Get the Look: Fergie's Workout Gadgets

05/17/2007 at 01:02 PM ET

When the “Glamorous” singer isn’t busy performing, she is usually keeping her rock solid body in shape working out all around Los Angeles (Watch out, Matthew McConaughey!). But this singer isn’t wasting her time just carrying any old water bottle with her. To keep hydrated during a jog, the serious runner straps her Endurance 4-bottle belt, $36, at, around her waist. With the paparazzi flashing away, Fergie stays focused with her iPod secured to her arm. Get your own XtremeMac SportWrap for iPod, $30, at the online Apple store. Tell us: Would you wear these gadgets while running or is it a bit too much?

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faith on

hey, whatever works and inspires you to get out there and actually stick with it, i’m all for. i wish i had the dedication to run, but i just don’t! more power to those that do!

steph on

I’m a runner. And unless I was training for a marathon I would not wear those water bottles around my waist. It just seems like extra weight and bulk. Her ear phones are ridiculously large.

I wear a very small sony mp3 player in an arm band with small earphones and a gps on my wrist. That way I know how fast and far I’ve gone.

Summy on

It’s WAY much. That looks silly, unless you are on an all day hike or marathon you don’t need all those bottles. I would never wear something like that. How in the world does she keep those huge ear phones on. When your pounding the pavement, everything jerks. She doesn’t look comfortable.

k on

i love fergie…but i think she looks a little bit funny!…i probably wouldnt carry this much stuff…but then again im not a runner…maybe its necessary!

sarah on

I love my FuelBelt, I would never run without it. Fergie should be running in the new pink Helium belt. I just got one and it is even better than the original.

Mike on

I’ve used the FuelBelt for almost 9 years now. I’ve seen the product grow and change with new models, fabrics, bottles etc.. Their new Helium belts are cutting edge and awesome!! As a 14 year veteran of Triathlons – it’s simply a requirement for training and racing.

alia on

I suppose that is a little much… but whatever it takes to keep healthy, right?

claudia on

That’s just silly.

enigma on

Steph is right….less is more!

Best advice in getting a good run, is eat a banana and drink alot of water 30min before your run, just before you step out the door use the ladies room. That way you know your body is hydrated enough w/h2o for your run….and you don’t need to lug all that extra weight like Fergie, which actually makes for an inproper workout. With that weight bouncing around it throughs off running techinques….but, if you really need water with you, carry one full bottle and sip at it!

Well, I cycle alot and I am starting to introduce running in my routine and so far this seems to work for me at least…

Educate yourself first before you go crazy with working out, know what to eat, pace yourself, know it takes time, know what to wear, when is a good time for your body to workout, what kind of workout is good for you…etc!!

Have fun working out!

Jennifer on

I am also a runner (marathons) and you really do need all that stuff – plus she’s running in way hotter temperatures than I am in Chicago so she needs the extra hydration! And have you tried running with those little Ipod earphones in your ears when it’s hot? They either fall out or get water damaged!

enigma on

Mike is right too!! it’s simply a requirement for training and racing….especially hard core!

Good for you Mike!! Have you ever come in first place!?!

J Ricci on

I have had one since 99′ while I thought it would be heavy and so on it’s not. I know people use it for multiple drinks etc. but I just use mine for water and the occasional gatorade or something along those lines. The new design looks much better/cooler then my old one. In actuality it really does not matter, I would buy one now because Fergie and I have something in common, she’s Fergilicous!

dirk on

I run with my FuelBelt everyday, I wouldn’t go without it. I get to carry my preferred nutrition with me where ever I go. I even use it in races because I can’t always tolerate what they have on the course. Not only is the new Helium belt great, but the new bottles are a much needed improvement. They are much easier to use than the older model because of the wide tops. Kudos to FuelBelt for such a great product.

steph on

I live in Louisiana and running in hot humid weather is all we ever get. I don’t have “ipod” earphones, but they are the same size and they rarely fall out. The only time they do fall out is when I’m doing strength training after a run and doing a bunch of squats or something.

Just to clarify – I wasn’t saying that the hydration belt was bad, I was just saying it’s unnecessary for a 3-6 mile run. And like enigma said, if you hydrate well before (like throughout the day) and after that distance of a run, you’ll be fine.

Mike on

To enigma,
I’ve raced 120+ triathlons in my career, and have won 15 of them outright. I train with some of the best athletes in the country, and they use FuelBelts too.

Elda on

Fergie’s got it going on!! I agree, water is so important to your Health it helps all the body organs work better especially when working out!!

enigma on

Mike and steph too,

Excellent and very impressive!!! I really appreciate any tips from the pros!! I seriously thought about becoming a professional cyclist when I was a kid but, I wanted to be an artist and so, that’s what I am…..I balanced my time quiet in the studio by working out!! Well, you both have me curious about this belt now….I’ll look into getting one of those belts soon for the hot summer days!!

Thanks Mike and steph, stay healthy, stay hydrated, and have fun too!!!!

Cheers and Good Luck!

faith on


even though i don’t run anymore, i feel your pain because i live in texas, where you step outside and are slapped with humidity at seven in the morning. how do you do it? i just can’t stand running in the heat–i feel like i’m being suffocated by the humidity! and running really early just isn’t a safe option for me. any suggestions other than a treadmill? are there any nifty self cooling devices out there, say that you can wear around your neck or something while running outside?

also, enigma, what type of artist are you? just curious! i always wanted to be a painter, and while i’m good at drawing still art, i can’t ever transfer to paper with paint the pretty things i see in my head. oh well.

good luck to all of you with your respective hobbies!

Kara on

Hey………It’s fergie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me & Hunter R GLAMOROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steph on

To be honest, I do all of my training and races during the fall, winter and early spring. It gets really hot here after about april, and sometimes it’s just unbearable. To keep in shape on my “off season” I use the treadmill or go for runs later at like 7 p.m. Of course, going that late severely limits the length of your run.

It’s funny because most everyone else has to wait till this time of year to start outdoor runs again – and we have to go indoors! As far as cooling devices, I’ve never used one or tried any. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. I really don’t mind treadmills but I know some people really do.

glad on

i like the idea of having something strapped around to hold water or pepper spray…bc we all know there are freaks out there !!!!!!!!

enigma on

Hey faith, thanks for asking!

I am a classically trained fine art painter. I attended art school in New England where I currently reside. During my school days I fiercely believed in representational plein air painting which I still do, but haven’t done as much plein air works such as, landscape, marine scenes, shoreline scenes, fishing villages…etc.

Since, I am focused in the studio and not using my “studio on wheels” a.k.a my car, I’ve let my work evolve and become different..which I am very happy for but, I miss getting out in the elements sometime!!

But, you know faith, it’s never to late to try and learn how to draw and paint!! It’s just like anything else..if you want to be good at something it’s takes knowledge, training, focus, desire, and application!

So, go get yourself a nice sketchbook, some nice pencils, and start drawing things around your house!! step #1.

Anyway, thanks again for asking!!

Enjoy and Cheers!

Maryse on

I agree, this belt is necessary. I live in Arizona and it gets VERY hot here, so I need my water. During this time of year I use my treadmill and during the evening time when it cools off a bit I go for a nice run throughout my neighborhoods. I also have to use headphones too, because those earpieces fall out, but they annoy me anyways. I love my Helium belt…Kudos to Fuelbelt, I love their product.

vanessa on

HeLL yEaH ii WoUlD Do tHaT aS LoNg Am In sHaPe iS aLL gOOD…PlUs ii THinK tHaTs pERtY Cool!!!

Kristen on

I thought Fergie was “up in the gym working on {her} fitness” cheesy, I know

Meg on

I’m an avid jogger and can’t leave the Mp3s at home. It’s not easy juggling the water bottle and the Ipod with the headphones while running up and down hills in the heat. Why not strap it all on?

KC on

Actually her earphones are smart…the earbuds you see people typically using are way more damaging to your hearing due to that fact that you are sticking the sound into your year. As far as the water bottles …it’s a bit much…hey but she has great legs so it works!

britney spears on

o my god! i loveeeee Fergiee. we are lyk BFF’s! duh! wow i love her! and the water bottles. i think i might shave my head again….

Jessica on

Go FERGIE!! She rocks..

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