Kirsten Dunst's Costume Institute Look: Hit or Miss?

05/08/2007 at 01:15 PM ET

It looks like Kirsten Dunst took the “costume” part of the Costume Institute’s Party of the Year very, very seriously last night. The Spiderman 3 star turned out in a volumous Yves Saint Laurent purple frock that looks like a cross between a 20’s flapper outfit and one of Marie Antoinette’s bedsheets. While we applaud her daring (perhaps she was feeling brave after her whirlwind premiere tour these past few weeks) we’re afraid she looks a little silly. (And we’re not even talking about the pouf on her forehead.) There’s just way too much of this dress — it looks like she’s drowning under all those folds. Perhaps the pregnant Noami Watts (who looked stunning, btw, in Zac Posen) could have been forgiven for this, but Kirsten, we know you could have done better! Do you agree? Tell us: Is Kirsten’s look a hit or a miss?

To see what all your favorite stars wore, including J. Lo., Lindsay, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Jennifer Hudson and Scarlett, check out our Costume Institute gallery.

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages

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faith on

isn’t it obvious? i’d rather comment on the wall of roses behind her- wow! now that’s a hit.

Maria on

She’s annoying.

Lucy on

MISS! Kirsten looks terrible here! She had been looking SO GOOD lately, with all the Spiderman 3 premiers…but here, she just looks horrible. The dress doesn’t fit at all, she is wearing that ridiculous headpiece, and those awful ruffles. And what’s more, she looks grumpy, grumpy, grumpy. Remember honey, “you’re never fully dressed…without a smile!”

beth on

It’s a MISS… just like everything else she wears – it’s not flattering to her figure, and she usually looks pale and hungover. This photo is no exception. I don’t expect her to be the same bubbly girl she was in ‘Bring It On’ and respect that she is grown up – but it’s disappointing because she looks like she doesn’t take care of herself.
She only works about 3 months out of the year and makes millions – she’s lucky. You would think that she would look a little more happy, and healthy..

dawn on

Some one needs a stylist and stop trying to act like her boyfriend groupie…

Hsdof on

a huge miss!

Alice on

Ugh, I usually defend her because I like people with a more quirky style. But I can’t defend this, its awful.

I do agree with Faith though, the roses are beautiful.

enigma on

faith is right!!

The roses behind her are more comment worthy than Kirsten’s 1920’s drunk flapper had a bad run in with the stage curtin disatrous nightmare!!

I wonder how long it took to make that wall of roses!!??

glad on

omg…throw her in the closet !
she is blinding me with that horrible look.
She should have known better than that…we wins the Funkiest dress of the year !

Jana on

Most of the time when a star tries to stand out in the crowd, it results in a BIG miss…

Katy on

uhhh…no. just no. the roses are gorgeous, that’s all i can say about the picture.

Lyndsy from WI on

DO you really have to ask??? YUCK!

Summy on

someone actually designed that frump of a dress
and someone actually bought and wore that horrid thing
Kirsten I love your movies but hire a stylist!

Elda on

Kirsten, what did my baby girl do to herself??

ann on

yeah. i agree completely. she is annoying and this outfit is just plain silly.

Rebecca on

Ewwwwww, that’s so bad in so many ways.

victoria on

She’s never been fantastic but every pic of her now-a-days she looks like a damn frumpy mess!

astoreri on

It’s a miss and from the look on her face you can tell that she knows its a miss. Her stylist probably talked her into into it. But I have to say I kinda like the headpiece.

But she wasn’t the worst dressed of the evening. I think Jessica Simpson looked horrible in her plunging neckline/boob flattening matalic dress. And the orange hair and matching orange skin do nothing to help.

Best dressed goes to Kate Bosworth.

e.jay on

it’s a miss… a horrible horrible miss!!!!

maddy on

why would she do that to herself? she looks awful. The wall of roses is fab though!

Teensie on

YIKES……She does need a stylist – STAT!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the worst dress in her already horrible nightmarish wardrobe.

j on

disgusting. like her.

Carla on

She is so homely and has absolutely no sense of style. I wish she would just go away. She peaked at 10.

NMc on

One word. Bjork.

Lola on

It is really ugly! she has never been real stylish at all.

Celine on

It’s a hit… I think that her dress is really cool, it’s totally different from anything else. She and Johnny Borrell look accorded (the outfits look good together, sorry i’m french…), well for me it’s a hit!

Val on

Definitely a big fat miss! She was obviously trying to do a bit of a flapper/1920s thing but failed miserably! Kate Bosworth and one other girl pulled it off much much better.

random.comment on

Maybe I go to too much because everytime I see her now all I can this is “What a mess!”. But this definitely takes the cake. With all the money she makes from Spidey movies, she can afford alot more than halloween curtains.

Lauren on

Definite miss, it looks awful on her!

mssoccerbunny on

My first reaction was: WHAT THE H-E-*-* IS SHE WEARING?!?!?!!!!!!

rosie on

the outfit is bad enough without her making that stupid face

AnnieM on

What on earth…..

shoeshoes on

oh she showed off her curtain!!!

Cindy on

Is this for a halloween party? Even then it would be ugly.

Maryse on

Normally I like Kirsten, and her fashion choices were getting better with her promoting “Spiderman 3”, but WOW. This IS a miss. Kirsten looks horrible. There’s nothing about this dress to make this mess work at all. Throw this piece of garbage dress in the trash and call it a day. That headpiece is horrible too. I was looking through the gallery of other stars at the Costume Institute, and I bet other stars were wondering what the heck she was wearing…Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen looked better then her!

My favorites were Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson, Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler.

Jessica Simpson NEEDS some major boobage control also, yuck.

Kendra on


yvonne franceschi on

After seeing the photo gallery of all of these ladies, dressed in fabulous frocks, this is really a miss. Probably she got tired of dressing up for her Spiderman Openings, so she dressed out in a pair of sheets. She can do better.
Sorry Yvonne

Nicole on

Horrible! The dress looks so heavy, it looks like it about to fall off her completely. Not to mention, by the way, it is ugly!

Marje on

I have one question: Who is her stylist? Who is her publicist? They should be a shame of themselves for letting her get out the house with that god awful dress. She looks like she is wearing a curtin. My 6 year old daughter can be her stylist. She has MUCH BETTER taste then Kirsten Dunst.

rachel on

Oh my GOD!!!!! she has no taste and she never will!!!!! it’s pretty sad – people like that need to hire a fashion advisor to help them get dressed!!!!!

Bebe on

Kristen USED to look good
in her movies such as “Bring it On.”
However, lately she’s been looking
like a one big sloppy mess from
her hair to her clothes. Either
her clothes don’t fit her well
or the hair and makeup or both
are not styled right. She really
needs help in the fashion/hair department.

*By the way,this dress/look is a fashion “don’t.”
The whole outfit doesn’t flatter her in any way
and the dress and head piece needs to be thrown
in the garbage.

Alice on

Wow, I just checked out the other pictures from the costume ball, and most of the other ladies looked amazing!!! Some better than I have ever seen them look.

YEN on

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH MY GOOOD!!!!! What was she thinking ,who told her she looked good in that dress,she really can´t like what she´s wearing is she trying to attract peoples
atention with that thing on

alia on

I’m not sure how they dress in france, Celine…but in the U.S., this is fugly….I don’t like Kirsten much either…she’s really snotty and annoying:/

Misty on

WHY oh WHY does she insist on dressing like this? I love the roses :D but the dress has GOT TO GO! Oh yeah, and that headband…NO!

JT on

I have never been a fan of her style – honestly, I can’t remember the last time she wore something I liked. But this takes the cake – what was she thinking! And I agree with an earlier post – she always looks tired or hungover. She should take some fashion advice from pregnant Naomi Watts, who looked gorgeous at the Costume Institute’s Party of the Year.

Katie on

what’s happened to her lately? she used to be cute and now she just looks like a greasy mess all the time. boo

Amy B on

Her and Kiera knightly should be locked away together LOL!!!

ciara on


sister maria from the sound of music called. she wants her curtains back to make clothing for the kids.

Abigail on

FRICKEN UGLY!!!!! She needs to wear something like wall behind her if she wants to look good!

Jacqueline on

I think Kirsten needs to fire her stylist! I have not seen her wear one thing, even at the premiers, where she looked good. It is too bad the things stars wear can tarnish their credibility.

Jacqueline on

I think Kirsten needs to fire her stylist! I have not seen her wear one thing, even at the premiers, where she looked good. It is too bad the things stars wear can tarnish their credibility.

Diva on

Miss! Mz. Dunst is at it again. Where do I even begin? It looks like she just took a curtain off of her wall and put it on. Did she even look in the mirror. I mean this is a joke right? Has she lost her mind. It’s ok of she was a little off but she is way off!!!!!! I can’t beleve someone would even design something like this! It’s dreadful, a discrace. What’s on her head as well??? Looks like an Indian head piece! Kirsten did you get dressed in the dark. On a scale of 1-10 1 being the worst I’d give that mess a -10! I can’t beleve they even let her enter the party and red carpet like that! It’s just sad! I have an idea for her next time just have your sylist pick out the dress!!!!!!!!

cm on

when i first saw her i thought it was a joke! she looks really really really bad. she needs fashion help right away!!

Crystal Beach girl on

Oh my! I’m lost for words!

Lorna on

‘Yikes’was my very first thought when i saw the picture of that dress. The roses are gorgeous, though.

wideyeshut on

what the????
what was she thinking?
oh please, a black toilet paper on her head?

Geri on

It’s Awful! I don’t know how anyone could look at themself in the mirror and then continue to go out of the house. It’s hard to believe.

K. Vanderflute on

How did Kirsten become famous? She is not cute at all, has a snaggle tooth and doesn’t even have a great body. I can’t see what all the fuss is about. Please explain this to me.

As for the dress, I can’t even begin to comment on that horrid thing! LOL

S on

Lately Kirsten has been wearing some strange outfits, and this is no exception. It looks like a designer on “Project Runway” didn’t have time to finish the dress. Whoever designed this at Yves Saint Laurant just did not make this work.

bella999 on

A disaster.

Personally, I thought Queen Raina of Jordan was one of the best dressed.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! on

What in the world! She always has a sour look on her face, and no matter what she wears, that is what people remember. But, don’t think I’m ignoring this dress! It’s absolutely horrendous! She has a bad attitude, and a horrible sense of style. Thumbs way down for Kirsten Dunst!

Emie on

i’ve never liked her…and because of this ugly @$$ dress.. i dislike her even more.

but the roses are beautiful

amber on

why does she always dress so awful? does she want attention this badly? she looks stupid.

grey8matterz on

Celine, I am sorry you are French too. and…if this is what they wear in France when they go out, I’ll just keep that counry on my list of place NEVER TO GO.
Now, as for Kirsten, she is a fashion crime. Someone arrest her and sent her to France.

night on

Is that tule? who the heck uses tule on an outfit unless they are 6 and dance in a balet recital?

khh on

She is horrible, as usual!! She is not a very attractive young lady anyway so you would think she would at least TRY and dress nicely. I don’t know who is worse her or those awful looking Olsen twins.

Molly on

This chick is ugly as a mud fence anytime, so why on earth does she fugly herself up even worse? It looks like she made it out of drapes, and that thing on her head looks like a dead bird. Yuck!

Nenna on

Maybe without the headgear – incredible – maybe she shared stylist with Jessica Simpson.

Kate on

She has been looking like crap lately! Everyone of her Spiderman premiere outfits have been horrible, her hair is always a mess, and she just looks like a scrub! I don’t get it. I used to really like her, but lately she always looks like she needs to take a shower.

April on

Did anyone add this pic to the worst bridesmaid dresses, cause that’s where this need to go!!!

KAsh on

It’s a big hit. This event was to honor a designer from the early 20th century and she went with that theme. The dress is a beauteful vintage YSL, the colors are amazing and the headband is a creation of art.

Please don’t be so square, she obviously wasn’t trying to dress like everyone else or to fit the latest fashion.

Dorothy on

She barely gets it right lately.Out of all oh her Spider man premier dresses I liked 3 at most everything else was cheap looking.Same for this dress.She needs stylist BADLY!!!!

Merissa on

Why is she soooooooo ugly????

She can do with a tan and i don’t care how natural you try to be but she needs to get her teeth fixed!!!!

lele on

I feel sorry for her. She looks awful.

Karen on

Absolutely nothing attractive about her or her clothing….she needs to get out in the sun a bit!

Jennifer Gruber on

Wow! Okay, people: Which of you would like to step forward and allow the nation to critique you regarding your clothing choices. You know, I started reading a couple of messages becuase I was sure that the first one would be the only really mean one. Are you all aware that this is a person with feelings?

I’m thinking that the majority of you either have no life or feeling really negatively about yourselves to have that kind of venom to spew at someone you don’t even know.


Tearra on

Two words: hot mess. She doesn’t even look happy to be wearing it. She looks like she just realized she made a big mistake. I don’t care how ugly an outfit looks or the star wearing it someone is always going to say it or they look good. Like77 people have said its ugly but 1 has to say it looks good.

alia on

J.Gruber :
I think Kirsten was asking for it when she wore this hideous outfit… of course everyone is going to have negative comments about this dress, b/c it is UGLY! Everyone who thought this outfit was ugly not only have lives, we have a sense of style also…

Candi on


Dorothy on

Hey Jenn G
Do you really think any of the stars actualy happen to read this blog including Kristen so their feelings would get hurt? And if they did dont you think they would have looked much better afterwards? Sometimes criticism although hurtfull might lead to very positive results.

Angie077 on

No no no no and no. A HUGE miss. My dog has better fasion taste.

Shae on

OMG, kirsten what happened????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillie on

So, fine, this is an event held to honour Yves St Laurent. Wouldn’t it have been more of an honour for him to have his creations represented by someone with some actual red-carpet presence, rather than a grumpy-looking, little-girlish Kirsten Dunst, who never smiles genuinely for fear of showing the world her snaggle-tooth? She has a unique style, I will give her that, but her style lately has been more grunge-infested than high fashion. Boo, boo, boo

night on

Hey J. Gruber, I bet poor Kirsten is at home crying right now over all the horrible and mean things we have all said about her dress. Maybe she will even contemplate the unthinkable act of suicide over the cruel and thoughless remarks that have been said about her. And you are right, if I were to be picked on regarding my fashion choices , the comments might not be all positive, but at least I would never wear a tule embelished dress out in public. Well..not at least sinse I was 6 and was in the balet recital. but you keep on pontificating on how awful we are, there has to be some good kind people out there in the world. Walk tall and be proud of yourself.

Nay on

Horrible, I have never been a fan of the flapper look, I don’t care who it is, no one can pull off this look.

katie on

OMG KIRSTEN WHAT DID YOU KILL??????? wow, ummmmm, what to say about this. hmmmmmmmmmmm. im pretty much speachless. ok, let me put it into words…… WHAT THE H-E-DOUBLED HOCKEY STICKS WERE YOU THINKIN’ GIRL???!!!??? DO SHE REALLY THINK THIS LOOKS GOOD?????????!!!!!!!!!????????? but hey, i hate bashing on Kirsten cause i love her to death!

jenny on

wow thats all i have to say, someone looks like they beat her with the ugly stick. She is so beautiful and I can not believe her friends let her go out looking like that. There should be people being fierd.

Ellen on

Wow, she looks like a character from a Fitzgerald novel. In fact she could even be Zelda. I love it, love love love it! Not an other boring celebrity but a fun, free spirit. God bless you Kirsten for trying something different!

Ellen on

Wow, she looks like a character from a Fitzgerald novel. In fact she could even be Zelda. I love it, love love love it! Not an other boring celebrity but a fun, free spirit. God bless you Kirsten for trying something different!

Laura on

if she would have worn the curtains in my grandmother’s house she would have looked better than that. However, besides the dress (if you can call it that), her face looks aweful. She was either hung-over, crying hours before the event or suffering of severe nausia while this picture was taking. Let’s be honest, even if she would were the most beautiful outfit, Kisten Dunst will always be a miss.

navya on

i personally feel that kirsten has a weird sense of dressin…she is always goin over the top whether its her hairdo or her just doesnt suit u girl…plz look at the other glam young hollywood n learn

Jessica on

EWWW!! Agreed the roses

kari on

you’re kidding, right?? that’s AWFUL!!! how dares she left the house dressed like that??? and the dog with better fashion taste hahahaha that was really funny!!

Angelina on

Both her and her stylist are on crack!

Joe Orchulli II on

Kirsten Dunst, Incredible Actress, Inspiration to Many –

Why is it that people on the sidelines like to poke fun at people who are enormously successful? Maybe because it is easier to find fault in someone than to better ourselves?

Congratulations Kirsten! You are a beautiful person! Your part in Spiderman III is sensational! My mom was a big band singer so now I am even more crazy about you than before.
:-) Blessings, Joey O.
p.s. Did I see you in Chicago O’Hare in late February?

HeatFanatic on

Kirsten Dunst looks great in anything she wears, shes hot.

Mary on

shes making a fool out of herself…

GlamPunk on

What IS that on her head?!

I love the dress though..!

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