Jessica Simpson Goes Va-Va-Voom For Spring

05/09/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Perhaps it’s a sign that seasons have changed, but we can’t help but to have noticed that Jessica Simpson’s d’ecolletage has resurfaced in the past couple of weeks. After months of wearing baggy sweaters, turtlenecks and coats, suddenly her inner-Daisy Duke is showing. First there was this low scooped print dress in Los Angeles. Then there was the satin and lace look at the Pussycat Dolls show in Las Vegas. We were just about ready to chalk it up to location (When in Rome!), when she turned up at the Costume Institute gala in N.Y.C. wearing this sexy and revealing Roberto Cavalli halter dress. Wonder what’s up? Did someone tell Jess that she was looking too frumpy, or maybe she’s just feeling sexy this spring?

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Photo:Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

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Crystal Beach girl on

Like her hair but she’s a little too heavy up top. Just don’t bend over Jess!

Nicky on


Julie on

She looks like a hooker. Not everyone needs to see EVERYTHING!!!

AshleyL on

Oh my where do I begin…. For starters her boobies are waaaay too big to be wearing something like this. And it’s not even flattering, it squashes her ta-ta’s so they look like huge overgrown fat pancakes coming out of the side of her dress. And it makes her look thick, and she’s not, or at least never used to be. All in all she’s a gorgeous girl, but lately it seems like she has forgotten her bra size. Cover those bad girls up Jessica please!

lele on

Yuck! She looks awful! Too much boob showing!

Little One on

Is it just me, or with this dark orange tan, she is looking remarkably like a man???

i think this girl needs to stop trying to look like Vanessa

Mary Little on

She looks very odd in this picture and i cant quiet work out what it is, maybe its the fact her skin tone and hair colour seem to amalgamate….

Hallie on

To me she looks fake (her mid-section & her lips). Maybe lose the bright red lipstick.

Hallie on

To me she looks fake (her mid-section & her lips). Maybe lose the bright red lipstick.

Donia on

I think she needs to lose the spray on tan. She looks WAY TOO Orange!After that I would go blonde again. It looks more natural. You can tell this hair color is fake. Loose the tan and haircolor and everything else would look great! She’ still a pretty girl!

lindsey on

i think Jessica looks sick these days– horrible faces, bad makeup all around, ugly clothes and whats up with her lips???

AMY on


Sylvia on

Not a good look for Jessica. There’s an air of fake about her upper regions.

Katy on

I don’t really like her hair in this picture, I think she looks better with the darker hair. Also, one false move in that dress and those ladies will be popping out!! She is a pretty girl, I just think she looked better back in the “Newlyweds” days.

j on

where do we begin? the nasty orange tan? the overly plumped restalyn lips? the nasty extensions? or the boobs hanging out of the sides of her dress?! one word: CHEAP!!!

DM on


katie on

Jessica Simpson is ever so slowly starting to look like a man!!


I think she looks beautiful. She is back to looking like the Jessica we were use to. i still love her either way. But as i said before she looks beautiful.

Deirdre on

She looks nasty, the hair, the lipstick, the dress all bad

Molly on

She looks like a man.

Alice on

I think she has great breasts, but this dress is a little too Vegas showgirl. Maybe if it were all black or maybe if someone with a smaller chest was wearing it, it would look better, but its not working.

TigMode on

For the love of Pete, PUT DOWN THE SPRAY ON TANNER! And note–if your cleavage is spilling as much out the side of the dress as the front, the dress is too small!

butana on

anyone else out there think this gal’s had augmentation? i know she was “matured” at a young age – just ask her dad! – but something’s off here… i can’t see john mayer with her much longer, he’s too down to earth for this one!!!

Tonya on

Wow that is alot of boobs! I really wish woman would cover up themselves and leave some to the imagination. some boob cleavage is ok but this is full sales away. dress is pretty despite that.

Kristin on

I don’t know what anyone told her byut she looks really good. I like the lighter hair color than the dark brown and platinum blonde. She’s a hottie.

TigMode on

For the love of Pete, PUT DOWN THE SPRAY ON TANNER! And note–if your cleavage is spilling as much out the side of the dress as the front, the dress is too small!

marianne on

there are so many wrong things going on here…i dont even know were to start…She looks like an Oompa Loompa in drag, actually her skin matches the color of her hair almost perfectly ! The lips keep getting bigger and bigger and that dress hahahaha I have no words left but to say: Jessica SImpson FIRE YOUR STYLIST AND FIRE KEN PAVES !!!

allison on

I am not a fan of her make up in the satin & lace number, but I think that she has been making an effort to look better. Its the look of love.

Heather S. on

I love Jessica, but she needs some girlfriends that will keep her from going out like this. Even Lindsay Lohan covered her breasts for this event! Her hair is the same color as her skin (both of which make me want to start singing the oompa-loompa song) and are her lips ok? It’s worrisome. I’m dying to have our favorite bubbly blonde icon back!!

Heather S. on

I love Jessica, but she needs some girlfriends that will keep her from going out like this. Even Lindsay Lohan covered her breasts for this event! Her hair is the same color as her skin (both of which make me want to start singing the oompa-loompa song) and are her lips ok? It’s worrisome. I’m dying to have our favorite bubbly blonde icon back!!

HLS on

Sexy this is not. She looks like a man in drag. The pieces of a halter-neck dress are not to be used to flatten the breasts, but rather contain them. Clearly this dress does not fit properly because she is spilling out of BOTH sides of the halter. Ugh.

Kristen on

she looks terrible in that pic.

Sarah on

Well at least there’s no doubt now about her getting her breasts lifted… And that hair and lip color do not complement one another.

faith on

this is NOT jessica at her best. the dress makes her look like she is trying too hard, and her eye makeup is so muted that it blends in with her dull looking hair. i’m sorry but that color,(reddish brown that fades to a yellowy caramel?!) combined with her new “tan” really washes her out. she is a beautiful girl, but i think she has looked better with darker or way lighter hair. but atleast she seems to be happy with her new man, so that’s good for her.

jane on

i’m mostly disappointed with her parents. i feel her father joe has lost sight of what they were about. where is her mother and why hasn’t she stepped in. i agree with 90% of all previous comments, however i blame the parents. wasn’t he a minister before he started selling his soul.

ann on

Usually I love this girl, but lately not so much. She looks too orange and brown. The blonde hair was much better on her. And this dress, does nothing for her assets but bring them down. I agree, she’s starting to look too much like Vanessa Minnillo. And, maybe take some hair advise from your sister!

Angie on

From head-to-toe, she looks like a cheap barbie doll but with HUGE boobs! This dress is very unflattering, her hair color is bland, fake tan is way too dark, and she is starting to look like a man…..SIGH…..

Nicol on


Monica on

Jessica I must say is looking rather horrible these days. The red lipstick, the orange tan and her hair color are all wrong. She would have never wore a dress like that a couple of years ago. You cannot have real boobs that big and them look so good and perfectly in place in that dress. Someone has had some work done, ya think?

Renee on

She looks awful..Im embarassed for her

EChizzle on

The hair looks very nice. I like the red lips. The spray on tan not so much. The dress is lovely but it does not compliment her at all.

Kelli on

Did she look in a mirror before she left the house?? Seriously, she is SO orange!!! And the lips are positively scary!

NMc on

A cute girl with a great body who seems to have decided to re-invent herself.

Its not working.

enigma on

WOOF! and, that’s not a good woof either!!

I think the dress is pretty cool but, not on Jessica, I think perhap Gisele should have worn this #…!!?!? There were many pretty dresses at the event!!


random.comment on

Well now we now that red lipstick doesn’t work on everyone.

Elda on

Jessica is just simply naturally beautiful and her tan skin is amazing, Go Jessica!!! She has the most beautiful skin in Hollywood period! The gown kinda reminds me of something Marilyn Monroe use to wear in the good old days!

dawn on

That Dress is wonderful you have to admit. She looks silly in the fake tan and the reddish hair. She’s trying very hard to be the direct opposite of ashley.

Liza on

She looks trashy. Her tan is too orange and her boobs look like Pamela Anderson’s (which is VERY BAD)

Jodie on

She needs to lay off the tanner, makeup and lip injections. Jessica should go back to her her normal skin color. She is pretty without all that makeup and tanner…its a shame.

LaLa on

i like her with a lighter shade of hair color…she doesn’t look bad with dark, but i think just a tad better with blonde. …Her poor poor poor smashed boobies…

Princess on

HELLO! She’s gotten a boob job of course you can clearly see that in some of the latest pictures she has D cup boobs and they are extremely perky there are pics of her wearing this teeny tiny shirt with no bra and they are totally perky even if you’re 20 with D cup boobs that doesn’t happen, second she’s gotten collagen in her lips look at pictures of her before and look at her now definitely has gotten some “work” done and she has really bad taste to add insult to injury.. Poor Jess

kelly on

She looks like a man in drag with chocolate rubbed all over her. I wonder if that tan smudged on everything she touched.

kelly on

Is she trying to look like Vanessa Minillo?

Ashley on

Alright, first off. She is not ugly. And anyone who says she is, is just down right stupid. She has looked better. She is so beautiful and has such strong features it just doesn’t work when she throws on all that makeup and tries so hard. I will agree though her lips look like hell. As for her breasts, she has always been very chesty they are not fake…they just pick them up and squash them in there. It is a bit much, don’t be haters and say she is ugly though. I’m sure none of you are 1/2 as good looking as she is. Get real!

Meredith on

She looks like a DRAG QUEEN, and not a pretty one!

S on

Jessica Simpson just looks bizarre in this photo. Her skin tone is tanned to a shade of orange, and this looks terrible with her current hair color, which in turn does not work with her makeup. She has a lovely figure, but her chest is simply too big for this dress. It may have worked for her if the top of the dress covered more. This would work on someone with a smaller chest (like Kate Hudson or Debra Messing), where it would look elegant, whereas on Jessica, with a larger chest, it looks kind of tacky and cheap. It doesn’t matter if an item of clothing looks great on the hanger, if it doesn’t fit you properly or doesn’t work with your body type. Yes, it’s disappointing when you find something gorgeous and it doesn’t look good on you, but people should learn to find something just as gorgeous rather than wearing things that don’t fit them.
Hopefully the tan is spray on – hasn’t she paid any attention to skin cancer awareness?!?

Sayard on

Wow…brings Mariah Carey to mind, eh?

Becky on

I think the dress would have been OK, had it covered enough of the side boob spillage. Also, she needs to pick a hair color – either blonde or brunette. This ‘in-between’ looks awful. She used to be pretty classy, but now she’s coming off a little trashy.

Texasgirl on

Well all I can say is WOW! Boy has she changed. I can’t brush aside that she is a beautiful woman, but I can certainly say she has lost alot of pride in herself since she gave Nick the boot.What is up with this dress? Her tits are falling out and the look on her face tells that she is a little uncomfortable with the fact. Jessica…letting go of Nick I feel was a BIG mistake. I am judging by what I have read. Not knowing what went on behind closed doors. But this dress does you no justice. Also teh spotlight has dimmed for you as well since you have become single.

Erin on

ugh..she looks terrible. I totally agree with the previous post that she looks like a man with the orange hair and overly tan look. Plus she seems to have gained weight just in her boobs and face. She looks terrible! In the picture of her wearing the white top and high waisted pant she looks like she packed on about 30lbs..just terrible. Get to the gym and go back to blonde!

Ellen on

She looks gross!!!

lelany on

I loved her toned down fall/winter look, and I especially love her darker due, but this dress, the lipstick, the tan…horrible!!!

Dani on

This must be a joke. She looks horrible and fake. Her hair needs to go darker if she’s trying to pull off the “tan” look. Her hair and skin clash. She should probably just go back to blonde hair and fairer skin. As for the fit of her dress- awful. And her makeup is horrible.

Meg on

Oh my God, what an ugly girl!!! First of all, fix you hair colour, it looks terrible. Second, why dress like a hooker? Everyone knows, you love your big tits, your father included, but we doon’t all need to see them. Have some respect for yourself.

yenny on

she looks like a man with huge boobies!!! so trashy

meg on

Jess is a beautiful girl. Why did she choose to look like this? SHe looks awful, too much tanner, not enough dress and i liked her better as a light blonde or dark brunette…her hair mathces her skin. It is a definite no.

christie on

HOLY CRAP!! nice lips…..could they get any bigger? along with her boobs?? get a mirror or a new dress…or some dignity….

Sarah O. on

Looks like Jess learned more than just a few moves from the pussycat dolls. The Costume Institute Gala is not the fete to show up at looking like you’ve suddenly decided to return to your Texas pageant girl roots. She looks overdone in every possible sense of the word. This look is awful.

nini on

she looks like a tranny who is not quite done with the transition.

laura on

she’s f’ing hot no matter what. i’m not a fan of the dress or her hair color though. the color of her hair doesn’t go well w/ her skin tone.

Summy on

Having front and side clevege is a big no no! This dress would look fab on an A cup.
When your skin, hair, makeup and dress all kind of blend in color, that’s not something to go for.
Jessica could be such a natural beauty if she’d stop injecting her lips and layering on the makeup.
I think somebody is trying to make someone jealous, and she failed.


She must loose the red lips – it’s just not her! And I agree with eeryone else about the boobies showing too much. If you got it, flaunt it – but not that much! I like her hair better brown or blonde. Not liking the reddish color. But she is beautiful and famous and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t give a crap about what any of us have to say!



Maria on

I think that if she had her hair up, she would look much better. Such long hair, with no form whatsoever (and that colour) cannot look classy.

Maria on

I think that if she had her hair up, she would look much better. Such long hair, with no form whatsoever (and that colour) cannot look classy.

mssoccerbunny on

That dress looks painful. Her poor boobies!!

Kaydee on

I think she needs to go back to blonde to offset the orange shade her skin has taken. AND if one is blessed with a well-endowed chest, she should take care good care of her ladies by not SQUISHING them into a dress which they obviously do not fit into.

beth on

For the people who say she got a boob job – I SERIOUSLY doubt it! She does look a little thicker, and we all know when we gain weight the ta-tas get bigger too (and when you lose weight they get smaller) .. I think she has the most gorgeous body, the dress is killer, and I think she is beautiful!! Her hair dye is fading, that could be touched up! Or maybe she is planning on going blonde again, and she is in that transition phase? She is awesome, and I wish her and John the best of luck in all they do!!

Olivia on

I LOVEEEE THIISS! she looks absolutely stunning. she`s a gorgeous girl and although she`s beautiful when natural, she looks amazing when she`s glammed up too! love it!

ingrid on

she looks like a drag queen!

ingrid on

she looks like a drag queen!

Tracey on

Too. Much. Boob.

Nikki on

Oh Jessica…I remember when every girl was envious of your beautiful, amped up “girl next door” looks. You’re beginning to look like a cartoon character. What’s wrong with fair skin, clothing that compliments (not displays)you, and blond-ISH (not platinum! also cartoon character-like) hair? You’re a beautiful girl….remind people of that.

Meika on

Man is she desperate for attention! She looks like a cheap Vegas hooker! And that shade of red hair looks washed out… like it was a mistake. Nice job Ken Paves! Some best friend you are…

megan on

Definately not a fan of this look…. she needs to cover her boobs up

amber on

WOW she claims she only gained 5 pounds but its probably more like 15 or 20 OMG i can’t believe she wore this…she looks nasty….this dress would be pretty on her if her boobs weren’t hanging out.

jap on

ahahaha HOOTERS! woOt. and yes, i would have to agree…looking very drag. too much teeth, weird lips. but what bothers me the most is her balloons. lol so wrong.

P on

Ewww…too tan, too big on top

Alice on

I don’t like this in between hair color she has going on, its too close to her skin shade. I like the chocolate brown better.

Ok, off topic, but I really wish People would make a blog about Paris. I did not just seriously see a photo of her driving a car in Star Tracks today? And she wants to appeal her case? I hope she rots in jail. She needs to be taught that she can’t go around doing whatever her little heart desires.

Sandra on


lovely on

i know she can look good again but it has not been the case eversince she started dating john mayer. it almost seems like she’s trying too hard to look good again. she’s been looking like an old, tired woman and at times, like a man. on this new pic., she looks like a drag queen. she’s sexy but with very big breasts, she should tone it down and not wear a gown like that where it’s so open on the side. it’s fine if she wants to show some cleavage but with the rest of it hanging out on the other side looks ridiculous. it’s way too much and it only goes to show she’s looking for public attention. she looked so much prettier before she started dating mayer. you know what they say…”you are who you hang out with!”

Sandra on

TOO MUCH! Too much brown in the hair, too much lips, too much dress, too much boobs, and WAY too much fake tan! Bring it down a couple of notches….please!!!

alia on

I think she is a gorgeous woman…but not in this pic:(
And her boobs are falling out of this dress…not a great look

marla on

jessica is no longer the same pretty woman she used to be. her makeup’s been funny looking and her hair, overdone. this is the impact she got from john mayer. she shouldn’t wear dresses showing both sides of her breasts…looking at her picture, her breasts were the the first things i noticed and i even thought i saw her ni*^@$! popping out although they werent. but my gosh, they look like they could actually pop out. and what’s with her hair? lose the very bright, red lipstick! she’s already got very thick lips…the bright red makes them look even thicker. ugly! ugly! ugly! either find a better looking man or fire your stylist. you looked better before…so normal!

Lucy on

She looks good to me. If you got it-flaunt it. I would

Heather on

Nice dress……but WAY too much boob action going on…..

trish on

I just think she looks bad. Almost like she’s trying too hard to look a different way and it just ISN’T working. I’ve never been a fan of hers, and this is sure reinforcing why. The brunnete look works on her, but go back about a month or two when she wasn’t orange, she looked good then. Now, way too tan, trying to show too much skin, red lipstick doesn’t work on her. Anyways, she’s just lookin bad, she needs to back up a few months to what she looked like then, stop tryin to be like the rest of Hollywood and be yourself because this look and “down” attitude she’s got is making her look way out of it

meanface on

I think Jessica looks better than ever. Now let’s not forget that everyone has been totally brutal to her due to the divorce with Nick. I like her new hair color, but I can agrre that the dress made her body look top heavy which is not appealing. She looks happy for once in a long time.

Summer on

The dress is not all that flattering, and her hair, it either needs to be dark or back to her blonde, this in between stuff is not cutting it.

Tracy on

I agree with Julie, she looks like a hooker. So cheap!

GLO on

This look is all wrong! Is she trying to pull a Beyonce (the golden dress from the Golden Globes…) Hey Jessica, have you ever heard of the saying, “LESS IS MORE…” LOL Just a thought…

bystander on

she should lay off the tanning products… she’s an odd color

Lisa on

I think that she looks awful! Jessica looked much better when she wore tasteful outfits and dresses that were revealing, but not too revealing. She always had a classic style and looked well put together. Personally, I think that her hair and make-up look way too outlandish and that tan is ridiculous! Where’s Ken Paves when she needs him????

SJP on

She’s disgusting. She looks like a cheaply made up drag queen. Honestly, why do we have to still see pictures of her? She doesn’t do anything worthy of the attention.

lizzi on

she looks like a man.

Molly on

It looks like Jessica’s left boobie is suffocating. You know your dress is too low-cut and way too tight when your mammaries try desperately to make a break for it.

Nenna on

Wanting to look like a femme fatale is probably a phase in each young womans life, however, this is going from great to bad. Jessica, please go back to your lovely blonde self.

nenna on

This is Daisy Duke taking a wrong turn bling-wise.
Jessica, please drop the femme fatale look and go back to your lovely blonde self.

Daniela on

I don’t what to say about this. Other than, I would be mortified if my father ever got such an eyeful of my boobs. How does she hang out with her father wearing a dress like this? Jess, please go back with Nick! We love him! He’s perfect for you!!!

Kate on

Everything about her looks fake. Her skin, her hair, her lips. She looks terrible and the boobs, way too much. We know they’re there, we don’t need an advertisement!

Pam on

Tranny with a sprayed on tan.

BJ on

She looks cheap and awful!!!!!

Michelle on

The worst accessory that Jessica wears is John Mayer! If she can just dump him, she would look absolutely stunning!

nance on

She looks like a freak of nature.

Preschool Ma on

Too trashy. Wrestling Diva wanna be?

whitney on

I love the dress. It does border line hooker but I think she pulls it off. However, I hat the hair color and makeup. Yuck!

Lauren R on

I generally like Jessica Simpson and think she is a beautiful girl, but lately not so much. I think she looked better blonde and with much much less makeup. The orangy skinhas to go. She has much to large a chest to wear something so revealing. This dress would look much better on a girl with a much smaller chest. It just looks trashy on Jess. It also makes her look a little heavy. Jess looks so much better naturally.

k on

I think Jessica proves how hard red lipstick is to wear. First of all, if you don’t have the correct proportions, it emphasises your nose, which let’s be honest is not a strong feature (well pretty feature) for her. Also, like most people, I think she should go back to blonde. And the fake bake is awful. The dress doesn’t fit and the whole look doesn’t fit. Where is the perky, blonde ditz that we all came to love?

Gray on

Although this is not a very good picture, I think Jess looks much better w/dark hair. I think John has been a good influence on her.

AnnieM on


ana on

i really do NOT like jessica simpson and personally i think in this pic she looks straight up like a man!!

Grace on

Everyone leaving negative comments about Jessica Simpson is just low. Imagine pictures of yourself being all over, and people talking about how ugly you look..? If any of us (typical, “normal” people) were to see Jessica in person (which I know people who have) we would be dumbfounded by how beautiful she is. All I know is she looks a million times better than I would under the microscope that we put on people like her. GO JESSICA — you are beautiful.

Jessica on

I just saw her on Coney Island doing a photo shoot and she looked absolutley gorgeous. im glad she got out of her baggy clothes and into something a little more sexy because she can pull it off.

O'Wryly on

She looks just as cheap and tawdry as JLo in this photo. Maybe now people will finally take note of the fact that she’s actually just a no-talent floofball and relegate her to the dumpster where she belongs.

Katie on

Seriously she looks gross – you’re right she def. looks like a man. Her boobs are way too big to be put in that dress, it’s so tacky. Have they gotten bigger? She looks cheap and hideous ever since her and Nick broke up. Nick lucked out getting away from this girl.

Rebecca on

Most of this has been said already, but a quick recap: the dress is bad- the cut, the sparkles, the lack of material, the hair is bad, the skin tone is bad, the fake lips are bad… pretty teeth though!

Jacquie on

I don’t know what she’s done to herself, she used to be some what a pretty woman. Now she looks as if she’s eaten to many carrots and is wearing those big red wax candy lips you get at the five and dime. And the way she’s dressing? I think big sis is trying to be too much like little sis….before little sis tried to be too much like big sis :-)

Audra on

I think it’s too much. I have always thought of her as sexy, but classy, and that dress is not classy. She’s beautiful, she needs to sticking with less is more.

Jana on

I love Jessica and I think she is absolutely gorgeous, but lately her look has been going downhill…..First of all, the heavy orangish spray tan HAS GOT TO GO- she looks so much more beautiful when she looks natural- Plus, he over-exposing her boobs like this only makes her look heavier than she actually is- and i like her hair blonde, as well as darker, but something about this particular shade is not working…..Did anyone see pictures from the other night when she hosted the pussy cat dolls party??? NOT GOOD THERE EITHER!!!

kc on

She looks like such a man… it is really bad!!!! She needs to go back to the no make up look like in the People magazine. Honestly, disgusting…

yvonne franceschi on

It could be a Roberto Cavalli design, but it looks trashy.
What happened to the real Jessica Simpson Her tan looks fake
and her breasts looks fake. Is fake the real
deal now? Yvonne

John Mayer Fan on

Seriously?!? JS looks awful in the recent pictures and its obvious that her chest was lifted and her lips were plumped. I think she needs to go with darker hair or back to blonde. The inbetween color isn’t working.

Alexandra on

She looks like a porn star. The dress is cheesy. The lips are fake. The tan is fake and bad, at that. The hair is the most unrealistic shade (even blonde was more believable on her). I can’t believe this is someone I used to think was attractive. She needs a different stylist, STAT.

kate on

she looks disgusting.

me on

seriously Jessica what happened? You look like a wanna be Beyonce. Way too heavy on the spray on tan……wheres Ken at? He would help this head to toe mess, your soooo gorgeous naturally, accent your features, don’t try to paint on new ones

Tammy on

It’s called a “boob job” – come on people! And, is no one else alarmed that this girl hangs out with her father at social events? She has really started looking “trampy” since she split from Nick – is her father dressing her for a pick-up??

priscilla on

She does look like a man, I think it’s her orange-brown tan. Horrible mess!! She used to be beautiful I don’t what happened then…

yvonne franceschi, John Mayer Fan, and Alexandra: You couldn’t have say it better!!!!

Ashley on

wtf! She looks like crap.. too tan.. too red of lipstick.. and that hair color. YIKES!

Jen on

Hmmm where to start? The tan is too orange, her hair should be either darker or lighter, and the dress needs to cover more of her chest. Oh and she could use a different lip color. I know she likes to look sexy, and that’s fine, she can usually pull it off, but normally it is more towards the classy end of the spectrum, and this is a little slutty.

brownie on

This is a shame…but at least it’s fun to watch. That tan HAS GOT TO GO!!!! Her skin is a different shade at every event and it is SO NASTY LOOKING!! It looks like she’s trying to change her race or something. Not to mention those LIPS….SICK!!!!! Overly plumped and drenched in that ugly red lipstick that doesn’t go with anything. She looks so cheap and disgusting…

Ana on

she looks really fake!
the tan is ugly, her hair looks ugly and the make-up? UGLY!

Desi on

She looks awful. She needs to stop using the tan in the can spray and borrowing Broadway dancer costumes.


gincoolette on

Yes where do we start with her.. What the h…k happened to her? When she was with Nick her style was great. Now (sorry to say this) she looks like a w…e and big times. Compared to all the other celebrities at the same event she looked so not classy wearing a dress totally inappropriate for her figure. Those types of dresses look good on people who don’t have that type of breast. Bad!! Disgusting.. and the lipstick? That totally enhanced her looking like a w….e
Very sad to see such a beauty looking like that.

Jan on

I have to agree about the tan. She looks like toast. Brown eyes, brown hair, dark tan. Absolutely no contrast (unless you look at the bright red lips and illuminated teeth), no natural tones that vary a little. I always thought she was a pretty girl… not everyone can be a “Daisy”; might as well enjoy it while young… but lately she doesn’t look very good. Then there are comments about her trying to look like Vanessa. At first I wasn’t sure, but it seems like it more and more.

Didi on

She probably still have guilty feelings for her dress malfunction at Dolly Parton’s birthday so she decided to impersonate her.Soon she will be singing country music too.

Lisa on

This doesn’t look like jessica simpson and it throws everything down the drain what she was about.
shes looks like pam jr…

Megan on

It’s funny, Ashley went from plain jane to FABULOUS and Jess went to, well, I don’t know what to call this look but it needs to go.

Too tan on

That colour hair, orange tan and red lip stick is a horrible combination !!!!

Cleave is good except for when you breasts starts going under your arm!!!!!

oh, dear on

Jessica has just got to be the center of attention. There were classy, beautiful women at this event and everyone is talking about her because she looked so awful. I agree that she needs some real friends (women) who could set her straight but she doesn’t have any. She always creates a scene and sits back and acts like an airhead. Remember when she first dyed her hair and then had to reminds the photographers who she was? She isn’t open, honest and down to earth; she has no filter on her mouth, doesn’t care what others think of her and immature beyond belief. She is no role model.

Dave on

Wouldn’t even take her to a dog fight, even if she was fighting, maybe on the other hand the fight might help her looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tsprek on

wow… to much boob! and i’m not fond of the brown hair…

Diana on

Her lips look horrible!! She injected too much and the red looks hideous with the tan and hair color. She’s usally put-together pretty well but that was not a good night for her. If she added an inch to each side of the dress in the chest area she’d look a lot better too!

Priscilla on


You really made me laugh. Yeah I agree with you, I think she’s trying to change her race…lol (still laughing)

Diva on

I am a HUGE Jessica Simpson fan, but I’m sorry I can’t keep standing beside her! Jess the dress is too small on the top you need more coverage up top! Your boobs are showing too much and it doesn’t look flattering. The dress itself is ok, but a little too 70s! Also, you need to go back to blonde!!! Seriously Jess, ya do! After Nick and she divorced, she has lost her sense of style and it really seems like she has lost her mind. Jess please we all want you back the way you were before! Please?!!

priscilla on

I think is a drag queen,, oohh no wait it’s her brother…jajajajajaja lol Mr. Jesse Simpson…lol…..

Rose on

Terrible! Her lips look absurd… I usually love her too…

Gazela on

Some of the girls posting feedback here are a little mean. I am willing to wager that very few of you (if any) are exactly the epitome of perfection.

Now on to Jess and this particular photo. Perfect example of a pretty dress and a pretty girl that just don’t work together. Yes, her breasts are a bit too large for this dress. I also thing she looks better as a blond.

Now, trying to analyze whether she’s had a boob job, or if she’s trying to look like Vanessa (doubt it) blah blah … Can the girl get a break! Just leave her alone to figure things out on her own for once! Sheeeeshh….

Joli on

Jess, What happenned??!!!! Her lips are definitel fake. Her chest is OVERSIZED!!!!!!!!! Her nose is funky!!!!!!! Her hair, dress and tan dont work!! The tan is UGLY!! She just needs a light bronze!!!! Jess, there is no need to make yourself look like Vanessa!!!! You look beautiful with whote skin, brown hair and John on your arm!!!!!

Sarah on

Jess, take everyones advice and get a bit of class!! You’re looking like a cheap hooker!!

Sue on

IT’S ALL WRONG, very trashy, lacking any class. Someone needs to tell her that ‘Less is More’.

Sandra on

Oh my God and that is NOT in a good way…..

?? on

It’s not that the girls on here think that we’re the “epitome of perfection”, it’s just that when someone like Jessica Simpson – who has portrayed herself as being this dumb blonde, but still is pretty – turns up somewhere looking like this, it’s a little surprising. The girl is orange, her lips are gigantic and she’s trying to play the sexy card and it’s too much. It has nothing to do with girls thinking we’re perfect, just that, she’s got the money, the stylists, and everything and THIS is what she does!!!??? Besides, she’s in Hollywood, at a big party with other big names, SHE is putting herself in the spot light. Not to say it’s right that we all bash on her looks, but still, she can be so much better, and has been so much better. What’s up with her

angel on


yen on


alissa on

onestly she looks like a Drag queen


Looks like a tranny


Jessica is an always will be gorgeous nomatter what she wears, no matter how much spray tan she has on, & no matter how much make-up she wears. She’s more beautiful than any of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison on

As Miss Swan once said,she look-a like-a man. Perez Hilton blasted her for this fashion faux pax all over his blog, and I have to say, he’s right.

sam on

She is too busty to wear that type of dress. Her breasts are hanging out the sides–very cheap and unattractive.

That cut of dress looks better on a woman with small or average-sized breasts.

jamie on


Sherry on

Jessica and John look wonderful.These people wish they looked like Jess..

aubrey on

that dress was made for a stripper not the red carpet.

fashionista on

john looks amazing, hes just gorgeous. but he looks even better with this haircut. however, jess on the other hand looks terrible!!! the dress makes her look like a total tramp, it is not flattering nor attractive looking whatsoever. its disgusting.

be-yach on

she looks like a stripper

DesperateHousewivesFan on

Oh my god. Her lipstick makes her look like a monster, and her huge boobs are hanging out of her dress like shes asking for it! Shes looks like a damn hooker, and shes looks fat!

Kim on

What happen to the innocent girl next door Jessica? She look more and more like Pamela Anderson now. Too much boob showing, and such heavy makeup!

Kat on

She looks hideous! A little discretion never killed anyone

Kat on

She looks utterly ridiculous, why bother wearing a dress at all when its clearly 3 sizes too small for her?

Angie077 on

Jessica has all the money that she could want. So why does she ALWAYS look so cheep?

Summer on

I def liked her better with the BROWN hair, and the lipstick looks way too red for the tint of her skin. But hey, I don’t even wear lipstick, so who knows.

Stephanie on

Her boobs are so squished it looks painful! The dress is beautiful just not right for such a large chest.

Jamie on

Ok I agreed that this look is not good for Jessica. The lips too big. The tan too much. The boobs too smashed. But what is the deal with everyone saying she looks like a man? I mean come on she doesn’t look great but she doesn’t look anything like a man. Also I think the people saying she had a boob job are so wrong. Have you ever seen pictures of Jessica when she was in her teens? She had a big chest then too.

Kim C on

I think all you peole on here dissing her sound like a bunch of haters. I think she looks good, she ayoung girl and there is nothing wrong with showing a little skin. Because if i had her ta-tas Id floss them too. You go Jess!!!

stef on

she looks like a man in drag.

stef on

I like the comment where the person asked if she’s trying to look like Vanessa! So funny… she can try, but she’ll never succeed. Lately she looks like she’s trying to flaunt as much of her body as possible. And no, Sherry, we’re not all jealous. I think we’d all agree ANY of us can spray ourselves orange, throw on a wig, put on Grandma’s red lipstick and squish our boobs in an ugly dress. It wouldn’t be too hard to copy the look. :)

genevieve on

jessica does not look as stunning as she normally does- this is a really disappointing picture of her because i really admire her fashion sense
she definately needs to go back to her blonde roots and really needs to go back to nick!

Brittany on


Mona on

I am not a fan of hers. Her dad creeps me out and probably picked out the dress for her. GGGGOOOOGGGGG

alice on

Please, why would she want to look like Vanessa? Jessica has been known for her looks for years, why would she want to imitate someone less attractive and way less known? That makes no sense. Like someone else said, its just a case of a pretty girl wearing a pretty dress that doesn’t work for her.

Nay on

She looks trashy, that halter makes her look too big boned, she looks like she is really packing on the pounds lately. Too masculine looking, I agree with most of the comments that she looks like a drag queen.
What’s up with her showing off her boobs so much now? I thought she wanted people to focus more on her voice and not so much this “image” she supposedly didn’t want to portray.

night on

Funny…I can’t stand this vapid waste of good air space…but I though she finaly looked good….after reading all the negatives I am very surprised at the fact that I think she finaly got it right…I will agree though that there is waaayyyy too much breast showing.

Nay on

She looks trashy, that halter makes her look too big boned, she looks like she is really packing on the pounds lately. Too masculine looking, I agree with most of the comments that she looks like a drag queen.
What’s up with her showing off her boobs so much now? I thought she wanted people to focus more on her voice and not so much this “image” she supposedly didn’t want to portray.

Liza on

I think the dress is fine for the event. The dresses were all very extravagant, but her hair, orange skin, and dark red lips are a big no no. It all blends together and looks awful. She needs to go back blond or dark brown and lose the fake tan.

Maria on

She really doesn’t look good. I’ don’t know if is the picture or what but she looks….I’can’t even discrabed.
She should looking herself in a mirror,I mean come on that nose,those lips it looks like a horse end those giants boobs THINK JESSICA PLEASE!!!!

no name on

eww cover cover blinding me might aswell go out naked

Maria on

She really doesn’t look good. I’ don’t know if is the picture or what but she looks….I’can’t even discrabed.
She should looking herself in a mirror,I mean come on that nose,those lips it looks like a horse end those giants boobs THINK JESSICA PLEASE!!!!

Jennifer on

Honestly, I just asked 2 guys about this photo and both asked me if it was a tranny. She used to be hot…dumb, but hot. Now we’re leaning towards fugly. Sorry, I used to love her!

Julie on

WAY hotter with the hair cut.

Jenna on

She looks like a man in this picture. Now, her boyfriend looks prettier than her. She needs a hit record and a new look.

JB on

Okay to all of you saying she is trying to look like Vanessa! Get over it you don’t know how she feels or anything! Put yourself in her shoes and see how you would feel, she is just trying new things so back off she is a beautiful person with a beautiful personality. Some people just need to stop being so judgmental on those they cannot be and wish they were. She is happy now and it shows by the change whether you like her look or not, it is what she decides.

Priscilla on


Do I want to look like Jessica? Nooooooooo thanks……… she can have all her bad looks to herself…lol

Carole on

WOW! TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING! Boobs, brown hair, red lipstick!

Jess…….cover up a bit, girl! Cut all that hair or get rid of the extentions and go back to being blonde! And, tone down the red lipstick!

You are just WAY over the top!

Eygló on

she looks like a prostitude there…. she always looks beautiful… but there the lipstick is wrong and her breats are way too big under there…
but this is a beautiful dress

Tina on

She looks horrible. She’s been topping the worst dressed list and I will continue to do so. The hair, skin color, makeup, dress…all wrong. And I can’t stand those lips! Stop with the lip injections! She is just NOT a pretty girl. Those days are over!

ggsjeep on

Get thee to church Jess-abel!

Tracie on

I truly never understood why this girl is rich and famous to begin with. As far as talent goes, she’s just not capable of standing the test of time. This look just proves what I was feeling all along. Her chest is really all that she has ever had going for her….and that’s not saying much if this is the best she can do with it.

Angi on

Um….can we lose the ORANGE fake tan? Also, I liked her better as a blonde! Sorry, Jess, but it’s just not working for me….

Jaydan on

I personally don’t like how she is trying to match the color of her skin and hair. Also she needs to get over trying to look like vanessa. Nick left you because you couldn’t do anything for yourself. Instead of getting a wife nick got a child. She looks fake like a drag queen. Then again i have seen drag queens that look more woman than her. Go back to being who you are. Jess was pretty back in the day.

Xena on

Looking like Vanessa wont make nick take you back. Nor will looking like a brunette make you any smarter. I for one am bleach blonde. But she is totally giving us blondes a bad name.



GLOrious on

I agree with Xena! She is giving us blondes a bad name! John Mayer didnt like her persona and she thought by becoming a Brunette he would like her more! U all know it’s true! She knows John is more into the “down to earth kinda girl” That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change your appearance so he can like you more… (she’s pulling an elle woods) lol

cat on

way to my boob and way to my lipstick..blah. plus her hair matches her skin color! go back to the dark hair please!

Carli on

One word sums up this entire look…NO

LM on

Okay, JB, and the rest of you all saying that most of us are HATERS….WE’RE NOT. I don’t think any of us, especially me, wants to look like Jessica Simpson. Jessica Simpson doesn’t even want to look like Jessica Simpson, being that she obviously doesn’t know who she is and is trying to be someone she’s not. You and her need to get a clue!!!

Also, her and her ugly sister have had WAY too much plastic surgery….HELLO!!!! Her lips are so filled with collegan!!!

Yogagirl on

Ok… i’m really sorry to sound rude here but the makeup and the orange tint to her skin… oh and the horrible lipstick… she’s really looking awful these days… and that dress is really not helping at all. She looks best when she’s natural looking… yikes.. she just looks bad.

jingning on

ewwww…. she looks HORRIBLE! her fake tan and hair clash sooo much… not to mention, what’s up with her lips? um WAYYYY too much red lipstick.
The dress is not flattering on her at all! her boobs look so fake and inproportional to the rest of her….

gotica on

She looks terrible :(

tink on

i always thought she was ugly. now she’s horrifying.

Sasha on

She is as beautiful as ever!

Heather on

Her hair should be darker, not blonde. Then get rid of the tan, the red lipstick, and the revealing dresses.

tinkerbell on

i love her hair color but that dress makes her boobs to big.

tinkerbell on

she looks horrible! there’s somthing not rite about this look. i think the lipstick doesn’t go with her hair and skin color. also to mention the dress. it’s to revealing. especially her boobs.

xoxoxmoéxoxoxox on

i think she looks fake and weird!!!it looks like she had a lip operation!!!lol

onebadjacket on

you know, she looks so fake. with the bad “tan”…and i absolutely loathe her brown hair. she just does NOT look gorgeous. and yes, please for the love and respect of herself…COVER UP the breasts. we know you have them…this is far from classy.

Nick Lachey on

Cheap! Money can’t buy you class.

Betty Bit Tits on

She looks like an african woman… She should get the “Most usage of a Fake Tan” award…my lord, she doesn’t even look caucasian anymore.
No offence intended.

Laura on

She looks aweful and cheap…yikes Jess… She also seems likes shes on drugs… she can’t spit out a coherent sentence… but her boyfriend is handsome.

Sarah on

The dress is beauitful, but she’s too well endowed for it. Jessica Simpson is a gorgeous girl but she needs to go back to blonde or brown hair because I just can’t get past the color in her pictures!

Kris on

She looks like a drag queen Barbie doll. What is John Mayer thinking? She looks fake, she’s a terrible actress, and she is a floundering pop tart singer. He on the otherhand is a brilliant, intelligent, witty musician. His style is also very natural and casual, very boy next door. All she seems to do is follow him around these days to various events. Get your own life, get some talent, and get some tops that actually cover your chest!

Maryse on

There is so much to say, but not enough time. When I first saw the photo, she looked like a man to me. How can such a beautiful woman turn out to look like this?

First off her hair color is all wrong. She should either go back to her blonde hair or go back to the darker brown she was sporting. Either of those colors work for her, but this color she’s got now is hideous looking. From looking at Jessica’s photo above, I see orange tones coming through in her hair. Since she had darker hair, she decided to lighten it up a bit. I believe when your hair is lightened, it produces warm, or yellow-red, undertones. Remember from school that mixing yellow and red produces orange — not generally the desired hair color. Now I can’t really say what her skin undertones are because she’s been using the spray on tan or something, because I know her skin is much lighter, but… lets take into account her brown eyes and her dark skin tones, I believe she would look better with ash highlights and platinum blonde or going to a regular blonde. If not, then go back to the dark brown and maybe add some burgundy highlights. I’m taking her eye color and skin tone into account, which obviously she isn’t. She needs to fire Ken Paves if he’s doing this to her hair.

The lipstick is atrocious. A different lipstick would have been better.

She seems like she’s over doing it alittle on the orange tanner. If she’s gonna want some tint on her skin, she doesn’t have to go over board, just a little color is okay. She’s got to change the hair color, because she looks washed out. Her skin and hair match too much.

While the dress is pretty, it just doesn’t fit her body type. She’s got too much boobs to fit into the top halter of the dress. Her boobs look like flat squashed pancakes. She should have picked a dress that fit properly on top. Instead this dress makes her boobs hang out from the sides and front…it just looks ridiculous.

Jessica is very beautiful, but I don’t know how to refrain myself from saying this, because she is beautiful, but she looks like a man hooker. I wish she would get herself together and look like she once did in her Newlywed days, but this time she’s not with Nick, instead she’s with John Mayer.

hannany on

to be honest..
i luv jessica but this new look!?! i don´t think so!
it´s just too much!

chop2 on

yes she looks like a man, that’s why i dont like her. Ever!
her face is weird, dont use red/dark coloured lipstick, please . its way too scary, and keep your hair blonde! brunette and red looks hideous on u!

Mirjam on

Despite wearing an expensive dress she looks extremely cheap, which is a pity, because she’s a pretty girl. I really hate that lipstick colour, it makes her look freaky.

MaryAnn on

she looks pretty, tan is nice and hair is different, but the dress is tooooo tight on the top… I don’t like the fit…
she is to big on top for a dress like that.

Kelly on

She looks very fake to me and I hate her hair color and the dress is just awful!

cathy on

she looks like a matron

Xena on

No offense to any one out there…But if i hadn’t seen her before this picture i would think she was non-america. She looks like a different ethnic group. The tan is not working.

Also i love the way she use to style her hair. I have seen little girls with better hair color and styling.

Xena on

No offense to any one out there…But if i hadn’t seen her before this picture i would think she was non-america. She looks like a different ethnic group. The tan is not working.

Also i love the way she use to style her hair. I have seen little girls with better hair color and styling.

Lizzy on

Overall, she looks stunning. Perhaps she could tone down a little, but keep in mind the event she was at- The Costume Institue Galla. She is supposed to look over the top and glamorous. She is a beautiful girl and the people who find it so fun to put her down are probably a little envious.

T on

I have never been able to understand why she was considered a role model…she’s a complete idiot. She looks horrible in this picture, but in my opinion she’s never looked good. She did have a boob lift, not a boob job. Looking at past pictures her boobs were saggy. She has a man face and that will never change. Why people look up to her is beyond me, she’s a terrible example of a role model. Coming out saying she’s Christian and now look at her. Christian or not, any respectable woman would not look this trashy. I wish she’d just go away and women would find someone worthy of being infatuated with rather than a desperate tart without a brain cell in her.

anonymous on

she looks like drag queen

Robin on

She has a gorgeous dress that is too small on top for her boobs which she has said in the past she and her parents worked to cover up when she was a teen. I doubt she’s had any augmentation but she needs to be more careful about how she presents it. I like her hair it’s naturally darker color then bleached blond but the spray on orange glow has got to go.

marce on

She is a latina wanna-be.

Anne on

I sense she is trying to channel Vanessa Manillo (aka Nick’s new LIVE-IN gf) *gasp*

Christie on

I agree with everyone else. Her skin tone is too orangey or at least that’s how it appears in the picture. I think she looks washed out. She should either go back to being blond or go a little darker than the color she has now. I also think she should do something better with her hair. IMO it’s too long and stringy looking. She looks better with shorter hair. As for the dress bottom line it doesn’t work for her. I do like Jessica and I do admire her. It seems after her and Nick split she has kind of gone down hill.

P.S. I thought I heard somewhere she had a breast lift.

shirley on

sideeee boooooooooob.

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