Blake Lewis's New 'Do: Love It or Hate It?

05/02/2007 at 01:00 PM ET

With all six American Idol finalists still intact after last week’s surprise twist — no one goes home! — it was only natural that the singers would turn things up a notch. Not only did Blake Lewis break from the expected with his beat-boxing rendition of “You Give Love a Bad Name,” he amped up his look by swapping out his blond spikes for an edgier black crop. Lewis certainly looks less fresh-faced than he did with the light locks, but is that a good thing? Tell us: What do you think of Blake’s new ‘do? Love it or hate it?

Click here to vote on Blake’s new look, and check out Everything Idol!

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Sarah on

I don’t watch Idol, but I may have to start. Love the edgier look.

Summy on

It makes him look like a follower. There are too many dyed and made-up rockers out there. Stay yourself!

P on

Love it!

Leigh on

LOVE IT!!!! It looks hot! He is hot. And looks more rock and roll for last night!

Tiffany on

When I first saw it before they cut to commercial, I WAS SHOCKED! I thought that he was trying to pull a Sanjaya and I was so upset. BUT when he did the beat-box and sang so well, his hair did not seem to matter anymore. So, I like it.

brittany on

love it! he’s hott!

M on

I don’t like Blake’s new do. He was hotter as a blonde. Too much of the rocker cliche.

maggie on

love it! it’s actually not too much different then it was before.

Courtney on

I absolutely love Blake’s new hair! He was hot as a blonde but he is so freakin gorgeous with his new black hair! I hope he keeps it like this for awhile!


glad on

love it !
he looks more mature and older

Bella on

Although I am a little more partial to the blond, Blake Lewis is just too cute either way. Yay Blake!

lyn on

I HATE IT!!!! Blakes new do makes him look old!he looked much cuter with blond locks. they made him look fresh and sexy.

jammie on

Blakes new hair is ugly!!!! before he looked sweet and innocent,and his hair worked with the voice but now it looks like he is pulling a sanjaya!!!!!

danielle on

I love it!! Go blake!

Jane on

Um, The blond was a dye job too! I dont know what his OG hair coor is but I preffer my men dark haired over blond anyday! I’m not into Blake like that but I think he looks so much better with it dark.

CCBaby on

Gawd. He looks amazing, but even more amazing than his look was his performance. When I saw his hair first, I was in complete shock. When the preview for what he was doing showed up, I freaked. I thought he was as good as gone. But he was amazing. I hope he wins!

steph on


Patricia on

don’t like the dark look, but who cares the guy can sing.

Lori on

Love it, hes is so cute now. He gonna win it all.

sweetsensati0n on

I think he look absolutely GORGEOUS in black hair. It’s a very sophisticated look and it matches him, but not as much as the blonde. I think he is SUPER sexy in blonde hair and it goes along w/ his personality. I hope he really win, b/c he seem to be the best and the SUPER sexy one. I know he can sing really good & he’ll be the TOP American Idol.

sweetsensati0n on

I think his black hair gives him a sophisticated look and it makes him look SUPER gorgeous. But I prefer his blonde hair b/c it matches his personality & it is SUPER sexy on him. He is so gorgeous and he can sing really well. I think he rocks!

Jamie on

He’s SEXY both ways, but the most amazing part last night was his performance. The black hair was gorgeous, but I barely noticed it after the incredible show he put on. This guy is a star and needs to win.

Emily Schroader on

I LOVE IT it makes him look more like a singer and i really like that about him he’s a cool singer like me

tivo on

hate it..
stick to blonde..way hotter

Chantel Najera on

I hate it, It does not fit well with his style.. He looks like an emo punk rock kid..!!!

Liz on

Absolutely horrible. HATE IT!!!!!!

h on

There’s nothing wrong with the dark hair…but there’s something a lot sexier about the light hair on him…

lauren on

i love either look…blake rocks!

Meri on

Love it!

Christina on

i like them both he is so freakin hot he can chang it up so smoothly and it was perfect for the rock theme


I do not like the dark look, i think it makes him look like a bad boy and i like him better as a blonde b-cuz it makes him a sweet innocent looking boy.

Renee on


reneewilkinson on

i dont like it at all. He looks like a rocker bad boy wanna be. It doesnt suit him. HATE ITTTT!!!!!!!!!

Shu_NYC on

Love it! Gorgeous Man!

He left the “boyband look” behind!

lisa on


Laurie on

His hair reminded me of a young Simon LeBon of Duran Duran…I LOVED it!!!!

Hailey on


Michelle on

I was also shocked, I was curious as to why he would do this in the middle of the show. But, It all hit me durring his performance. He was playing to stay!!!!!!!!! Go Blake!!

Makenna on

OH MY GOD! his hair is fantabulous! (i’m borrowing sierras word)but it is soo sick! i love it!

Rose on

I like the black hair–yea, he does look more innocent w/ the blonde, but you’ve gotta admit, the black hair looks pretty sexy on him..either color, Blake looks awesome! & that was a great, great performance!

Lindsey on

Blake is cute either way. I’m partial to the dark do however both looks great on him!! :-)

Heather on

I think that he looks freakin amazing with the black hair. he definitely should keep it! SOOOO much hotter! :)

Hannah on

I love Blake no matter what his hair looks like. His hair looks great every week. I think the darker hair looks REALLY good, too. I disagree with those that think he’s following a “rock cliche.” Dark hair is dark hair and that’s all it is. If Blake wanted to change, cool. Change is good. That’s why I dyed my hair black last fall…
Blake’s dark hair looked great with the Bon Jovi rock theme and it will look great with whatever theme is next.
Go Blake!

Lanette on

HATE IT!!! AI is always changing someone for the sake of changing someone. his hair color was fine the way it was.

Gwen on

way to dark for him. NEVER go darker than your eyebrows!

Jenn on

He is so hot. Either way. He’d look fine with blue hair.

Beth on

I like the blonde look better. =)

Carrie on

Give Blake back his Blonde Locks!

Macy on

i think that either way he is HOTT!!! and people who are saying it is not him! u dont know him!! so i think you shouldnt say it isnt him! unless U KNOW HIM! and just because his hair is black doesnt mean he is trying to be sanjaya!! or a emo! or a rocker! or a poser!or a follower! or whatever u want to say and if he is it doesnt make a difference he can do whatever he wants to do!!!and blond hair isnt that special!! but i think he is going to win it all!

LaToya on

He looks alright. I mean I think he’s very talented and all so the hair shouldn’t matter. To tell the truth, I didn’t even notice it! LOL!

Yellie on

total blakergrl here! Blake looks awsum no matter what!!!! he’s the best!!

Liz on

He looks much better blonde.

Melanie on

I think he is SEXY with that hair!

Melanie on

I think he is SEXY with that hair!

Elaine on

I love him, I love him, I love him, i knew from the beginning that he was gonna win, I’m gonna hook him up with my daughter!



Denise on

I thought he looked good with the blonde but the he looks hot now!

rachel on

i love blake :) but i think that blonde is best. the darker hair makes him look older, and with a fuller face. the blonde highlights his best features, and adds a young edge.

Ryne on


look better…He’d look fine

Sarah on

Although I like Blake’s hair better lighter, he’s amazing either way!!! I LOVED his song last night…..I can’t get enough of him!

Kaytlin on

I am in LOVE with Blake. He is so hot! I don’t care if he is blonde or brunette, either way, he is smoking hot!

Samantha on

It looks amazing. It is not “rocker cliché”. If Blake wanted to do the rocker thing he would not have changed such a popular rock song like shot throught the heart the way that he did. I must admit I wasnt sure what I was going to think, even though I am a Blake fan. But he nailed it I loved it. He changed it to his own style without ruining a classic. The black hair looks amazing though, much better than the same blonde that all the other hearthrob boys seem to have these days.

Amber on

I absolutely love it i think he looks hott!!!

Brittney on

I watch American Idol all the time and I looooooovvvvvvveeeee Blake Lewis and his new hair. He’s so sexy!

farrah on

my god he melt the stage with his hotnessss

Brittney on

I loooooovvvvvveeeeee Blake Lewis and his new hair. I watch American Idol all the time and I think Blake Lewis ROCKS and he IS going to win it all. He is soooooo ssssseeeexxxxxxyyyyyyy!!:)

Melita on

It makes his face look fat and we cant see his pretty eyes I do not like it.

Julia on

I think he’s sexy with blonde hair black does not work for him!!!!!

debbie on

I really like his hair darker, he looks hot!

Bethany on

Uh, well, no offence, but he doesnt look hot either way. He has a funny nose. But the dark is better.

Sabrina on


Sarah on

I have no real issues with the black hair but honestly, if he’s going to try to pull off the punk rock look, the stylists of Idol should have enough common sense to dress him in tighter pants…plus I felt he looked naked ALL night without eyeliner to compliment the hair.

dawnagrooms on

absolutely LOVE Blake!!! He is hot in any hair color!!!

joni on

I like it, but it reminds me of Simon LeBon from Duran Duran. I think he looks sweeter blond, edgier with the dark hair.

c on

So hot. So sexy! Blake is beautiful no matter the hair color. I like dark hair though!!!

crystal on

I LOVE IT because he looks great! no matter what he wears or changes! but it does make him look a lil bit like a follower but it doesnt matter id still vote for him!!!

Vicki on

blonde or dark- he’s just yummy

Linda on

OMG! i hated it when i first saw it. he kind of looks goth and emo. i want the old blake back! much hotter

natasha minogue on

Love him either ways cuz it’s really hard to pick one look.

Brooke on

Noooo!!!! Blake, you looked soooooo sexy with blond hair!!!!!!! Why???? Why?????

Lily on

I think that Blake could dye his hair purple and shave his eyebrows and it would not detract from his appeal. For me, he just has such an ultra-cool vibe to him. Smooth and chill. He reminds me of Sting in that way. Blake just has something that you can’t and don’t get from a hair color. But I have to say that I like both looks. He looks fresh-faced and young with the blond and edgy and current with the black.

Nicole on

I love it!!

virginia on

I didn’t like his hair. I think it will probably wash out. I do think it was great idea for this performance…..
Blake go back to the highlights!!!!

Stephanie on


Alyssa on

i love it but he looks hot any way

Rachel on

I love Blake and anything he does! He and Lakisha will be at the end!

Sybil on

I didn
The dark hair totally changed him! He has some color! Very sexy! Good move Blake!

Patty Farnsley on

I like it !!

Ana on

Blake is sexy no matter what color his hair…but I have to say I LOVE IT!

Brooklyn on

I am a total BLAKER GIRL!!!! He is amazing, but the new look has got to go! He was a MEGA hottie as a blond…

Ginger on

Love it! He looks sooo much better with the dark hair!

Ann on

I love the new do! But I loved his performance better. That was absolutley awesome. Keep up the good work Dude!


OK, HE IS A GODD 10-15 YEARS YOUNGER THEN ME (I AM 33) BUT THE GUY IS HOTT!!!! I absolutely love the new look!!!!!

milly on

I love Blake…i’m rooting for him…but i have to say i dont like him with darker locks.

Ashlynn on

WOW-he looks amazing. Great voice, nice style-he will go all the way!

L on

I think that he looked better as a blond! Blondes have more fun!

Roseann on

I usually prefer dark hair on guys but with him I prefer his lighter style. It suits is skin color better. The black made him look washed out. I LOVE BLAKE HE HAS GOT IT ALL OVER THE OTHER CONTESTANTS. I PREDICT HE WILL WIN!!! He is different from all the other winners in the past and we need something fresh.

Kayla on

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Marilyn on

I love it… Love the new color… its HOTT!!

jabby on

Blake has been my choice all the way with Jordan a close runner up. I have always loved Blake’s blonde God given hair. If it aint broke don’t change it! I just wish he would maybe update his wardrobe somewhat. I love BonJovi but I did love what Blake did with his song choice! Goodluck sweetie! I hope you and Jordan are the last two on the last night! Stranger things have happened!

Jabby Cook

jabby on

Blake has been my choice all the way with Jordan a close runner up. I have always loved Blake’s blonde God given hair. If it aint broke don’t change it! I just wish he would maybe update his wardrobe somewhat. I love BonJovi but I did love what Blake did with his song choice! Goodluck sweetie! I hope you and Jordan are the last two on the last night! Stranger things have happened!

Jabby Cook

Kris on

I LOVE IT!!! He was hot before but now OH MY!!

B on

Blonde was better. He reminds me of a young Phil Collins who beatboxes! Ha.

sarah durham on


sarah durham on


Amanda on

He looks great both ways, but I’m actually really digging the darker hair now. Thumbs up!

Claudia on

You know it was a toss up at first. I love a guy who can pull of that almost white blonde hair. It gave Blake a really “nice guy” look but I love the dark brown, it makes him look very sexy.

Either way he can pull of any shade…hmm well maybe not red.hehe!

Chriss on

I think he looks better in blonde but he still looks fine.

Mekell on


alia on

He looks hot either way—and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the way he beatboxes—if he comes out with an album, I’ll be the first one to buy it!!:)

Lyddi on

I LOVE IT! SO much better then blonde! He looks like he’s more ready to win american idol! He looked to young and too much following the trends withe the blonde hair. Now he looks his age and he looks like he’s the one making the trends now! GO BLAKE!

somebody on

i am sorry but i hate ur new hair color u look so differrent u look PUNK and thats not you ur old hair was much hotter plz change it back

brooke on

i don’t really like his new duw but its ok hes HOTTER as a blonde!

Amber on

he looks like a combination of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance and Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy!! He scares me! Go back Blake, don’t change!!!!!!!

Happy on

Not to shabby…..

H on

I think Blake is sexy no matter what…I love you Blake!!!

~DeE~ on

LOOOOOOOVE IT! (thu other do was good too!)

Abby on

It’s not my favorite look, but I LOVE BLAKE LEWIS!!!!!!! As a result of this, I guess I kinda have 2 like it…NICE JOB BLAKE!!!!!!1 I’M NOW AN OFFICIAL “BLAKER GIRL”!!!!!!!

Jordan on

SEXXY!!! I think he has always been sexy but the dark hair just makes it more so.

Mishal on


Caitlyn on

I’m a HUGE Blake fan & I LOVE it
He looks sexy either way =]

night on

Whoever he is, he needs to get his eyebrows done.

Nikki on


Chrissy on

Rocker cliche. I hate it.

Stacey on

oh my god. he is sooooooo SOO SO!!! hotttt :] so yeah, obviously LOVE THE NEW LOOK ON HIM!!!

Samantha on

I love him and his new do and I really want him to win so bad.

Pure Soul on

SO Hot NO Matter What

tracy on

he’s hot either way. overall i prefer the blonde, but i wouldn’t kick him out of bed with the dark hair. :D

tracy on

he’s hot either way. overall i prefer the blonde, but i wouldn’t kick him out of bed with the dark hair. :D

anna on

I love it. It makes him look a lot better, espically since his skin is really light. This color brings out his eyes a lot more. I LOVE HIM though! I hope he wins but i don’t think he will. Even if he doesn’t , he’s in the top four , he WILL go somewhere and we will here about him. This is where Chris Daugtry left and look at him! Any way, in alot of cases you hear about the people who don’t win more then the actual winners (ex: clay, chris D., Kathrine)

AP on

American Idol is my favorite show followed by House.
Blake Lewis is my favorite american idol contestant, i do like him with darker hair but I like him with blonde more

Nelly Wong on

The darker hair looks a lot better. He had it too blonde!! Go Blake!!

roxy on

AAHH hes soo hot! omygosh he looks gorgeous no matter what!!!

dudeyyy on


Elsabeth on

love it!

k on

Nah, stick we the blonde, blake. we love you just the way you are.

Eelrak on

OMG blake ur so hot, but not with the new doo. :(

kayla on

i think he looks great both ways. and i love what he did for “shot through the heart” on bonjovi night.

Alisha on

i LIKE it but he needs to color his eyebrows to

marina on

hate it! blake is so freakin hot with blonde hair

Tessa on

He looked much hotter before but he still looks good no mater what!

Eleanor on

I love his new hair do! It makes him look even hotter than he was before (which i didn’t know was possible)! He is one of my favorite singers and the competition and i think the voters got it right by not kicking him off! He is an awesome singer and it is always a bonus when a singer it hot!!

Mary on

I like it! My friend text messaged me as soon as he appeared that night saying, “What did he do to his hair?!” We were both more surprised than anything. I think that the change helped to give him more attention. Unless that was your first week watching American Idol, you would have noticed the color switch. Good move, Blake!

Meg on

I like blake’s old hair style but the new one is okay. I like how his old hair was blonde and then it had like a white fanish part in the front. I don’t care either way but he looked cool when he was a blonde and cool now and he’s a brunette. but the only thing i don’t like is that he kinda looks like a pete wentz look alike. i like pete wentz, but im just saying.

lauren2043 on

i thought blake was a hottie when he was blonde…but the dark hair was like BAM! he looks even hotter now(if that was possible)
i think it makes his eyes stand out even more!
blake ur hott!

angelina on

he’s hott either way but i think it looks better lighter

Camila on

Love it!

Jess on

i love his new hair… i love rockers and beat boxers!! they r rele hot, i just think blake is amazing!! even if he wasent sooooc ute i still love his voice!

Jess on

i love his new hair… i love rockers and beat boxers!! they r rele hot, i just think blake is amazing!! even if he wasent sooooc ute i still love his voice!

Katie on

His performance [hair included] has almost made me want to watch Idol…almost. That’s saying alot.

KellyKellyKellyKellyKellyKellyKelly on

Ok…I don’t watch Idol either, but the only difference I’m seeing here is that he ditched the lame frosted hair crap. Why is People even acknowledging this?

cf on

he looks totally EMO!

Corey on

OHHHHHHH!!!!!! He looks hot with the dark hair and I hope he wins American Idol. I will have respect for him as long as he is not with Antonella Barba.(she blew him a kiss in AI) She’s just nasty

christy coleman on

I love it! It makes him look older because lately he was looking a little younger than he was suppose to like if his mother was making him keep his hair the same.

happygolucky on

i think it makes him look old, i like the old look !

Me on

I love blake lewis’s look. at first i was sad the blond was gone, but now i think it makes him look older and sexier. i love blake!!

i hate u on


Jocelynn on

I Think he looks better and hotter with black hair!

bri on

I personally really liked the blonde better but… he looks so hot that he can pull off any look!!!

Brittany on

soooo all u haters talk trash bout blake and his even more beautiful look are just jealous!!!! Blake lewis is ssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo gourgeous and ur mad cuz u would pull it off the way he can!!! YAY BLAKE LEWIS!

Blakerocks on

Blake rocks with any hair color

American Idol Junkie on

I love Blake and like he’s gorgeous either way……but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his hair black. It’s adorable.

T.B. on

He looked so much more “natural as a blonde!

Kaitlyn on

OMG! I Love Blake! he looks soo much better!

kira on

it doesnt matter he’s still sexy

courtney on

I think Blake is cute with both hair styles, but hes just a little cuter with his new do.

Courtney on

Blake is sssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo hot. I hope i can MARRY him some day. Blake is the SEXIEST man that has walked this earth.

Jacqueline on

Love it!!!!!!!!! He looks hot either way!

Nicloe on


Beverly morgan on

I think blake is more fun to be with, i always wanted to meet him and especially chris richardson because my mom loves him too. I als love him too, he is heart throaber and the cutest guy ever. I think blake lewis and chris richardson is awsome team mates. I like it when blake lewis makes people want to dance and partying.

Beverly morgan on

Blake lewis is m favorite because he is more fun to be with and he is hot and cutest guy int he world . I would love to go out with you and maybe we’ll partying and dancing all night long

Katie on

Well he’s gorgeous either way and it took me a few days to get used to his new hair….but I love it!! I’d do anything to meet him! He’s the SEXIEST man alive!! Pity he’s twice my age…

Kayla on

I love it…he’s soo hot either way. :)

Allie on

I say it is OK. I like it now but I love it before. I do think he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute and hot!!! I wish I would date someone like that!

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