Fashion Faceoff: Lindsay Lohan vs. Lily Allen

05/10/2007 at 01:07 PM ET

It’s never a surprise to see Lindsay Lohan in Chanel — not only is she friends with designer Karl Lagerfeld, but she’s a frequent shopper at their stores. But British pop sensation Lily Allen in a conservative tweed-trimmed dress? Now that’s something we never thought we’d see! But both young stars hit the party scene this week (in N.Y.C. and London, respectively) in their identical ivory frocks. We want to know what you think! Tell us: Who wears their Chanel dress better? Lindsay Lohan or Lily Allen?

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Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage; Harold Cunningham/WireImage

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Beth on

Lily Allen looks really cute!! I think she looks much better than Lindsay Lohan. I also think Lindsay is a coke-head who has long since been in touch with reality.. she is so lost and I feel bad for her. Her blond hair looks like crap and those ‘nude’ lips must be a little bit of cocaine powder that got stuck to her lip-gloss.
Lily Allen looks healthy and colorful – Beautiful!!! Love her!!

j on

Lily!!!! so cute. lindsay’s coloring is just BAD.

Beth on

Lily Allen looks really cute!! I think she looks much better than Lindsay Lohan. I also think Lindsay is a coke-head who has long since been in touch with reality.. she is so lost and I feel bad for her. Her blond hair looks like crap and those ‘nude’ lips must be a little bit of cocaine powder that got stuck to her lip-gloss.
Lily Allen looks healthy and colorful – Beautiful!!! Love her!!

Amy B on

Lily all the way! It suits her hair, skin tone, and body type way better. Plus she’s smiling so sweetly….

GLO on

Is it me or does Lilly Allen look different? I pick Lilly! Love you though LINDS!

ucokaty on

i think lily allen looks way prettier in it. She just looks glowing, youthful and gorgeous.

Sophia on


Michelle on

Lily looks better – anyone next to Lindsay Lohan will ALWAYS look better because I cant stand Lindsay Lohan. She needs to go away and let people thru with real talent and beauty.

faith on

i have to go with lily allen. lindsay looks a bit washed out with the hair and pale lips. plus, i know it’s just the picture, but lily looks like she’s having a better time in the dress! a smile and upbeat attitude can help you pull off almost anything!

dawn on

Lindsay looks chubby and she’s not a chubby girl.

Terra on

Of course, Lindsay fills the dress out better, but I think Lily gives the dress a bit more of an innocent look. So…. Lily.

Miriam on

Lily definitely wears it better. I’m all for curvy but sorr LLo.

Cheryl on

Lovely dress and they both look cute as can be. LaLohan’s dress fits just a bit better.

alia on

I love Lily Allen…her music is awesome and she speaks her mind!…the dress looks better on her also…Go Lily!!!

HLS on

Lily looks better. Lindsay’s fake blonde hair washes her out, and the dress looks too tight, too short, and too low cut (for this style) on her.

Rebecca on

Lily, definitely. Lindsay wears the dress well, but there’s just something to Lily’s “I’m just an average girl” pose that makes the dress look cuter on her.

If the Lohan sisters wear the same size, Ali should definitely raid her big sis’s closet for this dress. With a cardigan, the younger Lohan could pull it off no problem.

nini on

lily hands down
lilo just is trying way too hard

Jana on

I think they both look cute, but I think Lily’s skin color and hair color really makes her standout in the dress!

Alice on

Lily looks better in it of course. Its funny how so many celebrity news sources are avoiding talking about Lindsay’s 12 hour cocaine binge last weekend.

Anna on

Lily does. On Linds it just looks sloppy and like she couldn’t find a dress to contain her boobs. its a happy little dress with girly flowers and it is the wrong look for lindsey. Lily wears it properly and it looks like the straps fit her better then lindsey. I bet if she had the straps tailored, it would look better in lindsey too. as is, it looks sloppy

random.comment on

Definitely Lily, Linds looks really wierd in that dress. She looks like she has no mid-section just boobs and legs.

ann on

LILLY!!! She’s adorable!! And if you haven’t gotten her CD “Alright, Still”, go get it. Run! Go! Right now!

Elda on

Lily of course!!! Lindsay looks tired or something, just doesn’t fit well with the dress. i wish Lindsay would go back to being a redhead because blonde does not look good on her.

Ashley on

They both look good in this dress. Let’s not start with the “fat” comments please…do we really want Lindsay to go back to all bones??? Yuck! She looks so much better now. Lily looks beautiful and innocent in her pic.

Rebecca on

It’s hard to tell without seeing the shoes, but it’s such a cute dress and they both look nice in it. I like it a little better on Lily and the smile helps. I wish Lindsay would go back to her natural hair color- blonde just doesn’t do anything for her.

Cara on

does lindsay lohan not have a dress without front pockets???

rashundra. on

lindsay need to smile. she’s not that pretty as it is.

Nick on

I think Lily looks better, her dress is much more white ( although the lighting may have messed it up ) and looks more new compared to Lindsay. Lily looks more healthy, natural, and much more colored than lindsay.

Rebecca on

Also, I think the dress looks more striking paired with Lily’s shiny black hair.

glad on

i like the dress on lindsay but the makeup and hair on lily

Q on

The dress doesn’t look good on either girl.

Q on

The dress doesn’t look good on either girl.


Lily, no question! She’s an absolutly stunning girl.

Crystal Beach girl on

I don’t know who she is but Lily wears it better.

natnoodle on

I like the dress better on La Lohan, I think she is gorgeous and can pull anything off. I’m really rooting for her to make a comeback and clean up her public image.

veronica m.g on

Lily looks great with her black hair the dress matches perfitly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

veronica m.g on

Lily looks great with her black hair the dress matches perfitly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yvonne franceschi on

Lilly Allen looks pretty and she has this glow on her
youthful face, as for Lindsay, she looks tired and the dress
doesn’t compliments her skin tone and hair, I do not know
Lilly Allens age, but Lindsay is only 20 and she looks 30.
Sorry for Lindsay fan club, will she make to 40 with all
this partying and flying back and forth to L.A. Europe and
New York. Yvonne

Maryse on

I think the dress looks better on Lily Allen.

Lily’s hair is beautiful. I love the color and the bangs, it pairs very nicely with the dress. I also love the pencil skirt effect on Lily’s dress, it just looks so much more polished and girlier.

While it fits Lindsay nicely, I just don’t think it looks right on her. Everything looks washed out. First, I don’t like the bottom of Lindsay’s dress. Second, I dislike Lindsay’s hair color, I wish she would ditch the blonde, and go back to her red hair or her jet black hair, but I like her red better…anything is better than the blonde, because the color just doesn’t look good on her. She’s too washed out, her skin and hair color match and it just doesn’t look right, along with the dark eyebrows…the pale lips aren’t doing any good, at least dress them up with alittle color or something.

Jen on

I love this dress! I think that Lindsay looks better in it. As soon as I saw this dress on I fell in love with it.

Jes on

Lily does. Yep! Lohan looks washed out!

Rachel on

I think that Lilly wears it much better.
She looks so cute in the dress.
As for Lindsay she looks as if her boobs are about to pop out.
And it kinda makes her look a little chubby.
LILLY all the way!!!

Neke on

Lily looks fabulous. The dress does not suit Lindsay’s shape.

paula on

they both look good, in their own way, lindsay is gorgeous in hers as a grown up, lily looks cute, in her young age way.

Kate on

I think Lily looks so much better with the smile and a healthier look. Lindsay looks very tired and her skin looks terrible. I just saw a picture with Lindsay and her mom and her mom looked better (and younger) than Lindsay. Seeing girls like this is exactly the reason why I have never even considered doing drugs. Lindsay looks very ill.

Aoife on

Lily looks much better, just cos she is smiling!! Lindsay looks so grumpy it would be hard for her to look good no matter what she was wearing!! Makes a nice change for Lily too, its much simplier than her usual style and I think it suits her!

Jamie on

Lily looks much better. Her dark hair makes the dress pop! If Lindsay got rid of the old looking blondish hue and back to red then it would have make the choice harder. Lindsay go back to red it was so much better!

alia on

I agree Jamie, I like her red hair better too…much more natural
…But, I think she went blonde b/c she doesn’t want to be called a firecrotch anymore:/

enigma on

Can I just say…..


enigma on

WHOA alia, now that’s funny, you’re hilarious!!
HA-HA-HA-HA!!! Watch out she burns!!!

Viktoria on

Wow, lindsay is looking just liker her mom.

Mallory on

Lily Allen all the way!! Lindsay just looks blah…

Another Beth on

Here’s what I think . . .

Lindsey Lohan is making headlines by discussing her 21st blowout party in Las Vegas — meaning that now she can do legally the stupid things she’s been doing for years.
Take a good close look at this picture — that 21-year-old GIRL looks about MY age and I am 38. Her skin has lost its translucency (but I don’t know how anyone can tell — she wears enough makeup to cover a small country), her face is haggard and worn, her eyes look hard . . . there is nothing youthful about this girl — and she’s barely 21.

In direct contrast is Lily — her skin is dewy, her expression is youthful and happy, her hair is shiny and healthy looking.
It isn’t a question of who best “fills out the dress” it’s a question of who is the healthier girl — and there is no comparison.

Lily looks youthful and beautiful. Lindsey looks past her prime at “almost” 21.

Sad but true.

Elle on

Lily looks so great in that dress!

Kristi on

Linds is totally screwing up her reputation , and
people are losing respect for her.
i miss the “old” linds, like back in parent trap,
redhead, it at least brought originality.
i’m gonna have to go with lily cause her stunning smile
makes it all the more better.
if linds can get her life back on track, im sure she’ll look better as well

ashley on

I think Lily looks way better in that dress…. Then lindays and whats up with lindays she look so sick….I think she need some help….she will look better if she did.

evelyn on

LINDSAY! Lily doesn’t know how to wear the dress. I dont like Lindsays coloring in this picture though…

Linda on

It seems that ANYONE who picked Lily over Lindsay needs to make an appointment to have their eyes checked! This Chanel dress LOOKS BETTER ON Lindsay Lohan!!!

Amy on

Lily is very nice!!!!!!! Lindsay…. bleeeeah!!!

jess on

lindsay looks the best

Rach on

I think Lindsay is much prettier….She works hard despite the fact she has fun…Lily looks like shes 5…..I just think Lindsay is much prettier……regardless!

Styne on


Anonymous on


♥♥i love her and she looks waaay better.
sorry lindsay..

Jessi on


Katie on

lily looks adorable.

nope on


safir on




uzsi on

its a bad photo of lindsay
lily looks way much thinner in this photo than she really is n evan her face looks some kinda other..
so i pick the mean girl (who turned 23 on 2nd of july i guess) happy birthday yeey

Wendy on

I like both of them.
I think Lindsay looks sexy and,Lily looks cute.
But I like Lily more.and I think she looks better than Lindsay.

Lily’s are so cool.
Lindsay’s movie are all great to see.

Kate on

Lindsay Lohan looks better.

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