing that’s going on here???

Let’s just say, the person (of course an adult, no middle schoolers, please, let’s be somewhat practical)…the person you really love and want to be with (the one you have waited for has showed up in time), is 15yrs older than you……so, my question is, does that make you a bad, gross, yucky, weird, strange, odd, wrong, icky, disgusting, unintelligent, and disrespected sort of person because you happen love and want to be with someone who happens to be older than you!?!?! No offense…I am just curious…!?!

I am just curious because my darling love is 15yrs older than me. We have been together 3yrs, we love and respect each other very much.

Please, comments are welcomed!!

Cheers and Laters!

Elda on

it figures you would say something like that, the name “cryptkeeper” fits you well! as nasty as you sound, you are ugly in real life!!

JoanyRiverz on

did anyone ever carve an apple into a face when they were kids? If you did, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about here. Demi is starting to look just like one of the dried up apple faces I made when I was a kid. SCARY!!

atian on

Demi already had total body make over that cost her more than $100,ooo.

j on

enigma–i’m with you. i can’t believe people really think this way. mine is 26 years older than me, (4 years together)!! love knows no age, it really doesn’t. when i find myself reading comments like these it serves to remind ME not to be so quick to judge a situation i’ve never experienced.

Summer on

Enigma, if you had half a brain (which I guess we really only use half our brain, anyway, you get my drift) age does not matter!
I really don’t understand the concern of two people falling in love that happen to be born decades apart. You would think that we were still in the baby boomer’s era where the woman lives under the rule of her man.
My motto: It takes all kinds to make the world go round! Even those willing to throw stones at something they can’t even wrap their brain around.

elaina on

I think it looks horrible but this is my opinion. they are cute together anyway. Good luck to them!!

enigma on


First, thanks for your comment, but, the “half a brain” bit in your comment….not wanting to be rude here, I know I welcomed comments but, that seems a bit insulting and condescending…please no offense.

Never mind that now, fortunately for me and you, I am not taking it that way! I, like j, did date a guy 26yrs older than me for four yrs and I certainly know and understand age does not matter!! He ended it not me…my heart was broken but, in reteospect I understand his perspective now.

It all depends on, what perspective you look at it!!

Anyway, thanks again for your comment!


Mary Peck on

The problem starts when he is still a young man of say, 45. She will be close to 70 by then. How many of you women out there think a man of 40 is going to stick with a woman of that age? Come on now , be honest. Lets face it. Hollywood unions are tenuous at best, given the age difference they do not have a chance in the long haul. There is NOTHING wrong with age difference in a marriage, but lets face the facts ladies and gentlemen, Ashton’s eyes will start roaming when Demi’s Plastic surgery starts making her look like Joan Rivers. It’s the truth, it’s sad, but it is the truth.

mm on

I would tell you guys how i perceive age—It is how you feel not the way others look at you. 4 years from now I will be 50, old huh!, yap in number but never in my feelings that 45 yrs.had gone and the 46th is about halfway. I would rather be in my 50’s and still feel young than in my 18 and would feel rotten old. Although physical attraction is most likely the first thing that start a relationship but in the end it is mostly your chemistry that holds you together. Hmmnn, I must just be a 23 yr. old soul in a 46 yr. old body. So for Demi and her lovy dubey, enjoy your best.

enigma on

Hey j, I agree with you and thanks. I wish you the best!

Hey mm, I agree with you as well!!

Plus, I also understand Mary Peck’s comment too…because my former boyfriend of 4yrs felt the way…

Love. Peace. Happiness. Cheers!

Michelle on

ewwwwwww ashton looks gross. he looks like a hairy monster. shave it off. PLEAZZZZ!!!!

Michelle on

ewwwwwww ashton looks gross. he looks like a hairy monster. shave it off. PLEAZZZZ!!!!

Vonnie on

With those big glasses and that beard, he reminds me of the unabomber. A little trim wouldn’t hurt, in my opinion. Though I do like facial hair. I actually asked my husband (who ironically looks a lot like Kutcher) to grow out his facial hair. Some wives just like “the manliness.”

mickey on

I think it’s great that she digs it. That’s what love is. I don’t personally like when my husband gets too much hair on the face, but when it’s love, i mean real love, you love it all, hair, bald, whatever. They look happy and that’s really the important thing in any relationship. Rich, poor, famous, not famous, the beauty is truley in the eye of the beholder. You go Kutcher family, go grizzly adams or abe lincoln if you want, Who cares, only you all need to.

Summer on

The half a brain comment wasn’t directed towards you, people in general. sorry!
I can see Mary Peck’s point of really be honest with yourself. When you are 70, you know by that age things really start to SLOW down and 50 year old man in his PRIME isn’t going to stick around unless there is just some unbelievable connection on a different level!

Summer on

The half a brain comment wasn’t directed towards you, people in general. sorry!
I can see Mary Peck’s point of really be honest with yourself. When you are 70, you know by that age things really start to SLOW down and 50 year old man in his PRIME isn’t going to stick around unless there is just some unbelievable connection on a different level!

enigma on

Hey Summer,

Forgive me if my comment was too harsh, I really don’t want to create any funky tension!! I am very sorry! And, thanks again for your editional input!!

And, yes you and Mary Peck have very valid points, which now I know truly understand because it is realistic and practical!! As I said before, my ex-bf was much older than me, since that relationship (4yrs ago), I’ve learned for myself and what’s good for me is, there should be a certain limit in age differences…I think 15yrs is the max anyone should go…I say this from experience. Any older than that, then issues, gaps, jealousy, and disconnection come into play…..that’s just me! But, if both sides respect, love, and are completely happy with each other then there are no problems…and power to their love!!

Well, I hope I’ve explained myself alittle better.

Best regards to all!! Cheers!

faith on

hey enigma,

i just wanted to chime in on the whole age difference thing. i had the same thing happen to me that happened to you. i dated a guy that was 19 years my senior and he ended it after a year and a half because he thought that i would eventually want something different. and though my heart was broken at the time, he was right! as i matured more, my tastes changed, and my expectations and standards changed among other things. i’m sure he is still a great guy, but i have to say that i am glad to be married to a man that is the same age as me now. i feel more assured that we will both have enough energy and vigor to raise the family that we have and plan to add to, and i actually look forward to going through all the different stages of life at the same time.

but overall, i’m happy for anyone that finds love and makes it work for the long haul. and i realize that the formula for success is differnt for everyone, and that’s okay!

have a great day!

enigma on

Hey faith,

Thanks for chiming in! You are very right and most considerate as well. I felt the same as you, after the relationship I had time to reflect, about me, him, my standards wants needs etc. Once I understood his perspective I wasn’t so hurt by being let go. I, too, am glad it ended and on good terms as well, and I know he will always be a great guy and I am grateful for the experience!

But, I am happy with my darling love….we share and understand so much, it’s amazingly crazy!!

Thanks again faith! Have a beautiful day too!! Cheers!

ayah on

what? do you Really love her she’s bigger than you you have to see oyher s in your age please we are waiting for you to change your desicison & I am the first of them you are very cute guy and Every wishes to be her hubby okay Bye

her on

what about the moment people? who gives a damn what they will be like in 30 years? they’re happy now! they’re in the moment —heck—maybe they just like to sleep together. Okay, maybe Ashton has severe pscycho sematic mommy issues—but so what? they like eachother! let em’.

sierra on

awwww thatz cute but i dont like da beard it makes him look so much older than he actually is!!!

Elle on

EWW, it looks so stupid on him and it makes him look older.
they’re a little too apart in age tho..
but i guess it’s okay if their marriage is going good tho. :]

Jane on

I think she look like she has a big horse head. She never should have had children. Those poor girls didn’t have a chance.

don't be jealous on

I feel sorry for those who feel that this relation sucks ( or for that matter, any may-december relationship, especially the younger one is the man)

I am 23 years younger and Im am in love with this woman we are into our relationship for 4 years and still going strong. We are attracted to each other physically and emotionally. When you are satisfied, or more than satisfied in a relationship, where each one honestly benefit from each other, appearance has no place….

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